Doctors xxxii sexy storys sex stories

Doctors xxxii sexy storys sex stories
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A mate of mine, Dylan, had the house all to himself while his parents were away. He told me to come over and watch a couple of vids and get pissed. We started watching a vid and pretty soon got pissed on his parents Vodka. As we got a more drunk, we started to get a little rowdy and soon got on to the subject of girls at school and being 15, we were both getting horny as hell. Dylan brought up how he used to play strip poker with other kids when he was younger, and how much fun he always had.

The rules were easy: We both start with the same amount of clothes, and you lose one piece for every hand you lose. The rub was this; once you were naked, if you lost another hand the game was over and you were the loser. The forfeit would be that the winner could do anything he wanted with the loser.

Of course, the first order of business would be to punish the loser for losing, and then it would go from there.

I was a little apprehensive but under Dylan's insistence I agreed. I poured us another vodka while he got the cards, and then the game was on. We stayed pretty evenly through most of the game until we got down to the wire. I was left in only my boxers, while Dylan still had both his boxers and jeans on. He dealt the next hand, and I was almost afraid to look.

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My face probably said it all, because I didn't have a thing. A huge smile came across his face when he threw down a full house to beat my pair of tens, and he told me, "OK. Get them off and hand them over". I slid the boxers off and handed them over. Naked and one more losing hand and Dylan was going to have his way with me for the night. I shuffled the cards and dealt the next hand, trying to ignore the fact that I was naked, losing to my mate who still had on his jeans. I got lucky as I drew three kings, while he only had an ace-high card.

Off came his jeans over and could see that he was as excited about this as his cock was straining on the fabric of his tight D&G briefs. To get to the point, my luck didn't last long and the smile on Dylan's face said it all. I lost. He told me to crawl over to where he was sitting on the floor, "I can enjoy this more once you get me out of these D&G's" Dylan said to get them off of him pronto, and no hands!

Using my teeth and working around his cock, he laid back as I tugged them off his muscular legs. I dropped the D&G's from my mouth and looked back up, and was mesmerized by his cock at full attention. Maybe it was me, maybe it was the Vodka, but I couldn't believe what we were doing. He looked in my eyes, smiled, grabbed his cock and said, "Your gonna elegant college girl is seduced and poked by her senior schoolteacher on this".

Crawling back up between his legs, I started slowly licking his cock - my first cock. Getting it nice and wet, I took the head in my mouth and slowly swallowed as much as possible. I bobbed my head up and down the length of his rock hard cock then, taking his cock out of my mouth, ran my tongue along the length of his shaft. Taking his balls in my right hand, I held them up and sucked them into my mouth. My heart was pounding and I was dizzy with arousal.

After a few minutes of this, Dylan suddenly pulled me off his cock and told me, "I don't want to cum too early. I have other plans for you". Then with that devilish grin that told me things were going to get wild, Dylan said it was time to punish me severely for losing.

He then pulled up a chair and ordered me over his lap, saying it was time my butt started paying for my losing.

As I bent over his lap, he made sure that both our cocks were trapped together between his legs, rubbing against each other as he began to spank my ass with his hand. He alternated cheek to cheek, covering my smooth tight butt with his smacks. I could feel my ass turning red and burning, and although painful, I refused to give him the pleasure of crying out. My stand was not lost on Dylan. He informed me that my ass was going to feel a lot more pain than this before the night was over. Then Dylan ordered me to reach back and spread my ass for him.

With my cheeks still stinging and now spread apart for his viewing pleasure, I felt my cock was now rock hard. I felt Dylan begin to lightly stroke and pat the back of my balls, working his way up and around my tight hole. He let a big gob of spit fall from his mouth onto my rosebud, and then I felt the pressure as he slowly sank the first of his fingers into my hole.

Pushing and pulling his finger into my ass, he worked it loose. His finger soon joined by another and then a third, all working their way into my tight hole. He pulled out his fingers and stood up, dumping me in the floor.

Putting his fingers into my mouth, he told me to suck them clean. Job done, he removed his fingers and ordered me up the stairs to the bathroom next to his bedroom. Once inside, he told me to lay down on my back on the floor. I saw him running water into the sink and getting out his razor and shaving cream. He straddled my head dropping his big balls right into my mouth, and told me to make them feel really good while he shaved me smooth.

I took one, then the other in my mouth, licking and lightly sucking on them. I felt him lather up my crotch with the shaving cream, taking care to make sure that my entire cock was also covered. He began shaving my pubes and I thought I would cum on the spot. Once he wiped off the remaining cream, Dylan began fondling my newly smooth cock and balls, commenting on how great they looked.

He then shifted back a little bit and told me he wasn't done yet and neither was I, with that he spread his beautiful smooth ass cheeks. I began nibbling and licking around the edges, occasionally lightly swiping his smooth tight hole with my tongue. From the noises Dylan was making, this was pure pleasure for him.

He kept telling me how hot hot wife peta jensen gets dicked down by hung messenger pornstars and hardcore horny it was making him and how big and hard his cock was getting. He pulled my legs back and trapped them under his arms so he could continue shaving what little hair I had around my ass-crack.

With that job done, he ordered me into his bedroom and told me to kneel on the edge of his bed with my legs as wide apart as possible and my elbows and head down on the bed. This obscene posture left my smooth virgin asshole wide open for use, with my freshly shaved cock and balls dangling between my legs. Once I was in position, I looked up and saw what he had in store. He had in his hand a table tennis bat and told me he intended to really heat up my ass. He told me that since I had only lost the game by two hands, he would only give me twenty licks with the paddle.

SMACK! SMACK! "AAAHHHH! Dylan, that hurts man!" "Good, it is suppose to -- I want your ass nice and red. SMACK!" And so it went. By the time he got to twenty my young smooth ass was on fire. He told me not to move, and the next thing I knew my burning ass felt a new sensation. Then suddenly I felt something penetrate my tight asshole as Dylan fist fucked my virgin ass. I was in sheer bliss. I had to have him.

"Dylan, I want you to fuck my ass with your big cock. Make my ass yours!" He rolled me on my back, donkiy sex big tit fat mom my knees on my shoulders, and then I felt the pressure of his big cock at the entrance to my ass.

Suddenly, the head popped in, and I gasped just as he slowly drove his long cock all the way into me whilst burying his tongue in my mouth. For the second time that night I got to taste my own ass, only this time on his tongue. Soon he was pumping his cock in and out of my butt and kissing me hard. I was begging him to fuck me harder and faster. Dylan began slapping my ass cheeks as he fucked the hell out of my tight young butt.

It was great - I was being fucked my mate, his cock pounding my ass. I yelled at Dylan to keep pounding my asshole with that big cock and that I was about to shoot. And that I did, with him squeezing my balls and pounding my butt with his cock, I shot a huge load over both of us. As he fucked me our bodies ground together, smearing us in my hot cum. Clenching, my butt clamped down on his big cock and that was all it took to send him over the edge.

I then felt it: my best friend pouring his hot cum into my ass. He groaned and collapsed on top of me, his cock still cute chick plays with her new toys deep in my butt, my young asshole tingling with pleasure.

The next morning, as we showered to head to school, I told him how Poker had never been that good. ------------------------------------ For a few weeks after the poker game Dylan avoided me.

When I bumped into him at school one day and tried to bring up what had happened that night he gor pretty angry. 'Look, I was pissed, alright. If you say anything to anyone, I will beat the shit out of you'. A few weeks went by and then, out of the blue, I got a call from Dylan, 'Hey mate, I am sorry about the way I have been. It's just. You know. What happened.' 'As long as you are cool about it, then so am I' 'OK, look.

I am about to workout. You wanna come round?' Dylan's parents were pretty rich and his house had it's out small gym and 10m pool. There had been a few parties at Dylan's where a load of us would end up in the pool. We always loved Dylan's parties because it was a great way to get the girls down to the underwear. So, I jumped on my bike and made my way to Dylan's. It was January and a hot summer's day - humid, muggy and sunny. As I got to Dylan's house I saw his parents car leaving, seeing me they gave a wave, 'Dylan's in the gym.

He will no doubt not hear the doorbell over his music, so just make your way around the back.' I propped my bike against the wall and banged on the gym door. Sure enough, the music was loud and it took several attempts before Dylan answered. 'Sorry mate' Dylan said and went over to the hi-fi, turning it fucked up handjobs mason moore creampie brunette. He must have already been working out for a while, as his body was sweaty and he was down to just his shorts.

Looking at him, I could not help but think back to the night of the poker game.

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He sat back down on the bench press, grabbing the bar and started to work the machine. Peeling off my French french japan xxx sex after the bike ride, I sat down on the side.

I looked across at Dylan, his tight body flexing as he worked the bench. I tried not to stare, but Dylan noticed my looks and started small talk in order to break the silence.

After the last few weeks, it was good to see the old Dylan back, joking around and mucking about. As he worked out, I could see him looking me over, his eyes inspecting my body. Throughout his workout I became away that we were doing more than just chatting like mates and that it was more like flirting.

He continued working out, while we were looking at each others body. It was obvious. We both knew that we both wanted each other. The more he worked out together, the more I saw him sweat and the more I saw his dick flopping around inside his thin silky shorts, the more I wanted to jump his bones right there and then.

Talk about some tension. Every time he changed machines and walked past me made it a point to lightly brush each other's body. Making it even more intense. Finally after about a good hour of working out he decided to call it quits and take a dip in the pool. I said that I didn't have any trunks, but Dylan insisted that we just dive in - wearing our clothes.

We raced across to the pool, jostling each other, trying to push the other in and finally tumbled into the to the pool together, laughing. We continued wrestling in the water, trying to hold the other under the water.

After a few minutes I noticed that my thin white boxer shorts had now become transparent with the water. Dylan also noticed and made a comment about how nice my cock looked through the shorts.

I replied by grabbing his cock through his silky thin shorts. He was already pretty hard, and began rubbing it firmly - almost jacking him off. He let out a slight moan as I stood next to him in the pool rubbing his cock hard. After a few seconds he reached out and started to return the favour. The intense feelings I got from his touch set me off in such a way that the world started spinning around.

We immediately locked our lips together and engaged in a most passionate kiss. My body was about to explode. Dylan pushed me up to the sidewall of the pool and pressed my entire body up against his making sure to rub his leg on my hard cock. We kissed again. 'I am glad we are mates again', I smiled.

I just couldn't take it anymore, I HAD to have Dylan's hot cock in my mouth. I got out of his grip and asked him to sit on the side of the pool, I pulled his gorgeous cock out from the bottom of his shorts, by his leg - At first I just wrapped my hand around it admiring it. I guess the excitement was too much for him too, because the next thing he said to me was "Go ahead.

Don't keep me waiting any longer - I have been thinking about this ever since that night." Slowly, I opened my mouth and licked his swollen cock head lightly. My tongue lightly travelled down the length of his dick, just enough to tease. Then with one swift move I swallowed his whole tool all the way down to his pubes.

He moaned in pure delight. I bobbed my head back and forth along the length of his cock, looking up as the reflected sunlight danced over his naughty slag is down for some dp pornstars cumshots body. The setting was perfect. I pulled his shorts off to give me full access. Sitting on the edge of the pool, leaning back, legs spread, his rock hard cock pointed skyward - I took in this magnificent view.

I then returned to his cock, grabbing it with my right hand, his balls with my left. I leaned forward, bringing his balls up and sucking them into my mouth. Dylan moaned lightly 'Ah, man. you're fucking good'. I kept sucking and licking on his balls, enjoying the way I was making Dylan squirm. My tongue then worked it's way onto his cock, licking the full length of his shaft and bell end. Dylan moaned louder as I returned his cock to my mouth and it only took a few more minutes of my hot mouth pleasuring before jony sios xxxx sex stories 30 35min shot what must have been a week's worth of cum.

He must have let out 3 or 4 squirts before the eruption stopped. "Sorry mate, I've never cum that fast before," he said, "but the feeling of your mouth just blew my mind." "No need to apologise," I replied, "you can cum as fast and as often as you want.

You really blew a huge load. Been saving up?" "No man, I had a wank this morning. Girls usually think it's gross." "I don't." I said, as I licked the last of his cum off his cock and balls. My tongue travelled slowly downward, and Dylan responded by leaning back and opening his legs, groaning in pleasure as I got closer to his hole. Finally I was lapping around his ring, tonguing great strokes up to his swollen balls and back down over his tight ass. I started pushing my tongue up Dylan's backside, slowly fucking his virgin hole.

"Fuck, that feels good," he said, holding his knees up now to allow better access, "I've never felt anything like that before." As I worked my way back up, I was amazed to find that Dylan was getting hard again. In fact, he started slowly stroking his cock while I was still lapping at his balls and hole. He just couldn't get enough. I sucked the thick cock back down my throat, and at the same time slid a finger up his ass, lubricated only moments before by my tongue.

There was a sharp intake of breath, but he allowed me to continue, so I started a slow fucking motion. Dylan wrapped his hands around my head, and simultaneously fucked my mouth while thrusting his ass down, over the invading finger. Soon my finger became two, and he squirmed even more. I jumped out of the pool and joined Dylan on the tiles.

Standing over him, my crotch was at his face level. I was still wearing my clinging, wet boxers, my cock not yet released from soaking material. Dylan stared at the bulge in my shorts, hungrily looking at the solid meat in front of him. I grabbed his head and pulled it to my cock, rubbing my crotch against his face. After a moment or so, I peeled the shorts down over my dick, and Dylan took his first tentative suck of cock.

I was too far gone for a timid mouth though, and grabbed Dylan's hair, sliding my cock hard down his throat. I fucked his mouth, in and out, enjoying the hot smoothness. I looked down at my mate gulping on my cock, and admired his broad shoulders and strong upper back. I pulled his my cock out and pulled Dylan up. "Am I doing okay?" he asked. "Fuck yeah," I replied, "and you're about to do better." I laid down on my back, my head over the water, my feet planted firmly on the tiles.

"Climb on." "Ah, I'm not so sure," moaned Dylan. "I don't give a shit," I said. "You did me and now it's your fucking turn." Being more assertive seemed to work and Dylan slowly stepped over, crouching down so that his tight ass hovered over my prick. I couldn't believe how fucking hard my cock was. The veins stood out and as I squeezed my fingers around the base and slid them up, pre-cum oozed out.

Now properly lubed up, I said, "sit", and Dylan lowered his ass, fear and lust mixed in his eyes. As his crack wrapped around my throbbing cock, the pre-cum and spit did its job. Soon the head was poking through his tight hole. He cried out, "Ow. Ow. Oh, SHIT!", and stopped moving, stunning pornstar claudia marie with huge tits performs he didn't pull off. He needed to take his first cock slowly. Soon his ass was moving down, inch by inch, his face moving from pain to amazement to total bliss.

Eventually he bottomed out, his tight butt nestling on my thighs, and he whispered, "Oh my god." He slowly began rocking back and forth, grinding my cock into his ass. With one hand on my chest and the other wrapped around his cock, he slowly built up the pace.

His fingers began to dig deep into my chest as his moans grew louder. He closed his eyes, his body shaking and unbelievably cum shot straight at my face. The first shot landed near my mouth with the second hitting my nose.

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The third shot, just as powerful as the first, hit me squarely on the chin. The getting her love tunnel conquer by man of the Dylan blowing his second load took me over the edge. I arched upward, pushing Dylan up and pulled my cock down and out, then slammed it back in. Over and over I plowed his tight, hot ass. As I pounded his ass, I watched as his softening cock bounced about, slapping against my stomach.

It was not long before the sensations I was feeling overwhelmed me, my cock exploding. Having held back as long as I could, the shots were really powerful and with each, I moaned loudly. My cum shot into his ass and was being forced out with each thrust, oozing out over my balls. I slammed one last time up into his hot ass, and then collapsed backwards, Dylan slumping on top of me.

We were both gasping, our hot, sweaty bodies pressed against each other. Neither of us spoke for a long time. Our orgasms had been so intense it was all we could do to breathe. Eventually, my softening cock, popped out of Dylan's ass, and I felt more cum flow down over my cock and balls.

"That was fucking incredible," breathed Dylan. "I don't give a shit that you're a guy, that was the best sex I've ever had." "Good," I said, "then let's keep meeting like this." ----------------------------------------------------------------------- After the time at the pool, Dylan and I had, shall we say, gotten to know each other much better.

Dylan decided that it would be fun to involve more mates in another game sunny leone ads fucking big cock strip poker.

After a few phone calls, it was arranged and we all met at Dylan's, six of us: Josh, Jake, Veon, Sam, Dylan and myself. Just the six of us, no girlfriend allowed. We drank beer, ate pizza and stayed up doing generally lad things. By eleven we were all pretty drunk and getting quite boisterous.

"Hey" said Dylan casually. "Anybody up for a game?" "What's that then?" said Veon. "Strip poker," said Dylan, raising an eyebrow. This idea was greeted around the table with a weird silence. We were all looking at each other, trying to see who'd be the first one to turn it down.

Nobody wanted to bottle out. We were all grinning. Eventually Jake said, "Well, I'm game." "So am I," said Sam. "So am I," I said. Only Josh and Veon were holding out, grinning at each other. Of all of us, Veon was the least likely to go for it, while Josh would do anything to show off. Veon held Josh's gaze and said "Sure." "Fair enough," said Veon, and he collected up our cards and started to shuffle them. "How about a side condition?" said Dylan with an evil grin.

"Whoever loses has to do whatever the winner wants for the rest of the evening." This was going to be a re-run of what had happened a few weeks before except this time there was 6 of us.

I glanced at Sam. He was looking at me sidelong, a spark of mischief in his face. I grinned, a little nervously. This was shaping up to be potentially very embarrassing for whichever poor bastard lost the game. These guys were my best friends, which isn't to say that I trusted any of them for a moment.

"Sounds good," said Sam with a slightly devilish grin. The rest of us nodded agreement, trying to look as confident as possible. The game started, and I was having a run of luck. I'm not the best poker player in the world, Dylan had proved that, but I was doing well and my bluffing was working. One by one, items of clothing came off; shoes, then socks, then shirts and then trousers and one by one whoever was down to his underpants invariably folded before having to go all the way.

Sam was loudly voicing his disappointment that none of us had had the nerve to push our luck. He changed his tune half an hour later when he was down to his jockey shorts and facing Josh, who was in t-shirt and boxers, and me who still had my cargo pants on over my own boxers. He folded. We ribbed him for that. So it was between Josh and myself, and while he was the better player, I had the better hand. Two pairs.

There was no way Josh had anything to beat that. "I'll see your boxers," I said, "and I'll raise lovely girl (nina elle with big tits get banged hard style in office tube porn my boxers and my combats." There was a low whistle.

The tension was electric. Six drunk blond young teen seduce the bad news stepbro men in various stages of undress were sitting quietly in a circle, and there was something undeniably erotic about all the testosterone. I had the beginning of a slight hard-on. Deep down, I was kind of hoping that if we played another hand I might lose, and have to pay the forfeit.

In the meantime, I was planning what to do with Josh when he lost those boxers. "I'll call you," he said carefully. I knew he was bluffing. Smiling, I laid down my two pairs. I was sure I'd beaten him. He looked at the cards impassively for a moment. Then he looked up at me and said softly, "Not bad." Then he laid down his own cards.

A full house. The guys burst out laughing and cheering. I went totally crimson. I couldn't believe he'd beaten me and that I was now going to have to strip naked in front of them. Josh grinned. "Get out there in front of the fire," he said, and took a pull at his beer. I got up from the table and walked the walk of shame, over to where the fire was burning. The guys were chanting "Strip! Strip! Strip!" I decided to do it quickly. I unbuttoned my cargo pants and let them drop down my legs, then I stepped out of them and pulled my shorts down, stepping out of them too.

I picked up my clothes and tossed them aside. I was finally naked. There were cheers. "What about the rest of the conditions?" said Veon, rolling up a sticky note and pretending to smoke a cigar. "Oh yeah," said Josh. "What do we make him do. Hmm." I stood there, naked, resting my weight on one hip, my arms by my sides. My cock was definitely not dormant. It was hanging there, swaying a little, sticking out slightly in front of me. Nobody commented on it but I knew they had all noticed.

Josh glanced at Sam, who was sitting at the table staring at me, his lips slightly parted, looking flushed. "Sam," he said, "what do you think?" Sam grinned and Josh returned his gaze at me. "Okay," he said to me. "Get down on your knees and suck Sam's cock." "Oh, come on," I said, scared and excited. "We never said anything about that." "You have to do whatever I want, right?" said Josh.

"That's what I want." Sam looked somewhat shocked but did not protest. He got up from the table in only his shorts, and walked towards me.

I was naked and ordered to drop to my knees. I was about to give Sam a blowjob as the other guys looked on. I was starting to get hard. This was intimate, and weird, and definitely off the map. I was determined not to wimp out in front of the other guys and to go through with it. The others had no idea about Dylan and I was genuinely curious to see how they would react. He looked down at me, his bright blue eyes smiling. "You want me to take off my shorts?" "No," I said. I wanted to be the only one who was naked.

He opened the front of his shorts and took out his stiffening cock. The other guys were totally silent, watching us. I took his cock in my hands and began to lick and suck on it, tasting Sam. If this was to be my forfeit, I could do it, this I could handle. I closed my eyes and felt them looking at me as I moved my tongue along the whole length of Sam's dick, stroking him, taking him between my lips juicy honey licks balls of her partner on him.

I reached up behind him and slid my hands inside his shorts, cupping his tight buttocks in my hands. His hands were all over my head, stroking my warm brown hair and shoulders, and then he was holding my head and started to fuck my mouth. It was a head-fuck in every sense, raw and crude and also disorienting tana and her office mates having amazing group fucked dizzying.

Am I bi, then? Because I was enjoying the feeling of another cock in my mouth? I tried not to think about it and tightened my lips around his shaft as it plunged in and out of my mouth.

I heard movement and then felt a pair of hands on my naked arse. I opened my eyes and Veon was behind me, fondling my hips and ass, stroking my cock, and kissing me on the back of the neck. "MMMM!" I muffled in protest, but Sam said softly, "Shut up, bitch!" and there was a chuckle from the table.

It was looking like I was going to have more than just Sam in my mouth. Perhaps I was about to be ass-fucked into the bargain. I took my mouth off Sam's cock and gasped, "What are you doing!" "I told him he can do anything he wants." Josh murmured from the table. Sam took his cock and pushed it back in my mouth and I tried not to think too much.

"I didn't say stop bitch." I went back to sucking him off. I moaned into Sam's crotch as he forced me in. I went on sucking, kissing, pulling on the hard cock in my mouth, keen to make him cum. Lube was now being smeared into my crack and I was no longer in any doubt that Veon was about to fuck my ass. He didn't seem to be interested in whether or not I wanted him or not. His stiff, lubed-up cock stroking me between my naked buttocks.

Sam was fucking my face frantically and Veon, leaning into me, had the head of his shaft pressing into my ass. There was a brief moment of pain as Veon's cock forced open my hole, penetrating me and I made the transition from being a semi-reluctant cocksucker to a total slut.

Seeing Veon sliding his cock into my ass sent Sam over the edge, grabbing my head, he came hard into my mouth. I swallowed his cum, or as much of it as I could, slobbering and licking what remained off his cock while Veon worked my ass. Sam pulled his cock out of my mouth, wiping it over my face, strings of cum running from my mouth as he stepped back from me.

Veon was now fucking me with slow, deep thrusts, I tried to protest then Sam pimp slapped me across the face, "Did I say you could talk?" I bent forward, putting my hands on the floor, Matthew holding onto my naked hips as he fucked my arse. The other guys were watching me take it up the arse and for some reason, I found that incredibly arousing. I had never felt so utterly used and violated. Fake female taxi creampie internal payment for sexy blonde driver sex in car and big boobs had just taken a load in my mouth and now, a guy I had hardly knownwas fucking my arse, and yet it felt so sensual and dirty and nasty that I didn't want him to stop.

I kept my eyes closed and all too soon, he was bucking his hips into mine, fucking me roughly, and I gasped as he came in me, deep in my arse, his hot cum pulsing into me.

He paused for a moment to get his breath back and then he pulled out of me quickly. I didn't want him to. I could feel his spunk trickling out of my whole as I crouched on my hands and knees, my head hanging, panting for breath.

I had a brief moments rest before Jake came over and, unexpectedly lifting up my face, kissed me. Taking my face in his hands and putting his tongue in my mouth, his passionate kiss was as good as any I had ever had from a girl. After a minute or two of kissing, he knelt behind me, grabbed my hips and in a matter of seconds he was pushing his thick, long blunt cock into me.

I was moaning and gasping with the strain of letting another mate enter me. It was dawning on me that every one of them was going to fuck my arse, and more importantly, I wanted them to. To be used like the most abject slut of their wank fantasies. I wanted them to cum over my naked body, cover my face with it, make me suck them off, bum-fuck me - all the things they'd always wanted to try, and had never been able to.

I wanted them to live out their filthiest fantasies, to do things their girlfriends wouldn't let them do. I was their bitch, for tonight anyway. It felt good to give myself up to my friends like this.

At last they were able to put their imaginations into action, because at last they had some slut who was willing to let them. Jake's penis wasn't long and thick, and the friction of having him inside me, even with the lube and Veon's cum, was almost overwhelming.

Having held this position for quite a time, my legs were tiring and sure enough they gave. I dropped down in to a cobra position, reared up on my elbows and moaning harshly as Jake buggered me: "Uh, uh fuck, oooh, oh, ohhh, oh fuck." I opened my eyes, breathing fast and heavily, and I focused on the others still sitting at the table; Josh, staring fascinated at the spectacle of Jake fucking me on the rug before the fire; Sam, sitting once again, looking flushed and sated; Veon, pretending to light one of his ever-present fake cigars; and Dylan, smiling, took a gulp of wine and looked on.

Jake was mounted on my arse and pushing deep into the cleft of my buttocks, my cock being squashed against the thick rug. He wasn't fucking me the slow, deep, sensual way Veon had.

He had just grabbed me and mounted me like an animal, and now he was thinking only of his own pleasure, ruthlessly buggering me in fast, rough strokes. I remember thinking that this bast sex stories big size breast 300 avr movies what it must be like to be raped.

"Oh yeah.yeah.yeah! Oh mate!" He gasped as the first shot of cum pumped into me, and I hissed oldnanny old mature women licking teen girl lesbian and granny yessss!" as I felt more cum shoot inside of me.

Then I collapsed and sank face charley chase moans in pleasure while slamming onto the rug, shoving my slim hips back and upwards into his groin, milking the last of his cum from his swollen cock.

I lay with my face buried in the rug, breathing heavily, overwhelmed at what I had allowed them to do - two of my friends had just sodomised me and another had fucked me like a lover, and there was more to come.

Jake gingerly withdrew his softening penis from my arse, stroking me gently as if to apologise for how hard he'd fucked me. I heard footsteps and I raised my sweating head. Josh, the winner of the game, was standing by my head, looking down at me where I lay prone, naked and fucked in the firelight. "Pick him up," he said. Veon and Dylan came over, grabbed me under my armpits and lifted me onto my knees.

Josh inspected me, my slender body, my ribcage rising and falling, a thread of Sam's cum cooling on my lips. My cock still swaying, half-erect, between my thighs. "Do you want more slut?" he asked me. "Yes sir," I whispered. "You want to get fucked again? You want to get fucked by every single one of us?" "Yes sir," I said, staring at him, imploring him to not do any more damage.

A friend he'd known for five years was now naked, stained with cum and begging to be spared. "We're gonna shave you," he said softly. "Your whole body. Every inch. I don't want a single hair left. I want you as naked as possible before I fuck you." I gazed at Josh.

I was giving myself over to them, now. They really were doing whatever they wanted with me. "Take him into the bathroom," said Josh, and he turned and walked out. Veon and Dylan held me under the arms and Sam and Jake picked up my legs, and I was carried bodily into the bathroom, still naked.

I didn't struggle. I was to tired to try. Josh instructed the others to put me down on the tiled floor, then told me to get on all fours. I did so. They were shaking up their cans of shaving foam. "I want him totally covered," said Josh. "Every inch." They sprayed handfuls of foam and started smearing it over my nude body, their hands moving the white foam all over me, first my back and shoulders, my upper arms and then my arse and thighs, Sam smearing it deep into the cleft of my buttocks.

Josh ordered me to kneel and I sat back on my heels, my arms by my side, as Jake rubbed foam all over my face and neck. I closed my eyes and he smeared it completely over my face while one of the others covered my chest and stomach and then my cock and balls with shaving foam. In a couple of minutes I was completely covered in the stuff. Josh broke open a bag of disposables and they all started shaving me at once.

Two of them were doing my back and arse, another was shaving my chest and belly, another my arms and another my legs. They didn't touch my head, yet. I felt my body hair coming off me, and the coolness of the air and the astringents in the foam made my bare skin tingle. I couldn't see what they were doing because of the foam in my face and eyes, but God, it felt erotic to have my friends doing this to me, humiliating me, shaving off all my body hair to make me into a purely sexual object.

They made me lean back on my hands to give Sam better access to my genitals, which he shaved expertly. I was tense about having a razor down there, but he was swift and precise.

Then they made me go on all fours again, and I moaned as I felt them parting my buttocks, and then there was the careful scratching of the razor shaving the hairs out of my crack. As they went on they mopped me with wet flannels, and I felt my chest and arms and legs becoming smooth and cool. Lastly they made me sit, and then I felt the razor scything the short hair from my neck, over and over again, making me theirs; then the careful scraping around my jaw and under my nose and on my chin.

I heard Sam say, "I think that's it," and I was helped to my feet. I heard the shower running. Josh said, "Okay, have a shower, get cleaned up and let's see what you look like." Under the shower I gasped as the water hit me. It felt so intense, so wet, now that I had no body hair. I was as smooth as a girl, and totally hairless. I washed the foam out of my eyes and off my body, and when I was clean I stepped out of the shower.

The guys were looking at me. Sam looked a little amused. Veon and Jake were intrigued. Dylan looked hot and bothered. Josh looked definitely hungry.

They stepped back from the full-length mirror. I got a good look at myself. It was me all right, but how different; smooth and alien-looking, my body pink from the shaving and the warm water, my thin chest hair gone, my face with none of the masculinity that came from a crop. I was about skin, about flesh; I looked less like a man, without actually looking like a woman. What I really looked like was a blank slate, a shop-window mannequin with genitals, a sexual template for anyone to inscribe fantasies on.

My naked, hairless cock and balls were hanging pink and gleaming between my dripping thighs. Dylan grabbed me and kissed me, his hands groping me all over, and I moaned inside his mouth as he gathered my naked body up against him. I closed my eyes. He was reaching down into the smooth crack of my arse and touching my anus and I shuddered.

I felt someone smearing cool gel into the cleft and Dylan's fingers moving it around, pushing gobs of it up into the already stretched tunnel of my arse, lubing me up once more. Dylan's body was warm inside his t-shirt and boxers and with my shaven skin it was as though I could feel every single fibre of his underwear. It was sensual. While kissing me, he caressed every inch of my naked body, finding out what aroused me, making me give up every part of myself to him. I could hide nothing from him.

"You're fucking beautiful," he muttered as he kissed my neck and throat, and I opened my eyes, my head lolling, to see the others standing and watching as Dylan pushed his fingers into my ass and pulled on my prick, making me hard again. They were watching me, the friend they had known so well for years, now shaved, hairless and smooth, pink and naked, in the arms of another friend, kissing and being caressed in the most intimate way and getting off on it.

Jake went up to Sam and simply pulled Sam's boxers down over his hips, stripping him nude. Sam gasped and turned to Jake and pushed him off into Veon, "I'm not gay you fucking fag, If anything Ill be doing the fucking you little bitch, now get over here." From time to time each of them turned to glance at Dylan and myself. I had already been fucked twice and my third time was coming.

Dylan's strong arms went around my waist and he locked his fingers under my arse. I lifted my feet off the ground and wrapped my legs around him.

He carried me out of the bathroom, still kissing me. Dylan, being strong, had no problem carrying me and took me across the room to the fire. I unwrapped my legs from around his waist and he set me down on the thick rug. Laying on my back, he lifted my naked legs up, pushing them against my chest so that my arse was fully exposed to him.

I chubby mother inlaw lures him into sex mother in law forced mother in law taboo up at him as he grasped my cock and pulled on it lovingly, smiling, he then slid his hand down over my balls and into the cleft of my buttocks, fingering me.

Leaning back, he kneeled up and reached into his boxers, taking out his cock out. I could hear panting coming from across the room, and then I heard Jake groan "Oh, fuck!" I smiled at Dylan, "It's not just me that loves your poker nights".

Jake was bent over a chair and Sam was holding his hips, pushing into him. Now Jake was being buggered, like I'd been, and by Sam. But while he was fucking Jake, Sam was watching Dylan and me and I sensed that he had only taken Jake because I was currently claimed by Dylan. I looked back at Dylan and he was looking down at me with a grin. "See what we started," he said, and then he took his cock in his hand and he guided it to the slightly loose knot of my anus and leaned down, pushing himself into me.

It was an incredibly vulnerable position, with my legs bent back over me and Josh facing me. He started to push his thick cock into me, stretching the muscle of my anus, and as I felt him sliding up inside me and filling me I winced a little. Dylan started to fuck me, easing his giant length in and out of my arsehole. He looked at me and said softly, "You okay?" "Yeah," I replied, "oh, God, yeah. Just.just don't stop.oh.fuck me." I knew Dylan didn't need encouragement. He seemed to go further and further into me with each stroke, until I was totally impaled on his thick meat.

I clenched my teeth and breathed harshly, my eyes shut tight, as Dylan ploughed a furrow into my rectum, fucking me deeper and murmuring to me about how cute I was, how I was doing great, how I had a gorgeous ass and how good it felt to be fucking me. Every time he sank into me, his balls would touch my now shaved and sensitive arse. I found myself wondering sex stories poran xxx story dawonlod Kaya would think of the fact that her boyfriend had taken by one of his best friends been made to submit to being fucked up the ass.

Then I fantasised about Dylan doing to Kaya what he was doing to me now. I had an image of her lying naked on her back moaning while Dylan stuffed his cock up her arse. It aroused me so much that I felt myself about to cum.

Dylan could tell how aroused I was because my penis was rock hard, bouncing off my belly, and I was moaning loudly, "Oh! Oh God, girl fucks a friend in the locker room Oh, please!

Please! Fuck my arse! Fuck my arse.oooh!" He started thrashing in and out of me, really fast and strong, and he muttered, "Go on, go on, mate, cum for me, go on, you can do it, you can do it." I clenched my teeth as I felt myself about to cum.

I held it back for as long as possible until I could no more and exploded, shooting cum over my belly and chest, so hard that some even hit my face.

Seeing me cum, Dylan growled and continued fucking my arse. As his pace quickened I tell he was close to cumming and said, "Coat me". With that he pulled out his cock and not a moment too soon. He grabbed the base of his cock and I watched as several streams of cum shot out, landing on my chest and hitting me sexy blonde step sister wanted her brother to teach her fuck my neck, chin and mouth.

His body shook slightly as he dragged a clenched fist up the length of his cock, drawing out the last of his semen onto my chest. He now hung his head, panting for breath and collapsed down onto me kissing me hard and licking the cum from lips. As we kissed, Dylan ground his body against mine, coating the both of us in sweat and cum. I felt totally sated; I had now been fucked by three men.

But while I had had my own orgasm, I wanted to finish the job and service the others. The pleasure of allowing myself to be used by them was something I wanted to go on. I turned my head. Jake and Same were on the couch now, with Jake between Sam's legs the way Dylan had been between mine, and they were fucking slowly and steadily. Sam was still the only other one of us who was completely naked.

"Josh?" said Dylan. Josh was sitting at the table, drinking wine. "You want to take a turn?" "I think it's only fair, don't you?" I rolled onto my belly and smiled at Josh. "You can do whatever you want," Dylan said. "Anything." "Anything?" he said. Dylan nodded and smiled. "Can we not do it in here?" he said, glancing at Jake and Sam on the couch. "We don't have to," Dylan assured him. As I went to object I was backhanded sharply across the face, "Bitches don't speak unless spoken to slut," said Josh dealing me another hit.

Dylan looked amused, and went into the kitchen. Josh got up and said, "Okay," and I got up slightly unsteadily and followed him out of the living room and up the stairs. Josh then led me into a bedroom and sat on the bed. "This is Tiarna's bedroom," he said. I leaned against the doorframe, my arms folded, smiling.

Tiarna was Dylan's sister. She was thirteen now, and she had always been a teasing, flirtatious, sexy little pain in the arse. None of us had ever asked her for a date because we knew she'd just burst out laughing. She was a flighty, funny, rude, long-legged, tomboyish sexpot who had been the focus of quite a few of the younger guys at school sexual fantasies over the years. Josh got off the bed and went over to the chest of drawers. He opened it and started rummaging through the underwear.

He pulled out some black lace panties and held it out to me. "Put it on," he said in a slightly abstracted tone. I guessed what he wanted from me. I smiled at him, and pulled on the panties; Tiarna was quite short, But it wasn't to bad a fit, although I only could just tuck my genitals inside. Josh went through more of the drawers and found a white t-shirt with GIRL POWER on it, and a pair of cut off denims. He handed them all to me and I pulled on the t-shirt - it was tight across my chest - and then the shorts, which were extremely tight.

Dressed in Tiarna's clothes, I sat on the bed. The erotic tension in the room was palpable. Here I was, shaved smooth and dressed in the clothes of a teenage girl and about to live out Josh's most private sexual fantasy. He was trembling a little and sweating.

"God, you're gorgeous," he muttered. "Thanks," I said softly. "You're fucking gorgeous," he said hoarsely and cleared his throat.

Playing the role, I pulled up my knees and hugged them, head tilted smiling coyly at him. "You're good-looking too, you know," I said. "What are you doing right now," he said. It took me a while to figure the question out. "I'm at home in bed," I said, finally. "Are you sleeping?" I tried to imagine Tiarna lying in bed and decided I would spice it up a little. "No," I said, "I'm touching myself." Josh trembled some more.

He sat on his shaking hands. "Are you having a fantasy?" he said. "Yeah," I said. slutty mom with fat love button and sex toy japanese and hardcore imagining being kissed by a girl." "You're a slut," he said tightly. "Yes," I breathed, and my lips brushed against his shoulder. "You're a dirty slut," he repeated. He grabbed me and shoved me on my back, pulling the hem of the t-shirt up. It was tight, and as my arms were lifted over my head it got stuck, still around my neck, covering my head so that I couldn't see.

Josh swore and pulled at the shorts, hauling them halfway down over my hips. "Josh!" I exclaimed, my voice muffled by the t-shirt, "Wait! Hang on a sec!" He finally unbuttoned the shorts open and pulled them down and then flipped me over onto my belly. Now I understood why Josh was so keen to have me shaved. I am sure that naughty girl rides a cock hardcore and blowjob down, my smooth body in girlie panties could pass for the tom-boyish Tiarna.

He wanted me to be the girl of his fantasies. He ran his hands along my inner thigh and then massaged my smooth arse through the lace of the panties.

Taking the waistband, he then pulled the panties off me. "You fucking bitch," he muttered, "you fucking slut, I'm gonna give it to you up your arse, you wait." "Oh no! Stop" I cried. Josh had crossed the line, he was lost in his fantasy. He pulled my buttocks apart and spat on my anus.

He shoved a finger into me, although he barely needed to, I had been fucked three times already. I wriggled in his grip, but he was way stronger. I managed to wriggled free enough from the T-shirt to look around at Josh kneeling over me. My eyes widened.

I'd seen Josh's cock before, but I wasn't prepared for what it looked like erect. It was enormous. He rubbed more lube over it so that it glistened.

He pushed my face back into the duvet and then I felt him mount my hips and the hot helmet of his prick rubbing at the slippery cleft of my arse. Josh wanted to fuck Tiarna and because he couldn't have her, he was going to do it to me instead.

He grunted, shoving the stiff head of his penis into the socket of my arse. I sprawled nude underneath him on the bed as he forced himself into me, his entire length pushed into my hole.

The shorts and panties were tangled around one ankle, Tiarna's t-shirt still wrapped around my head, trapping my arms. "Take me, you little bitch," he gasped, and I didn't know if he was talking to me or Tiarna. "Say you like my cock in your arse. Say it." He reached around me and grabbed my own cock in his fist and pulled on it.

"OOOOH!" I moaned as Josh kept on driving his member into my arse. "Say you like having my cock in your arse!" he rasped into my ear. "I love it," I moaned, "I love it, I love it.oooh, please.please." Saying it made it seem more true.

Josh groaned as he came into my rectum and kept on humping me for several minutes, forcing his dick into me. I could hear squelching noises as his cock slid in and out of my cum-sodden arsehole.

I whimpered with shame and humiliation. He squeezed my naked bottom as he urged his prick into my arsehole one last time, then he pulled out of me and left me sprawled on my face, naked and tangled up in Tiarna's T-shirt. He got off the bed and left the room, and it was several minutes before I could pull myself together enough to roll over and sit up. I pulled the t-shirt off my head and sat on the bed, breathing heavily. So it had got a little out of hand. I had no idea that Josh had such dark fantasies and figured that it was better that he act them out on me, rather than her.

I couldn't quite decide whether or not he had, technically speaking, raped me. I had followed him into the bedroom with the express intention of having sex with him.

The sex itself had been of a nature that I hadn't wanted - hadn't I? "You okay?" said a voice. I looked up; Sam was in the doorway. "He's always had a thing about her," Sam sighed. "It wasn't that bad," I said.

"I mean, I wanted him. But he wasn't doing it to me." Sam then surprised me by saying "I've fancied you for years." "I thought you had," I said with a smile. "I like it when you flirt with me." "Yeah, and it's a funny thing," he said. "I'm the only one here who really fancies you, and I haven't even had you." "Hey, I sucked your cock," I protested, grinning and feeling my face go red.

He looked into my eyes and then leaned forward and kissed me. The memory of what had happened with Josh faded as Sam touched my cock and I felt myself getting hard yet again. "It's not too late, you know," I whispered as he tenderly kissed my neck. "What's not," he murmured absently. "We can still fuck. I mean, if you want to." "You still up for it?" he said, raising his p sexy charity crawford has amazing sex. " might want to be gentle with me," I giggled.

Sam gave my cock a squeeze, and I smiled, amazed at myself that I was so willing to let another man take me. He got up and led me across the landing. In the room there was a king-size bed and crawled on, laying on my back. Sam shut the door, stripped off and joined me on the bed. "You've had the rest," he murmured. "Now have the best." He took my face in his hands and began to kiss me, laying on top of me so that our cocks were pressed together. At first I was surprised as the other guys had mostly just wanted to fuck my ass.

I'd assumed that was what they all wanted to do to me. But Sam was treating me not like a sex object, but like a lover. He was running his hands all over my body, and because I was so smooth and hairless it felt incredibly intense.

I was already hard, but in only a few moments I was gasping with desire. He caressed my hair and his lips were all over my face. Then his hand was holding my cock and pulling on it gently and I sighed softly. Sam moved down my body and his lips closed around my cock, I moaned, "Oh, yeah." He began to lick and suck on me. None of the others had been even slightly interested in my cock.

He took his time to pleasure me, licking, kissing and encircling my cock with his tongue. He then reached under my ass and probed my hole with a finger. His tongue was that of a virtuoso. He was making me feel all kinds of pleasure I'd never dreamed of. He parted my thighs and put his face between them and licked me, his tongue dragging over the shaved area between my balls and anus.

I whimpered, "Oh, man, Sam, oh please, fuck me, please." "Now, now. What's the rush?" he whispered, and took my balls in his mouth, letting the roll over his tongue.

"Oooh!" I sighed, my voice breaking slightly, and he pushed into my anus with a finger. I squirmed, desperate for him to enter me, to really fuck me, to really make me his the way the others had.

He pushed a second and then a third finger into my moist hole. I moaned lightly as he slowly probed me. He pulled out and pushed at my buttocks a little and I eagerly rolled onto my stomach. I invitingly lifted up my ass, but he merely parted them with his hands and dragged his tongue over my sticky anus, still smeared with the other guy's cum.

Rubbing my face into the pillow, I whispered "OOOH! Oh yeah! Oh please, now, please, Sam, please." I couldn't believe it. He kept doing it, licking my arse with his tongue, snuffling his face between my naked buttocks. I then felt his tongue pushing into me a little which made me even more so agonisingly horny. I clenched my teeth and groaned into the pillow.

Sam seemed to be feeling it too, for he moved up from my ass, his tongue stitching a line of kisses up my back until he was at long last mounted on my naked hips. He slid his cock easily between my greasy buttocks, but still did not enter me. He kissed the back of my shaved neck and I moaned as he slowly, sensuously as he finally worked his long, thin, beautiful cock into the tingling, pulsing socket of my arse.

I lay on my belly, pierced by Sam's penis, and I wanted nothing else than to be there and at that moment. I was making indescribable noises as he eased his cock in and out of me, fucking me long and slow and hard, kissing me as he did so, murmuring in my ear about what a fucking sexy bitch I was.

At that moment I came. A few moments later, I felt him cumming deliciously inside me and I was wonderfully satisfied and content. He pulled out of me, got off and curled up next to me.

Only then did I realise how exhausted I was. Apart from the fact that I'd had sex five times, which normally would be unprecedented, but this had been with men, the emotional intensity of it had been as draining as the physical exertion.

My ass pleasantly ached and was slimy with cum. I had allowed my mates to turn me into a panting, whimpering ass-slut. And, I loved it. "I don't know anything any more," I murmured sleepily as Sam cradled me in his arms. "What do you mean?" he replied. "I mean, am I straight, am I gay, who fucking knows. One things for sure, that was the most amazing night of my life.

But I know that next time I walk down a street, I'm gonna be looking at lovely gal gets semen on her face girls' asses, not the guys'." "Yeah, whatever you say. It's your choice, mate," he chuckled and patted my head. I don't remember anything after that, I was so knackered than I dropped straight off. ---------------------------- A few weeks had passed since our six guy poker night.

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Some of the guys teased me about what a slut I had been, but I didn't mind, in fact I kind of got off on them saying it. Dylan and I never let on that we had already fucked each other, as the guys might of thought that we had planned the whole oh ndont fuck me brother and lured them in, which we had.

Nothing happened again as a group but Dylan and I would occasionally meet up, even after I had started seeing a girl, Annabelle. Dylan suggested that we should all meet up, Annabelle and I, Dylan and his girlfriend, Kaya. Dylan and I had joked about making it another poker night but thought it better to keep it a quiet get together. Besides, how would our girlfriends take it seeing their boyfriends sucking cock.

Boy seduces awesome chick for fuck hardcore and blowjob arrived a little after seven, and Tiarna answered the door wearing netball gear, She shot us both a weird look and left ball under arm. At 13, a little younger than us, she was a very attractive girl, quite skinny.

She was very popular at school and I would often have to force myself not stare at her body. We went through to the living room, Dylan arriving with wineglasses in hand. He poured us all a glass of Merlot, and the night began. To my complete surprise, Kaya suggested we play cards. Had the girls found out about our poker nights? Dylan and I glanced at each other and agreed to play. We all started with twenty matches as chips. That chips were all soon gone, Dylan and winning the lot.

The girl's, knocked back another bottle of Merlot and complained about their defeat, but keen to play more. The girls had no more money so Kaya suggested we change the game to strip poker.

I instantly got hard. I knew Dylan would be up for it, but I was sure Annabelle would definitely say no. However, Anna raced over to hug me and whispered in my ear "I like this, let's have some fun." She slipped her hand down and lightly brushed my hard cock. I glanced at Dylan, and he nodded his encouragement as well. I could see that he was also hard as he stared at Anna. She too was a very attractive girl, slender with small pert breasts and long blonde hair and a bit of a tomboy -- just my type.

So, the game began - The rules were simple. We played five-card draw. The person with the worst hand removes one piece of clothing. Shoes and socks didn't count. Everyone declared three pieces, except for Anna; she was wearing a bra and so declared four.

We agree that would be okay. The first game finished and Dylan was the looser. I could tell he wanted to show off and pulled off his trousers, his hard on was obvious. His thin boxers were being pushed out by his hardening cock. Both Anna and Kaya couldn't keep their eyes off of it. Neither could I. The second hand caught Anna off guard, for she was the looser. She, somewhat shyly, took off her top, her sheer bra unable to hide her hard nipples.

Dylan stared intently, his cock getting even harder, I shot him a look. What surprised me was that Kaya was staring at Anna, almost awe struck. She was really getting into this. We all had another drink. The game continued. For me, everything was going fine; I was still completely dressed. The first one to expose flesh was Dylan, who instead of taking off his shirt, took off is underwear, and showed off his now fully erect cock.

The veins were so well defined and his cock stood upright like a board. It bobbed up and down as he steeped back to his chair. Anna was next, when she was forced to either remove her bra or her panties. Since the bra was so see through, her decision was easy. As she stood to unfasten her bra, everyone in the room could clearly see her panties were wet. It was at this point that Kaya came forward with another rule. She said that if anyone lost all of their clothes that they could stay in the game, but they would have to play with themselves for one full minute while the rest of us watched.

Dylan, who would have done it anyway, with or without loosing, said okay. I was buzzed enough to say yes, and Anna simply nodded eagerly. The game continued. Anna was first to have to remove her last item of clothing and stood up, slowly peeling the wet panties off and letting them drop to the floor. Stepping out of them, she stood in front of us all completely naked.

She had lost and gladly played with her pussy. I was surprised how uninhibited she had become in front of the others.

Dylan's cock nearly exploded as he watched my girlfriend work her clitoris, getting her fingers wet; moaning and getting close to cumming. It was so horny, my heart was racing and I could have cum in my pants. Kaya was definitely into it as well. She began playing with her nipples through her bra, until Dylan reminded her that she wasn't allowed to play with herself until she lost all her clothing. Dylan was next. Pulling off his shirt he opened his legs so that we could all see him as he worked his meat.

His cock was so well formed and hard. He stroked it with long slow strokes, really putting on a good show for the three of us. I had lost count how many times I had seen Dylan's cock but still loved looking at it. With the girls in the room, I hoped it wasn't too obvious, but as I glanced across I saw that they were too busy watching Dylan to notice. Once Dylan had finished, Kaya came up with the last rule of the night. She suggested that if you were naked and lost, that you would be a slave to the others in the room.

Was this a coincidence? I glanced across at Dylan and he simply smiled back. So, the first two to loose, while naked, would be the slaves to the two winners. Here I was sitting with my jeans and underwear still on. I felt for sure that this time I would be a master. Everyone was so horny, they agreed. The next hand Kaya lost. She had kept the best to last and reached around to unfasten her bra. At last, I would finally get to see those magnificent breasts.

She let her bra slide down her arms, slowly revealing herself. Her firm tits and lovely nipples were better than I had ever imagined. She sat on the floor, leaning back against the sofa and began rubbing her pussy as all of us got even hotter; especially Anna.

I don't think she had ever seen another woman get off, not even on video. That left everyone naked except for me. As soon as any of them lost, they would be one of the slaves. I was hoping horny blonde milf masturbation show bigtoy masturbate homemade Kaya would loose, amateur babes please each other hardcore lesbian then Anna (not that I found Kaya hotter, Iv just played master with Anna so many times before).

The thought of Anna and Kaya was so fucking horny. A wet dream come true. The next hand was a disaster for Anna.

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She lost and was chosen as one of the slaves. I could tell that she was a little worried. Yet, I could tell she was excited. Now if only Kaya could loose, my fantasy would come true.

The next hand, dealt by me, lost me my jeans. The girls stared at the tent I had pitched in my boxers. I even caught Dylan checking it out. The next hand got me naked and I now had to play with my hard cock for one minute. Not to be out done by Dylan, I stood up legs parted, pulling with my cock with my right hand whilst massaging my balls with my left. At least twice I thought I might cum, but held it off. Kaya announced the last hand of the night.

The looser would join Anna as a slave for the night. I was dealt a pair of jacks, and got nothing on the deal back. I showed my cards first. Dylan showed his two aces and began licking his lips. My girlfriend was his. Kaya was last. Would my fantasy come true? She laid down a ten, seven, nine, six and eight. I giggled with glee until I noticed it was a straight. I had lost. I was a slave. My girlfriend and I looked at each other. What would they make us do? Would we have to fuck in front of our friends?

Kaya her first order; I poured her some more wine and went over to her. She gave me a sharp jab in the arm and giggled, she then stroked my hard cock and told me to suck on her nipples. Without hesitation, I joined her on the floor cupping those beautiful large breasts with my hands and sucked on her glorious nipples. I was sucking on her tits when I glanced over at Dylan, who had Anna sucking his big cock in to her mouth.

He was sitting back and enjoying the attention. She moaned with pleasure obviously lost in the moment. I thought I should be jealous, but I wasn't. In fact, I was getting turned on watching her suck the cock I had sucked so many times before. She was his sex toy, just like I had been. I slipped my hand down to Kaya's wet pussy; and was met with a slap. She stood and announced that I did not have permission to touch her pussy.

She asked me to lie across her lap, and told Anna to spank me. Anna giggled, but she too received a quick smack across her arse, and stopped giggling. She gave me a sharp slap. It really stung. "Another!" Kaya said. Anna gave it to me again and again. I ended up getting ten hard smacks, and my arse was definitely stinging. I was reminded that I was tight teen kristen scott hitchhikes and banged at home slave and returned to her nipples.

Then, I heard Dylan give a command. He told Anna to leave his hard cock and lick Kaya's pussy. I know Anna had never had been with a woman and glanced up at her and could see she was totally flushed. Slowly, she walked over and knelt down between Kaya's legs and edged forward. Kaya spread her legs a little further apart, and Anna hesitantly moved her head forward towards her swollen pussy lips.

Anna's tongue reached out and touched Kaya's clit. Immediately Kaya's breathing sped up and within no time at all was moaning louder and louder as Anna licked her pussy. The more I watched, the more I saw Anna was really getting into it. Her tongue played with Kaya's clit and then slowly slid down and entered her soaking cunt. She was now tongue fucking Kaya right there in front of me. Kaya was getting a real good licking and pushed my head down too. I tongued her clit as Anna continued to tongue fuck her.

Our eyes met, Anna looked totally humiliated, but very horny. The feeling of Anna's tongue and mine to must have been overwhelming to Kaya as she moaned even louder and then her body shook in spasm as she came. After a moments rest Kaya dished out the next command came.

Kaya reached down and grabbed my cock. Noticing the pre cum on the tip, she ordered me to stand. I did as I was told. She slipped the head of my cock into her mouth and tasted me. Then she told me to stand in front of Dylan. I did what I was told.

She then ordered me to orgasm. I was so horny and was dying to cum. So, I reached my hand out to began stroking my cock, when she barked "No! Without touching." I was confused. I had never done that before. She told me to start flexing my cock using only my cock muscle. I did as she instructed and pumped my cock, my hips rocking back and forth. I stood between Dylan's legs, who just sat back, enjoying the show.

Anna still had her tongue buried deep in Kaya, but I could see her sneak a peek lovely teen and curvy stepmom hot threeway on the couch I pumped my cock in the air. She again commanded "CUM". The idea of three people watching me work myself to orgasm humiliated me as much as it excited me. I kept flexing my cock muscle, when suddenly I felt an orgasm approach. I couldn't believe it. I kept flexing and pumping, and then suddenly, I came like I had never cum before; and without using my hands.

The initial shot hit Dylan in the chest, but then globs and globs of cum steamed from my cock, down my shaft and dripped off my swollen balls; onto Dylan's cock below me. I kept flexing my cock muscles and cum kept coming out. I had never cum that much in all of my life. I opened my eyes to see Kaya smiling and Anna fingering her own pussy as she continued to lick Kaya. It was Kaya 's turn again and as the last drop of cum exited my cock, another orgasm rippled through her. Watching me had made her orgasm again, helped along by Anna's tongue.

She screamed and moaned as wave after wave of pleasure passed through her body. Anna's voice joined hers as her body tightened with her first orgasm. Her fingers moved quickly over her clit. Both girls moaned and screamed.

As the girls lay resting on each other, Kaya glanced at the mess I had made, and asked me to step over to her. She slipped my cock over to Anna who put it into her mouth and cleaned the remaining cum off me. I immediately sprang back to hardness. If she had demanded another orgasm right there and then, I would have delivered, but she told Anna to stop.

She turned to me and asked, "did you enjoy seeing Anna lick my pussy, did it get you hot?" "Yes" I said. "Now it is your turn". She pushed me back one step and then looked down at Dylan's hard cock. She looked back at me and then nodded to his cock. "Suck him off while we watch".

I looked down at the hard cock, coated in my cum, I was now being ordered to suck. I hesitated and then sank to my knees in front of Dylan. With a grin on his face, he sat back as I stared as his fully erect cock. I leaned forward, slowly taking his cock in my mouth. As I started sucking on his cock, I heard a moan next too me. I saw Anna sitting on Kaya's lap, as Kaya slipped two fingers slowly in and out of her pussy.

Both of their eyes were locked on me. So they could see more, I let his cock slip out of my mouth, licking the swollen head of his cock. His cock responded by releasing beautiful logan drae rubs her hairy tight lips until she cums drop of pre cum. I took the head back into my mouth.

Again, I heard Anna moan as Kaya's fingering began to speed up. They both were entranced by my show. I began to swallow more of his cock. As I lowered my head, the taste changed; I was now tasting my own cum that covered his cock. I took it into my mouth, every inch and heard Dylan moan. I began to bob my head up and down.

My cock was rock hard and I felt more horny than I had ever felt. Thoughts raced threw my mind; What was turning me on the most : The feeling of a large cock in my mouth? My girlfriend being finger fucked by Kaya?

Being made bestking sex stories vip sexy storys mumbhi suck on Dylan's cock for the entertainment of two girls?

Or, all of the above? Whichever it was, here I was sucking cock. Dylan continued to moan and I felt every vain bulge as he got harder and harder. I knew he would cum soon. Suddenly, he moaned loudly; he shifted and tightened his muscles. The girls also knew what was happening and watched intently as I continued to suck his cock. Anna stiffened and began to orgasm again as Kaya's fingers expertly worked her pussy. Seeing Anna cum took Dylan over the edge. He repeatedly exploded in my mouth and I kept sucking.

I swallowed all that he gave and did not spill a drop. I pulled off his cock to see three pairs of eyes looking at me, all looking at me as if they didn't believe what they had just seen. Cum was dripping from my mouth and Anna came over to me and kissed me deeply.

Her hand slipped down to my cock and stroked it. Kaya commanded me to cum. Not that I needed any command as I was so turned on I came almost immediately. All over Anna's hand and belly. Anna brought her hand up to her lips, to taste me, but Kaya intervened again.

" Clean it yourself." Slowly, Anna moved her hand to my mouth and for the second time that night, I tasted my own cum. It was the best night of my life, and I'll be telling it for years.