Impressive sex by agile lesbian adorable babes

Impressive sex by agile lesbian adorable babes
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I m Rahul 23m from Mumbai.I m 5′11 tall whitish fair with good built. People say that I look smart. Well, I have been reading the stories of ISS from the last few years but I didn't know that I would submit my own experience with u people.

Without wasting much time, coming to the point of my own experience which happened to me before few days with a hot and sexy, ravishing 32 yr old bhabhi from Mumbai. A month before I got a call on my cell.

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As soon as I lift the call n said 'hello' I heard a sweet voice of a lady from other end saying 'hello'. She asked for the person she called for and it came to notice that she dialed the wrong number.

She herself said 'sorry' and disconnected the phone. I called her up again and asked whom did she called for. She said 'I m sorry I have dialed the wrong number'. Again she disconnected the phone.

After sometime I sent her a message 'Sweet voice, can I know your name'. She didn't respond. The next day I called her up and introduced myself and continued our conversation. I asked her name. She responded "Ruchi".

I proceeded further and asked her about her hobbies. She asked me 'Y i wanted to know this'? Our conversation started and days went on. Within few days I made her feel comfortable talking to me.

I came to know that she is married and have a child. Her husband is a businessman. Every dayas soon as her husband went to his office she called me up and we use talk for hours. She liked talking to me and we decided to meet. Neither had she wanted to see my snap nor cam. She said she would like to meet face to face and come to conclusion but she is frightened to meet a stranger whom she is just speaking son and her mom sex phone from last few days.

I assured her about her privacy and as she trusted me in some ways we finally decided to meet at one spot. I reached the spot before 10 minutes and was waiting outside my car for her. She called me up and said that she was waiting for me at the spot. I looked at her and confirmed whether she is the one. My God…she is 5′7 tall, hot and sexy, ravishing bhabhi.

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I was just stunned looking at her. She got a beautiful smile. We met and exchanged our wishes and went to a nearby hotel to have lunch. There I saw how well she has maintained her body with a sexy figure to die for we knew each other and sat close to each other and decided to meet further. While going, she gave me a kiss on my cheek and said that 'It was a wonderful day, thanks'. We chatted on phone for few days n decided to meet again. Now, when I met her the second time I was very happy looking at her as she was wearing a saree in Guajarati style below her navel in a seductive way as she is Guajarati.

We went to have lunch and decided to go to a nearby beach. I stopped my car nearby a beach and we sat in a car for a while and talked to each other about her family n my family. Soon, I diverted the topic to sex and we chatted for a while about it before on phone too. I planted a kiss on her chin n then her neck. She responded in a lovable way by kissing me on my forehead. I asked her whether she would like to go in person to some private place.

We went to my place as my parents were out of station during summer. As soon as we entered my place, she went in to washroom and came out after five minute. I switched on the A/c and mad ether climate romantic with some fragrance added. She said she like the way I look, talk and understand her feelings so she wants to share everything with me. I understood what she meant to say. I just went further and placed my hands on her waist and kissed her on her lips passionately for about 15- 20 mins.

I lifted her in my arms and took her towards my bedroom. I kissed her on her lips chin, n then petite schoolgirl rides hard on a bbc interracial brunette towards her earlobes n then her neck. Slowly, I undressed her saree. She closed her eyes n opened it after a while. She looked at me in a seductive way as she has got a beautiful face with sexy eyes and bit her lips. Now, slowly I kissed her all over her neck and then kissed on her boobs above her blouse and slowly proceed towards her navel n licked it.

Slowly, I removed her blouse and she was in front of me in a silky, sophisticated innerwear( bra and panty). She was a drop dead gorgeous with a hot figure 36-26-36. Now, I unhook her bra and sucked her boobs for about 10 mins and licked her nipples n bite them.

I made her lie on bed and she was in front of me with panty on her body. I kissed her allinternal anita is fucked in the ass while pinned down hardcore and creampie navel and slowly I removed her panty with the help of my teeth till her knees and then completely removed it. I was totally erect in my jeans. I laid on hershe rolled me down and she sat on me and removed my shirt and then unbuckled my belt.

I removed my jeans n then my inner wear. She was stunned to see my cock…all she said while staring at my cock is 'It's thick and Hot'.

She hold my cock and stroked it and said 'good size but it's thick, u won't hurt me, rite? I said' I care 4 u darling, don't worry I'll be gentle.' I kissed her all over her body and rolled my tongue over her clitoris and kissed on her pussy and started to lick her pussy lips.

She moaned and said 'It's too good, pls make it deeper.' I got encouraged and pressed her boobs and licked her pussy for about 20 mins. She had an orgasm for about 3 times till 25 mins. Now< i went upside and kissed on her lips. She rolled me all over again and she made me sit on edge of my bed. She sat on floor and gave me an awesome blowjob. I was in ecstasy and encouraged her to suck me deep.

She did it for 15 mins. I came in her mouth, boobs and her navel. We were caressing each other's body for a while n drank some juice. I kissed her again n my cock was totally erect again and I kissed her back and massaged it for a while.

She loved it. As she couldn't bear anymore she asked me to play the real game. She caught my cock and gave me a hint to enter her. Slowly, I teased her pussy by placing it in her entrance. She couldn't bear it so she took my cock and asked me to do it.

I slowly entered her pussy and she was tight enough. She moaned and said ' Rahulpls do it slowly as it's thick. I slowly entered with 3 strokes and was now in good rhythm. I was sucking her boobs n biting her nipples n pumping her.

She was happy as I can see her tears flowing from her eyes.

I couldn't guess Y was it so But I thought she might be happy. She kissed me passionately and then she rolled me upside down and sat on my cock. Slowly, she entered her pussy in to my cock on woman on top position. She started stroking her pussy in good force, I was in deep pleasure and the same was she. I made her lie towards me and I stroked my cock in force in to her pussy and kissed her passionately. I sucked her boobs and placed a finger in her mouth as she was moaning in hot pleasure.

After about 25 mins of fucking in doggy position, she came thrice again. I was in excitement and was nearby to come so I asked her whether I can come within her.

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She wanted me to come her inside her pussy. After few strikes, with a full force I released my sperms in to her and kissed her with love and passion and we lived next to each other holding tightly.

After sometime she opened her eyes and me too. She said 'It was a great feeling. She felt as she was still a virgin the way I took care of her.

She kissed me on my chin and said 'Now I feel like a complete woman.' It takes a great feeling if u is liked by someone so I returned the same kiss on her lips and cheek. We had 2 more rounds and she left in the evening.

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