Orgasms peachy pussy real amatuer couple from spain and hungary intimate sex

Orgasms peachy pussy real amatuer couple from spain and hungary intimate sex
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I've always fantasized about gorgeous beautiful ladies, especially my mother and my younger sister- who is by about two years. I'd never thought it would one day be a reality during summer break from college one year. One Friday afternoon after I came home early from work after a half day at my summer job, I accidently walked in the kitchen on my 18 year old sister- totally nude.

Here was Heidi raiding the fridge, looking for something cold to drink. So I asked her, "Hey sis, what the hell are you doing in the kitchen totally butt-naked?" She turns around and replied shockingly, "Holy shit!!

What the fuck Nick?! You scared the shit out of me." But she still didn't answer my question, so I asked her again, "Why are you nude?" "I was tanning outside, so I came in to get myself something cold to drink since nobody was home yet," she replied. Then she asked me, "What the hell are you doing home early from work anyway?" "They let us leave early today, since it's the weekend," I told her. Then she made a suggestion, " I see Nick, why don't you wash up and join me outside since mom isn't home yet.

Okay?" "I'll do just that," I said to adivashi facking in jangal marathi. At this point, I didn't know what was weirder; that fact that I saw her nude or the fact that she asked me to join her outside on the patio by our family pool.

Both Heidi & my mom are known to be a couple of prudes around me & around the house. Both of them are stunningly gorgeous. Seeing my sister Heidi naked in the kitchen gave me a bulging in my shorts. Heidi stands about 5' 8" tall with an hour glass figure, just like our mother. Both of them have natural blond hair.

But since Heidi is nearing the end of her growing stages, her natural cup size has blossomed to a nice 34Cs'. So like our mother, she'll be just as busty.

So I went into the bathroom and quickly washed up, then I went into my bedroom and put my swim trunks on. After that, I went into the kitchen and got myself something cold to drink before I went out through the sliding door and onto the patio. Heidi had already put a giant beach blanket for me to lay next to her. Since our back yard has a high fence, nobody would even see what we were doing.

I was able to make my way towards her, when she turned over to lay on her back- exposing her nice tits and a neatly trimmed bush. "Come lay next to me Nick, please??" she said to me like she was begging.

Then she said, lesbian luscious gals have group joy college and amateur while your at it, drop your trunks for me. I want to see you nice, big throbbing cock." And without hesitation, I said to her, "Okay sis." At this point, my cock was already bulging again. And as I'm undoing my swim trunks, a lot of things were racing through my mind about my fully-nude sister.

I couldn't help but ask myself: Is she setting me up for the ultimate tease or is she really THAT desperate? So after I lowered my trunks & kicked them off to the side, I sat my cold drink and then l laid myself down next to my sister Heidi. We laid there maybe ten minutes, until I felt a hand beginning to slowly stroke my cock. "What are you doing sis?" I asked her. Then she replied, "I never saw or felt a huge cock like yours big brother. Do you like what I'm doing?" At the point, I certainly was enjoying it.

So I answered, "Yes sweetheart, don't stop." "Has any girl ever did it this good?" she asked. Then I replied, "No, not as good as you." Then I asked her, "Where did you learn to stroke a big cock like that?" "My ex-boyfriend's," she replied. "I used to stroke his a lot, but he's nowhere near as big as you are big bro." This obviously made me feel all the more hornier.

Then she makes a suggestion, "Nick, just keep laying flat & I'll give you a blowjob. Okay?" "Sure sis, why not?" I said to her.

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So next thing Young girl uses her asshole to get a guy off creampie small tits pornstars knew was I felt a set of my sister's luscious lips kissing the tip of my cock.

Next thing she did was she began to lick up & down my shaft- trying to glisten it completely before she went down on me. Before she proceeded to do so, I asked her, "Heidi, are you sure you could handle my huge cock in your mouth?" "Not only in my mouth & down my throat," she said, "but I also want you to stick your big hunk of meat deep inside of my hot, tight pussy." Whoa!! She wants me to pound her tight little twat too.

So after she answered my question, she continued and she went all the way down on my big cock until I could feel the head of my cock hitting her throat.

I could hear her gag and choke as she tried to get it ALL the way in. Finally after a few easy bobs, she got used to my big cock. She was in her zone- bobbing outstanding oriental titty fuck stockings and japanese & down a little faster as she picked up the pace a little.

"Ohhhh, man.," I said as I moaned, "no one has ever sucked cock the way you do sis." But she didn't respond, she was way too busy enjoying herself as she continued to give me nice head. But then she starts to hum a little, I guess it's a way to make me cum faster.

But as I turned over to my right to look inside the sliding door, I could see that my mom was standing there- smiling at us. Heidi's head & back was turned away from her, so Heidi doesn't know that mom had just come home after her usual running of errands.

As both mom & I made eye contact, she simply put her finger over her mouth and told me to keep quiet. It was evident that she was enjoying this as much as I was. So while Heidi continued to suck away on my big cock, our mother disappeared as she went back going about her business. But as Heidi was bobbing faster up & down, my balls began to churn & boil. "Ohhh., I'm gonna., l'm., cum!!" I sa8d in between moans & grunts. Then my already hard cock began to stiffen as well.

Then with one last grunt, it happened… "OHHHHH&hellip., FUUUCCCKKKK!!" I yelled out as wave after wave of cum spewed up through my shaft and into my sister's mouth. I pulled back a little so I could leave her some room.

As I continued to erupt, she took several gulps before she was able to swallow most of my load. I lost track of how many streams I fired inside of my sister's throat. Whatever she didn't swallow, ran down my leg to where she could lick the remaining drops. After I came back down to earth from my orgasm, I had to catch my breath. It was then I asked her, "So how did I tasted?" "God to be honest," she said, "I've never swallowed so much as I did just now." By now, Heidi was unaware that our mom just now stepped out onto the patio.

So mom asked me, "Was that the best blowjob you've gotten thus far son?" "HOLY SHIT., MOM!!??" exclaimed Heidi abruptly. She continued, "How long have you've been standing there naked?" "Sis," I told her, "mom's been standing there for the last few minutes." Then I said to Heidi, "I think mom wants to join us, it seems she's too is in the mood." "Don't be alarmed huys," mom said to us.

"Just watching you going down on your brother got rather horny. Now I want nick to fuck you. And after that, I want him to fuck me too." "Wait, so let me get this straight," Heidi said as she looked rather puzzled. "You want nick to fuck BOTH of us?" "Exactly," mom said. Then she continued, "And while he's fucking you, you're gonna eat my pussy. Deal?" "I'll do it," Heidi replied voluntarly. So our mom walked over to where we were at, sat her drink and her towel down so she could lay back.

Like Heidi, mom also has a thick but trimmed bush. But her cup size is slightly bigger, and more shaped like half grapefruits. So after our mom laid on her back, she spread her legs so that Heidi could get in between and eat her pussy.

After all of that, I got in behind my sister so I could position my cock at the entrance of her pussy. But before I did that, Heidi asked me something, "Nick, sabonti xxx panu story com. I want you to go nice & slow inside of me first.

Okay?" "I'll be gentle," I said to Heidi. Then my mom said to me, "Son, same with me. I haven't had sex in a very long time." So this was obviously music to my ears.

Both my mom & my sister are nice & tight. So after the little demand, I began to tease Heidi a little by making circular motions with the head of my cock. After I did that, I said to Heidi, "Sis, I'm gonna gently slide my big cock in your pussy now." "Oh., put that hunk of sausage inside of me Nick honey," my sister said in a sexy, sultry tone of voice. So at first, I slowly slid my cock in her a little bit at a time. And I time that I went a little deeper, Heidi took deep breaths as she gently moans.

"Ohhhh ., your cock feels sooo good inside of me. Deeper., deeper!!" So I gently pulled back out for a moment to let Heidi catch her breath, then I slowly put it back in. I was able to get my huge shaft all the way in without having to split her in two. I slowly stretched her pussy lips with each gentle thrust. I was also very careful to not puncture her cervix, because I still wasn't even balls deep in her once I nudged her cervix.

Once I did that, I pulled back a little before I continued to pump my cock inside my sister's pussy. Meanwhile as I began to slowly pick up the pace a little, my sister was feasting away on my mom's pussy.

This obviously got my mom so aroused. In between their moans, my mom called out, "Ohhhh., that's a good girl. Keep eating your mommy's pussy. Don't stop!!" My mom was obviously enjoying this, just like Heidi was enjoying the pumping & the pounding of my cock inside of her.

It was clear that we were all in 7th heaven! "Nick., don't stop., DON'T FUCKIN' STOP!!!!!" Heidi cried out in pleasure. So with being said, I began to pick up the pace a bit more.

You can say I was definitely busting up a sweet on a hot summer day by the pool continue to pound away at my sisters hot, semi-tight pussy. But I also knew I couldn't last any longer, because my balls once again were boiling & churning as I was about ready to cum again. "Fuck&hellip., I'm gonna fuckin' cum again!!" I said in between moans & grunts.

Then Heidi said, "Oh&hellip., oh…, oh…, cum in my pussy. Cum in my pussy!" And with one last thrust, I unloaded as my swollen cock kept pulsing. I must've spewed anywhere between seven to eight thick waves of my precious baby seed inside of my sister's womb. After I emptied my balls once more, I slowly pulled my spent cock out of my sister. I didn't with till she had her orgasm. But I collapsed back down on the blanket spread.

Next thing I knew when I looked up. Both my mom & my sister were in a sixty-nine position. My mom was now on top. While mom was eating sister, sis was still eating mom out. I guess my mom wanted to tasted my pearly white protein that I unloaded into Heidi just a couple of minutes earlier. Then both my mom and my sister each had their own orgasm- one right after another.

After we all had our climaxes from our little threesome orgy, we decided to cool off. So all three of us got up, sprayed each other down and then we all took a dip in the pool for a little bit. ONE HOUR LATER&hellip. My sister had enough, so she got out of the pool, dried herself off put her bikini back on & went into the house so she could get ready for work. This left both mom & Mandy sky no cuddling just fucking pornstars and hardcore alone in the pool still- naked.

"And now mam and sun xxx sex story your sister went back into the house Nick," my mom said, "maybe you could stick that manly size cock of yours deep inside my pussy?" "Are you sure you can handle me mom?" I asked her.

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Then she replied, "If I could squeeze out a couple kids like you & Heidi, I can DEFINITELY handle your cock." So both mom & I swan over to the shallow end of the pool.

First, I left mom up & sat her on the edge of the pool. Then after I spread her legs wide open, I was able to position my cock at the entrance of her bushy pussy while I was able to cup her tits.

Since we were both in the pool, I didn't have trouble sliding my cock in. So I proceeded with caution. "Ohhh…, that feels sooo good son," my mom sais as I slowly put my big cock inside of her.

I was able to slide it most of the way in before I hit her cervix. After a few gentle strokes, I started picking up the pace a little.

"Ohhhh…, ohhh&hellip., ohhhhh&hellip., that feels soo god son. Don't stop!" my mom said in between breaths. I was having as much fun as she was. Like Heidi's, my mom's pussy was tight at first.

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But being in the pool somewhat loosened it. But I picked up the pace again as my balls started churning again. "Son…, mommy's gonna cum…," my mom said as she was also close to orgasm. Then as my balls continued to boil & churn, mom's inner pussy walls tightened as she reached her climax.

"OHHHHHH…, YES…, YES&hellip., YES!!!!!" I could feel her shudder as her jizz oozed out in between my cock & her walls. Then, it was my turn to climax. "Ohhhh…, I'm…, gonna…, cum…, mom!!!!" I said between moans & grunts. Then my mom said passionately, "Oh., don., cum in., your…, mommy…, pussy!!" And with that, I unloaded once again.

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Wave after see plumpersandbws patty parker wrestling for cum of semen shot way up inside my mom's cougar pussy.

I must've shot another huge load, because I counted seven waves full before I fell back to earth. "So Nick honey, how did my pussy feel?" my mom asked. Then I answered with delight, "You feel so fuckin' good mom." "I don't want you or Heidi to tell anyone about this, understand me?" my mom said in a rather, sudden stern voice. So I answered in a polite manner, "Understood mom." The rest of that July summer Friday afternoon was somewhat of a blur as I went back in the pool to cool off after I pounded my mom.

Temps got near 100°F that afternoon, which be start a stretch of triple-digit, dry weather that would last for about a week. Till this day, nobody ever found out about our little poolside taboo orgy. Even though my mom was a widow, she was still wondering whether or not I got both mom & sis pregnant.

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We got our answer about five weeks after that hot & steamy Friday afternoon. Both mom & Heidi were both due in April the following year in early April. Neither one was fixed, nor on the pill. APRIL, THE FOLLOWING YEAR&hellip. At age 44, my mom gave birth to a healthy, beautiful baby boy named Larry.

A few days after my mom had hers, my sister gave birth to identical twin girls. She named one of them Bianca, and named the other one Megan. Both of them had my eyes, so did baby Larry. Nobody had any idea that I'd fathered them. The rest of the family thinks that I'm Larry's big brother & the twins' uncle. THE END!!!!!!!!!!!!!