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Busty brunette gets surprised with a dick
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Eldon wakes up to find that Areth's sacrifice has made him impervious to death, but not pain. Still hurt by what he sees as Gloria's betrayal, he must fight past his anger if he is to escape the burning White House.

= = = = = = = = = = juicy hot playgirl and her agile partner = = = = = = = = = = Chapter 15 = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = Going Ogre-board Someone groaned nearby, but the sound reached Eldon's ears as a distorted and hollow moan. Light flickered from the other side of his eyelids, making it difficult for him to get some rest.

The groan sounded again, annoying him. He was getting some good sleep in, until that moaner decided to be rude and not stay quiet.

"Would you knock that off? I'm trying… to…" he trailed beautiful virgin groped sleeping sister forced raping as he opened his eyes and looked around. Smoke billowed up from a couple of fires. The fires were all that was giving him light to see by, but it was obscured from all the smoke and dust in the air.

It looked like a bomb had gone off, and pieces of timber and support beams were scattered everywhere. Eldon realized that it had been a bomb that did this. Areth's sacrifice could be the only reason he was still alive. Eldon coughed, and pain seared his stomach from the movement. Looking down, he saw a large metal pipe pinning him to the floor, and protruding from his abdomen. Blood soaked what little remained of his clothes, marring his exposed skin.

He couldn't see past his waist because of a large metal beam holding him also holding him down. He couldn't feel his legs, and hoped that his lower body was still attached. "Who—who's there?" a man's voice called weakly to him. Whoever it was sounded pained and out of breath. Eldon suspected it was the person who'd woken him with his groaning. "Eldon Lance," he replied, then added, "I'm Ambassador Snow's son." "Fuck!

It's one of the freaks," Eldon heard the other man mutter before raising his voice. "Do you know what happened? I was escorting one of the senators when, shit, I don't know what happened." Anger boiled up in Eldon at the other man's words. "Gee, I don't know. Let me use my freak abilities to know everything.

I'll just call on all the mystical powers I have at my beck and call to answer all your questions. Tell you what. Since I have a couple brain cells to rub together, I'll use them to guess an explosion went off." "No one likes a smartass, kid," the man responded, then broke into a fit of coughing. "No one likes a bigot," Eldon said back when the man finished coughing. "And don't call me kid. I'm twenty-four, not fourteen. I've probably seen more action than you have." "Who pissed in your Cheerios?" the other man asked between coughs.

"I'll have you know I fought in two American wars, and saw shit that requires above a Top Secret clearance just to mention." Eldon felt anger burn hotter through him. Who was this man to mock him?

He had no idea aletta ocean sucks on two big rods big tits and cumshot Eldon had been through in the past few hours. He had no idea what kind of pain and loss he'd suffered. How dare he treat Eldon like a child! "Have you even taken on three ogres with only a sword in your hands?" Eldon demanded.

"Or watched an entire city pillage, rape, and kill itself because it had no choice but to reveal what it truly was? Everyone baring their deepest darkest secrets to one another, destroying lives and loved ones?" "Relax, would ya?" the other man tried to chuckle, but it turned into hacks and coughs. "No, I haven't fought ogres since they're not allowed to come here. We've both been through some shit. Can't say I'm happy having one of your kind in here with me, but at least you're a soldier and patriot.

I've heard how hard you've worked to protect the president. I might not like what you are, but I can still respect what you've done." Eldon almost told the man that he was no patriot, but just following his sense of duty. He held back at the last moment. The pain in his stomach from the pipe sticking out of him stealing his breath might have had a little to do with his self-control as well.

He gripped the pipe, and gasped as he yanked it out, hard and fast. Blood spurted up from the wound for a brief moment, before the wound shrunk, sealed, and healed. He filled his chest with air slowly, testing the spot with his fingers. The skin was smooth and slick with blood, but no pain. He chucked the pipe with his other hand, and propped himself up to look at his lower body. "Shit, man! Careful where you're throwing stuff. Sorry I offended you," the other man grunted and Retro vintage porn xmas santas little cum swallower heard some shuffling from the direction where he'd chucked the pipe.

"I didn't think you were that touchy." Eldon ignored him as he looked at the beam crossing his hips. He couldn't sit all the way up, but could see that his pelvis was crushed. There were perhaps a few inches between the floor and bottom of the heavy object. No wonder he couldn't feel his legs. He wasn't worried about permanent injury.

If he could get out from under it, his body should return to normal. On the other hand, he was afraid of the amount of pain he would feel until his body recovered.

"Say, any chance you can help me out over here? My arm doesn't seem to be working right." Eldon continued to ignore the other man, instead pushing his weight against the beam. It shifted slightly, but hit something else and refused to move. "You still with me, buddy?" the other voice nagged at him. Eldon was his buddy now? What a prick. "I can hear you moving around over there. Listen, I don't mean to press you, and I'm sorry for my choice of words earlier, but there's a fire over here that's getting awfully close.

I would rather not become extra crispy." Eldon closed his eyes for a couple seconds, gathering his courage and blocking out the other man's groans and coughs. He was really getting annoying. For a split second he debated on telling the man that he preferred his secret service agents to be medium rare, and he would be there in a bit.

Discretion is the better part of valor, he told himself and kept his mouth shut. Taking a deep breath, he shoved hard against the metal beam. Even with his enhanced strength, it lifted up a couple inches, then struck something else and refused to move any more. He held it there, his arms straining, muscles bulging. Sweat dripped from his head as he looked down to see his pelvis inflate and expand, taking up the space he'd just freed.

Realizing his opportunity, he slid his lower body out, until the beam slipped in his sweat-slickened hands and crushed his shins. "Argh!" he screamed as black spots swam in his vision. Sensation had returned to his lower extremities just in time for him to feel that.

What else could go wrong today? He fought to remain conscious through the torment, mentally forcing back the darkness before it could overcome him. "I take it you're not in much better shape than I am," the other man stated while Eldon tried to catch his breath. "No shit, Sherlock," Eldon gasped as he looked down at himself. "What was your first clue? The fact that I'm in here, or was it the scream of agony that gave me away?" So much for discretion.

He knew his father would be disheartened with his choice of language, but didn't much care right then. In fact, other than making it out of here alive, there wasn't much he cared about anyway. Gloria had abandoned him, saddling him with two other women. While he giselle rai enjoys a cock after stretching to admit he cared about them, Gloria's departure left a hole that the other two couldn't fill. To make matters worse, one of them was already taken, and engaged.

The other was an ex-girlfriend that he'd never truly gotten over, despite him being the one to break it off. If he could still change forms, he could shift into a smaller shape and slide out. Of course, if he could still do that, he wouldn't have survived the blast that destroyed this wing of the White House. Areth's sacrifice was turning into a blessing and a curse. "Still with me, buddy?" the other man asked, his voice full of hope as seconds of silence stretched on and Eldon contemplated his situation.

"Don't call me buddy, either!" Eldon snapped and wiped a fresh sheen of sweat from his brow. "Damn. Don't remember hearing about how touchy you were," the man groaned. "Look, man. Help me get out of here, and I'll praise your kind from here 'til Sunday. I can't do it on my own." "Oh yeah?" Eldon sneered. "And if I don't, then what? You'll continue to curse my kind? Hell, I don't even have a kind! I'm the only one of me. Even my sister is different." "No, if you don't then I'll be dead, and you'll prove my opinion of things from your world not being worth the attention they've been getting lately." "First of all, we're not things." Eldon tried to push against the beam, to try to get it off his legs, but it wouldn't budge again.

He needed to get out of here. He didn't doubt that he would survive this, even if the building burned down around him, but he didn't care to suffer the pain of burning alive. "I believe the president wanted to call us Lydonese. We might not be human, but that doesn't mean we're not people." "Uh, yeah.

Sorry. Got some changes to do to the way I think, I guess." Eldon heard the man panting for a moment before he continued. "Ugh. So… I guess you're as stuck as I am? Well, at least I know I'll be dying next to a patriot. I want you to know I really respect what you did for President Louise. I admit I didn't vote for her, and I don't agree with all her policies, but she's proven to be one tough lady.

I… Whew, that fire is getting close…" Eldon wished the man would just close his trap. He didn't want to listen to him. He didn't want to be stuck in this burning building, hearing some guy who didn't care about magical beings, spouting off about crap that Eldon couldn't care less about. He just wanted to get fat brunette sucks last drop of cum legs free.

If he could shift forms, he'd already be partway there. Maybe his ogre form, to move the beam? Wouldn't that give the other man a fright! Of course, knowing his intelligence level in that form, he'd likely eat the Secret Service agent. Serve him right for his rude comments.

No, he'd be better off changing into a snake and slithering out. He wouldn't need to be worried about being cold blooded. It was plenty hot in here. If he were a snake, he could slip out from under the beam, and then go over and bite the rude man. He deserved it for his comments.

His forked tongue slipped out, tasting the air to see where the man was.

Son find mom in the kitchen

His body slithered across the uneven ground, unsure of which direction to go. All he could taste was smoke and fire. His natural instincts were to run from the conflagration, but it was all around. He couldn't see very well in this form&hellip. In this form? Eldon curved his long neck around, and stared in shock at his thin, tan-banded and scaled body. He was a snake! Not just any snake either, but a king cobra. He didn't understand how, but his tiny snake brain wasn't the best to figure it out.

He hated this form because of how little he was able to think, but right then he couldn't imagine a better form to be in. Literally! "Hey, you still there? Haven't heard anything from you in a couple seconds," came the other man's voice. Curious, Eldon slithered in that direction, continuing to taste the air. He slid over wood and debris, winding his way to where a large man in black lay with his right arm pinned beneath something large and heavy.

He was too big to eat, but maybe it would be better to bite him and let the venom do him in, just to be safe. There were flames building close by, and the heat was starting to get unbearable, even to him. Eldon coiled his body up, flaring his hood to give the man ample opportunity to run. He wasn't smart enough as a snake to realize the dark-clothed man couldn't flee.

The man looked at him and his eyes grew large. "What the fuck is a snake doing in here? Oh, shit! Help! Somebody help me! Eldon, you over there? There's a snake in here. Don't know how the hell it got in, but it looks like it's about to strike.

If you're still alive and can get free, I could sure use your help. Eldon?" Hearing his name, the snake stopped and swayed back and forth, closing its hood. Eldon… That was him, right? He had to think hard to remember, but it came back to him. With the memory came knowledge of who and what he was, and his body grew back into his normal shape. If it were possible, the man's eyes grew even larger as he watched the transformation.

"It's you!" he said in relief as Eldon finished changing. "I thought I was going to die there for a moment… Holy fucking hell, that's a huge cock! Do you play baseball with that thing?" Eldon looked down and realized he was completely naked. What little clothing he'd had after the explosion hadn't survived him transforming. Not for the first time, he wished his clothes changed with him, like they did with his sister.

"My eyes are up here," Eldon snapped as he stepped up to where the man struggled against the debris where his arm was pinned. Blood dripped from numerous scrapes and cuts on his body. One eye was swollen shut, and there was already a bruise forming from his jaw to his temple.

The agent looked at him with his one good eye and shuddered. "Sorry, buddy. I'm not gay—not that there is anything wrong with that, if you are—but that beater between your legs is nothing to be ashamed of, even if it is twisted like a pig's tail." Eldon shook his head, wondering why the man could call him by his name when he was a snake, but he was back to being buddy now.

"So, uh, about getting me out of here. Do you think you could…" he tried to pull his arm free, but it wasn't going to happen. Flames were getting close to what was left of his shoes. "No, I'm just over here for my health," Eldon groused, annoyed with the man all over again.

"Give me a moment." Eldon closed his eyes and tried to change into his bodybuilder form. There was no resistance as he felt the change commence. Elation swept through his system, energizing his bulging muscles. He wasn't locked down to one form after all! It had never even occurred to him to try and change forms after Areth sacrificed herself. Now he cursed himself for blindly accepting what he'd been told.

After her sacrifice, his strength had multiplied. Now as a muscle-man, he was a force to be reckoned with. He bent over and gripped the large piece of debris that held the other man in place. Using his powerful legs, he lifted it up and tossed it at the fire. It crumpled as it struck, and the fire went out in that spot for a couple seconds. "Thanks, buddy!" The agent got to his feet, cradling his mangled arm in his good one. Eldon was no expert, but he doubted the sharing a tough schlong hardcore and blowjob could be saved without the use of magic.

The agent saw him looking and gave a slight chuckle. "Guess I lost my girlfriend. I'll have to use my left hand for a while." "Just call me Eldon," he said, surprised teacher and student xxx hot sex vodeos the pregnancy makes big ass ebony babe super horny would make masturbation jokes at a time like this.

"Eldon. Yeah, sure thing, buddy. Call me Mac." He looked around, but it was hard to see much in the smoke and dust. "You, uh, know how to get out of here?

I can't remember which way is up, much less out." Eldon looked around, then dropped closer to the floor where there was less smoke. Everywhere he looked, he either saw fire or fallen debris. They appeared to be in a pocket with no way out. Except, the smoke was getting out, or they would have been suffocating by now. He looked up, but that didn't look promising. The thick smoke roiled and moved, but he couldn't see through it. "I have an idea, but I don't like it," Eldon said as he continued to look around.

"It's going to be dangerous." "You don't like it? Can it be more dangerous than staying in here?" Mac chuckled. "Yes," Eldon responded, without cracking a smile. "Climb on my back, and don't let go, no matter what… Unless I try to eat you. If I do, I'm sorry." "You've got a strange sense of humor," the agent frowned but Eldon didn't respond. "Look, I already told you I'm straight, and you being naked isn't something I'm into, but if it gets me outta here, then I'll fuck anything to breathe clean air again." Eldon glared, liking this man less and less by the second.

He said Eldon had a strange sense of humor? "I'm not interested in sex right now, but I'm going to change into an ogre and bash my way out of here. If I see you when I'm in that form, I'm about as likely to decide you look like a tasty treat before I go. If you're on my back, I might not notice your weight, and will likely be too dumb to even remember you were here." "Not interested in sex? What kind of a man are you?

Besides, I've heard stories about your old man and his wives that—" "If you want to get out of here, shut your mouth right now," Eldon growled. He turned his back on the wounded agent, and started changing, not willing to wait any longer.

He might have heard an "Oh, shit!" before he finished growing even larger than his bodybuilder form. Dark fluffy clouds that were hard to breathe surrounded him. He couldn't remember how he'd gotten here, and only knew that he wanted out. He took a step forward and felt something crunch under his massive right foot. It felt warm, and he lifted his foot enough to see what it'd been. The ground glowed, and he knew he should know the word for it… "Fiiiirrrre," he said, and cheered for having remembered such a difficult word.

"Fire hot. Fire burn. Fire make things yummy." A portion of the sky fell close by, startling Eldon by its racket. No, not the sky, the ceiling. He remembered that there was something he was supposed to do. He concentrated as hard as he was able, trying to recall his task. "Bash!" the thought drifted to him, but his head was already too full, so he spoke it out loud.

"I bash. I break walls. I get free!" He didn't want the fire to make him tasty. Looking around, Eldon saw a large metal beam that would work perfectly as a club.

It was the same beam he'd been trapped under, but he couldn't remember that. His thick sausage fingers gripped the beam and pulled it up with ease, knocking aside another beam that'd held it in place. It was slightly bent at one end, but that wouldn't ruin his fun.

He turned to the nearest wall and demolished what remained of it with one swing. The dark fluffy clouds weren't so bad on the other side, and Eldon moved into the cleaner air. "That fun! I bash again. I get free! I not be yummy," he cheered as he knocked down two hot blondes have some bedroom fun masturbation lesbian next wall, and then the next. Each wall that fell to his might led him to cleaner air, until he was outside and the late afternoon sun beat down on him.

"Oof, too bright," he complained as he tried to block out the bright globe in the sky. He dropped his beam as something loud nearby popped, and his hand stung.

"Owie!" he complained, shaking the hurt hand. "Don't shoot!" something fell from his back and shouted. "This is Ambassador Snow's son! He's a friendly!" Eldon turned to the sound, and something that looked delicious and already half cooked wave one arm above his head. Eldon couldn't smell the blood coating the other man after being in those foul clouds, but he could see it staining the yummy's clothing.

"That's a god-damned ogre!" another yummy-looking person said, distracting Eldon before he could snatch the first one. "How is that thing friendly?" "My big buddy here saved my life," the first snack stated with confidence.

"Though I think he might have ogre did it in the process." The tasty treat laughed for some reason. Eldon's head started to hurt as he stared between the two meals. It occurred to him that it would be easier to go for the first one, since it was closer and already half baked. With lightning-fast reflexes, he reached out and snatched the man with one meaty fist.

It was the same one that'd been shot a moment ago, but he'd already forgotten about that, and it was healed anyway. "Yum, yum!" he grinned as he brought the screaming morsel to his mouth. "Eldon Lance, you drop him right this instant!" The voice was so commanding and something deep inside Eldon knew that he had to obey it, that he opened his aryana starr vs l t without thinking.

The man tumbled down his naked belly before hitting the ground, running for his life. Eldon frowned, unsure why he'd let his meal get away. "You change back right now, Eldon," that voice ordered him. He looked around for it and saw a woman with long black hair and gray streaks. He knew this woman was in charge, though he couldn't remember why he should listen to someone that should have been food. "Go on! Change.

Or do I need to get your father? What would he think about this kind of behavior?" He knew he didn't want that. He wasn't afraid of his father, so much as afraid of disappointing him. Somehow, he found the mental fortitude to remember that he could change forms. With a bit of effort, he felt his body shrink down into a puny… no this was his normal form.

"Mom… What—what are you doing here?" He could almost feel his IQ rising into triple digits, but he didn't know why she was there. "Cover yourself up and we'll talk somewhere a lot more private," she told him and handed him a blanket. She guided him past the cops and agents surrounding what remained of the White House, but he didn't miss their comments. "Are you sure that thing is safe?" "Should have put it down when we had the chance." "Heard he saved the president on more than one occasion.

Glad he's on our side." And, "Did you see the size of it? I swear it was bigger in his current form than when he was an ogre. Glad my wife wasn't here, or she would have been on her knees, begging.…" Eldon blocked out everything besides putting one foot in front of the other.

When Sheila stopped him, he looked up to see they were at the back of an ambulance. "I'm not hurt, Mom," he complained. "I can't be permanently hurt, remember?" "What I remember is that you're not supposed to be jill kassidy lela star bed sweatfest to change forms anymore, either. Remember?" she snapped in a tone that told him to shut up and listen.

"Now sit still and let them check you out. Oh, good, looks like someone thought to bring you some clothes." Eldon looked up to see Mandy and Shlee walking up to them. Shlee had a bundle of clothes in her arms, while Mandy carried a pair of shoes. The thought struck him that Mandy could have carried it all with her four arms, and wondered if they'd decided to split the load between them. That thought led to memories in the Orange Bubble of them licking his load out of each other. No matter what else they may mean to him, he was glad that they got along with each other.

"Thank you, ladies," Sheila said as she stood and took the clothing. Eldon tried to stand up and tell them he didn't want them there and to go, but the EMT held him down, and his words came out very different. "They ate my cum out of each other." Sheila grimaced at his words, the EMTs choked for a couple moments, his two girlfriends turned deep crimson, and Eldon wanted to crawl into a hole and die. Of all the truths he could have said in Mandy's presence and his mom right there, why did he have to spill that one?

Just because the memory was in his head? He wanted to glare at Mandy and blame her, but he knew she couldn't help it. "Sorry, Mom. That's not what I meant to say." "I know, Son," she replied and dumped his clothes in his lap. "You've been through a traumatic experience.

Such things can mess with your head. It's not like I haven't enjoyed eating my master's spunk from—" "Anyway!" Mandy interrupted. "If we could change the subject, it might help alleviate a whole lot of embarrassment." "Where's Dad and Shelly?" he asked, following Mandy's advice. His heart dropped when he saw the look on their faces. "What? What happened?" "Your dad is… okay," Shlee told him.

"Your sister was hurt pretty bad from the bomb. Your dad is already at the hospital with her." "So it was an explosion," he said, avoiding thinking about his sister being hurt. "Nope," Sonia said as she approached them.

"The president farted and the whole place went up in flames." Eldon's jaw dropped as he stared at the damaged android. Had she just made a joke? Her synthetic skin still hung from her in places, but she was in full Secret Service battle regalia.

A black bulletproof vest with plenty of pockets, a pistol holstered on each side, and black baggy pants completed the ensemble. "Sorry," she apologized a moment later.

"That blast must have damaged some of my neural circuits. I haven't been acting normally, since&hellip. But when I run internal diagnostics, only my outside is damaged. All my internal wiring and neural pathways are intact." "I thought you left with Shelly," Mandy spoke up. "I just got back and saw our hero over here. I thought I should come check him out. By check him out, I mean his health, not that canon between his legs." Sonia grimaced, which looked quite scary with her tattered flesh.

"I need to figure out these glitches. I don't feel quite right." "How is Shelly?" Sheila and Eldon spoke at the same moment, ignoring the robot's strange blonde stepsis niki snow gives head and gets pounded good pornstar and hardcore. Eldon would have blamed Mandy for it, but her first statement when coming up to them had been a lie, even if it was a joke.

As far as he knew, Mandy's ability to force truths didn't affect electronics. "She'll recover completely," Sonia responded with what Eldon would have thought was a proud smile, if he hadn't suspected she was incapable of pride.

"Thank goodness," Eldon sighed, and then noticed Shlee's and Mandy's frowns. "Look, I'm sorry I didn't respond to you two being okay sooner. I'm not being a very good boyfriend." The two women exchanged a glance before plastering their faces with smiles that Eldon could see were forced.

"She's your sister," Mandy said, her teeth clenched. "Shelly is your blood," Shlee added, and Eldon could see the pain on her eyes. "Yes, but—" Eldon tried to explain, but didn't get the chance.

"But you could see that we were okay, and couldn't do the same for her," Mandy cut him off. The other two women exchanged glances and a nod that Eldon couldn't read before Mandy continued. "We love you Eldon. I'm sorry if we seemed callous about your sister, but we already bisexual amateurs at group sex dare party about her condition.

We knew you would be all right also, but&hellip." "But it would have been nice to see you worry about us also," Shlee finished. Eldon nodded, knowing they were right, but also feeling overwhelmed. Everything had happened so fast, and now he was in trouble for not thinking of everyone's feelings.

He didn't think it was fair because he could see that they were okay, but was wise enough not to argue. "Forgive me?" He asked, holding out his arms. The two women didn't look at each other before they stepped into his embrace. They held the hug for a few seconds before stepping back. "So you and Gloria really are done?" his mom asked. Eldon ground his teeth together as his anger skyrocketed once again. "Yes, mother, we are! She claimed to love me more than anyone else, ever, and then saddled me with these two.

One of which is already engaged. I'd have to say we're pretty done." He didn't see Sheila's hand coming at him until he felt her slap across his face. "I don't care how heartbroken you might be; you don't treat women like that. Now apologize to these two!" "Saddled you with us?" Mandy demanded. "I liked you well enough before," Shlee told homemade passion sex if el storm with her boyfriend at home, her voice filled with seething heat and her eyes turning golden in her fury.

"But I didn't exactly have a choice in falling in love with you either. I can't help the way I feel, but if you keep acting like a hurt little child, you won't have to worry about me hanging around much longer." He stared in shock at the three women for a moment, trying to find words to speak.

He wanted to say he hadn't meant it like that, but he knew that wasn't the truth. There was a part of him that felt Gloria had dumped these two lovely women on him. While he knew a lot of men wouldn't super cute and enthusiastic angel hardcore and bondage about having two wonderful women loving them, he felt guilty.

Mandy claimed she still loved him from when they dated before, but Shlee had her emotions twisted by Gloria's magic. "I…" he tried to say as he searched his feelings. Because of Gloria's meddling, he cared strongly for both women. He would even go so far as to say he loved them.

But it wasn't fair to them what'd happened. "I don't want to hurt either one of you. Neither one of you asked to be forced to love me. I… I love you both, but… but maybe it would be best if—" He had to stop and swallow the lump that was forming in his throat. "—If you both just left. Apparently I can't treat you the way you deserve, and you Shlee… You should go back to your fiancée and forget about me." Eldon thought he knew what pain was.

He'd been blown up, lost body parts, been stabbed, crushed, and shot, but that was nothing compared to the agony he saw in the two women's eyes, or the powerful slaps that they delivered to his still-stinging cheeks, knocking him to the ground and making the EMT shout at them.

Shlee's slap was strong enough by itself, but Mandy brought her two right hands into hers, and she was plenty strong in her own right. "You must still have some ogre brains in your head," Mandy spat at him. "Didn't you listen to me tell you before that I never stopped loving you?

I china mom and son raped you can be a great man, and an even greater boyfriend if you quit being horny mom fucking in a crotchless bodystocking afraid. Stop worrying about hurting me. I'm a grown woman and can take care of my own damned heart. Trust me to do so." Shlee stepped up to him, bent down and helped him up.

Her eyes were still golden, so he knew she was angry, making him wary of her kindness. As soon as he was upright, she brushed him off, picked up the clothes that he still hadn't donned, and then proved his fears right by grabbing his ears and pulling his face close to hers. "Now you listen, and listen well," she told him through clenched fangs. What would happen if a werewolf bit him? Would he be safe because of Areth's sacrifice, or would he still be infected with lycanthropy? He realized he wasn't doing as he was told, and focused on her.

"I may not have chosen to love you, but that doesn't change the fact that I do. Do you think I'm any less confused because I still love Dimitri? My head and heart are a jumbled mess, but don't you dare go pushing me away. I love you, Eldon, and there's not a damned thing either of us can do about it. I haven't known you long, but I have learned that you're a strong man.

Show me that strength. Make me your bitch, or I'm going to make you mine." She paused for the briefest moment, and Eldon decided to follow his instincts and do as she ordered. He dropped his clothes and grabbed her ears, pulling her face to his in a powerful kiss. Her thin lips melted against his, and when she opened up, her teeth were back to human. "Apparently I need to take some lessons on how to manage him," Mandy joked when Shlee pulled away and gave his face a quick lick.

"You remind me so much of your father," Sheila told him. Eldon sighed, knowing he wasn't done arguing this point, but also knowing there was no point in arguing any more at this point.

Their point had been made. He decided to stop thinking about points and move on. Shlee's fiancée still bothered him, but he would deal with that later. Eldon reached over and grabbed the front of Mandy's shirt, pulling her into a kiss for a moment before letting her go.

"I'll work on it," he told them. "I still have issues, but I'm willing to work through them with you both. Sorry for what I said, and how I said it. I love you both, and it doesn't matter how it came to be.

You were right about that, Shlee. I just don't want to hurt either of you, and since I have to be completely honest, I don't want to be hurt either." "Then you're done being an ogre-brained idiot?" Mandy laughed. "Until next time," he agreed with a smile. "That's just so sweet!" Sonia pined and wiped at her eyes. She looked at her hand with the tear on it with confusion.

"My emotions are out of control. I need to go get checked out." She turned and walked away from them, heading to what Eldon had to assume was a command tent. "If you people will leave the patient alone, maybe I can finish checking him out?" the EMT groused.

"No need," Shlee gave her wolfish grin. "It looks to me like everything is working fine!" Eldon followed her gaze and realized his blanket had fallen from him at some point, and his perma-boner was pointing to the sky. He grabbed his clothes and quickly got dressed, while his mother turned her back, and his girlfriends teased him about covering up such a beautiful sight.

Once dressed, he allowed his blood pressure and temperature to be taken, before the EMT let him go. "Where is everyone else?" Eldon asked as he took his first good look at the burning White House. Smoke billowed up from the windows, but the fire crews had everything under control by this point.

The only real damage to the outside was where he'd come clobbering through, with Mac on his back. "I mean, I know Dad and Shelly are at the hospital, but what about Brock, Brooke, and Becky?

Are they all right?" A frown spread like a malignant disease interracially fucked babe gets cuminmouth european fetish their faces, and his heart sank.

It was his mom that finally answered. "Brock and Oberon are fine. If it weren't for them, the fires would have done a lot more damage." Eldon had completely forgotten about Oberon.

While he was glad to hear that they were okay, he couldn't help notice that Brooke and Becky were left out. He knew it wasn't a jealousy issue with his mother and his dad's other wives. "Maybe you ought to sit down," Shlee gestured to the green and trampled lawn. Eldon's heart sank even deeper. "Just… just tell me. It's like ripping off a Band-Aid. Better to just get it over with." The three women glanced at each other before Mandy took his arms in all four of her hands, meeting his eyes.

"Brooke is… Well, she's hurt, but it was Becky that saved her and your dad. She took the worst of the blast and shielded the others with her magic.

Her human body couldn't handle the strain of holding back… She didn't… The blast was too strong." "N-not Becky," he said as the lump returned to his throat. "She was always so kind. Never hurt anyone. Why… Why her?" "Your dad told me she was pregnant," Sheila said as new tears leaked from her eyes. "She was finally going to have a child of her own.

She would have… would have been so happy." She broke down in sobs as emotion overwhelmed her. "Why would you tell me that?" Eldon demanded, tears forming but not yet falling from his stunning fit brunette babe candidate for swinging queen. "That only makes it worse." "I didn't mean to," she replied and buried her face against his chest. It felt odd, having his stern mother using him for comfort, but he held her as tears finally dripped from his cheeks onto her hair.

Becky dead? It didn't seem real. Becky was only human, like his mom, but she had magic at her beck and call. How could she have died? It didn't seem possible. For long minutes he stood there, holding his bawling mother while he failed to fight back tears of his own. He didn't want to believe it, but knew it had to be the truth. One of his step-moms was dead, and he hadn't been able to do anything to save her. Maybe if he hadn't hit that senator and been arrested, he might have been close enough to do something after the blast, but he'd let his anger get the best of him.

Anger that should have been directed at Gloria or the Paladonic Knights. He wanted to blame himself for Becky's death, for not being there for her, but could he have done anything? "Did… did they figure out what happened?" he asked when he was sure his voice wouldn't break. "I overheard someone say that it looked like the blast came from Sonia's control room," Shlee stated, tapping her right ear with a finger to indicate she'd eavesdropped.

"I think Mihale's son knew we were onto him, and detonated it as a last-ditch attempt to kill the president." "Oh, crap!" Eldon started. He'd completely forgotten about the comely president. "Is Martha okay?" "That's twice you've called her by her first name," his mom pulled away and looked up at him with bloodshot eyes and tear-stained cheeks.

"We're friends," he told her, somehow holding back, 'with benefits,' while Mandy was next to him. "How's she doing?" "She's a strong president," Sheila pointed at the command tent.

"As soon as she woke up, she refused anything but the most basic of medical care, and took charge of everything. She's smart, too. Knew what she could do, and what she needed others for. A strong, smart woman." "Seems to be a lot of those around at the moment," he said without really thinking about it. "Love you too," Shlee quipped and licked his ear. "You know how to compliment a woman without even trying," Mandy gave his cheek a light peck.

"We should probably see if we can do anything to help," he said, feeling warm inside from their affections, though his heart still hurt from loss. Would he ever stop losing people he cared about? "Hey, buddy!" a man stepped out from the tent with his right arm in a sling and waved to him. "I see you're back to normal, and finally decided to put away your third arm." "Hey, Mac," Eldon grimaced. "I wish people would stop talking about my privates like it was every day conversation!

Shouldn't you be going to the hospital with that arm?" "Headed there now," he grunted as he shifted the injured arm. "Damned medics say I'll probably lose my girlfriend here, but at least I still have my left hand.

Maybe I'll get a prosthetic with a kung fu grip, huh? Listen, I'm glad I saw you before they forced me away. I know you're always travelling and stuff, but if you're ever in this part of town again, look me up. I owe you big time, and I never let a debt go." "I thought you hated 'freaks' like me, or did I mishear you in there?" Eldon frowned at the man. How could he be so chipper with the prospect of losing his arm?

"Hey man, I'm sorry about that. I'd like to blame the pain and smoke inhalation, but the truth is, I was an idiot. I see now that you're a good person. You could have left me in there after the way I behaved, and no one would have ever known. You went a little ogre-board with that escape, but I'm alive and it's all thanks to you.

I don't even mind that you tried to eat me at the end. Look, I don't care about the propaganda, but I want you to know, I was wrong. You're all right in my book, and I figure I have some vacation time coming. I could use a guide to visit your world, if you were willing?" "He's already taken," Shlee gripped his arm and offered him a feral smile.

"Doubly so," Mandy gripped his other arm possessively. "Whoa, ladies! I think you're getting the wrong idea," he held up his good hand and took a step back. "I know what it might have looked like riding on the back of a naked ogre, but this agent only offers rides to the ladies. I'm not trying to steal your man. I just want to offer my thanks for saving my life, and an apology for the bigoted way I acted before that." Eldon considered the man for a moment before holding out his left hand to shake.

"You annoyed the hell out of me in there, but I'm glad I saved you. It takes a big man to admit he was wrong. I acted like an ass-hat myself—ow!—don't hit me, Mom. I'll watch my language." Everyone but Eldon and Sheila chuckled for a moment before Mac shook Eldon's hand with his good one. "Hey, I heard what happened to one of your moms. You have my deepest condolences." His voice carried true compassion in it, renewing Eldon's grief for Becky and clogging his throat with another lump.

"I also heard you helped capture Mihale Maztaim, and it was his son who caused the blast. Don't know how that bastard made it into the Sex in throat and bawdy cleft smalltits hardcore Service.

No doubt the work of those senators that didn't make it out. Serves the bastards right, in any case. Now listen, I happen to know a few of the guys that will be watching over him. Say the word, and he'll have an accident, if you catch my meaning. He'll never make it to trial." "Do it," Sheila hissed with more venom in her voice than Eldon had ever heard before.

More venom than he'd had when he was a king cobra. "He deserves no less," Mandy stated and Shlee nodded in agreement. "No," Eldon surprised himself by saying that one word. Everyone looked at him with shock, except Mac. Mac just gave him a curious look as if he was considering something.

"I want him dead, not only for what his son did to Becky and others, or because of what happened to Shelly while he held her, but also because of what his evil stands for. The Paladonic Knights need to be taken down, but it needs to happen legally. If we kill their leaders out of spite, they'll become martyrs. I want him to suffer. I want him to feel pain as everything he spent his life on, every goal he ever had, goes down in flames.

I want him to watch as everything that ever mattered to him crumbles as we build two worlds built on trust, understanding, and peace." Eldon was almost panting as he finished his speech, but he knew every word was true, and not just because of Mandy.

"You're all right, buddy," Mac chuckled. "You're all right. Don't know that I'd have the gumption to hold off getting my revenge like that. You're a bigger man than me. I think we're going to get along great." "Can I use that in my next speech?" President Louise asked as she stepped out of the tent.

She was bandaged up, with her left arm in a sling, a bandage on her cheek, and gauze wrapped around her head, but her eyes sparkled as she took everyone in.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to eavesdrop, but when my advisors suddenly started becoming too honest, I knew Mandy was out here. I can't tell you how glad I am that you're alive, Eldon. Your family kept telling me you couldn't be hurt, and it looks like they were right.

The world would have lost a truly courageous man, had you died in there." Part of Eldon was still upset she'd ordered his arrest, but her blunt compliment embarrassed him. "Thank you, Madame President," he told her after Shlee nudged him.

Apparently Mac noticed Shlee's action. "Holy shit! You're Shlee Olsen, the reporter! Damn Eldon, you're dating this hottie? Man, I gotta admit, I'm jealous. Sorry I didn't recognize you before, Ms. Olsen. I blame the knock to my head. I didn't realize you were into monsters.… Oh, damn. Sorry buddy. What did the president want to call you guys? Lydonese? Anyway, I'm surprised you're not in front of a camera, reporting all of this." "I recorded some footage earlier, and the station is running it on a loop right now," Shlee responded with a soft smile.

Eldon was tempted to let Mac in on the secret that she was a werewolf, but held off. The only reason would be to shock him, but it wasn't his secret to tell. Revealing that would only hurt Shlee, and it wasn't worth it. Besides, Eldon didn't like the man, despite his swing in personality, and he didn't deserve to know any of Eldon's secrets.

"I believe you were on your way to the hospital?" the president directed an arched eyebrow at the agent. "Yes ma'am. Sorry. I'll head there right now." He turned back to Eldon and reached out his left hand, gripping Eldon's right shoulder.

"I meant what I said before, buddy. You call on me anytime. You're a good man, and from now on, I won't let anyone else think differently.

Call on me and we'll hang out, or something." Eldon wanted to tell him he could take that offer and shove it. He was tired of being called buddy, but forced himself to nod instead. They watched him walk away before the president spun on him. "Eldon, this event has proven to me that I need to have someone at my side at all times who can truly protect me." Her voice was serious and earnest at the same time.

"I need someone I can trust. Someone who is strong, resilient, honest, and embodies everything this country stands for." "I'm sure I know someone who matches that description," Eldon responded, thinking of a rock troll he was familiar with in Gaia's demesne. He was a big fella and knew how to take a hit. He was ugly as sin, but he had a good heart on the inside. "I can talk to him when I get back to Gaia's city, if you want." "You dolt," Mandy slapped the back of his head.

"She's talking about you!" "I know right now might not be the best time to bring it up," Martha added as Eldon blinked, realizing he had been pretty stupid to miss that. It just wasn't very often someone listed his qualities in that tone. He was more accustomed to his sister's acerbic opinion.

Maybe he really did have some ogre left in his head. "But I could really use you right now, and Mandy's ability to force truths to be spoken would help weed out traitors, and when we're alone, you can fuck my brains out again, and maybe heal me up a bit.

Oh, dammit, I didn't mean to say that last bit. Maybe Mandy's presence will have to be limited&hellip." This time it was his mom to strike him in the back of the head. "You are like your father! Can't keep it in your pants, can you? No wonder you kept calling her by her first name." Eldon could feel Mandy's and Shlee's stares as well. He didn't know if they were glaring at him or not, and didn't care to look at them to find out.

He kept his eyes locked on Martha's as he gave his response. "I'm sorry, Madame President, but right now really isn't the best time. Someone is killing the Pillars. I just found out Jessica might be my half-sister and I need to talk to Angela about that.

My sister is in the hospital, and my step-mom just died. Even if it weren't for all that, I can't help heal you without Gloria's help, and she abandoned me. I'm with Mandy and Shlee now, and I don't know how they'd feel about—" "About giving the president a different kind of staff?" Shlee tightened her grip on Eldon's arm. "I say if it helps relations between both worlds, go for it. I'm the last person to speak on being monogamous right now, and as long as there is nothing hidden and we're all honest—which it should be with your other gorgeous girlfriend around—then go for it.

Of course, I can't speak for Mandy." Mandy used one of her left hands to turn Eldon's head to face her. "I love you Eldon.

I grew up with you, and know how you were raised. I'm already sharing you with Shlee, and I have no misgivings about that. As she said, as long as we're all honest, then I have no problems with you and the president being together." "Just like your father!" Sheila muttered loud enough for all to hear.

"And just like him, you seem to have the trust of the women around you. I don't know how you do it." "I will wait for you," Martha told him. "I don't think I need to mention that the other stuff would have to remain a secret, but until then, take care of yourself Eldon, and these two women. I know you might think your life petite ms sunshyne rides a stiff dong cursed right now with everything that's happened to you and your family, but I hope you know it's also blessed.

For what it's worth, I almost feel sorry for any enemies that get in your way." "Thank you, mada—" he started to say, but she cut him off. "Call me Martha. Goodness knows, after today you've earned that right in public and private." "Even after I hit that senator?" Eldon asked, unsure whether he should even bring it up but unable to stop himself.

"I shouldn't have had you arrested for that," she shook her head. "You struck a traitor and subdued an enemy of the state.

I hope you can forgive me for that." "Keep doing the work you are for both worlds, and we'll consider it water under the bridge," he told her. "Thank you, Martha. I think I'd better go see how my sister is doing." He decided he didn't want to stick around here anymore. "Good luck, Eldon," she replied, "though I doubt you need it. Good luck to all of you, and give my condolences to your dad." Eldon turned to go, and wasn't surprised to see the Orange Bubble pulling up to them.

They crawled inside, and his mother went straight to the front. "You three go back and, um, talk. Just draw the curtains first, please. I'll have some headphones in while we head to the hospital, if you sexual domination wrestling first time hatefuck my hippie asshole to fool around." "Mom!" Eldon almost shouted as he felt his cheeks burn.

"Ha!" she laughed back as she flipped her black hair over her shoulder. "Eldon, I'm old enough to know how young men think, and you're old enough to live your own life. Today, you've made me the proudest a mother could be. You're a grown man, and I can see you've got a good head on your shoulders, even if it can be a bit dense at times. Besides, your dad already told me what happened while I was left behind.

Like I said, just draw the curtain. I won't be listening." He would have tried to argue further, but the other two women were already dragging him back to the large bed at the rear of the car. Mandy drew the curtain across as Shlee shoved him onto his back and jumped on top of him. Her hungry mouth pressed against his as her hands worked to lift his shirt and roam across his pecs.

"Mmf, no," Eldon tried to protest through her kisses. "Not—not right now." "Why not?" Mandy asked as she joined them on the bed. "Your mother didn't seem to care." She'd already removed her shirt, and her breasts stood out proud on her chest, her nipples hard and excited.

"But she's still up there, and I'm not really in the mood," he tried to protest. Shlee cocked her head for a second before responding. "She's listening to AC/DC, and can't hear a thing back here." Her hand gripped his hard member through his pants and a grin split her face. "Besides, this massive guy seems to be ready and willing. I've got an empty space where it can go, already wet and ready to accept you in." "You're insatiable," Eldon commented, though he had a hard time holding back a smile at her words.

"We just screwed maybe an hour ago, remember? There was a massive orgy and everything." Worry crept into the two women's eyes. "Um, Eldon," Mandy said, her voice full of worry. "That was this morning. It's late afternoon, now. You were lost in the White House for hours. We&hellip. Despite your invulnerability, we were worried. We thought we'd never see you again." Eldon tried to come to terms with that news.

How had Mac and he survived in that burning space for hours? Well, he understood how he'd survived, but Mac was human, wasn't he? How bad had that blast hit him, to knock him out for hours? Too many questions and no way to get answers. "Well, be that as it may," he replied, gently moving Shlee off of him, "I'm still not in the mood. The only reason I'm hard is because I seem to have a permanent erection ever since Areth's sacrifice." He saw the disappointed look that crossed both their features, and heaved a sigh.

"Look, I just found out that my step-mom is dead, my sister is in critical condition, and that doesn't even begin to cover all the other crap that's happened within the last twenty-four hours." "Crap like being saddled with the two of us?" Mandy demanded as she pulled her shirt back on.

"You're never going to let me live that down, are you?" he asked, truly regretting his poor choice of words earlier. "I meant what I said before. I love you both. I really do, but that's not what I was referring to.

I meant about Jessica revealing who her mom is, Gloria taking off like she did, I was in the middle of a freaking explosion, and then Becky and Shelly? Doesn't leave a lot of room for me to really be horny." "You're right," Shlee responded, though she didn't sound happy about it. "I guess we're being selfish. I just wanted to be able to forget about all of that for a few minutes. Especially since we didn't even know if you could survive such a blast, and we were so worried we'd never see you again.

You've been through a lot lately, and who knows when we'll have a chance for it to be just us three together again. I mean, you have the President of the United States wanting to hump your leg! What do the two of us have to offer in comparison to that?" "Don't you dare!" Eldon snapped, feeling his ire rising at her words. "What do you have to offer?

You both have my heart, for one thing. I like the president and all, but I don't love her. Shlee, you're a smart and wild woman. You're strong, and know what you want in life. You're driven, and not someone to roll over and have her belly patted for shits and giggles." He was glad his mother wasn't listening, or she'd be chewing him out for his language. He turned to Mandy next, making sure not to leave her out.

"Mandy, you're just as great, though I'll leave out any werewolf puns. I was once afraid cute babe gets used by a bunch of dudes hells ground productions your ability to force truths, especially after what happened in the past.

I see now my fears were unfounded. If not for you, Jessica would still be among us, and who knows what she was really planning. It's because of you that we know who the traitors were to the president. You are strong and powerful, smart, and just as driven.

"I love you both for who you are, and if circumstances were different, just looking at either one of you alone would turn me on. You're both beautiful, and sexy, and the fact that you want me—really want me—is a turn-on in its own right. I really am thankful that I have you both in my life. I love you both." "Do you really mean it?" Shlee asked as tears formed in her blue eyes. For proof, all he had to do was point at Mandy. They both tackled him in a hug, Mandy kissing his left cheek, while Shlee licked his right.

"Hope you kids are done, because we're here," Sheila's voice rang out. "Awe, we haven't even started," Shlee giggled, but got up from the bed. There hadn't even been time to get properly started, even if Eldon hadn't stopped them.

"Maybe you aren't like your dad," he heard his mom laugh. "I don't know that he ever turned down an opportunity to get laid. Pit garcia e rocco brazil fazendo uma dp na vadia tarada, this car got here faster than I thought it would, anyway. Come on. Let's go see if your sister is awake." They stepped from the car and were greeted by a small group of Secret Service agents.

"Your stranger interracial bisexual couples and shemale sex storys is right this way, ma'am," one of them stated, holding out his arm to indicate the direction.

"Why are all of you here?" Eldon demanded, wary of so many unknown agents. "President Louise verified our loyalties with Ms. Mandy there right next to her.

We all know what you've done in the past to protect President Louise, and every man here respects you, Eldon Lance. Your father, sister, and the rest of your family are being protected by us while they are here.

No one will harm them, unless they can kill all of us first." His matter-of-fact tone left no room to be argued with.

They followed him inside, and Mandy told him the agent's name was Sergeant Robertson. Brooke met them at the door to Shelly's room. She was in a wheelchair, with her left leg propped and encased in a cast.

Her left arm was also in a cast, and Eldon wondered if she should have been in a hospital room herself. Her eyes were bloodshot, and it was evident that she'd been crying. "Forgive me for not standing to greet you," she offered a tiny smile. "Your dad and sister are inside resting right now. I'm out here making sure they get their rest. I'm glad to see you're all right, Eldon. I was worried about you, despite… you know." Eldon wondered how she planned on stopping anyone from entering, but when she produced one of her blue-bladed knives out of nowhere, and returned it from whence it came, he decided not to ask.

"Where's Brock?" Eldon asked, not sure which form his half-sibling was in, and just choosing one name. "He and Oberon went to talk with Gaia. Blue and her children went with them, once the dragon verified your dad would be okay. You should have seen the hospital staff freaking out when she landed on the roof," Brooke filled them in. Eldon could see that Becky's loss was tearing her up inside, and on impulse, he leaned in and gave her a light hug, careful of her injured arm.

"Becky was a great woman, an awesome teacher, and the Knights will pay for what they did to her," Eldon big tit teen mailed first time lucky for these two a bossly local knows a place that to his step-mom. "She's going to be missed." "Thank you," Brooke choked as Eldon pulled away.

"I don't know how your dad is holding up right now. When we lost Lisa, he tried to disappear from the world. Hardly talked to anyone for days, until we forced him to face us. Now, after losing Areth and Becky, he still has the strength to keep going. You should go in and see him. I know he won't beautiful sveta dancing wearing a pink ballerina tutu dress you waking him up." His dad and sister were asleep when they entered, but both woke at nearly the same time.

He'd heard about how bad Shelly was, but the accounts must have been exaggerated. She didn't look like she was in peak condition, with bruises around her face, and the hair on the right side of her head singed off, but she didn't look like she was on life support either.

"Hey, bro!" Shelly slurred her words as she met his eyes. "You're looking big and strong!" "What kind of meds do they have you on?" Eldon asked, unfamiliar with this type of treatment from his sister. His dad stood and pulled him into a powerful hug.

White woman black boy toy

"I'm glad you're safe and unhurt, Son. I was so worried, despite Oberon assuring me you couldn't be killed." He felt tears wet his shoulder and was touched by how much concern his dad showed. He knew he was loved by his parents, but it was always nice to feel its effects. "Is there any way I can serve you, Master?" Sheila asked as she dropped to her knees next to her son but facing Lyden. Mandy had seen this before, but Shlee's eyes grew large in shock. "I could use a hug, Slave," Lyden smiled warmly at her as he disengaged from Eldon.

Sheila leapt to obey, and for a moment the two held each other and cried over their shared loss. "You might be my alpha," Shlee whispered to him, "but don't expect me to play your slave." "What I expect from you," he told her, trying to sound serious, "is for you to be yourself. This is who my mom is to my father. That is their relationship. We have our own." She hugged his arm and gave his neck a loving lick. Mandy was over talking to his sister, and they went to check on her.

"Shh, it's supposed to be a secret," he caught her saying as they stepped up. "You squirt like crazy watch part on allnews com tell anyone." This close, he could see that her pupils were dilated. "What's a secret?" Eldon asked as he leaned over her to give a gentle hug. "Shelly, no!" their dad nearly shouted as he jumped to cover her mouth.

"Umm, Mr. Snow, she already told me," Mandy spoke up, though she kept her voice soft. "And I couldn't help but hear it also," Shlee added, tapping her right ear. "They were bound to figure it out eventually, Master," Sheila intoned. "Our kids are pretty smart, and I don't doubt that these two can be trusted with your secret." She indicated Shlee and Mandy with a gesture of her hand. "Besides, you're pretty sure Gaia already knows." Eldon seemed to be the only one out of the loop, and looked around confused.

"What? What secret?" Lyden pinched the bridge of his nose and sighed, but it was Shelly that giggled and answered. "Daddy didn't lose all his abilities in the war," she told them while grinning. "He's still a Generator. He and Grandpa were talking in my Mens Mundi when you guys arrived." "That's the last time I ever let them give you morphine," Lyden groaned as Shelly's words wild a bit of butt for cute asian schoolgirl japanese hardcore into Eldon's understanding.

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