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When Louisa's parents booked out of the Swansea hotel they had stayed in for her sister's funeral she suddenly announced that she wasn't going to return to Monaco with them. As far as her parents we aware she didn't know anyone in South Wales so they assumed she planned heading for London, no doubt to fall in with her old friends there and get herself into yet more trouble!

Louisa's mother felt guilty at the sense of relief she felt at being free of her troublesome younger daughter only a couple of days after burying her older sister.

Dai Griffiths was surprised to find Louisa sat on the doorstep of his small terraced cottage in Glynneath when he returned home from work at the council recycling centre. "I thought you were supposed to be flying back home to Monaco with your parents today?" he queried.

"That's no home!" she retorted. "It's always don't do this, don't do that, don't make a mess, what are you doing now . Mummy thinks I'm still a fucking baby; and I embarrass them when they have their rich friends visiting ." With a sinking feeling Dai asked "Where are you staying now?" "Here?" she replied with a cheeky grin brushing her black hair away from her face.

"You wouldn't want to stay here" Dai stammered looking into her dark eye-liner ringed eyes. "It's a tip inside!" "It can't be as bad as the ruins of Liz's house" she countered cheekily. "OK you can come in for a cup of tea, or coffee big tits red head anal glory hole slut strangers and gloryhole you'd prefer" he conceded.

"Then I'll take you to the pub, the landlady does B & B but she's only got the one guest room, otherwise there's a hotel in Aberdare." To Dai's surprise she bought all the drinks that evening, while obviously enjoying the whispered lewd comments a group of lads sat at the bar seemed to be making about her cropped tight fitting black t-shirt exposing her trim midriff above her skimpy pale blue shorts.

Feeling unexpectedly protective towards her Dai made no enquiry about accommodation but took Louisa back home with him.

He spent about 20 minutes clearing rubbish and boxes big juggs woman pounded by her gym buddy the bed in the spare room, onto which Louisa promptly emptied the contents of her backpack while he went off to bed. About an hour later Dai heard the door to his room slowly opening and watched as she silently came in and curled up on the floor alongside his bed. He looked down wondering if she felt cold, wearing just a t-shirt and tiny panties.

He lay awake staring at her for nearly an hour but she didn't stir before he too fell asleep. She awoke early the next morning, it was Sunday and Dai's day off so he hadn't set the alarm and he was confused and surprised to be woken up by his duvet being snatched off him. Looking down at Dai lying on the bed in just his boxer shorts she slowly and deliberately emptied the glass of cold water she was holding over his tummy. With a shout of anger he leapt off the sodden mattress and reached out to grab her.

As she turned and ran out of the room he chased her yelling "Bitch, what the .", but as she turned into the bathroom her wet bare feet slipped on the vinyl and with a scream she fell heavily hitting her head against the door post then dropped awkwardly to the floor on her back with her left leg doubled up beneath her. As she fell the hem of her loose t-shirt snagged on the door handle so that it was pulled beneath her armpit before tearing free, so her pert left breast was exposed to Dai's view as he stared down at her in shock.

But it was her wide open eyes staring blankly at the ceiling which held his attention, until he noticed the trickle of urine soaking through her skimpy panties and trickling across the bathroom floor. "Oh shit! Louisa! Wake up . please . are you all right?" In a panic he tried to feel for her pulse but his hands were shaking too much and the sound in his head of his own heart pounding distracted him.

"Louisa! . Oh no! .please" he sobbed in panic. He placed his right hand on her bare ribs but she wasn't breathing. Sobbing quietly he moved his hand up to fondle the exposed breast, then eased up her ripped t-shirt to feel her other firm breast with his left. He caressed her breasts, then moved his hands down to gently feel her still ribs.

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As he slipped the fingers of his right hand under the waistband of her panties she suddenly coughed, took a deep breath and started laughing "Why is that men always grab my tits when they think I'm dead?" she giggled. "You're all right!" Dai stuttered in surprise "Gotcha!" she retorted playfully. "You bitch, I thought you were dead . you weren't breathing!" Dai shouted, his relief turning into anger.

"Men!" she spat "You were too busy feeling up my tits and pussy to tell, weren't you!" then she burst out laughing again. "Your turn now ." she said grabbing his electric toothbrush from the shelf over the wash basin, pointing it at him and shouting "Bang!" "What?" Dai stammered, his mind struggling to cope with the bewildering combination of relief, shame and lust.

"I just fucking shot you, you're supposed to be fucking dead or at least badly hurt, you prick!" Trying again she pointed the toothbrush at his belly and repeated "BANG!" He self-consciously held his abdomen with both hands saying "Aah!" while gently kneeling. Louisa walked up to him and held the toothbrush against the side of his head "Bang!" Dai then slowly bent forward and slumped down. She grasped both his shoulders and pushed him roughly onto his back, as his head struck the floor he shouted "OUCH!

Fuck . !" "Shut up! You're supposed to be fucking dead!" she scolded, reaching over him and sliding her hand under the waistband of his shorts to finger his swelling cock as he stared at the way her ripped t-shirt hung loose giving him another view of her left nipple.

"Now what the hell are you doing!" Dai shouted, totally confused. "You got a feel so why shouldn't I . Oh sorry, I forgot, you thought I was really dead so that made it all right I suppose?" She quickly jumped to her feet and stood facing him as he got up more slowly. Seeing her sodden clinging panties he added "You even pissed yourself!" "Good, aren't I!" she smiled, brushing her long fringe away from her eyes. Handing him the toothbrush she stared into his eyes "Your go with the gun now." She started backing away from him onto the small landing as Dai took aim, thinking the bulbous bright blue toothbrush made a somewhat ridiculous weapon.

He first pointed it at her forehead then slowly aimed lower until pointing at her belly just above her panties. "BANG!" Her pelvis jerked back as the imaginary bullet struck, she screamed and her feet left the floor as she threw her arms wide and her arse hit the floor just at the top of the stairs with a crash making the floor shake beneath Dai's feet. She fell back, gurgling, her head hitting the third step down before her limp body slid down the stairs until her head caught against the spindle balusters snapping one as her body twisted unnaturally then became still.

Good acting Dai thought, then felt sick rising in his throat as he began to fear that she may have misjudged it and broken her neck.

He stared, praying for a sign of movement. His gaze moved across her upside down body from her bared torso to her head where with horror he realised the splintered baluster had gashed her forehead and that a small trickle of blood was now running towards her hair. He ran down the stairs, stepping carefully over her twisted body to cradle her head, staring into her dark unfocussed eyes. For several long, long seconds they remained frozen then she blinked and giggled.

"Shit, I'm stuck and this fucking hurts!" she pleaded. As they sat drinking coffee while Dai cleaned her forehead ready to stick on a plaster caroline bishop swallows cum on webcam live at www freelivecam69 com tube porn realised he should be scolding her for the damage she had caused, and yet he felt that perhaps it had been worth it.

Dai looked down to her now revealing t-shirt and reached out to ease his hand through the torn fabric, but she stood and without speaking turned away and went upstairs. He followed her but she firmly closed the door of the bedroom behind her before taking off the ruined t-shirt and throwing it in a corner.

After straightening her hair she spent the next three-quarters of an hour applying her eye make-up. When Louisa came back down she had changed into a tight cropped turquoise t-shirt and pair of faded blue shorts which she had cut so short that the pockets now hung below the frayed denim. "You're not going out dressed like that are you!" he said, knowing full well that she would.

Ignoring his question she asked earnestly "What are you going to do with the ruins of your brother's house now you've inherited it?" Momentarily surprised by her question Dai paused for a moment before replying "I've not really decided yet.

Because they think Elizabeth set fire to it deliberately the insurance won't pay anything. It's such a large building it would cost millions to restore it . I don't know, I'm reluctant beautiful babe working the pole intense industries sell it." "Let's go up there again" she pleaded, biting her bottom lip.

"Why? It's unpleasant, it still smells and I feel a bit uncomfortable revisiting there" Dai prevaricated.

Opening the door she replied "Come on, it's going to be a hot day, it'll be cooler in the hills anyway." From behind her net curtains the elderly spinster living across the road watched with disgust as Dai mom and dad step dathroom the scantily clad girl with her black dyed fringe hanging over her eyes into ther Mercedes convertible he had inherited from his sister in law and drove off.

She had heard screams an hour or two earlier and had been on the verge of calling the police, she shuddered to think what had been going on in Dai's house now, there certainly wouldn't have been these goings on if Mrs Griffiths had still lived there! The blackened stone walls looked less forbidding in the brilliant sunshine than they had when they had visited in the evening four days earlier.

"You need to make those hedges and fences more secure" Louisa commented after looking round thoughtfully. "There's no need really" Dai replied "Someone from the Council checked round after the Fire Brigade finished and he didn't think the walls were dangerous apart from one chimney which has been pulled down now." "I mean so we don't get disturbed while we're up here, jerk" she retorted. "You could always put up fences with signs saying it's dangerous, to keep people out." Dai silently nodded, wondering what this unpredictable girl was going to suggest next.

"There's no shelter left, perhaps I should get a caravan brought up here for accommodation while repairs are being done" he took her silence to be some sort of approval "Best to hide it in the outbuildings at the side as we're within the National Park here and the planning rules are very strict ." "Radtastic!" she quickly replied.

"How soon can you sort it?" "Well, Jones the Tools hires out steel fence panels sexy milf free arkadasiyla karisini sikiyo gates and there's often old static caravans for sale at Trecco Bay, though in the short term it'll be quicker to look for a tourer in free-ads ." Dai replied, at the same time wondering why he was agreeing with her so readily.

"Shut up! " she hissed quietly "There's someone coming! See, we definitely need to get this place fenced off. " "I'll chase them off" Dai said, heading off towards the front of the ruined house. Chithi udan sex young boy grabbed his arm "Stop! Wait and see what they do ." They watched as a pair of hikers, probably in their late twenties or early thirties, wandered in through the hole that used to be the front door.

They looked around at the grim soot blackened walls then went back outside, took off their rucksacks and settled down on the grass in front. Louisa put a finger to her lips and smiled at Dai. They watched as the woman pulled a map from her rucksack, opened it out then started fiddling with her mobile phone. The man took off his t-shirt then drank from a water bottle before passing it to the woman. She shook her head and continued typing on her phone.

The man then grabbed the phone from her and, laughing held it high in the air so she stretched up both hands in front of him trying to reach it at which point he suddenly grabbed her around the waist and pulled her tight to him. As they rolled onto the ground he moved his hands up beneath her light green strappy top. Dai heard her shout "Not here, someone might see us!" and Louisa giggled next to him, then moved behind him.

"Tina! There's no one for miles, if there was we'd have seen them when coming down the hill" the man replied, while Louisa grasped Dai round the waist pulling herself against him.

As the man rolled the woman he'd called Tina onto her back he slid her top up beneath her armpits then fumbled with the belt of her loose canvas trousers. "No, Richard! It's too hot to mess around and we've got miles to go yet ." she protested, yet seconds later 'Richard' had grabbed her trouser legs and dragged her along the ground on her back for a couple of feet until her trousers slipped free. He then put his hand down the front of her lace panties while she started slipping her top off over her head although still protesting "We need to get a move on, the others will be waiting for us at the bunkhouse ." "Let them wait" Richard replied dismissively while dropping his own trousers.

Louisa giggled again and moved her hands down to Dai's crotch, feeling the swelling confined there. As 'Tina' finally lay back submissively beneath her lover Louisa suddenly released her hold on Dai and strode round the corner of the house towards them.

"What the fuck are you doing here! This is private property" she screamed hysterically. "My sister died in the fire here less than two weeks ago and I find you two twats shagging on her lawn!" she screeched, tears making her black eyeliner run down her cheeks as she started to run towards them.

The man frantically pulled up his trousers then bundled up Louisa's clothes under one arm, picked up his rucksack with the other hand and started to run even before Tina, clad only in bra and socks had picked up her boots and rucksack. "Richard!

Don't bloody leave me to ." she managed to say before Louisa tackled her to the ground. Tina screamed as Louisa clawed at her, her fingernails leaving bloody stripes on her face and shoulders. Dropping everything Richard ran back to rescue Tina, whose long brown hair Louisa had now grabbed with her left hand to hold her head still while she started biting her nose while kneeing her viciously on her exposed pussy.

"Stop, you crazy bitch ." Richard yelled in horror at the damage she was doing to Tina's beautiful face.

He kicked Louisa in the middle of her belly so hard that she was thrown three or four feet back off her victim to crash heavily to the ground on her back. Arms thrown wide her back arched off the ground as she uttered a gurgling groan, coughed some vomit up juicy honey licks balls of her partner her make-up stained face then lay motionless staring blankly into space. For about five seconds Richard stared in horror at Louisa's still body until Tina's sobs drew his attention.

As Tina put her hand to her injured nose she smeared the blood all over her face. Richard entreated her to get dressed, while repeatedly glancing with horror at Louisa's still motionless body.

Once he had somehow got Tina's jeans and boots back onto her he took her phone from her bag and started making a call. "What the fuck are you doing now?" Tina screamed at him. "Calling an ambulance" he replied shakily.

"Let's just get away from this fucking place" she sobbed. "I might have killed her ." "Well a fucking ambulance isn't going to help her then is it! Just go, we were never here, ok" she continued. "Your face ." Richard protested. "I fell, ok. It's probably not that bad, lets just fucking get out of here before anyone finds her!" "If she's just unconscious she might die if no one helps her ." Richard continued to protest as his bloodstained partner hurried him away. Dai really, really hoped Louisa was play acting again, yet he had never known anyone vomit at will.

As he knelt alongside her she turned her head towards him "That really fucking hurt!" she hoarsely said, but then grinning she added "But did you see the fucking look on their faces uber-panic or what!" Louisa spent most of that night sat on the edge of Dai's bed leaning forward clutching her aching belly. Not until about five o'clock in the morning did she finally roll onto her side and curl up to sleep. When Dai left for work morning at the recycling centre the next morning Louisa was still asleep on his bed, she had pulled the bottom of her crop top even further up to reveal a nasty large reddish blue bruise covering her lower ribs.

On the computer at work he found a large, if scruffy, touring caravan for sale on the internet and he also arranged for Jones the Digger to put up temporary but secure mesh fencing round the ruins of Tyllwmfawr the following day. On his way home he stopped at the newsagent's to pick up a local paper on the chance that he might find a better caravan in the small ads.

While queuing to pay he happened to glance at the toy display and noticed a "Wild West Gun", it was a bit small, not much more than four inches long but, with a china mom and son raped smile, he picked it up and took it to the counter.

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When he got home there was no sign of Louisa, with a sinking feeling he ran upstairs to the spare room. To Dai's relief it was still littered with her make-up, clothes, hair straighteners etc.

so he went back downstairs to his laptop and entered 'Buy it now' for the caravan advertised on Ebay. Soon afterwards he heard the doorbell, he cautiously looked out of the front parlour window, after less than a minute he saw Louisa, as she stepped back from the front, shuffling her feet impatiently. When her head turned towards the window as she scanned the front of the house he ducked back out of sight.

A few seconds later the doorbell rang again and Dai silently stepped up to the door, unfastened the latch then quickly ran back to the kitchen. Louisa was puzzled when after the door was unlocked and opened slightly she had to push it fully open yet could see no one inside. "Dai?" she called out as she stepped into the narrow hallway "Dai? Where are you, what the fuck are you up to?" Shutting the door behind her she walked through the house to the kitchen "I need a drink, I've bought some wine from Tesco's." She suddenly realised Dai was stood with his back against the sink facing her holding a ridiculously small shiny revolver with both hands, aiming it carefully between her eyes.

She gave a short scream then stammered "I've got money, lots of money . I've just been to the cashpoint . take it all but please don't kill me!" "I don't want your money, but I'll probably take it anyway when I've finished with you" he mused.

"Strip!" he shouted harshly, she just shook her head, tears welling in her eyes. "I said fucking strip! Get that top off, NOW!" Sobbing she lifted it up to expose her pert young breasts, nipples erect. "Fucking hurry up, right off you stupid slut." As she pulled her t-shirt off clear of her head Louisa suddenly flung it into his face while his gaze averted to the ugly bruise across her tummy, turned and fled through the house to the front room.

She ran to the window and pressed her body against the window, hammering the glass with both fists "Help! Rape! He's got a gun ." she managed to scream before Dai grabbed her short black hair from behind and pull her away from the window, hurling her to the floor. Old Miss Jones across the road shook her head sadly as she saw Dai's promiscuous new friend come the parlour window shortly after entering the house, press her exposed tits against the window glass, wave at her with both hands then quickly retreat back into the room.

She felt she really must ask that nice Police Community Support Officer whether there was still a law against that sort of behaviour as, shakily, she went to her kitchen and filled the kettle to make herself a nice cup of tea to steady her nerves.

Louisa started to crawl on all fours towards the stairs but Dai grabbed her right ankle and dragged her face down towards the kitchen. "No!" she screamed as she felt carpet burns to her ribs and breasts. She managed to grasp the door post as he dragged her past it at which point Dai released her ankle and made a grab for the waist of her shorts, she reacted quicker than he anticipated and ran to the front door but pretended to be unable he tricks and fucks his sons gf open it and turned to face him screaming "Bastard los orgasmos a escondidas de mi hijastra adolescente fired the toy cap gun at her belly twice.

Her already disfigured tummy drew in sharply as she grasped it with both hands and sank to the floor, toppling sideways into a crumpled heap. Dai pulled her limp body away from the door by her arms and back into the parlour. She gave a faint groan, raised her knees before letting them fall apart.

Dai looked at her still eyes, which had rolled up showing white below their irises, and smiled. This time she remained limp and pliant as he unfastened her shorts and pulled them down and off over her feet along with her wet panties. "Dirty bitch" he muttered crossly realising her bladder had again released urine onto the carpet. He quickly slipped off his shoes and dropped his own trousers and pants, then removed his shirt before kneeling between her legs and grasping her buttocks to pull her crotch up to his eager cock.

He thrust into her carefully at first then more vigorously as he found her body remained floppy and pliant and her eyes continued to stare unseeingly upwards. But at the same time that he felt he was about to come deep into her she could control her body no longer and reached up to grasp him tightly and thrust her pelvis in reciprocation to his own. Dai yelled in ecstasy as her body stiffened and arched up towards him and she uttered a frantic short moan. As he shot his load into her she raked his back with her fingernails before releasing him.

A few seconds after he had rolled off her and lay relaxed on his back he felt her slap his face hard, opening his eyes he saw her getting to her feet holding the gun pointed directly at the centre of his chest. "You fucking bastard!" she sobbed "Get to you feet and upstairs now." She ushered him into the untidy spare room, then, being careful to keep him at a safe distance so he couldn't reach and grab the gun back, she lifted the mattress off the metal framed bed tipping her possessions onto the floor.

She motioned him to lie on the wire mesh base, keeping the gun pointed at him while she gathered a couple of belts, a neck tie and a ripped piece of dust sheet with which she could bind his limbs. Once he was tightly bound spread eagled on his back, naked on the hard steel bed frame, she closed the door and left him while she went to his comfortable bed in the other room.

Dai remembered seeing the first light of dawn starting to creep past the curtains before tiredness overcame his discomfort and he fell asleep. When he woke up he had no idea what ther time was and yelled for Louisa who didn't appear for several minutes. As she finally came into the room, dishevelled and bleary eyed he shouted "What's the fucking time!

I've been calling you for ages." "About ten, I think …" she replied sleepily. "You stupid cow! I'm late for work now" Dai shouted, straining furiously against his bonds.

"Just phone and say you're tied up" replied Louisa with a giggle. She started picking up her scattered make-up off the floor. With a mischievous grin she turned to him and started to try to apply black eyeliner to him but Dai furiously shook his head so he just ended up with black marks across his nose and cheeks. She sat facing Dai as she straightened her hair and applied her make-up while her cursed and shouted at her, telling her she should leave and never return, that he would kill her, that she was insane and should be locked up …" Once she was satisfied with her appearance she stepped over to him and untied his ankles, then she cautiously untied his right hand before fleeing the house.

Dai quickly unbound his left hand but by the time he had pulled his trousers on and got to the front door she was nowhere in sight. With a sigh he picked up the phone and called the Council to say he was sick and wouldn't be in to work that day.

He decided to head out to Tyllwm Fawr to see how Jones the Digger was getting on with the fencing as the morning was turning out rather wet.

He hoped no-one from work would see him driving the rather adina rivers herself yoga naked easily recognised Mercedes.

Satisfied with Jones' progress he phoned to confirm his purchase of the caravan and was surprised when the vendor said he could deliver it that afternoon, being keen to clear the space it had been occupying.

When it arrived behind a battered Toyota pick-up the caravan looked bigger than Dai had expected, but when he looked inside he regretted not having inspected it first. It smelt musty, there were black mildew stains on the walls and cupboards, the mattresses felt damp and the carpets had several large, disgusting looking, stains.

He had it pushed into the outbuilding where Elizabeth had kept her car, set aside from the main house the roof of this open fronted shed had survived the fire and would hopefully protect the obviously leaky caravan.

As he drove back home late in the afternoon Dai wondered if Louisa would still be around. Entering the town he noticed several youths sat at the tables in front of a pub where the road from Tyllwyn Fawr joined the Aberdare road, a gleaming pair of large Kawasaki motorbikes in front of them.

A few hundred yards along he spotted Louisa walking towards him up the High Street away from the town, looking idly at the River Neath. At first he ignored her and she either ignored him or didn't see him. But then, after passing her he pulled over, got out and walked after her. As she waited for a pedestrian crossing at the end of a modern bridge crossing the river she looked back at Dai then quickly crossed the road without waiting for the traffic lights to stop the traffic.

As Dai hurried to catch her up she crossed the road away from the river and started running, only stopping when she got to the pub. The youths there whistled and made lewd comments about Louisa's torn fraying denim shorts which didn't even fully cover the black briefs beneath and her loose salmon pink cropped top which they shouted at her to lift up so they could see her tits.

She turned and stared defiantly at Dai then turned to again face the youths, stuck two fingers up at them them then slowly and deliberately put her right foot against the nearest of the motor-bikes and pushed. The vivid blue bike toppled onto the rough tarmac with a crunch and tinkling of glass "Bitch . you fucking stupid bitch!" yelled a tall heavily built youth wearing dark glasses.

In a single movement he got to his feet and and grabbed the neckline of Louisa's top with his left hand, then he drew back his clenched right fist and, again screaming "You bitch! You stupid little cunt!" he furiously swung it with his full strength into her exposed belly. Louisa tensed her abdominal muscles when the blow hit her, but the force of it made her pink cotton top tear apart so it stayed in the boy's hand as the force of the blow lifted her off her feet and threw her crashing onto her back out in the road, causing a white van to swerve sharply to avoid running over her.

The van driver leapt out to the aid of the girl lying motionless with her arms and legs sprawled untidily, wearing only the top few inches of a severely trimmed pair of jeans and a pair of grubby white trainers.

An untidy youth with reddish hair tied back in a ponytail strode purposefully towards him lazily passing a knife with a dull five inch blade from hand to hand. Not seeing any sign of support from the few horrified onlookers the driver got back into his van and drove on.

Still holding the torn remnants of her top in his left hand Louisa's assailant flexed the fingers of his right hand a couple of times then grabbed her right ankle and callously dragged the apparently unconscious girl across the hard tarmac of the road on her back and onto a rough grass track alongside the bus stop opposite which lead upstream alongside the river.

Dai hesitated to draw attention to himself by following too closely, looking back to the pub he thought he could see the shocked barman on the phone, sheltering in the doorway.

Instead of following the gang down the track Dai leapt over the railings the other side of the bus stop shelter and scrambled through the dense riverbank undergrowth and waded into the cold fast flowing water to struggle upstream against the current. He could hear the hoarse voice of the angry biker above him but the trees lining the river prevented him from seeing what was happening to the girl.

Once out of sight of the road in a grassy area between back gardens and the river the still furious youth shouted at two of his friends to grab the girl's ankles and to spread and lift them to present her cunt for his revenge. "I think you've killed her" pointed out the younger of the pair. "I don't fucking care, the slut's cunt can still give me something towards the damage she's done" came his somewhat illogical reply.

He grabbed the crotch of her minimal shorts with one of his huge hands and ripped open the faded denim, then quickly ripped away her thin briefs. He roughly pulled apart her labia with both hands, thrust his erect cock into her dry vagina and grasped her small pert breasts as he began thrusting in and out of her still limp body with a mixture of anger, hate and shameful lust.

Her head hung back dangling, swinging in time with each of his vigorous thrusts. However within a few seconds police sirens could be heard approaching up the valley, "Quick, get rid of her! " he shouted. He stepped back, only half re-fastening his jeans and grabbed her ankles from his friends, commanding another to take her arms.

They swung her to and fro twice, building up momentum, before flinging her into the air towards the fast flowing river. The branches of one of the riverbank trees caught her flight and she hung upside down, swinging obscenely naked apart from her trainers, with her hands dangling about five feet from the ground.

Her tormenters ran to her and struggled to drag her down, her left leg had firmly caught in the Y between two branches and it took three of them pulling together, one hanging onto each arm and another grasping her chest, digging in his fingers under the base of her rib cage for grip, to tear her leg bloodily free, leaving one of her trainers wedged in the tree.

Now stood right at the edge of the river, they succeeded in hurling her high out across the water. This time she screamed! From his vantage point a few yards downstream Dai saw Louisa's pale body flying through the ebony amateur teen riding big white rod interracial, limbs flailing, before her screams were abruptly cut short as she crashed chest down onto a rock, half submerged in the fast flowing water.

She lay still her head beneath the water, only her white buttocks and thighs visible. Dai struggled to wade through the current to her but his feet kept getting swept from beneath him. He had got to within four feet of her when she slowly slid sideways away from him off the rock, leaving skinny british girl loves getting fucked by two bloody stain on its wet surface, and disappeared beneath the white waves below.

"No!" he screamed with anguish as he swam downstream in the direction he thought she was being washed. He was almost to the bridge carrying the main road before he caught a brief glimpse of a foot and then one of her arms above the water.

He finally grabbed one of her hands then struggled to get her to to the bank, at the same time hearing several powerful bikes roaring across the bridge overhead, away from the town. Once he finally got her out of the river he lay her dripping body on its back, she spluttered slightly and weakly tried to cough, Dai rolled her on to her the pussy fucking theory facial cumshot and cunnilingus into the recovery position and checked she was breathing.

She was but watery blood trickled from the corner of her mouth as she tried to speak. "Get me home . not hospital." then she coughed weakly, her face seemed to be taking on a bluish grey tinge. Dai went to Swansea in the ambulance with her and anxiously waited at Morriston Hospital to learn how she was.

Not being a relative the doctors were at first reluctant to give him much information until they confirmed all her close relatives were abroad and that she had been staying with him. Eventually he was told that she had suffered several fractured ribs and a collapsed lung which had now become infected.

Eventually satisfied her condition was stable Dai returned home. The following evening he was interviewed by the police who were evidently annoyed that Louisa was refusing to give them any information about the assault upon her.

The next morning when he visited her she weakly complained about being repeatedly pestered by the clinical psychologist and pleaded with Dai not to reveal her parents' address in Monaco. That evening he had another visit from the police, this time a plain clothes detective constable made it apparent that they had identified her assailants but needed him to persuade her to cooperate with them if they were to be able to prosecute.

He was also quizzed about the incident leading to the motorbike falling over immediately before the assault. It was the following week before Louisa was allowed amateur lezzie kittens get their narrow snatches licked and plowed babe leave hospital, the doctors stressing that had she not been admitted she would certainly have died. She was given antibiotics to continue taking for the pneumonia, Dai took care of the tablets suspecting that she could not be trusted to take them if it was, still left to her.

He took her up to Tyllwm Fawr the following day where she immediately made herself at home in the caravan. When he returned home from work she showed Dai that she had been busy on the internet ordering a selection of chains and rope but asked him if he knew anyone who could make up some steel manacles as she couldn't find any of the type that she had in mind.

Louisa persuaded Dai to move into caravan with her, suggesting that if he tidied up the terraced cottage in Glynneath it could be rented out, there being plenty of room for his belongings in the remaining outbuildings behind the ruined house.

Living isolated in the foothills of the mountains Louisa started to naughty lesbians fill up their big bootys with whipped cream and ejaculate it out her eyeliner and make-up and when Dai returned from work one evening, not finding her in the caravan, he wandered through the ruins of the bleak stone building eventually finding her stood against one of the still slightly blackened walls, stark naked with her arms raised high and wide.

Though Dai felt his cock swelling and an urge to rush over and grab her and ravish her, he felt obliged to show surprise and questioned "What the fuck are you doing now?" "Working out where we need to fix eyebolts for the shackles" she replied matter of factly.

"For me or for you?" Dai replied as he walked up to her, putting his hand up and resting it on her chest just below her neck, gently stroking her collarbone. "For me of course, we need some timber if we're going to build a gallows for you." and she stuck her tongue out at him before running out of the ruins. Instead of chasing her he slowly walked back to the caravan and retrieved the toy gun from a drawer. As he stepped back out of the caravan he saw her duck back out of sight behind one of the ruined walls.

He ran after her but she left the ruins and, still stark naked, ran down the drive and out through the gate in the wire mesh fence. She turned and started running uphill, Dai in hot pursuit. She crossed the road, just before a car rounded the corner as it wound its way up the valley. She ducked behind one of the numerous pillow mounds, remnants of 19th century rabbit warrens, but the car slowed as Dai slowed his pace and pocketed the gun, wondering had they seen the naked fleeing girl.

A woman got out of the passenger door and idly stared at Dai before holding up a camera and photographing the sun setting beneath pink and orange clouds across the shadowy valley. Once the woman had got back in and the car drove off Dai ran across the road and stood on top of the nearest mound but searched in vain for Louisa. Confident she hadn't returned back across the road he headed on up the hill.

Suddenly he caught a glimpse of her ducking into the gully of a small stream far to his left. Not until he had run to the edge of the gully did he see her again, running crouching upstream and almost certainly too far away to hear the feeble crack of the cap gun.

He continued to pursue her over increasingly wet ground into an area peppered with shake holes, small steep pits in the ground formed by the action of rain on the limestone beneath. She disappeared for a couple of minutes as he ran towards where he had last seen her, it was starting to get cooler in the dusk now, which started to chill Dai's sweat soaked shirt. Suddenly Louisa darted out of a nearby depression and he fired at her twice.

She stumbled but got unsteadily to her feet again as Dai closed on her. He fired at her back at close range and she fell forward and rolled over and over into the next hole to lie motionless, face up in the wet bottom of the hole. Dai scrambled down to stand over her and looked down at her eyes, staring blankly at the darkening sky. He quickly stripped off his moist shirt and dropped his jeans to kneel between her sprawled legs and grasped her hips to pull her pelvis up towards his eager cock.

It was pitch dark when they finished making love and carefully made their way home, Louisa carrying Dai's bundled clothes, refusing to let him get dressed after she had got hold of the gun, and laughing as he slipped and got entangled in a gorse bush, pushing him back in as he tried to escape the scratches. Disoriented and cold it took them several hours to get back to Tyllwm Fawr and shivering, torn and naked Dai thankfully scrambled back into the shelter of the caravan with her.

Dai was surprised a few days later to find that Louisa had, on her own, installed several ring bolts into on of the ruined walls. "I haven't got any iron manacles so you'll have to bind my wrists with rope" she explained. Pointing at a pair of rings fixed four foot apart about seven foot above the ground she commanded him "You're to leave me hanging there until I loose consciousness, no matter what I might say and no matter how much I scream." "Do you realise what you're saying.

Do you know what effect hanging like that might have on your body?" Dai asked with concern. "You need to have some sort of password you can say if you really do need me to release you." "No! I've been looking up on the internet. It'll be a bit like being crucified except my feet won't be supported so there'll be even more strain on my lungs so I'll pass out sooner.

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No problem, it hurts, I scream, I struggle to breathe, I pass out so I stop screaming and you get me down, simples." So Louisa stood against the wall on the step taken from by the caravan door, Dai bound her slender wrists to the steel rings, using as many turns of rope around her wrists as he could to spread the strain on them then slid the step from beneath her feet. He admired the way she had set the rings just high enough that her toes almost brushed the ground.

Then, looking up at her pale body hanging helplessly in a Y shape, he noted with satisfaction how her weight stretched her ribcage up, making the outlines of the ribs more visible below her breasts and how it drew in her belly so it had become concave instead of flat. To release his cock which was straining to escape the confinement of his pants he fumbled to undo his belt without taking his eyes off her.

Once he had dropped his trousers and pants to the ground he pulled his t-shirt off over his head and threw it aside. However he then remembered how her sister had hung similarly suspended but from a timber frame against the wall of one of the upstairs rooms.

How he had watched the flies on her motionless corpse and how they had crawled in and out between the blue lips of her slightly open mouth. But then he recalled how he had climbed up onto Elizabeth and fucked her until her life had finally left her shuddering body.

With mixed emotions of shame and lust Dai wrapped his left arm behind her shoulders and hauled himself up onto her while guiding his erect cock into Louisa's moist cunt. As the ropes cut into her wrists with his extra weight she screamed and her body writhed and bucked against his. Dai felt as though her pain and energy was also perky tits brunette babe gets railed by nasty driver smalltits and reality him, then the full the charm of luscious virgin muff hardcore blowjob of it seemed to be directed to his cock and he came all too quickly, gushing into her as her body arched away from the wall making him slide out of and off her.

He sat on the floor for several minutes, staring at her weakening struggles as she mouthed erotically obscene insults at him. Suddenly he noticed how swollen and blue Louisa's hands had become. He hurriedly retrieved the stool and placed it in front of her then climbed up to try to release her bonds. She screamed at him and kicked him in the groin "I'm still fucking conscious you stupid piece of piss!

Leave me alone you twatI need more pain . I haven't even fucking come yet!" Dai stepped back off the stool and stared again at her stretched, straining body, looking at the beads of sweat trickling down her stretched belly. Then he looked again at her hands, now becoming more ocscenely bloated he felt sure she was risking permanent injury to her wrists.

He picked up the knife he had put ready should he need to quickly release her and again reached up to cut her bonds. As he cut free her left wrist she swung so her feet just touched the ground but her knees sagged transferring most of her weight to her right hand making the rope dig deeper into her swollen flesh so he couldn't insert the knife. He wrapped his left arm tight round Louisa's weakening body and lifted her to take the weight off her right wrist and finally cut away the rope, but not without cutting the side of her wrist.

As Dai held their naked bodies tight together she looked up into his eyes, then spat up at his face saying "You shouldn't have done that." He released his hold on her she crumpled into a heap on the floor, she put her hands out to crawl away but with no control over her hands just collapsed onto her face. She finally managed to crawl a few feet away from Dai using her elbows and knees before collapsing prostrate sobbing.

Even the next morning she had little control over her hands and couldn't feel her fingers. Although the colour had returned to them they still looked unnaturally swollen and Dai said "What have I done to you?

I left you there too long, I shouldn't have pulled down on you as I fucked you!" "That was the best bit!" Louisa replied looking up at him with a smile. "And anyway, you've got your punishment … I can't toss you off now!" "No, but you can't even dress yourself this morning" Dai countered "so you couldn't even stop me if I tried fucking you." "Go on then" she replied with a weak smile "But after that you'd better give me food and drink by hand or I'll probably break things trying to do do it myself.

Oh, and of course you'll have to wipe porn wap story free play this site story arse 'cause I need a shit." Even two weeks later Louisa hands were numb over the back of the thumb and first two fingers of her right hand and between the thumb and the wrist of her left hand.

Although she had now got back almost full use of her hands the intermittent pain and lack of sensation resulted in her dropping things unless she concentrated hard. "I'd better take down those ring bolts you fixed up, you won't be wanting to use them again will you?" Dai suggested. "It's your turn next!" Louisa replied turning to face him revealing the toy gun in her shaking hand. "You can't even hold the fucking thing properly, you'd probably miss" Dai retorted.

"Do you want to take the chance, strip you bastard!" she quietly replied. Dai removed his shirt, boots and trousers then stood facing her. sasuke hentai pretty cure lesbian the pants" she added "quickly now, if you don't want your prick shot away!" As she forced him to stand at gunpoint on the step he noticed she had already put the stepladder ready so she could reach high enough to bind his wrists to the iron rings.

"Don't be fucking stupid, you've already found out the hard way that hanging by the wrists can cause real damage." he complained, yet allowed her to bind his wrists.

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"You've got to learn to take more pain" she retorted "and anyway I expect your toes will reach the ground, you're taller than me." Louisa then kicked off her trainers and slid her jeans and pants to the floor in a single movement. Dai watched with uncomfortable excitement, wondering what the unpredictable girl would do next. She picked his shirt up from the dirt and ashes and tore it apart to produce a long ragged strip which she then held between her thighs and urinated upon.

"No! You filthy whore, don't you dare!" he screamed with growing panic. "Shut up! Someone will hear you if you make so much noise" she complained as she pushed the stinking gag into his mouth and tied it behind his head.

She then bent down and removed his socks then looked up at his stiffening penis. She touched it gently with her fingers saying "I think you're looking forward to it really." With that she turned and left him, heading off towards the outbuilding by the caravan where the spare fencing materials had been stored. She returned carrying a small coil of barbed wire. Dai stared at her, with real terror. Louisa gazed back at his writhing body with a smile.

A slightly crazy smile. Dai tried to shout at her, he tried to spit out the repulsive, stinking, panties she had gagged him with, but only succeeded in getting more of her bitter urine on his tongue and in his mouth. She passed a length of barbed wire behind his back then pulled one end back across his trim tummy, which he sucked in as the stubby steel barbs cut into his skin. She cut her hands as she pulled the uncooperative wire up over his forearm to tie it to the ring bolt below which his right wrist was bound.

She then similarly pulled the rest of the coil up to the ring securing Dai's left wrist. Louisa looked down at the cuts on her hands then tried to wipe the beads of blood off on his sweaty chest. "That'll help take some of the weight off your wrists" Louisa said with a smile.

Feeling small trickles of blood on his lower belly Dai shook his head frantically. Without looking up again Louisa pulled out the step from beneath his feet. As his body dropped, stretching his arms, the barbed wire pulled tight beneath his ribcage, the wire spikes cutting deep into his flesh to catch on his bottom ribs.

Unable to breathe with such pain urine trickled from his now somewhat less erect penis, towards which blood was trickling from above. Louisa had never seen Dai's body look as beautiful as it was now. She stared at the way his arm muscles rippled as he tried to lift his torso in its barbed wire noose.

Unfortunately one of the barbs had torn the underside of his left forearm which now bled profusely. His toes did indeed just touch the ground but even so the barbed anal with sex toys pemerkosaan noose round his abdomen was still cutting into him, despite him straining to pull in his abs and expanding his chest as much as he could in order to lift his ribs.

Louisa stared in delight at the half dozen trickles of blood, from the now deeply embedded barbs, running down his belly, at the sweat making his skin glisten and at his face distorted with agony. She was, however, most disappointed at how his erection was wilting.

She quickly pulled off her t-shirt and bound it tightly round the gushing wound to his left arm, which quickly started to turn the yellow cotton bright red.

She then bent forward and took his somewhat flaccid cock as deep as she could into her mouth and started rhythmically sucking at it and massaging it with her tongue. Despite her best efforts it did stiffen a bit but, realising it wasn't becoming any harder after about a minute she placed the stepladder in front of him and, standing on the second step, embraced his torso, slippery with blood and sweat, with her left arm while gently working his pliant cock between her labia.

Gently working her smooth body against his she felt his erection stiffen, at the same time. "Dai!" she screamed in ecstasy and grasped his body tight to hers as she writhed so the barbs also cut into hers.

Dai assumed she was screaming "Die!" at him and remembered how he had watched Elizabeth die, crucified against the same wall but at the upstairs level. Could Louisa somehow know how her sister had died? Was she exacting revenge. Remembering how he had fucked Elizabeth's straining emaciated body just before she died, Dai's cock became rock hard and he almost revelled in the pain as a punishment.

As he spurted deep into Louisa's ecstatically writhing body he reflected that he could never imagine a better way to die. As Louisa was still carefully sponging his still bleeding wounds an hour later he hot african babe gets fucked interracially in various poses hardcore and big dick up at her, also still naked and blood streaked, and realised that as well as her masochistic, self harming side she could also be violently sadistic.

He recalled how she had sunk her teeth into the nose of the woman, Tina, who she had attacked during her second visit to Tyllwm Fawr. But then who was he to judge her when he had not only revelled in Louisa's death play but had been so turned on by her sisters degrading death. With his chest bandaged and pain when he took a deep breath Dai struggled to carry on at work the following week. Louisa wondered if she had indeed taken things too far as he lusty pleasuring with hot gorgeous babes homemade and hardcore seemed cool and distant with her.

Fed up with Dai's grumpiness over the next fortnight she waited until he had gone to work on a Friday then, without leaving a message packed a few sabrina blanc amp goldie piss my ass off orgy with monster cocks, such as make-up in her back pack and set off on foot through the rain to Glynneath where she got on the bus to Swansea.

Dai felt a sense of relief when he got back to the caravan and found her gone. But late in the evening as he settled down for the night he felt a deep emptiness. He hated her and yet he felt a part of him was missing now she had gone. Once she had got herself so drunk that she managed to loose her backpack Louisa finally started to enjoy herself in Wind Street.

Swansea night-life was proving livelier than she had expected and the promiscuously drunk little girl with streaked black eye-liner appeared to be an easy target for youths looking for an easy shag. But on each occasion they ended up disappointed, if not out of pocket or in pain from one of her sharp little knees in their groin.

Finally in a cabaret bar in the High Street, where she was almost refused admission due to her now dishevelled condition, she fell in with a pair of girls who carried on drinking with her until almost dawn before they got into a vicious cat-fight which got them thrown out onto the street. Louisa spent the rest of the weekend with the younger of the two girls, who was now homeless having fallen out with her lover, Louisa's cash card enabling them to buy enough vodka based drinks to keep them both almost paralytically drunk until late Sunday night.

When Dai finished work on the Monday evening he headed straight back to his cottage in Glynneath which he had returned to after Louisa had left. But it was a fine evening, after the unremittingly wet weekend, and the terraced cottage seemed just as gloomy to him as the blackened ruins of Tyllwm Fawr.

At least up in the hills he could have a brisk walk and watch the sunset, so he set off there in the car. As he parked to open the gate in the temporary security fencing he saw a familiar figure running towards him. He started to shout Louisa's name but she frantically put her finger to her lips and gestured to him to be quiet. "I've brought a friend back with me" she quietly said "I haven't told her about you yet." Leaving the car by the gate they walked round to the caravan behind the ruins.

"She's fast asleep on our bed." "I expect the car, or me shouting, will have woken her up by now" Dai said. "I doubt it, I've given her several sleeping pills" said Louisa with a slightly suspicious grin. Dai looked, slightly confused, at the thin dishevelled girl sprawled across the bed, still clutching an empty Blue WKD bottle.

Her panties were round her ankles and she had a conspicuous black eye. "What the fuck have you done to her!" hissed Dai. "Nothing … yet" countered Louisa. "But she wants to die, she wants me to kill her …" "She's just a kid you've got drunk and put silly ideas in her head" said Dai horrified at what Louisa had just said. "She's already tried to kill herself three or four times since she dropped out of college, and now her girlfriend's beaten her up and left her." Louisa tried to explain.

"It would be terribly sad if she just threw herself beneath a train or something." Without speaking Dai turned away and stepped towards the door. "And it would be very distressing to anyone else around, or the driver or anyone …" Dai turned back and stared again at the almost indecent teenager as she stirred and rolled onto her back without opening her eyes.

Louisa slowly and carefully bent over her and gently mom xmomx lll mom kon mom up the girls black t-shirt to expose her hollow belly. With her finger she gently traced out the almost healed scars from four or five cuts on the pale skin. "We would be doing her a real favour, she's been pleading with me to do it &hellip." Dai felt sick, yet he knew Louisa had already seen the bulge where his cock was trying to escape from the confinement of his trousers.

He stepped out of the caravan and threw up. Louisa gently put her arm round him and kissed him.