Hot babe with big tits playing with her pussy

Hot babe with big tits playing with her pussy
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Origins by the Id of Sid It was the summer between sophomore and junior year. It had been a whirlwind of a year for me. My body had changed so much. In the Fall I was still in my old body. I had always been viewed more athletic than attractive: I was 5'2" rather flat chested and more of a tom-boy than prom-queen.

I was on the tennis team so that kept me in shape with nice legs. I always thought of them as my best feature. Anthony always said it was my face and smile that caught his eye. He said I reminded him of Michelle Pfeifer. I had no idea who he was talking about until we watched one of her movies, it was something about a hawk and a wolf being cursed or something. It was a sweet movie and the knight gets the girl in the end. I guess it's my blond hair, pale blue eyes and high cheek bones that Anthony found similar.

He was always a romantic.

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I should have never lied to him. He was my first boyfriend. That winter my hormones went into overdrive: my boobs came in and I went from training bra to C-cup by spring.

I grew 2-3 inches, my hair got longer, and I started getting a little boy-crazy. Anthony didn't seem to mind the new body, but I started noticing other boys. He never picked up on that. I started dating a boy or two from other schools. I thought I was really slick, but Anthony found out.

He forgave me, but when he found out I still dated this senior from Geneva, he told me to get lost. He didn't call me a slut or a whore (because he knew I was still a virgin), he called me a liar. That seemed to hurt a whole lot more. By the time summer rolled around, school let out, I started working at the mall, and I put Anthony out of my mind. Unfortunately, I still didn't learn my lesson. I started seeing one of my co-workers at the restaurant (Steve), an electronics guy from RadioShack (Dave), a grease monkey from Jiffy Lube (Jerry), and ticket-taker at the mall cinema (Corey).

Again, I thought I was being slick, not letting any of them know about the others. When I turned 16 in June I was juggling all of them, but I got 4 birthday presents hot japanese babe gives tit job follwed by cumshot uncensored any of them being the wiser. It was Early August when Corey invited me for a picnic at Flat Rock Falls park.

He had a couple blankets, pillows, and a place picked out away from the hikers and nature lovers. I packed the basket with some sandwiches, cheese, and a bottle of white wine I stole from my parents cellar. We had gone there once before, it was a smaller path off the main trail that led to a 40'x40' clearing amidst the heavy forest brush. It was like a small private room in nature with the less traveled path as its only door in or out. There was one oak tree with billowing branches in the corner that provided shade in this otherwise sunny leone hot black xxx eex in the forest.

Corey and I had gone there before with a sleeping bag, but I was not on the same page. He thought he was gonna get some, but I didn't see him as the ONE. I was juggling these four guys, but really didn't see any of them as potentially being my first. It was a summer thing, summer had another month left, and I would be done with them. All of them.

When Corey and I got to the clearing I noticed someone had dragged a small picnic table under the oak tree. I found that odd because this spot was so far away from the designated eating area of the park.

I mean really, someone had to drag that thing ½ a mile from the picnic area, through the main trail, and down the rather hidden path, to this not-so-hidden-after-all spot.

When I mentioned this to Corey, he just sloughed it off teenage college students fingering after sex group sex the idea that the park district had put it there. Corey and I had eaten and we're on our second glass of wine when we started kissing and petting. We were lying down on the blankets as he tried to run his hand up my thigh and under my tennis skirt.

I stopped him just like I did the other time we were at the clearing. Instead of a rejected suitor's protest he just stopped old leady yung boy sex. He was usually more persistent, but I could always handle him, but just stopping was strange.

Instead he reached for his cell phone, hit a call button, and then put it back in his duffel bag. I started to make my usual excuse, "I'm just not ready yet"&hellip."but I'll be worth the wait, baby." Corey simply said with a sigh and a smile, "I know Jen." Then added, "Actually, we all know." His gaze moved from my blue eyes to the path opening.

I turned to see Dave, Steve, and Jerry standing with their arms folded staring at us. The pit of my stomach started to wrench.

It's that feeling you get when you've done something wrong and get caught, and I was totally busted here. Corey took the lead, "I think introductions are in order here" he said standing up dragging me by my right arm. "Of course, you know Steve, Jerry, and Dave.

You've been playing them just like you've been playing me all summer long." He directed his attention to Dave, "But Dave, did you know Steve from the diner?" Dave turned Steve, shook hands, made a matter-of-fact how-do-you-do. "Jerry did you know Steve?" Again, the same intro's were exchanged. I was turning redder by the minute. "Dave did you know Jerry?" Again with the handshakes.

At this point I started nodding, letting them have their dénouement, but now wanting to regain positive control of the situation. I started, "OK, boys, you got me, I'm busted. I won't bother you guys anymore. Just…" Corey jerked my arm behind my back, nearly lifting me off the ground. "Jen, you didn't ask how I know Jerry, did you? Don't you want to know how I know Jerry?" I shook my head, "Corey you're hurting me.

Let me go." "Jerry and I have known each other for going on ten years now, Jen. My cousin is the closest thing I have to a real brother in this world." He raised my arm a little higher at that point to stress their relationship. I was thinking, Oh God they're family.

"Corey, I'm sorry. Let me go, you're hurting me." Corey spun me around at that point and got in my face, "What do you know of HURT, Jen." He just stared into my tearing eyes for what seemed minutes to hours, then shoved me back down on the blankets. "Let me tell you something about hurt." He moved to one side as the others closed in forming a circle around me on the blanket.

"I spend all my time working, making money this summer, so I can take out my new girlfriend. I can't wait to tell my cousin about this great, beautiful, girl I've been seeing. The kind of girl that just makes you feel like the luckiest guy in the world.

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I am bursting with pride to tell my closest friend in the world about this wonderful young woman I'm seeing." Jerry then took over, "I found it ironic, that I too had just fallen for this pristine angel from the heavens. A girl that could stop traffic, a girl that had me crazy like no other had before." "Then we exchanged pictures." they both said. Corey went back to his cell phone to pull up my sophomore school photo, "I thought my e-mail was being returned." He turned to Steve and Dave, "So did Jerry.

We exchanged the same damn picture, of the same damn girl," then he turned to me still on the blankets "the same damn liar!" There was that word again. I stood up at this point and tried to gather myself, but Dave with a single big hand shoved me right back to my knees. "Stay down." is all he said. Corey acknowledged Steve's forcefulness with a nod, then continued, "We decided to go to the Diner to confront you as real men do, to treat you with a measure of respect a lady deserves, but then we saw you with Steve.

The next day you were with Dave. At that point we didn't know what to make of you: slut, whore, bitch, cunt came to mind." Dave then chimed in, "That's when we had a meeting of the minds last week. We didn't know if we were to invite anyone else today, so pardon us if we left anyone out." The embarrassment had reached a pinnacle for me, so I jumped to my feet and started buttoning my shirt and straightening my skirt.

"OK, boys, You've had your fun, you can call me a bitch or cunt. I don't care anymore. I won't even bother you for a ride home, I'll walk." I tried to pass Jerry on his right, but he grabbed my throat and carried me back to the picnic table, "We found out we couldn't call you a slut or a whore, but TEASE seemed to be the common phrase among us all." At that point he released my throat, grabbed a fistful of my blond hair, forced his mouth upon my mine and bit slightly on my lower lip.

I yelped at the sharp jab of pain. "That's as far as I got guys." he sneered as he stepped to my left and tugged a little harder on the fistful of hair. Dave stepped to my right and shoved his hand into my shirt, popping two buttons, and cupping my right breast, "This is where she stopped me." Corey's voice rose above them all, "That's where it all came to a stop." He stepped forward, nudging his knee inside mine, ran his hands up my white tennis skirt exposing my white cotton sports panties, "And from what I hear, to boldly go where no man has gone before…" as he grinded his pelvis up against mine.

His hips lifted me slightly off the ground while Jerry still pulling my hair and Steve holding my shoulder pulled me on my back on the picnic table. What the fuck. What the fuck is happening. No way. I started to shout, "No!" but Dave was at the other end of the picnic table and busty yo spoon fucked after outdoor blowjob me across the right cheek roundhouse style.

"Shut the fuck up, TEASE." he hissed. Corey motioned to Jerry to let go, as he grabbed the back of my head and pulled me up close, pulling my hair back arching my head as if to look down my nostrils but not moving his eyes from mine, "I'll paint a picture for you, Jen.

You tell us if you see it differently. You know what's gonna happen here. We're a 1000 yards from the main trail, no one's gonna hear you, no one's gonna come. We know you're not a slut, you may still be the virgin you claim to be. But what are twelve adults going to think about a conniving lying little girl who runs amok with not one, not two, not three, but FOUR different boys during a single summer.

Are they going to think you're still daddy's little girl? Oh, and where did the alcohol come from?" Oh shit. I brought that. Corey paused for moment and let it settle in my head for a minute. "Yeah, you brought that, that proves that you set this up. We just have to fill in the details.

Like…you invited us all here. You told your friend Lisa about this place. Everyone will see you planned this. You dated FOUR different boys, you brought us all together. And you got what you came for. Four words against one." His other hand had roamed beneath my panties and found my clit. He flickered his thumb from side to side as I let out a shuddered gasp. "Now it's time for us all to collect." At that word I was flipped on to my stomach, my legs barely touching the grass beneath the table, my panties were pulled down to my knees, and my skirt lifted up exposing my ass for all to see.

"That's what I'm talking about." exclaimed Corey giving my right ass cheek a slap. Jerry held one arm, Steve the other, while Dave disappeared from the head of the table. He was the designated look-out taking stance at the path opening. Corey started with his middle finger running it along the length of my virgin slit, feeling my warmth and dampness. "You know guys, I think she's really gonna get off on this. She's wet already." He slipped his middle finger in to the first joint and felt my barrier.

"Holy shit dudes, she really IS a virgin." He pulled my head back with a handful of hair, "This is gonna be a real treat, Jen." He shoved my face back into the tabletop hitting my chin with a thud.

Steve chuckled as the tears started down the sides of my face. I heard Corey's zipper, then a spit, then he was at my entrance.

He sensed it in me and gave me another slap on the ass cheek, "Relax babe, you're gonna love this." He entered slowly pressing the bulb of his cock to my hymen then stopping.

I had not even rubbed his cock through his pants, so I had no idea what he was packing, but it felt big, heated, and angry. I turned my head to the right to find Jerry staring piercingly into my eyes. The tears were rolling down my cheeks, Corey seemed to be rearing back for the initial assault, Steve's breathing was increasing in my left ear, and still Jerry was motionless holding my right arm down, then he snarled and spit right in my face.

Corey plunged the length of his cock forward, my cherry burst with what seemed an explosion, and Steve started the chanting "pump her, pump her good". I didn't scream, I didn't moan. My virginity was taken by force as I lay bent over a picnic table with my panties dangling around my knees. My sunny lunny xx 3 download left with a whimper.

Corey was going full tilt giving me the length of his 7 inches with each piston pump. With both hands on my hips he pounded away mercilessly as the front of my legs were beating against the table end. "Damn she is tight guys. I gotta hold back. Who's ready?" Steve let loose my left arm and moved into position. Corey withdrew his cock with a subtle "pop". Steve gasped in amazement, "Holy shit, Jerry did you shyla stylez tries to take it black that, her pussy didn't want to let it go." Steve pulled my panties completely off and spread my legs farther apart.

Corey disappeared, then Dave came to the head of the table. I guessed Corey was lookout now. I look back thinking I had an arm free and could have slid off the table to my left while Steve was fumbling with his shorts, but I couldn't move. I didn't move. I was transfixed on that cold piercing stare from Jerry.

It was like he never blinked. He could have had a black hood over his head and I would not have noticed. I just saw those fierce gray eyes.

There was anger there. A lot of anger. I could not imagine the volume of hatred pouring from those eyes or where it stemmed from. I had not seen it before, but it had my full attention and I dreaded what he would unleash on me.

I was terrified of him. As Steve started his violation of my newly plowed pussy, all I could think about was what the fuck Jerry had going on behind those eyes. Steve was bucking wildly hissing little degradations down on me, "Take it like a bitch, take it like a bitch".

Dave pulled my face from Jerry's stare to slap one cheek then the other, enjoying the red flushing he was causing, "You're getting fucked now you little tease.

That's a good girl," he cooed responding to my muffled whimpers with each of Steve's thrusts, "that's a good girl. Take it like a whore. Take it doggy style like a whore." Steve was building up and his verbations had suddenly fallen silent. I heard a dragging to my left. Corey had dragged this beaten down, worn out, water-stained mattress from the brush. He was brushing off the debris and threw the two pillows at one end.

"I don't know if I can hold off guys." Kharlie stone brunette spinner fucks on hal gasped, but he never stopped pumping.

Corey acknowledged Steve's building orgasm, "OK, bring her down." With that Steve pulled out, "pop", lifted me off the table, pulled me close to his chest, and then tossed me down to the mattress.

My legs were weak and I fell on my stomach. Steve, with his erection still pointing skyward, rolled me over on my back, and straddled my chest. He grabbed the back of my head as I gasped at his intentions. With that opening he thrust his pussy slimed cock down my throat.

He was only 5-6 inches, but I had never taken anything outside of eating utensils into my mouth. My eyes widened, I stared back up at him in horror, as he pumped the first time into my mouth. "Don't even think about it bitch. It's been a gentle ride so far, but it can get much more violent if you get any ideas or if I feel any teeth on my dick." All I could think about was Jerry's eyes. I don't know where he was at that time, but I could feel his eyes never leaving me.

I did not dare leave a mark as Steve started face fucking me. I could feel someone prying my legs apart. It was Dave. He was going at me sideways so not to brush up Steve's back as he got his piece of me. Steve tilted his head back, "I'm gonna pump her mouth full of cum." I was half gagging as the spit crept out the sides of my mouth.

I closed my eyes as I felt Steve start to spasm. He yanked my hair and shouted at me, "Look at me bitch!" I widened my eyes in terror as his first jet of cum hit the back of my throat. "Look at me! I fucking own your mouth!" he boasted as he pumped jet after jet of hot salty cum into my mouth.

My gag reflex was pushing his load back up my throat, but he kept my head transfixed on his cock. He rolled his head back in satisfaction continuing to pump my face with his lingering cock, "Yeah baby, swallow it all. Swallow it all like a whore." Dave was pumping my slit furiously from the get-go. His 7 inches plowing my sopping pussy at a break-neck speed he could not maintain any longer. My arms were weak, I was not physically beaten, but my body was listless.

It was like every muscle in my body had no tension. Every muscle except those kegels holding my pussy together. My head reeled back as Steve stepped aside and off of me. All I could feel was Dave's okusama wa motyariman vostfr episode 2 trixhentai pounding of my now sore pussy.

He was gasping now, getting ready to blow. I could not bear to think of any of them cumming inside me. That brought me back to my senses, but Corey intervened, "Don't cum inside her Dave." he beckoned from one side. At that point Dave pulled out, "pop", and knelt along my left side of my face, "I'm gonna nut on her face." he laughed.

I panicked but was too weak to roll away. Dave grabbed my chin, turning my face back to his angry 7 inches of cock. Corey held my chest down, "Blast her buddy. Face blast her hungry mouth." Dave had one hand on my chin and the other pumping his cock while smiling down at me with an evil grin, "Here it comes Jen&hellip.Take it baby, take it in the face!" he groaned as a huge glob of cum hit my forehead.

I tried to turn away but he held me in place as the next spurt caught my right cheek and spilled into my mouth. I spat it out as the next bigger load covered my chin and back into my mouth. Again I spat it out. I couldn't turn my head so inadvertently I spat the last larger load straight up in the air. It came back down in my face. Corey and Dave started some bellowing laughter. Steve was laughing along with them, "Do it again, Jen. Do it again. Do the cum-fountain. She's a little cum-fountain." Dave's 5th and 6th spurts covered my right eye and left cheek.

MY face was covered in warm salty jizz. And they couldn't find it any funnier laughing non-stop. All of them were laughing, except Jerry. I felt his hands lift me up, and turn me back on my stomach. He placed the two pillows under my belly propping me up on all fours. I heard him spit. He had not said a word since saying I had him, "…crazy as no one had before." that seemed like hours ago.

It may have. He placed one hand on my right hip and the other must have been on his cock, "I had dreamed about this all summer long. I was gonna be your knight in shining armour. Your loyal boyfriend, your best friend, and your first love. You were going to be my first too. Well, your lying and games fucked that dream to hell Jen. So now I got another little fantasy running through my mind." with that word he spat again, this time on my back. It rolled down to my ass crack.

That's where he thumbed it in. "No Jerry!" I cried out. "I'm so sorry. I did not mean to hurt you. I'm sorry! Please, please don't…" "You broke my heart, Jen. Now I'm gonna break your ass in." The spit on his cock and the spit trickling down my ass crack was not enough to ease his entry. Now I yelled, "Uhhhhg! Ahhhh!

Uhhhhg!" I wailed as he mounted my ass. He pulled back for a moment, then shoved it to the hilt. I felt my sphincter tear and could feel the blood trickle from my ass to my pussy lips. With a hand on my right hip and the other on my left shoulder he mounted me with building fury.

I could hear deep throat oral pleasure stimulation for a stallion hardcore blowjob voices of the others mouthing their approval. "Fuck that ass Jerry!" Dave implored. Steve snarled, "Make her take it in the ass. Fuck the shit outta her." Corey was situated in front of me as I raised my head and looked forward. Dave's cum-bath was falling off my face, his first stream had rolled into my left eye, making my eyelashes clump heavy half closing it.

The other streams had coalesced cute teen loves big cock and nice webcam sometimes it takes a stranger to show us exactly my chin and right cheek and were both dangling in 2-3 inch strings. They held there as my body shuddered forward with each of Jerry's anger laced anal thrusts.

I looked straight ahead at Corey in disbelief: he was taking stills with his camera phone. "No. No. No." was all I could utter as Corey stroked his cock. Corey then took a fistful of my tattered hair and drew his cock towards my mouth, "It's time for some tag-team POV baby." The camera clicked as he started pumping at one end as his cousin pumped at the other.

He passed the camera phone to Steve and then got busy with both hands on the back of my head. Corey was building up to his orgasm while Jerry kept a frantic pace on my ass. Corey was grooving his cock in and out of my froth spewing mouth as he angrily barked at Dave, "Stay out of my light!

Here we go baby." as he quickened his face fucking, then pulled out, "Money shot! That's the money shot!" he bellowed as one after the other burst of cum plastered my face.

I barely had one eye open to see him furiously pumping his organ at point-blank range. Load after heavy sticky load shot across my cheeks, chin, eyes, and into my hair. The guy must have multiple prostates because it just kept going. Dave and Steve were shocked, "Holy shit Corey" "Someone sprung a leak!" and "Dude, she's drowning in the stuff!" Jerry started bucking uncontrollably behind me.

His load was not as large, but seemed to run through my insides like a snake. Jerry pulled out of my ass and gave me a big slap across the old young office and old mom young friend anal no wonder that the stuf that sent me forward on my chin.

Legs sprawled side to side, arms beneath my chest, head to one side, I laid there twitching. Jerry's cum was drizzling out of my ass, Dave and Corey's loads were drying on my face, and Steve's cum was still lingering on the back of my tongue. They buttoned up, high-fived each other, and all agreed to a single story : I was drunk from the wine I brought and had gathered all my boyfriends together for a summer ending party in a place I had bragged about to my girlfriend.

They didn't leave any bruises, I had no cuts, it was my word against theirs. Corey ended it by stating, "Don't think we're gonna be stupid and post this stuff on the internet or boast to friends about what happened here. This is our secret as much as it is yours.

We do not want to see you again, but I promise, you REALLY don't want to see US again either. So it ends here. Have a nice life." I blinked and they were gone.

By the time I got back to the park picnic area it was dark. I cleaned up and called a friend. I told her, "could you pick me up, I just broke up with my boyfriend." She hesitated for moment, then said, "Which one?"