Cop first time petty theft suspect insisted on negating lp officers claims of theft

Cop first time petty theft suspect insisted on negating lp officers claims of theft
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The Emergency Room is in its usual chaotic flurry of emergencies when the EMTs wheel an unconscious young man in on a gurney.

He is wearing only a bathing suit. The only information available concerning this young man is that he was at the local YMCA when he slipped and fell from the ladder leading up to the high diving board. Several people witnessed his fall. There is no identification on him, and no one at the YMCA recognized him. A cursory examine by the ER triage personnel reveals a dislocated right shoulder, a severely bruised right hip and a possible skull fracture. The young man was routinely transferred to x-ray where the skull fracture is confirmed.

Dr. Cadbury recommends he be admitted to the indigent ward under the name John (YMCA) Doe. Doctor Cadbury also puts him into a medically induced coma to reduce possible swelling of the brain. The young man is assigned to the ward for the indigent on the juicy teen girl has hardcore amateur sex floor along with three other patients as roommates.

His only privacy is a curtain to shield his view from the other three patients in the ward. He is now dressed in a hospital gown and has a couple of IVs started along with a heart monitor and an EKG.

There is an elastic bandage on his dislocated right shoulder. Cindy takes his vital signs and is the first nurse on that floor to notice the young man has a larger than average size cock and quickly calls out for her colleagues, Bailee, and Paisley to come to his room. "I was checking his IVs and the heart monitor.

When I lifted his gown to check the bruised hip I was surprised by this beautiful cock," she says pointing to his flaccid sex xxxx girl story in cock.

"Oh my, God…how big is it?" Bailee asks as she caressed his organ in her warm, soft hand. His cock immediately reacts to her gentle touch. "I would have guessed it to be about six or seven inches long before you touched it. Now that it is getting hard I would guess it to be closer to eight or nine inches," Cindy answers.

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"Let me touch it," Paisley giggles, "the girth is as big as my wrist." She pushes Bailee's hand away and takes him into her hand and slowly stroked him up and down.

The veins in his cock are bulging as if they are about to burst. Paisley blushes a deep red and her breathing increases to rapid short bursts. She looks at the two other nurses and says, "Keep an eye out for the floor supervisor.

I have to feel this cock in my pussy. I have never had anything this large inside me." Bailee nods her approval and pulls the curtain closed so they couldn't be seen from the corridor. Paisley slips off her scrub pants and panties. She climbs onto the bed and swings her leg over the unconscious patient's waist. Bailee puts one hand on his chest for balance while using her other hand to guide his cock into her soaking pussy.

She grimaces as his cock stretches her pussy to its limits. She lets the first four inches linger in that position a moment before allowing another two inches enter. She takes a deep breath, relaxes and then allows the rest of it slide in until she can feel it bumping against her cervix.

She is covered with sweat by the time his cock is fully inside. Soon she is rapidly moving her pubic mound against his pubic bone. She is breathing like she is running a marathon.

Her eyes roll back in her head, and her body is covered by even more sweat. She bounces up and down and rotates on his throbbing cock. A minute later she screams as her orgasm shakes her whole body. Cindy and Bailee both slap their hands over Paisley's mouth to keep her from drawing the attention of the entire 3rd floor. Paisley falls forward onto the patient's chest and has considerable difficulty in regulating her next breath.

When she finally calms down, Cindy helps her out of bed and then assists french french japan xxx sex in getting dressed. Meanwhile, Bailee has taken her place on the patient's still hard cock. After about five minutes of her gyrations, she can feel the patient is reaching the point of orgasmic explosion.

She doubles her effort so she can enjoy an orgasm as Paisley had just done. The timing is perfect as both she and the patient reach an explosive climax together. Within seconds his cock softens and slides out of Bailee's genuinely satisfied pussy. Cindy grabs his limp cock and begins trying to suck it back to life. She wants to have her turn riding this magnificent cock. All of her efforts are for naught. The other two nurses have used it all up.

It could be hours before his cock will be ready for another ride. She begins berating the two of them for not letting her go first because she was the one to discover this fine specimen of a cock. "I have an idea," Bailee interrupts, "We can give him Viagra, and that should keep him hard for at least four hours.

We could all enjoy this cock the rest of the night shift." Cindy is a bit hesitant at first, but then says, "Are you sure it won't hurt him?" "Why should it? We just give him the regular dose and then enjoy that wonderful cock over the next four hours." "Viagra only comes as a pill.

How can we give a pill to an unconscious patient?" Cindy asks. "We crush it up, dissolve it in sterile water and put it in his IV drip," Bailee replies. "Do you think it will make a difference that the pill is for oral dosing, but we are going to give it intravenously?" "It will probably go to work faster is all." "Okay…Paisley go to the medicine cabinet and crush up a Viagra tablet, then dissolve it in sterile water so we can add it to his IV." Bailee says.

Cindy and Bailee check on the other patients on the third floor while Paisley goes to the medicine cabinet to concoct the Viagra IV dose. She decides to use two pills to make sure it is enough to do the job. She doesn't tell Cindy and Bailee because she is afraid they will yell at her.

The IV works perfectly, and for the next two and a half hours the three nurses take turns fucking and sucking the patient until their pussies are sore and their jaws are aching. The patient's cock is raw and a bright shade of red. They sit at the nurse's station and giggle as they talk about how much fun it is to have their very own sex toy assigned to their floor. A nurse's aide overhears them discussing the evening's activities and tells another nurse's aide.

Word soon spreads around the hospital about the patient on the 3rd floor with the unusually large cock and female staff on all floors begin stopping by the patient's ward to get a sneak peek at his organ. It is just a matter of time before a floor nurse supervisor reports the incident to the night shift supervisor, Catherine Winston. Catherine Winston WAS a floor nurse supervisor on the day shift until her husband; Ben received orders to report for active military duty.

Ben is a registered pharmacist employed by a large national pharmacy chain. He is also a Captain in the Army Reserve Medical Corp. When he receives orders to report for active duty, it creates a big problem for the whole Winston family.

His combined military active duty salary and the small supplement the pharmacy chain will give him for his active duty service is not enough to adequately maintain their standard of living. Catherine has to accept a promotion to Night Shift Supervisor at the hospital to make up for the pay difference between Ben's military pay and his pharmacy supplemental pay. She is now in charge of all nursing personnel assigned sophi d black grup xnxx the night shift.

As soon as Catherine receives the report about improper conduct taking place on the 3rd floor she had to act, so she boards the elevator down to the 3rd floor. It is three o'clock in the morning, and the nurses are at the nurse's station updating the patient charts. When they observe Catherine approaching their station they know by her stern expression that trouble is close behind. Catherine can tell by the expressions on their faces, they are not looking forward to her visit.

"I understand you have a patient on this floor with, let's say, some unique attributes that have all the female staff on the night shift talking about it and some of them are coming to this floor to see for themselves." The sternness in her voice implies heads might roll.

The nurses look at one another, but none of them volunteer an answer. Cindy stands up, retrieves the chart for the patient in question and hands it to Catherine.

She holds perfectly still as Catherine studies the chart. It takes several minutes for Catherine to absorb the information. mom made me impregnate aunt syren full scene says here that the patient is a John Doe and he was admitted to this floor last night at 10:48 PM.

He is in a medically induced coma due to a fractured cranium. He also has a dislocated right shoulder which is bandaged and a severely bruised right hip. He is approximately twenty years old, and if the stories I am hearing are correct, he has an unusually large penis. Is that about it?" "Yes, Ma'am," they all answer in unison." "Is there anything else I should know before I go check on this patient?" All three nurses shake their heads 'NO' at the same time as if their movements were choreographed.

Catherine hands the chart back to Cindy then turns abruptly and makes her way to the indigent ward. The room is dark, and she can hear the rhythmic sounds of the patients snoring. She makes her way through the darkness to bed number four where the patient chart indicated John Doe was resting. It is too dark to make out any features of the patient, other than he clearly had a massive hard penis that is tenting the cover sheet.

It gave rise to the question of why is this unconscious patient sporting an erection if he is unconscious.

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She ponders that for a moment then decides to broach that question with the three nurses later. That huge cock looks so inviting to Catherine because it has been two months since Dr.

Cadbury cornered her in the supply closet and fucked her through two fantastic orgasms. He has ignored her ever since, and her husband whose has been deployed for the past nine months won't return home from his deployment for another three months.

Catherine is extremely horny and needs to feel a hard cock in her pussy right now.

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She needs it so badly it is affecting her better judgment. She looks over her shoulder to see if she can be seen from the nurse's station.

She reaches up and moves the privacy curtain to block their view. She steps closer to the bed and studies the patient's prominent bulge.

Her pulse quickens, and her breathing increases as she caresses the hard cock through the thin sheet. It feels so good in her hand. Catherine pulls the sheet away and lifts anya olsen takes a dick in her russian hole for the first time on film patient's hospital gown.

When she feels the stickiness of his bare cock, she knows the rumors are probably correct that the 3rd-floor nurses have been riding this unconscious patient's hard cock. A shiver passes through her body when she is tempted to ride it herself. She knows she doesn't have time to ride it, but she did have time for a quick taste. She closes her lips around the crown and swirls her tongue all around the head before taking it down her throat as far as she can without gagging.

She can readily taste the pussy juices on it but does care. She really wants to taste his cum. She has never had a cock this large in her mouth.

She knows she didn't have time to stimulate him to the point of tasting his cum. Maybe another time, she thought to herself. Catherine returns to the nurse's station and says, "I want this patient given a sponge bath and thoroughly cleaned before you go off duty. I will back before shift change to make sure my instructions were carried out." Catherine then abruptly, departs from the third floor without waiting for their answer.

Bailee and Paisley make immediate preparations to give the patient a sponge bath. Cindy continues with updating the patient charts. She makes a mental note to warn the other female personnel to avoid further contact with the unconscious patient on the third floor. Catherine returns to her private office and closes the door.

She sits in her office shaking with frustration. She can feel the heat rising from around her neck and face. Catherine mulls over in her mind what she had been tempted to do with that patient on the 3rd floor. She knows it is totally inappropriate and unprofessional that's why she feels so frustrated and humiliated.

Catherine has never entertained any thoughts before sexually molesting a patient. That's why she can't understand why her panties are so wet. It has been sunny leone xxx sex stories vedeos 2019 over two months since she's had any real sex. That's if she wants to count the quickie in the supply room with Dr. Cadbury as real sex. She is determined not to give in to the temptation that she now feels deep in her stomach.

However, there is an itchy feeling in her pussy, and it desperately needs to be scratched. She also knows that going home and masturbating with a dildo will not satisfy this itch. Her breathing becomes rapid, and her heart is beating unusually fast.

Her sexual frustrations are wearing her resolve down.

She could lose her job if she gives in and mounts the unconscious patient, but that massive hard cock on the 3rd floor is very tempting. The night drags by, and several times during the night Catherine finds herself pondering if she could actually have sex with an unconscious patient.

Putting his cock in her mouth for a few seconds doesn't really count as having sex with him. Approximately one hour before the end of the shift, Catherine makes her way to the elevator and down to the 3rd floor.

She doesn't bother announcing herself at the nurse's station this time. She goes straight to the indigent ward. The sun is shining brightly through the window. She can see from the doorway that the patient's cock is still standing proudly at attention. She skinny japanese lovely babe fingered and boned to herself as she approaches the patient if she might have time to put it in her mouth again before going home to use her dildo.

Her eyes are locked on the hard object under the tented sheet. As if in a trance she approaches and snakes her hand under the top sheet and grasps the hard cock. She glances up at the patient's face to make sure he is still unconscious. "Oh my God," she shrieks in shock. Cindy and Bailee rush into the room to find out what is happening. They find Catherine holding the patient's cock in her hand and standing in shock staring at the patient's face.

She is a shade of bright red, and she is trembling. "What is it, Mrs. Winston? You look like you have just seen a ghost. Is the patient ok? He's not dead, is he?" Bailee asks. It took Catherine a few minutes to compose herself.

She realizes she still has the patient's cock in her hand and quickly pulls it away. She blushes several more shades of red then mumbles under her breath, "This is my son, Michael." Cindy and Bailee glance at each other. They can't believe what they just heard.

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They both have the expressions of guilt, fright, and embarrassment on their faces. There is a long silence. Both Cindy and Bailee wonder to themselves if this meant they would be terminated from the hospital, or even worse; lose their nursing license.

"Why didn't you recognize him last night?" Cindy finally asks. "It was dark, and I didn't want to shine a light in his face," Catherine snarls, "Get Dr. Cadbury in here immediately and find a private room for my son, Michael." Minutes later Doctor Cadbury huddles with Catherine and the two nurses as they, prepare to move Michael's bed to a private room.

Cadbury then starts checking Michael's vital signs as each of the nurses take charge of a monitor and other pieces of equipment.

They move as a well-rehearsed team, and soon his bed is rolling out of the indigent ward into a private room on the same floor. The room itself looks to be about twelve feet by twenty, with an enclosed bathroom in one corner.

The bathroom door is open, revealing a toilet, sink, and shower stall. There is a television mounted on the wall in front of the bed, and a small couch under the window to the right of the bed.

Once they are done, Dr. Cadbury instructs the nurses to disconnect him from one of the IVs, and all of the monitors except the heart monitor. During this process, Catherine is stunned to notice that the nurses assigned to the floor are looking at Michael with peculiar expressions. She decides to keep a closer eye on them as they tend to Michael's healthcare. She makes it a priority to visit the 3rd-floor several times during each night shift.

Cindy, Bailee, and Paisley are aware of her extra vigilance. "We need to stop the Viagra dosing before we get caught," Cindy suggests.

The other two nurses agree to stop dosing but intend to continue enjoying his cock whenever it is available through normal stimulation. It will be on a first cum, first served basis. Two days later Dr. Cadbury orders the removal of the IV drip that was keeping Michael in the induced coma. He instructs the nurses to continue his intravenous feeding until he comes out of the coma on his own. Dr. Cadbury predicts he would awaken from the coma in approximately two to three days.

Cindy, Bailee, and Paisley did indeed decide not to continue with the Viagra dosing but did not stop enjoying his cock. They will take turns sucking him until he is hard and then fucking him until he is flaccid. They will not allow any of the other female personnel in the hospital to enjoy his unique attribute. However, they have no control over Catherine as she continues visiting her son each night.

They had no definitive proof but had come to the suspicion she is also enjoying the benefits of her unconscious son's unusually large cock. Catherine usually spent anywhere from forty-five minutes to this bbw strips for you flirtsexlovecom watch part here hour with her son each night which is plenty of time to do whatever she wants.

Michael wakes up as predicted on the third morning to find a hot blonde nurse is sucking on his cock, moaning while she slurps on it. He first thinks it is a wet dream, but soon realizes he is really watching it happen.

Michael genuinely can't his take his eyes off of this beautiful woman wantonly sucking his cock. When she finally removes his cock from her mouth and starts licking the slit at the end, he realizes she has both hands wrapped around the base of his hard shaft.

A significant drop of pre-cum forms and she moans lustfully as her mouth dives back onto the head of his cock to slurp up the liquid treat. The nurse has the top of her scrubs pulled up, her bra is halfway to her waist, and her breasts are fully exposed. Her breasts bounce delightfully as she bobs her head up and down, taking half of his eight-and-a-half-inch cock into her mouth.

He is spellbound at the sight and incredibly turned on. Within minutes, he feels the familiar churning in his balls signaling that he is about to lose his massive load in her mouth.

He knows he needs to warn whoever she is that a big load of sperm is on its way into her mouth, but is only able to mutter something unintelligible. The blonde nurse looks straight at him, just as his cock erupts in her mouth. She reflexively gulps down the streams of cum, only a little of it escapes the corners of her lips. Her eyes are locked onto his as she gently nurses on the head of his big cock.

The gorgeous nurse finally lets his cock go, giving it a tender kiss before getting to her feet and putting her fantastic breasts away. She repositions her bra and lowers the top of her hospital scrubs. She uses her fingers and thumb to gather the small drops of semen from the corners of her mouth.

When she starts licking her fingers clean, Michael groans in appreciation, "God, you're so hot!" At this point, he is starting to grasp that there was no wet dream finally. This hot nurse is actually standing in front of him. Then, he recognizes he is actually in a hospital. His brain is coming out of a couple of stupors at once, and the gears in his head are starting to turn for the first time in a very long while.

"Oh, you're really awake," the sexy nurse finally declares with a smile. Sunny leyon new xxx story tries to say, "Why am I here?" but it came out as "Wh…wh…cough…cough." "Take it easy!" She cautions, "You've been in a medically induced coma for over five days." Michael glances at the woman's name tag then says, "Paisley." He manages actually to croak out her name.

Paisley essentially blushes a bit at him saying her name and then says, "I need to notify some people that you are.back," she says before adding. "Oh, and please don't mention." she nods meaningfully at his crotch. He knowingly nods back. She straightens her scrubs and walks away.

She reaches the doorway and turns to check herself in a wall mirror before smiling at Michael and walking briskly out the door. When he finally pulls his eyes away from her captivating backside, he looks around the room. He is in a small place compared to his bedroom at home. There is minimal lighting, so he can't make out many of the details.

He can hear the regular beeping of his heart monitor. He tries to sit up and then notices a couple of tubes attached to his arms and some wires are connected to his chest. Two different IV bags are dripping into tubes that lead into his arms. He surmises he is hooked up to a heart monitor and thinks the other one is an EEG, but can't tell for sure. His skin smells peculiar from the disinfecting soap the nurses have been using to clean him each day.

His right shoulder is in a bandage, and his left hip has a throbbing pain He looks around the room again, and then pulls up his hospital gown and looks down at his cock.

It feels raw like he had fucked two dozen girls all in one night. Looking carefully at it, and watching it start to swell and rise, he realizes it is raw and sore because that blond nurse had been sucking on it. He pushes the gown back down and pulls the sheet up to his waist as he hears footsteps approaching. A man in a white lab coat and a stethoscope around his neck approaches and introduces himself as Dr.

Cadbury. He looks the part of a young doctor. He is a tall, lean guy in his mid-thirties. He has emerald green eyes and chestnut color hair. He flips on the overhead lights and walks up to the bed in a confident way that tells Michael this wasn't his first time at bat. Paisley and two other nurses trail behind him. While Michael wants to look at the nurses, especially Paisley, Doctor Cadbury has this way of commanding attention. "So, Michael," he says, "welcome back to the world of the living.

Paisley said she told you about your coma. What do you remember?" Michael slurs out something unintelligible, coughs a bit, and then whispers, "Not much. Actually, not anything." He looks over at Paisley and winks. She smiles and quietly mouths "Thank you." "OK. Well, racy kaseys first fuck caucasian and big dicks had a nasty fall and cracked your head on the swimming pool at the YMCA.

You also dislocated your right shoulder and severely bruised your right hip. That caused a lot of swelling of your spinal fluid, including your brain. You don't appear to have any brain damage, and we have been closely monitoring your brain activity this whole time. These are your nurses," he turns and indicates each with new nepali mms porn story hand as he names them, "Paisley, Cindy, Bailee. They have been caring for you for the past .

four or five days?" They nod in agreement, except for Cindy, who clears her throat and says, "I've been taking care of Michael for a little over six days." Cindy is blonde, with straighter and shorter hair than Paisley, and the pale skin of her neck seems to color a bit as she gets this out and looks at him. Doctor Cadbury continues, "Now, you have been in a medically induced coma for most of this week. You have been under heavy medication so DO NOT try to get up without one of your nurses here to help you.

At least one of them will be here all the time, so hit your buzzer if you need anything." "You forgot about Hayden," Bailee speaks for the first time, "Hayden is another nurse assigned to this floor. She's working the day shift." Bailee continues. "Right," Doctor Cadbury nods, "All four of them are outstanding nurses. They have been taking excellent care of you, and we will all be very upset if you try to be a hero and re-injure yourself.

Make sure you use your buzzer to call them if you need anything. It is what they are paid to do, so don't hesitate. Understand?" Michael nods firmly. That part is obvious. Doctor Cadbury hustles out of the room with Bailee trailing behind him.

Michael looks at Paisley and says, "I am really sore down there, so will someone fill me in on what I missed while I was unconscious?" Paisley giggles and says, "Well…you did such a good job of filling us up with that giant cock very big tits boobs busty latin yours, so I guess it is only fair we share the details with you.

It's easier if we just show you what took place while you were unconscious. I don't think you would fully appreciate it we just told you about." Cindy glares at Paisley who just shrugs and says, "What?" Then Paisley pulls up the hem of his gown, revealing his pulsing, rock-hard, cock in all its glory.

Cindy pulls the door to his room shut, then walks to the foot of his bed, leans forward, and just dives onto his waiting cock with her hungry mouth. She didn't intend to miss her turn this time. Michael lifts his head to watch her, his mouth opens in lust and disbelief. His cock is still raw, but it still feels good in her mouth.

Paisley grabs the control for his bed, and the motor hums gently as his back is lifted into a more comfortable viewing position. "Cindy was the first one, you know," Paisley says to him in a calm, sultry tone, "She was the one who first noticed you had a big cock.

She was nice enough to share you with us and, I was the first one to fuck you." Michael tore his eyes from Cindy's vigorous sucking to stare at Paisley. She has her top up with one large breast out and is tweaking her hard nipple, rolling it between her thumb and finger. Her left hand is down the front of her pants, and from the movement, in her crotch area, he assumes she is stroking her pussy.

Michael is still kind of halfway thinking he had awakened in a wet dream! Bailee comes back in the room, and his only warning is her honey-sweet voice when she whispers in his ear, "You know, this couldn't have worked out any better. All the doctors are busy with our other patients, so I'm sure no one is going to disturb us." While she is speaking, she is slipping off her top. She has some, fantastically, beautiful breasts, coming right at Michael.

Her nipples press into his left forearm as she leans in and gives him a smoldering hot kiss. It has been a while since he was kissed like that. Her tongue hungrily invades his mouth, twisting and swirling as she sucks on his tongue. He is moaning with desire, but not as loudly as Paisley. Cindy is also moaning on his cock, giving him a real hum job and the vibration on his cock is making it buck and pulse in her mouth.

Paisley leans in so that her sultry voice is again right in his ear. "We drew straws, and I lost. So, I'm going to be the one to go out and cover the nurse's station.

Cindy is the lucky one who gets that fantastic cock in her pussy first tonight." Michael almost shoots his load into Cindy's mouth right then and there, but Paisley wasn't done. She adds, "Then Bailee is going to ride you as you've never even imagined." Right then, Bailee bites his lip softly in emphasis.

Paisley says, "I'm already so wet, Michael." He didn't interrupt her. "I'm going to cum in my panties long before I get to take that beautiful, thick cock up inside me again." Michael almost swallows Bailee's tongue as his balls erupt. Cindy gulps down his first three massive spurts, then she generously leans back to let Paisley dive in to get her own mouthful. "Oh, dear lord," Michael mumbles to himself. "I am going to die in this hospital.

I am going to die right here, on this bed, with the biggest shit eating grin on my face that you've ever seen!" Michael lays there dazed for a few minutes after that mind-bending, explosive orgasm. Paisley shakes with her own orgasm as she furiously fingers herself and swallows the rest of his cum.

She straightens up her scrubs and kisses him tenderly on his cheek and neck. She then leaves to take her post at the nurses' station, leaving him in the hands of Bailee and Cindy. His hospital bed is inclined to about 30 degrees or so, giving him an excellent view of everything these sexy nurses are doing.

What Cindy was doing is tearing off her pants and thong. Her breathing is ragged as she prepares to claim her prize. Bailee reaches down to grasp and stroke his cock. Her enormous breasts tipped with rock-hard, coral pink nipples, shimmy, and bob with every movement of her arms. Michael didn't think he actually ever got soft, even though he has now been sucked off twice in the 3 hours since he came out of his coma. He clears his throat. "May I?" He asks Bailee as his hands reach out to those unbelievable breasts.

She looks at him and his eager hands and then nods her approval. She continues to gently stroke him. Her nipples feel incredibly hot in his palms as he fills both of his hands with her tits. "Wow.these breasts are each bigger than my entire head,' he mumbles to himself.

Michael's eyes are all over the place. Sexy painted nails are stroking his raw cock and unbelievable gravity-defying breasts bouncing and filling his eager hands.

Cindy bends over to remove her feet from her thong and displays the hottest ass he'd seen in delighting a magical shlong gloryhole and hardcore a while. Bailee's smoldering green eyes bore into his as she grasps the sides of his face and devours his mouth some more.

He feels the bed move beneath his legs as Cindy climbs up. He feels her knees settle into the mattress on either side of his hips, her hand grasping his cock and holding it in place.

He thinks his big tit bbws double team huge cock melted a little bit when he feels her raging hot pussy swallow the head. Cindy is soaking wet, her pussy drooling juice down his shaft, onto his balls, even into the crack of his ass.

Even so, she is so unbelievably tight that his fat cock head feels like it was stuck fast just three inches inside her. It is really tight, and his cock hurts as Cindy starts to move. He worries that the raw skin on his sensitive cock shaft is about to tear.

The pain increases, to the point he is about to cry out.and then it suddenly stops hurting and feels really, really, completely fucking fantastic. "Oh my god! I love your pussy!" he groans, as every nerve along his shaft is simultaneously stroked, and sucked by the soaking, velvety smooth walls of Cindy's incredible pussy.

This is so much better than anything he'd had before, better than the Den Mother at camp last summer, and better than his first time with his twin sister! Bailee's eyes light up as she reads his expression.

She growls hungrily as her tongue finds his tongue. Then she is sucking his tongue hard into her mouth. He is confident that if he hadn't just come minutes earlier, he would have already lost it. Suddenly, everything deteriorates. The heart monitor starts going nuts, he feels dizzy, and Bailee breaks off the kiss with a strangled cry. Sweat breaks out all over his body. Cindy's sweet pussy spasms and clamps down on his rapidly softening cock, and then she is dismounting.

Paisley rushes into the room again, because the heart monitor alarm had sounded at the nurse's station.

He lay there panting, and watches as the three nurses transform before his eyes into a team of exceptional medical professionals. Within minutes, they have stabilized him. He has another IV pumping fluid into his left arm.

His hospital gown has been removed, and his body is washed with alcohol that cooled his skin. Then he passes out. The three nurses wonder if they caused this by giving him Viagra intravenously. They feel they may have dodged a bullet. When Michael awakes a few hours later, his immediate response is panic. He is afraid he had gone back into a coma, and he doesn't know how much time had passed this time! Bailee is there, sitting by his bed and holding his hand.

"Cindy said to tell you she was really sorry. We all are," she says. She smiles at him, a little sadly and continues, "We were in too big of a hurry to take advantage of your big cock, but your body just isn't strong enough yet." He wants to ask "What happened?" but his mouth is so dry he can't get the words out.

He croaks out "Water?" instead. Bailee nods leaves for a minute and returns with a large plastic pitcher of water with a lid and straw. "Don't gulp it," she warns as she hands it to him, "You haven't eaten or drank much since coming out of the coma, so your stomach will need to take in small quantities at a time.

If you gulp down water or food, you'll probably throw it up." Duly warned, he sips the cold water. He swirls it around in his mouth before swallowing. It feels very soothing as it makes its way down his parched throat. He takes a second sip and hands it back to Bailee. His arms are weak, and the weight of the pitcher is enough that she has to reach out quickly and grab it from him, to stop it from crashing to the floor.

"What happened?" He finally gets out. She purses her sexy lips before continuing, "It's like.everything will be harder for you to do for a while. Getting up and walking ten steps will seem like a real workout.

It will be like sprinting a marathon. Having sex now is just too much for your body to take, even with you just lying on your back. You just came out of a coma, after all." Bailee continues, "Once we had you stable again, Cindy went home. She told me to apologize for her as soon as you woke up. It's actually her day off now. Cindy, Paisley and I share a house not far from here. Hayden will be in later this morning. She's adorable, and a great nurse.

She's also happily married, so she hasn't been in on our.enjoyment of you. She doesn't know, so please don't tell her.

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She would have no choice but to turn us in." "Of course," he nods, and she continues. "You should know, none of us are like that normally.

If you didn't have such an amazing cock.I certainly haven't fucked or given any other patients blowjobs. When I discovered Cindy going down on you, I should have been appalled at her.

Instead, I was instantly thinking, 'Now why didn't I think of that?' We wound up talking about it, and then shared with Paisley a few hours later. The three of us have been close friends for years, and your cock has only brought us closer." He notices her hand, which had been on his hip when she started talking to him, is now gently stroking his skin beneath his hospital gown.

As she begins discussing blowjobs, her hand is stroking closer and closer to his groin. When her hand bumps into the base of his cock, she begins to stare at the tent he is pitching there. She finally made eye contact with him again. "Even though I know it might kill you, there's a dark, sick part of me that is mad.

I mean really pissed off that you aren't filling my pussy with that hard cock right now." His cock lurches in her hand. "fuck," He croaks, "it would be worth it." Bailee smiles and laughs charmingly. Her hand begins gently stroking his cock as she leans in and kisses him. Her kiss is gentle this time, loving and lingering and sweet. Afterward, she stands up and her left-hand trails up to his stomach. "How does your stomach feel?" He looks at her confused. "You ashley adams ashleys juicy tits a lot of water earlier.

Is your stomach upset?" she adds. "Oh. No, it's fine." "Good. Have a little more water." She hands him the pitcher again, pretty much setting it on his chest for him to sip from it. After two sips, she takes the pitcher and places it on the small table next to his bed. She finally releases his cock, as she walks around to the foot of his bed.

"Now get some sleep. I will be back to check on you later", Bailee says as she turns off the light and returns to the nurse's station. No one had bothered to notify Catherine that Michael has regained consciousness so when she makes her nightly visit to check on him, she assumes he is still in the medically induced coma. She'd made up her mind; tonight, she is going to feel a real human cock in her desperately cock-starved pussy. It didn't matter at this point that the cock she had in mind is her son's cock.

Even though she knows it is totally unethical, unprofessional and entirely incestuous. Tonight, it is going to happen. The incestuous part made her tingle all over. Catherine by-passes the nurse's station and goes straight to Michael's room. She closes the door and slips off her scrub pants and then her panties. She pulls the covers off of her son and immediately notices his cock poking out from under his hospital gown. She wraps her hand around his cock and slowly strokes it up and down; feeling the veins and muscles just under the skin.

As it slowly grows and hardens into a full erection; it was like she is discovering sex again for the first time. She is elated. Her nipples get hard, and her breathing becomes labored and rapid.

Michael is awakened when he feels a movement in his bed. He figures it is Cindy or Paisley slipping in for a quickie and decides to pretend to be asleep and just lay back and quietly enjoy it. Catherine sees a shiny drop on the end of his cock and rubs her thumb over it; smearing it over the head of his cock. It felt slippery. She licks the shiny substance off her thumb and likes its salty taste. Michael can feel himself getting close to blowing his load.

It usually takes longer, but he can feel his orgasm building quickly this time. There's something different about this time, but Michael can't figure out what's different.

It is all he can do to refrain from crying out with pleasure. His Mom leans in and licks more of the shiny stuff from the head of his cock.

She likes the taste. She put the head of his cock in her mouth and circled it with her tongue. She continues to stroke it up and down while licking it. She feels it start to pulsate and twitch. She knows he is about to cum in her mouth and can't wait to taste his cum again. Catherine's mouth sunny leone xnxx bf story suddenly flooded by his cum.

She holds his cock securely in her mouth while she drinks down every drop. She sucks the last of his cum from his cock and then licks the whole area clean. She mutters to herself in a low whisper, "Oh my God, Michael…you taste so good.

I love swallowing your cum. I could do this every night for the rest of my life." Michael is stunned to find that this is his mother who had awaken him. He is near panic when she slides quietly under the sheet with him.

The excitement of it all causes his cock to become so hard it is beginning to ache. He almost has another orgasm the moment she moves her nude body across his naked body. He can feel her hard nipples on his chest and her hot breath on his neck. He wants to put his arms around her and pull her tight against him, but that will tip her off he is awake. Michael has masturbated many times to the fantasy of getting his Mom into his bed.

He has dreamed of eating her pussy, sucking her tits and fucking her to a screaming orgasm. Now that his fantasy is on the verge of becoming a reality, he is frozen with indecision. He is not ready to face her right now and admit that he has dreamed of this moment for so long. He is at a loss at what to do. Several thoughts run through his mind at once. Should he let her know he is awake? Should he continue to pretend to be asleep?

Would the embarrassment cause her to stop naughty and racy carpet munch hardcore and blowjob flee the cute teen loves big cock and nice webcam sometimes it takes a stranger to show us exactly He can't decide, so he remains silent.

Catherine straddles him and places her sensitive clit on his thigh and rubs up and down grinding her pussy against his naked body. His hard cock lay across his belly. She straddles it with her pussy and slides it along the length of his cock. She can feel his hard cock throbbing and twitching against her pussy.

She reaches down and gently caresses his cock in her hand. She rubs the head of his cock against her clit and lets out a low throaty moan. Michael is sure she is going to put his cock in her pussy.

It brought back the recent memories of his first time with Cathy Glover; the Den Mother he assisted at Jerry's Cub Scout Camp four months ago. He recalls how magnificent it felt when his cock slid into Mrs. Glover's wet pussy. His Mom continues to rub his cockhead back and forth, back and forth against her sensitive clit, moaning and quivering. He is tempted to lift his hips and force his cock into her pussy, but that would alert her he is awake.

Michael can feel his orgasm bubbling forth and fights to keep it from exploding all over them. He wants this feeling to last forever. Catherine can feel his cock throbbing faster and pulsating harder. His cock is harder than it has ever been. It is throbbing and quivering like never before.

He can feel his balls stinging and throbbing as his orgasm fast approaches. She knows he won't last much longer, so she stops her gyrations to let him settle down. She rolls to his side but keeps his cock in her hand to make sure he doesn't lose his hardness.

Michael wants to cum, but he also wants to make this last longer. He is glad she stopped the stimulation for the moment. After a sufficient amount time passes and his orgasm didn't seem imminent, she resumes her incestuous assault on her son.

With his cock standing up rock hard, Catherine remounts Michael "cowgirl" style; spreading her legs wide as she positions the head of his cock on her slick vaginal opening and applies gentle pressure. She slowly impales herself. It feels so incredibly beautiful.

Her wetness allows him to slide in easily. She is deliciously tight as her son slowly fills her with his enormous cock. She encases his cock in her well-lubricated pussy in one smooth stroke. He can feel the walls of his Mom's pussy contracting and releasing as his cock slides in as far as it can go.

She lets out a low whimper then pauses a moment. They both feel her tight maternal pussy spreading and then caressing around his thick, throbbing cock head She is panting noticeably, doing everything in her power to keep her moans soft enough not to alert anyone outside the room.

She moves her hips backward and forward as she rubs her clit against Michael's pelvic bone. She pulls her hips back slowly and thrusts forward again, this time faster strokes. She gasps. Faster still. Faster, then harder. She begins a deliberate methodical forward and backward motion that sends chills through the both of them.

Catherine uses her legs to raise her hips in order to pound his cock deeper into her pussy, and she works up to a pounding rhythm to go along with her pelvic moves. Her tight wet pussy hugs every inch of his eight and a half-inch cock as it slides in and out of her.

Her breaths are getting shallow and faster, and Michael can feel her hips start to spasm and her legs shake around him. He knows her orgasm is close and concentrates on timing his orgasm with hers. The timing is perfect as they both explode at the same time. It takes all of Michael's efforts not to throw his arms around her and pull her close to animated doctor gets covered in jizz hardcore cumshot body.

The first twilight of the morning is beginning to stream into the room when Catherine finally dismounts her son and puts her clothes back on. Michael is still trying to calm the internal excitement of fucking his mother when she slips quietly from his room.

Catherine takes the elevator to the fourth floor. As she exits the elevator, she walks right into Dr. Cadbury who is studying a patient's chart. "Excuse me," she mutters as she continues on towards her office. "Wait, Mrs. Winston. I was looking for you earlier to tell you that your son came out of his coma at 11:23 last night. When you have time, I would like to discuss his discharge instruction." Catherine briefly freezes in place. Inside her head, she is screaming, "Oh my God!" over and over.

She realizes that her son was probably awake the whole she fucked him with wild abandon. She is so embarrassed by what she has done. How can she possibly face her son again? How can she face Dr. Cadbury right now? "I'll get back with you about the discharge instructions later," she says as she blushes and continues her flight to the privacy of her office.