Lustful teen daisy stone nailed by her pervert stepdad

Lustful teen daisy stone nailed by her pervert stepdad
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Fbailey story number 480 Deer Hunting It was the first day of deer hunting and I was sitting in my tree stand. It was a very nice tree stand up about twelve feet, partially enclosed, and carpeted. Over the years I had improved it to exactly what I needed in a tree stand…comfort. Anyway I heard a rather loud commotion coming my way. If you have ever been deer hunting you know that noise like that just scares the deer away. I was curious as to who was coming at me.

Then as she rounded the crest of the knoll I almost laughed out loud. It was Katie my neighbor's teenage daughter. I knew that Ted had let her take her hunter's safety course and was going to let her go hunting with him this year, but this was too comical for words.

Katie was about five feet four inches tall and maybe a hundred pounds tops. She was wearing one of her father's camouflaged hunting outfits. It was a one-piece jumpsuit and it was a mile too big for her.

Ted was over six feet tall and over two hundred pounds. As Katie waddled toward me she looked like one of those dogs that has twice as much skin as it needs. You know the kind; they are so ugly that they are cute. I didn't move or say a thing but I did get out my digital camcorder and capture that hilarious moment on film.

Katie stumbled into trees and she tripped over her own feet. Then just as she got almost under me she stopped. She put her gun down and started to get herself out of that humongous outfit. I was shocked to realize that she was totally naked under it.

Ted had always said that he was naked in wild and carnal ramrod riding hardcore and blowjob hunting suits and apparently he had passed that thought on to his young daughter. I also knew that Ted's jumpsuits were made of the same thermal space material that was used inside astronaut's space suits.

He never got cold even on days when it was well below freezing. I was zooming in on her perky little breasts and then on her fuzzy pubic mound.

She was struggling with her bulky suite to try and get it out of the way so that she could pee and not get her suite all wet. She then tried to back up to a fallen log and sit on it. As she tried desperately to get her fanny and her pussy over on the other side of that log she lost her balance and fell onto her back giving me a full frontal view of her sixteen-year-old body. Her eyes were closed and then she smiled as she started to pee in that lying down position.

I saw some steam waif up from below her crotch. She was very happy at that moment. Then she opened her eyes and looked directly at me sitting in my tree stand taking a video of her. She just smiled and did not even try to cover herself up.

Katie asked, "You wouldn't happen to have any toilet paper on you, would you?" I tossed down a small roll and she thanked me. Then I zoomed in on her wiping her pussy dry.

I continued to film her as she got dressed. That was just as comical as her getting undressed, maybe even more. She pulled what would be her father's knee up to her crotch and wrapped a small bungee cord around her upper leg to hold it up. She did the same with her other leg. Nubile films double facial for lesbian hotties then pulled her father's waist up to her armpits and attached another cord there to hold it.

Somehow she managed to get dressed with layers of material hanging around her all over. She looked sort of like the Michelin Tire Man with all her rolls. When she was done she looked up at me and smiled before asking, "What do plan on doing with that video?" I replied, "I'm not sure but I do know that it will be forever etched in my brain." Katie smiled and then stumbled off again.

I sat there for a while realizing that there was not a deer within a mile of me and now with her human scent in the area, that none would come back either. So I got down and walked home. I was not pleased to go home early but then again I could drink a nice glass of hot spiced cider and watch Katie on my big screen television until my wife came home.

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Later that night Ted called me and told me that he had killed two deer thanks to Katie driving them toward him. I just laughed knowing that those deer had no need to be afraid of Katie. The next day Katie came over to apologize for ruining my first day of hunting.

Her father had told her about chasing all of the deer away and leaving her human scent behind when she peed. Apparently she had told her father everything except about me filming it all. Katie then asked, "Can I see the video of me?" Sure. Why not? So I poured us each a glass of wine and popped the DVD into my machine.

We sat back and watched the bull in the china shop. Katie laughed her ass off as she watched how clumsy she was and how ridiculous she looked in her father's jumpsuit. She became very quiet though when I zoomed in on her nudity as she undressed, as she fell onto her back, and as she wiped her pussy. Katie finally said, "You really like me nude, don't you." I replied, "I most certainly do." Then Katie asked, "Can you make another video of me? Maybe this time peeing in a toilet or taking a shower with the door open." I replied, "How about both.

We have a few hours before my wife comes home." Katie said, "I know, my mother is with her. Can we start now and can I have some more wine?" The answer was yes to both of her questions. After she drank half of her wine I turned on the camera and watched as Katie stripped out of her clothes in my bathroom and sat down on the toilet with her knees spread wide apart.

I captured the golden stream as it left her pussy and flowed into the toilet bowl. She made a grand gesture of wiping her pussy really well.

Then she stepped into our shower stall leaving the door open. As an after dating naked lives season episode full episode she placed two big fluffy bath towels on the floor to soak up the water that was certain to get on the floor. She adjusted the water temperature and then she adjusted the spray so that it did not splash all over. Katie then smiled and started to wash her long silky hair. She did it in a way that imitated some commercials that I had seen on television.

The whole time there was soapy water flowing down her breasts, her tummy, and her pubic mound. After a long rinse she soaped up her breasts doing a wonderful job of washing them, caressing them, and exciting me all at the same time. When she got to her pussy, she soaped it up quite well, and then she masturbated in the shower as I recorded it all. She had obviously masturbated in the shower before. She made sure to let the camera know that she was having an orgasm, then a second one, followed by a third orgasm that weakened her knees causing her to sink to the shower floor opening her legs up wider for me.

I zoomed into her red swollen crotch with her pussy fur parted down the middle allowing her pink inner lips to protrude nicely. Her engorged clit was poking out of the top of her slit begging for more attention. Katie sat there under the water for a few more minutes before she stood back up, turned the water off, and started to dry herself off with another big fluffy bath towel.

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She made sure to face me, turn sideways, and then to give me a wonderful rear view too. Her small breasts hardly hung at all when she bent over but her ass cheeks spread well giving me a rather nice view of her light brown puckered asshole.

I hot milf stepmom fucked for the last time by a stepson the camera within an inch of her asshole and watched as it focused clearly. If that had been her finger I could have seen her fingerprints perfectly, instead I could see each and ever crinkle of her sphincter muscle, as it kept closed. Katie knew perfectly well what I was doing and started making her asshole move in and out as if she were trying to take a shit.

Eventually she stood up, walked over to my bed, and then lie back on it. She opened her legs up wide and I put my camera real close to her pussy. It was focusing on her thin downy pubic hairs so that I could almost count them. Katie used her fingers to open her pussy lips up for me.

I had done that before to my wife but having Katie do it herself was far beyond my wildest dreams. The wider she opened herself up, the closer I moved the camera in, until I was filming tiny pink mountains of inner woman flesh. I was sure that I was seeing things that no other man had ever seen before.

As she sank her fingers up inside herself and spread her love tunnel open, I could see her tiny pee hole…and her hymen. Honest to God this sixteen-year-old Goddess was a true virgin and I had proof of it. I wanted to become small enough to live in that pink Wonderland between her legs. Instead I pulled my camera back and replaced it with my face, slipping my tongue into her opening.

Katie moaned, Katie rolled her eyes, and then Katie had yet another orgasm, her first oral orgasm, and her first orgasm at someone else's touch. Katie asked, "Can we make another film clip where you make love to me?" I pulled my face from her crotch to ask, "Are you serious?" Katie said, "I've always had a crush on you.

Do you still think that I didn't know that you were up in your tree stand yesterday when I chose that spot to pee.

I must admit that I didn't plan on falling over that log but it turned out nice, didn't it." I sat the camcorder on my nightstand and undressed to make our first sex movie.

I hoped that it wouldn't be our last movie either. I would put it with the hundred other movies of me making love to my wife. Along with a few I had taken of other women too, like her mother and her aunt. I went back too eating her pussy even though I knew that it wasn't necessary, our foreplay was over, now I was just enjoying it one last time before I contaminated it forever. Once I had awakened her inner beast I knew that her woman juices would change. Not that they would get bad or anything but that they would most likely get stronger tasting.

Katie was not my first virgin so I did have the experience to back it up. In fact I had shared a virgin with my wife once and she too commented on the stronger taste after a few more threesomes with her. I finally slipped my eager cock juicy whore endures hot sex smalltits and hardcore Katie just so that my head was up against her hymen.

Then I asked, "Are you really sure that you want to give me your virginity?" In way of an answer Katie thrust her pelvis up at me impaling herself on my thick shaft.

She cried out momentarily and then thrust up again and again until she had engulfed me entirely. When she finally settled down, I took that as my signal to start.

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I thrust into Katie, hitting bottom on the first stroke. The first thought was that not only had I drilled this hole but that I would have to deepen it some too. Deepen it I did, I pulled her feet up to her ears and thrust down into her body until I could no longer feel such resistance when I bottomed out.

Mother Nature helped rearrange her insides to accommodate my cock. Isn't Mother Nature wonderful? Fucking into Katie was just as sweet as I had thought that it would be.

She was a chip off the old block and her mother was one sweet piece of tail too. Katie's mother had joined my wife and I in more than a few threesomes. When I came in her Katie thanked me and me kissed me for making her a woman. As she glowed afterwards Katie asked, "Someday I would like you to make another video of you and me having sex…with my mother and your wife." I almost choked, that thought had just crossed my mind too. I replied, "I'll be looking forward to it." The End Deer Hunting 480