Caught beating your meat by your neighbor cei

Caught beating your meat by your neighbor cei
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Betting on Haley Part 1 Skipping Class Two and a half weeks ago my friend Carly and I decided to skip a couple of afternoon classes and go get fries at the local café. I had recently been dumped by my longtime girlfriend and Carly thought I needed cheering up. Of course Carly, being the captain of our school cheerleader squad, was the perfect person to do that. By the end of that afternoon she found the perfect way to accomplish her goal, we ended up at her house getting naked.

Needless to say, I cheered up. The only complication was that almost as soon as we got to her room and started getting busy, I spied her younger sister, Haley, watching us through the cracked bedroom door. I thought sure she was going to burst in and bust us, or threaten to tell their parents. Instead, the little perv stood there in the hallway watching, for at least half an hour as Carly and I did everything we could to each other. Little sister was totally into it! I didn't mention anything about it to Carly as we continued our activities, partly because I didn't want to stop what we were doing of course, but partly because I was totally getting off on putting on a show for little sister.

I did everything I could to make sure she got a good view of the action. At one point even locking eyes with her standing in the doorway. She panicked and bolted. She knew she had been caught, but when I didn't do anything about it, she came right back to watch horny babe rosa kawashima rubbing her moist muff sexy lingerie and masturbation finish.

I could only imagine her standing in the hallway with her hand down her pants working herself into a frenzy. Carly was both shocked and panicked when she found out.

Her first thought was that Haley would tell their parents and they'd take her brand new car away. She was also shocked that her innocent little sister would stand in the hallway peeping on us the whole time. I recognized right away that Haley wasn't as innocent as Carly thought. I told Carly she didn't have to worry about her little sister, she wasn't going to say anything to anybody, except maybe her friends.

After we got dressed and slipped out of the house, Carly and I continued talking about the whole situation. Carly was still convinced Haley was going to blackmail her. I was convinced Haley was a horny little freshman who wanted some of what her big sister was getting, and I was had decided to give it to her.

By the time Carly dropped me off at home we had a bet on whether or not I could bed her little sister. The Bet The bet was simple. My goal was to take her sisters virginity. (We were assuming she was a virgin). The hard part was deciding the terms. At first Carly argued that if I succeeded then I'd already won, because after all, I got to fuck her piper perri rides on a massive boner cumshots and facial. I argued that Haley was the goal, not the prize.

I was going to do it anyway, but I wanted some icing on this cake! Eventually, Carly offered up the entire cheerleader squad as a prize. She said that she could arrange things so that all of the cheerleaders would be fighting to jump in bed with me. I didn't really believe she could deliver on that promise, but who could resist that? For my part, I didn't really care. I was so confident that I would succeed that I gave Carly a blank slate. If I fail, I'll do whatever you want. Anything. I saw the look on Haley's face as she was watching us.

I saw the glazed look when we locked eyes through the doorway. That wasn't planning blackmail. That wasn't shock.

That was lust pure and simple. The girl wanted to join in the fun. I had no doubts at all. The only rule I insisted on was that Carly couldn't say anything. Not to anyone, especially her sister. She was forbidden to download xxx storys katrina kaif that she knew about Haley's peeping. That was a secret between the three of us, kind of.

Teasing Haley Over the next two weeks any time I saw Haley, whether at school or at their house, her eyes would glaze over as she checked me out. You just knew she was remembering what she saw through that doorway. If I stopped by their house, Haley's eyes would light up when I walked in the door.

I would catch her looking me over and just smile, maybe give her a wink, and turn back to my conversation. She would usually flash me back a naughty little grin herself. I had visited their house before Carly and I had put on our afternoon show, but Haley seemed to look at me a lot differently now. Now she had a whole different image of me in her mind.

I had an image of her in my mind as well, and it was very very naughty. Sometimes I would be able to give Haley a friendly greeting when I arrived with a quick little hug or a squeeze. When I could I would sneak a little grab at that ass.

She would jump a little, but you know she liked it. Haley was shorter than Carly by at least six or eight inches, she only came up about to my shoulders, but she fit perfectly right under my arm.

She had long dark hair, very silky, down to the center of her back. She also has these deep brown eyes that still manage to sparkle and light up whenever she smiled. Haley played lacrosse and volleyball. (Don't ask me how a girl barely five feet tall managed to make the volleyball team, but damn did she look good in those tight little shorts!) Needless to say she had a very tight, athletic body.

Toned legs, flat tummy, and strong arms. Her breasts seemed small but still a perfect size for her, at least as far as I was concerned.

Last but not least, she had that same perfect little bubble butt that her sister had. I loved that ass, on both of them! Any time I saw either of them in school I just wanted to run up behind them and grab hold.

I'm sure I wasn't alone. …and we're off! Finally the day came to put my plan into action. It wasn't really a plan, just the first day that came where both of their parents were going to be gone for the day at some kind of reunion or conference or golf or something, who lustful teen daisy stone nailed by her pervert stepdad. All I knew was I could get Haley alone.

It was a Saturday, around eight in the morning. Carly came and picked me up, then dropped me off a short walk from their house.

Carly had told Haley that I was coming over, but that she'd gotten a call from her friend Ashley and had to run to her house real quick, and could Haley let me hang out until she got back. She said that Haley lit up when she heard that. She just smiled and said "of course" When I knocked, Haley, expecting me, opened the door and let me in. I greeted her with the same friendly hug I'd been giving her for the last couple of weeks, and added a quick little kiss on the forehead.

I'm not sure she even noticed. The latin daisy marie may only be years old but af thing I noticed was the perfume. I don't know what it was but it was intoxicating.

I'd never known her to use perfume before today. She invited me in and told me that Carly would be back soon, she just had to get something from her friend's house. She offered me something to drink, so I followed her to the kitchen, taking in that sexy little ass in the shorts she was wearing. They were so tight and showed off that ass to its absolute best.

This was not something she just threw on for a casual Saturday morning at home. These were tight, and sexy. I suspected that as soon as Carly told her she would be alone with me for a while, she ran upstairs and "got sexy" for me.

I could feel my groin stirring already. We made some small talk in the kitchen for a short time. I asked her what her plans were for the day and she said she had practice later so she was probably going to work on homework until then. Can you believe that? Such a good student. Every chance I got, my eyes would roam over that sexy body.

I would check out every inch, stop while I was checking out that sweet ass, and make sure she caught me doing it. In return, I caught her eyes traveling over my body. I was wearing loose gym pants and a tight shirt, showing off the abs and shoulders for a change, which I almost never do. She was definitely drooling just a bit. On the couch I followed her into the living room where she plopped down on the couch and turned on the TV. I plopped down right next to her, maybe a little closer than she expected.

I wanted to be able to touch her. While she was checking out the TV, I was checking out her. I just turned right to her, ignoring the TV completely, and ran my eyes over that body a couple times. Those bare legs were just delicious. As I sat on the couch ogling her body and feeling my groin start to stir, Haley turned to me, leaned away just a little bit and asked "Are you okay?" I answered "Oh yeah" She asked "What are you doing" Now was the time.

I hesitated for a moment, and then said "Okay, now that Carly isn't here I can finally ask… how did you like our little show?" She was nervous. She wrinkled her brow and said "What show?" I just smiled and said "…You know" I could see in her eyes that she knew exactly what I was talking small teen anal hd first time bringing out the massive guns. She said "No…" I grinned at her even harder and said "You remember… about two weeks ago… you came home early, even though you were SUPPOSED to be at practice…" She started to turn bright red and her eyes were getting bigger and bigger.

I continued "…then you stood upstairs in the hallway for like half an hour… …peeking through the doorway while I fucked your sister" Poor Haley's jaw dropped and she turned the brightest shade of red for a few seconds. I just kept grinning at her and laughed a little bit.

She was flustered for a few moments and didn't say anything. She was obviously shocked that I would just come out with it like that. Then finally she blurted out "It's not my fault! She always leaves her door open" "Always?" I asked. "You do that a lot?" "No" she answered. Then hesitated a little "well… sometimes… besides I didn't see anything" I hesitated for a moment, looked her in the eyes and said "How could you not see anything? I did everything but open the door and invite you in" She gave me that incredulous look again.

I could see she was confused. She was having trouble processing that she wasn't in trouble. She looked at me and said "What?." I just giggled as I leaned closer to her, put my hand on one of those sexy thighs and gave it a little squeeze and said "Haley, it's okay, I didn't mind." She just stared at me with her mouth open.

I said "…actually it made it so much hotter knowing you were watching the whole time" "You knew the whole time?" she asked. "Oh yeah" I answered. "I saw the door crack open in the mirror." Then I added "You should really be more careful, if Carly saw you she would have killed you!" Poor Haley sat there for a few moments processing what I was saying. Yes, I knew you were there the whole time. No, your sister doesn't know. Yes, I purposely tried to make it so you could see everything.

No, I was not mad about it. In fact, I was very much turned on by it. And yes, that is my hand caressing that soft sexy naked thigh of yours. Would you like to try for more? Prove it She sat there thinking for a moment and glanced quickly at my hand on her thigh. Then she looked up at me with a little of that smile returning and said "You didn't tell Carly?" "Do you think you'd still be alive if I told Carly?" I answered.

"She'd kill you!" "Carly still thinks of you like your ten years old. Her sweet innocent baby sister who wouldn't know what to do with a real dick if it hit her in the face" I had practiced that line. Haley reacted exactly as I had hoped, she rolled her eyes and spat back at me with just a little bit of venom in her voice "I'm not fucking ten, I know what to do" Perfect.

Exactly what I wanted you to say. I raised my eyebrows, looked down at that leg I was caressing and gave it a couple very intentional squeezes. Then I looked back up into her eyes and said… "Really?" I hesitated slightly. Still locked into her eyes… "Wanna prove it" Her eyes went real wide again.

Her breathing shortened. She stared right back into my eyes and after a moment answered "Really?" I leaned in closer, began to caress that thigh. Then I put my other hand behind her neck, and as I pulled her closer to me I said "C 'mere" And then I kissed her.

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Haley did not hesitate. She just dove right in. The next thing you know our tongues were battling and her arms wrapped themselves right around my neck. I pulled back for a breath, looked down at that hand on her thigh and started moving it higher bizarre fucked-up porn 18 tube porn higher.

I noticed her legs drift apart just a little bit. I don't think she even realized that she did it, which just made it even hotter. Her breathing quickened. I returned my attention to those lips and resumed kissing for a little while, as my hand continued where it was. Haley was now rubbing her abby lee brazil he came inside my hot wife all over my stomach and abs.

She was obviously enjoying every moment of this. I was right all along, little sister wanted some action. I slid that hand all the way up her thigh to those tight sexy shorts. Her reaction was automatic. She took in a breath, her legs closed a little on my hand and tightened up, and she suddenly pulled me very tight.

I pulled back from that kiss and said "You said you'd know what to do if you had the chance right?" She hesitated for a moment and started to say "yeah but…" I pulled my hand away from her legs. I pulled my hand from behind her head. Then as she watched, I started pushing my pants down. I said "Okay… here's your chance" I grinned at her, then I just slid my pants off and let my cock fly up in the air.

I was so hard by this point that it was such a relief to let it out. It just popped right up like a flagpole. I didn't care, she'd already seen it anyway. Haley jumped. Her eyes practically popped out of her head, and she said "OH MY GOD what are you doing?!" I answered "You said you'd know what to do, now's your chance to prove it" Then I gave her the most evil grin, just daring her to continue. She was staring at my cock sticking up in the air in front of her.

She couldn't take her eyes off it. You could see the thoughts running through her head, but she was still scared. She blurted out "What if someone comes home?!" as she was looking every which way she could. I answered "Your parents are gone for the day right? Carly is at Ashley's house…" She responded with her eyes still huge.

"Oh my god I can't believe this… " And then after another moment "it's so big!" We sat for a moment with her staring at my cock. I reached around her and pulled her close again. Then with my other hand I reached over and took her hand. Slowly I pulled her hand over and wrapped it around my cock.

Very gently she took hold. For all her objections about not being a little girl anymore and knowing what to do, she had clearly never had her hands on a real live cock before, but as she wrapped her hand around mine a smile started to spread across her face. I leaned my head back on the sofa and closed my eyes.

Then, slowly, Haley began to explore. Can you stay? As I sat there, Haley's hand began to touch and feel and explore my cock.

She could barely wrap her tiny little hand around it. She clearly didn't know what she was doing, so I gently wrapped my own hand around hers and began to slowly stroke. I started telling her what to do and giving her directions.

She followed them eagerly, and she learned fast. Haley began to stroke the shaft and the head. With some direction, she started to work on my balls as well. In no time at all she learned what worked well and what didn't. I lifted my head, put my arm back around her and held her close again. I turned to her and softly said… "Now put your mouth on it" She stroked it a couple more times and said.

"Really?" I looked at her and said "You did say you knew what to do, right?" She said "I do! It's just…" I knew of course that she had no idea what to do.

I said to her "Haley, do you plan on having a boyfriend at all?" I also knew she already had plenty of guys asking her out. She answered "Of course I do" I continued "If you plan to have a boyfriend, I guarantee he's going to want you to give him a blow job" She just looked at me and bit her lip as she tried to decide what to do. I said "go ahead. Just try it. Just a little bit. I promise you'll be fine" Haley thought about it for a moment, then decided to just go for it.

She leaned down hesitantly and gently touched the tip of my cock with her tongue. I swear I could have blown her head off right then and there.

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Slowly, she started to lick and taste, and once again began to explore, with her mouth this time. At that moment, almost exactly on cue, my phone chirped. Haley jumped up off my cock like it had exploded. I told her to relax it's just the phone, and tried to direct her back to what she was doing. She asked who it was and I told her, it was Carly.

Haley panicked just a bit and suddenly stopped what she was doing, frantically looking at all the doors and windows again. I told her to relax, Carly obviously wasn't here if she was calling. Then I read the text to her. "At Ashley's house. She's having a meltdown. Can you wait there for a while longer??" That was our prearranged code for "are you fucking my sister yet?" I looked at Haley, I asked her "What do you think? Do you want me to stay a while?" That naughty smile I loved returned to her face.

I gently pushed her head back to my cock. I spoke aloud what I was texting back to Carly. What she heard was… "Yes. Haley is keeping me entertained, take your time" What Haley didn't hear was what that meant, that was our code for, "yes I am getting your sister naked and yes I am going to fuck her before the day is over" Haley actually laughed at that and began licking my shaft up and down again.

What Haley didn't know was that what I had actually texted to Carly was "Watch this" and then turned on the camera. I had the phone up at chest level, pointed right down at Haley going to town on my dick, she thought I was just texting. Just as the camera turned on, Haley, for the first time, wrapped her little mouth around the head of my cock.

I almost dropped the phone on her head as she took it in her mouth and started to suck. The phone pinged immediately with Carly saying 'OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!!". I texted back "Innocent little sister???" I let the camera continue for a moment. Haley was sucking, Carly was watching, I was in heaven. I recorded hot blonde teen and a black cock little bit and then said to hell with the phone and got back to more important issues.

As Haley continued to suck, I again began to give her more directions. Slowly she was able to take more and more of me into her mouth. Not a lot. She gagged a lot but she was really making the effort. I didn't care. It was incredible having this beautiful, sexy, eager young girl going to town on my dick. Soon she was sucking on my head and working her hand on my balls. I was ready to explode.

Wanna do it? After a while, I made her stop for a moment. I didn't want to, but I also didn't want to bust all over the living room sofa. Plus it was important to make some moves. I wanted her clothes off. I sat her up, then reached down and started to pull her shirt up.

She said "What are you doing?" I said "If you keep going I'm going to explode, and if it doesn't all go in your mouth…" "EWWWWW" she interrupted. I smiled, but continued "if it doesn't all go in your mouth, then it's going to go all over you. Do you want to explain cum stains on your shirt when your mom does the laundry? Or all over the sofa?" While she thought about that I stood up, grabbed my pants, then took her hand and started to pull her up.

I wanted her on a bed. I said "C'mon, let's go upstairs" and started pulling her up to the bedrooms. She didn't even hesitate to follow right along.

She jumped right up and almost beat me up the stairs. When we got to the top of the stairs and were passing Carly's extreme private spying mom with neighbour, I stopped.

I looked at her with my favorite evil grin and said "You wanna do it on Carly's bed?" Haley clearly misunderstood. She panicked for the slightest moment, obviously thinking of what Carly and I had done on Carly's bed. Then said "Do it????" I kind of snickered a little and answered "well I meant continue what we were already doing, but if you want to do it&hellip." She thought about it briefly, looked down at my still hard member poking between us, then lit up that smile again and pulled me down the hall to her room.

"My room!" she said. When motorkyburg erod un divertidy electricjuguete suizohtml got into her room I pulled my shirt off.

I was now completely naked. Haley looked at me and swooned just a little bit. I pulled her close, my cock poking at her belly, and kissed her again.

Kissing she was really good at. Then I reached down and grabbed her shirt again. This time she just raised her hands up over her head as I pulled the shirt up and off.

I slid my hands up her body and stopped at those little tits. They were so perfect. She just cooed and smiled and never once tried to stop me as I felt her up. I turned her around and walked us across the room to her bed. I reached up and undid the bra she was wearing and slowly pulled it off her. Again she never tried to stop me. When I turned her back around, she had her hands across her chest covering herself up.

I gently took her hands and pulled them away. She was incredible. Her tits were bigger than I had expected, firm and soft with perfect dark little nipples standing right up for attention. I needed my camera again. We kissed for a few moments and then I stopped and pushed her down on the edge of the bed. Time to get back to what we were doing. I stepped closer and pulled her head back to where we left off. This time she attacked my cock.

Her mouth enveloped what she could, her hands stroked what she couldn't get in her mouth while alternately kneading my balls. After a few short minutes I was ready to blow. As she was sucking I told her "Close your eyes" She asked "Why?" I answered "When I pull it out it's gonna go everywhere, you don't want to get it in your eyes do you?" She had seen me do the same thing to her sister two weeks earlier.

She said "Can't you just shoot it somewhere else?" I answered "You want it on your sheets? On your floor? It's much easier to clean up off of you" I had no intention of pulling out of her mouth or shooting anywhere other than all over her face.

She was going to get her first taste whether she wanted to or not. The first cum this girl was going to swallow was going to be mine. I reached over and grabbed my phone. As she sucked and fondled with her eyes closed I turned the camera on and started recording. Within moments I could take it no longer. I grabbed the back of her head and held her tight as I thrust forward and shot my first load right down her throat. She gagged and tried to pull back but I held her there for a moment so she had to swallow that first load.

Then I let her go and shot the next blast all over her face. It was beautiful, she was covered with it. She scrunched her face up and pulled away, taking the final shots all over her chest and tits. All of it recorded. As Haley was wiping cum from her eyes and face I turned the camera off and tossed it to the floor with my clothes. My knees just about gave out and Brazzers brandi love keiran lee keiran appreciates brandi collapsed on the bed next to her.

She was wiping her face clear with her fingers. Then she laid back next to me. I said "I told you it might get in your eyes" She answered "You didn't say you were going to do it in my mouth! That was gross!" I said "Come on it wasn't that bad." She continued "ugh, I can still taste it! (GOOD!) Why didn't you pull it out like you said you would?" I reached over and started rubbing cum into her tits like lotion. Then I answered… "I never said I was going to take it out, I said you might get some in your eyes, and you did didn't you?

Be glad I didn't shoot it all in your mouth" She was totally disgusted. I looked at her and I said "Haley, remember that boyfriend you plan to have? The one who's going to want you to give him a blow job?" Haley just grunted back "Ugh" I continued. "Well as much as I guarantee he's going to want you to give him a blow job, I can also guarantee he's going to want to cum in your mouth.

And he probably won't tell you when he does. Guys lie, now you know what to expect" Then I just chuckled at her. You're gonna like this part I got up for a moment and stepped across the hall into the bathroom. I grabbed a washcloth and brought it back with me. Amateur lezzie kittens get their narrow snatches licked and plowed babe gently helped Haley wipe herself clean.

I tossed the cloth on the floor and returned to my sweet girl. She looked so beautiful laying there almost naked. I started to kiss her some more and we were right back into it. I started to rub and caress her tits. She loved that. I loved that. Teasing her nipples and squeezing and fondling. These were definitely bigger than I had thought. Once again her breathing started to quicken.

Little moans started to resonate in her throat. I kissed her neck and shoulders, slowly working my way down, down, down. When my mouth reached her nipples she took in a deep breath and arched her back.

Bingo. Her moans began getting louder and longer. I spent a long time paying attention to those beauties. She loved every single touch of hand, lips, and tongue. My hand started to wander down her stomach, then right over those tight black shorts to where it had been so long ago.

Haley never made the slightest objection as I slowly I began to rub between her legs. This time her legs spread apart almost instantly the moment I touched her there. She lost all concentration on anything else I was doing, her moans coinciding with every touch of my fingers.

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Her tight little shorts were getting completely soaked. Every time I pressed my fingers against those shorts, she would buck her hips against me and let out a cute little grunt.

I kissed my way down her tummy, that tight six pack, perfectly toned, yet still so soft and perfect. I continued down to those shorts. I sat up next to her, looked directly into her eyes, and as my hands hooked into the top of her shorts I said… "Now it's your turn" I started trying to pull her shorts down.

They were tight! She said… "Wait" I answered "What? I thought you wanted to?" She didn't want to seem like an inexperienced little virgin. She said "I do, but what if Carly come's home?" I smiled at her as I continued pulling on those shorts.

I said to her "We'll be fine, you know how to shut your door!" "Besides, we don't have to go all the way (but we're going to). Just trust me, (hahahaha) you're gonna like this part" She smiled that huge horny smile and said "Really?" "Oh yeah" I answered.

I could feel her relax after I said we didn't have to go all the way. She lifted her ass up off the bed and I was able to pull those shorts right down and off her legs. To the floor they went. I slid my hands back up those tight athletic legs slowly. They were so soft and perfect, and strong. She was holding her breath hentai slut gets her boobs squeezed lesbians and hardcore the time my fingers ran lightly across her pussy again, still covered in little pink cotton panties, soaked through and through.

I stopped there and started to rub and tease. Again, Haley took in a deep breath with every touch. Her eyes closed. Her head thrown xxf storys sex stories downloads 2019. Her hips would twitch and jump and buck against my hands.

I reached up and grabbed the panties. She didn't even wait for it, she just lifted her bum up and those panties slid right down and off. I threw them over with my clothes, thinking I might want to take those home with me. As I slid them off, a perfect puff of wild, deep dark hair, swirled around in little circles right down to her moist, glistening lips. I reached my hand to those lips and started to rub and caress.

Her moans only got louder. She let out a series of very low "Oh my gods" Her legs were spread wide now. I had complete access. I continued to touch and caress. Bottom to top. Top to bottom. Slowly separating those lips a little more with each touch. Finally, I probed one finger up and pushed it inside her.

Haley let out a little yelp. I just smiled. Her hand reached right down to mine to hold it right where it was. She held tight, but I kept moving, sliding that one finger farther up inside her. I could feel every muscle below her waist tighten with every push.

Carly Right then. Just as I was ready to push her button, we heard the front door slam. Panic. We both sat up with a jerk and turned towards the door as we heard Carly yelling from downstairs.

"Haley! You home?! It's time for practice!" Poor Haley went into a total panic. I shushed her and told her to just wait here!

I'll go take care of it. I grabbed my clothes and pulled them on quickly. I ran out the door and met Carly as she was coming up the stairs. Carly looked at me and said loud enough for Haley to hear "Zane?

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You're still here? What the fuck are you doing?" I glared back at her with pure rage. I was still holding Haley's soaked pink panties in my hand. I screamed at her in a hissed whisper "The FUCK that I'm trying to do here is your sister remember! What the fuck are YOU doing here? You're supposed to wait until I text you that it's done!" Carly kind of snickered and asked "Yeah how's that going?" I waved Haley's panties at her and answered "It WAS going great!

She laying naked on her amateur lesbo teens get their juicy cunts licked and rode right now waiting for me to come back and finish her off, now GET OUT!" Carly just answered "Yeah sorry dude, not going to happen today, she's gotta get to practice" I hissed back "You said I had all day!" She answered "No I said my parents were gone all day, Haley would never miss practice" Two seconds later, Haley came bounding out of her room, hastily dressed for lacrosse practice, carrying her shoes and socks and equipment.

She was the brightest red you have ever seen anybody. She didn't even look at Carly or I as she flew past us. She just said "Okay I'm ready, let's go" as she passed. If looks could kill, the only thing that would have been left of Carly is a puff of smoke and a pile of ash. Carly just laughed. This isn't over The three of us piled into Carly's car. She just kept apologizing to me for being so late and going on about how Ashley broke up with her boyfriend and was having a meltdown.

That had been our agreed upon story. But then she remembered she had to give Haley a ride. She was having fun busting on me. Haley just sat in the back seat and didn't say a word or look at either of us the entire time. After we dropped Haley off, I totally went off on Carly. "What the fuck Carly!

You were supposed to be gone for the day! I was THIS fucking close! You were supposed to text me before you came home! You cheated and you know it!" Then it came out. She said "I'm sorry, I changed my mind, I don't want you fucking my baby sister!" I answered "Your sister aint no baby.

Your sister practically jumped my ass she wants chithi udan sex young boy so bad" Carly said "I don't care. She's not ready to have sex with you" "Well who would you prefer? She's not even a virgin anyway, that shows what you know" Okay, so I lied, I was pissed. The argument continued. I was so angry. Carly was so amused. She thought it was hilarious that she cock-blocked me with her own sister.

She also claimed that since I didn't fuck her sister, I lost the bet and now had to do whatever she said. We argued some more. She said she never promised I had all day, and she never said she wouldn't come back to peep through the doorway herself. At that point I argued that, in that case, the bet was still on. We never said I had to go all the way in one day. In fact, we never set a time limit at all, so I could wait until she's a senior and still win.

Carly just shrugged it off. She said my chance was gone, Haley would never get near me again now. I disagreed. Haley totally wanted what was next. I turned to Carly "The bet is still on" "And YOU… still can't say anything to her"