Petite schoolgirl rides hard on a bbc interracial brunette

Petite schoolgirl rides hard on a bbc interracial brunette
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STEWART'S ADVENTURES 1 - BABYSITTING BRAD THE BRAT `I know its short notice Stewart, but I latina with big tits makes pawg lesbo squirt using strapon squirting and big butt often get invited out since Brad's father moved out, I'll pay you œ25 for the night and all the Pizza you can eat.' `Ok I guess I can Mrs Chinese webcam cute hot asian tease millayung part. I'll be over at 7'.

I said as I put down the phone. Now I don't really like my next door neighbours kid Brad. He is a spoilt obnoxious brat, who always gets what he wants and likes to wind me up as soon as adults are out of earshot.

Why does he hate me so much? I don't think he actually hates me. He's just shitty towards everyone. I have this theory that some people who are blessed with stunning awesome looks get real bad attitudes because they get fawned over and treated like royalty from birth.

So they don't bother learning or adopting good social skills. We've all met them right? Boys or girls that are so gorgeous and effortlessly graceful that we all feel inadequate by comparison and they get treated differently because of it. Brad was one such person. Anyway enough of my home spun psychology bullshit!

Why would I agree to spend the evening with the little bastard? Well firstly I could badly do with the cash, but secondly and most importantly, he just so happens to be the most stunning 9 year old little blonde god who has ever graced the planet. I had just turned 15 and I already acknowledged the fact that I was Bisexual and that I had an obsession with young boys (as well as lads my own age). I was also developing something of a foot fetish. Just going round a mate's house and watching them take their trainers off and walking round in socked feet was enough to get me hard.

As for them going barefoot, I was in heaven! One of my best friends is a lad called Adam who is 14(a year younger than me) and I must admit I've got a bit of a crush on him. Ok dear reader, I can trust you, we're friends right? What the fuck, I'll admit it I'm a bit in love with him. Whenever I go round his house, he walks around barefoot, which I find incredibly erotic. I even surreptitiously took some pics of him when he was laying on his bedroom floor in his boxers and barefoot playing on his Playstation.

I was sitting on his bed pretending to text someone. I would wank myself silly over the my sneakily taken shots when I got home. I always felt really bad after I had got off. Adam is such a sweet and trusting guy, who really values me as a friend and doesn't deserve to be perved over like that. I'm certain that he is straight so nothing will ever happen.

I've even got a girlfriend (the beautiful Helen Tucker, 15 years old with great tits and lusted after by most boys in my year) I should think of myself as lucky, but I'm always thinking of Adam while I'm fucking Helen bandy.

Jesus, why am I such a dirty deviant bastard? I dunno where it all comes from, but I just can't help myself. I wish I could be like Adam, you know normal, just fancy girls and that be enough for me. Not lusting after young boys and my mates and drooling over their feet.

What the fuck is wrong with me? So there you have it. Quite a perverse package for a 15 year old, I'm sure you'll agree. Quick description of me slim swimmers build, jet black straight hair parted in the middle kept quite short. People say I look a bit like Elijah Wood (probably the cobalt blue eyes) who is hot, so I can't be that bad. I have also been blessed with a thick 7 inch uncut cock which, although, I've seen bigger, I am well proud of. My bedroom overlooks Brad's back garden and I had got in the unhealthy habit of waiting by the window for hours on end hoping Brad would come out and play.

I have had quite a bit off luck this summer. On a couple of occasions Brad has come out and played keepy uppy with a ball. Once in he came out in only some silky yellow football shorts an socks bare-chested.

I loved watching the way his tight, flat belly muscles would contact and tighten as he gracefully played. He had a super smooth athletic little body, beautifully tanned and perfectly proportioned. The best time though was when it was real hot and his mum filled a paddling pool and Brad came out with one of his cousins. He was in a pair of electric blue Speedos and I nearly came in my pants at the very sight.

His young cock filled them so well that at first I thought he had a hard on. But I saw him casually rearrange it to one side a couple of times and it was obviously still slack.

I shot my load 5 times in one hour watching him play with his 12 year old cousin who was a skinny but sexy boy also in Speedos. He bullied his cousin something awful, tripping him up and holding his head under the water. They would wrestle and the aggressive Brad, though younger, would always get the better of him. Brad often ended up with his knees on the older boys shoulders. He would slap the helpless skinny boys face and pinch his arms as his Speedo clad cock poked lewdly inches away from his face.

I'm sure it got bigger as they wrestled. At one point his cousin got a stiffy at which point Brad yelled; `Ugh! You dirty boy, you've got a hard on'. He then kept slapping it as hard as he could till it went away. As I watched this amazing show I was clicking away with my digital camera. I've wanked over the precious pics every night since. So the proposition of getting close to this little Adonis was making me very horny.

I dirty talking father and daughter at 7 on the dot. I was wearing some silky white Nike trackie bottoms (cos they felt sexy against my cock as I wasn't wearing any undies) and a baggy blue Nike training top that I hoped would adequately cover my inevitable numerous erections over the evening.

`Come in Stewart, so nice of you to help me out like this. Brad will be home in a second, He has been playing Tennis with one of his Friends' At that exact moment Brad appeared in the door behind me.

He looked stunning in his white tennis gear, a loose fitting Fred Perry shirt, tight shorts and white sports socks. He casually kicked off his spotless Adidas trainers and my cock started to rise at the sight of his socked little feet.

`What's the dork from next door doing here?' he sneered, `Now be nice Bradley. Stewart is going to look after you for the night while I go to the dance with Tony. He's bought some Playstation games you can both play together.' `I've told you Mother I don't need a baby sitter.' `You are 9 years old Bradley. There's no way Lisa ann in lesbian scene with keisha grey masturbation jacuzzi will leave you on your own.

Sorry about him Stewy. He hasn't been the same since his Father dserted us. Money is on the kitchen table for Pizzas I will be back about 12ish. My number is on the pin board if you need to get hold of me'. `So what sappy games you brought then Stewy?' He said sarcastically wrinkling his dinky little nose after his mum had gone. Even when he was being unpleasant I couldn't help but marvel at his gorgeous face.

He kinda reminded me a bit of the Draco Malfoy character in the Harry Potter films. Sharp handsome features, sparkling blue eyes, small cute nose, perfect straight white teeth and ruby red lips kissable lips.

`I got Ratchet and Clank and FIFA Soccer' I told him not rising to his goading. `FIFA! Hah! I'm gonna kick your sorry ass. I rule at FIFA' He bragged.

I loaded the game and we arranged ourselves on the sofa so we faced each with our feet upon the sofa with our backs against the arm rest opposite each other. His socked little feet kept making contact with mine sending electric shocks through me and sending more blood to my already engorged cock.

His baggy top kept riding up as he lay back exposing his delicious belly button and flat boy belly. Even though I was severely distracted, I was far too good for him and my Arsenal side were thrashing his Tottenham team. He was getting ratty and started to jog my hands with his feet. I loved the feeling of his feet on my hands and I was still beating him.

I got a penalty and he changed tactics and started sticking his feet in my face and over my nose and wiggling his toes. God he had no idea what that was doing to me. I could smell his musty boy feet sweat from his earlier tennis exertions. I wanted to stick my tongue out and taste them but daren't. I protested loudly and deliberately missed the penalty to encourage him to do it more.

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I took the opportunity to grab hold of his thin, muscular, hairless little calves and ankles in a attempt to stop him. With his feet going into my face any time it looked like I might score, he manged to pull the game back to 3-3.

He was squealing with laughter and goading me in his high pitched sexy voice. `Not so clever now are you fart knocker?!' In the last minute I got another penalty which would surely win me the game if I scored.

Brad was taking no chances sprang forward and lunged at me and trying to wrestle the joypad out of my hands. We both tumbled onto the floor and brad rolled on top of me to try and pin me. The inevitable happened and he felt my painfully hard cock on his stomach. He leapt of me as if he had been scalded. `Ugh you've got a boner you filthy git!' he yelled. `Sorry Brad, It just happened' I protested.

`God do you fancy me or something? You must be some kind of queer. It felt bloody massive. You wait till I tell my mum' `Don't do that please Brad you'll get me in trouble' I begged. `Get it out and show me it or I will tell' He sneered. `I can't do that. It would be against the law' I said, half thrilled at the thought an half terrified.

`I bet it's against the law to push your boner on a 9 year old boy as well' he said. `Look I'll show it to you, but you must promise not to tell anyone ok?' `Whatever. Let's see it then' I knelt on the settee, dizzy with excitement, an pulled my trackies down and my 7 inch boner sprang into view. I had never seen it look so big and thick. The fat shiny knob head was leaking large amounts of precum.

Brad scooted over on the floor and knelt in front of me so his face was just inches away from it. `Jesus, It's huge and all veiny an horrible' He said with a mixture of revulsion and awe on his face. His face got so close that I could feel his breathe on my turgid pulsating member. For a glorious second I thought he was going to kiss it or lick it but he put his nose to it and made contact which caused my desperate cock to twitch violently and smear some stringy precum on his pretty little nose.

`Ugh that's disgusting and smells horrid. You're a freak. Willys aren't supposed to get that big'. I guess curiosity got the better of him because he then wrapped his little hand around it and gave it a couple of strokes. His little hand couldn't get anywhere near round its circumference and looked tiny on it.

I gasped out loud and nearly came there and then. Then he got back on the settee and resumed his position of feet up and his back against the arm rest leaving me kneeling with my magnificent erection jutting out. I was almost out of my mind with lust. `Get rid of it.' He said as I sat back down facing him, `I don't want you sat next to me with that smelly monster poking up all night' By now I had lost all reason and I was frantic for him to touch me again 'It's not that easy Brad, when a teenager like me gets exited the only way to get rid of it is to jerk off.

You must get stiffys sometimes don't you? and sometimes touch yourself?' `No I don't. Well ok I do sometimes, but I get them when I see sexy girls like your sister (my 13yo foxy sis Kate) not when I'm playing Playstation with other boys. There's something wrong with you gay boy.' With that he pushed his foot into my lap and squashed my iron hard cock with his socked foot and withdrew it and did it again with his other foot. I moaned loudly and nearly fainted with pleasure.

`Make it go sexy doxy truly loves fucking a lot kept saying as he squashed it again. He then withdrew his feet sat cross-legged. `Make it go away or I'm telling mum' He said with a vicious smirk on his face. I took a big gamble and said `Please Brad, help me get rid of it, just stroke it for me it will only take a minute I promise.

I'll give you a tenner' It wasn't me talking any more honest. My cock was a ventriloquist and I was its dummy! `You must be joking! I don't want that horrible thing anywhere near me not even for a tenner'. Suddenly the gods of inspiration struck `Look you won't have to even really touch it properly, just curvy babe angela white gets fucked and cum sprayed me rub it on your feet for a little while and I'll give you a tenner(the only money I had on me) and a Playstation game.' `On my feet!' he shrieked `God you really are a freaking weirdo!

Ok, I'll take your FIFA Soccer, your ten pounds, then you have to buy me the new Grand Theft Auto when it comes out on Friday' The greedy little bastard!

But I would have happily agreed to give a pension, my first born and let him Butt fuck my Mum! I was so desperate to get this poisonous little angel to bring me off.

`Deal' I said. I could barely believe my luck. I was literally shaking with lust as I took hold of his gorgeous little boy feet, guided them into my lap and placed one on either side of my quivering penis. I pushed them together and started thrusting my hips pushing my cock in and out between his socked feet.

I thought I was going to faint with pleasure as we both watched my thick 7 inch dick ride in and out from his feet. Then inspiration hit me again. `Brad your socks are chaffing a bit on my willy.

Can I take them off please?' `Whatever. Just hurry the fuck up and get this over' This was too much! I peeled each sock of his sexy little feet and had to use every ounce of determination I had left not to shoot my load as I brought my raging hard cock into contact with the bare skin of the soles of his feet.

I guided my engorged knob up to his dainty little toes and smeared my slippery precum all over them. `Hurry up numb nuts. Perky tits blond babe alexa grace nailed wanna play on my Playstation and you can make me some popcorn' I wanted this to last all night but he was getting a little freaked out and I couldn't last much longer anyway So I got up from my seated position so that I was kneeling on the couch facing Brad, my backside on my heels and his legs straight out in front of him.

I lifted brads feet into my lap and put my cock in between them again and started slowly thrusting. My bloated cock head lewdly appeared between the arches of his feet. Brad watched with his mouth slightly open stuck between fascination and horror. I picked up the pace and the sensations going through my body and my brain were incredible. I couldn't believe how many taboos I was breaking as I sexually abused the cute little feet of this most desirable nine year old boy.

I felt twisted pleasure knowing I was about to spurt my semen all over this spiteful, but still innocent, little boy. And then it happened.

I gave a long hard thrust and a long rope of spunk shot out of my swollen cock head, which cleared Brad's body and landed on Brad's lips and nose.

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My second thrust caused a another jet of semen to fly out and spattered onto his neck and his tennis shirt. I thrust again and again each time a ribbon of cum would shoot out, some landing on Brad's beautiful tanned thighs and shorts, some more on his muscular little calves and gallons drizzled over his pretty little boy feet.

I was howling with pleasure as I unloaded 8 or 9 times over the appalled Brad. I was enchanting petite nympho gets her tight cunt and tiny butthole fucked so hard I could see shapes and colours before my eyes.

It was the most intense and longest orgasm of my young life, as I spasmed uncontrollably again and again. `What the fucking hell was that! Did you just piss on me?' Brad yelled as he wiped my spunky jism of his lips with the back of his hand. `Sorry Brad I didn't mean to cum all over you `. I lied `It's not pee, its semen. When an older boys willy gets very excited it shoots out the end. It's what makes babies. You'll be able to make some yourself when you are a bit older' I told him breathlessly.

His tongue delicately darted out and licked the remnants of my cum of his lips. That image will be burnt into my mind for the rest of my horny life. `Look at the shitting mess you've made of me you filthy fucker. You better get me cleaned up and quick.' He said angrily. I was still on a euphoric high of my orgasm and without thinking I lifted his right foot to my mouth and started licking my sticky boy juice of his delicious little toes and worked my way along the arch of his foot, then the sole.

My hungry licking tongue slithered along his ankle and up his calve, collecting up my all my sticky cum as I went. Brad looked down at me agog. His sky blue eyes wide in disbelief at my actions, I honestly think he was too dumbfounded to speak. Encouraged by the fact that he hadn't tried to stop me, I raised his cum splattered left foot to my lips and my tongue started circling around his big toe then licking deep in-between his cute little pinkies.

The heady taste of his sweet boy feet sweat and my own gooey spunk had my mind reeling and my cock hard as steel again. I lovingly cleaned the rest of his foot then trailed my tongue up and around his calve. It was his left thigh that had received a huge string of cum that continued on to cover the bottom of his shorts. My licking continued to snake up over his knee and onto the front of his thigh. I could feel his muscles ripple and tremble under the administration of my sensual licking motion.

I glanced up and looked into Brad's mesmerized face. The internal struggle that was going on behind his sexy blue eyes was obvious. He was enjoying my sexy licking of his delicious feet and legs but at the same time was revolted by the whole episode. As I looked down again a very obvious bulge had appeared in his tight silky shorts.

I started to slurp my tongue slowly along the inside of his thigh getting closer and closer to his most personal area. I worked my tongue a little way under the hem of his shorts and my nose grazed lightly on his long erection. He gave a little jump at the contact. I moved up slightly and gave a long slurping lick across a big gooey patch on his shorts that was stretched across his straining silky encased boner.

`Whoa! That's enough. I can do the rest myself' He yelled pulling back. Shit! I had gone too far. He had a confused and angry expression on his face. I guess he couldn't work out why his young cock was reacting to my licking. I honestly don't think Brad had a gay bone in his body (dammit!) and to be fair I think pretty much anybody would have reacted in the same way when being licked so sexily around so many erogenous zones. `Sorry Brad. Just trying to help.

Look you've still got loads on your neck and your ear.' I grabbed one of his discarded socks and wiped away the slimy cum. `Not with that you idiot! Get me a warm flannel and my pyjamas. We'll have to hide those socks now in case mummy finds them' He whined. `Don't worry I'll take care of those'. Oh yes, I'll take care of them alright.

Brad's spunky socks were coming home with me as a treasured souvenir! `And get rid of that horrible thing it's still all massive and hard. You said it would go away.' `Sorry it will in a minute.' I said as I hastily pulled my track suit bottoms over my harder than ever member.

I ran up the stairs into Brad's bedroom which was a typical 9 year old boys room, pov blowjob video with my indian gf tube porn in Spider-man and PokeM"n posters. Clothes, comics and video games littered the floor. I found a dirty pair of his underpants that had Sonic the Hedgehog on them and brought them to my nose and deeply breathed in Brad's wonderful musty boy smell.

I pulled down my trackie bottoms and my throbbing cock whanged into view again. I put the Brad's dirty undies over the end of my cock and wanked rapidly into them. I think I came after only a dozen strokes. Another souvenir of the night for me I thought as I stuffed his pants into mother sleeping fucking her son pocket.

I looked in some drawers and found some pyjamas then grabbed a flannel from the bathroom and went back downstairs. Brad had taken his soiled Fred Perry shirt off and was stood their in just his silky shorts. God he looked ravishing. His muscular tight chest and flat toned belly looked all the awesome big tit blonde strips on webcam for his deep bronze tan. I went over to him and tenderly dabbed the warm flannel over his neck and ear.

Some of my spunk was even in his blonde hair. I wiped gently around his mouth and nose while he gave me a look of pure naked contempt. I started dabbing around his chest towards his brown nipples, but he pushed my hand away and snatched his Pyjamas from my other hand.

Then he unceremoniously dropped his shorts leaving him standing in just a pair of white Bikini briefs. I think I may well have gasped as I drank in the sight of his still hard cock straining right up to his hip with the head of his boner sticking out of the top of his inadequate sheer briefs. It was thin but ridiculously long for a boy his age.

It must have been 6 maybe even 7 inches long `Don't look at me you fucking faggot.' He screamed as he deep fucking for a petite blondes tight pussy turned away from me, now giving me a great view of his perfect peach of a boy ass `You better bring that game around on Friday or I'm gonna tell my mum what a Gaylord freak the wonderful neighbour boy Stewy really is.' Somehow his anger and aggression just made him seem even more desirable and horny to me.

Jeez, I really am a sicko! `Hey I give you my word I will' I said starting to get a bit scared and wondering where I was gonna get the money. `Come on hand over the tenner and your FIFA game I didn't get covered in that goo for nothing. Some of that nasty shit even got into my mouth.' I passed him my precious copy of FIFA and my œ10. Possessions and money will come and go but vivid memories like the standard of that evening last a lifetime.

It was well worth the price. The rest of the evening passed of regretfully tamely, with Brad treating me with brooding contempt and issuing orders like I was his personal slave. I don't think my hard on subsided all evening as he slumped around the sofa in a Spider-man pyjama top and matching pair of thin pair of Pyjama shorts. I could hardly concentrate on the Harry Potter Dvd that Brad put on as we ate our pizzas.

I longed to touch his bare slender legs and pretty feet, but figured I had already pushed my luck way far for one night.

When the movie finished, Brad got up and without a word went to bed. Obviously I spent the next couple of days either shitting myself with worry that Brad would blab or wanking myself into a cock splint, constantly reliving the evening again and again. Regrets I have a few, but then again none from that fantastic night! FIN Well, that's the end of Stewart's first episode with Brad. Hope you liked it. I have 3 or 4 other installments in mind Some fact some fiction.

The next involves Stewart plotting and executing a very naughty scheme to get closer to the charming Brad whilst babysitting him again. Let me know what you think. Any constructive criticism will be welcome. Send any feedback, praise, stories, poems, sonnets, whatever to: [email protected] I will laugh my arse of at flames!