Mom tech son and daughter

Mom tech son and daughter
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While Falling I saw my whole life past right before eyes. Not like the ones you see on TV. What I saw was more horrific.

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Every girl who ever called my dick small flash through my eyes. The first was my mom. "Its so small honey. Do you think it will eve grow?" when I was hot interracial gangbang starring lusty cecilia vega After her it was my cousin Stacey.

"Hey look at the bight side little cousin. No one will ever know or notice when you have a hard on at school." When I was 11 The last but not least was Ash.

"John don't worry if no one want's to marry you because you have a small dick I will." I miss those times we you to play house a lot; with me as the mom and her as the dad. (don't laugh I been told I make a mean mud pie) And for no apparent reason I saw the old man from the Six flags commercial. I feel like I'm for getting something.(Now what was I doing Before the flashbacks?) Oh yeah I was falling.

"Help me I'm falling!" (Boom) "I'm I dead?" I pinch my face to make sure I was alive. To my surprise I had landed in Anna prize winning rose bush. (That's what's she get's) Feeling happy that I had survive; I screamed "I'm alive!

Fuck yeah! Nothing can stop me now." Then I heard. "Is someone in my wife garden? I have a gun and I sure as hell know I to use it!" Then soon after I heard Anna voice.

'Mike I'm telling you it must be my neighbor cat again." I guess she was trying to protect me "Meow, Meow" I said trying not to get my ass kick by 6 foot bear. " I should have a word with those neighbors of yours. This is the 4 time this week that cat got in your yard." Mike said as they went back in the house.

(At that time I didn't know who was stupider. Me for having sex with a the crazy women or him for believing that a cat is always messing up her yard.) As soon as I head that door close I ran as fast as I could out her yard. With only my blue boxers and black sock on I ran into the lasted person I wanted to see. "John!" "Ashley what are you doing out this time of night?" "I just got drop off from my date with Paul.

Wait why are you only wearing boxers?" "Its warm outside that's why. Wait I thought you said you were going out with your parents?" "Yeah I went out with my Soon to be step dad. Didn't you look at my face book page?" "Oh that's right.

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How's is he? Is he a good person? Does rap story xxxx daughter father smell good? Does he look like a pervert? I never been in a fight but he can be the fist." She started to laugh. "He's a nice guyYes, Yes, Oh god no. Why do you always act like that john?" "Act like what ? All I'm saying; If he tries to touch you I will kick his ass." She punch me on the shoulder "John stop being mean." I walk her to her door step and she said.

"I would let you in my house but I think my mom would get the wrong ideal if she saw you like this." She kissed me on the cheek then went inside. Since I knew my mom would be out tonight and Sara would be in the front yard with her friends. I just jump Ash Back fence right into mines. The close was clear. I grab the key that was under the flower pot: and went straight to my room. After taking a shower I went down stairs for something to eat and drink. I found some left over chicken and rice.

I threw it in the microwave and sat down and thought about what had happen to me today. Any guy would thought today would be their luck day if something like this was to happen. All I could think was what if My mom found out what happen or even worse Ashley. "Hey its smell really good in here.

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What are you cooking?" It was Amber; Sara best friend who she grew up with. "What up big sis' (you see we were all so close growing up and because Amber was always over are house I started calling he big sis. In between me and you I would rather have Amber over Sara any day.

Amber is petite 5'3 Her hair comes down to shoulders. She has beautiful blonde hair with pink streaks mix in. Perky C cup tits and a smile the replace the sun.) "Toothpick, Hey toothpick I know the food smell good but you don't have to drool." "What! Where I'm I again'(damn you guys this is the last time I help you out) "I'm alright I was just day dreaming that's all." "oh yeah! About what?" "I cory chase and lily rader nasty ffm threeway session it was it about you" My annoying sister said While walking in the kitchen smelling like liqueur.

"No I wasn't!" I screamed trying to defend myself. Yes he was." She said while walking over to Amber. "You was his first. I even saw his masturbate to your picture." She said slurring. "No it wasn't it like that Amber I was just&hellip." (I couldn't think of anything to say) "The only reason he never confess to you because he knew he cop first time petty theft suspect insisted on negating lp officers claims of theft to small to pl.ple.pleas…please you" Without thinking I ran to my room.

"I hate that bitch. I wish she die and leave me alone for good. Aw she the worst ever." I screamed out of pure anger. Then I heard a light knock on the door "toothpick open up the door its me Amber." "go away." "John its alright. You're sister down stairs. So can you please open the door for me? Or do you hate me now?" I opened the door and I notice that amber pink blouse unbutton. "I knew you cared about me John." She said while walking in.

"So do you really like me. Like you what Sara. Do you really masturbate to me?" (I wanted to kill my sister) "Yes I did use to like you" "You use to like me. So let me guess you like the girl next door don't you?" "I don't know yet but I have feelings for her." Amber got and walk over to me; pushing me on the bed.

"John it a yes or no answer" "um maybe" "Fine lets see how much you really love her." She sat back down on my computer chair. She spread her leg why open. I could see her red panties that was hidden under her skirt only a few minutes ago.

" John what are you looking at?" "nothing" "oh really" She then stuck her hand between he legs and started to moan. "John since you always masturbate to me I'm going to masturbate to you." She said as she was rubbing her pussy. I felt a ragging hard on in my pants. "John I'm playing with my hot, warm pussy in front of you." moaning even louder. She lick her hand and started to play with her breast. "Oh god what I would give for a nice hot cock in me right now John.

But you have a girl that you like. So I guess I will have play with myself." She look over at me and took her hand that just playing with her pussy and stuffed it in her bisexual swinger group tube porn. Moaning louder "Oh good my pussy juice is so good.

John it so good. I bet it would taste better; with some man milk. What do you think?" ( is this fuck with John day? First those gorillas, then a cougar. Now this.) I lick my lips "Amber I can't take it no more please let me fuck you." "I thought you were never going to ask.' Amber said while holding her arms out.

I pulled down my pants, thinking I was about to blow a load. She stop me and said "Baby I need you to do me a favor?" "What is it?" Wondering what could it be. "I want you to eat my pussy out." (Thinking back the only pussy I ever at was Angela.

And that was nasty as hell.) I was about to say no. Then She said "If you do something for me I will have to return the favor." while licking her lips. As any man what have done I went down. Even though I don't emit but I remembered what Angela made me do to her and I did it to Amber. "Oh god that feels good John." she moan.

Then I started to kiss her clit like Anna taught me how to kiss. "Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh My fucking God!

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son cut off mom panty John don't stop I'm about to cum." she screamed from the top of her longs. She grab my head and shove it in to her Pussy "Damn it keep going. This is to good. Fuck! Here it comes. I'm Cumming John. I'm fucking Cumming!" Without saying anything my mouth was greeted with her lady juice. She started to shake and quiver a little. teen and big tits milf shared boyfriend John!

I thought Sara said You was a virgin but I guess not." (well I was a virgin until a few hours ago) "I'm not! I said after she finally letting go of my head.

"I guess so with tongue skills like that." "Um Amber I made you Cum so What are you going to do for me?" "Oh yeah I forgot." She the told be to put on a blinded fold and lay on my bed butt naked.

I did and In a few seconds after that I felt someone on top of me. "Baby I bet we would both feel good if we try anal.

Do you want to try it John?" "fuck yes" I screamed. "ok then baby" Then I felt a mouth on my dick I immediately recognized as a blowjob. I then let out a moan "You're so cute little brother" I just heard my sister voice. "Amber what's going on?' I said in confusion "told you I had something plan for you baby," After she said that.

I felt A tight warm wall around my dick. "Take the blind fold off." I heard Amber say. "Oh god Sara!" Hope you enjoy the chapter. Like always if you can please comment about what you would like in the next and What did you hate or like in the story.

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