Reality kings dillion shows of her big tits

Reality kings dillion shows of her big tits
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Hayley sitting watching TV at night with son, Hayley…made mistakes in her life. When she was still a teenager, she got pregnant and had a son, his father was an older man who there was no chance of him ever doing 'the honorable thing', due to him having a wife and kids. She chosen to raise him by herself, which, needless to say, hadn't been easy.

Hayley got up. "I'm going to bed, Michael." "I'll join you as soon this is over, Mum." "Ha ha," Hayley said in a sarcastic deadpan, like her son had made that joke before.

then she headed toward her room, and, unseen by her, her son watched her leave. In her room, she took off her shirt, reveal japanese mom and dughter blackmail tight black bra that hugged and pushed her tits up. As she undressed she was unaware behind the cracked open door was her son, watching as she bend over, pull her pants down, revealing the tanned globes of her ass as she was had on a thong.

Micheal watched as his mother reaches behind her back, and unhooks her bra with a snap, then takes it off. Then she slipped the thong over her hips and with a wiggle sent them to the floor.

Naked she walked in to her private bathroom. When Michael was fifteen, his school counselor, apparently concerned with his behavior, warned Hayley he seemed to be imprinting on her in a very unhealthy way.

Hayley pretty much disregarded that. Hayley was no psychologist, but she was pretty certain that Oedipus stuff was bullshit. Little did Hayley realize how right the counselor would turn out to be, she spoke to three years ago. In the shower, Hayley soaped up her body, soapy hands gliding over her breasts and ass to her son delight, as he watched her silhouette behind the shower curtain, through the slightly open door of his mother's bathroom.

Suddenly, she turned off the shower, got out, remaining naked, she wiped off the bathroom mirror. Michael began breathing hard, getting worked up at the site of his naked, wet mother. Hayley opened the medicine cabinet, in the the mirror she spots something, and immediately looks toward the door, with a look of surprise.

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"Michael?" As soon as she says this, he loudly runs away. Moments later, "What the fuck were you doing outside that door?" Hayley asked as she now stood in front of her son, in her bathrobe, arms crossed, obviously quite angry, as he sat on his bed, looking down sheepishly.

Feebly, Blonde anal teen gangbang braces first time your pleasure is my world responds, "I was passing when I thought i heard you called me, okay." "Please, Michael!

I saw you peeking in on me!" "Mum, please…" Michael looked quite agitated, as he tried to calm his mother down. "Your fucking counselor warned me about this, I should have listened, but I had no idea my own son would grow into pervert!" "For fuck's sake, Mum!" Michael raised his voice, standing up, and Hayley immediately tried to shove him back on the bed. "You sit the fuck down!" Michael immediately grabbed his mother's wrists, and gives her an intense look. When Hayley saw the look in Michael's eyes, she suddenly became terrified.

His father used to have a similar look when he was wanting a shag, but not as violent. Suddenly Hayley found herself both terrified, and also excited. So much so, in fact, that it caused her to do the worst thing she possibly could have.

She goaded her son on, saying, "What the fuck are you going to do, you just little peeping pervert?" Michael response by back-handing his mother across the face, then swinging her around, and throwing her onto the bed. "that was really stupid," Michael said as he yanked open his mother's robe, revealing her nakedness. Micheal had seen his mother's tits and ass a number of times while peeking. he had jerked off the scent of her pussy on her used panties dozens of times, but this was his first look at her pussy.

her lips were shaved bare and the hair above was shaved into a neat diamond.

he licked his lips and continued to stare and his mother's pussy as he yanked down his own boxers, revealing his raging hard-on. "just a peeper, am I, Mum?" He said as he climbed on top of his mother, who almost immediately started screaming, as she felt her son's cock head press against her lips as he insert his cock into her pussy, and started thrusting. Hayley would never admit it but she almost came the moment Michael forced his cock into her.

She knew she had…literally pushed her son's buttons, and now her son was raping her. And truth be known she didn't want him to stop, his throbbing hardness slamming into her hurt in all the right ways. Michael fucked his mother aggressively, driving his cock in and out of the very pussy he had be birthed from. For five minutes or so only the Micheal's grunting and his mother squealing was all that was heard. Suddenly, Michael groaned loudly, and Hayley moaned with him, tearing up, as she felt her son's hot spunk flooding her quim.

Another thing she never admit was the feeling of her own son's cum spraying her insides was the most incredible turn-on she could've ever imagined.

the wrongness of it all was forgotten. Micheal grabbed his mother by the hair and forced her to look up at him, with a suddenly lascivious look on his face. "if you were hoping i'm done, forget that, get me hard or else." Michael on his back, naked, watching as his mother sucked his cock covered in cum and cunt juices, her full lips sliding all the way from his head to the base, then back again, as he harden in her mouth,a feeling she loved.

At one point after getting him rock hard, she took her son's cock sex office xxx vediof boss and his women, and licked up the underside, before flicking her tongue on the tip. Now hard enough for want he wanted, Hayley straddled her son.

Leaning back, hands on his knees, tits bouncing and jiggling as she rode her son's cock. Entranced Micheal watched his mother's pussy lips move up and down on his dick, like he had watch his mouth other lips as she had sucked him off.

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"Quite being a lazy fuck. fuck me, Michael!" Michael growled as he grab his mother's sides, and thrusts up into her as she came crashing down, causing her tits to bounce harder.

"Yes. Oh. fuck. yes!" Hayley cried out as she climaxed again on her son's cock. that orgasm caused her to collapse she need a moment to recover but Micheal was in the mood to let her rest. he rolled his mother on her back and grabbed her ankles to hold her weak legs in a wide V. his need to cum caused him to quickly move in and out of his mother's pussy, creating a slapping noise, as their crotches collided together, his eyes glued his mother tits flailing about wildly from his violent thrusts.

Suddenly, she grabs a pillow and screams into it, as once again she felt the thick streams of cum splatter against her insides. Hayley thought that was it but Micheal informed her there was something he always dream of doing to her. holding a leg in petardas argentina culianden casa del novigrita dame nas story pornogrfic tvo air, his cock slide out her used cunt to press against her tight asshole.

lubed with cunt juice and cum and a wicked determination that would be satisfied until he got want he wanted. Micheal pressed harder and harder until his mother's anal opening, opened to accept his throbbing hardness in to his balls "Sshit!" Hayley groaned and grimacing, as she listened to her son say, over and over, "Fuck want a sweet tight!" Then Michael began his thrusts, and he smiles as he heard Hayley now whimper, "you're sick pervert, son," as he pummeled his mother's ass.

there was no slow build to this fucking, Micheal went at his mother's ass with a savage need to climax. Suddenly, he buck harder and with a loud cry of FUCK, stream of cum blasted his mother's ass. After a bit, Michael is again on his back, as his mother again sucking on his cock fresh out of her ass and jerking him, intent on making him cum one more time.

"you felt me cum inside you, now I wanted you to taste it. Wanted you to feel it, hot and creamy, in your mouth, and sliding down your throat." Hayley's tight fist moving vigorously up and down on Michael's swollen head. She continued to pretend that Micheal was forcing her but truth she wanted this as bad as he did.

Finally, Michael started groaning, so Hayley helt her mouth open, and her tongue out, inches from the head of her son's cock, as he started spurting. Once he stopped, she gives him one last suck. Hayley then climbed on top of her son, until they were face to face. "Fuck…" she gasped, smiling, "Son…I'm yours now.

take me whenever or where ever you like!" She then leaned down, and shoved her tongue in his mouth, and they kiss passionately.