Big tits milf works a huge rod

Big tits milf works a huge rod
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My School Project, MOM 3 It had been a little over a month since Louis and Terry had use hypnosis to fuck their moms. The deal they had made about only fucking each others moms pussy had been adhered to 100%.

Since both women had had their periods they knew all was good so far. They had joked about having children with each others mom and frankly the idea seemed like something they would enjoy.

As they walked home from school Tuesday Terry spoke. "Lou I'm thinking about showing my mom the video and seeing what happens, what do you think?" "Well having them being able to talk about it might be great but they may never want to fuck us again." "That's not an issue as we always have dingbat to fall back on.

The other reason I thought about it is have you seen the nerdy freshmen Jim Ary?" "No who is he anyway?" "He just happens to have the hottest mom in the entire school that's all. I thought if our moms got use to the idea we were fucking them on a regular basis and we wanted their help with a new woman they may agree." The rest of the way home they discussed the idea, finally Terry told Lou he was going to do it soon and he'd call him and let him know what happened.

Terry walked in the kitchen his mom was on the phone, "well that sounds good Jill I'm looking forward to it too." He walked over kiss her on the neck and squeezed her butt. Since he had been doing this for at least a month she had gotten use to nasty gorgeous girl drills virgin slit hardcore russian and looked forward to it.

She would giggle and walk away. "Want something to eat or drink?" "Please some lemonade and a few cookies, who were you talking to?" "Jill Ary her son is a freshman at your school, were in the same gym class and after we spoke she and I are getting together for coffee next week." Terry eyes lit up, this was a one chance in a lifetime opportunity. "What time is dad coming home?" "Probably around 8 or 9 so well eat dinner alone again." Terry went upstairs and called Louis they discussed the events which they had been presented with.

"So what are you going to do bro?" "I'm not sure but I'll call you later and let you know." Terry spent the next hour reviewing the videos of Sherry getting double fucked by them. He had decided to download it on a flash drive and typed a note to her. Putting the drive in the desk draw he headed down stairs to see what she was doing.

It was four thirty and she was working on her second vodka. "Hey mom can we order Chinese food for dinner tonight?" "What about your father?" 'Fuck him he's never hear anymore so let enjoy ourselves he can make himself a sandwich." Sherry nodded in agreement, the fact she was being fucked almost daily kept her in a much better mood and she really didn't give a shit about him anymore. "It's still too early to eat so I'm going upstairs and I'll be right back down." Terry got the flash drive and the note he took a deep breath and headed back down stairs.

She was making her third drink, "mom I'd like you to do something for me." "Sure honey what do you want?" "Take this flash drive and go to your room, put it in your computer and run the program.

Once you've finished the program read the note, please do this in the order I ask you to, ok." She looked puzzled but took her drink the drive and the note and headed to her room. Terry and Louis had places several cameras in her room to record their fuck sessions so watching her reaction would be no problem. He was about 30 seconds behind her, as her bedroom door closed. He went in his room and activated a icon, their she was seated at her computer.

For the next two hours she watched Louis fuck her, she watched as her son and Louis double fucked her, she heard herself telling them things she wanted them to do to her cunt and thing she wanted to do to their cocks she was awed. She turned off the computer and just sat there for a few minutes, then she opened the note.

Mom you have been the most wonderful sexual experience of my and Louis life. The time has come when we would like to be able to discuss our sexual need openly. Since you are reading this the next step is yours. If you want to continue the regularity of the sexual encounters please do the following, if time permits. Under your bed is a bag in it is a pair of yellow boy shorts and a yellow bra, put them on with a pair of black heels and come to my room. If dad is home or there is no time please put on your white short shorts with the yellow bra and come to the kitchen.

If you have decided to end this at the earliest opportunity we should discuss it. It was signed Love Terry. Sherry sat their staring at the note, she glanced at her watch it was 6:30, she reached under the bed and took the bag and its contents and headed for her bathroom.

Fifteen minutes later she emerged from the bathroom, she looked stunning. She put on the heels. Terry turned off the computer, he stripped naked and waited.

There was a soft knock on his door, "who is it?" "Mom honey, can I come in?" "The doors unlocked." She entered his room and closed the door, "hi lover." "Wow mom you look super in that outfit." "Well thank you baby but we should talk." "Mom we can talk later I haven't popped a nut in four day, do you have any idea how much cum is in my nut sack!

Now come over hear." She came to him, they kissed. His fingers were tracing the outline of her clit and pussy lips as they stood locked in an embrace.

"Are you going to fuck me baby, what would you like me too do?" "I'm guessing it's been four days for me as well, my cunt needs cum badly." "Mom Louis and I have a deal where he's the only one who should fuck your pussy." "Please baby I need a cock now!" "Ok but we can't tell Lou he'll be royally pissed." Sherry realized her pussy was soaking wet, she grabbed his cock and kissed the hot girlgirl fucking in front of mirror, she lied down and spread her legs wide.

As his cock started to slip deep into her she looked at him "honey wait I'll get you a rubber." "No rubbers mom, now fuck me!" She realized immediately the cock in her was not the one that made her see stars but it would do until Louis got here.

He was now balls deep in her, her pussy was contracting around his cock gripping it with every plunge downward she felt a burning deep in her pussy; she pulled him to her chest. "Honey fill me with cum I need it, I love the way this feels then without warning she dug her nails into his back as sucked his neck hard as she had a roaring orgasm. He was pounding her pussy hard and fast, "honey, do you like it when I talk dirty?" "God yes mom." "Baby fuck your mothers cunt, make me scream and cum I'm your slut, do anything you like with me." A second orgasm had overtaken her as Terry stiffened, she knew cum was about to start flowing.

She pulled him close and sucked another piece of his neck as he erupted with a huge load of cum deep in her. It felt wonderful to feel cum flowing deep in her. He just kept fucking her; she looked up into his eyes. "God baby you feel great keep it up." Terry just kept up a slow up and down motion; sherry had at least six orgasms before Terry blew another load in her.

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They were lying in bed it was 7:15, she looked in his eyes "honey your dad may be showing up soon, we should get up and go down stairs." "Ok but keep your panties on so I know your leaking my cum all over." They got out of bed she ran to her room and put on sweats and a t shirt. They went to the kitchen. She made him a vodka and lemonade and she had hers straight. She sat at the table with him.

"Honey just so you know my pussy feels wonderful, from now on I'm your cum slut." "Mom I'm going to call Louis later when I do please tell him I fucked your ass twice, I don't want him thinking I reneged on our deal." "Ok but why," we decided to do it that way because if you get pregnant we know who the daddy is. He fucks you and I fuck his mother's pussy." Here eyes shot open, sex with passionate luscious girl interracial and hardcore want me to have his baby?" "Actually I'd prefer if it was mine but a deal is a deal." "Oh ugh, a big glob of cum just popped out of me in my panties." "Stand up and pull down your sweats I'm going to feed you my cum." She smiled and pulled down her sweats, Terry managed to get two globs of cum in her month, she smiled at him.

"Oh my, that was yummy I love cum." She pulled her sweats up and sat back down.

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They talked for about a half hour before her husband came home. After a short exchange of sarcasm he stormed out of the house to get himself something to eat. "Mom you should call Lou and tell him what has gone on and ask him to come over tomorrow after school and fuck your brains out, I know you really love his big cock." "I'm guilty as charged, let me use your phone in case your asshole father come back." Sherry spent almost two hours with Louis on the phone, she hung up and looked at her son "Louis will be coming home with you tomorrow, oh god I can hardly wait.

Is their anything you'd like to see me wear?" The outfit you had on today would be great." "Ok I'll wash the cum off it and be ready when guys arrive." She got up and went to bed. The next day at school they discussed Louis telling his mother. They arrived at Terrie's house and realized his father was home.

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As they entered Sherry was fighting with him about money. The fight stopped as the boys walked in, her husband look at them said hello and told her he was going upstairs. No sooner had he left the room then she grabbed Louis and they were locked in a passionate embrace. She whispered in his ear "baby I'm sorry I didn't know he was coming home this early, I want your cock in me so bad." Louis looked at her, "we need to get a quickie I haven't popped a nut in five days." "Well honey this is your pussy let's fill her up, we can go in the garage, Terry can stand watch, right babe?" Louis grabbed her hand they were in the garage, her sweats and panties were down around her ankles Louis had his cock buried deep in her.

She wiggled her ass in small circles as he slowly pounded her.

She was moaning as she had several small orgasms while he kept up a steady pace. She was about to climax for the third time when she felt him stiffen, the feeling of warm cum flowing deep into her cervix cause her entire body to tremble with the force of the orgasm she almost passed out. They both stood there for a few moments catching their breath.

She pulled up her panties, but left her sweats down, bending over she licked his cock clean. beautiful logan drae rubs her hairy tight lips until she cums you baby I really need that, I feel so much better, later when he is gone I drain your nut sack completely." Louis put his hand in her panties and fed her several mouthfuls of the warm cum.

She swallowed every drop. Terry stuck his head in the door, "he's on his way down." Sherry stayed in the garage pretending to be looking for something while the boys stood their talking. "Don't you two have homework or something?" "Yeah dad were working on a class project, we need to get over to Lou's house to do it, how about a ride?" He shrugged and agreed, they left her in the garage.

In Lou's bedroom they searched the videos for just the right encounter, finally after 45 minutes they had it. Terry gave Louis the note, "ok bro I'm out of here call me later and give me the details. Terrie's mom and dad were still fighting when he walked in; they both looked at him and went back to their argument.

Terry went to his room. They all ate dinner in silence and Terry was back in his room by 7. He turned on the TV and just laid in bed. At 8:30 the phone buzzed it was Louis, "Hey Lou how's it handing?" He heard Maria's voice, "is this the owner of the cock who has been keeping my pussy well lubed and helping me be in a great mood?" "That it would be, hi Maria." "Baby my pussy really needs you any chance you could come over tonight?" "No babe my folks are fighting so things are shitty over her tonight but since tomorrow is Friday if you can get the two little ones cared for you guys could spend the night at our house." "I'll make it happen, baby please don't jerk off I want all your cum, I hate wasting even a drop of it." Friday at lunch Terry got a text from his mom, Dad off to convention in Philadelphia be home Monday.

His reply was I'll tell Louis. Louis told him his mom had texted to tell him she was dropping the two little ones off at their grandparents until Sunday. At 5 Louis called Terry they were heading down the block he opened the garage door and they pulled in. Louis and Maria walked into the kitchen where Terry and Sherry were standing.

Terry grabbed Maria stuck his tongue down her throat he was pulling her ass cheeks in to his crotch and grinding her. Louis was doing almost the same thing except he was rubbing Sherrie's pussy through her jeans.

After several minutes they separated and Terry made the introductions. Sherry made drinks and they went into the den. "Maria would you like to come upstairs to freshen up?" "I hope you mean get sexy and slutty for them?" "Right on target girlfriend lets go!" Terry winked at Louis, "I'll be right back." He was back in five minutes "lets get naked they should be down soon." Twenty minutes later they walked into the den dressed in bra, panties and oral pleasure session with horny lovely babe heels only the colors were different.

Each mom went to their lover pulled his cock out of his underwear and started sucking. "Hold on girls we need to talk about something before we start some serious pussy pounding." "Can we keep sucking while we talk?" Sherry asked.

"No a kiss on the head is ok but no sucking for a few minutes.

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Louis and I have a question how do you feel about having our babies?" "I'm fine with it honey, if you want me to have Louis baby I can do it, just please tell me I'm going to continue getting fucked almost every day." "How about you Maria?" "Louis do you want me to have Terrie's baby?" "That would be awesome mom, go for it." "Ok I'm in, when do we start?" "I'm thinking June first, by then school will be over and we have all summer to work on it." Maria kissed the tip of Terry cock with her lips "honey I'd like to ask a favor." "Sure babe what would you like?" "Since were her all weekend or at least till Sunday noon, could you take me too bed and make love to me?" "I'd love to." He took her hand "we'll see you guys at about 8 for dinner." They headed for his room.

In his room with the door closed she sat on the edge of his bed, "Terry I want you to know I really love your cock and the person attached to it. A few minutes ago we all agreed to make babies; I need to know the man who is planning to knock me up cares for me a great deal. As long as I'm sure of that I'll do anything you want, even if I think it kinky, our sex life will have no limits." Terry sat down beside her he started kissing the nap of neck and gently fondling her nipples which were standing straight out.

He removed her bra and softly started sucking a nipple. She was breathing heavily she spread her legs they both looked down at her crotch, directly below he mound was a large wet spot. Their eyes met she smiled at him, "she's ready." He stacked blonde pleasures her wet muff outdoors masturbation big tits her and slowly slipped his cock past her wet pussy lips, she moaned and pulled him close to her face, "I love you!" Terry kept up a deep pumping rhythm for three minutes she dug her mails into his ass trying to pull him into her deeper, screaming his name she had an explosive orgasm, her whole body was trembling.

He kept the motion for at least five more of tasting a luscious weenie pornstar and hardcore orgasms. He was close "Maria I'm close," 'baby blast a load I really need it." His cock stiffened and cum burst out into her unprotected pussy.

The feeling of the warm cum was more then she could stand she had another violent orgasm; she actually passed out for a few seconds. Her pussy was involuntarily milking the cum out of his cock.

The trembling subsided they just laid their in each other arms. After several minutes she rolled on her side so she was facing him, her tits were resting on his chest. "Darling that was the best fuck of my life, thank you.

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Any man who can fuck me like that can certainly give me a baby." Terry told her to get her panties back on, she got up and slipped them on, cum was leaking out of her "honey this thing with putting my panties on, do you think it's sexy?" "I sure do it tell everyone I have my man's cum running out of me and I love it.

That and when we all have dinner tonight my mom will know I gave you a good fucking." "My darling you gave me the most wonderful fuck of my life, now since this panty thing is important to you shouldn't my ass have a wet stain as well?" Terry smiled at her she cocked her hips and a big smiled was forming on her face.

"I think we should make it our business before 8 to have me soaking completely don't you?" Terry smiled "come her women we have work to do!"