Tanned nympho kristen scott teases and rides dudes big hard cock

Tanned nympho kristen scott teases and rides dudes big hard cock
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Fbailey story number 714 But Daddy We were finally on our way. Kitty had taken forever to get dressed. I had to admit that my pretty teenage daughter looked fabulous in her tight skinny jeans with a really pretty button up shirt. Maybe it should have been called a button down shirt because she had several buttons open and her new red lace bra was showing.

I had objected but she had insisted that it covered more than her bikini did.

I had to agree with her on that part. We had only been on the road for an hour when Kitty said, "Daddy can you pull into a gas station. I need to adjust something." I asked, "What?" Kitty blushed as she said, "My lovely brunette babe shows her cunt on the webcam thong panties have ridden up." I laughed and said, "You wanted them, get used to them." Kitty said, "But Daddy…they are rubbing my clit…and I keep having orgasms.

My crotch is wet and my clit is getting sore." I laughed and said, "I like it when you talk dirty. You remind me so much of your mother." Kitty asked again, "Will you pull over?" I replied, "Yes, but on one condition." Kitty sighed and asked, "What is it?" I replied, "I want those panties." Kitty said, "Is that all? I thought you might want to watch me take them off." I laughed again and said, "Okay." Then I just pulled over to the shoulder of the road.

A couple of cars passed us but after that it looked clear behind us. I just sat there looking at my thirteen-year-old daughter thinking about what I had said. She was squirming around in her seat. Finally, Kitty shrugged her shoulders and started to unzip her tight jeans.

She had to lift her ass off the seat to get them unfastened.

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She really struggled to get them down. Eventually, I asked her if she needed help. She said that she could get it by herself so I continued to watch. It seemed extra hard to get it over her ass and hips but I was enjoyed her struggle. Soon her jeans were slipping down and her red panties were starting to come into view. When she got her jeans to her knees she reached into her crotch and pulled her panties out of her slit. She said, "These damn panties are way too stiff.

I should have washed them first. That rough lace damn near ripped the skin off my clit. Now it will be super sensitive for a month." I watched as she got her jeans down her legs and off her feet.

She then lifted her ass off the seat again to pull her panties down. Her shoulders were back, her hips were up, and her cute fuzzy pussy mound was in full view.

I said, "I love your pubic hair." Kitty said, "Thank you! My girlfriends all shave their pussies bald. What thirteen-year-old girl wants to look like a little girl?

I just don't understand it. It took a long time to grow in and I'm not about to cut it all off. Oh, I might trim the edges if you let me get a skimpier bikini this summer." She took the panties off and handed them to me before I said, "Honey, from now on you can have just about anything that you want." While she was naked from the waist down she parted her knees and put two fingers in her slit.

I watched then go down and then I watched her finger fuck herself to get some moisture on her fingers. Then she very gently rubbed her clit. Kitty said, "Oh God, that feels good. Daddy would you mind if I left my jeans off for a while?" Hell no, I didn't mind at all. I lifted her panties up to my face and took in a deep breath. Then I said, "You smell good." She thanked me and I drove away.

About an hour later I said, "You better put your jeans back on, we are almost there." Reluctantly Kitty gave her tender clit another rub before starting the long struggle to get her pants back on.

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Fifteen minutes later she had them on and secured. We pulled into the motel and got settled into our room. After a nice dinner we settled in for the night. Kitty seemed a little shy about coming out of the bathroom naked, with just a towel wrapped around her hair.

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We both masturbated ourselves to sleep. In the morning after breakfast I changed into a suit and my daughter slipped into a very sexy short dress. She had on a pair of soft white cotton panties but no bra. She looked amazing. Then my thirteen-year-old daughter accompanied me to my twentieth high school reunion.

Kitty's mother and I had been sweethearts all through high school and isabella clark double penetration anal sex and fisting before we got married and had Kitty.

Then two years ago she died in a car accident. One of the girls checking us in told Kitty that she was the youngest and prettiest girl there. She thanked her and took her nametag. Turning to me she asked, "Where can I put this?" I looked at her skin-tight red strapless dress and suggested that she put it on her waist.

She smiled and slapped it onto her flat belly. I slapped mine on my jacket pocket. Then we headed into the big ballroom.

We were greeted by a lot of stares. My daughter was definitely the center of attention. The guys checked her out coming and going. Kitty gave them a little extra swing in her hips to look at. The little tease. She held my arm as I went around and said hello to old acquaintances. She let the guys look down her top at her sweet cleavage while she enjoyed the look on their wives faces. I watched the look on the guy's faces when I told them her age.

The greet and meet went well, the dinner was very nice, and then came a whole lot of speeches, talks, and who wasn't there. My wife made the list of those that had died. Eventually the dance floor was cleared and the band started to play.

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I had the first dance with Kitty before the guys swooned in on her. Kitty loved the attention. She was passed from one guy to the other for about ten songs before I stepped in and rescued her.

Kitty whispered in my ear, "Three of those guys had hard-ons." I asked, "How do you know?" Kitty replied, "You're kidding, right. Dad they made sure to crush them into my pussy. It was kind of like Dirty Dancing. Actually it was rather exciting. I bet my panties are wet.

I'll give them to you on the way back to our motel." When Kitty excused herself to go to the lady's room I waited patiently for her return. It seemed like a long wait because it was. When she returned she had a big smile on her face. She whispered, "Sorry it took so long but I found four women with hard-ons too and they really wanted to rub them into my pussy." I asked, "What are you talking about?" Kitty replied, "Four of your old classmates swing both ways so I let them lick my sore clit.

They actually helped. It feels a lot better now." Of course I asked, "Who were they?" Kitty smiled and took me out on the dance floor. Every now and then Kitty would turn her back to someone and tell me what color dress the woman was wearing. Then she would tell me more about what had happened in the lady's room. Betsey Davis had on a white dress with pink shoes and a pink ribbon around her waist.

She was the best at giving Kitty pleasure. Apparently she has a very long tongue. Colleen Edwards was wearing a shiny blue dress with matching shoes. She bent Kitty over and licked her from behind, from her clit to her asshole.

Kitty liked having oral stimulation acquires followed by sex hardcore blowjob asshole stimulated. Trish Grant was in a green business suit but in the lady's room she was noting but a whore.

She fingered Kitty's pussy to an orgasm while Kitty twisted Trish's nipples. Trish pulled her blouse out of her skirt and lifted her bra up over her breasts so that Kitty could have access to them. Stephanie Jones wanted to lick Kitty's pussy after she had peed. I had never suspected that of those girls. Then Kitty asked, "Would you like Colleen to come to our motel room?

She can spend the whole night. She goes both ways so she could satisfy us both.perhaps at the same time." I just looked at my daughter. Kitty said, "You know. She could eat my pussy while you fuck her. She'll even let you butt fuck her as long as she gets to eat my virgin pussy." I gave it some thought and then I had a dance with Colleen.

During which I asked her why she wanted to come to our motel room. She was frank in her reply. She liked the taste of my daughter's pussy and she was willing to let me fuck her to get it.

I asked her if she needed the details or a ride. She said that she would love a ride. When things wound down Kitty took Colleen's hand and we walked to my car. At the motel, Colleen kissed Kitty before I even got the door closed and double locked.

I checked the curtains and then watched them as they undressed for each other. I felt a little out of place. I let Colleen enjoy my daughter for a while but with her big ass just sticking up in the air like it was, I could not resist it for very long. I was naked by that time and just pulled on her pussy lips opening her up enough for me to just shove my cock into her. After a little pounding Colleen told me that she had not had a cock inside her for the past six years.

I tried to convince her that she should not wait that long again. I must admit that she gave Kitty a lot of pleasure that night…and me too. Sunday morning found the girls locked in a sixty-nine with Kitty on top licking up her father's cum. Kitty said, "You can slip that monster in me Daddy." Colleen said, "If you do I've got the best seat in the house." Kitty giggled and said, "He might beat you to death with his balls." Colleen shoved her tongue back inside my daughter while I got in position.

When I got close Colleen grabbed onto my cock and started pulling it closer to Kitty's pussy. She kept holding onto it until I was all the way inside my daughter. I pumped into her ever so slowly. It seemed that the three of us were all enjoying it. My daughter's virgin pussy felt incredibly good. We shared a three-way climax. After pumping my daughter full of cum Colleen jumped right in to clean her out. It was only fair, Kitty had sucked plenty of my cum out of Colleen.

We really hated to leave Colleen and she hated for us to go. A few months later Colleen nothing compares to bbw dominas victorie sandra dominatrix and domination to live with us.

The End But Daddy 714