Nasty brunette babe gets banged in a some

Nasty brunette babe gets banged in a some
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Friday evening, the first week of June and I was totally relaxed. I'd met a friend for dinner and a drink or two and had gotten home around nine. Now, I was sipping a bit of Maker's Mark, rocks with just a splash of water while I enjoyed the quiet. It had been an eventful week, Joanie my eighteen year old daughter had graduated, graduated with a 3.96 GPA, not quite valedictorian but second in her class and I was so damned proud.

Yes, I was proud. Joanie was my "Little Princess," I'd nurtured her, raised her and took immense pride in her accomplishments. I'd loved my wife, in fact, I still do…posthumously…she'd died eighteen years ago; in the hospital where Joanie was born. My baby daughter was nursing at her mother's breast, there in the hospital bed, when Marcie, my wife, suffered a fatal brain aneurysm and I was left a widower and the sole sexy asian babe on webcam with big boobs of a new born infant.

I sound like I'm looking for sympathy, but, truth be told I did have help. My mother came to stay with me for three invaluable months. She took charge of Joanie's care and, along the way, taught me how to prepare formula, bathe and change babies and get accustomed to functioning on just a few stolen hours of sleep.

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Mom would have liked to stay longer but my father's health had taken a turn for the worst and she was desperately needed at home; when she left I hired a nanny. Well, nanny might he understating her duties and value to me. Morgana O'Leary was and still is a very important person in Joanie's and my life. First she helped with child care then her duties evolved. My business is brokerage, I buy, sell and find items for others and Mo functions as my office manager now.

She's just a couple of years older than I, a little on the slender side (read skinny although I'd never say that to her), wears glasses that are unflattering and eschews make-up; in other words she makes no effort to make herself appealing but, none the less, after that first night and after she'd been with me for several years and after a few cocktails I had the distinct pleasure to remind myself that she was a wildcat between the sheets and blessed with the tightest pussy I'd ever had the pleasure to fill.

Still, we mutually concluded that a business relationship would be best; Joanie was messy teen lesbians having fun in empty pool and seemed to be developing an intense dislike for Morgana.

Morgana had frequently spent the night during the week and always on the weekends for our special Saturday nights. After we ended our relationship, my sex life went to hell in a hand basket but I had a more contented daughter.

In fact, it was almost like Joanie tried to fill the void. She liked to tease me and flirt unabashedly; hugging me tightly, letting me feel her rapidly developing breasts against my chest; sitting on my lap and giving her cute tail a wiggle or two and even giving me a peek at her pantied bottom as she'd dash into the bathroom for her shower.

But enough, what I was really smiling about was my, well, our upcoming vacation. I own a little vacation cottage in the mountains situated on the loveliest tarn this side of Scotland.

Two weeks, two absolutely wonderful weeks in June of each year Joanie and I spend a fortnight there. There are woods for hiking, exciting wildlife to see and photograph, a small powerboat for cruising or skiing and a canoe for leisurely explorations of the channels and creeks. I'd just stood to fix another of that fine Maker's Mark when the jangle of my telephone intruded.

Joanie I wondered, she was out with friends planning to go to a bonfire for a "Start of Summer" party, roast some weenies, burn some marshmallows and, probably illicitly sip on a couple of beers; I answered, "Hello?" "Rob, it's Harry." Harry had been my best friend since grade school, I'd been his best man and he'd been mine. He and his wife Betty were Joanie's Godparents but his call was still a surprise; I knew his work schedule and he was on duty.

"Hey Buddy, what's up?" I asked. "Nothing good, I'm afraid. There's a problem with Joanie, she's with me but I need you to come pick her up. I'll meet you at the Denny's on Somerville Road in thirty minutes." "Harry, what's going on?" "Let's talk there, not on the phone, OK?" After we'd rung off my mind went into a whirl.

What the hell was going on? Ok, Joanie was my "Little Princess," but she wasn't a saint. In fact she made self-destructive decisions; not often thank God, but she could be led. At thirteen, the summer between middle school and high school I'd caught her and her girlfriend drinking my beer and smoking cigarettes back behind the pool house.

Then last year, at the beginning of her junior year there was the episode involving experimentation with marijuana and my Maker's Mark; what would it be now? I'd blistered her little bottom over each of the above but now she was eighteen, emancipated, an adult under the law. I got my keys and headed for Denny's. Harry was parked at the back of the lot, I pulled up beside him and got out. He joined me. "Rob, let's put her in your back seat then get a cup of coffee." Joanie was in the back seat of Harry's cruiser, disheveled and passed out.

We managed to get her to my car where she mumbled something then collapsed over the seat. I locked the car and followed Harry to the restaurant. We took a booth in the back where I could see my car, after we got coffee and the waitress left us alone Harry started, "Rob, it's bad and could have been a hellava lot worse. Luckily I was on the scene and the concentration of the other attending officers was directed toward the two guys.

When I saw it was Joanie I got her into my car. Rob, the driver is a known dealer, marijuana and crack cocaine. He had a tail light out and the patrol officer recognized him, he pulled him over more to roust him than anything else. There were four people in the car, Dejoineous Joiner was the driver and his main squeeze Jamitious Curry were up front but Joanie was in the back with a guy named LaTarian Martin and he's a bad actor, too.

According to the arresting officer there was a joint smoldering in the ashtray. He had them all lined up when I got there. I let him handle the searches of Joiner and Curry and told him I'd take care of Martin and Joanie. He found about a thousand worth of crack in Curry's purse. Joiner and Martin weren't carrying. Rob, I did search Joanie's purse, she had two rocks wrapped in tin foil. When I asked she claimed she didn't know how they got there. I believe her, the guys stuck their shit in the girls' purses but I can't prove that.

We've got Joiner on a DUI, all four of them are fucking smashed to the gills, and he's also VOP (violation of probation) but Curry's gonna get busted for possession, Martin's gonna walk and you're gonna get Joanie the fuck away from here. Get her straightened out Rob, she's a good girl but this could have gone way, way bad; you understand?" "Oh yeah, I understand, thanks Harry, I'll deal with it." Harry knew how I dealt with these kind of problems, he asked, "She gonna to be able to sit?" "Harry, you know I go up to the cabin for two weeks every summer.

I think I'm gonna go up for a month this time; leave tomorrow morning, maybe have a little detox session and let her spend most of her detoxification on her tummy 'cause she won't be able to sit." "My Guy, that might work.

And tell her Uncle Harry will put her in handcuffs and leg irons if she does it again," with a grin. The drive home was absolutely uneventful, and aside from the occasional snarful and groan from the drunk in the backseat it was in silence. At home I helped her stagger to her bedroom, undressed her down to panties and bra and tucked her in; yes, with a kiss. In spite of her transgressions she was still my "Little Princess," nothing she could do would change that.

In my room I packed a bag with the clothing I'd need at the mountain cabin then fixed up a smaller grip with items I would or might need. From eighteen years experience there were certain things that Joanie might require. If she didn't feel well, achyness and headaches she'd need her Tylenol, Tylenol that she still got like she did when she was a little girl, in suppository form, chloral hydrate suppositories to provide a sleep aid and help with withdrawal, the red bulb enema syringe and, of course my trusty rectal thermometer.

Then I added Grandma's big wooden hairbrush. Breakfast was frying when Joanie came into the kitchen. Scrambled eggs, bacon, hash browns, whole wheat toast, orange juice and coffee were served to my "Little Princess," she looked like death warmed over.

"I'm sorry, Daddy," she croaked. Pouring her a cup of coffee, I said, "Eat." She chased a rasher of bacon around her plate and took several mouthfuls of the eggs before running to the bathroom. I heard her gagging. When she came back she started, "Daddy, I'm so sorr…" I cut her off. "Eat what you can then go pack, we're going up to the cabin as soon as you're ready and, Princess, pack extra PJ's and panties, you'll need them." Big as saucers, her eyes, "What Daddy?" "Just eat and get packed, I'm ready to go." The ride to the cabin was quiet.

Both of up knew or suspected what awaited. Music was playing on the radio, Classic Country, but low, unintrusive. We stopped in town, got supplies for a week then drove on, it was darkening by the time we arrived. Joanie helped getting the cabin opened up.

Although it was June the evening was chilly I asked if she'd like a fire, she would; I lit one in the fireplace. The cabin had a bedroom and bathroom on the ground floor xxx sakes xxx sey com 18 a sleeping loft above.

I stayed downstairs, Joanie was in the loft unpacking, I suggested that she have a bath and get dressed for bed while I fixed dinner. While she bathed downstairs I heated a skillet, fried some potatoes with onions and peppers then sautéed two perch filets while spinach simmered. Joanie was clad in a robe that she'd cinched tightly around her as she climbed the staircase/ladder to the loft. I'd finished dinner so I sat sipping a Coke, yes, a Coke, God I wanted a Maker's Mark but, because of the why, this was going to be a dry month for this household.

Joanie, I haven't told you about Joanie. Every girl it these stories is the most beautiful girl in the world (how the fuck can they all be the most beautiful girl in the world?) Joanie isn't. She's my "Little Princess," mine. Joanie is only about 5'1" tall and still, no doubt scales in at a round 130. She has rather full breasts, a poofie tummy and a bottom made up of twin fleshy globes distinctly cleaved. Cute, not beautiful, sexual not sexy, and to those dope dealers she'd been with, a target.

I watched as she climbed down from the loft. As a joke I'd bought her pajamas for her seventeenth birthday, she always complained that it was too cold in the winter. I got her some that were one piece, had footies and a drop seat; they were cardinal red. I admired her rather broad bottom as she descended, I could see a panty line.

She'd put as much cloth as possible over her very vulnerable posterior; smart girl, but no hope. Dinner was a rather quiet affair. I waited until she started the conversation. It was a combination of apologies and excuses, how she'd not known about what "those people" did, how she'd never do anything like that again, blah, blah, blah." I let her talk, through dinner, while I cleaned up afterwards, over coffee. Joanie knew me, she asked, "No wine, no cocktails?" "Not this time Princess, no; not this time." It struck home, she knew what she was there for, she sensed what was horny college sluts enjoy tutors big cock pornstars hardcore, you our dirty little secret vaginal sex masturbation oral sex blackhaired ebony interracial vaginal mas, I'm eighteen, an adult, you know.

I could go to the police, couldn't I?" "Why not go to your Uncle Harry, he's the one that saved your cute butt, do you think that would help you?" She hung her head sandy got lonely at home and guess what happened I stood up and took her hand, saying, "I need to know." I took her to the bathroom and retrieved the drug testing kit I'd purchased.

She looked questioningly at me as I unfastened the seat of her jimmies. "Pee in the cup for me," I told her as I handed her the little paper container. "Daddy, please, this is so embarrassing, don't watch me." "Just pee," I want to know if you're using drugs. "Oh Daddy, yes, I smoked some marijuana, ok, now you know." "Joanie, pee," my voice was harsh. It wasn't as though she was exposing much of herself to me, her PJ's covered most of her. She filled the cup and handed it to me.

The test showed the presence of the cannabis but, thank God, nothing else registered. As she wiped and flushed I walked into my bedroom; she followed. I'd already positioned a chair in the middle of the room, straight backed, no arms, uncomfortable for much besides its intended purpose.

Joanie saw the hairbrush, Grandma's hairbrush, resting on the side table. "Please Daddy, no." I folded her over my lap and started to spank. Twenty, I counted, ten on each cheek, on her pajamas, those pajamas that were printed "Little Princess" on the drop flap. Already I heard a few tears; I ungripped and lowered the flap. Panties were evident Ten, ten, ten on each cheek, hard, fast, she wailed, she kicked and tried to escape, I held her tighter, my left arm gripping her soft middle; I stopped.

":Settle down," I said. I stroked her young body until she'd calmed. "Stand up," I instructed. She stood. Her pajamas were a onsie that zipped up the front; I unzipped it. Her breasts were unfettered but I ignored them as I lowered the single piece. First her swollen breasts then her puffy tummy, then down. "Step out," I commanded' she still had her panties. I lowered her back over my lap. I'd let her keep her panties on because I thought it was more humiliating to her to have me take them off, part of her punishment.

I lowered them to mid thigh then told her to lift her hips. They lay on the floor at her feet as I began. I started at the junction between her bottom and her thighs then spanked up, over her sit spots to the top of her buttocks then back down.

Crack, crack, crack, the resounding music of flesh meeting flesh. After about thirty whacks I stopped and reached for the hairbrush. Thwack, thwack, thwack, the awesome, awful sound of the oak backed brush falling. I gave her ten; it was over. Joanie was sobbing, eyes flooding, nose leaking she whimpered, "Daddy, I'm so sorry, I'll never do anything like that again." I rolled her over and held her on my lap then took a tissue and let her blow her nose.

"Why don't you lay down on the bed and rest." I knew she'd be a mess for a while. It tied her in knots when she did something that upset me so much that I punished her. I turned down the sheet as she slithered, tummy down, on the mattress. "Daddy, can I sleep here tonight, I don't want to have to climb up to the loft?" I thought for a moment then said, "Ok Princess; do you want something to help you relax?" "Un hunh, please," she answered, we both knew what that would be.

I got one of the sedative suppositories from the fridge. As I came back into the bedroom I paused to admire my handiwork. Joanie's bottom was a kaleidoscope of color; multiple shades of red, violet, purple with just a touch of blue, damn, she looked sore.

I sat on the bed and gently spread her nether cheeks. She was pink, a tight ring, I pressed the suppository in, penetrating her with my index finger. Her sphincters contracted, gripping the digit. "That's the way, keep it in," I said. Slowly I withdrew from her. "Thank you Daddy, now can you hold me." I was dressed in my sleepwear, baggy gym shorts and a tee shirt. I crawled under the sheet with her. She immediately snuggled up against me and buried her face on my chest.

After a few minutes and in a shaky voice she asked, "Daddy can you help me get settled down; you know, like you used to do when I was a baby?" How can she remember, I thought. The last time I'd done it was just prior to her fifth birthday, over thirteen years ago. "I'm sorry Princess but you're too old for me to do that." When she was an infant I'd found that she'd immediately calm down, coo big cock white girl first time spying juan finally got fucked by stepmom smile if I traced my finger along her Venus cleft, her slit back then it was nothing more than a pink valley, her labia and clitoris were undeveloped but now she was asking that I do it again, to her eighteen year old self.

"Please Daddy," she begged as she took my hand and pulled it toward her; the back of my hand brushed the silken hair covering her mons veneris. "Please," she said as she opened her legs and guided my hand to her. I let her, I didn't attempt to stop her nor did I pull away. My middle finger found her groove. I'd used my index finger when she was young but my middle finger was longer, better able to slide along her mature sex.

I parted her labia and gently stroked her. Different, so very different than when she was a child with just a small immature slit. Her outer labia were swollen, her inner labia protruded beyond the outer, her clitoris was prominent and engorged.

My "Little Princess" had the body of a woman. She trembled under my tender ministrations then snuggled against me. Soft gentle snores, the sedative had taken effect, she slept. I didn't, no rest for the wicked and what I'd done; hell what I was still doing was wicked. Rationalized my actions, she wanted it, it didn't hurt anyone, blah, blah, blah. Then I waxed philosophical, the world was wrong, I was right. Oh, maybe the taboos against incest had a practical reason before the availability of birth control; but no longer.

The birds and the bees talk, mother to daughter, father to son. Think about it, wouldn't it make more sense, mother to son, a woman who could explain and, yes, even demonstrate how to be a good and considerate lover?

And a father to his daughter, caring and loving, caressing, introducing her to sex gently rather than with some pimply faced teenager across the backseat of a 2005 Honda Accord. Hell, makes sense to me, let's introduce legislation. I took my hand back, her slickness on my finger.

I brought it to my lips; peaches and cream; exquisite. Finally I dozed off with a smile on my face. I awoke to the smell of coffee percolating and bacon frying. Joanie stuck her head into the bedroom, "Breakfast in ten minutes." She was wearing a robe and, unless I was utterly mistaken, nothing else. I brushed my teeth and traipsed out. Once seated Joanie gave me a cup of coffee and a plate on bacon, eggs and toast then served herself.

She sat down, gingerly, saying, "Thank you for last night Daddy, I slept like a baby." Changing the subject I said, "Still a little sore, are we?" She stood, "Want to see?" She asked. She lifted her robe and leaned forward displaying her bottom and a bit more.

"Touch me, feel how hot I am." Before touching I looked. My Little Princesses tush was stilled a mottled red and pink; at least the other colors of the rainbow had faded. I rested my palm on her sorely abused bottom. "Yep, you're still warm," I commented. "Daddy, are you going to spank me again tonight?" She asked as she again took her seat. "Do you think you deserve another?" I asked. An absolute non sequitur, she whispered, "Do you think I've got a cute butt? I think it's too big." What could I say, Marcie, my departed wife was a cute Irish lass, short, a little pudgy and soft with strawberry blonde hair, full breasts and a plump bottom; and Oh how I'd loved that plump bottom.

My mind wandered and I began to get an erection remembering. White as clotted cream, how I'd loved to leave a pink hand print or two before I parted her plushness and entered her, but, I had to say it, how could I let this lead in go, "Princess, you have the perfect posterior, I know, my hand fits it perfectly." "Are you Daddy, are you going to spank me?" "You didn't answer me Princess, do you think you ansha sayed purvi in cid another?" "Probably, I probably do but you really don't need to, I swear I'll never do anything like that again.

I was so scared in that car I'm glad the police stopped us, I was never so glad to see Uncle Harry in my life." "Joanie, why were you even in that car? Those people sound like gang bangers or drug dealers from what Harry told me." "At the party, they were at the party. We ran out of beer, one of the guys was twenty-one, he could buy more and I had a little money, I was going to give him the money and let him buy it for us. That's how it started." "You got in over your head, didn't you?" "Way, way over my head.

Almost as soon as we left the party they fired up a couple of joints then the guy in the back seat with me was all over me. He told me that he was gonna have himself some fresh young white pussy. When I tried to push him away he grabbed my arm and squeezed my breast. Then he said to the other guy, Jam you gonna get you some of this pussy, too.

That guy said, 'Hell yes.' Then the girl he was with said, 'Y'all gonna let me watch, ain't ya, I wanta see your big black dicks tear up that bitch's white ass.' He was trying to pull my pants off when we got pulled over." "You were lucky the cops showed up but Teen babe lena paul having sex with a rich strangers, you know you put yourself in that position, what were you thinking?" "Daddy, they were going to rape me; both of them and that girl was going to watch.

Daddy, I'm still a virgin. I knew I'd be screaming and crying while they did it to me but it almost seemed worse, more degrading that another girl was going to get her kicks watching it happen, God, I was scared. I mean, I know I'm not going to be a virgin forever or anything like that but I want to choose when and with whom I am, to use an old term, deflowered." I knew she was a virgin, my probing finger the night before had explored her vagina.

She was tight and I'd felt her hymen but for now I thought it best if we change the subject. "Let's finish breakfast and go for a walk around the lake, we can talk then, ok?" I cleaned up the kitchen while she took a shower. She was still only wearing her robe, her pajamas and panties were in her hand as she climbed the ladder to the loft. Half way up she turned her head, our eyes met and she gave me a little smile, "You're peeking aren't you Daddy." I couldn't deny it, from where I was standing all of her womanly wiles were on display, "Go on, get dressed," is all I said.

I showered and dressed in loose fitting shorts, tee shirt and a pair of sneakers; I was waiting at the bottom of the ladder/stair when Joanie climbed down. She, also was in shorts and a T; we set off. As we walked I let her lead the conversation. It had been a horrific experience for her but, once she was rescued by the police and Uncle Harry had shown up and saved her from interrogation and arrest her fear had been mom sucks off her own son r al to another portion of her anatomy.

He'd saved her virginal pussy but now, she KNEW, her ass was mine. Excellent assessment of her dilemma, as last night had proven. "God, I was so stupid, so damned stupid; Daddy, can you ever forgive me?" "Princess, you're young.

Unfortunately, young people make stupid mistakes but that's a big part of learning, of maturing. I know nothing like this will ever happen again." The conversation got lighter as we walked through the woods. We spotted a flight of ducks coming in for a landing on the lake. It seemed a little late for their northward migration, it was early June. We strolled over to the shore where we found a patch of grass. Joanie suggested that we sit and watch the ducks paddle about.

I sat, she lounged, laying her head on my lap. The serenity of the morning, the kiss of the gentle sun, I dozed off still holding Joanie's head.

It was she who awakened amateur teen gets fucked by her roommate. She's worked my flaccid penis out the leg of my shorts then she'd taken it into her mouth. It was like a sensual dream, I awoke to my daughter fellating me. I should have stopped her, I know…I didn't; the feelings she was giving me were sensational.

I stroked her hair. She looked up with her pretty green eyes and smiled then began deep throating my cock. "Oh God, I'm gonna cum baby, I'm gonna cum," I moaned. I expected her to come off, instead she only went faster. As I spewed into her mouth she swallowed as fast as she could, she didn't miss much. My Little Princess might be a virgin but it was evident that she had some experience at oral.

I wondered if she expected that I'd commute her punishment because of this. If so, she was wrong, in fact her evident past participation with fellatio made me wonder just how much Joanie had gotten into. I gave her a soft swat on her bottom, saying, "Come on, let's get back to the cabin.

It's time for your drug test." "Oh Daddy, are you going to make me pee in a cup again?" "Princess, we'll be testing every day while we're here." Back inside I told her to go into the bathroom and get ready while I got european middle aged couple fucks on webcam cup and test strip. She was seated waiting with her shorts and panties around her ankles.

She took the cup, filled it and handed it to me. While she wiped and rearranged her clothing I tested her urine. Still registering cannabis but not as high as the day before. I mom and son big boob sex stories story xxx sexy xstory ebony audio her to the bedroom and sat on my spanking chair.

She started to plead, "Daddy, please don't spank me again." I was holding her by the hips, I unzipped her shorts and let them fall to her feet. "Princess, I'm gonna spank every day that you continue to show positive for marijuana.

Not like yesterday but still you'll feel it," as I lowered her over my lap. I gave her ten moderately hard whacks on her panties then bared her bottom and gave her ten more. Joanie was sobbing, I rubbed her back and sides asking if she'd like to lie down for a little while. "Will you hold me Daddy?" She asked. "Of course Princess." I helped her to stand, guided her to the bed and lay down beside her.

She was still wearing her bra and T-shirt but was naked from the waist down, which I tried my best to ignore. Joanie was snuggled tightly against me, she started to talk but I couldn't understand her, she was mumbling something about Morgana I asked and she repeated herself. "Daddy how come you broke up with Morgana and don't date anymore?" I had to think how to answer, finally I said, "I guess other things were more important to me." She smiled, "Like me, I was really bitchy to Morgana back then, wasn't I?" "Well, you did have your moments." "I'm sorry but I was jealous, I wanted to be your girl; Kinda dumb, huh?" "Joanie, you'll always be my girl, you're my Little Princess." "Daddy, I know you and Morgana had sex a lot, don't you miss that?" "Nosey little thing, aren't we?" "Well, don't you?" "How do you know anything about your old Dad's sex life, anyhow?" "My bedroom's next to yours, I could hear through the wall and Morgana's kinda noisy, ok?" He remembered and she certainly was.

A lot of ohs, oohs and aahs tied up babe gets a big cock nights and moans and groans on Saturday, the night he parted her tight little bottom. God, that was the best, still what he thought about when he jacked off. "Well, there are some things shouldn't do; things like listening at her Daddy's wall.

What did you think about what you were hearing?" Even with their rather intimate position watched her redden in embarrassment, then she whispered, "Daddy, I knew what you two were doing. The internet, you know." "And?" "Oh Daddy, this is so embarrassing, please don't make me say." Rob kept quiet as Joanie squirmed next to him, he gave her a little hug.

"Yes, that's it, I wanted to be the one in your arms. I'd get so patient in fishnets fucking in fake hospital up, I'd use my fingers while I listened. I wanted it to be me, I wanted you in me. But now I'm glad it didn't happen. I felt you today and you're so big, I know you would have hurt me." Rob thought, he wasn't all that huge, not porn star size.

He was a little over 7 ½ inches and a bit chubby. Now would have been the ideal time to end this conversation but Rob was getting aroused; it had been years since he'd had sex, he held her closer.

She sensed the change in him, she could feel his erection climbing against her. Joanie caught her breath, "Daddy, will it hurt?" She asked. "Probably a little," he replied. "Do you want to find out, Princess?" She wriggled out of her T-shirt and shed her bra, "Touch me Daddy, please touch me." Her breasts were milky white capped with small pink nipples.

He caressed them as he drew her closer and kissed her, there was no going back now. As his lips trailed down sucking and licking one nipple then the other Joanie her first orgasm not brought by her own hand. His hand cupped her plump bottom as he kissed over her soft tummy. As his probing tongue parted her lips and he laved her vulva, Joanie made her own sounds.

"O0000000000000h yes, Oooooooooo God, she exalted." But when his tongue flicked at her clitoris she nearly exploded. Pounding her hips up to meet him she wailed in exotic pleasure. Her juices flowed as her Daddy drank from her sweet fountain. She lisa ann and amy anderssen sucking balls sopping, she was ready as he moved over her.

Rob lifted her legs back, exposing her vagina then moved up against her. With his fingers he opened her then guided his cock to her virginal portal. "Ready Princess?" He said. He worked his way in. Meeting resistance from her hymen he told her, "This may hurt baby." He thrust forward.

He felt her tender maidenhead tear, he was in and sliding deeper. Joanie squirmed under him and moaned as he filled her. There was a tear in one eye as she gasped for breath. He leaned forward, kissed her hottie in a thong puts on cock sucking clinic said, "The worst is over," as he began to stroke in and out.

Rob was glad he'd given Joanie a couple of orgasms with his tongue, he wasn't sure she was going to cum from the intercourse. As he continued Joanie began to relax and accept the invasion of her young body. Her legs wrapped around his hips as she thrust back to meet his strokes. Sounds emanated from deep in her throat as she cooed. "Fuck me Daddy, fuck your Little Princess, oh God yes, fuck me good, fuck me good." He did.

Stroking her hard and fast Joanie began to tremble under him as she climaxed yet again. He pulled her hard against him as he spewed into her pumping six years of pent-up semen into her, bathing her cervix, migrating into her fallopian tubes, searching for a fertile egg.

"Daddy, you came in me. Am I going to get pregnant?" Joanie asked as they lay together resting. "We'll go into town to the pharmacy and get some of the Plan B pills this afternoon because, yes, you could get pregnant." "Good. I do want to have your baby but not yet. I want us to have some fun first, don't you?" "You bet Princess," he answered as he pulled her atop him.

"Squat over me," he instructed as he guided his penis to her vagina. "Sit on me and take me in." Slowly Joanie eased down. She was still sore from the loss of her virginity. She took him completely then rested. "You're beautiful Princess," he said as he admired her. Her full breasts, her poofie little tummy, her reddish gold sleek pelt and, most of all her alluring face smiling at him. "I'm glad you came in me Daddy, it makes me feel like a woman. Am I your woman now?" "Do you want to be?" "More than anything Daddy, now and forever." She loved that top position, felt she was controlling the action.

She bounced, hooted and squealed in delight until she'd bathe my balls with the fragrant flood of her climax. Afterward we showered and drove into town. We had lunch, picked up a few more groceries and stopped at the CVS pharmacy. I bought several Plan B pills and some scented lubricant.

The pills for immediate use, of course but the lube was for later, if my Little Princess was going to be my woman more was in store as far as her sexual education was concerned. I'd always had a preference for anal sex, riding my girl from behind as she bucked and reap xxx storys coming bleak would Joanie be willing?

We'd see. On the ride back we discussed birth control methods. The Plan B pills were a stop gap measure, Joanie decided she'd prefer an IUD. Joanie didn't have an adult doctor, she'd only ever seen her pediatrician; once home I phoned her and got a recommendation for an OB/GYN in our area. I had Joanie phone to make her appointment. She explained what she wanted and was able to get an appointment for the following day. The doctor let her know that she would be doing a complete physical before she could insert an IUD.

Joanie had never had a female physical and asked me what she could expect. I told her that she'd want to bathe before we left and that she should wear clothing that was easy to get into and out of.

She would probably be nude during the exam. Most would be routine, checking her heart beat, ears, nose, throat and eyes then it would become more invasive with a vaginal exam, a bi-lateral exam and possibly even a rectal if the doctor felt it was warranted. Joanie cringed, "You mean she might stick her fingers up my butt, ungh." Truth be told, Rob hoped a rectal would be included, he wanted to see how Joanie would react to anal penetration. Joanie was as nervous as a long tailed cat in a roomful of rocking chairs as we drove to the doctor's office and, once there she insisted that I be in the room while she was being examined.

It went as I'd explained, ear, nose, throat, etc. then a breast exam before the pelvic.

The doctor was exceptional as she explained what she was going to do each step of the way. Two fingers into her vagina then palpitation of her ovaries, insertion of a speculum and a pap smear then a new glove and the bi-manual, one finger in her vagina the second in her anus checking the position of her uterus. As the doctor withdrew her fingers and shed her glove she gave Joanie a smile.

"Not so bad is it. We're almost done," as she regloved. Because of my explanation Joanie knew what was coming next. She tensed up and pled, "Please, I don't want that, don't do that to me." Gently the doctor rubbed her tummy saying, "Joanie, I need to do it.

I'll be gentle, I won't hurt you, I promise." She gloved up and visually inspected Joanie's anus for hemorrhoids or lesions then got one fresh glove. "Almost done Honey," she said. As she talked the doctor was lubricating her index finger. She touched Joanie's anus, gently pressing and saying, "Just relax, it will be over in a moment or two." "Bear down for me Joanie." As she did so, her sphincters relaxed and the doctor's finger slid in.

Completing the exam the doctor handed fine ass tight teen czech anal whore madison parker by jwrekxx several tissues, saying, "Maybe you'd like to step into the warm teen pussy tori 2 81 tube porn and clean up while I get your new IUD." The procedure was over, Joanie had a follow-up appointment for two weeks hence and a caution that, although she could immediately be sexually active she might experience some cramping.

If so, just take an over the counter pain reliever; Tylenol, Motrin or such and rest a bit. On the drive home I let her go on about what it was like to be examined. None of it was really pleasant but she fixated on how humiliating the luna star anal fun with an extremely hot latina exam was. "I mean Daddy, she had her finger up me as far as she could go checking my uterus and cervix from the back side, ick." Rob chuckled, "What's so terrible Princess, I've had my finger in you lots of times." "Oh that's different, you're my Daddy, I don't mind when you do it." We'd left early for Joanie's doctor's appointment so we'd skipped her morning routine.

I handed her a cup and pointed to the bathroom. She scowled at me but she went; we'd already sorted that out. She felt that since we were sexually active she should be off the hook for the reason that we were here, I disagreed. I followed her to the bathroom and tested. Very low levels of THC but still present. After her spanking I helped her to the bed.

Like I mentioned earlier Joanie was always upset after she'd been punished. Today was no exception. "Daddy, I'm getting the cramps like the doctor said," she whimpered. "Do you want some Tylenol," I asked. "Unhuh, please." I got two of her suppositories.

"You've still got some of the lube in you, I'm going to have to keep my finger in you 'til your muscles grip them and work them up in you, ok?" My finger was in her for nearly five minutes. I pulled it out, patted her, gave her a kiss in the cheek and told her, "You have a cute bottom." "You really think so, I think it's too big." "No, you're perfect, plush and plump just like your mother.

Now, why not take a nap and let the Tylenol do its work." While she napped I went down to the lake and did a little fishing. Didn't catch anything but that was ok, it was nice to just relax and think.

And I thought, Joanie wants to be my woman, she wants to have my babies and live as my wife. She was eighteen and I was forty-one, we could have several children if she wanted. I'd like for her to get a college education, she was so smart but, I couldn't deny that I wanted her for my lover if she could pass my final test but that might be difficult.

She'd reacted badly to the doctor's penetration and my cock was one hellava lot bigger than her slim finger; we'd have to see. I'd started dinner when Joanie groggily wandered into the kitchen. "Feeling better Princess," I asked. "Yeah, just trying to wake up, the cramps are gone," she said as she got a drink of water. "Can we play tonight?" She asked. "You want to?" She smiled, "I do, I do, I do, sex is fun, don't you think so?" "With you it's heavenly Princess." After dinner and dishes we retired to my bedroom.

Joanie hadn't bothered to dress, in fact she'd taken her shirt and bra off, except for a pair of light slippers she was nude under her robe. I took her down onto the mattress. Opening the robe I realtor sofy soul enjoys anal from hung client her breasts and uttered, "Daddy's dessert," as I took one then the other between my lips.

God how I loved the taste and the fragrance of her. I worked along her vulva, nibbling her labia and dipping my tongue into her vagina. I took her clit between my lips, teasing and batting it with my tongue. She had a trembling, explosive orgasm then a second and third. As I brought her off for the forth time she was pleading for me to stop, wailing in a painful pleasure. She was too sensitive to continue.

I moved up beside her and brought her on top. "A little cowgirl for my Princess?" I asked. She was above me and impaled on me in a second. Her favorite position. I loved watching as she bounced, rocked and rolled to a loud fifth climax. I hadn't cum. She was out of breath as she crawled up next to me.

"That was fun Daddy," she told me. I let her rest and recover for a few minutes then rolled elegant college girl is seduced and poked by her senior schoolteacher onto her belly and straddled her hips. "I want you from behind tonight Princess. Get up on your knees." As I helped her into position I admired her sex. Still a girlish coral pink, "Beautiful, desirable," I uttered. I moved up behind her and entered her.

"Princess you have the perfect pussy, damn this feels so good. Do you like it?" I pulled her back against me as I filled her vagina. She was already starting to breathe harder, more rapidly. "You're in further Daddy, God you're stretching me.

It hurts a little but it's a nice hurt." I began to pump her, I was deeper into her, she winced as I grazed her cervix. I apologized then rode her even harder. Her amateur teen cum for cash sexformoney fuckforcash sounds had changed. She was sex xxx sex full sex stories story dawnlod like a small bitch being ridden by a big German Shepherd, she was being dominated, taken.

One plaintive moan after another as Rob pounded her cunt with the fucking of her life then with a roar he blasted pulse after pulse of his ropy cum into her He rode her down to the mattress where she lay, dazed and glassy eyed.

He lay beside her massaging her battered body, caressing her sides and bottom, kissing her teary eyes. Finally she spoke, "God Daddy, I thought you were going to fuck me to death, you felt so big in me.

My poor little pussy's so sore but at least I know what Morgana got." "Why do you say that, about Morgana I mean." "I remember her moans. I was moaning just like that when you were riding me. That's what you were doing, isn't it?" He answered, "Close," as he caressed her bottom. "What do you mean, 'Close,' what were you doing with her?" Rob gave first one then the other of her plump cheeks a squeeze, "Figure it out Princess." As he traced a single finger along her crack he saw the realization and fear flash in her eyes.

"Daddy, you were in her bootie, weren't you?" He just smiled at her. "You're going to do that to me, aren't you? Please don't Daddy, God it would be so stinky and messy. How could Morgana do it?" "Preparation mostly, she'd make herself clean and we'd use lots of lubricant." "Prepare how?" "Just a light meal the night before then enemas several hours before." "Did Morgana like it? Why'd she moan so loud?" "She liked it ok but mostly she did it for me, she knows how much I like anal sex.

She got a little pain from it but, like you, she likes a little bit of pain with the pleasure." "I don't think I want to do that Daddy, just thinking about it, talking about it scares me. I don't think I could take your big cock up in my belly." They dropped the subject and over the next two weeks nothing more was said. Their sex life was frequent and active, exploring various positions. Joanie had begun to enjoy being taken from behind.

She liked the feel of the extra inch or two that Rob could get into her although it still wore her out when redhead teen thief stole a merchandise and rough paid fucked her hard. Afterwards he always massaged her, helped her to relax. He spent a lot of time on her soft bottom, caressing and kissing, occasionally gently pressing and circling her tight ring.

The first time he used his tongue on her there it was like she'd been struck by lighting. She tried to jump up but he held her down and continued to rim her until she'd relaxed. When he added a finger to her clit he could bring her to climax that way. The first time he slid up on her back and ran his cock along her crack, touching her she was so frightened she nearly wet herself but he whispered, "It's ok Princess, I'm not going to enter you.

Slowly he ran his cock up and down, brushing against her anus with each stroke. With the head of his cock pressed against her anus he whispered, "I'm gonna cum," as he spewed on her tight ring.

"That wasn't so bad now was it Princess?" "No Daddy, it felt kinda nice." He now knew, she would eventually surrender. Slowly she was accepting anal attention and getting pleasure from it.

The two weeks had flown since she'd gotten her IUD. The follow-up appointment found no problems. Joanie was ok for a year unless something untoward happened. On the way home from the doctor's Rob stopped at the supermarket and got the makings for a salad. That was going to be tonight's supper.

Joanie's urine was clear, she was no longer forced to give him a specimen each day and she no longer got her spankings. Everything was going beautifully except one lustful teen daisy stone nailed by her pervert stepdad it was time.

After their light supper Rob catered to Joanie's every sexual desire. Oral then cowgirl followed by a slow tender missionary. He ignored her bottom and they ended the evening spooning, him in her as they drifted off to sleep.

Breakfast was a single poached egg, one slice of toast, juice and coffee. As they cleaned up Joanie was overcome by an ominous feeling. She was wearing only her slippers, a pair of panties and her robe. The salad last night, the poached egg for breakfast, she remembered how he had told her how Morgana prepared. He was getting her ready for anal sex, she just knew the enemas would be next. "Daddy," she rasped. As he turned to look at her he saw her fear; she knew. As he watched her bladder failed her.

"I'm scared," she sobbed. With her urine dripping down her legs Rob helped her to the bathroom, took her slippers, panties and robe and eased her into the tub. "Get cleaned up Princess then we can finish, ok." She could see into the bedroom from the bath.

She heard water running in the kitchen then she watched as he set a full five gallon bucket beside the bed. Her fearful eyes tracked him as he got the red bulb enema syringe and a lube of lubricant and lay them on the bed then he returned to the bathroom. He reached for her hand saying, "Come on Princess, it's time." She pulled back whimpering, "I don't want to Daddy." Taking her arm he helped her up, lifted her from the tub and wrapped her in a towel, drying her.

"I want my robe," she said. "You won't need it for a little while," he told her as he led her into the bedroom. Still holding her hand he walked to the bed and sat down then guided her across his lap. She felt him touch her, the chill of the lubricant as he fingered her hole. "Daddy, please," she wailed, as she felt him spread her cheeks and insert the syringe.

After five bulbs she was sobbing and cramping. He helped her to lie on her back then he massaged her abdomen working the water deeper, up her descending colon, across her transverse colon and down her ascending colon.

He continued to massage her saying, "Let the water do its work." When the cramping got to severe he helped her to the commode then left so she could evacuate privately.

He could hear the splash of fecal matter, the sounds of escaping gas and his little girl's moans. When it was finally quiet and she had wiped he flushed and led her back to the bedroom.

A second five bulb enema followed by a third and finally a small three bulb insertion and she was running clear. He'd gotten a clean robe and panties for her while she was in the bathroom. Another quick bath and she lay down on the bed, exhausted from her enema ordeal. "Just rest Princess," he said. "Daddy, when are we going to do it?" "We want to wait three hours after your enemas," glancing at his watch he added, "It's With a tremble she pled, "Can't we wait 'til tonight?" He hesitated, should he tell her the truth?

If nothing else he was always honest with her. "Princess, noon will be the first time. We're going to do it four or five times over the course of the day." "Oh Daddy," she moaned. "Joanie, I want to break you in as quickly as possible. I'm afraid you're going to become quite familiar with light meals and enemas, now, get some rest." Joanie couldn't imagine being able to rest but in her exhausted state she was sleeping within minutes.

Gently he shook her, "It's noon Princess," he said as he rolled her panties off. She started to whine but then she felt his lovely tongue on her. God how she adored receiving oral sex. After he'd given her three orgasms he sat up and pulled her across his lap. She saw him pick up the lubricant from the pillow. First one finger then two in her, pushing the lube deep into her and stretching her sphincters then more lube.

He helped her to lie next to him on her tummy. He talked to her. "You've got plenty of lube. Remember how the doctor had you push down when she put her finger in you? I want you to do the same thing. When you feel me press against you push down like you're trying to potty, understand." "A quivery voice answered, "Yes Daddy." "Remember how I was on your back rubbing against you?

We're going to do it the same way, you'll lie on your tummy and I'll lie on your back. That's the easiest way for the girl and, Princess once I'm in I won't come out until I've cum in you." He massaged her hips and bottom then straddled her and lay on her back. He slid his penis along her crack several times then guided it to her opening. "Push Princess," he said as he thrust forward. The head of his cock split her sphincters and he was in her. God, it's not like in the porno films Joanie thought; this hurts, burning like fire.

She heard the first of what she knew would be many moans, Oooooooooo damn this hurts. "Daddddddddy, oh Daddddddddy, it hurts." "I know Princess, try to relax. Christ, I love your bottom. You're so tight, like a velvet glove gripping me. You're the best Joanie, the very best." He was not completely in yet, he hadn't begun to pump he was slowly moving deeper into her. Her tissues were tender and, as a virgin she was being stretched to accommodate his girth.

That's why he wanted her several times this first day, he wanted her broken in. As he bottomed out he rested, waiting for what he knew would come next. Joanie continued to moan and sob then suddenly she tried to squirm out from under him. "I've got to go, Daddy, please let me up, I've gotta go now," she wailed.

It happened nearly every time with an unschooled anal virgin, she was afraid she'd embarrass herself, she desperately needed the toilet, she had to move her bowels. He held her down as she fought to escape. "Princess, you had your enemas, you don't have to go. That's not feces, that's my cock filling your rectum. Just relax I'm going to fuck you now," as he started to pump her. God, there's no feeling in the world like a young girl's virgin anus and rectum.

The unbelievably tight grip of her sphincter muscles squeezing his erection, fighting him, trying to reject him. It would always be wonderful but it would never be quite the same. She'd be looser each future time. That wasn't all bad, she would be taught how to flex those muscles to squeeze and masturbate him and he could play a little rougher.

"Tighten up, squeeze me, help me cum Princess," he told her. As she gripped him he stroked harder and faster until Joanie was wailing then he exploded. Pulse after streaming pulse spewed into her, he thought he'd never stop cumming, it felt like he'd pumped a quart into her yet he stayed in her until he'd softened.

As he fell out he could see that she was dripping, she had a huge anal cream pie. Joanie's moans had quieted, she looked up at him with her tear stained eyes. "I love you, you know. Am I your woman now?" He kissed her eyes and then her lips, "Yes you're my woman for now and for ever." "You kinda forced me, didn't you?" "Yes, I guess I did and for that I'm sorry." "I'm not.

I knew I'd have to do it sometime. It did hurt but, in truth, the anticipation was worse than the reality." "I'm glad you feel that way but now I think you might want to sit on the potty for a little while then put a pair of panties on and come lie down with me.

I'm going to be draining out of you for a while and it could get messy." When she came back she lay on her stomach, her head on his chest and asked, "You said I was the best, did you really mean it?" "Princess you're fantastic.

Far and away the best I've ever enjoyed." "You've done it with other girls; I know you did it with Morgana, who else?" "Nosey Little Princess." "Did you do it with Mommy?

Did you, huh?" "Frequently." "Other girls?" "A few." "What was it like with Morgana?" "Joanie, she's so slender with her small little butt, I always felt I had to take it easy with her. I like plump bottoms, like Mommy's and even more so, like yours, you're absolutely perfect." "Would you do it with Morgana again?" "Couldn't, it would piss you off and I don't want that." "No it wouldn't, before I was jealous but no more. I'm your girl now, if you want to you can. In fact I wouldn't mind watching." "Really, why?" "Daddy, I know what it feels like, maybe I'd like to see what it looks like." "We'll see." "Just think about it." They'd been resting for about an hour when Rob said, "Ready to go again." Joanie shimmied out of her panties and lay face down on the bed.

Taking a pillow and placing it beside her hips he said, "We're going to try a different position this time." He rolled her onto her back with her hips on the pillow so that her bottom was elevated. "I want to be able to see your pretty face," he told her as he added a little lubricant, she was still pretty slick from before. As he moved up to her he lifted her legs and asked her to pull them back toward her chest, adding, "Remember to push when I ask, ok?" "Ok Daddy." "Push Princess." When he popped into her she grimaced and groaned.

As he slid forward Joanie moaned and one eye teared. When he was completely in he rested. "Feel the fullness again Princess?" A pained, "Unhuh," rasped from deep in her throat. "I know you're probably feeling some pain. I'm stretching you, your anus and rectum, but eventually you'll be able to take me in easily." "God I hope so Daddy." Still resting he massaged her breasts and leaned forward to kiss her. "My Little Princess, beautiful of face, succulent of breast, with her soft white tummy and golden curls; I could just eat you up." Maybe later he would but she thought not, she was sure that today would be devoted exclusively to attention to her bottom.

"Joanie, have you ever pleasured yourself with your fingers?" "Daddddddddy, what kind of a question is that. God, even in this position you can embarrass me." Rob took her hand and guided it between her legs.

"I think it will busty brunette gets surprised with a dick good, especially when I'm pumping you." Reaching down he opened her lips, at the top her clit was glistening, he directed her fingers saying, "rub." After several strokes Joanie was rubbing herself in rhythm with his pumping her.

If he sped up, she sped up; if he slowed, so did she. Her sounds changed from exclusively moans to throaty moans interspaced with a gurgling, cooing sound. As he watch she closed her eyes and a small smile played across her lips. "Nice," he asked. She just nodded her agreement. He stroked her for about ten minutes then forced her legs further back and thrust hard into her, roaring, "I'm cumming, I'm cumming." Joanie's body trembled, as Rob's cum poured into her, her own juices were flooding out in one of the strongest orgasms she'd ever experienced.

He continued to pump her as she kept her fingers flying until they were both drained. "God that was intense Daddy." "Yeah, it was, wasn't it; you liked?" "My poor bottom's sore but my little pussy's sure happy." It was moving toward late afternoon, Rob said, "Let's grab a shower and get a bite to eat." As they sat eating ham sandwiches with chips and cole slaw Joanie said, "That position was kinda neat, how we could watch each other's faces, see each other's eyes.

Is that your favorite position?" "I like it for just those reasons but, no, my favorite is girl under on her knees, me behind her." "Why, what do you like about it?" "You know how you like cowgirl, how you can ride me, bounce and really get into it?" "Yeah, I sure do." "It's a little like that, I like letting her feel my strength, all of my length and girth, giving her a rough ride." "God, you make it sound like she's in a dominated, subservient position." "Maybe she is, maybe she is." "Is that what we're going to do later?" "No, you're not ready for that.

I like to play hard, I'd hurt you. Eventually we'll get there but not yet." "What are we going to do next?" With a grin, he answered, "You'll just have to wait." The wait wasn't long. He took her hand and led her back to the bedroom. She stepped out of her slippers, he helped her out of her robe and rolled her panties off. Sitting on the bedside he guided her over his lap saying, "We need to relubricated you after the shower." Her little ring was monique teaches how tsuck cock the vigorous workout she'd received was evident as he fingered the lube into her.

He started with her on her back but without the pillow. Lifting her legs he entered her, again he paused when he was fully in her so she'd experience the full feeling in her bowels before slowly pumping her a few times then he started to turn her. She thought he was going to move behind her and she wasn't ready for that yet but once she was on her side he straddled her lower leg and held her top leg up as he moved against her. With one hand holding her top hip his other massaged her abdomen.

As he began thrusting deeply into her she saw a small smile appear on his lips. He continued to hold her lower tummy, then taking her hand and guiding it to her abdomen low, just above her pubic bone he said, "Feel." She was startled, it was as if something alive was in her belly, she could feel it and, when she looked down she could even see movement.

"That's me in you Princess." "It feels weird, like something alive was in me." "Oh, it's alive and hungry for some more Princess. Now give yourself some fingers and maybe we can get off together." Finished, Rob told her, "Why not clean up a little and come back.

I want a some of my Princess dessert; put on a little make-up, lipstick and eye liner, I want you sexy. "Really," she exalted as she leapt from the bed. "Really, now hurry up, Daddy's hungry." Rob was lying on his back when she returned. "Sit on my chest facing me," he directed. "Now scoot forward ." "Perfect." And it was, her pretty pink pussy was right at his lips.

"Can you see?" He asked. "No," she pouted. "Would you like to?" She bounced a little, "Yes, yes, yes." From under the pillow he pulled out a hand mirror as he extended his tongue and flicked it along her slit.

Accompanied by her ohs, ahs, coos and Oh my Gods, he tongued her for over ten minutes before he sucked the ruby red tip of her clit between her lips. She couldn't keep her concentration on watching, she dropped her mirror, grabbed his head and mika tan gets screwed in a threeway big tits asian her pussy against his lips until she came with a rush and gush of tasty, tangy peach flavored girl juice.

He stayed on her until she pulled away. "Like that?" He asked. "Oh Daddy, that was awesome. I want a mirror every time." "Well, take the things off the dresser and tilt the mirror a little, I think you'll be able to watch." "What do I get to watch next?" "Let me sit up a little." He put a pillow against the head board and reclined against it with his legs extended.

"Ok, now sit on my lap facing the mirror. Can you see?" "All of me but not much of you." "I'm going to lubricate you, can you see my hand?" He fingered her not quite so tight little ring working in the KY Jelly. "Could you see?" "God yes, you had your fingers up my little butt hole." "Wonderful, what we're going to do now is anal reverse cowgirl. I want you to pull your knees under you and squat over me. Once I'm in you can sit down. You'll be directing the action, ok." Once he'd gotten the head in her she sat down with a slight moan as he filled her.

"Oh God Princess, lean forward just a little, I want to see me in you, let me admire your fantastic ass. Ride me, I want to see it going in and out." He held her hips and let her rock and pump on him, reveling in the sounds she was making; still some moans but mostly noises of pleasure over the show she was giving herself. Finally he slipped his hand around and let her ride his fingers to climax.

"You didn't cum," she pouted. "Don't worry, I will. Let's see how we can get into position where you an watch when I'm behind you." "Lie flat and move around so you can see your face. You won't be able to see a lot of me going into you but you can watch your smile." "Right," she sarcastically replied as she squirmed around on her belly until she found the best view.

"We're going to do it like we did the first time," as he straddled her hips. After gliding along her crack several times he centered on her. "Push Princess." She was still quite tight but it was getting easier each time. With her groan as he popped through her sphincters and a moan as he slid forward he filled her. "Oh God Daddy, you're so big." "Feel full Princess?" "Yes, so full, so full." "Does it feel good?" "It feels sorta like the cramps I get when you give me an enema, like I really, really have to go." "Put your hand under you, on your abdomen.

I'm going to change my angle of penetration so I'm pushing toward your belly button, you should be able to feel me." Once her hand was in place he scooted higher on her back so his penetration was more toward her front; he started to pump her. "I feel you Daddy, I can feel you." He grasped each of her cheeks opening her crack wider, going deeper than he had before.

Dude is pissing on her after sex gasped, new tissue was stretching, it hurt; her eyes teared.

"Oooooooooo Daddy, you're too big, you're sooooooooo big," as a muffled sob broke from her chest. He pounded her deep, hard and fast for several minutes. He moans had turn to wails, her sobs to a bawling cry as her tears flowed. "Squeeze me, help me cum and it will be over," he instructed. She tightened down as best she could, it was difficult with the hard driving fucking she was getting but finally she felt the heat as he roared and his ejaculate flooded her bowel.

Better, it was better He was still in her, still riding her but not as hard, not as deep. He stayed in her until his balls were drained. He lay beside her expecting her to come into his arms, instead she curled into the fetal position with her back to him. "You hurt me Daddy, why did you hurt me?" She whimpered. "I'm sorry Princess, I just wanted you to have a small taste of what rough play is like." "That was a small taste?

I don't want a platter full, I don't think I could take it. Have you looked at me?" He had. She was sweaty, her hair was a disheveled mess, her eyes were swollen and tear stained trailing black streaks over her face where her mascara had run, she was beautiful, exquisite in fact. "Come here and let me hold you Princess." She crawled into his arms. "That was just a taste, what's the "Full Monte?" "Joanie, I can go on like that for an hour or more, that was less than five minutes." "Then that's what I want damn it, I want to watch you do that to Morgana." "That's pretty wicked, you really don't like Morg do you?" "Not much." "Joanie, I don't know that I can do that, I mean she's my office manager, an important employee to me, I hope you can understand." "Well, that's what I want, maybe you'll find a way.

I'm not going to do it 'til I see someone else take it." "God girl, what do you want." "I want to see Morgana O'Leary fucked so hard she can't walk, ok?

I hate her and I want her to ache for a week." Rob dropped it, it was obvious that Joanie's abhorrence ran deep. They made up, she cooled off, wasn't mad at him any more, said, "I can't stay pissed at you Daddy." They day ended, the two of then in bed together in the spoon position.

He'd taken her from behind, his hands fondling her breasts as voluptuous inked blonde rides a big dong entertained herself with her fingers. He came in her for the fifth time that day and was still in her as they drifted into an exhausted sleep. They spent the balance of their time at the cabin in a sex fueled fog. She needed an enema every two days, he suggested it would be easier with a two quart enema bag but Joanie nixed that suggestion.

She liked the intimacy, the feeling of surrender she got from being over Rob's lap. Truth be told, he preferred it that way, too. They experimented with every possible position except one. Rob wasn't getting that until she saw someone else endure it.

If she didn't see it it would never be part of their own repertoire, period, full stop. Their relationship would always be close, they were after all father and daughter but where was their intimate bonding going. Joanie wanted to live as Rob's wife and have his children and Rob had concluded he'd never find a more loving and loved partner. He could run his business from a phone and computer from their modest cabin until he could replace it with a lakefront home.

And, as much as she detested Morgana even Joanie agreed that she was a real asset to her fathers business.

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Rob decided he'd give her a raise and a 10% share of the business to continue to run their city office. He planned to put everything in motion as soon as they got back. Robert Burns: The best laid schemes o' man an' men aft go aglee. Jewish proverb: Man plans, God laughs. And so it seems.

The day before they were to return from to the city he received a call from his accountant. "Rob, I think there is a problem. It's not something I want to get into over the phone but I'd like to meet with you face to face at your earliest convenience, when are you planning to return?" "I'll be back tomorrow evening late then I'm meeting with Morgana in the morning, how about lunch?" "Rob, I'd like to meet with you before you see Morgana if possible." "If you think that's best, sure, we can.

Want breakfast?" "Bagels and Lox at Cohen's, eight-thirty ok with you?" "OK, see you then Sol." Cohen's was the best Jewish deli in town.

When Rob walked in at eight-twenty Sol already had a table. After they ordered Rob asked, "What's so important Sol?" "Rob do you know what a defalcation is?" "Never heard of it, what is it?" "It's a word no businessman ever wants to learn.

It's synonymous with embezzlement and that's what has occurred in your office." "Sol, what the hell do you mean, it's only Morgana and me…Sol, what are you saying?" "You know I was doing a mini-audit in preparation for tax time, right?" "Yeah, sure Sol." "It's not big Rob but I have evidence Morgana has misappropriated $2000. Let me show you." Opening his briefcase he provided documentation evidencing the indisputable fact that, through checks to herself Morgana had stolen $2000.

"Rob, I checked back, this seems to be the only loss I can identify, I think I've found it all; these copies are for you." Rob looked and felt sick. "Sol, thanks for this information but, I hope you understand, I don't feel much like breakfast, what I feel like is that I just got kicked in the balls." "Rob, I understand, I know how much you rely on her." "Yeah, I was considering semi-retirement, giving her more responsibility along with more money and a percentage of the business.

So what do I do now?" "The police are, of course an option or you could terminate her. Why not talk to her first, find out what happened, why she did it then decide how to proceed." "Good advice Sol, thanks, but now if you'll excuse me I think I'm going to go somewhere and puke." Rob walked for blocks lost in thought, what to do, what to do.

This sure fucked up his plans. Finally, he came to a conclusion. Maybe he could salvage Morgana, when it came down to it it would really be up to her. He'd meet with her and react to her response; tonight. He took out his cell phone and called the office. "Hey Morg, listen, something's come up; I won't be able to make it in but I still want to get together as soon as possible. How about I grab a bottle of wine and stop by wacky lesbian centerfolds are opening up and fisting assholes place around eight, would that work for you?" "Sure Rob, that would be great." "Unh, maybe if you feel like it we could even play a little, you think?" "Oh Rob, I'd love to but what about Joanie?" "She's matured, what can I say." There was a smile in her voice as she said, "I'll be ready for anything." He knew what that meant.

She'd be bathed, scented and dressed to the nines after giving herself two Fleet enemas. He drove home, he had a day to waste. "Princess, something's happened at the office, I'm afraid it may delay our plans, I hope not but I'm meeting with Morgana this evening to discuss things.

I'll be late getting home, in fact I may not be home 'til morning." "Daddy, you're going to have sex with "That Woman," aren't you?" "My, my, young daughter, if that didn't sound Clintonesque, but, yes, I may. Hope I do because if I do you may get your wish." She had a perplexed look on her face, "My wish"…then the light went on, and "you mean it might happen?" "Cool your jets and ask me tomorrow." She gave him a grin, "Want me to warm you up for tonight?" Over the course of the day he brought his beautiful, desirable daughter off five times but he wouldn't let her reciprocate, "Saving the juice for where it might do the most good." "Daddy, what's going on?" "Ask me tomorrow," was all he'd tell her.

He was fashionably late, ringing her doorbell at eight-ten. She answered with a smile. As he'd forecast she was impeccably attired, a beige pantsuit, bone mid-heeled pumps, a white blouse with a little brown ribbon worn as a tie. She smelled of gardenias. She reached up and kissed him. Rob couldn't resist the jab, "You sex pomhub com view vi lovely Morg, the boss give you a raise?" She giggled girlishly but reddened, "Must have." He offered up a bottle of a fine Chardonnay, "Shall we have a glass?" Morgana poured, as they sat together in her living room she was flighty and girlish in a way a forty-three year old woman shouldn't be but Morgana was with the only man she'd ever loved.

If the truth be known, Morgana O'Leary had never french french japan xxx sex a date until she went to work with Rob. Throughout school she was the skinny, geeky girl with glasses. She didn't go to the prom, no one asked her, her 165 IQ did make her valedictorian and get her a full ride scholarship to a fine college but she had zero social skills and then she'd met Rob.

It wasn't a job interview, they'd met in a coffee shop. It was full and he'd asked if he could share her table. How she remembered it, she was nearly struck dumb, here was a really hot guy sitting with her. As they talked she learned that he was newly widowered and had a small baby, he was looking for a nanny. Morgana was between jobs, yeah, do I take the Big Eight firm or the aggressive little caprice gives thai massage and gets load of cum on her flawless belly firm that would fast track her to a partnership.

She had a masters in accounting and was moving up in the world; and she was smitten. "I'm Morgana O'Leary and I'm between jobs right now, would you consider me for your nanny position, I've never been a nanny but I love children and I could learn." Morgana had never been so forward in her life, she was trembling, her tummy rolling and her bladder about to burst as she waited for his reply.

"So tell me, Morgana O'Leary, what are your qualifications; by the way, I'm Rob Masters. Morgana couldn't suppress a little smile, "So gang raped cum inside pussy a Masters, too. Mine's from Columbia, my Bachelors is from Vassar, they're in accounting." "You're serious, right?" "Of course I'm serious Mr. Masters, unfortunately, I'm always serious." "Let me ask you Ms.

O'Leary, how much money do you command in the open market?" She thought for a moment, she was inclined to lie, down, way down…she really wanted to work for him but she couldn't even for that tell a fib, she told him the truth. "Anderson has an offer of $212,000 on the table but a smaller firm's offered $205,000 and a partnership after a year." "Why are we even talking, I mean, I can pay you $35,000 as a nanny and if you could do some work with my company on the accounting side I could come up with maybe another $50,000.

$85,000 tops." And something happened to Morgana O'Leary that she'd never experienced. She was rocked by feelings she'd never experienced and suddenly she was sitting in a pool. She wasn't a virgin, one terrible experience in high school but never an orgasm, Oh My God, she'd just had her first She was so embarrassed, he had a little smile on his face, he took her hand and kissed the back like a French gentleman.

"I love your perfume Morgana." She wasn't wearing any, she knew, like a cat in heat she was giving off pheromones, and she knew he knew it. She nearly broke down as she pled, "Can I have the job, please Rob?" She felt so foolish and she wasn't a foolish woman, at least she'd never felt so.

"Do you have a place near here," he asked. "Only a couple of blocks." "Could we go over there and discuss it?" She knew she should be scared, she knew she should run, instead she said, "I'd like that." Then he let her know what was going to happen. "Morgana, like I said, I love the scent of your perfume. Before we leave I'd like you to go to the ladies room, take off your panties and bring them back to me." She knew she turned as red as a ripe Washington apple but when they walked out her panties were his souvenir.

Before the evening was over she'd learned just how much she loved sex. The next day her skinny little body ached all over. He'd fucked her every way imaginable, spanked her and ended the evening by sodomizing her, she was in love.

She started work for him the next Monday morning. Then he'd kicked her to the curb, now he was back. She finished the last of her wine and asked, "Care for more Rob?" "No, not yet, I think we need to talk, don't you?" "What do you mean Rob?" "Did you know I had Sol doing an audit?" "No, I didn't know." "I thought not. Do you know what he found…" She started to answer, to deny. "Morg, please, don't lie to me, I know what you've done, what I want to know is why." She started to tremble as her eyes teared.

He knew she was about to lose control. He stood, took her hand, led her i love this girl sexy hijab girl playing with herself the bathroom and dropped her lower clothing. "Sit before you pee yourself," he told her. She flowed like a fire hose from both her urethra and her eyes, "Rob, I'm sorry, I'm so sorry." He took a pad of toilet tissue, wiped her, helped her to stand and straightened her clothing.

"Now, tell me what happened." "Oh Robbie, I don't know, I just don't know. I was pissed at you and I went a little crazy." "Can you pay the money back?" She sobbed, "Rob I spent it, when you said, 'did your boss give you a raise,' I nearly peed myself then.

I bought this Donna Karan pant suit and still had to add $500, God I feel like such a tramp." "Morg, you've been my right hand for a lot of years, I can't remember anything that has hit me so hard as this. What should we do? I mean, I have the proof, should we bring in the police? Should I fire you, what would you do if it was your decision?" "Rob, please, not the police, I'd never be able to get another job, please not that, anything but that." "Ok, let's take the cops off the table, you think I should fire you then?" "Oh God Robbie, I think I'd go suicidal if you fired me, I don't want to ever be anywhere else but here, if I can't be here I don't want to be anywhere, please not that, it would be like banishment from an Amazonian tribe, I'd wander in the wilderness." And the trap was set, he knew he'd get what he really wanted.

The last thing in the world he wanted to do was fire Morgana, his business genius. He wanted to resurrect her. Key words, words she'd understand. "But Morgana, you've been a bad girl, a very bad girl." A light came into her eyes, "Robbie what do with your bad girls. What do you do when Joanie is a bad girl?" "Morg, she's my daughter, when she's a bad girl I spank her.

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Are you suggesting that I should spank you?" "Yes, yes, please Robbie, anything to let me continue to work here." He took a few moments appearing to contemplate what she'd said.

"Morg, can you pay the $2000 back?" "Robbie, I don't have it all, I can give you $300 now, ok?" I'll tell you what, you pay me whatever you can every week. I'll come over every Saturday to collect whatever you can pay, ok." He could see her relax, this wasn't going to be so bad she thought; wrong.

"Now the rest, yes, you've been a bad girl and you're going to be spanked; tonight and every Saturday night until you've repaid the $2000., do you agree to that?" "Rob, I've never been spanked in my life." "Is that going to change tonight Morg?" She thought about the alternatives before saying, "Yes, I guess it is, isn't it." With his left hand he picked up the little valise he'd brought while with his right he took Morgana's hand.

"Let's get it over with," he said as he led her to her bedroom. He surveyed the room, at her vanity there was a fine straight backed chair, ideal for the matter at hand. He turned it so it was centered in the room.

With her standing in front of him, he took her jacket off then untied the bow around her neck. Slowly he unbuttoned the cuffs of her long sleeved blouse then down the front before taking it over her shoulders and down. Morgana was s slender woman, her breasts were small and high, he unfastened her brassiere and let it fall.

Her nipples were small and tight as if she was chilled and she was trembling. "Step out of your shoes," he ordered. Beautiful bone pumps with a medium heel were shed, he unfastened the waist band of her pants and let them fall. He told her to step out of the slacks; she did, she stood in ivory thigh highs and her beige panties. He could see that she was terrified, even though she'd been to the bathroom not to long before he saw that she might embarrass herself.

He led her back, lowered her panties and seated her. It wasn't mofos four sexy teens have some fun outside flow, rather a squirt, squirt, squirt before he helped her up, pulled her panties back into place and led her to the chair. He opened his case and took grandma's hairbrush out, laying it aside he pulled her across his lap.

"Morg, I'm going to spank you on your panties for a while then I'll take them down and give you some more, finally you'll get ten of my best with the brush. Did you have your enemas?" In an almost incomprehensibly quivering voice she answered, "Yes Robbie, two." He knew she meant Fleets. "Good, then I'll give you a reaming to remember." "Ok Robbie, that's what I want, too." "Afterwards do you want me to stay the night Morg?" "Please stay." "Ready?" "No," she whined.

His hand fell with a crack, palm on silk. God that burned, she thought then the second, third, forth, maybe tenth battered her. Her little butt, so small, so tight, his hand covered both cheeks, she was in tears. Morgana O'Leary was a good girl, she'd never been spanked in her life; she was being spanked now.

Her legs were splayed and she was sobbing by the time she'd absorbed the tenth blow. Then, over her panties she felt his fingers on her, she thrust back to meet his touch and came explosively. He teased, "Your panties seem to be wet, let's get them off." He rolled then down over her slim hips and off. As he held then they kinky brunette american demona have sex with a taxi driver small enough to fit a young child.

Time for some more, he said, as he began to spank. Flesh on flesh the crack was resounding, he watched and smiled as she went from crimson to scarlet and finally streaks of blue.

She was squirming, kicking and trying to escape but her small body was easy to contain. With just his left hand on the small of her back he held her in place until she'd ceased her fight, he gave her four or five more firm spanks then, with her sex cupped with his right hand and his thumb massaging her rosebud, he brought her to her second orgasm "We're almost done," he said as he gave her ten rapid thwacks with granny's hairbrush.

Her tight little ass was a kaleidoscope of colors, he admired his work. Morgana wasn't even squirming, she'd never experienced such pain, she felt like she was on the edge of consciousness when she felt the chill on her anus.

She was being lubricated, she was about to be sodomized, fingers probed her then she was lifted and laid face down on her bed. Hands gripped her narrow hips lifting her to her knees, hands parted her small nether cheeks, pressure against her anus and words she hadn't heard in six years. "Push Morg." God, she tried, she tried to push but it had been six years, she screamed as he penetrated her.

2019 new story miah kholifa xx like it do you Cutie?" He asked. It hurt like fire but, yes, she did like it, six years and now he was back. Even as he mom seduce son at sleeping into her, hurting her, stretching her, filling her she did like it. Only when he was really rough with her did she not like it and he wasn't going to do that tonight, he wasn't going to wreck her, he was going to fuck her pretty hard but she'd be able to walk tomorrow.

"Yes, I like it," she moaned. "Cum in me, please give me your cum," real mom and son forced porn pled. He did and she loved the feel blonde shoves a huge red dildo in her tight pussy in hd his hot semen pulsing into her.

"Please stay all night," she begged as he pulled out. "Morg, sweetheart, are you still having periods." Shyly she answered, "Not every month but sometimes." "So you're still fertile, right?" "I guess so, yes." "What are you using for birth control?" She snorted out a laugh, "For the last six years abstinence." "I'm going to fuck you tonight, tomorrow get some of the morning after pills and then get yourself an IUD if you want to do anything more. Tell me what you've done next Saturday, ok?" "You're going to come back," she exalted.

"Morg Darlin' every Saturday until you've repaid my money I'm going to spank you, fuck you then enjoy your sweet tiny ass." "Will you spank me the same way you did tonight?" "Not as hard and no hairbrush, why, did you like it." "When I came, yeah. I can't believe you made me cum from a spanking, incredible." He let her snuggle against him, in spite of the rough anal sex and the spanking she was cooing contentedly.

She whispered, "I was mad at you, that's why I did it. I guess I was just looking for some acknowledgment from you; I suppose you could say I got acknowledged, huh." "Morg, you know it's going to take some time to reestablish the trust we had.

The money in and of itself is not the real issue although I do expect it to be repaid. You could borrow the additional $1700 from your mother, you know." "I know Robbie but that way I wouldn't really feel that I'd been punished and, besides, you wouldn't give me my spankings," she beautiful sexy cam babe in a horny wild mood with a little smile.

Gently he rolled her to her back and entered her. Her six years of abstinence were evident as he slid forward. She was as tight as a young girl, tighter than Joanie as she moaned, "Oh God, how I've missed this." Over the course of the dude assists with hymen examination and riding of virgin teen, between periods of dozing, they copulated several more times.

He left saying, "I'll see you at the office, I'll be there around noon." Joanie was in the kitchen having coffee when he got home. She put down her cup and gave him a hug. Then, with her nose twitching like a bunny rabbit, she said, "You did, didn't you? I can smell her all over you, God her sex stinks." "That's enough Princess, we discussed what might happen before I left, I don't think we need to rehash it now, ok." "No, it's not ok, I hate it." "Settle down Joanie, those green eyes of jealousy you're showing are about to earn you a red bottom.

Now, let's sit down and have coffee and I'll tell you what's going on." After recounting the tale of the missing $2000 she said, "Well then, you're going to fire her aren't you?" "Is that what you think I should do?" "Daddy, she stole from you, of course you should fire her." "That could put a real crimp in our plans, wouldn't you agree?" Joanie paused, she hadn't considered these ramifications, "I guess it would, wouldn't it?

So, what are you going to do?" "Rehabilitate her, in fact I've already started." "How so?" "A little stick and carrot game, if you will.

She has to pay the money back. I'm going to meet with her each Saturday night until the $2000 is completely repaid, then she'll get a spanking to remind her of what she's done." "Ok, so what's the carrot?" "Sex, partly for her and partly for you." "That doesn't make sense, how for me?" "The final Saturday, when she pays the last of the money I'm going to have her come here." "And?" "Morg usually uses bigboobs girl topless and play with vibrator letcamscom Fleet enemas in preparation.

That day I'm going to tell her to slow anal show sweet girl on webcam them, that I want to give her a complete wash out like I give you.

We can set you up in my closet, you can watch if you want. Afterwards I'll take her out, probably to lunch, we'll be gone the requisite three hours. When we get back you'll get your wish; fair enough?" Joanie let her mind wander. It would be fun watching Morgana's skinny little butt being filled with water, listening to her when the cramping started, even looking at her tiny breasts and childlike hips across her Daddy's lap.

And later, "The Ride," Joanie knew just a little of what that was like, if he stayed on her long the poor woman would be wrecked. Two divergent thoughts struck her. In spite of her animosity toward Morgana she felt some sympathy for her and, second, she was going to have a video recorder with her so she could film it.

"Fair enough," she answered. For Joanie time flew, time dragged. She missed her Daddy on the Saturday nights he was away. She hated that he came home with "That Woman's" aroma permeating him. She'd prepared her vantage point. Their home had an interesting feature. The master bedroom's large walk-in closet was actually a walk-through, with entrances from both the sleeping quarters and a second entryway from the bathroom.

She could pass in and out without being observed. She'd positioned a small but comfortable chair so that she had an unobstructed sight line to the bed. Her video camera was on a tri-pod and ready for action. And now time dragged as she anxiously awaited. She, however had neglected one thing in her joy that she'd be realizing her wish. She'd told her Daddy that she wouldn't do it like that until she'd seen it done and now it seemed they were just weeks, days away from her initiation.

Time was flying toward that fateful event. After she'd seen and filmed Morgana it would be her panties coming off, her cute full bottom being penetrated, her making the sorrowful sounds of rough sex. In truth, she was scared, already scared and she hadn't even watched yet. Inevitably that final Saturday was upon them. Rob let her know that Morgana would be over at mid-morning to pay her final installment.

Joanie's tummy was a mess, she couldn't even eat breakfast then a bout of diarrhea and a weak bladder, she'd peed four times before the doorbell rang. Anticipation and trepidation warred as she went through the bathroom to her chair. She waited for about ten minutes, she assumed they were handling their business transactions before she heard the water running in the adjacent bathroom. It stopped and her Daddy walked into the bedroom with his five gallon bucket.

He sat it beside the bed then got the red bulb syringe and KY Jelly. He walked out. Morgana was wearing a well cut pantsuit when he led her in, she was carrying a little overnight case, she set it down. He was telling her how proud he was of her for fulfilling her obligations, she was beaming like a high school girl on her first date with the football star.

"Robbie, why didn't you want me to get myself ready, I always have before?" "Sweet Morgana, I want to give you a deep cleaning.

I'll give you a series of enemas until the water runs clear. I want your rectum and colons completely empty, I thought we could have a nice long session this afternoon." "Wonderful Robbie, that sounds wonderful." Her pantsuit was pale lavender, Rob took her jacket off, folded it and lay it on the chair. Then an ivory shell came over her head.

Her brassiere was also pale lavender, when it came off Joanie wondered why she bothered, her breasts were no more than a pair of fried eggs capped with eraser sized rose nipples.

Rob bent and kissed each one. "Step amateur big tits young daughter and old dad of your shoes Morg," he asked They were ivory, matching her shell, low heeled pumps. He unfastened the waist of her slacks and let them fall, then picked them up, folded them and added them to the other items on the chair. Her panties were the same pale lavender as her bra. To Joanie they looked to be about a child size one.

She didn't think they'd accommodate even a single cheek of her plump bottom. Rob rolled them off. Naked, Joanie could see how absolutely tiny Morgana was. Her hot vanessa in a lesbian fuck with hot carter cruise was auburn, not shaved but trimmed neatly.

He took her hand, led her to the bed, sat and brought her across his lap. "I'm going to use a little lubricant," he said as he spread her cheeks.

As his finger slid in Morgana cooed contentedly. As he began giving Morg her enemas Joanie wondered, she got five bulbs each time, could this tiny woman manage as many. She could but she was cramping painfully. "Robbie, I've got to go," she pled. Instead he helped her onto her back on the bed and began to massage her abdomen. "I want to get the water way up in you Sweetheart, try to relax." Morgana's stomach was distended from all the water, as Rob massaged it began to shrink as the water was forced deeper into her bowels.

Finally he helped her to stand, she was bent like an old woman, holding her belly and moaning as he led her to the bathroom.

"Call me if you need help," she heard Rob say, as the bathroom door shut. It sounded like a maelstrom as Morgana's bowels emptied. Gas, feces and moans escaped, it lasted for more than ten minutes. Joanie thought, God I bet I sound like that, too. "Rob, I think I need an arm to lean on," she heard after the flush. Three sessions and then she was clear. Rob had her lie on the bed and rest. "God Robbie, I think I like my Fleets better, this is exhausting." "Just take it easy for a few minutes, then I'll give you…" Joanie couldn't believe her ears, she hadn't expected this, she just knew her Daddy was doing this as a bonus for her as she heard him continue, "your spanking." "Oh Robbie, you're going to spank me, why, I thought we were even." "Payment and a spanking, that was our agreement.

This is your last spanking, you ready?" He took her clothing from the chair, laid her things on the bed then positioned the chair so Joanie's view of Morgana's bottom was unobstructed. "Come here Morg, lay over my lap." Slowly she moved into position and bent.

He jiggled her several times, raising her hips, displaying her bottom. He laid his hand on her, one hand covered her completely, then, Crack. Morgana jumped at the contact. He held her down and continued. Crack, crack, crack. It wasn't a particularly vicious spanking but it was firm enough to bring tears. Morgana squirmed, trying to escape. Her legs were flailing as she unsuccessfully tried to avoid the blows. Joanie's eyes were big as saucers, as Morgana fought she got one leg off Rob's lap, with the other still restrained, she was wide open.

Her genitals, were agape, Joanie thought, God I could give her a gynecological exam. Even here she noted that Morgana was small, a short slit completely containing her labia, she was still a girlish pink. The spanking ended. She stared dumbfounded as her Daddy fingered Morgana to a crashing orgasm. She then collapsed over his lap, absolutely spent from her ordeal. It wasn't until then that Joanie realized that her hand was down the front of her shorts and her panties were soaked.

She was breathing so hard that she feared that Morgana would hear. When she'd recovered Morgana went to the bathroom to freshen up, Joanie escaped through the bedroom. After they'd left for lunch Joanie changed her panties and glanced through what she'd filmed. In some ways it nearly took her breath away. She wondered, could she set her camera up and film her Daddy with her; and more importantly, would she want to watch? Show time, she heard his car on the driveway, the click of the lock in the front door and Morgana's lilting voice.

"Thank you for lunch Nerdy teen april oneil and busty stepmom vanilla deville threeway, I was starved.

I skipped dinner last night and breakfast this morning, just for you." "Well Sweetheart, now that you're well fed would you like to be well bred?" "Oh Robbie, you know I would, I can hardly wait." "Then let's don't," he said as he led her to the bedroom. Joanie watched as he again piece by piece removed her cute lavender pantsuit. She really wasn't expecting what came next. Rob took her to the mattress then kissed down her slender frame. He took her with his mouth.

Joanie forced herself to listen to Morgana's screams of ecstasy as he brought her to multiple orgasms. God, even from her distant vantage Joanie could see.

Morgana did something she'd never done. In awe, Joanie watched as pulses of female ejaculate erupted from her vagina. God, she was squirting all over her Daddy's face, no damned wonder he came home smelling like "That Woman's" cunt. She had to, she just had to learn what it took to do that. Rob stayed on her clitoris until she tried to squirm away, pleading, no more, no more. "What, you don't like," he teased.

"Oh yeah, I like but I was about to explode." He slid up and kissed her as he entered her. It didn't take long, Morgana exploded with another trembling, body shaking orgasm, she lay back. "Fun," Rob asked. "Fun," Morgana answered. Taking her hand, he pulled her over his lap. Picking up the tube of lubricant he asked, "Ready for the finale?" Joanie watched as he spread her tight little cheeks, as first one finger then two worked lubricant deeply into her. He held her anus open and directly squeezed more of the lube into her.

Laying the tube aside, he massaged her bottom; then, "Ready?" He helped her into position. She was on her knees, her chest on the mattress, her face turned toward the lens of Joanie's camera. She was tightly drawn up, her hips high in the air, her bottom displayed and exposed. Her Daddy massaged Morgana's hips and bottom then moved up against her. His phallus looked huge, larger than she'd ever seen it. She watched, the head seemed to be the size of her fist, pressed against Morgana's tight little opening, she heard the words, "Push Morg." She took him in with a groan.

Joanie watch while, to a symphony of Morgana's moans, inch after inch slid into her., his pubic hair was pressed against her bottom, he was in.

As he always did with her, her Daddy paused once he was completely in, allowing her to experience the painful pleasure of a stretched and filled rectum. There was a little grimace on Morgana's face and she was panting when he started to piston in and out. He'd fucked her for around ten or fifteen minutes. Joanie thought, this isn't so bad, he was just on his knees behind her when he seemed to shift. He drew his feet up along side Morgana so that he was in a squat.

He rose up and transferred his weight to her hips, changing his angle of penetration so that he was thrusting downward, he impaled her with a thunderous stab. Oh God, it's starting Joanie thought as she heard the plaintive wail escape from the other woman. He was plowing into her hard and fast like a pile driver. Morgana tried to drop to the mattress, to escape but to no avail, he held her body in its tucked position as he pushed down on the small of her back forcing her hips even higher.

Morgana was pleading, "Pleeeeese Rob, no more, no more, Oooooooooooooooo God, you're splitting me in half, Noooooooooo more." With the next awesome jab into her body, a sob broke from her chest, the pleading ceased and she babbled incoherently as she cried in agony.

Joanie wanted it to end, it was nearly too gruesome to watch. Still it continued, the fierce assault on the small woman. Finally, with a roar, she watched as her Daddy poured pulse after sizzling pulse of sperm and semen into her. Even then it didn't end, he continued to hold her up, continued to fuck her until he'd softened and fallen out.

Her camera saw, she saw, Morgana's anus was beet red and gaped open with semen dripping from her. At last he lowered her to the mattress on the verge of unconsciousness He got up, went to the bathroom and got a warm washrag then, from her little overnight case he got a fresh pair of cotton panties then retrieved two of Joanie's sedative suppositories from the refrigerator.

He wiped her brow with the cloth then her bottom before sliding the two suppositories into her. He pulled the cotton panties on her, picked her up and carried her to the guest room bed. Joanie was waiting when he got back to his room. "Was that what you wanted?" He asked. "A whole lot more, God Daddy, I'm sick and scared.

Help me, please," she said as she handed him two more of the sedative suppositories, lowered her shorts and panties and lay down on the bed. Once they were in he asked, "What are you going to do now?" Taking off her T-shirt and bra she answered, "I'm going to go lie down with Morgana.

I feel so bad for her and it's my fault." He watched her walk from the room. Maybe a little compassion learned, he thought, but, then again she might want to save some for herself as he lasciviously eyed her plush, plump inviting bottom. Joanie climbed into the guest bed, Morgana was out to the world.

She gathered her into her arms and kissed her cheek. After a refreshing nap Joanie was awakened to a most unfamiliar sensation. Still sedated Morgana was mewling like a little injured kitten. She'd snuggled against Joanie and was suckling on her breast.

At a loss about what to do, she considered pushing her away then enwrapped her with her arms, drew her close, smoothed her hair and kissed her cheek. She no longer hated, "That Woman," it was more like she was an ally. Joanie realized that soon jony sios xxxx sex stories 30 35min could be in the same condition.

Morgana was at Joanie's breast for about an hour before she began to become cognizant of her surroundings. The first thing she realized was that she was being tenderly held and that she had a plump nipple in her mouth. "God, I'm sorry Joanie, I mean…" "I could have stopped it, but I don't mind, it felt nice." Joanie got up, locked the bedroom door and returned to the bed. "I've never been with a woman, have you Morgana?" "Years ago, when I was in high school another girl and I fooled around, nothing serious though, we kissed and fondled each others breasts." "Did you suck on her breasts?" "No, we just touched each other's breasts, nothing at all below the waist." "It might be fun, teen seduces friend pals step brother xxx proving papa wrong got the cutest little pussy imaginable; like a little girl's.

So small, neat and pink." "Oh hell Joanie, everything about me is like a little girl's." "I know and it makes you cute. Would you like to see mine, I'm so damned big." Morgana didn't answer but Joanie spread her legs, "Open me Morgana." Slowly Morgana's hand moved toward her although their eyes remained locked. "Feel how big I am, touch me, please touch me Morgana." As her fingers began to rub and probe Joanie's breathing changed. "You're exciting me Morgana, you're going to make me cum, would you like my cum on your fingers?" Suddenly Morgana's arousal was evident, too.

"More than on my fingers, I'd like it on my lips." Joanie splayed her legs even further and reclined back on the pillows. "Taste me." Morgana hesitated. "Please Morgana," Joanie begged as she cupped the back of her head and drew her down.

The spry little tongue was like nothing Joanie had ever felt, it sought out places her Daddy had never found, a gentler, softer touch; feminine almost feline, it circled her clit, her warm breath, mom and son night bad room full vedixxx her.

Joanie could feel her climax building. "Oh Christ, you're about to get your first taste of girl cum Mo," as her body trembled in orgasm. That magic tongue went to her flow like a kitten to warm milk, licking until she began to relax.

Then, with a wicked smile, Morgana moved up and kissed her. "I think it's my turn," Joanie said. "I don't know Joanie, I better keep these panties on until I can sit on the potty for a while, I've got a butt full of cum dripping out of me." Joanie grew suddenly serious. "I know and I'm sorry, it's all my fault." "What do you mean, your fault, you had nothing to do with it. I wanted Rob to fuck me, he royally fucked me." "Has he ever been that rough before?" "Oh, we've played rough but never like that, I'm not sure I can walk yet and I sure don't want to sit.

I think I'm regulated to my tummy for a day or two." "That's what I mean. Mo, I'm going to be honest with you, Daddy and I do things together, you know?" "You mean, like sex?" "Yes, I mean sex and I was so jealous of you, I hated you but I don't anymore. I mean, we could share him, he cares deeply for both of us and now we could share if you want." "You mean, like alternate nights? Something like that?" "Yeah, just like that, like for the past several weeks he spent Saturday with you, we could work out days and when you're having your period I'd be with him and when I was he'd be all yours, it would work, don't you agree?" Morgana thought, she hadn't had anything for six years until the recent episode.

If Robbie would go for it she'd be in heaven. "I think it's a grand idea but you still haven't answered my question; why was today your fault?" "Daddy likes anal sex and he likes it a little rough. He gave me a minute or two of it and I thought he'd split me open. He said that was just a small taste of what he liked, that he liked to go for a long time that way.

I told him, "no way," 'til I'd seen him do it with someone else. I told him to do it with you." "You watched?" "From the closet, yes, I saw everything." "My God Joanie, I'm so embarrassed, you watched me crying and all?" "Please don't be angry with me Mo, I want us to be friends and even more." Morgana chuckled, "I guess I should have figured it out when you knew what my pussy looks like." "Why don't we trade places, I'd like a closer look." Morgana reclined on the pillows, Joanie rolled her panties off.

They were soaked. "Damn, he's got a huge load, doesn't he?" Morgana said. "Yeah, he does. Can you get pregnant Mo?" "I've got an IUD but I'm nearly forty-four, so, no, I doubt it." "Mo, I want kids, his kids. You could be like an aunt to them. Maybe you could live here, all of us together like those polygamists on the TV show. We'd each have our bedroom then on our nights we could go to him." "Would he go for it?" "Like Marlon Brando said in the Godfather, "We'll make him an offer he can't refuse." "And what Dear Joanie is that?" "All the pussy he'll ever want and the cutest bottoms east of the Mississippi both available in two sizes." "So when do we propose this to our harem master?" "Tonight, at dinner." "Splendid.

By the way, you've been calling me Mo, I like it but I'm going to call you Jo, can you live with 1st time xxx vidimp3 clips and Jo, the Cutie Bootie twins." "Now just two more things to accomplish," said Jo. "What are those?" "One I'm looking forward to, I'm going to taste you in a moment or two." "And the other?" "Not looking forward to at all.

I guess it was kinda a challenge. I told Daddy that if he let me watch while he did you I'd let him do me the same way and I'm scared." "Understandably. Are you going to go through with it?" "I have to." "When?" "If I know my greedy Daddy, good sexxxx with fungir fuking tomorrow." "Do you want me to watch Jo?" "Ah, Mo I didn't tell you everything.

I filmed it, too. You can do that if you want." "I want." "Then it's settled." The first item on Joanie's bucket list tasted a little like salty citrus, when she'd finished to a chorus of Morgana's erotic sounds she retrieved Mo's overnight kit and they both dressed in shorts along with T-shirts.

In the kitchen they started supper, grilled trout, a brown rice pilaf, mixed summer squash and a spring greens salad. After eating and cleaning up Joanie asked, "Daddy could we have a glass of wine and go out by the pool, Mo and I would like to talk to you." "Mo is it now; ok pour our drinks and let's go out." Both the girls were anxious, squirming in their chairs, trying to begin the conversation in fits and starts until finally Rob said, "Ok, Joanie, let's start with you.

What do you want?" "Daddy, Mo and I were talking. I want you to know, I'm not jealous of her anymore and we both know how much you, well how much you like sex. So we thought, since we're so different, you know, different bodies that, well you know…" She trailed off.

"You want to take a shot at it Morg?" "Ah, well I guess. I'm skinny as a rail and Jo's got a nice soft plush body and since variety is the spice of life, we just thought you might like a selection at your beck and call." "My beck and call is it." "Yes Daddy," Joanie piped in, regaining her nerve.

"We thought Mo could rent out her house and move in with us. "And what about our plans Princess?" "We even talked about that. Mo doesn't think she can get pregnant, so I'll have the babies. I want to get my IUD removed and get started right away." "And you're alright with this Morg?" "Robbie, you know I love you and I've come to adore Jo, yes, it's what I would like to see happen." Rob had already decided, the idea of having both the nifty little sports car that was Morgana and the plush luxury ride that was Joanie was raising an erection as he sat there, still he thought he'd have a little fun with them.

"So, Joanie you've decided and Morgana you've decided, what if I don't like the idea?" "Daddy, how could you not agree." "Yes Robbie, how could you?" "Like Nancy Reagan used to preach, "Just say no," I could just say no." "But Daddy, you'd lose that variety we're offering." "That's right Robbie." "So, if I say no both of you ladies are threatening to cut me off, am I reading that right?" The chorused, "Well, maybe." "You two are blackmailing me, using your bodies as currency, is that fair?" "Who ever said girls fight fair, Daddy?" "Who would sleep where?" "Mo and I would each have our own rooms.

You could choose who was to come to your bed big coc xxx duking movies night except when we're having our periods then the other would be with you." "What if I wanted both of you?" Mo and Jo looked at each other. Mo said, "Fine with me," Jo added, "Me too." "You girls work out the division of responsibilities for the interior of the house, I'll take care of the exterior areas and the pool, fair enough?" "Another thing, each of you is to have full wash-out enemas every two days.

You'll be responsible for giving them to each other. Morgana, you had yours today but Joanie had hers yesterday, she'll be due tomorrow. I want her to have it by no later than ten in the morning." Mo and Jo looked at each other, Jo's face fell and Mo could read the fear in her eyes, she knew that Jo's forecast had been correct, her rough ride would be the next day starting around one in the afternoon.

Looking at Joanie, Rob noted her hangdog expression and asked, "Is something the matter Princess?" "No Daddy, nothing that tomorrow won't cure, I'm sure." "Now, one final thing, I want both of you to know that I'm not happy with the scheming that went on behind my back and the threat of blackmail. We won't do this type thing again and I'm going to reinforce the fact that there will be no scheming against me in just a few minutes. Anything else ladies?" "What do you mean you're going to reinforce the fact that there will be no scheming, Daddy?" He got up, carried his glass into the kitchen then said, "Come ladies, let's go to my bedroom." As they came in he directed Morgana to sit on the bed then he positioned his spanking chair so that she would have a good view of Joanie's bottom.

"Joanie, come and stand in front of me. For you're your stunt tonight each of you is going to receive a spanking. You are going to get ten whacks on your shorts followed by ten whacks on your panties and then an indeterminate number on your bare bottom. You will be topless as you receive your spankings. I want both of you to share my bed tonight, so at the end of your spanking, please climb into bed.

Joanie, take off your top." Joanie rarely went without a brassiere, her heavy breast required the support but today was an exception. As her T-shirt came off her large nippled, heavy breasts came into view. Rob took a moment to admire them, thinking he might need to titty fuck his daughter soon, maybe after she was pregnant and they began to fill. "Come bend over my lap," he directed.

Once in place she received ten rapid swats, five on each cheek. "Stand up and drop your shorts Joanie." After complying she crawled back over his lap. The pace was more measured, the strokes firmer as ten fell on her pantied bottom. These had caught her attention, she squirmed and promised to never do it again At the end of ten he held her on his lap and massaged her bottom until she was raising her hips to meet his caresses.

He went between her legs, stroking her genitals until her breathing had changed with arousal. "Lift your hips and let me get your panties off Princess." With her bare across his lap he said, "On the shorts and on the panties are ten each but this is not limited to ten. Morgana, I want you to count the strokes and I want you to count them out loud, understand?" "Yes Robbie." Crack, the explosive sound and searing sting of flesh on flesh.

"One." Crack "Two." At twelve Joanie broke down in tears, two more for good measure. "Fourteen." Rob stroked her open sex, toying with her clitoris with his index and middle fingers while pressing her anus with the pad of his thumb. After a spanking he liked his girls to cum, it didn't make the spanking sting any less, but over time he could get them to look forward to them for the pleasure they got afterwards.

Joanie's mother would sometimes beg for her spankings. With his unoccupied hand he smoothed her hair and massaged her shoulders. As she started to squirm on his lap he whispered, "That's a good girl Princess, cum for Daddy," as she had a small orgasm. He let her rest for a few minutes then said, "Ok, into bed with you." "Can I have my panties back Daddy," she asked as she got off his lap.

"Don't worry, you won't need them Princess." "Morgana, come stand in front of me." "You know why you're being spanked, don't you?" "Yes Robbie." "Like Joanie you'll get ten on your shorts, ten on your panties and then however many are required on the bare flesh to attain the desired result. Take your top off Morgana." What a contrast from Joanie, Morgana's flat chest with little brown nipples.

He took her hand and led her saying, "Lie across my lap." First ten rapid swats to her shorts. Stand up and take your shorts off Morgana. White cotton, just what he'd told her to bring in her overnight case. He'd bet she was still leaking, he'd put a massive load in her. Spanked once then fucked unmercifully and now a second spanking, this was one abused bottom.

He gave her ten firm ones on her panties, just not quite as firm as Joanie had received. Then he stroked her slit through her panties for several minutes before saying, "Lift your hips for me Morg so I can get your panties off." She was still pink from her earlier spanking.

"Joanie, count them." Crack "One." Crack "Two" At nine Morgana was wailing, he added one more. "Ten." He fingered her then spread her nether cheeks. She was still red. He leaned to her and whispered, "I think your tiny little bottom is delectable. Do you think you could take me again tonight, I'll be gentle." "Please Robbie, yes. Fuck me any time and any way you want." "Ok most of the night I'll be with Joanie, I'll only be in her pussy, but I'll end with you." "I know, you're saving her bottom for tomorrow, aren't you?" "Why would you think that?" "I'm not the one that thinks that." From the bed they heard, "Hey, what are you guys whispering about?" Rob turned to her and said, "You," then chuckled.

He patted Mo on the bottom, "Ok, into bed with you, too." The wenches wanted him in the middle but he deferred, it was Mo on one side, Jo in the middle and Rob on the other side.

He wanted to be able to get to Jo without encumbrance. MISTAKE It was like a school girl slumber party, with the giggling girlishness between the two of them. Still it was enlightening, they were obviously comfortable with each other's nude bodies but it was something Jo said, a sophomoric attempt at poetry that imparted to him a gem of information. Off key she sang, "citrus and salt or a chocolate malt, which does a girl find sweeter." Rob thought of himself as a connoisseur of fine cunt (as if there is any other kind).

As an example Joanie's mother had been the sweetest of cantaloupe while Joanie was peachy, but Morgana O'Leary was citrus and salt. No question, this pair had the more carolina the better full on zzerzcom a bit more than allies, he'd need to keep that in mind.

Rob let them play for about half an hour then he slid an arm around Joanie and began to massage her breasts. He was behind her so he pulled her close. She could feel his erection against her bottom. "Monday call your doctor up by the cabin, get a recommendation for someone down here. I want you to get an appointment for as soon as possible; get the IUD removed and let's start a family, OK Princess?" He could hear the joy in her voice as she said, "Oh Daddy, I want your baby so much." "Good Princess, I wanted oodles of kids, your mother did, too but, as it turned out we, well I guess I, was blessed with only you.

I want your breasts full, your belly swollen and your bottom broad." "Daddy, I want that so bad. I hope I can get an appointment with someone for Monday but I'm sure it won't be any later than Tuesday." But Joanie sensed the ominous implications when her Daddy said, "Of course, all of our sex will be vaginal until you're pregnant but we still have at least Sunday, don't we Princess?" He was kissing her on her neck then he began to nip on her.

He rolled her onto her tummy and laid upon her back then he forced her up onto her knees. Then he pulled her back until she was in a compact ball with her breasts forced to the mattress and her hips elevated. He pressed down on the small of her back so that she elevated her sex organs like a tabby cat presenting.

He entered her. "Oh Yeah Princess, just like this, we'll fill your womb with baby just like this." He gave her a pretty rough ride, he always did when he entered her from behind like this, huge tits lesbian coach licks busty teen was evident he preferred this power position. Truth be known, she kinda liked it when he was a little rough with her, but not this time, oh, she liked tonight but she knew, she absolutely knew that this was nothing but a tune up for Sunday, and on Sunday it wouldn't be her vagina getting the ride.

After he'd cum they lay together, him holding her. "You became pretty good buddies today, you and Morg, huh?" "Yeah, I guess we did. I like her. I know, we're like a Mutt and Jeff or something, me big her tiny." "Yeah, I noticed. I'm really tickled, pleased that the two of you've become friends, but now you and I need to change places I promised Morg a little action tonight." Feigning sleep Morgana was laying on her side with her back toward him. She was nude to the waist but still had on her cotton panties.

He fondled her tiny breasts until her nipples stiffened then he lowered the seat of her panties and felt her. Pre-lubricated, his favorite kind, he pulled her back against his groin. "Arch your back Morg then back up onto me." "Aren't you going to take my panties off?" "Nope, I want you to tantalize your clitoris with your fingers while I play with your titties and fuck your cute little bottom; now arch for me." "Robbie, is tomorrow Joanie's day?" "What do you mean day, Morg?" "I mean are you going to mount her like she's a fresh young filly then ride her to the ground like you did with me this morning." "You don't seem any the worse for wear Morg." "Robbie, I'm not a fresh young filly, I'm an experienced mare and it was still all I could take.

Please, all I'm asking is don't hurt her too badly, I've grown fond of her." "Yes, I know. Morg, have I ever told you what I think your vagina tastes like?" "No, you never have, what does that have to do with this conversation?" "Joanie's little ditty, you know…'Citrus and salt or chocolate malt,' well Morgana, you taste like citrus and salt and do you know what Joanie tastes like?" "Yeah, Robbie I do; Peaches, she tastes like peaches." "I'll spank both of you if I catch you." "You just like to spank us, don't you?" "I believe jada stevens big wet butt bounces while getting pussy nailed that there is a great deal of truth in that utterance, now give me a little action, I'm ready to cum." The girls were up by eight the next morning but Rob slept in until nine.

Breakfast was on the table, it was light, cold cereal, toast and fruit juice accompanied by coffee. Morgana was in shorts and a T-shirt but Joanie was glory hole initiations with horny katt garcia masturbation and brunette in a robe and slippers, evidentially deciding there was no need to get dressed just to undress for her enema.

Although the day was sunny and cheerful, the mood in the kitchen was somber. After the meal was finished Rob told them that he was going out for a while but that he'd be home before one. He had some errands to run then he was going to stop at the drug store and get Morgana her own enema syringe.

After he'd left the girls remained in the kitchen talking. "Jo, I've never given an enema to anybody but myself in my life and I always use those little Fleet enemas, what do I do?" "I've never given one either but I've had plenty.

We'll get everything together, the bucket of warm water, the syringe and the lube. I'll get on your lap so you can lubricate me then you put the enema syringe nozzle in the water and squeeze then release. The bulb will fill with water. Then you put the nozzle in me and squeeze.

Don't release it, though or the dirty water will fill the bulb. Pull it out and repeat the process. I usually get five bulbs full three times before I'm empty." "Do you want to get started baby," Mo asked as she took Jo's hand and led her to the bedroom.

Morgana filled the water bucket and got the syringe and lube. Jo was sitting on the bedside waiting. Mo took her hand, pulling her into a standing position. "Take your slippers off for me, Jo," she asked as she slipped Jo's robe off of her shoulders.

Jo wasn't wearing her reap xxx storys coming bleak, she was left with just her panties; Mo rolled those down and off, she noticed that Jo was trembling. Mo gave her a little hug saying, "You'll get through it." "Mo, I'm so scared, I'm about to wet myself right now." "Come on then, let's visit the potty before we start, we don't want an accident." As Jo sat emitting little nervous squirts, not the gushing flow of a full bladder, they discussed strategy, Jo would return to the bathroom before she joined her Daddy on the bed and she'd sexy minx has her teen pussy slammed creampie and brunette her panties on as long as possible…there was nothing else they could do.

The enemas went well. Five bulbs then Jo's tummy massage. She was giving instructions right along. "Come on Mo, use a circular motion with enough pressure to work the water all the way into me, Unh, just like that, Oh Christ that cramp hurt.

Take me to the potty." "Lay there and be quiet while I do this," Mo replied as she continued with the massage. "Please Mo, I'm going to have an accident here." Finally Mo helped her to the bathroom.

After they'd finished Mo suggested a bath for Jo. "Let's molly jane cronys friends daughter saves marriage and real mother webcam insatiable some sweet smelling bath oil then after, I'll give you a little massage with body lotion, brush your hair and apply some light make-up. What do you want to wear?" "I thought white slippers, white thigh high stockings, white lacy fancy panties and a white satin robe.

Does that meet your approval?" "I think you'll be drop dead gorgeous." It was nearly one by the time Joanie was bathed and dressed.

She couldn't sit, she just paced "God Mo, I need something to settle me down; maybe one of my sedative suppositories. You think?" "I think you don't need anything up your bootie right now. Maybe a glass of white wine?" She was sipping her second glass when her Daddy came in. He saw that she'd dressed and made herself up. He took her hand and helped her to stand saying, "God Joanie, you truly are my Little Princess, you're beautiful," as he kissed her.

"Why don't you finish your wine while I grab a quick shower," he said. Mo store owner gets to fuck a hot milf standing at the doorway, he patted her on the bottom as he passed, "Did you take good care of her for me Morg?" "I hope so Robbie, just take it easy on your little filly, ok?" When he came back he, too was wearing just a robe and slippers.

He took Joanie's hand to lead her to the bedroom, she was trembling nearly uncontrollably. He pulled her to him and hugged her, "It'll be ok Princess." "I've got to potty Daddy." He led her to the bathroom but instead of leaving he began to talk. "Princess, do you recall how terrified of anal sex before I took you the first time and then afterward you told me that the anticipation was far worse than the reality.

We both know what's going to happen a little later. I think it's the same as it was back then; the anticipation will be worse than the reality." "But Daddy, I saw what happened to Mo." "And she was back and sexual active by that evening, right?" "Daddy, you're going to hurt me, aren't you?" "I imagine you'll experience some pain, yes, I won't lie to you." "Daddy, what are you going to do to me?" "I thought you might enjoy a bit of oral, several orgasm, then some slow, sensuous sex until you achieve yet another orgasm.

I want you wet and aroused before we start." "Are you going to make me cry?" She hadn't peed at all, Rob decided it was a delaying tactic. Instead of answering her final question, he took her hand, pulled her to her feet and fitted her panties back in place, "Come Princess," he said.

As she was led to the bedroom Joanie was sure she knew exactly how Marie Antoinette felt as she was led to the Guillotine. As he removed her robe she wondered if Mo was watching from the closet. She stepped out of her slippers. It would be up to him if she retained her thigh highs but the panties were definitely coming off.

As he rolled her panties down she was surprised when he asked, "Do you want to keep your stockings on, they're very pretty." "Please, yes Daddy." "By the way Princess, I like the trim." Morgana had trimmed her. Her golden pelt was now nicely shaped and neat, not the wild bush it had been. "Thank you Daddy." He dropped his own robe, kicked off his slippers and, taking her into his arms xxx mom black guy fuck sex stories them down to the mattress.

Kisses, sweet shared breaths, tasting tongues, then breasts, gently caressed, nipples sucked and teased, soft tummy, neatly trimmed Mons Veneris then ambrosia. Peaches, the scent, the taste, laving her liquid slit. Nipping and nibbling at her labia, then a tongue dip into her vagina, across her perineum to tenderly pierce her rosebud then up, up to the top of her slit. Her little opal waiting. His lips suck it in, his tongue teases it, sucking, batting it, exciting it.

She trembles then the orgasm washes through her body, her organs clench, uterus, anus, vagina, all tighten and then release beautiful logan drae rubs her hairy tight lips until she cums her womanly juices erupt from her. Her Daddy gives her orgasm after orgasm as he licks and swallows the nectar that flows from her.

She hears herself, "No more, Daddy, Oh God, I can't take anymore, you've drained me, aiaiai, please, no more." He slides up her body, he enters her and kisses her.

She tastes the peaches. His strokes are slow and languid, pleasantly filling cogiendo rico con mi esposa de nuevo mexicana gemidos vagina.

In just days it will be filling her womb. Joanie has forgotten Morgana in the closet, forgotten the video camera recording her every minute, forgotten what awaits. Right now she's the happiest girl in the world as she dreams of the mother she will soon be. A smile paints her face as her body quivers and she has a small orgasm.

Her Daddy is sitting beside her. "Crawl over my lap Princess," he says. She sees the lubricant in his hand. Cool, slick, fingers probing her, and more lubricant, her Daddy's voice, just relax Princess as his other hand strokes her back, her hair, her cheek, then, "I'll help you get into position Princess. We'll start slowly, once I'm all the way in, I'll give you a few minutes to feel the fullness then I'll start to pump you." "Daddy, I'm scared and you never did answer my question." "What was that Princess?" "You made Morgana cry, are you going to make me cry, too?" He could have answered, yes, he would make her cry, but, instead he said, "Morgana's a small woman, maybe it was a bit harder on her." "Ok Princess, get up on your knees, great, now lean forward and put your chest on the mattress, fold your arms and rest your head on your arms, perfect." Just a little fine tuning.

He pulled back on her shoulders, tucking her body a little more tightly, pressed down on the small of her back so that her hips and genitals were elevated, then spread her legs just a little more, she was ready. He'd penetrated her anally several times before. From that perspective she knew what to expect when she heard, "Push Princess." In the closet Morgana watched, Rob's hips flexed, she heard Joanie groan as he pierced her sphincter muscles, the moans as Mo saw Rob's cock slowly invading Jo's rectum.

He rested. She knew what Joanie was feeling. Rob was all the way in. She was filled, filled with cock. She'd be feeling like she urgently needed to move her bowels, so full, she'd feel so very full.

Slowly he began to stroke. Joanie provided the sound effects. Un, un, un, un with each forward motion. He continued at that pace, in that rhythm for about ten minutes. Then he changed the pace, a little faster, a little harder; her sounds changed, too. Louder, she was feeling it more, "Ungh, ungh, ungh," with each stroke. For at least ten minutes he continued with this moderately hard fucking, then, Mo stared, she knew the game was changing.

Rob pulled his feet under him, positioning them along Joanie's flanks he rose so that he was squatting behind her then he moved forward so that he was above her hips, she was bearing most of his weight when he gripped her, forcing her back to arch, forcing her bottom higher, better exposing her sex organs and anus, then he spread her cheeks adding another inch that he could penetrate her.

Morgana was nearly afraid to watch. She knew what Joanie was about to experience. Her wail was pitiful as sara jay alura jenson in foursome rammed her again and again. His cock was deeper than it had ever been, stretching virgin tissue, Joanie squirmed under him but there was no escape.

"Nooooooooooooooo, Daddy, Noooooo, Noooooo, Nooooooooooooooo," she wailed before there was one huge sob and she wept, mournfully, sorrowfully, her face turned toward the camera. Morgana could see that the mascara she had so skillfully applied had run, black trails down her cheeks, the lipstick was smeared, her coifed hair a scraggly mass. Suddenly, she went quiet. Still Rob fucked her until he came with a raucous roar as pulse after pulse of his burning cum filled her prone body.

When he pulled out of her Morgana was appalled, her new friends anus was gaping open, cum was draining out over the lips of her pussy. She was unmoving, the only sounds from the room plaintive whimpers and mewls. Surprisingly Rob walked to the closet and opened the door. "Do you want to take care of her Morg? Get her a pair of cotton panties to try to control the mess while I get a few of her suppositories, a couple of the Tylenol for pain and two of her sedatives to help her sleep." Morgana got a warm wash cloth and the panties.

She wiped her face and cleaned her bottom before helping her into the cotton briefs. Rob lowered her seat and administered the medication then left the girls alone. He got a beer and sat out by the pool.

He'd never meant to hurt both of his girls, it was a tragic mistake. If Joanie hadn't insisted that she wanted to see Morgana hurt he'd never have been so rough with her and, after having launched the assault on Morg he wouldn't have felt obligated to give Joanie such a rough ride. He decided not to discuss this with the females, Joanie would feel completely responsible and though she'd contributed to this debacle he knew he could have said no, so ultimately, the responsibility lay heavily on his shoulders.

He finished his beer and peeked into the bedroom. Both of them were clad in only panties. Morgana was holding Joanie to her breast as she sucked. He left them alone. It was late evening before they finally came out of the bedroom, Joanie's hair was brushed but she was bent, holding her abdomen and walking on shaky legs. Morgana was helping to support her. "I don't think either one of us can eat but could we have a glass of wine Robbie," Mo asked. He brought them each a glass of a crisp Chardonnay along with the rest of the bottle.

"Robbie, she'll be alright, all she needs is a little rest. She wants us all to sleep together." "That's fine with me." "I don't know how to say this Robbie, I'm not even sure I want to say it, but she wants to be with you so you can fuck her again later, like you did me." "Princess, you don't have anything to prove to me," her Daddy told her. "I'm not trying to prove anything but that I'm your girl, your Little Princess.

You're my man, the only man I want. I want to feel you in me, please Daddy?" "Ok Princess and I'll be gentle." She gave him a small wistful smile, in a gross understatement she said, "I hope so, I'm a bit sore." They finished the wine and made an early evening of it.

"Daddy, can I sleep in the middle. I know you told Mo that you'd spank us if you caught us playing girly games but I want Mo to hold me while you're in me, can we?" And that was how they went to sleep. Rob's cock was back in Joanie's bottom and Joanie was nuzzling at Morgana's tiny breasts.

She was still a little shaky the next morning but she made the call to the gynecologist and got a recommendation. She called, yes, they were taking new patients but the next available appointment was six weeks hence.

Disappointed, she went to the Internet. She learned that she could take out her own IUD, not recommended for sure but possible.

Just find the strings and slowly and gently pull until the little plastic device pops free. She asked Mo to help her.

Lying flat on her back, Mo inserted her fingers into her vagina, located the strings and pulled it out. There was a little spotting of blood but nothing more. "Thanks Mo, that wasn't bad at all. Now, let me take yours out; maybe we both can get preggers, what do you think?" They changed positions. "Now he's got a pair of fertile females, yes?" "Well, at least one, but this one will soon be forty-four, I'm afraid I may be past my "Use By" date." Unfortunately, that was how it worked out.

They told Rob what they'd done, so over the next weeks sex was frequent but nearly always vaginal in the missionary position. Rob began a regimen of vitamins and herbs to increase his semen and sperm production and after sex he would stay in them as long as possible to reduce leakage. When Joanie had missed her second period and began to suffer from swollen breasts, busty czech babe pounded by stranger guy on the couch sickness and constipation they ran two home pregnancy tests.

Both came up positive. Mo took her to her first appointment with her new OB/GYN. It was almost like the pregnancy was shared three ways, with Mo functioning more like a mother than a friend. They kept up their enema regimen, Joanie would only get hers until the eighth month but Mo's would continue unless she, too became pregnant.

Mo rented out her house, she now lived permanently with them. Most nights Rob would take one or the other into his bed but occasionally they still enjoyed a three way. Joanie was into her seventh month. She was displaying a nice baby bump, even beginning to feel a little movement.

Her breasts were filling and leaking a little colostrum, which Mo had already tasted 'though Rob didn't know that, he thought he'd be the first. Joanie was wearing a cute little summer maternity smock and strappy white sandals. She and Mo were sharing a glass of white wine. Yes, Joanie knew she shouldn't drink but one little glass of wine, what could it hurt. Her Daddy provided the answer. He came home unexpectedly and saw her glass of wine. He didn't hesitate for even a moment.

Walking over to her and taking her hand he said, "Young lady, come with me." Uh oh, Joanie thought, "Busted." Straight to the spanking chair. Bending her over his lap he said, "You know better." He had to spread his legs to accommodate Bump, but he got her into position.

"Mo, come here, please," he called. When she came in Joanie was already sprawled over his lap. "We'll need you to count," he said to Mo, as he began to spank. Ten fast and firm on the seat of her cute little smock then he raised the skirt and delivered ten more on her maternity panties and then they were down around her knees.

"Count for us Mo," he said as his hand produced a sharp crack. "One." "Two, three, four five and six followed." Seven months pregnant she couldn't squirm much so she cried.

"Ok, that's all," he said, now I want you brazzer mom son big story go stand in the corner while you hold your dress up. No, leave the panties where they are." Joanie waddled to the corner.

"Mo, come here please. "What did I do Robbie." "You know she shouldn't be drinking yet, here you are sharing a glass of wine with her, I expected better." "I'm sorry Robbie." Over his lap, a fast ten on her shorts. Then shorts off and ten more on her panties. "Joanie, count." Crack "One." She held out a long time.

The tears didn't flow until she'd absorbed seventeen thwacks. "Ok, back to the kitchen, both of you. Joanie, pull your panties up, I don't want you to trip. Morgana, you can have your panties back, too but leave the shorts." Neither saw him pocket the tube of KY Jelly. Morg's tight little bottom had given him an erection and he knew just the cure. Joanie started to sit at her usual place but Rob directed her to the chair directly across the table from him.

Once she was in place he bent Morgana over the table. "Hold hands girls," he instructed. They both heard the sound as his zipper came down. Morgana felt it when he lowered the seat of her panties, then the chill of the lubricant being drizzled on her and fingered into her, then she heard, "Push Morg." He was in her.

He continued forward. The angle was different, he felt bigger, like he was getting deeper. She moaned as he slid in. She was full, so very, very full. "My cock's all the way in you Morg.

Do you like it?" "I feel like I have to potty Robbie only more so, God you feel bigger." "You've got a nice tight little bottom. I like to fuck it Morg; do you like me to fuck you Morg?" A choked, "Yes Robbie, I like it when you fuck me but it's embarrassing being like this on the table and holding hands with Jo while she watches." "Well, I don't think Bump would take to the table, do you?

But we'll come up with something special for my Little Princess later this evening." Rob fucked her for about thirty minutes. Her little ass was sore by the time he came in her and pulled her panties back into place.

Damn, she thought, she really hated sitting in an anal cream pie, it felt so gooey and messy; that's why he was making her do it. "You were both bad girls but you've had your spankings. I just want assurances that there will be no more alcoholic consumption until after the delivery. Do I have that assurance?" Morgana was surprised by her response but, maybe it was because she felt like a chastised little girl. In unison, both she and Jo replied, "Yes Daddy." "Good.

I want you to know how much I love you both," he said as he moved around the table kissing first one and then the other. "We love you, too Daddy but you said that you had something special in mind for me tonight.

What?" "You know we've all slept together quite a few times and that we've had sex when the third person was in the bed but we've never had a true three way. Are you girls game to try?" They looked at each other. They'd played their girly games when Daddy was away, and since there were two girls and one guy it would certainly lead to some girl on girl action.

They smiled at each other and answered, "Yes." Both of the girls were a little antsy through the rest of the evening, still they got through supper and the clean-up. Finally Rob said, "Bedtime." "Princess, do you think you can get on your knees and lean forward?" "Yes, I can still do that." "Great, Morg, take your panties off and lie on your back on the bed. Use a pillow so you're propped up a little." "Perfect, now pull your knees up a little and spread your legs, I want to be able to see your vulva." Joanie was watching.

"She's so pretty, isn't she Daddy. I think she may have the prettiest pussy in the world." "I'm glad you feel that way. Now, I want you to get undressed." Once she was nude he told her to get on her knees between Morgana's legs.

"Lean forward and slip your arms under her legs and grasp her hips." In this position Joanie's face was only inches from Morgana's genitals. "Joanie, I'm going to enter you from behind, in your bottom. I won't be rough with you but I am going to fuck you until I cum." He lubricated her and moved up behind her. With his hand on the back of her head pressing softly downward he said, "Citrus and salt, enjoy." Then she heard, "Push Princess." He took it easy with her.

Slowly and gently he slid into her. In some ways this was the most pleasant sexual experience he'd ever had. His cute daughter, her hips elevated for him as he watched her slowly accepting his cock. She had her face buried in Morgana's sex, from over her shoulder he could see her tongue flicking the little clit. Both of them making sounds of pleasure; intoxicating, heady, the fragrances of both women melding, estrogen and progesterone flooding their bodies and his olfactory senses.

As always he paused so she could experience the fullness. "Ah, Daddy, fuck me, pump my hungry bottom, fill me up with your cum; fuck me, fuck me, fuck meeee." He began to pump her plush posterior. She was pushing back to meet him. Morgana was trembling on the verge of her climax, he could feel contractions building in Joanie's anus and he was ready to erupt. Three voices, raised, expressing spectacular pleasure, they ended in a jumbled mass of legs, arms, lips, vaginas, anuses and a fucked up handjobs mason moore creampie brunette. He was ready to go again, he was rock hard within minutes.

He heard the call he was awaiting. "Robbie, fuck me please." That perfect little pussy sounded delectable to him but he said, "What about Joanie?" She had the answer for that.

"Straddle my face Jo, let me taste you." She sat facing away, the cum from her bottom dripping on Morgana's chin as Morgana brought her to three fantastic orgasms. Joanie fell to the side exhausted. Rob lifted Morg's legs and fucked her hard and fast, she'd had two screaming climaxes before he gushed into her nice tight cunt. Afterward, they lay, one girl on each side of him.

Joanie was out of it, heavy sex on a pregnant body had left her just smiling quietly. Not so Morgana. He felt her hand on his cock. "You know Robbie, as many times as we've had sex and as many times as you've tasted me, I've never tasted you. Could I?" "Who am I to deny a fine woman her sustenance." It was a treat he cursed himself for missing all these years, her tongue was like a snake, wrapping around, treating him like he was her favorite flavor of lollipop, and then she want down, up and down, he could feel that he was at the back of her throat.

"Oh God Morg, I'm gonna cum," he got out just before he filled her mouth. Like a real trooper she swallowed and swallowed leaving just a trace at the edge of her mouth. She swirled her tongue and smiled. As he looked Joanie also was smiling, "That was fun to watch," she said.

They lay together quietly for a while before Joanie finally said, "That was fantastic, all three of us together. I want to do it again soon." Remembering, Rob started to get hard again. To Morgana he said, "Would you be up for one more?

Your cute little butt is calling my name." They traded places, Morg in the middle blonde school girl gets her pussy used elsa dream cum in pussy cream pie away toward Joanie. She was still lubricated from the earlier episode on the kitchen table, he slid into her easily. Joanie moved closer to Morgana.

"Suck my breasts while he fucks you, please Mo." And that was how they drifted off to sleep, Rob filling her bottom and Joanie filling her mouth. Joanie's delivery went off without a hitch. They now had a cute squalling bundle of baby girl in the house. Morgana was an immense help 'though in truth she was like a doting grandmother to the baby and a watchful mother to Joanie. The truth of the relationship was driven home when the baby, Victoria Morgana was two months old.

Mo had to go out on an appointment so Joanie was alone with Vicky. With the impetuousness of youth, Joanie just had to have a Coke and there was none in the house. The baby seat was in Morgana's car and she'd taken it so there was no child seat available. Joanie loaded Vicky into the front passenger's seat and trucked on down to the neighborhood convenience store, got a twelve pack and drove home. Morgana turned into the driveway just as Joanie was carrying Vicky and her Cokes to the house.

She was quiet as Joanie put Vicky to bed then opened one of the Cokes, "Want one?" She asked Mo. "No thank you, what I would like is an explanation. Did you take Vicky out without a car seat?" "Oh Mo, it was only down to the corner, there was no risk." "Jo, I can't agree, I think this is the most thoughtless thing I can imagine.

There is no reason on God's green earth that getting a Coke a Cola is worth endangering our baby." "Mo, give it a break, ok?" God, was I this dense when I was nineteen? She wondered and she was really angry with her friend.

"Just leave it alone, I won't chacalitos gay virgenes mexicanos follandpor primera vez it again, ok." It was the final straw, grabbing Joanie by the hair she dragged her to the mom room sleeping son her fucked story free, from the dresser she got grandma's hairbrush, sat on the spanking chair and jerked Joanie so that she was standing in front of her.

She unfastened her shorts and pulled them down. "Mo, what are you doing," Joanie implored. "You're getting a spanking for what you've done, that's what I'm doing as she folded Joanie over her lap, pulled her panties down to her knees and whaled on her back side with the hair brush. When Rob walked in Joanie was laying on his bed, she still had her T-shirt on but she was nude from the waist down. She was sniveling with tear stained eyes and a snotty nose.

Additionally, her bare bottom was crimson. The hairbrush lay beside her. "May I ask, what's going on here?" "Mo spanked me." "I suppose there was a reason, wasn't there?" Morgana had just entered the room.

Sex toys in moist wet cracks lesbian and college

"Yes Jo, why not tell him what happened." "I did something to make her mad." "I think I understood that, want to tell me what it was?" "I went and got some Cokes?" "Oh I can see how you getting some Cokes would really piss her off. Want to tell me the rest of the story?" "I took Vicky with me." "And?" "Mo was gone and the car seat is in her car." "Am I beginning to understand what happened.

You drove to the store with Vicky in the car but without a car seat, what did you do with her?" "I put her on the front seat." "So as I understand it, you were so anxious for a soft drink that you took our daughter and put her unrestrained on the passenger seat of the car and drove to the convenience store?

Do I have that right?" "I guess so Daddy." "Joanie, that's beyond stupid that's downright reckless, I'm appalled at your thoughtlessness." Rob had seated himself in the spanking chair while he and Joanie had their conversation, he told her to come over to him. Once she was in front of him he swept her over his lap, jiggled her a few times so that her bottom was her highest point and delivered fifty firm spanks to her already sore bottom. Now, I want you to stand in the corner and think about what you've done.

Come out into the living room when you're ready to be more responsible. Rob and Morgana got glasses of wine and, instead of the living room they went out by the pool.

"You really spanked her and with the hairbrush even." "I long dick in pretty virgin bawdy cleft spanked her, yes and I used the hairbrush because my hands are small and I can't hit too hard." "Well, I'm sure you made an impact on her." It's odd how life can take some strange turns.

Vicky is my daughter but, I guess because of the age difference I feel more like a grandfather with Morgana functioning as grandmother and my other daughter, Joanie filling the roll as mother. It's working well for all of us.