Group sex by sunny leon

Group sex by sunny leon
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It was my second year in college when I first spent a summer with Jamie. He was always a dependable friend, especially when it came to carting me home after long, eventful parties. But that first summer, something happened that will ever escape my memory. When I arrived after catching a later flight with my considerate friend, I was exhausted.

His parents were picking us up from the LAX airport and I could hardly keep my eyes open when he motioned for me to follow him as he worked his way to a dark green, parallel parked minivan. After loading our stuff in the back, we piled in. There was a strikingly attractive teenage girl in the back. I sat by here, seeing as how there was a little boy in the middle seat and Jai still had to sit somewhere.

Jai made his introductions of me, the girl being last. "And this is my bratty little sister, Hannah," he said, in a joking voice as he ruffled her long, wavy, black hair, which I just noticed was bleached and dyed green in the front. I gave her a friendly smile, which she returned with an awkward one.

I noticed she had a lip ring on the right side of her lip and that her eyes were a vibrant green, which her hair brought out. Her curves were in the spry of developing, but they were definitely there. She wore skin tight jeans which almost showed off her slit and a tank top that shaped her B-cups nicely. As the front of the car drove deep into conversation, dragging me into it once in hot black newbie tamra millan pov amateur teen and black girl while, Hannah stayed silent.

When we got home it was well close to midnight. I fell asleep instantly after being shown the guest bedroom. I awoke in the late afternoon to a mostly empty house and stumbled to the kitchen in a t-shirt and panties; I was at home. When I got a cup of coffee, I suddenly felt a pair of eyes on me. I looked up to find Hannah in PJ bottoms and a tank, no bra, with erect nipples smiling good morning at me.

"Where is everyone?" I asked her, a bit startled.

"Jamie wanted to drive up to Monterey for a few days and they got up early. We didn't tell you because you were asleep. You thank my brother for volunteering you to stay with me," she explained in a soft, cheery tone I was surprised she possessed. I was also surprised when she helped herself to the pot of coffee. "I don't mind, he does a lot for me," I confirmed as I rummaged through their fridge for milk.

She exquisite bombshell presents huge butt and gets ass hole banged me a grin as she passed me to grab the milk; I couldn't help but stare a little as her breasts came together a bit and her shirt let her cleavage show a bit easier. Her ass was quite a sight as well, rounded at the bottom as it eased into her back; I had to restrain myself from raping her right there and then, but she got up and poured us both milk.

I thanked her and asked if she wanted anything for breakfast. "I'm not much of a breakfast person, but make yourself something if you want," She said.

I shook my head, disappointed half in myself and half in not doing anything. "So, did you do that yourself?" I asked after we sat down at the dining room table, referring to her lip. "Yeah, Mom had a fit and Jamie sided with me, for once," she seemed preoccupied with her coffee. I nodded. "So how long do we have—I mean, how long will they be gone?" "About a week, maybe less, who knows with Jai and my parents." I bit my lip and finished my coffee before going up stairs, leaving her to her business.

I dressed in skin tight jeans, and loose, semi-see-through shirt and skipped putting on a bra. I examined the few kinky things I brought with me, a vibrator, a double sided dildo, a whip and a few interesting outfits…not to mention handcuffs and a blindfold, or gag. I smiled. Later that night, after making pasta for Hannah and I, we sat in front of the TV. "So, Leah, are you and my brother like…?" I knew what she was implying and almost laughed at the conclusion she made.

"No, Hannah…we're not like that." We were watching some reality show that she seemed very interested in, it was hard to keep my eyes away from her body…The show cut to credits and she got up and switched it off, stretching a little which showed her soft, pale tummy.

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"Well, I'm off to take a shower," she announced and left for the bathroom. I could hear the water running as I turned on the TV to see the news.

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Nothing caught my interest, so I switched it back off. I sighed and made my way upstairs. As I passed the bathroom, I noticed the door to the bathroom had been cracked open. My heart pounded, the way it does when you can almost hear it yourself and I bit my lip. My pussy throbbed to see her, I couldn't take it anymore so I barged in, and without words we were suddenly on the floor and I was on top of her, pinning her down. "Let me go!" She stammered, more out of instinct than out of fear.

Her pretty, little mound was shaven clean and her nipples were standing straight up. I pressed my lips to hers, to muffle her screams. I brought her hands together and looked around for something to bind them with and found that the little slut had stolen my handcuffs.

I almost grinned as I used them against her. I pushed her into my room with brutal force, pushing her, challenging her and holding her cuffed hands down, hugging her body as we walked.

Her hair soaked up my pillow, as I rehandcuffed her to the bed frame. Fixing her legs to be tied up was a chore, since she was kicking and screaming so much.

I grabbed my gag and gagged her before she wok up the whole neighborhood. I told her to calm herself and that I wasn't going to hurt her, if she was a good girl.

I finally got her legs spread wide apart. I sighed, the struggling was over.

I got in between her legs, still clothed and looked up at her, caressing her ass and back to calm her senses. Then I leaned in and look her round breast in my mouth, lapping at her small tit, and sucking on her breast until she was almost enjoying it, but she quinced when I bit her nipple. I moved to the other and licked at it with my long tongue, before I bit into that one too, but this time she only gasped a little and before long I was working her breasts with my hands, pinching them and huge titty brunette teen versus big black dink in da office them.

And she was enjoying it! She let out a moan or two and closed her eyes and when I could tell she was done, I stopped. I smiled at her and asked if I could take off the gag, she nodded. I did so, but put it on as a blindfold. She didn't seem to mind, I could tell I got her wet while working her breasts. I slowly undressed and got the vibrator out. At the first touch of her clit, she shivered almost, biting her own lip out of sexual tension.

God, she was dripping wet. I leaned over and gave her cunt a long lick, as I switched on the vibrator, the buzzing teasing her young opening. As I gained speed on licking her pussy lips, I slowly inserted the vibrator into her pussy, working it in and out, and deeper every time.

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teen is sucking on a big knob Before long I was full on fucking her with it, but I didn't let her cum just yet. I took the vibrator out of her and went back to get the double-sided dildo. I slowly positioned myself on top of her, and eased the dildo in her first, then me.

I let out a moan of relief as it slips into me and notice her gasps of moans too as I grind my pussy lips against hers.

I reached over and grabbed one of her tits, twisting and teasing her nipple as I heard her cum. I kept going, to make her cum again, but with me this time. As we both erupted in orgasm I could almost hear her screaming "Leah," and hot, sticky cum was everywhere. I got off of her and unblindfolded her. "Want to take a shower with me, I promise I won't tackle you this time?" I asked my dirty little girl with a smile.

She nodded and I untied her. I followed her to the shower that we left on and got in behind her. I let her sit on the bench in the shower and spread her legs, opening her slit with two fingers as I cleaned it out and licked it up.

I started to lick her faster and once more, I fucked her with my hands, almost getting my fist inside her as she came. I played with her ass a little bit with my other hand and bring her to orgasm at least three times before I let her do anything to me.

She turned me on the bench and spread my legs, and imitated my licking, slowly at first but then she got better at it, using a few fingers to make me cum inside me, she then cleaned my pussy out with her sweet, little tongue and let the water rush on my slit.