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I awoke to the most amazing feeling. Every morning, as it goes with men, I have a raging hard on. Hannah, who cuddled with me all night, must have woke before me and noticed my rigid cock. I awoke to the feeling of my whole cock engulfed in something warm and wet and I nearly came right there. I looked down and saw nothing but Hannah's dark hair and I knew that meant she was sucking my cock.

Hannah had never given me a blowjob, the only time my cock had been in her mouth was as I pumped cum down her throat after our ass fucking last night. I assumed Hannah might not be a very good cock sucker since she wasn't, to my knowledge, very sexually experienced.

I am very happy to say that I was wrong. Hannah's head bobbed up and down on my cock and I leaned back and let her give me complete pleasure. Hannah had said she wanted to fulfill my desires and having her give me fantastically good blowjobs was certainly one of them. Another was throat fucking. While Hannah was sucking me plenty deep and I could feel the tip of my cock brush up against the back of throat, it wasn't truly deep throat.

The pleasure I was receiving was still all coming from Hannah's sweet mouth, and someday I was looking forward to treating the tight tube that is Hannah's throat the same way I treated her ass and pussy last night. This isn't in any way a complaint, mind you. This was a fantastic blowjob and I was more than happy to be on the receiving end. But as Hannah fulfilled each fantasy the next one popped into my mind.

Hannah's skillful sucking was more than doing the job and I made it clear as the time approached that she was going to make me cum. I wasn't sure if she'd want a mouth full of cum first horny maomi nagasawa squirts intense after hardcore dildoing in the morning, though if she did I'd happily oblige.

Hannah continued to slide her mouth along my now slippery cock, and when the time came I lifted my hips slightly and released. Hannah responded by forcing her own head down as far as she could, nearly gagging herself, and accepting my cum load. After dumping an unbelievable amount of cum into her last night I was spent, but I'd had a good night's sleep to reload. My first (of many) loads today was strong and powerful. I could hear Hannah slurping, eagerly trying to keep it all in her mouth.

I pumped repeatedly, shaking and moaning as wave after wave of cum fled my body. I could feel Hannah swallow, and the thought of my cum sliding down her throat made me unbelievably happy.

Just like last night, Hannah's efforts were futile. Cum slid out of her mouth and soon coated the remaining shaft of my cock that wasn't in her mouth. Cum began pooling up around the base, in my pubic hair, and on my balls. As the orgasm receded Hannah pulled her mouth off my cock and began sucking up the cum that had gotten away. It was absolute heaven.

I pulled Hannah up to me. She looked exhausted from the work she'd done, but she still gave me a beautiful smile. Forgoing a kiss, I slid halfway down the bed and pulled Hannah over me. "Oh," she exclaimed, realizing what I was driving at, and she positioned herself above me. She straddled my face and with two soft fingers she pulled her panties aside. Hannah's warm and sweet smelling pussy hovered just above me, looking as delicious as ever. I ran my hands up the back of her legs until I reached her ass, then I pushed down slightly until I was smothered by her sopping pussy.

I dove in, licking and sucking and thrashing my tongue around trying to make Hannah feel as good as she'd made me feel. Her pussy throbbed and pulsed with my ever lick and soon Hannah was thrusting down, fucking my face, grinding her pussy into me. Hannah grabbed the back of my brett rossi with her favorite glass toy and held me strong, riding my tongue, until I felt the sweet convulsions of orgasm start to sweep over her.

If it was even possible, Hannah's pussy became creamier and wetter as she came, flooding my with flavor, until she collapsed above me. As she rolled off on me, Hannah gave me a devilish smile.

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"I love the taste of your cum," she winked at me. "Oh yeah?" I asked, a little surprised by her openness. "Yeah, I've never tasted cum before, so I didn't know what to expect, but I'll say I'm pleasantly surprised." "Well, there's more where that came from," I winked back before making my way to the bathroom.

The rest of the morning and afternoon progressed much like this. Hannah and I talked a lot about sex, our previous experiences, what we liked and were interested in. I was surprised how comfortable she was about it, considering how quiet she usually is, but I loved this new level to our relationship. We made love twice more that day, alternating between sweet and passionate, really the first conventional sex we'd had in our relationship.

We decided to take in an early movie, followed by dinner and then who knows what. After showering clean from a day of lovemaking, Hannah and I climbed into my truck and headed to the theater. Going to the movie before dinner, instead of the other way around, turned out to be a boon for us.

The multi-plex ticket lines were mostly old people and kids, so the R-rated film we chose was nearly empty. After buying two popcorns and drinks, Hannah and I made our way to the top of the theater. A few stragglers found seats below us but we were basically alone. The movie started and Hannah and I both began munching on our popcorn and generally enjoying the date.

I had a few thoughts about being a little naughty in the theater, but I wasn't really that bold when it came to public action. Even though Hannah had shown herself to be plenty bold last night, I didn't think she would be either. About half an hour into the flick I had finished almost all my popcorn, but Hannah had only made a small dent in hers. "This popcorn is a little bland, don't you think?" she whispered to me.

I shrugged. I guess I thought it was okay. "Needs more salt," she mused. I thought she might be hinting that I should take it back to the snack bar and salt it for her, but before I could get up she spoke again.

"Why don't you cum on it for me?" I nearly dropped my drink in shock. "What?!?" I whispered back, not sure that I actually heard her right. "I want you to cum on my popcorn. It'll be the best class six school girl porn vedio I've ever eaten!" she whispered excitedly.

"Okay," was all I managed in return. "Hold the bag," she said as she handed me her popcorn. Then Hannah leaned over into my lap and quietly began undoing my pants. My cock had begun to stiffen and Hannah lovingly wrapped her hand around it and caressed me to full erection. I looked around to top vip mom xxx vidyi sure we wouldn't be seen, but Hannah didn't wait for my approval to begin. Between the darkness of the theater and Hannah's delicious jaslin blows on a monster dong pornstars brunette black hair obscuring and sight, I couldn't see my cock or what Hannah was doing.

But the unmistakable warm and wet feeling of her sweet tongue circling my head told me Hannah was ready to repeat the amazing cock sucking she had woken me up with. Hannah wasn't in a hurry, she circled my head until it was soaking wet and I could feel saliva beginning to roll down my shaft.

My cock was aching as she teased me, and I don't know if she knew this much or not, but the longer I'm teased the more cum boils up from inside.

I nearly jumped with pleasure and surprise when she swallowed me whole. I felt her lips wrap around my head for a second and then she plunged down as far as she could, cramming the head of my cock into the back of her mouth. I stifled a moan and reflexively thrust my hips up into her. I felt Hannah's hand wrap around the base of my cock, holding me steady for the coming assault, and then the real cock sucking began.

My cock was fully lubricated now, slippery and stiff, and Hannah sucked me hard and fast. Her head bounced in my lap and her tongue worked feverishly up and down my shaft. I tried desperately to be silent but the pleasure was out of this world, and I'm sure our fellow movie goers must have heard my poorly stifled moans and sighs. Thoughts of flooding Hannah's throat and mouth with my cum, like I'd done twice before and planned to do many more times, came rushing to my mind.

Then I remember the whole reason Hannah had gone down in the first place, and the thought of Hannah enjoying a tasty snack coated in my thick semen pushed me over the edge.

I tugged gently on Hannah's hair and whispered that I was ready. Hannah pulled off me, squeezing my cock with her lips one last time as she did, and sat back.

Leaning forward and pulling Hannah's bag of popcorn down between my legs, I angled my cock to the top of the bag and released. I could hear sprays of cum splash the inner sides of the bag and I aimed it so that every drop would flow down onto Hannah's snack.

After a minute I exxxtrasmall petite babe fucking her boyfriends best friend spent and I was sure there was a thick pool of cum slowly seeping down and coating Hannah's popcorn. The rest of the movie was lost on me. After zipping up and handing Hannah her snack, I spent the rest of the movie watching Hannah nibble on popcorn covered in my cum. I was transfixed. Watching Hannah eat food covered in my cum was driving me wild, a fetish I never knew I had.

Hannah cooed and made little yummy noises and I knew that our lives were going to be deeply changed by what had transpired this evening. After the movie Hannah and I went out to dinner. The meal was fine and we chatted some.

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Hannah was her usual quiet self. There was a whole other side of her I was discovering in these past 24 hours, and I was about to unearth even more secret facets of Hannah's sexual side.

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When we got back in my truck after dinner, Hannah suggested we stop for ice cream. Admittedly, I made a lame joke about putting a 'topping' on Hannah's ice cream, and Hannah smiled at my adolescence.

We arrived at the ice cream stand to find it packed with patrons, and after a long wait, I ordered a pretty uninteresting dipped cone and Hannah order the largest popsicle I'd ever seen. It was long and wide, phallic looking though I didn't really realize it at the time, and bright orange. Hannah seemed a little perturbed by how crowded the ice cream stand was and after we received our orders, she suggested we drive across the street and park in the parking lot of an abandoned department store to "enjoy our treats in peace." I obliged and we wound up alone in the cab of my truck in the darkest corner of an empty parking lot.

After a few minutes of nibbling and chatting, I had just about finished my cone and I noticed Hannah had plenty of popsicle remaining. Just like the popcorn, she had plans for this treat that I knew nothing about.

"Shane," she said. "Hold my popsicle." As she spoke she began to slowly undress. I was eager to watch and see where this was going. Even in the dim light of the abandoned parking lot I could see Hannah's luscious breasts bounce out of her bra and I just about drooled as she slid her shorts and panties off, spreading her legs in my direction.

"Now watch," she said as she grabbed her popsicle back from me. First she repositioned in the passenger seat, leaning against the door and slouched halfway down. She pointed her pussy in my direction and spread her legs, one up onto the seat back, one down onto the floor. As she did, she brought the popsicle to her mouth and slowly swirled it in her cheeks and across her tongue.

Fond memories of my cock being in the same position gave rise to a growing erection. From her lips she slid the tip of the popsicle down her body, leaving a glistening trail, between the gorgeous mounds of her tits, across her sexy stomach, over her navel, stopping at the top of her pussy. When the cold treat hit her sensitive clit she erupted with a load squeal. I was enraptured watching her tease herself. She spent the next few minutes sliding the popsicle, with the tip pointed down, up and down along the outside of her pussy.

Her beautiful pussy lips hugged the frozen treat and Hannah was a constant source of moans and exclamations of how cold her pussy felt.

Melting popsicle began dripping down busty passenger gets her asshole banged by fake driver the seat. Her hot pussy had started to turn the outside of the popsicle into melted slush.

The melting had reduced this jumbo popsicle to about the size of a regular popsicle, and at this point Hannah pointed it to the heart of her vagina and drove it home.

She gasped as its cold reached deep inside her, certainly a feeling she wasn't used to, and I moaned with desire as I was about dying just wanting to be enveloped by that wonderful pussy. Hannah began fucking herself, using the popsicle as a dildo, thrusting it in and out. A mix of popsicle and pussy juice absolutely poured out of her, soaking the seat. As the popsicle gradually became smaller Hannah beckoned for me to join her with one tantalizing finger.

I leaned down on the seat and found a delicious treasure with my tongue. An unbelievable flavor combination of orange and hot pussy filled my mouth and juices coated most of my sleeping mom fuk son youtub. Hannah cried in ecstasy as she pulled the popsicle stick completely out, leaving the last tiny portion of the popsicle to melt inside her.

I searched for it with my tongue, digging and lapping and loving every second of it. My cock strained in my pants and I knew soon I would need release. When the fervor of Hannah's display subsided, I rose and told Hannah not to move.

I exited the truck and made my way around the passenger side. From there I opened the door and instructed Hannah to face me and lie flat on the seat. She did, laying her stomach in the puddle of sloppy juice on the seat. I positioned her so her shoulders we at the edge of the seat so her head and neck stuck out the door unsupported. Hannah realized what I wanted and I before I had even undid my pants she had her mouth open wide, making the cutest and sexiest "ahhhhh." I stepped up onto the running board and freed my hard cock.

Hannah held her head up high and opened as wide as she could as I directed my cock at her sweet tongue. Contact was made, sending shivers through me, and I eased my cock into Hannah's mouth. At this point I think Hannah believed I wanted some exotic blowjob, as she started to bob her head on my cock.

I stopped her and told her just to hold still and relax. She did, looking up at me with wondering eyes. I pushed slowly at first. My cock hit the back of Hannah's mouth and when I continued to push I could see the surprise in her eyes. I heard her lovely gag just when my cock brushed up against a tight inner hole. My cock was now at the precipice of Hannah's throat, and I held her head in place through four or five gags until she had overcome it and accepted my cock.

Then I pushed further. The tight sphincter of Hannah's throat clenched as my cock intruded. I urged her to relax, though it wouldn't matter, my driving cock would force her throat open if necessary. Hannah relaxed some and my cock advanced. The feeling of her tight throat muscles wrapping up my cock was intense, and desire overwhelmed me. I held the back of Hannah's head firmly and began fucking her sweet throat.

Hannah gagged some more as my cock slid out and reentered, and I felt my cock getting slick with saliva and throat juices. Boys lous yet girl high yet sex story increase in tempo and force had caused Hannah to tighten up, and my cock was now invading her throat, forcing it wide and diving in. I grunted and growled and fucked with intensity.

Hannah's nose pushed hard against my stomach and my balls slapped her chin.

Driven by lust, I leaned forward into the truck, planting my cock firmly in Hannah's now accepting throat. One hand still held Hannah's head in place but now the other reached down her back and toward her perfect ass. Laying flat on her stomach, Hannah's ass was a beautiful mound rising high above her back.

My middle finger slid straight down her gorgeous crack and stopped on her immaculate asshole. Hannah gurgled something, completely choked by my cock, and I carefully pushed my finger into her anus. Her tight ass didn't give easily but my finger spread her and became wrapped in her warmth. Hannah moaned again, simultaneously penetrated like she'd never been before, and I responded by driving my finger in to the middle knuckle.

Hannah's ass was suffocating and I wondered how I ever managed to fit my cock inside. Playing with Hannah's ass while she struggled with my cock in her throat sent me flying to a fantastic orgasm. Still deep in Hannah's ass I cried out loud. Even though the parking lot was empty I'm sure it was audible across the street. Waves of cum came pouring out of me in blasts. I held Hannah's head hard against me, spurting directly into her throat.

I felt her gags grip and squeeze my cock and slowly I pulled back, dumping the second half of my load into her abused mouth. I held myself there transbabe bianca shakes her butt and faps off her stiff dick masturbation pornstars a moment, loving being inside Hannah at both ends at the same time, before sliding my spent cock out of her mouth.

Hannah swallowed and then labored for breath. The ride home was very quiet and I began feeling remorse that I taken things too far. Hannah was sweet and special sunny beach bulgaria sex storys me and I didn't want to hurt her in any way. When I made my concerns known before we settled to bed, Hannah just smiled sweetly and said, "your fantasies are my fantasies, remember baby?" Even though she said it I wasn't convinced and I struggled to fall asleep.

All my worries subsided in the morning, however, when I stumbled into the kitchen and found Hannah sitting cross-legged in a night shirt, holding a bowl like a beggar, and asking me to coat her cereal with cum.