Kinky brunette american demona have sex with a taxi driver

Kinky brunette american demona have sex with a taxi driver
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Chapter 1 I had bad luck with women recentlyI haven't had sex in a while nowthe last time was about six months ago. But a friend of mine introduced me to a website were he saidthere was a bunch of loose women around and that he actually found some sluts on there. So the first thing i did when i got home was open my computer and mom slipps viagra intsons drink this site out and i didi created a profileput my best picture up and went around adding and sending women messages i was not to pickyat this moment anything that had a pussy was good.

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So i decided to take a nap and than when i wake up to check if i got any replies from the women i inboxed. A few hours later I woke up from my napwow that was a good nap.

So first thing first I got on the computer and checked my messagesthis is good i got one messageso i decided to read itwell it was from a female but i dont remember messaging herbut you know who cares. I replied to the message where are you from and a few minutes later she replied am from east london. This was good as i also lived in east londonso i replied would you like to meet up one day and a few minutes she replied yeah sounds good to me. Wow that was easy my friend must be rightit must be easy getting pussy on this site.

A few minutes laterthe women replied to meby the way i know my profile says female but am actually a man and i dress up as a women every now and than.

I was gobsmackedi was speechless and i entered her profile looked through her pictures and I chap inserts cock in black twat girlfriend hardcore see this was a cross dresser and i thought what the fuckmy insticts said delete this person never talk to them againbut something also told me keep talking to this personI dont know i sliely liked this as i sat on my chairi felt my dick slowly and slowly getting hard and i messaged the cross dresser back " I have never done this beforebut somehow am not put off i would still like to see you ".

They replied a few minutes later good and they dropped me their number and told me to call them and i did as soon as the message came through. I called the number it rang twice and they answeredi was breathing so heavilyi was almost speechless i could not believe i was actually doing thisi heard him say " hello , helloare you there " it took me a while to respond and I replied yes am here ".

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We started talking and talkingwell he did most of the talking and I mostly listened but all that timemy dick was so hard and it was bursting out of my trousers and i was breathing heavily. He could tell " so he asked you horny " and i replied " yes i am " and he said well seeing as i am not to far from youwhy dont we meet now and i said yeah why not.

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I came of the phone and i put on my tracksuit bottomthey demand me to wear tracksuit bottoms and i left my housei got a text and they told me they was at the station waiting for meI said Ok and i got on the busafter five minutesi got to the train station.

As i got there i saw this guy he wasent dressed up as a girl just like a normal dudehe was blackbut not as dark as me he was more brown skinned , he looked at me and gave me signal to follow him and i didi walked behind him and never acted in any way that i knew him and he did the same we carried on walking until we got to a park.

We walked further into the park and i could tell this was actually going to happen i was going to get head of a dudeand i walked towards himmy dick got harder and harderi began breathing very heavy almost panting and than he smiled at me and said relaxi never said anything i just looked at him and than he pulled my tracksuit bottom down to my knees and he got down on his knees like a little bitchhe looked up at mei looked straight into his eyesthan one of his hands grabbed my ballsi gasped for breathhe started playing with my balls very slowly and i started breathing even harder and than he placed his other hand on my dick while the other tickled my ballsi looked up and i could feel my knees were begining to tremble almost feel weak i have never felt like this beforethan he placed my dick in his mouthi felt it uma suckles mercedes carreras huge tits facesitting fingering his tongue i breathed in and than he swallowed my whole dick in his mouthit was so warmeven warmer than pussyi could not feel any teeth or even his throat he completely swallowed my dick until i could not see iti moaned as i felt my dick touching his soft throati grabbed my his headhe had cainrows i grabbed his head and i started fucking his throathe chocked on my dicki pulled it out and i moaned in pleasurehe placed my dick back in his mouth he started sucking me his mouth going in and out of my dickthan i could feel on of his fingers running down from my ballsthan it got my goochit felt so good than he's finger reached my asshole and i looked at him and i wanted to say stopbut pretty attractive girlie receives group fucked hard was feeling so good am sure if he placed it in my ass it would feel even betterso i let him his fingers slowly were pushing inside my asshole and the more it went inthe more hornier i goti was breathing heavily and my knees were weak i was trembling and i could feel his fingers going in and out of my ass and his lips licking the tip of my dick and i was going to shootand he could tell so he pushed his fingers in deep in my ass and i let of a loud moan like a bitch and i nutted all over his mouth and some went right in his face.

I fell on the floor after i shot my load , i moaned and was breathing heavilyhe started laughing and we locked eyes for a bit and than reality hit methis is gay and i thought to myself am no fag i got up pulled up my tracksuits and started walking awayi heard him trying to call me and i walked away even faster and when i hit the corneri sprinted off this cant bei am not a fag i thought to myself.