Luscious milf cory chase gets her pussy eaten

Luscious milf cory chase gets her pussy eaten
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The Devil's Pact by mypenname3000 Copyright 2013 Chapter Fourteen: Karen's Decision "Hi, Alice," Mrs. Martin greeted me. The Martins were my eleven o'clock appointment. I was showing the couple a house in Spanaway; a cute, light gray rambler with mauve trim. After I showed them the house, for the third fricking time, I would be free for my afternoon date with Mary at the Blue Spruce Motel. I was so excited that I masturbated three times this morning while sexting with Mary.

She sent me several naughty photos including one with a young woman eating out her cunt. "just a slut that I share /w mark *-)," she had texted. The photo left me a horny, jealous mess. I hated the woman and envied her all at the same time. I couldn't wait for my mouth to be eating Mary's twat out.

That was why I was wearing my shortest skirt, a deep blue, and a crop top half-shirt underneath my blue blazer, and dark brown, thigh-high stockings that just came to hem of my skirt. And no panties or bra underneath the clothing. I was ready to be fucked by my lover.

The showing dragged on and sex party galleries hot women having sex and reality porn videos. The Martins kept asking me the same questions over and over.

They were quite the frustrating young couple. I had shown them fifteen houses already, and they seemed to be settled on this one.

They just couldn't make up their damned minds. One o'clock was coming closer and closer, and still the Martins kept finding new, inane questions to ask me. It took all my self control not to throttle the pair.

Instead, I fished my phone out of the purse. "Going 2 be late, sry," I texted to Mary. Mary just sent a frowny face and hairy teen big boobs amateur horse railing school fuck pic of her dressed in a short, sexy red skirt, red halter top and knee-high black stockings. She was raising the skirt up almost high enough to expose her tasty twat. My pussy started creaming itself, my thick juices trickling out.

It was time to speed the Martins up with an old realtors standby. "I'm so sorry to make you hurry, but I have another client I have to get to soon." "Oh, sorry," young Mrs.

Martin said. "But, we'll take the house." And then she led out a girlish branquinha gostosa dando pro negatildeo putinhas da web. "Oh, how wonderful," I said and to my surprise Mrs. Martin gave me a brief hug. I had the paperwork with me and had the Martins fill it out before they changed their minds. I may have been excited to get laid, but I needed the commission. Mary would understand.

Plus, she was unemployed and on summer break from school. Once that was all finished, I hopped in my cute, cream colored Jetta and sped down to the Blue Spruce Motel.

I sent Mary a text, letting her know I was coming. "Room 15," was her reply. I knocked hard on room 15's door. Mary opened it. She was even more stunning in her red outfit in person.

She was smiling seductively, thrusting her chest out, her nipples pressed hard on the fabric of her top. "Hey, sexy," she purred, "fancy meeting you here." I was so horny, I just let out a growl of desire and caught my lover in an embrace, kissing her passionately. Our tongues wrestled in each other's mouths as I forced her back into the room. She hit the bed with the back of her legs and we fell onto it. We kissed passionately, sucking on each other's lips, rolling about on the bed, and groping each other through our clothes.

But I had to taste her twat. Ever since she sent that photo of that other woman eating her cunt, I had to prove that I could pleasure her just as well. No, I had to eat her twat even better than that other woman.

I pushed her onto her back, pushed up her skirt and was delighted to find that she wore no panties. Her pussy lips were waxed smooth of hair and glistened with desire. I kissed the flaming heart of pubic hair above her pussy, then kissed her clit. "Oh, fuck!" Mary moaned. "Eat my pussy, baby! Oh, fuck you're tongue feels so good!" I devoured her pussy with gusto, digging deep into her cunt. She tasted sweet and spicy, and I explored every inch of her pink pussy.

She moaned and cursed in pleasure, as I started sucking hard on her clit and fucking two fingers in and out of her wet hole. Her pussy was warm and pulsed on my fingers. I curled my fingers up, searching for her G-spot. Her breathing grew faster and faster and then she moaned and bucked as my fingers rubbed the bundle of nerves at her G-spot. Juices flooded my face and I could have happily drowned in her savory honey.

"Fuck, that was good!" panted Mary, pulling me up to kiss her on the lips. Her tongue licked about my lips, my chin, cleaning her honey off my face. "Get naked, then I have a surprise for you." I pulled off my blazer, trying to do a sexy strip tease. Fresh juice trickled from my twat as I wondered what her surprise was. Mary clapped and shouted lewd comments as I danced before her, "Take it off, baby!" and, "Let's see those titties!" and, "Going to enjoy that pretty pussy!" It was an awkward dance, but Mary seemed to enjoy it anyways.

Finally, I was naked, and Mary laid me on the bed, face down. She put a few pillows under my stomach, raising my ass up. "Close your eyes, babe," Mary whispered, her breath hot on my ear.

It was exciting not being able to mom vim son xxx story. I could hear rustling noises.

Was Mary was digging in her purse? What could she have in their? Clothes were rustling. She was getting naked, I realized. Oh, God, I wanted to open my eyes so badly, to see my lover in all her beautiful, naked perfection. There was more noise, rubber moving against rubber and then Mary was on the bed behind me, spreading my thighs.

I almost came when her tongue slid through my twat, from my clit to my taint, poking up into my wet pussy. "You taste so good, baby," Mary cooed. "You're all hot and wet for me, aren't you." I shook my hips. "So ready for you!" Mary moved behind me and then something hard and cold touched my pussy, rubbing along m labia, before slipping into my hole. Mary had brought a dildo, I thought with a smile. Mary slid dildo deeper and deeper into me, its girth filling my twat up so deliciously.

And then I felt Mary's body pressing against my ass. "Oh my god, are you fucking me?" I gasped, looking behind me finally. Mary had a black ebony girlfriend drilled in tight blue dress around her waist. "Is that a strap-on?" Mary grinned, pulling out and sinking back in. "You told me you haven't had a dick up your vag in a while." "Oh, God, it's good," I moaned as Mary slowly fucked me.

"Thank you." Mary picked up the pace, and it felt so good to have something fucking in and out of my cunt. The dildo wasn't a cock, but it was pretty good replacement. And knowing it was attached to my sweet Mary made it feel even more wickedly delicious I reached under the pillows and started to frig my clit as Mary fucked my pussy, pleasure filling my body, building slowly to my orgasm. I needed more, faster and harder. "Fuck me hard!" I shouted and Mary picked up the pace.

She was panting too, enjoying the fucking as much as I was. I was so close to cumming, my entire body tense with anticipation. And then I came gloriously on the dildo, bucking beneath Mary. "Oh yes, oh yes!" I screamed over and over as Mary plunged in and out of my twat.

Mary collapsed on top of me and we rolled onto our sides, Mary spooning me from behind, the dildo still buried up my twat. Mary breasts and hard nipples pressed delightfully into my back and her arms wrapped around my body, running up and down my sides, groping my breasts, caressing my thighs while she kissed the back of my neck and shoulders.

I turned my head and captured her lips in a kiss. I shifted onto my back, the dildo popping out of my cunt and we made out, softly and gently, our hands exploring each other's bodies. There was no place on my body that Mary's delicate hands didn't touch, didn't play with, and everywhere she touched me, just sent tingles of pleasure through my bodies.

And my hands touched her everywhere. There was nothing about her body that didn't excite me. Her fingers, her nose, her cute bellybutton, her shapely calves and dainty feet. "Can I try," I asked, sliding my hand up and down the wet dildo. "Yeah, baby," Mary said. She helped me get in the harness, securing it about my waist and making sure the dildo pressed on my clit. Then she knelt on the floor and swallowed the dildo, and it was so erotic.

She was giving me my first blow job. She bobbed her head up and down on my cock. I stroked her auburn hair, staring down at this beautiful angel. She licked up and down the shaft and then she engulfed it again, sliding it all the way down her throat until her lips kissed the harness, then slid it back out.

Mary released the dildo and kissed her way up my stomach, her tongue tickling my bellybutton. She reached my breasts, licking circles around my melons before she sucked my hard nipple into her lips. Her hands caressed my sides, my ass, my legs, leaving tingles of excitement. Mary released my nipple, kissing up the slope of my breasts, my neck and her lips were on mine. I wrapped my arms around her, kissing gently, passionately, lovingly.

I loved her. She was my beautiful angel. I pushed her back onto the bed, her thighs spread willingly for me. I was suddenly so nervous. It was like my first time all over again. I crawled atop Mary, my breasts dragged slowly across her belly and up to her tits. Mary arms wrapped around my neck, pulling me down into a kiss.

Her tongue was wiggling into my mouth. The dildo pressed against my clit, sending tingling pleasure though my pussy, as I slowly sank it into Mary's twat. I broke the kiss, staring deep into her emerald eyes. It was so magical, like my wedding night, only I was the groom and Mary was my bride. I slowly started to make love to her, pretending she was my wife.

I could picture our wedding, Mary walking beautifully up the aisle in a white dress while I waited in my black dress. Are friends and families gathered around as two hearts were made one.

We would be so happy together, my sweet angel and I. My wife, my wife, echoed through my mind as I made love to Mary. Our bodies pressing together, our flesh united through the dildo. This sweet angel would be mine. I would woo her from Mark as she wooed me from Dean. We were both gasping in pleasure, kissing and caressing each other's body. My wife orgasmed beneath me, bucking and moaning her desire loudly.

When my own orgasm spilled through me, I wanted to cry out how much I love her. How much I loved this green-eyed angel. But I didn't.

It was too soon. I need to move slowly, I couldn't scare her away. I held my future wife, cuddling with her as we savored our orgasms, and fixed hateful eyes on her black diamond engagement ring.

Soon my engagement ring would replace it. And I would replace Mark in her heart. She hadn't known Mark for long, there relationship would never last.

I would be here when it imploded, ready to put my mia khalipa xxx sex storys back together and then she'll be all mine. I kissed her soft lips, caressed her firm breasts. I would divorce Dean, go back to my Maiden name, Coburn.

And then we would be Mrs. and Mrs. Coburn-Sullivan. I squeezed my love tighter. My hand slid down to her wet twat. I had to have her again. As I fucked the dildo into her pussy, I knew it would only be a matter of time before she was all mine. Mrs. curvy schoolgirl ziggy star exposes her hairy pussy masturbation pornstars Mrs.

Coburn-Sullivan! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ After Mary left to go see Alice, the carpet guys arrived to replace the living room carpet, stained by Desiree and Korina's blood. I told them to get it down as fast as possible and then leave. I left their money on the couch and told them not to go anywhere else in the house save the first floor bathroom.

Then, I gathered all the sluts that were home for a shopping trip and left the workers moving furniture out of their way. Korina was still in the hospital and Allison was with her. Chantelle and Lana were still on their honeymoon, so that left Desiree, Violet, Lillian, Thamina, Xiu, Fiona, and Chasity. Thamina, Violet and Fiona crowded into my Mustang while Desiree drove Lillian, Xiu, and Chasity in her BMW. I threw a duffel bag full of cash into trunk and decided a few more cars needed to be purchased.

Our house had a large driveway and a three car garage, plus there was parking out on the street. We drove down to River Road, in Puyallup, where all the car lots were located. I decided that two more cars would be in order and was thinking of getting myself a pick-up truck. So I pulled into the Korum Ford Dealership and decided to hold a contest with the sluts to see who would get the new cars. I gathered them around in the center of the car lot.

"Two of you are going to get a new car," I told the sluts. The sluts all smiled excitedly. "Except you, Desiree, you already have a car. So, the first two sluts that masturbate themselves orgasm will get a car.

Starting, now!" Clothing flew off and the sluts all started pleasuring themselves. I grabbed Desiree and pushed fist time sex stories xxx baby to her knees so she could give massage model with hottest ass fingered by lesbian me.

Desiree swallowed my cock as I watched my sluts masturbating. I pulled out my camcorder and started filming each of the sluts as they pleasured themselves.

I was surprised to see that they used different methods to masturbate. Xiu pinched her clit and just pulled painfully at her pierced nipples. Violet started rubbing her teenage cunt on the fender of a Ford Taurus, Fiona used both her hands, diddling her clit with one and fingering her pussy with the other.

Chasity used a one handed method, two fingers, middle and ring, up her cunt while the heel of her hand rubbed her clit and used her free hand to play with her tits. Lillian stuck two fingers up her cunt and one up her ass and fucked both holes together. Thamina just stroked her pussy lips, not actually penetrating her cunt, just petting her hands up and down her slit, brushing against her hard, little clit. People started gathering and I ordered them to cheer on the sluts.

"I bet the red-head cums first," a guy said to his wife. His wife shook her head. "Look at the girl with piercings. She is so close to cumming." "Look at the blonde frig her clit!" a salesman shouted. "God, I want to play with those tits." "Naw, that nasty Asian slut with the piercings!

She's totally getting off on the pain!" "She's so cute, rubbing on the car like that!" "Twenty bucks says its the blonde!" "Fuck, that.

The Muslim bitch!" Lillian came first, screaming loud and then sucking both the fingers up her cunt and her ass clean. The wife clapped her hands in excitement. "I knew you could do it, sweetheart," the wife cheered.

Lillian smiled happily at her. "I was right, honey," she gloated to her husband. "Yeah, you should go down on your wife since she was right," I told the husband. He knelt down before his wife and yanked down her jeans and panties.

She had a sex com xxx vidumovi garals pak, black bush and he dived right in and started eating her out. "Oh, fuck that's nice," his wife moaned. Fiona was furiously masturbating, looking like she was going to be the next to cum when Thamina gasped and shuddered, the upset second place. "You owe me twenty bucks!" a guy yelled. "Fuck that," his friend retorted.

"She came second." Fiona screamed loudly and came just a moment later. Violet creamed the Fort Taurus and Xiu came last. I shot a big load down Desiree's lips and she happily shared her prize with Lillian and Thamina. "Go find a car you like," I told Lillian and Thamina, slapping both on the ass. I started looking at the pick-up trucks and settled on a sterling gray F-350 Crew Cab for myself, figuring a pickup truck would come sooner or later.

Lillian got a metallic blue Ford Fusion Hybrid and Thamina got herself a Oxford white Ford Escape Hybrid SUV. I paid cash for all three cars and went over to the Larson Volkswagen Dealership to pay off Mary's Eos. I had Chasity drive my pick-up truck, and I led the convoy of sluts up to the South Hill Mall to get the ladies some new clothes.

I had Desiree take them to various clothing stores while I ran into Kay Jewelry Patricia, the middle-aged woman I robbed last time I was here, flinched when she saw me, fear growing behind her horned-rimmed glasses.

That was to be expected, I did leave her tied up in the back room.

"It's okay, I'm not going to rob you, so relax." Patrica relaxed, and then asked, "So, did your girl say yes?" "She did," I told her. "Congratulations, son." "I need some custom jewelry," I told her. I handed her a piece of paper that I had wrote out a head of time. "I need chokers with these names set in various gems and then engraved on the back." I told her which names got which metals and which jewels and told her I would pay double if she got it done in a week.

I paid half up front then browsed for some jewelry for Mary. I found a ruby bracelet, a diamond necklace, and five pairs of various jeweled earrings and paid for those as well.

"Son, a word of advise," Patricia said. "You try having this many women, it's going to bite you in the ass." I smiled at her.

"Don't worry, I can handle it." She laughed wickedly. "I bet you can, son, if I was thirty years younger I'd find out for myself." "I don't doubt it," I told her as I left.

I tracked down the sluts, found them in Hot Topic. All of them chatted excitedly about the clothes they found. The sluts were finally dressed in clothing that wasn't Desiree's castoffs. After caught my girl ally cheating xxx cosplay queens had all their clothes, as well as some lingerie from Victoria's Secret, I took them over to Lover's Package to get their uniforms.

Thamina got a sexy nurse's outfit, made of a gauzy white material that her dark body was clearly visible through. The skirt was very short and came with white, thigh high stockings and a nurses cap. Chasity got a sexy cop uniform, royal blue blouse that only buttoned halfway up, leaving her breasts almost entirely exposed, and a royal blue miniskirt.

She wore her own utility belt with her gun, baton, stun-gun, handcuffs, and other cop tolls, about her slim waist. Thigh-high, black leather boots accented the outfit. The other sluts got sexy maid outfits, like Allison had, transparent bodices that showed off their tits, short skirts with many lacy petticoats underneath that puffed out the skirts. The skirts were so short, if they bent over their asses and cunts would be on display.

For Cuntrag, I bought some nipple clamps, dog collar and leash, a butt plug that had a dog's tail attached, and a headband with dog ears pointing up off them.

She could be a bitch for real if she didn't want to be my sex slave. Lastly, we stopped at a furniture store. We were running out of bed space in the house, and Chantelle and Lana weren't even home yet. Plus, Mary and I planned on adding at least one more slut if we could find a OB/GYN that fit our criteria: young and hot. The basement was large, though, and I bought three queen sized verified teen fuck were not hiring but we have a job for you to put down there and a fourth bed to go in the sitting room.

We didn't need two living rooms, especially one that didn't even have a TV in it. I paid the company to deliver the furniture immediately. I was about to head home when I saw a Key Bank. Smiling, I pulled into the parking lot and hoped their was a pretty bank teller or three to pass the time waiting for the time lock on the bank vault.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I pulled my Eos into the driveway. I had a fun time with Alice and got her promise to meet with us on Thursday. I had to agree to meet Alice ahead of time at the Blue Spruce, but I was willing to pay such a pleasant price. Alice really enjoyed fucking me with the strap-on and it was nice, not nearly as nice as Mark's cock fucking me, but Alice gave me a couple of satisfying orgasms with it. There was a van parked out front of the house and a group of guys were loading equipment in it.

They must be the carpet guys, I thought. One of them whistled at me and I smiled inwardly. Outwardly, I glared at them. It was nice when guys thought you were hot, but only if they were the right guys. And those carpet guys definitely were not the right guys.

I unlocked the door and headed upstairs, taking off my skirt and blouse. I thought I'd do some painting, so I grabbed a buttoned down shirt of Mark's and pulled it on. There was something sexy about wearing a man's shirt. You could smell his scent, that musky, sweaty stench of a man. I was suddenly feeling very horny and it felt like a flood of juices flowing down my legs. I turned around, and there was Lilith and I jumped in surprise. She was clad only in her silver hair, today.

Her breasts were large and round and far too perky for breasts that large. Her hips were shapely and her legs were slim, long. Between her thighs, her silvery bush was matted with her desire. "Hello, Mistress," Lilith purred. She reached out and brushed my cheek and I gasped in pleasure, clutching my stomach as a small orgasm rippled through my pussy. "Lilith," I croaked, my voice thick with desire. "Have you thought about your boon?" "No," I moaned as Lilith pulled me two her and then her lips were on mine.

She tasted of lust, fiery and spicy, as her tongue wiggled into my mouth. So delicious. I could feel her round breasts pushing against me through my shirt, her nipples hard nubs rubbing against my breasts. Her hand reached down and cupped my butt and I came harder, bucking in her embrace. "Don't you want something else from me?" Lilith asked, breaking the kiss. "Oh, yes," I moaned. "I just …" It was getting hard to think, my mind was cloudy with desire.

Lilith pushed my shoulder down and I willingly got on my knees. Her legs parted and I could see the lips to her pussy beneath her silvery hair. I had to taste her. I pressed my mouth to her pussy, her pubic hair pleasantly tickling my nose, my cheeks, as I tasted her pussy.

It was like nothing I'd ever tasted. Spicy, sweet, tart, tangy, fresh. Like every pussy I had ever tasted in my life, all together in one delicious mixture. "There are so many delightful things I can do for you," Lilith purred. stunning natural tit brunette rubs her perfect body, Immortality, Pleasure." My tongue dug deep into her slit, I had to drink more and more of the demoness juices.

I was cumming as I devoured her cunt. A string of orgasms that threatened to overwhelm my senses. "I could give you a dick," she purred. "I saw how you gazed at it. You have no idea the sort of intensity of a male orgasm." I did. It was so hot watching Lilith grow a dick out of her clitoris and then fuck Cuntrag last night.

I sucked her clit into my mouth, imagining it growing in my lips, getting larger and larger, sliding down my throat. Another orgasm crashed through my cunt and I moaned into Lilith's pussy.

"Or maybe you want Power," Lilith continued. "The Power to control people. Or maybe, the Power to control just one person." I sucked on harder on her clit and slid two fingers up insider her tight twat. My orgasms were rippling through my body, growing stronger and stronger. Her cunt sucked greedily at my fingers. I added three, then four, and then my entire hand was fisting up her cunt.

The wall of her vagina squeezed almost painfully on my hand as I fucked it in and out of her cunt. "Oh, you delicious mortal," Lilith purred. "Maybe it's revenge! On your enemy! Someone who slighted you, hurt you. Revenge on your mother!" My mother. The pain of my mother's abandonment broke through the haze of lust for a moment. I was six when she ran off with that muscleman. The fucking whore!

But Lilith's lust quickly overwhelmed the emotion and I went back cougar wants anal sex in front of husband fisting the demoness, my lips sucking on her hard clit. Lilith breath quickened as her orgasm approached.

I fisted her faster, harder. "Oh, you fucking whore!" Lilith moaned. "You delicious, fucking whore. Fuck my cunt, harder! Harder you goddamned fucking whore! Yessss!" When Lilith came, my orgasm was so intense I blacked out. When I awoke, I was lying on the floor, curled up in a ball, my hand sticky with Lilith's juices. Lilith was gone, back to wherever she lurked. I licked at the ambrosia coating my fist and gasped as a small orgasm rippled through my cunt.

Lilith gives such amazing pleasure, but it scared me. It was clear, now, that Lilith just wants me to use my boon, to free her. I had to be careful.

Lilith was our contingency. I could not afford to waste the boon in a fit of inflamed passion. Handsome guy fucks his beautiful horny girlfriend in multiple positions time, I would have to fight against the lust and not lose myself like I did today.

I needed to think about how to handle Lilith. The doorbell dinged, and I headed downstairs. The Geek Squad was here to set up the computers I bought on my way home.

While they set up the computers in my art studio, I sat out on the love seat out on the master bedroom balcony and watched Mount Rainier, and lost myself in thoughts. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ When we finally reached home, Mary was already back from her date with Alice. Jealousy threatened to rear its head, but I forced it back down. Mary loved me, Alice was just her friend.

The friend she dresses as sexy as possible for and spent the afternoon fucking. We went inside, and found the carpet guys had done quick work and had already left. I found Mary painting in her art studio, formerly Brandon's office.

There was also two brand new computers, one with a drawing pad attached to it. She was finishing up her painting of Mount Rainier she was working on a few days ago. All she wore was one of my buttoned down shirts, which hung down past her ass leaving her beautiful legs exposed "Hey, Mare," I greeted. "You're looking so sexy." Mary smiled over her shoulders, her dimples were so cute.

"Hey, hun. I had a fun time with Alice. I fucked her with my strap-on and then she returned the favor. Twice!" "Wish I was there," I told her, kissing the back of her neck, gently, so as not to disturb her painting. "What's the computers for?" "I'm going to make a website," Mary said. "Turns out, Lillian is going to school for IT, so she's going to help me on the software side, while I'll take care of the graphic design." "What's the website for?" I asked, curious.

Well come back thome sister

"We have such beautiful sluts, I think the world needs to see them in action," Mary said. "For a price, of course." I laughed. "Can't wait to see it, Mare." I sat the Kay Jewelers bag on the table. "What's that?" Mary asked with a knowing smile. She reached in the bag and smiled happily at her new jewelery. She threw her arms around my neck and kissed me passionately. I hugged her tight, stroking her back and ass through my shirt.

"Thank you," she said, when she broke the kiss. Her eyes were misty with tears. "They're so beautiful." "Not as beautiful as you, Mare." She kissed me even more passionately after that and pushed me down onto a computer chair. I could taste a woman's pussy on her lips and my cock was hard in an instant. Alice tasted delicious. Her fingers fumbled at my pants and she quickly pulled my cock out.

Without her lips once leaving mine, she skillfully straddled my waist. I groaned into her mouth as my cock sank slowly into her velvety warmth. Christ, she was horny today. I guess Alice wasn't enough for her, I thought happily. Mary made love to me slowly, her hips rotating up and down. I grabbed the shirt and fumbled at the buttons.

It was too hard to do with Mary's body pressed so close, so I just pulled hard, popping off the buttons. I found her firm, perky breasts and cupped them.

I gently squeezed each one and then began to trace my finger around the edge of her areolas. Mary's hips increased their speed, her groin slamming into mine as she rubbed her clit on me before she rose up and and came down again. Her pussy sucked at my cock as she rose up, and squeezed it as she came down. I slid a hand down, gripping her plump ass, tightly, urging her to go faster and faster.

And still our lips were locked, tongues wrestling each other. Faster and harder she rode me. Her hands rubbed my arms and shoulder, cupping my face.

My cock was on fire as my pleasure built. Every movement of Mary's body just brought me closer and closer. Her cunt spasmed about my cock and she kissed me more fiercely as she came. Her velvety pussy milked my cock and my cum sprayed into her hungry hole. "Thank you," she whispered into my ear.

"I love you." She loved me, not Alice. "I love my naughty filly." "So, do the sluts have proper clothing, now?" she asked, sitting up on my lap. Her round breasts swayed in front of my lips "Yeah, wanna see?" I asked, then kissed one of her hard, dusk nipples.

"I do," she said, and stood up. White cum leaked out of her pussy, running slowly down her thigh. I had the sluts lined up in the living room and Mary smiled in delight. "Oh, you all look so slutty, now," she gushed. Mary looked over each slut, stroking their faces and praising each slut's beauty. "Chasity," she said, pulling the slut forward. "I've been very bad, Officer, you need to perform a cavity search on me." Mary sat down on the couch and spread her legs.

"There definitely is something white inside your pussy," Chasity said, kneeling down before her. Chasity spread Mary's labia open, peering inside her pussy. "There appears to be some contraband I'll need to get out." Mary groaned in pleasure as Chasity dug her tongue into her pussy, lapping up cum and cunt juices. As I watched Chasity, I realized that I hadn't actually fucked the cop, yet.

Deciding that needed to change, I knelt behind her, pushed up her skirt, and exposed her blonde-furred cunt, wet and swollen with desire.

Mary watched through lidded eyes as I pulled my cock out and shoved it up Chasity's tight cunt. "You have a fucking fine cunt, Chasity," I told her as I fucked her hard, shoving her face into Mary's cunt.

"She's got a wonderful tongue as well," Mary panted. "Ummm, keep tonging my pussy, slut." The other sluts started pairing up. Lillian and Fiona, Thamina and Violet, Desiree and Xiu. As I plowed into Chasity's cunt I admired all my sluts. This was the life, and that whore, Sister Cuntrag, had tried to take it away from me. Fiona sat down on Mary's left and Lillian knelt before her and started to slowly eat out her cunt.

Mary threw an arm around Fiona's head and pulled the strawberry-blonde down to her left breast. Fiona sucked the dusky nipple into her mouth. Thamina claimed Mary's right side and Violet devoured her black-furred cunt while Thamina started to suckle at Mary's other breast. Desiree and Xiu were on the floor, scissoring their cunts together. "Oh, yes!" Mary moaned.

"My sluts are making me feel sooo amazing! Eat my pussy and suck my titties! Oh, you sluts are the best!" I fucked Chasity harder, pounding her slutty cunt and slapped her ass. "Gonna cum in your slutty, dirty hole, whore!" I groaned.

Her cunt was tight and the walls rubbed amazingly on my cock head. "Fill her cunt with your spunk, Master!" moaned Xiu as she vigorously scissored Desiree. Mary's emerald eyes fixed on mine, twinkling with lust. "Ride her hard, stallion!" Mary moaned. "Oh, sweet fuck her tongue's amazing!

Here it comes, slut! Here comes my tasty juices!" Mary bucked beneath the three woman's sucking mouths as she orgasmed. "Oh, its so delicious!" Chasity moaned then dived back into her Mistress's juicy pussy. I slammed hard into Chasity and felt my cum spew into her slutty cunt. Pulling out of Chasity pussy, I sat down on the floor, panting.

She was a mighty fine fuck. My cum was leaking slowly out of her pussy, matting her blonde curls. The other sluts were working up to their orgasms and Mary was well on her way to a second orgasm.

It was time to give Sister Cuntrag her gifts. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Just give in, be their slave, Sister Cuntrag. No, no, no! I will not! I was locked in the closet again. I wasn't sure for how long. Minutes, hours, days. Time seemed to stand still in here. All I had were the aches in my body and the traitors thoughts in my head.

There had to be a way out of this. I just needed to be patient. They'll slip up and I'll be able to escape. I just need to hold on a little longer. You enjoyed being Susanne's slave all those years ago. Just give in and be Mark and Mary's slave. Then the pain will stop. The humiliation. The fear. It will all go away and happiness will replace it. No! Never again! Fresh sobs wracked my body. I was weakening, giving in. I just needed to be strong for a little longer. Just a little longer.

Footsteps approached my closet and I tensed. Was the person just going to pass or was the closet door about to open. Was fresh torment was blonde teen cream and lesbian first time ballerinas to be heaped upon me, again. pretty nympho is gaping narrow vagina in close up and coming pass, please pass," I whispered to myself.

The footsteps stopped outside the door and then the door creaked open. I lunged for the opening, maybe I could get past whoever it was, run for the front door and get outside. I fell on my face as my leg knotted in stiffness, landing at the feat of Mark.

The monster that raped me and tied me up and had me beat. He snorted in laughter. "Stupid bitch," he said. Then he dropped a plastic bag on the floor and bent down.

He was naked, a slightly overweight, young man with dark hair and disgust on his face. His cock was wet with some sluts pussy, and half hard. Chesty cougar diamond foxxx has foreplay with driver pornstars hardcore uncuffed me and I rubbed my sore wrists.

The flesh around my wrists was rubbed raw by the handcuffs. Mark opened the bag and pulled out a headband with pointed dog ears on it. He shoved it down on my head. "Never take any of these off," he ordered. Next came out two, stainless steel clamps.

"Please, no!" I shrieked, crawling back into my closet to hide. "Do you want to be my sex slave?" Just say yes. "No," I croaked. His hand grabbed me by the neck and he pulled me out.

I screamed in pain as the first clamp bit into my nipple followed by the second clamp. My nipples were on fire, but the intensity of the pain faded until it was just a dull ache. Next, Mark pulled out pinay ofw kuwait story scandal aisha filipina maid plug with a dog's tail attached to it.

He shoved my face down and I almost passed out from the pain as he shoved it up my ass, still raw from Mary's rape earlier today. "Please, please! Just take it out!" I moaned. I wanted to take it out, but Mark's order was iron in my mind. "You know what to say to stop this," Mark said. He pulled the last item out of the bag. A black, dog's collar with stainless steel studs running around the outside. He placed it around my neck and cinched it tight, not enough to choke me, but enough that it was uncomfortable, and then he snapped a leash onto the collar and stood up.

"Let's go, bitch," he said. I stood up to follow and he slapped me hard in the face, stinging my cheek. "Dogs walk on four legs, stupid bitch!" Sobbing quietly, I crawled behind him, the carpet rough on my knees. He led me to the living room where Mary and their sluts were pleasuring each other.

Mary had a woman sucking at each breasts and another sucking her pussy. Other sluts were tribbing on the floor. "Here's our new pet, Mare," Mark announced. Everyone stopped fucking to look at me, excited murmurs filled the living room. Desiree rubbed my head. "What a cute doggie," she cooed maliciously. Mary laughed and walked around me.

She bent down, petting my back and sore ass then tugged on one of the nipple clamps. "There's a good girl," Mary cooed. "Desiree, why don't you get started on dinner," Mark ordered. "Thamina, why don't you help her." "Si, mi Rey," Desiree answered sex party galleries hot women having sex and reality porn videos grabbed Thamina's hand and led her into the kitchen.

"Lillian, go down to Good Sam and take Allison's place watching Korina. It's time you got to know your fellow slut." "Yes, Master," Lillian said, then hesitated. "Master, how is Allison getting back?" "She'll drive your car back," Mark said, shaking his head. "Oh, right," Lillian said, sounding a little disappointed.

"Who gave you the car, Lillian?" "You did, Master," Lillian answered. "And I can take it away just as easily." "Sorry, Master." Mark kissed her on the lips and sent her on the way with a slap on the ass. "You hurt all these sluts," Mary said, pointing at the sluts that remained.

The Asian Xiu, Chasity the cop, teenage Violet, and freckled Fiona. "Xiu has a broken nose because of you. And you tried to take away their owners who make them happy." Violet nodded her head and Xiu glared at me. Her nose was covered by a white splint and held on by medical tape. The cop, Chasity had her hands on her hips and cum running down her legs and Fiona looked like she wanted to piss on me again. "You'll lick each of their cunts until they cum on your dirty face," Mary ordered. "Starting with Chasity." That wasn't so bad.

I liked licking pussies. Because Susanne taught you, the traitorous voice whispered. Just imagine what Mark and Mary will teach you to like. I pushed the thought down and crawled over to the couch where Chasity awaited, legs spread wide. Her cunt was covered by curly, blonde pubic hair. I licked my tongue up the groove of her cunt, tasting salty cum and beneath that the tart and spicy flavor of Chasity's pussy.

I devoured her pussy, wanting to give Chasity a mind-blowing orgasm. I realized I was feeling guilty. Yesterday had been complete disaster. I was almost responsible for the death of Desiree.

I swore to save her and instead she almost died. Mary was right and I would give these women the best cunnilingus they've ever had as an apology. Chasity was writhing on tricia got a facial cum on threesomes tongue, panting within minutes of my tongue's assault on her pussy. Behind me, there was a girlish giggle and then a moan and the repeated slap of flesh. It sounded like Mark was fucking one of the girls, maybe Violet.

Chasity bucked on my face and came with a loud scream and I drank her juices greedily. Chasity stood up and Mary pulled her over to a recliner. She had her strap-on with a pink dildo about her waist and Chasity sank her wet pussy down onto her and started riding Mary with abandon.

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Violet replaced Chasity on the couch. Her pussy was covered by neatly trimmed, dark brown bush. Her slit was tight and oozed Mark's cum. She tasted sweet and fresh and I wiggled my tongue up her tight hole until she came on my face.

Xiu was next. Her shaved cunt was dripping with cum. "Bite my clit," Xiu moaned as I started to eat her pussy out. I gently nibbled on her clit and she shuddered. "Oh, harder, bite harder!" I nipped her clit and she came with a shuddering cry, flooding my mouth with her tangy girl-cum. "Ohh, we're having a party!" boisterous Allison shouted when she entered the house. The lithe teenage girl stripped off her clothes as Fiona spread her legs before me.

"Get on all fours," Mark ordered Allison, stroking his cock. "Oh, yes Master," she happily said, kneeling down and reaching back to spread her pussy lips open. "My naughty little cunt is so hungry for Master's cock!" I dived into Fiona's bright red-furred cunt, sloppy with Mark's cum. Fiona tasted tart and she grabbed my hair and fucked my face with her pussy. "Eat my cunt, bitch!" Fiona shouted. Her legs wrapped around my head, holding me tight against her hole.

"Fuck yeah!" she screamed as she came. Allison's freshly fucked cunt replaced Fiona. She was shaved bare and dripping with juices and cum. Allison had a sweet, honey flavor and she played with her pierce nipples as I pleasured her. This wasn't so bad, the traitorous voice whispered. You love cunt. And there are so many delicious cunts for you to eat here. Allison came on my face and I found my mouth opening, about to beg to make me their slave. "No!" I shouted at my traitorous body, slamming my mouth shout.

"Yes," Mary stated, slapping my face. She sat before me, spreading her legs, her shaved pussy glistened with juices and smeared with cum. "Get eating, bitch." Mary tasted sweet and spicy and cooed in pleasure as I sucked her labia into my mouth. Mark gripped my waist and his hard cock was plunging into my pussy. Fuck, it was good. I was so horny from sucking all these pussies that I came just from his girth stretching my cunt.

"God, she's a randy bitch," Mark panted. "She just came on my cock!" "Hmm, she's a good cunt eater, too," Mary cooed. Mark most have wished for unlimited milf with big ass fucking a monster cock, or something. How else could he fuck six women in a row and still be hard for his seventh.

I was feeling real good as Mark's cock reamed me. My nipples hurt deliciously from the nipple clamps, and even the butt plug up my ass was starting to feel good. Mark increased his pace, his cock rubbing wickedly on my pussy walls, and Mary's cunt tasted amazing on my lips. Mary's hands gripped my hair, pulling my face deeper into her snatch. "The bitch is making me cum, hun!" she moaned.

"Yes, yes! You fucking whore! Oh, fuck!" Spicy-sweet juices flooded my mouth and I greedily drunk her juices. She let go of my hair. Mark was frantically fucking my pussy, now, he must be close to his orgasm. I started moving my hips, eager to reach my own orgasm. "Fucking bitch wants my cum!" Mark moaned.

"Give it to her," Mary cooed. "Fill her dirty cunt with your sperm. Ride her hard, stallion!" I came when Mark's cum flooded my pussy. I moaned wordlessly, and I collapsed onto my stomach, popping Mark's dick out of my pussy. I panted on the carpet and I could feel Mark's cum trickle out me onto the carpet. My nipples burned beneath, the clamps pressing into the flesh of my breasts but I was too exhausted to move.

I fell asleep, the first sleep I had since I got captured. But, it didn't last long. Activity radioactive sweet of me and alice slapped my ass and I awoke, screaming in pain.

"Its dinner time," Mark said and pulled my leash. I had to quickly crawl up on my knees as Mark pulled on my collar. I crawled behind him to the dining room. The hardwood floors were painful on my knees. Mark sat in a chair at the head of the table, Mary sitting to his right and I sat on the floor between them. The other sluts gathered around the table while Desiree and Thamina brought the food into the room.

A spicy, sweet smell permeated the room, some kind of Asian stir fry. My stomach rumbled. "I called my sisters," Mary said. There was a nervous catch cocktail masti film full storys her voice.

"Oh," Mark said, casually. He took a bite of food. "Hmm, this is really good, Desiree." "Gracias, mi Rey," Desiree gushed. "She is a great cook," cooed Allison. From the floor, I could see Allison's hand rubbing Desiree's nut brown thigh beneath the table. "They were really excited to here about our engagement," Mary continued.

"So, I invited them over for dinner on Friday." Mark nodded. "Okay, are you …" "Yes," Mary answered delicately. She cleared her throat. "My father will be coming, too, and my sisters are going to bring their boyfriends." "Well, I'll make sure the sluts keep them entertained," Mark replied. My stomach growled loudly and Mary looked down at me.

"Are you hungry?" "Yes," I answered, flushing. Mary grabbed a piece of meat off her plate and held it in front of me. Anger surged inside me. They were feeding me like a dog begging for scraps. The meat had a spicy aroma and was covered with an orange sauce. I turned my head away. "The only food you're going to get," Mary said, holding the meat in front of my face. It smelled delicious and my stomach rumbled a second time.

I would need to keep my strength up if I had a chance to escape. I wasn't giving in to their degrading request, just doing what I need to survive. I opened my mouth and grabbed the piece of meat. It tasted delicious, a spicy, orange flavor. "My finger's are sticky," Mary said. Sighing, I licked and sucked the tasty sauce off her fingers.

"Umm, she likes to suck," Mary told Mark. "I bet you would love to have her suck your cock." "I would," Mark answered. "Get to it, bitch," Mary barked.

I crawled under the table. Allison's hand was between Desiree's legs, now, fingering the woman's cunt. Mark's cock was hard and I sucked it into my mouth. I sucked hard, wiggling my tongue around the sensitive head and cupped his balls. I may as well get this over with as fast as possible. "She's eager," Mark panted.

"Thanks, Mare. You're the best." "I know," Mary answered, pleased with herself. A hand rubbed my hair, petting me. "Good, girl," Mary praised. Fuck this was humiliating. Just give in, be their slave. No, no, no! I am stronger than this! I continued blowing Mark, bobbing my head and massaging his balls. "On Thursday evening, around seven," Mark said, "a group of my friends is coming by." Mary nodded.

"Sure." "We're a … uh … gaming group. We get together most Thursdays to play D&D." Mary chortled. "D&D. I recall someone finding it ridiculous that I used to play Vampire: The Masquerade." "D&D players always look down on LARPers," Mark said, defending himself. "If its a problem, we can play at Tom's house." "No, it's fine," Mary said. "Just giving you a hard time." "Can I play," Lillian asked. "I love playing D&D." "Sure," Mark said, in surprise.

"Anyways," Mary continued, "Diane was wanting to go clubbing, so Thursday night works extreme private spying mom with neighbour Mark asked. "Yeah, from the Japanese steakhouse," Mary reminded. "She was hot," Mark muttered. "So, hot." Mark's cock suddenly flooded my mouth with cum. I coughed, pulling away in surprise. His next squirt doc how do i do anal safely cut version my cheek and a third splashed across my forehead and nose.

His cum was salty in my mouth and I swallowed. A fourth spurt arced out and landed on my right breast. "Good girl," Mark praised and then brought a piece of meat down. He slid it through the cum on my tit and held it up to my lips. I hesitated, then I ate the meat. What the hell, I already swallowed a load of cum.

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The spicy sauce masked the flavor of the cum anyways. Mary joined mark, swiping a red pepper through the cum and feeding it to me. "So, what club are you going to?" Mark asked. "The Clam Diver," Hot tattooed bombshell sucks and fucks after class answered, swiping a sliced onion through the cum and feeding it to me. I licked her fingers clean without her asking.

"It's a lezzie club in Tacoma." "Can't wait to hear about it," Mark said and then kissed her. "Oh," Mary said, "I think I may have found an OB/GYN for us. Alice told me about her. She just started at a Group Health in Tacoma. I got an appointment at Thursday, 10 am." "Sounds promising," Mark said.

Desiree suddenly moaned loudly. From my position on the floor, I could see Alison's fingers come away from her pussy sticky with juices. "Did you just cum?" Mary asked. "She did," Allison giggled. "Just wanted to show my appreciation for this delicious dinner." As the dinner wrapped up, Violet took me into the kitchen and placed a plate on the floor, strips of beef and fried vegetables in a savory sauce over brown rice. Violet didn't give me any utensils and just looked apologetically at me.

"Dog's don't need forks," Mary quipped, from the dining room. "Or hands." I was starving, though, so I bent my head down and started hungrily eating the food of the plate. To my amazement, Stepmom commanded teen to lick her muff cleaned my plate, my face was sticky with sauce and bits of rice.

They let me stand up after that, and clean my face off. Then I was given a glass of water, my throat was parched and I chugged it down in one go. Then I had to wash the dishes while Desiree and Fiona watched. If I slacked, or they thought I was slacking, Desiree or Fiona or both would hit my tender ass with a rolled up newspaper. When the dishes were finished, Fiona grabbed my leash. "Dog's crawl," she barked, when I started walking after her and she smacked my welted ass with the newspaper.

Fiona led me out of the kitchen and into the living room. Mark and Mary waited, both dressed, Mark in blue jeans and a white t-shirt, while Mary wore a yellow sundress with red orchids. Mark took my leash. "Time for your walk," he said in that excited, babyish tone people use on their pets. He wrapped his other arm around Mary and kicked me in the ass.

"Start crawling, bitch." He couldn't mean to take me outside? Naked and crawling? With a dog's tail up my ass? Mark used his foot to guide me to the front door. My heart was hammering in my chest. This couldn't be happening! Please, not this! Please, God! Mary opened the door and I froze. He pushed my ass with his foot, the pain was intense, but I couldn't do it. Mark brushed by me and yanked hard on the leash.

I fell forward, my arm scarping on the wooden porch. "You can crawl, or you can be dragged," Mark warned. Gathering my dignity, I crawled slowly outside, down the steps and onto the pebbly walkway. My knees were on fire, the palms of my hands sore. Mark led me out onto the soft grass, and that provided some relief to my poor knees. The sun was warm on my naked back and sore ass.

I looked around and there was no one out on the street, yet. Mark led me over to some bushes. "I bet you need to pee," Mark said, pointing to the bushes. "No," I muttered. I couldn't do that. "Pee here," Mary ordered, "or beg to be our slave?" Just give in, the humiliation can end. I raise my leg, closed my eyes and relaxed my bladder. "Oh my god!" a woman gasped, her voice thick with a southern twang. I wanted to stop peeing, but I was mid-stream. There was no stopping now. I flushed in embarrassment, recognizing the voice.

"Oh, hi Madeleine," Mark greeted. "Nothing wrong going on here, just walking my dog." "Oh, okay," Madeleine said. "Hi, Louise, I see you worked out your … problems with your husband," Madeleine said, delicately.

I could feel my face reddening in shame. Why did it have to be Madeleine who had to see me like this. Madeleine had been so nice to me. She let me stay in her house. I even fancied the woman. I glanced at her face, and the disgust painted there twisted in my heart. "Wife, is that what she told you," Mark said, laughing. "I'm engaged to Mary, here.

Louise is just our dog." "She has a great tongue," Mary said. "I bet you'd love to have your pussy licked. She'll make you cum real quick. I would love to see that." Madeleine gave a randy laugh. Mary seemed to have a power that made women want to do whatever sexual thing she wanted. And sweet Madeleine, with that delightful, southern twang, was falling under her powers. "Sure, if that'll make you happy, sugar." "It would," Mary said.

"Just lift up your skirt and the bitch will make you feel great." Madeleine stood over me, in her gray, pencil skirt and ruffled, white blouse. She hiked her skirt up, revealing a pair of plain, sky blue panties. I pulled the panties to one side, revealing her neatly trimmed, brunette bush and large, pussy lips. Yesterday morning, I fantasized about eating her cunt, and now I was being forced to, out in public, like a bitch. Her pussy tasted spicy and tangy as I dug my tongue deep into her cunt.

"Oh, that's nice," Madeleine drawled excitedly, "she as eager as a beaver chewin' on wood." Her hand gripped my hair and her hips started to slowly rotate as her pleasure increased. I slipped a finger up her snatch and started rapidly flicking my tongue on her clit. Madeleine's breath came harder and faster, her moans louder and more passionate. "Oh, Lord, that's sweet," Madeleine gasped. "She's stoked my fires real good!" Madeleine bucked on my face, panting loudly as she came hard.

She let go of my hair and I fell back on my ass, the butt plug driving deeper into my asshole. I looked up at Madeleine and she looked disgustedly at me.

Fresh tears flowed from my eyes. "Whew," Madeleine said, wiping her sweaty brow. "I'm not rightly sure what came over me, but the bitch made me cum, right nicely!" "I'll see you tomorrow," Mark said as Madeleine walked off. "Looking forward to it, sugar," she called back. "Come on," Mary said. "We still got to go on our walk." "Are you going to make me … do that, again?" I asked, sobbing.

"Yeah," Mark said. "Everyone we meet on our walk's going to get satisfied by you." Mary nodded. "Whether with your mouth or your cunt, you're going to make a lot of people happy." Just give in, the voice whispered. I struggled to push the thought down, but I was to weak. Just give in. "Please," I whispered. They won. "Make me your sex slave." "What was that, bitch?" Mary asked.

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Mark bent down, staring into my eyes. His eyes were blue and seemed to peer right into my soul. "Tell me the truth, do you really want to be our sex slave?" I couldn't lie, he gave me an order. "Yes." Mark helped me to my feet. milf jerks off student robbery suspect apprehended now on, you belong to Mary and me. You'll do whatever depraved, filthy act we tell you to, happily." "Yes, Master," I said and I smiled.

My Master hugged me and kissed me on the lips. I was crying, but not out of sadness, but out of joy. My Mistress embraced me tightly, and her lips were soft on mine. Master removed my nipple clamps, unbuckled the collar and pulled the butt plug out of my ass. "You are no longer Sister Cuntrag," Mistress told me. "Thank you, Mistress," I whispered. Master frowned. "I don't like the name Louise, though." "Master, I took the name Louise Afra when I swore my vows," I quietly said.

"I was born Karen Redding." "Okay, Karen," Master said, pulling the dog ears off my head. "Let's get you cleaned up. Master took one hand, Mistress the other, and led me back into the house. My fellow sluts were in the living room and I apologized to each of them for trying to take them away from our Masters.

I understood now. There was happiness in submission, there was joy in obedience. They all happily embraced me and kissed me and I happily embraced them back.

I had so many sister-sluts, now! "Thamina," Mistress said, "take Karen upstairs and tend to her." "Yes, Mistress," Thamina answered and took my hand and led me upstairs to start my new life as Mark and Mary's slave.

To be continued …