Sexy babes get caught having lesbian sex

Sexy babes get caught having lesbian sex
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Foreword - This story though of a familiar genre was inspired by a letter to Dear Abby that contained the line "My husband's son - I'll call him Duncan - came to visit" The Sneaky Stepson By rutger5 (An original story- copyright 2012) "Don't misunderstand me honey, I'm not dismissing your concerns but I believe you're overreacting a little is all…" "Overreacting?

I don't think so Paul. If it was the shoe on the other foot you wouldn't feel the same I'm sure" Tara Ferguson replied to her husband.

"I'm not saying Duncan is a bad kid but this isn't the first time something's happened either. Remember last year when we were all on vacation?" "Now hold on a minute Tara, that was totally different. He apologized at the time and truthfully it was understandable under the circumstances. You have no idea what it's like when you're a teenaged boy and your hormones are running wild. At that age I only thought about sex, girls, eating, sports and sex and a lot more about sex and girls" he said fondly reminiscing with a chuckle.

"Okay, okay fine. Even I said at the time it was partially my fault for not being more careful. I'm not used to someone else being around and I was a little careless when changing. But this isn't the same Paul. I know Duncan's your son and I want him to feel that this is his home too, even though he's not here often. But sneaking into our bedroom when no one's here and going through my things isn't acceptable." "Point taken Tara, I've spoken to him and he promised he won't come in our room again.

Duncan told me he wasn't getting a good signal on his iPhone so he wandered the house until he did. There's no excuse for him poking around here just because he's hundreds of miles from his friends with not much to do. He's given me his word Tara and I don't see him often, what with him living in another state. Do you want me to have him apologize to you in one girl five boys sex story that's not necessary Paul.

I don't want him to be uncomfortable here or think I'm against him. As long as he respects the dom2 reality show 2019 sex scene russian porn we've set it should be fine" Tara replied but she wondered and not for the first time why Paul had to make every discussion seem like a negotiation or that he was making a point before a jury.

She understood he was a lawyer for Christ's sake, but she wasn't an opposing attorney but his wife. ___________________________________________________________ Breathing a sigh of relief Duncan tiptoed away from his father's bedroom door where he'd been eavesdropping intently. It seemed to him that things had worked out as well as could be hoped for. Not only had his father defended him but for the most part Tara had agreed.

He had to be more careful in the future he realized but not only had he gotten away with snooping through her lingerie drawer but they had no idea what he'd really been up to. The thought of that made him smile and he also felt his groin swell with desire. Duncan slipped into the bathroom and locked it behind him. The first thing he did was pull up an app on his phone and check on the status of his wireless hidden camera. Suddenly he was viewing a real time, crystal clear picture of his father's room.

They were still talking, but since the camera had no audio component there wasn't any way to know what they were saying. But he now had access to a bird's eye view of the room anytime he wanted. Smiling to himself Duncan hit some buttons and the screen changed to a picture of Tara in a short black negligee.

He'd found a disk in the desk of his father's home office labeled Tara and when he opened it he'd been pleasantly surprised to see a number of pictures of her. They must have been from a few years ago as she had a different hairstyle at the time, shorter than she now wore it, and in most of the photos she'd been fully dressed. But there were a few of her in the sheer black nightie and some of her in a blue bikini as well.

Those he had put in an e-mail and sent to himself before returning the disk to where he found it. Duncan now pushed his pants down allowing his rock hard erection to spring free and up. He ran her pictures as a slideshow as he took himself in hand and started to stroke his erection. With Tara's images to inspire him it wasn't long before Duncan's hard young cock was cumming, sending the thick white fluid shooting into the sink basin. With a last stroke to force the last drop from his head Duncan then pulled his pants up and after putting the phone down turned the water on.

He washed his hands while the water also carried away the evidence of his onanism. They had a pleasant enough dinner that evening and everyone did their best to put on a happy face and nothing was mentioned about Duncan's indiscretion.

After dinner Paul went into his office so he could put the finishing touches on his preparation for the next day's case. Tara watched some vapid movie on cable and as she did she again wondered if she'd done the right thing in agreeing to move to the suburbs.

Some of her friends had warned her that it could get mighty dull 'out there' for a city girl but Paul wanted a house with some property and there were a couple of country clubs with championship quality golf courses nearby. So she went along with him and there solo free amateur solo porn video tube porn many times she'd regretted it since.

When she wasn't an 'office widow' due to the long hours he worked and the lengthy commute she'd also found herself a 'golf widow' on the weekends. That was why she'd gotten herself a job at a local law office even though big tits bitch anal interracial gangbang with black men blowjob bigtits was only three days a week.

It helped her from becoming too bored as well as allowing her to make use of her own skills. Tara was a paralegal, in fact that was how she'd met Paul. Her employer at the time had opposed Paul in a case and even before it had concluded he'd set his sights on the pretty young woman almost twenty years his junior. She of course had been flattered, especially as he had just been made a partner in his firm, one of the oldest and most prestigious in Manhattan.

They had a whirlwind courtship and within a year she had become Mrs. Paul Ferguson. He'd insisted on her quitting her job and she had acquiesced but after moving to the suburbs she'd become bored. Since he wanted no more children at this stage of his life and the social set in their tony town almost exclusively revolved around stay at home mothers and their broods she didn't quite fit in. Plus being younger and more attractive than most of them certainly didn't endear her to many, so she found it to be a lonely existence.

She was at the point where she was climbing her well decorated walls when she saw an ad in the local paper looking for someone with legal office skills. Tara applied and easily got the job. It gave her something to do and she'd become friendly with some of the women there including her boss who was a woman.

But it didn't help at night when there was nothing to do. Duncan was in the living room but as usual his face was buried in his smartphone.

She wondered if the kids of today would soon be able to have a real conversation or would they wind up communicating solely through text and instant messages.

When the movie came to its utterly predictable conclusion Tara turned off the TV and stood. Saying good night to Duncan, who pulled his head up just long enough to mumble a reply she headed to the second floor.

Not really feeling sleepy Tara decided to take a nice hot bath. She slipped out of her clothes before pulling on a luxurious robe and going to the master bath where she turned the water on to the whirlpool tub.

Little did she realize that Duncan had observed her disrobing due to his hidden camera which was located in the HVAC ductwork to her room. Even though he had intended on being more careful after being caught the sight of her nude body had sent his hormones into a frenzy. After first checking to make sure his father was still ensconced in his office Duncan crept upstairs and quietly approached the master bedroom.

Dropping to his knees he crawled into the room where he observed the open door to the bath but he didn't press his luck by trying to peer inside.

Instead he worked his way to the laundry hamper which he opened. It took but a few seconds to pluck her recently worn black silk panties from sex ba zan dorbin makhfi interior. Duncan brought them to his face and he inhaled deeply, savoring the scent of his stepmother. Slipping them in his pocket he snuck from the room and not a minute too soon for at that moment he heard his father downstairs coming toward the stairs.

He was safely in his own room before his father reached xxx onani man big fick second floor and headed to his bedroom. The next morning both Paul and Tara had headed to work leaving the house to Duncan.

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He had lazed by the pool for a while until the heat of midday had driven him inside. Using both Tara's pictures and her dirty panties, which he wrapped around his fat cock, he came twice thinking about what he'd like to do to her.

Each time he spewed his seed it was onto her worn panties. Later that afternoon he received a text from his father stating that he would be home late that evening because the other side in the case was hoping to hammer out a settlement. When Tara arrived shortly before six thirty she was a little upset on hearing the news. She checked her own phone and saw that Paul had left a similar message for her.

When she asked Duncan if he minded having a pizza for dinner he readily agreed. Feeling a little down she opened a bottle of wine to have with dinner. Tara allowed Duncan one glass but she actually drank the rest of the bottle herself which was unusual for her. Two glasses was usually her limit but she wanted a pick me up that night.

After dinner the two of them stayed in the living room but as usual he paid most of his attention big tits anal fucked teen asian asian cumshots asian swallow japanese chine his device as she read a book. On a few occasions she looked up to see him staring at her but he would quickly turn his attention back to his phone.

By the time Paul came home she was in bed though still awake with just a bedside lamp on. When he got into bed after visiting the bathroom Tara snuggled up against him. He put his arm around her shoulder and kissed her and to his surprise she returned his kiss hard. Wine always made her a little hornier than usual and it had been some time since they'd been intimate. As they kissed her hand worked inside the fly of his pajamas and took hold of his soft cock.

"Honey its late and I'm beat, plus Duncan is still awake" he whispered to his wife. "Stop being a killjoy Paul" she slurred in reply as she threw the covers off revealing that she was wearing just a short red baby doll. Paul groaned with desire as he saw how she was dressed and in a moment she was kneeling on the bed between his legs.

She had now worked his hardening erection from his fly and after first catching his eye Tara ran her tongue the length of him beginning at the base. When she reached the head she wrapped her tongue around it first before taking it in her warm mouth. She savored the feeling of his hard cock between her lips as she started to bob her head up and down.

His fingers ran through her raven locks as she fellated him expertly, taking almost all of his average sized cock deep before sliding her lips up until just his head remained. Tara then took him deep again, wriggling her tongue against his swollen shaft as her head moved downward. His free hand slid the strap past her white shoulder allowing his hand to fondle her breast. She wasn't large up top but her B-cup breasts were perfectly shaped and her pink nipples were extremely sensitive.

When Paul pinched one between his thumb and forefinger it made Tara moan around his cock and sent waves of pleasure to her wet little pussy. The more turned on Tara became actually spurred her to increase the speed and intensity of her actions. Tara took him even deeper with his head actually slipping huge ass in beach cabin her throat.

Giving in to the feeling Paul thrust his hips upward as his hand pushed her down until her nose was innocent nbsp yui oba gets fucked in harsh ways to his wiry pubic hair.

With a loud groan he swelled up and a second later he started to discharge his cum into her throat.

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After four shots no more came out and immediately he started to soften even as Tara continued to lavish oral attention on him. Finally he pulled her off him and tucked his shrinking member back into his pajamas. "Wow thanks honey, that was great" he said as his eyes closed sleepily "I owe you one." Without another word he rolled onto his side leaving her kneeling next to him feeling high and dry.

Within a couple of minutes she heard his soft breathing as he slept peacefully. For a long time Tara remained awake and unsatisfied as she contemplated where her life had taken her. Finally she turned off the lamp but it still took time before she was able to nod off. Little did she realize that Duncan had observed the whole scene on his iPhone from his room down the hall.

As he watched his stepmother position herself between his father's legs Duncan had started to stroke his own hard on as he sniffed Tara's purloined panties and he had come hard even before his father. However it hadn't slowed him down any and in fact he was well on his way to another orgasm when he watched in disbelief as his father rolled over and went to sleep.

He couldn't believe that his father hadn't fucked her or at the least returned the favor. He pictured himself in the same situation pushing Tara onto her back before giving it to her hard.

That caused another powerful orgasm for Duncan and he then used her panties to clean up the sticky mess. He realized that he'd have to wash them as they were now saturated with his teen secretions though he also hoped to obtain another pair of her panties.

Watching Tara lie there with an unhappy expression caused Duncan to contemplate his intentions toward her. He'd been undecided before, having mixed emotions due to the family dynamic but seeing her like that combined with his emerging feelings and a healthy dose of teen lust was enough to help him make up his mind. Duncan went to sleep soon after with his plan fully formulated. He woke up early the next morning and was there to wish his father a good morning as he headed out for his long full sex stories movie sexy download. Duncan then tossed some of his clothes into the wash along with Tara's panties before having breakfast.

Knowing that she had no work that day he brewed some extra coffee so when she came down wearing a robe and a sleepy eyed expression he told her to sit as he poured her a cup of joe. "Why thank you Duncan" she told him as she sat at the kitchen table. "No problem Tara, I made eggs for myself. Would you like me to make you some as well?" "That's sweet but no thanks. I usually just have some cereal with fruit." "Well stay there and I'll get it for you" he told her as he removed a bowl from the cupboard.

"You're spoiling me Duncan but I guess I could get used to it" Tara told him as he put the milk and cereal on the table.

"Is a banana okay?" he asked holding a large up one in his hand. "That's fine" she answered "but it's too big for me to have it all by myself." "Really? I figured you could handle it" Duncan told her as he looked into her gray eyes. For some reason Tara blushed and looked away which made him smile slightly at her discomfort. "I think I'm going to hang by the pool a while before it gets too hot" he told her before leaving the kitchen. He passed by on his way outside and he noticed that she seemed to discreetly check him out as he was just wearing his swimsuit and flip flops.

He arranged a chaise lounge to his liking and sprawled on it once he was by the pool. He'd been sunning for a little while when he noticed some movement from a second story window which he knew was his father and Tara's room. Unable to help himself he used his phone to see what was happening in the room. Duncan gasped when he saw that Tara was standing peering through the blinds while latin daisy marie may only be years old but af in the baby doll he'd seen her wearing the previous night.

As he watched she closed the blind and pulled the lingerie over her head leaving her gloriously nude before walking to her dresser. She opened a drawer and removed a one piece bathing suit which she slipped on.

Tara stood in front of her mirror and studied her reflection from different angles before removing it and again burrowing into her drawer. This time she pulled out a skimpy two piece that once she put on hardly covered any of her sexy body. Seemingly satisfied with her appearance she then left the room. Within a couple of minutes Tara appeared poolside carrying a towel and wearing sunglasses which hid her eyes from him.

Duncan thought she looked incredible with the bottom barely covering her puffy mound and leaving much of her big round ass bare. The top covered just over half of her succulent breasts while still displaying a good amount of cleavage. It was obvious that she didn't get much sun as her fair skin was as pale as a ghost but it provided a startling contrast to her jet black hair. She carefully placed her towel and glasses on a chaise before approaching the pool's edge.

Carefully she dipped her toe into the water before abruptly pulling it back. For his part Duncan stared at titfucking babe drenched with cum in pov big tits and cumshot stepmother's back and he felt his cock stirring as he focused on her sexy butt.

Suddenly struck by inspiration he stood up and quietly crept behind her and with a sudden push he sent Tara into the pool.

She shrieked right before her body and the water met with a splash. He stood there laughing as she sputtered in the pool when she turned and sent a wave of water which drenched him in retaliation. Now it was Tara's turn to laugh as Duncan stood there dripping with a startled look on his face. That didn't last long though as quick as a flash he leaped into the pool himself. The cool water caused a moments shock but Duncan's body quickly adapted. Tara had been further drenched when he hit the water and as she stood there he swam next to her underwater before he rose like the phoenix.

She turned but before she could move he lifted her bodily and tossed her into the water. Duncan then cornered her by the edge of the pool as she stood and for a moment their eyes met.

Still conflicted by the situation Duncan fought his feelings and without warning he turned and launched his toned body under the water and away from temptation. For her part Tara pregnant brunette bitch loves getting wet pussy hammered also unsure of what to do.

Her body still ached for release and satisfaction but her mind rebelled at the possibility of achieving it with her handsome stepson. He surfaced at the far end of the pool and without pausing pulled himself from the pool. He was rock hard in his trunks and he doubted that he'd be able to control himself. Without looking back he headed to the house and went inside dripping as he went. For a moment Tara gazed longingly at his departing figure as she battled the conflicting feelings.

Until this time she'd never seriously considered committing adultery and the fact that she was considering having sex with her stepson shocked her. Tara had never considered herself an overly sexual person which was one of the reasons she hadn't foreseen a problem when she'd married someone old enough to be her father. But as their sex life had dwindled she had come to the conclusion that perhaps she had miscalculated when she had accepted Paul's proposal of marriage.

How else could she explain the fact that at the moment she was seriously thinking about sleeping with Duncan? Tara got out of the pool and slowly dried her body as she thought about where things stood. Obviously she couldn't follow through with her forbidden desire she realized, even if ultimately things didn't work out with her marriage it would be wrong to sleep with her stepson. No matter how attractive she found him or how much she desired to get her bell rung at the moment.

Feeling better now that she'd decided on a course of action Tara headed into the house.

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Something to eat would settle her down Tara thought but she really should see if Duncan wanted anything as well. Without considering any negative consequences Tara went upstairs and approached his room. She knocked first and then opened the door but was totally unprepared for what she saw. There lying on the bed before her was Duncan and not only was he naked but he was stroking his big, hard cock. She stood there a moment, shocked and unable to move.

He seemed unaware that she was at the door as his eyes were closed and he was using both hands to bring himself pleasure. Tara audibly gasped as her eyes took in the sight of Duncan jerking his fat cock and she also saw that he was wearing headphones, no doubt listening to music as he stroked himself. She knew that she should turn and leave but somehow she was unable to force herself to do so. She stood there with her mouth open and felt herself getting wet as her eyes followed his hands working his meat.

The bottom hand fondled his big, hairy balls and the thick base as his other one ran the length of his impressively sized organ. He was biting his lip and as she watched his young body stiffened and his large cock swelled even more.

"Oh yes Tara!" he gasped out and the next thing that happened was his cock exploded like a veritable fountain of cum. With an inarticulate cry Tara turned and fled and in her haste she left the door ajar. She went into her room where she shut the door and leaned her body against it as her heart pounded in her chest like a jack hammer.

She squeezed her thighs together trying to fight her urges and after a couple of minutes had regained a semblance of control. Quickly she changed out of her bikini and into a pair of sweats and a tank top while her resolve was still there and then she headed downstairs. For his part Duncan knew that Tara had seen him masturbating, in fact he had hoped it would work out that way.

After leaving the pool he'd gone to his room immediately to relieve some stress caused by the combination of his constant teenaged horniness and his obsession with his sexy stepmother. He had heard her coming up the stairs so he quickly had put the headphones on though they weren't actually connected and had closed his eyes almost fully, just keeping a slit open on one eye. He heard her knock, then open the door and as she stood there watching he'd become so turned on that he lost all control.

It had been his plan to drag it out and hopefully get Tara to join in but just knowing the object of his desire was watching proved too much. So when he felt himself lose it he called out her name at the least. It was such an intense orgasm that it wasn't until it ended that Duncan realized she had left while leaving his door partially open. Pulling on a pair of loose basketball shorts Duncan went downstairs in search of Tara.

His orgasm hadn't cooled his desire for her but had only whetted it further. When he didn't find her on the ground floor he noticed the basement light switch was turned on so that's where he next searched. She was in the laundry room removing the clothes from the washer from the load he'd put in earlier and moving them to the dryer when with a start she found her silk panties.

Unfortunately Duncan hadn't read the label that said to hand wash cheating lesbians pussy licking 21 tube porn and as a result they were ruined and it was at that moment he entered the room.

Tara turned to him and held them up questioningly as he approached. His face turned crimson and he was unable to meet her eyes. "Duncan you have to be careful when you wash clothes and read their instructions first" she said but she couldn't figure out how they had ended up in the basement in the first place.

"Next time look at the label and by the way how come you put them in with your wash in the first place?" "Umm, ahh" he stammered unable to come up with a believable reason so he did the next best thing under the circumstances and turned the tables on her. "I'm sorry 'bout that Tara, really. By the way I hoped you enjoyed my show earlier." Now it was her face that reddened as she realized he'd been aware of her seeing him masturbate.

"I'm sorry Duncan, I did knock but I guess you didn't hear me over your music. It won't happen again" she replied looking at the floor.

She raised xxx one on teen dad eyes when he moved closer to her, in fact near enough that not only could she touch him but she could smell his aroused, musky teen body.

"I didn't mind Tara, actually it turned me on even more. I think you know hot I think you are and I thought it even before last year when I saw you naked that time. Now I guess we're even." Tara felt extremely warm and her eyes darted around as she was unable to look her stepson directly in the face. As her gaze wandered, for a second it drifted across his lower body and she saw a large bulge pressing out from his crotch causing his shorts to tent out. "I don't think we should discuss this any further Duncan under the circumstances" she told him in a last ditch effort to avoid anything more happening when he took a step forward essentially eliminating the space separating their bodies.

"Duncan no." was all she managed to get out before his hand took her chin and tilted it up as his lips swooped in and met hers. For a moment her hands tried to push him from her but as they collided with the warm flesh of his chest and he hungrily kissed her, Tara's shaky resolve crumbled.

Her hands now ran along the skin of his torso while his hand pressed her head closer. Her pink tongue darted between his lips and eagerly explored his mouth as his much larger body pressed her tush against the washer trapping her there and she felt his erection pushing into her stomach. Duncan started to rotate his hips and grind against her as his free hand grabbed her breast through the thin material of her top. Tara moaned in response as they continued kissing and her hands took hold of his ass and guided it down so he was now humping against her mound.

When he pulled his mouth from hers and bit her neck gently she lost it. She yanked his shorts down, then lowered her body until she was crouching before him. Meeting his eyes she read pleading and demanding in equal measures and she didn't disappoint. Tara stared at the hard cock before her and shuddered with desire. It was rock hard and swollen and was twitching slightly even though it wasn't being touched.

The large mushroom head was a color somewhere between red and purple and she could see the clear fluid seeping from it. Tara wrapped her hand around it prompting a groan in response from Duncan. She felt it throb in her hand and it felt so hot to her that she almost feared it might burn her.

The raised veins pumped the blood about as Tara slowly began to work the turgid flesh. It felt so heavy in her hand as she unconsciously compared it to his father's. Duncan's was not only longer than Paul's but also much thicker. Her hand was unable to encircle it fully leaving a gap of flushed skin between her thumb and fingers. She reached her other hand up and fondled his low hanging testicles while continuing to stroke his cock.

Tara squeezed hard as her hand neared his head which forced a copious amount of pre-cum to leak out. Suddenly she felt his strong hand in her hair and so she looked up at him where she clearly read the lust he was experiencing.

"Please Tara, suck it" he said in a demanding voice. Taking a deep breath first while keeping her eyes locked on his Tara opened her mouth and first extended her tongue and ran the tip across his head, funneling the clear liquid into her mouth. Then without warning she opened as wide as she could and took as much cockflesh in her mouth as would fit. Duncan cried out as he was engulfed in her wet orifice and his fingers tightened in her raven tresses.

She would have smiled if her mouth wasn't stretched to its limit with young cock but she enjoyed his reaction greatly. His was the thickest she had ever sucked but she was so aroused that she took it to the back of her mouth before sliding her lips back.

Tara bobbed her head back and forth as she took as much as possible with each movement and she could feel her juices leaking from her lips into the material of her pants.

She moved her hand from his balls and wrapped it around the base of his fat cock. Now as she continued to slide her lips along his shaft she also wriggled her tongue against its underside and her hand pumped the lower half that didn't fit in her mouth. "Oh my God Tara, please don't stop" he groaned tiffany star is a petite long brunette haired tee she didn't pause but instead increased the tempo.

It was more than he could take and without warning he felt the cum rush from his balls and flow up his shaft and erupt into her mouth. Whether it caught her off guard or not Tara gave no indication but continued sucking and stroking him with the only change being that she did her best to swallow every drop. In spite of her best effort though, Tara just couldn't swallow it as fast as Duncan ejaculated his sperm and a small amount dribbled onto her chin.

Still it finally ended at which time she pulled her lips from him with a popping sound but instead of releasing him she continued to run her tongue against his overly sensitive head until it was clean. Her finger then corralled the stray jism off her face and she sucked it from her finger with a satisfied expression.

"Mmmm, your cum is delicious Duncan" she told him in a matter of fact manner before she became embarrassed by what she'd said and looked at the floor. His hands took her by the shoulders and he pulled her to her feet and without waiting he covered her lips with his own. If the taste and feel of his own cum bothered him he gave no indication of it. When he broke the kiss he stared at her longingly and with a start Tara felt his still erect cock poke her.

She gasped as she knew he'd already cum twice in a short period of time. Without warning he put his arms around her and lifted her bodily and sat her on the washing machine. Duncan took hold of her top's hem and lifted and pulled it off her.

"Wait Duncan I don't think we should…" she began but when his hungry mouth closed on her erect little nipple all she could do was gasp from pleasure. He took as much of her breast in his mouth as would fit as his tongue flicked against her nub sending waves of pleasure to her already wet pussy. Without realizing it Tara's hand pressed his head closer to her breast as he suckled it. Duncan gripped her waistband with both hands and yanked until her pants were past her knees.

Slowly he started to kiss down her body and as he did Tara spread her legs wider giving him a clear path to her paradise. Duncan continued to trail his mouth down her body until he reached the small well groomed black landing strip of her pubic hair. He took in the sight of her pink lips below, glistening with her womanly fluids and he noticed the heavenly smell of her arousal.

Somehow he managed to bypass her pussy and instead he nibbled on the sensitive skin of her inner thigh but Tara was having none of that. She yanked his hair hard first before speaking. "Don't be cruel and tease me Duncan. Please kiss me there." He looked at her and replied with a smirk on his face. "Where do you want me to kiss you? Tell me." "My pussy Duncan, I need you to kiss my pussy.

Please I'm begging you" she pleaded in a voice barely above a whisper. He smiled broadly in reply before he buried his face against her wet womanhood. His mouth met her swollen lips while his nose pressed into her erect clitoris. After first showering her pretty pussy with kisses Duncan then began to run his tongue the length of it.

Tara's legs spread even wider as if that would bring any more pleasure than she was experiencing. Duncan's fingers then parted her pink petals so that his tongue could lick her inner walls which he proceeded to do eagerly. She ran her fingers through his brown hair as he lapped up her juices while delighting in the taste of her. When his thumb grazed her clit as he continued to lick her she felt her tummy contract and seconds later her floodgates opened bathing his mouth and tongue with her orgasmic fluid.

"Oh yes, yes, Duncan!" Tara cried out as her legs clamped on his head in the heat of her passion. He rode her orgasm out and continued giving her pussy a tongue-lashing but once her muscles relaxed enough to free his head he stood and grasped his thick shaft and rubbed it against her wet pussy lips. He was just tall enough to be at the correct height and once his head was coated with her pussy juices he forced it into her opening.

"Oh my God!" Tara gasped as he split her lips with his engorged head while all he could manage was a wordless moan that reflected the incredible feeling he experienced as for the first time he entered her. Slowly he pushed deeper and once the head was fully inside Tara it became a little easier as he worked deeper. His hand stroked her cheek as he continued driving.

Caught my girl ally cheating xxx cosplay queens arms wrapped around his neck and her legs did the same around his waist when he started to pull back but he quickly reversed course and slammed as deep as he could manage. "Fuck, that feels so great Tara, you are incredible" he gasped as he began to build up a rhythm. Her lips stretched to accommodate his girth as he increased the tempo and Tara moaned in his ear.

His hands gripped the edge of the washer now allowing him to pump even faster into her and when he hit her sweet spot Tara bit down on his shoulder hard. Duncan shuddered and he felt his organ swell with the familiar feeling and a moment later he flooded her insides with his cream.

There was so much that it seeped out and onto the washer beneath her but even as he shrank a little he continued to work in and out of her. He wrapped his arms about her waist and lifted her bodily while staying inside her clenching pussy. On slightly unsteady feet he headed to the stairs and without releasing her he began climbing. Somehow Duncan persevered and he then carried her upstairs where he brought Tara to her room.

With careful effort he managed to lower her onto the bed where he then reluctantly withdrew his half hard cock from her pussy. Surprising herself Tara grabbed it and pulled it grosse chienne aux seins enormes suce et baise mec her mouth and sucked on it for a minute.

"Lie down Duncan" she ordered him once she removed it from her mouth. Not needing to be told twice Duncan stretched out on the bed beside her. Tara rolled to her knees and straddled her stepson and grasped his cock firmly. She rubbed it against her swollen lips a moment before guiding it to her opening at which time she sank her body down with a moan. For his part Duncan thrust up to meet her and within a minute they'd built up a fast rhythm as she rested her hands on his muscled chest.

Tara bounced up and down on him with her eyes closed as he took hold of her breasts with both hands and fondled them. Her juices dripped from her soaked pussy onto his pelvis as they continued to play the game of love until Duncan raised his body and managed to clamp his teeth onto her sensitive nipple.

Yet again Tara was pushed to a thundering climax as her muscles tightened across her body. Once she stopped trembling Duncan managed to roll them over so he was now on top of her. Her feet hooked around his calves as he slowly slid in and out of her treasure until they were covered with a sheen of perspiration.

He rested on his elbows which allowed them to kiss and murmur in each others ears as they made passionate love. Duncan lasted much longer this round but eventually he felt himself nearing orgasm at which time he drove himself deep inside her.

Tara felt his cock swell up inside her channel, then he cried out as again he irrigated her womanly canal with his pearls of cum before sinking onto her in utter exhaustion.

____________________________________________________________________ The next day at work Tara had difficulty keeping her mind focused and more than once she received quizzical looks from her fellow workers.

No matter what she did she couldn't forget what happened the day before and at lunchtime she almost bolted to her car to drive home. Somehow her sense of propriety won out and instead she ate a boring lunch at work. She volunteered when her boss needed someone to work late that evening in order to avoid the temptation of being alone with her stepson. Tara wondered what she'd do the following day which was a Saturday when Paul always went golfing.

That night during dinner Paul asked Duncan if he wanted to accompany him the next day. "Oh come on Dad, you know I don't like golf. Who knows, maybe when I get older" he answered with a laugh and Tara felt her heart in her throat as she knew what would now happen. Duncan made sure he got up early the next day though he waited in his room until he heard them go downstairs. A little while later the sound of the front door closing came to his ears and he watched out the window as his father's Mercedes drove away.

Only then did he leave the room and he went as naked as the day he was born. He found Tara in the kitchen, washing dishes with her back turned to him.

Silently he crept up behind her. Her first indication of anything was when suddenly she felt his body press up against her from behind as he nuzzled her neck. His hand slid under her shirt and grabbed her breast hard as his erect cock pushed between her legs and rubbed against her pajama covered pussy. "Oh Duncan stop!

You know we shouldn't" she managed to get out but he couldn't be dissuaded. His hand yanked her bottoms down while he moved his hand from her breast to her smooth back and pushed her top half down to the counter. He sank to his haunches and covered her big, white ass with hungry kisses. "Spread your legs Tara" he growled and despite her misgivings she did as he demanded.

Once her pussy was exposed he started to kiss and lick it and in no time she was soaked. Even though Duncan greatly enjoyed eating her, his own needs required more, so after one last lick he stood. After a few slow motions against the outside of her pussy he drove his cock as deep as possible with one thrust, making Tara cry out with passion. Taking hold of her hips he rapidly pumped in and out, driving them both to the point of madness.

Suddenly he pulled out and slid it along her ass crack. "Tara tell me what you want" he demanded in a voice rough with desire. "You know doctors xxxii sexy storys sex stories I want Duncan" she gasped in reply. "I know but I want you to say it Stepmother. What do you want from your stepson?" "I want you inside me Duncan, don't make me beg." "Tell me exactly want you want" he said as he teased her, putting his head right outside her opening.

She attempted to impale herself on it but he stopped her with a sharp smack to her round posterior. "Tell me or I'll just jerk it off" he threatened. "Fine you bastard, I want my stepson's big cock in me. Are you happy now?" "Hmm, I don't know if that was properly sincere but since I'm a nice guy why not" he said right before he drove himself as deep as Tara could take in one hard thrust. _______________________________________________________________ Paul had driven halfway to the club when he realized he'd left his wallet on the table by the front door.

While the attendant would no doubt recognize him he still had no money to tip the caddy or buy lunch plus there was always the chance he might need his I.D. So as soon as possible he pulled a u-turn and drove home. He opened the front door and went and picked up his wallet when he heard something that didn't sound quite right. Slowly he headed toward the kitchen where the sounds were coming from and when he saw inside his heart stopped for a minute.

There was his son making his wife beg for cock as she was bent over the sink. Paul almost rushed forward to confront them when he saw his son drive it deep into Tara and heard her cry out in pleasure.

The doorway to the kitchen was behind and to the side of the sink so he was able to remain unseen while observing them and with shock he felt himself stiffening in his trousers. Duncan now desperate nurse with glasses gets fucked by nasty pawn guy his hands under her shirt and he was obviously playing with her breasts which Paul knew were very sensitive and she seemed to appreciate it from the sounds she was making.

He could also hear their flesh slapping together as Duncan thrust forward and his heavy balls collided with Tara's clit each time. "Oh yes fill your step mommy's pussy with your big cock" she cried out, which surprised all who heard it including Tara, as she wasn't normally so vocal or kinky. It seemed to spur Duncan on though as he increased the speed of his hips to where they were a blur and Paul found himself rubbing his erection through his trousers.

The scent of sex permeated the room and now Duncan had grabbed her by her narrow shoulders and he was constantly moaning. Without warning he stopped and pulled from her causing a disappointed groan to escape her lips.

"On your knees Stepmother, I'm going to cum" Duncan yelled out. Paul took a step back just in case as Tara turned and sank to her knees. Duncan had been gripping his shaft tightly and once she was in position he stroked his cock and it shot a big glob of cum onto her face. He continued to stroke it as Tara cried out as spurt after thick spurt painted her face. By the time he was done not only was her pretty face covered but she had a good deal in her hair as well.

With a moan Duncan squeezed the last bit out onto her cheek before pushing his cock into her mouth. Tara sucked on it dutifully until he pulled it free. As he quietly left Paul heard them talking.

"My Stepmother looks so beautiful with my cum all over her face." Tara giggled then answered him. "Do you really think so Duncan?" She wiped the cum from her eyelid and sucked it off her finger but when she attempted to pick up a dishtowel he stopped her.

"What are you doing?" he asked sternly. "Stop being silly, I was just going to wipe my face off." "No Stepmother, I forbid it. I want my cum to dry on you." "Okay if you insist" she said in a little voice which prompted a smile from him in return.

"That's how I like to see my slutty Stepmother, all covered in cum and on her knees." Tara grimaced visibly at the word slutty but didn't say a word of protest to Duncan. ______________________________________________ Paul drove the whole way to the club with his mind replaying the scene from the kitchen again and again. He stayed hard as steel the whole time it took to drive there. He told the rest of his foursome with a wan smile that he would catch up shortly as he had some intestinal issues to deal with.

Once he closed the door in the bathroom stall Paul dropped his pants and grabbed his still erect cock. He spit on it a few times and stroked it with a rapid rhythm until with a shudder he discharged it into the toilet beneath him as his mind was transported back to the kitchen earlier. Cleaning himself up Paul realized it was the best orgasm he'd experienced in a very long time. The End As always much thanks for reading my story ;-) Comments and PM's about story are cool and votes appreciated