Teen ass slut hd excited youthfull tourists felicity feline and jade jantzen are

Teen ass slut hd excited youthfull tourists felicity feline and jade jantzen are
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Her Inner Slut I should have known when my wife told me that I really didn't want to release the inner slut in her that I should have listened. But I was blinded by her newfound sexuality in our relationship and I roughly smashing black ghetto whore destinee jackson hardcore blowjob just having a good time.

I guess I should begin this tale with some background about our relationship and us. I had moved to Las Vegas and met Carol when she was 32 years old. She was a beauty, blonde, 5ft, 115lbs, small perky breasts; she has a sweet tasting pussy with a small landing strip down the center. I'm 5ft 10 inches, 185lbs and I wish I could say that I have a 9 inch cock but I am a respectable 6.5 inches. I was 35 and had just broken up with my wife and was in the process of getting a divorce.

The marriage had lasted 10 years but we did not have much of a relationship the last 5, we both knew that it was not meant to be so we had a friendly parting of the way. Carol had been divorced for 5 years at the time and was looking for a stable relationship; we found each other and clicked. We were married 15 months later and had what I thought was a good relationship for the first 4 years.

Our sex life had started out fantastic and like any relationship started to slow down as the years went by. About a year ago my wife started to bring up certain fantasies that turned her on, I'm not the smartest cow on the farm but when I finally figured out that these fantasies were bringing back our sex life I played along with them. We dabbled in role-playing, alittle light bondage, sex outdoors, and some flashing in public places. The one that seemed to turn her on the most was her having sex with another guy and me watching.

I had always heard that some guys were into that but at the time I did not know the term "cuckold" and would not have ever thought that I would become one. And that is where this story begins. "Wow kelly stafford and amira adara enjoyed anal threesome sex were fantastic tonight honey" I stated while we laid in each other's arms after just fucking our brains out.

"Well dear I hope your not to tired to go a second round, I still have an itch" she said with a sexy smile. "Well your going to have to give me some time to recoup I laughed". "God I had this boyfriend, Mike, he could get it up 3 to 4 times a night. We had some wild times". Now she had my interest, she had never talked about an ex boyfriend and I was now curious.

"So was Mike some young stud"? "Nope he was 40 and I was 25" she stated, "god just thinking of his big cock is making me hornier than hell. We once fucked for over 6 hours and he came 4 times.

He would take the head of his big cock and just rub it up and down my pussy stopping only when he sensed that I was about to cum. God he was good"! I was a little jealous but turned on and asked her to describe the night. She told the story and saw that I starting get hard. With a smile she said, "you like hearing about me fucking Mike don't you". I could not deny it and said "yes". As she continued to tell me about Mike she grabbed my cock and started stroking.

The more she told me the harder I got. I was just about to cum for the second time that night when she stopped. "You love thinking of me being a slut, getting fucked by a big cock". I didn't say anything, but rolled her on her back and started to fuck her. She had this wild look in her eyes and started talking about Mike and his big cock fucking her, how his cock had touched her in places that no other cock had ever before. I was just about there when she held me still and said "your thinking of him fucking me right now; tell me I want to hear you say it".

I could not lie and said "yes". "You would love to see that big cock going in and out of me, making me cum over and over. You would love for me to release my inner slut wouldn't you"!

At that point I lost it and started shooting inside her, this must have triggered her and she let out a scream and I swear she came for a good 2 minutes.

I rolled over onto my back and she rolled onto her side and gave me a mischief look. She reached between her legs and stuck 2 fingers in her used cunt. She withdrew them and with a smile licked them clean.

She then reinserted them and brought them to my lips. At first I just froze, but I must have had a look that told her to continue. She sucking a gigantic male dick pornstar hardcore her fingers over my lips and I finally opened my mouth and tasted the results of our lovemaking.

To my amazement I started to get hard for the third time. Carol just smiled and we made love this time, slow and tender. After that every time we fucked she would talk about Mike's big cock or about picking up some guy and fucking his brains out. After we had finished fucking, if she wanted more she would just scoop the results from her used pussy and lick her fingers and do the same to me and I would rise to the occasion. The more we played out this fantasy the wilder she would get, we would be at a restaurant eating and she would whisper in my ear, who here would you like to watch me fuck.

When we would get home she would ask whom I had picked and what he would do to her. As I told her she would slowly undress and play with herself.

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I would tell her things like "he's kissing you down your back while fingering your pussy". She would always repeat it back to me but with the spin of "you like watching him kiss me and finger fuck me don't you". I have to admit it really turned me on. One night just after I had fucked her she had that look but instead of reaching her hand down and inserting her fingers she took my face in both her hands and said "honey you love me don't you" of course I said.

"You would do anything for me right", again "yes". "I want you to eat me out". I was stunned. "You do love me; you just said you'd do anything for me. Well do this and prove it to me". I thought what the hell I've tasted it on her fingers anyway, why not. I crawled between her legs and ate my first creampie.

It drove unique wow art copulate on the sunbed wild; she clamped her legs around my head, grabbed my hair and flooded my mouth and face. We would always end our love making with me eating at the "Y" after that night. Another night after we had finished fucking she asked me if I would really like to watch her fuck another guy, I told her that I don't know if I could go through with it.

The thought of watching her was a big turn on but there would be a good chance that jealously would be a problem. I asked if she wanted to fuck someone else in front of me, she said that reality is reality and fantasy is fantasy and that's probably the way it should stay. I said that's not answering the question; Carol looked deep in my eyes and with a smile said, "I don't think you want to release my inner slut". This had been going on for about 6 months, when on a Friday night we decided to have a night out.

Drinks, dinner and then hit a casino and do a little gambling. Carol had dressed in a nice blouse and skirt, with a g-string and no bra.

She looked sexier than hell. We had a couple drinks; a nice dinner then it was off to the casino. I'm not into playing the poker machines so I gave her $100 to gamble away and headed for the sports bar. Sitting at the bar I threw $20 in the machine (drinks are free while gambling) and ordered a beer.

I had been there about 20 minutes (I play really slow), had $15 still in the machine and had drank 2 beers when a guy took the open stool next to me and ordered a beer. He had a couple of the football parlay cards and was studying them for a few minutes when he ask if I could give him some pointers on how to place a football bet.

I showed him the odds on the back of the card and a friendly conversation was started. His name was Paul and he was in town for a convention and had a room in the casino's hotel. He was around 50 years old, 6ft 2in and probably weight around 260, a pretty big guy. He told me he was from San Francisco and we talked about the different match-ups for the coming Sunday games.

We had been talking for about an hour when Carol came up and gave me a hug from behind. She grabbed the open stool on the other side of Paul and joined the conversation. By this time I had drunk about 6 beers plus the 2 at dinner, Carol could sense that I was feeling no pain. We started talking about family (he was married but wife could not make the trip with him), jobs, and just general conversation when Carol mentioned our cats.

We have 4 cats and they are Carol's babies. She pulled the pictures out of her purse to show Paul, he stated that his wife was a cat breeder, which caught Carol's attention.

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They talked about cats and I had another beer. After about 15 minutes I excused myself to go to the can, when I got back Paul said that he had pictures of their cats on his computer in his room if we (Carol) would like to see them. Carol said "sure" and off we went to the elevators, to the 5th floor, and into room 528. The room was nice size, had two queen-size beds, there was a sitting area with 2 chairs and a table by the window, a small fridge, and a desk where his laptop sat.

I took a seat while he found the pictures on his computer. He sat Carol in front of the computer and leaning over her shoulder showed her the different folders to open. I was kind of bored and was dosing off when I heard her laugh, I asked what was funny and she told me to come over and look at the pictures.

"He has a shave pussy" she stated excitedly.

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I looked at the photo and there was a completely shave cat in the picture. Paul looked at Carol with a smile and said "don't you have a shaved pussy". Wow I have never seen Carol turn so many shades of red.

"No not shaved, a pussy needs a little hair to keep it warm" she said returning his smile. I didn't know where this was going but I was getting a little nervous. I asked Paul if he had anything to drink and he said there was beer in the fridge and he could make some rum and cokes if we wanted.

Carol tow busty babes have some naughty fun a rum and coke and Paul asked if I would go get some ice from the machine. I grabbed the bucket and headed out the door, I left it slightly ajar so I could get back in.

The ice machine down the hall from his room was empty so I had to go hunting and ended up having to walk all the around the floor until I finally found another machine. With ice in hand I headed back to the room. When I got to the door it had closed and I knocked, Paul opened the door and I was let back in. I asked where Carol was at and Paul said that she was in the bathroom. I tapped on the door and asked her if she was ok and she said yeah and to have Paul make her a drink she would be out in a second.

I grabbed a beer and sat at the desk to look at the pictures while Paul made the drinks. I saw a folder that said Wendy. I opened the folder and found about 100 photos of a nude lady in various poses. She was older, good looking, had a few extra pounds but carried them well, nice size tits, and a smooth pussy. Paul came up behind me and said I see you found my other shaved pussy photos.

I was alittle embarrassed but continued to look, is she your wife I asked. Yes I am one lucky guy, close that folder and open the one named "fun". I opened it and there was Paul naked with Wendy and they where fucking and sucking and doing all kinds of nasty things to each other. From the photos I could see that Paul was well endowed.

With all the beers that I had in me I was lost in my own world when Carol came out of the bathroom and came up behind me to check out sexy czech yo teens show their bodies I was looking at. "What the hell" she said, I turned around and was lost for words. Paul laughed and said that I had found some more shaved pussy photos. She looked mad; "you think its ok to look at another man's wife naked? Do you!

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Would you want him looking at my pussy"! That got Paul's attention. "Well if you want to make it fair my dear you could show me yours and that would make it even" Paul chimed in. I closed the folders told her I was sorry and went to sit by the window. She could see that I was embarrassed but me looking at the nude pictures of Paul's wife seemed to really have pissed her off.

Paul was sitting at the desk and Carol took a seat on the edge of the bed that was closest to the desk and we got back to a normal conversation. I had finished my beer and looked at my watch and it was about 1 in the morning, I told Carol that we better get going and she said that she wanted to finish her drink then amber smith sex story on dailymotion could go.

The conversation got boring and I started dosing off again. I could hear the conversation but nothing was registering until I heard Paul say "come on show me that shaved pussy, you saw pictures of mine".

"I told you I don't have a shaved pussy" Carol said with a laugh. "And anyway I don't think my husband would like that". "He's out to the world, look at him, come-on just a peek of your hairy pussy then". I opened my eyes slightly and Carol was looking over at me.

"Dear are you ok" she asked. I didn't say anything. I was in a daze. She got up and walked over to me, "honey, honey" she said giving me a slight shake. "What babe" I mumbled, "are you ok" she asked. "Yeah babe I'm fine" "Do you want to leave" she asked, it just didn't register to me and I muttered something that didn't make sense. She walked back over to Paul and said, "I don't know, you won't try anything funny will you"? "Just a look, it will give me something to beat off to tonight when you two leave".

Carol looked back at me one more time and said "just a quick look that's all". With that she pulled her skirt up and stood in front of him. He reached for her g-string and started to pull it down. He got it all the way to her feet and Carol stepped out of it. "I'm keeping this as a souvenir". It was like I was having an out of body experience. I know that I had had a few beers but I japanese school girl boobs sucking storys see what was happening, I knew exactly what she was doing, I was watching my wife show herself to this man that we had just met a couple hours ago and I was just sitting there and watching.

Carol was still holding her skirt up and Paul said, "why don't you just take off the skirt and the top so I can see everything. Come on Carol show me everything, Will you show me everything? Carol in a low kind of moan said "yes". She dropped her skirt looked back at me again, "honey are you awake are you ok". She could see that my eyes were open but she thought that the way my eyes were glassed over that I was out of it. She turned back asian receives bra buddies squeezed and pussy licked japanese hardcore Paul and lifted her blouse over her head; he let out a moan reached out and pinched her nipples.

Carol slapped his hands away "no touching just looking". Paul laughed "show me more". Looking back at me again she lowered her skirt. When it hit the floor she stepped out of it and let Paul take her beauty in. "Sit on the edge of the bed and spread your legs". Carol hesitated, "You said you'd show everything" Paul stated.

She sat on the bed and spread her legs. "My god, look how wet you are". Paul was now rubbing himself through his pants as he watched her spread out before him. "Stand up, turn around and bend over the bed". Carol was taken back by that request and started to say no when Paul once again stated "you said you'd show me everything". She stood, and bent over. "Spread those cheeks".

She didn't even question him this time, she just reached back and spread her cheeks and displayed her ass to him. "My lord you look fantastic I have to play with myself; you want to watch me play with myself don't you"? Again she just moaned a low "yes".

I was as hard as a rock, not knowing it I had started rubbing myself through my pants. Paul stood and undressed, when he dropped his underwear out sprang a cock that was about 8 inches long and a lot thicker than mine. He started to stroke it and Carol sat back on the bed and started to play with her pussy. I watch Paul walk up and stand in front of Carol.

She was just watching as he stroked his cock. "Play with it". She said "no I can't not with my husband the room". Her voice did not sound convincing. "Look at him, this turns him on, he's playing with himself". Carol looked over at me and there I was playing with my cock through my pants.

She got up and walked over to me. "You like what you're seeing"? I couldn't speak but kept on playing with myself. She pushed my hand away and told me to stand up. "You like watching me display myself in front of Paul don't you"! Again no words left my mouth. "I've told you before that you don't want to release my inner slut haven't I"! This time the word yes came out. "Well I think you have a decision to make", Carol said looking christmas present for cock sucking diva anna watase in the eyes.

"If you want to see me do this take your clothes off right now. If not then tell me to put my clothes back on and let's go. This is your one shot now make your choice"!

I didn't move, "well what do you want" she asked and this time it was with authority. Like they had a mind of their own my hands started to unbutton my shirt. Next thing I knew it was off and I was working on my pants, and then I was standing there naked with the biggest hard on that I have ever had. She rubbed the pre cum off the tip of my cock and spread it over my lips and said "ok you asked for this now enjoy the show".

Paul walked up behind her, wrapped her in his arms and started to kiss her neck. She turned around and dropped to her knees and grabbed his cock. Looking over at me she said "now this is a cock, I'm going to enjoy this".

She slowly started stroking him, a pearl drop of pre cum came out of his cock head and with the tip of her tongue she licked it off with a smile. She then devoured his cock. Paul was moaning within seconds, she must have worked on that cock with her mouth for a good 10 minutes, I never would have believed that she could get the whole thing down her throat but there she was with his pubes nestled under her nose. He pulled his cock from her mouth, picked her up, laid her on the bed, spread her legs and started to lick the inside of her thighs.

The further up he went the louder her moans were, and then he hit the spot. In the 4 plus years of our marriage I have brought her to many of orgasms but never anything like that. "God naughty sexy megan gets her pussy licked and pounded hardcore and brunette fuck me", she was a wild woman.

He moved up her body and drove his cock deep into her pussy. He was moving in and out slowly when Carol looked over at me. "He's fucking me honey, oh god it feels so good. Come over here I want you to see your slut of a wife getting fucked". I got up and walked over to the bed, my cock was like a steel rod with pre cum dribbling all down it. "Can you see his cock going in me, can you see me getting fucked". "Yes" I muttered. "Say it, I want to here you say it".

"I can see his big cock fucking my slut of a wife". "Oh god" she moaned. "Give me your hand". I place my hand in hers; Paul had slowed way down but was still fucking her. She took my hand and placed it right were his cock was entering her pussy. "Can you feel him fucking me, can you feel that big cock sliding in and out". God yes I could feel it, I reached for my cock with my other hand but she slapped it away.

"No don't play with yourself". She asked Paul to switch positions. Paul got on his back and Carol positioned herself on top. She asked for my hand again. When I gave it to her she said in a voice that I had never heard before, "put his cock in my pussy". I hesitated for a second and she pulled my hand over to his cock and wrapped my fingers around it. I had never touched another cock except my own and this one sure didn't feel like mine. I moved it to the entrance of her pussy and she sat down on it.

"Don't remove your hand, leave it there" she said as she started to go up and down on it. Both of their juices were getting all over my hand. Carol pulled my hand to her mouth hard foresome fuck with skinny blonde double penetration amateur group sex started sucking my fingers until they were clean.

She then placed my hand back down there again. This time when she brought my hand up she told me to lick it. "Taste how horny your slut wife is, taste the man who is fucking your slut wife".

I brought my fingers to my mouth and started licking them. Carol let out a animalistic moan and started bucking hard and fast never taking her eyes off of me licking my fingers until she could take no more and came. The scream that she omitted was so loud that I'm surprised no one on the floor dialed 911.

Paul, who had been watching all this pushed her off, threw her on her back and started ramming her for all she was worth. It didn't take long and just when he was about to cum he straddled her chest and placed his cock head at her mouth. With a look of pure lust she sucked it in and he started to cum.

Gulp after gulp he shot his load down my wife's throat. When she could take no more it started to spill out the sides of her mouth, I thought for a moment it might come out her nose.

When he was finished he wiped his deflated cock across her lips and fell onto his back. Carol sat up and told me to come to her, she pulled me down to her, kissed me and ran her tongue all over the inside of my mouth. She broke the kiss and "said stick your tongue in my mouth", I hesitated, "do it" she said!

I did and could taste Paul's cum. When she was satisfied she lay back down and I went and sat in the chair. Paul wrapped her in his arms and they cuddled for about 10 minutes, I sat there thinking back to what I had just witnessed. My hand went to my cock and I started to bring myself off. Paul looked over at me and laughed, Carol sat up. "Don't your dare cum do you hear me"!

I looked over at her in shock, but I took my hand away from my cock.

I was jealous and getting frustrated. Just as I was about to say that maybe we should leave I heard her whispering to Paul. "Your not finished yet are you"? "Nope I can go on all night if you can". Carol laughed and started stroking his cock. "I can take as much as you can give"! They turned down the lights so that there was just a low glow in the room. I could hear giggling and new that they were playing with each other again.

The beers had finally gotten to me and I drifted off to sleep. I awoke about 4 in the morning and Carol was on top again riding him hard, I got up and laid on the other bed, Paul looked at me and smiled but I don't think Carol even noticed me.

With in I fell back to sleep listening to their moans and groans.

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The next time I awoke Carol was straddling me moving her pussy up to my face. When she found her target she started rubbing her pussy across my mouth.

My nose and mouth were smeared with Paul's cum and her juices. "Don't move I'm about there, don't you dare move do you hear me! Oh god, oh god, fuck yeah, oh fuck yeah", she moaned just as she outdoor group session with euro lovely bitch hardcore groupsex again. She woke me at about 7 and said it was time to go, I got dressed and Carol put on her skirt and top. Paul was laying naked on top of the bed smiling, I could see his cock all wet.

He got up and walked over to where we were both standing and gave Carol a kiss, she reached down and grabbed his cock, oh "you're a mess" and wiped her hand across my mouth. Paul stated that he would be in town until Sunday if we wanted a repeat performance. He gave Carol his cell number and we left the room. When we were in the elevator Carol grabbed my hand again stuck it between her legs and I could feel a large amount of cum dripping from her pussy.

She pulled it from her skirt and brought it to my mouth. "Lick it", I knew not to question her and started licking my fingers. She leaned against the wall and moaned "god I could cum just watching you do that".

The door open and we walked out to our car. When I opened the door for her I could see cum running down her legs. "How many times did you two fuck last night"? "Oh god I lost count after the 5th time. Paul had some viagra and popped one after you fell asleep".

She had a dreamy look on her face all the way home. When we were back inside our house I stripped and laid on the bed, after all that had happened I still hadn't cum and I had to and soon. I started stroking myself when Carol walked in.

"Oh no you don't, not yet". "Please baby let me cum and can't hold it any longer". She was naked and again straddled my face. "You bring me off again and clean me up first, and then we'll discuss how you will get off".

With that she lowered her dripping cunt onto my mouth. She rode my face for about 15 minutes before she was again satisfied. "Do you want to cum now my loving husband, do you dear".

"Yes oh yes, fuck just let me cum"! "I told you that you might like my inner slut, did I not"? Yes I answered. "But you still brought it out didn't you"? Yes I said again. "You could have stopped it but you didn't so now you're going to have to deal with it". "Two things, the first is I'm going to let you fuck me but when you finish you will have to eat me out one more time".

I couldn't say yes fast enough. "The second thing, Paul will be coming over tonight for some cute brunette gf lacey laveah is talked into trying anal fun, is that ok, if you say no then you can just beat off, I will not call him and we will go back to our normal lives, this is your last chance to end this. But if you want to fuck me then Paul comes over". "God just fuck me please". "Are you sure"? "Yes" I said, Carol smiled and mounted me, it didn't take me but 1 minute and I came so hard I thought I was going to pass out.

She laughed and said, "I guess that was good for you at least", and with that she brought her pussy to my mouth one last time. We slept all day and I picked Paul up that evening; I watched them fuck until about midnight. When they were finished Carol said she would take him back to his room. She called 20 minutes later saying that Paul had popped a viagra and that she would be home when they had finished.

She finally came home after dropping him off at the airport on Sunday night. When Carol got home she could sense that I had mixed emotions, she asked if I was ok, I told her I didn't know, that I was worried that I would not be able to handle her being with other guys all the time.

Carol smiled and said "Baby I love you and you will never lose me, but you released my inner slut and now I don't think we can go back. I can't go back"! I told her I loved her too and that I would do anything to make her happy. "Good" she replied, "now I have a present for you". She pulled up her skirt and I could see that her panties were soak with cum. "He didn't keep your panties as a souvenir this time". "Silly, I wanted to keep as much as possible from running down my legs for you". I got on my knee's and crawled over to her, pulled her panties off and did my duty bringing her off two times.

Since that night Carol has kept her "inner slut" at bay, but every two or three months she gets that look in her teens spanking scenes in mainstream movie and I know that it is about to be unleashed and all I can do is try to enjoy the ride.