Wicked slut and her fuckmate hardcore blowjob

Wicked slut and her fuckmate hardcore blowjob
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Debra was in a daze for several days. She'd had the best orgasm EVER, and with a BLACK guy. That she was conflicted was a gross slutty nympho was taken in anal asylum for harsh treatment. She would just die if anyone back home found out.

Back home? Ohhhhh. When her mother found out.OH HELL, IF her father found out. Life would be over. At 6'-6", a black belt in judo, he was relatively mild mannered, except for one thing. He did not like to see a mixing of the races. And now, she, Debra Marie, his only daughter, had committed the ultimate sin.

And she was going to do it again. Wait! What? She was going to do it again? She hadn't even barely talked to Tracey since she'd jumped his bones. It was about as close to rape that a girl could ever get to with a guy. She never asked, just took from him what she wanted. Not that he'd complained or fought her in any way. Still, her constantly weeping pussy, now staying wet so often that it was becoming an annoyance, told her, in no uncertain terms, that it wanted, no, NEEDED to feel that huge black cock pummeling her little, formerly tight cheerleader pussy.

She hadn't told ANYONE. She hid her shame and embarrassment.and her LUST for black cock. Her constantly horny, throbbing pussy longed to feel Tracey opening her up again, rubbing her nicely, coating the inside of her little used, but now stretched open pussy. Debra couldn't avoid him forever. After class, she went to watch him practice. Her heart started beating harder and faster as she walked toward the stadium where they practiced.

She was afraid that her soaking wet panties were going never say never lesbian blondes begin allowing a trickle of her vaginal fluids to find their way down her leg. She swore she could smell her leakage. Her heart beat harder and harder as she approached, hearing the whistle blow as the coach pushed them through their training. She hung back until the practice was over.

As the team walked wearily to the locker room, Tracey noticed her, and re-directed himself to her. As he approached, she felt bashful, not knowing how to talk to him.

Hell, she had no clue what to say. Aw fuckit. She needed his cock. Period. End of story.

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"Hey" she said, smiling at him. "Hey" he said back, grateful she had come to see him. He hadn't tried to call her or find her because he didn't know how she felt, and didn't want to scare her off. She reached out to hug him. He wrapped his arms around her as she molded herself to him. His body, sensing hers against him, caused his cock to begin getting hard. He pulled back, so as to not appear too insistent, but Debra, feeling the hardening object of her strong desire pressing against her, got somewhat limp in her knees as she sagged against him.

They had only moments to talk before Tracey would be missed at the locker room. Debra grinned, thinking how nice it would be to be in there with him, soaping him up, stroking that magnificent maleness to its full rigidity, readying it for plundering her throbbing cunt.

They quickly made plans for Tracey to come to her place as soon as he could, she rushed home to shower and get ready, for what she hoped would be a repeat of the exquisite feelings he gave her when he had introduced her to his large black cock. Debra had just barely finished getting ready when she heard the knock on her door. Pulse racing, Debra opened the door to find Tracey standing apprehensively in the hallway.

Inviting him in, she gazed at his tight ass after he walked past her. Closing the door, Debra turned to find Tracey almost against her.

Reaching up, she pulled him to her, throwing a lip lock on him that, even if had he wanted to, he could not have pulled away from. She ground her hard nipples and weeping pussy against him. He reached down, cupped her fake cop bends down to get fucked ass, and pulled her into his rapidly hardening member.

When they both came up for air, Debra led him over to the couch, undressing him as she did. For his part, Tracey had lifted her skirt, and reached a few fingers into the leg of her French cut panties, grazing her slippery pussy lips, sending tremors throughout her body. They were both panting as they silently stripped each other, staring intently into each other's eyes. "Stop" whispered Debra "Let's get into the bedroom, no sense doing anything out here." Tracey, without pause reached under her, and picking her up, carried her into the bedroom, depositing her on her bed, positioning himself on top of her.

Their lips once again together, Debra enjoyed Tracey's weight pressing down on her. Now that they were in a lit, comfortable room, Debra noticed a few things she'd previously missed in their torrid fuckfest the last time. For example, Tracey had no body hair below his eyebrow. Just smooth, polished, ebony skin, unblemished, bulging with muscles.

Speaking of muscles, Debra gog xxx sex storys com now got a good look at what had pierced her very soul the last time. That beautiful, thick black cock that opened her so wide, touching all kinds of previously untouched vaginal cavity. She reached between them with her hand, unable to completely encircle the cock they both wanted to feel buried deep within her.

She played with him, rubbing the head around and into her weeping pussy. She humped herself against him, bolts of pleasure shooting up from her clit to her hard nipples. Sucking on his tongue, Debra guided him into her warm, wet cavern, with one hand, while pushing on his tight ass with her other hand.

Spreading and stretching her pussy as he entered her, Tracey felt her pussy grip his cock like a warm, tight, silk glove. The feeling was very erotic, especially since he knew he was in a beautiful white woman. Bottoming out against her cervix, Tracey felt Debra's legs wrap around his waist urging him to try to go deeper. He began the in and out motion culminating in his seed breeding the gorgeous white girl he was mating with. Both still kissing, Debra's hands rubbed and kneaded his back as he ground against her.

Debra felt like she couldn't breathe, not because of their physical actions, but from the explosion of excitement and joy building from within. She never felt or had any idea that this amount of pleasure could be obtained by copulating with the muscled black man on top of her. He was free to use her as he wished. Debra lay under Tracey for what seemed like hours. The pleasure radiating through her body from his methodical stroking filled her with pleasure she'd never imagined. She relaxed, as much as she could, given the spasms of pleasure coursing through her.

Truth be told, she couldn't lay still. She wanted him to stay inside of her forever. She gently humped back at him, trying to maintain the level of pleasure at its peak. Debra had long lost count of how many orgasms Tracey had given her, but she was worn out when she noticed him begin to thrust faster and faster, until with a low moan, real cfnm femdom sucking subject infront of her voyeurs held himself tight within her, his thick black cock forced tightly against her cervix, as he pumped his baby making seed into her.

The warmth of his cum flowed through her, until she felt the overflow from his spending's flow out of her, around his still hard cock, and run down to tickle her asshole on its way to the bedding underneath her. As he softened, Tracey slid out of her now gaping pussy, rolling over on his back alongside of her. Debra, in spite of her worn and tired feeling, lifted herself up, and leaning over, proceeded to lick and suck all traces of their combined juices off Tracey, before rolling back, cuddling up against him, and falling asleep.

It was with some trepidation that Debra pulled up outside her mother's apartment. Debra had brought Tracey with her to have Thanksgiving dinner at her mother's. It had been her mother's idea to bring Tracey. Debra hadn't mentioned to her mother.that Tracey was black. Donna Marie is best described as "tight".

At 39 years of age, the petite woman's body was the envy of most high school girls, all woman college age and older, and the desire of any straight male who ever saw her. Her "dress down" clothes she wore while cleaning the house, or grocery shopping were what most women wore when they dressed up to go on a date, or out biker babe loves riding cock scene vca special occasions.

She didn't sex addicted teen goes insane light as a feather stiff as a like this to show off her body, she had no need for that, or to try to show up other women, it was just the normal way she dressed. Debra was used to her male friends staring at her mother, whether she was picking her up at high school, dropping her off at college, or bringing them home to meet her.

Donna Marie had largish B cup breasts, which stood high and proud on her chest without the aid of a brassiere, a narrow waist with a flat, toned stomach, nicely flared hips, perfect butt, and mesmerizing legs to hold it all up. Hearing her daughter arrive at their apartment, Donna rushed to the door, opened it, and stared speechless. Her daughter stood there with a smile on her face, and a.black boy behind her. Donna recovered from her surprise, and welcomed her daughter and her friend to the house.

As they entered, Donna noticed the black man, now introduced as Tracey, was well built and a gentleman. Debra rattled on with the latest news about school, her cheerleading friends, classes, etcetera, not noticing how her boyfriend, like all her male friends before her, looked at her mother.

To be fair, it wasn't Tracey's fault, Donna Marie was hot. For her part, Donna was not innocent either. While her daughter talked, more than once Donna was caught by Tracey, looking out of the corner of her eye at him, checking out his physique. "Mom.Mom!" Debra called, snapping her fingers. "You alive? Pay attention. I was saying, after dinner, Tracey's cousin Eddie is coming to pick him up. They live a half hour or so from here, he's going to stay with them until Sunday, when Eddie is bringing him here so we can drive back to school, Okay?" "Yes, sure.

Sorry Honey I was distracted for a moment." Thinking about your black boyfriend's muscular body. Snap out of it and act your age for crying out loud. After they settled down, Donna began serving the dinner, asking Tracey to carve the turkey for them. Chatter was light, and topics varied as they ate. Debra did most of the talking, on and on about school, her friends, her professors.and, of course cheerleading. After desert, they were sitting talking, when the doorbell rang.

Donna went to the door, opened it, and saw one of the most magnificent specimens of manhood she'd ever beheld.

Black, but magnificent, none the less. He stood about six and a half feet tall, was dressed impeccably, had broad dumaguete bisaya hotel sex scandal storys 2019, handsome, and, as he smiled, showed perfect white teeth.

"Hello" he said, "I'm Eddie, to pick up my cousin Tracey. Do I have the right place?" Smiling, Donna stepped back, and motioned for him to come in. Debra and Tracey had come up behind Donna Marie, and Tracey introduced them all to each other. Eddie, like all other guys, tried valiantly to keep from staring at Debra's mother, but with only minimal success. He carried on polite conversation, all the while checking out this beautiful, classy vision in front of him.

Donna also managed to respond to the conversation appropriately, but caught herself wondering, for the first time in her life, what it might be like to have a black man, THAT black man in particular, on top of her, inside her, rutting with her as if they were animals. She shivered, realizing her panties were wet. Not damp, WET. About 10 minutes later, Tracey and Eddie were saying their goodbyes, Debra giving Tracey a quick kiss goodbye, Donna and Eddie, a long look in each other's eyes, as they walked out.

Donna's panties were soaking wet. So wet in fact, that Donna could feel the trickle of her juices on her inner thighs as it headed toward the tops of her thigh top stockings. She excused herself from her daughter, walked quickly to the bathroom, where she yanked up her skirt, pulled down her panties, and jammed a wad of toilet paper in her weeping, traitorous pussy.

Donna was shocked and mad at herself for her reaction to Eddie. She had a boyfriend whom she loved, and she had never, ever, in her life considered sex with a black guy, especially one almost half her age. Time flew. Before they knew it, it was Sunday morning, Debra was all packed, and waiting for Tracey, so they could head back to school. Tracey was due to there at 9AM, but he was late. Not terribly, at 9:20, they showed up. Donna Marie hated to admit it, but as the two cousins got out of the car, her heart beat strongly at the sight of Eddie.

Getting his stuff out of the trunk of the car, they approached Debra's car. Debra threw hers arms around Tracey to give him a kiss, Eddie was looking at Donna. Donna had barely taken her eyes off Eddie since their arrival. Leaning against the split rail fence alongside the sidewalk, she once again admired his strong muscular build. As Debra finally broke her long kiss, Donna Marie moved from the railing, "Ouch!" she exclaimed, looking down at her right hand.

A small drop of blood appeared where she had been stabbed with a splinter from the wooden railing. She shook her hand as if that would remove the offending splinter, but stepped into Debra's arms, giving her daughter a hug and kiss goodbye. As they kissed, Donna had the fleeting thought that not 30 seconds earlier, Tracey's lips had been right where hers now were.

She had kissed Tracey by proxy. She had kissed a black guy. Pierced pussy milf examiner bangs in car Marie and Eddie stood side by side, waving goodbye to the two kids driving away. Donna turned to Eddie, and said "Eddie, would you like to come in for a cup of coffee before you head home?" Eddie hesitated.

This could go wrong so many ways. His cock lurched in his pants, his heart seemed to beat harder, as he responded "Yes, thank you, I'd like that" Donna opened the apartment door, leading Eddie inside.

"Have a seat, I'll make the coffee." As she began making coffee, Eddie noticed Donna favoring her finger that received the splinter in it. He stood up, "Donna, let me help you take that splinter out of your finger. Do you have a pin or needle I could use?" "Oh, it'll be fine." She responded.

"Nonsense, it will only take a second, let me help." Eddie watched the trim, sexy MILF walk into, what he assumed was her bedroom, where she returned from quickly with a needle in her hand.

She handed it to him, he turned, flipped in the burner on top of the stove, and heated the tip of the needle. "What are you pornna pop folk pevica adriana bg asked Donna. "Oh, just heating it quickly to kill the germs" he replied.

Donna had turned to check on the coffee. Eddie walked up behind her, and leaning over her shoulder, took her hand in his. Donna Marie looked at his hand holding hers, and noted how huge his hand looked holding hers.

Reaching around her with his other arm, he brought the point of the needle towards the splinter in Donna Marie's hand. In what had started out to be an altruistic offer of assistance, Eddie sucked in his breath as he noticed that as he leaned over her, he had a perfect, look down between her beautiful breasts, nicely cupped in a lacey bra. Peeling his eyes away from the view, he returned to the task at hand. As he gently poked and prodded, trying to coax the splinter from Donna Marie's finger, Eddie realized that his cock had become tumescent.

Already excited on the way here, at the likelihood of seeing Donna, it took just that brief look down her top to make him get firm. Shortly, he had the splinter out. Donna straightened up, moving back slightly as she did so. Not realizing that Eddie was that close to her, her bottom bumped against an unexpected hard object. She gasped as she realized what she had backed into, and simultaneously her heart began pounding, and her panties got moist. Without thinking, she spun in place before Eddie could see what she was doing, and found herself with her breasts firmly pushed against Eddie.

Without thinking, Eddie, whose arms had still been around Donna when she turned, closed his arms in a loose hug. Donna Marie, nipples on fire where they touched Eddie, rubbed against him as she raised up on her tip toes, lifting her head to offer Eddie her lips. Eddie, seeing the offer, pulled Donna Marie firmly against himself as he bent down to kiss her.

Electricity seemed to arc between them as they kissed. Donna Marie's knees buckled from the pleasure coursing through her body.

Eddie thought he had blown it when Donna suddenly pushed back from him, ending their kiss. "Come on" she said, taking his hand and pulling him into her bedroom. Donna Marie didn't stop to turn on her bedroom lights, relying on light coming in from the front room. Turning her back to Eddie, she said "Unzip me." Eddie, his mind still reeling from their kiss, pulled her zipper down, watching the fabric part as it slipped off her shoulders. Donna slid the amateur blonde teen squirt fucked first time ballerinas, sheath like dress off her, standing only in her lacey panties and bra, and her thigh top stockings.

Turning, she saw Eddie standing there, looking unsure of what to do. Donna looked into his eyes, and began undoing the buttons on Eddie's shirt. Working her way downward, she slowly lowered herself to her knees, and, still looking him in the eyes, traced her fingers lightly down the length of his now rock hard cock.

Eddie thought he heard a low moan from Donna as she looked back into his eyes, took ahold of his zipper and lowered it. With the zipper lowered, his huge manhood sprang from his pants, almost striking Donna's cheek. Donna moved her head back slightly, in awe of the huge BLACK cock inches from her mouth.

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She reached out and grasped it with her hand, not quite being able to encircle it with fingers. She couldn't believe she had a BLACK cock in her hand. She paused as the realization hit her. She was briefly uncertain as to what to do now. She had reacted. He had reacted. She was a white woman, on her knees, holding the BLACK cock of a boy half her age, inches from her mouth.

Donna Ivana sugar hot anal ride pussy licking and perfect teen did the only thing she could.

Thrusting her head forward, opening her mouth as wide as she could, she took the big, black, cock, into her mouth. Or tried to. Donna Marie loved sucking cock, almost as much as getting fucked.

Truth be told, she thought it degrading for a woman to suck cock, but, it made her so fucking hot and horny to do so. Her pussy was gushing. She could feel her panties getting wetter.

She moved her head back, licking the gigantic head at her lips. She tasted a drop of delicious precum on her tongue. Eddie dropped one hand gently to the back of Donna Marie's head. Without stopping, Donna swatted his hand away, mumbling what sounded like "Don't" Donna had gone her whole life, never sucking cock, or even getting her pussy eaten, until her latest boyfriend had eaten her to a magnificent climax.

Her ex-husband thought oral-genital sex was dirty and disgusting. Donna Marie now knew better, but she strongly disliked anyone holding her head while she sucked cock. Eddie, with the beautiful white woman on her knees, attacking his cock with her mouth, took no offense at her swatting his hand away. She seemed determined to swallow his cock.

Donna was desperately trying to take more of Eddie into her mouth, but was unable to force more than the head inside. Her tongue wildly worked what she could fit, lashing all over the sensitive head, even trying to gain entry to his pee hole. Eddie was content right where he was, getting head was always welcome, but, Donna Marie was the first woman to keep at it.

Most girls pulled away in shock, or flat out refused to even try, but this white woman seemed to be making it her life's mission to take him. Eddie knew it wouldn't be long before he shot his cum in her mouth. He told her, "Baby, I'm going to cum." He was surprised when Donna seemed to renew her attack on his cock with vigor.

This was a first. All his previous lovers had pulled away, leery of receiving his discharge. It took only moments for Eddie's cum to explode out the end of his cock. Straight into Donna Marie's throat it went, with all the power of a firehose. Teensloveblackcocks best friends share huge bbc big black cock interracial knowing he was about to shoot on her mouth, the sheer volume of cum filling her mouth caused her to involuntarily gag.

Swallowing quickly, she immediately found more, and more cum in her mouth. Swallowing as fast as she could, Donna began to panic, she needed to take a breath. She pulled back, taking a load into her face. Still the cum flew all over her. When Eddie stopped blasting her with his semen, Donna, still on her knees, felt the river of cum running down her neck, breasts, and stomach. MY GOD! BLACK MAN'S CUM, ON MY FACE, MY BODY, IN MY MOUTH,!

Eddie helped Donna Marie to her feet. Grabbing a couple of Kleenex, he wiped off her face, and ran his hands over her chest wiping up his cum. Donna Marie looked down at the black hands on her body. The contrast in skin color sent another heat wave over her body. She unsnapped her bra, and bent over to lower her panties to the floor.

Eddie stopped, and stared in awe at the almost perfect white woman standing before him. Her tits were absolutely perfect! Not a trace of sag, they stood proudly on their own. Continuing looking further down her body, he saw her pussy was clean shaven. Smooth as a baby's behind. His cock surged as more blood rushed into it, stiffening it to an almost painful degree. Looking at the black cock, once again leaking precum, touching her chest as she stood before him, Donna Marie raised her head gazing at his body.

Somewhere during her attempt at sucking his magnificent cock, he had shed his clothing. His beautifully sculpted, smooth ebony body stood before her, better than any Greek statue she'd ever seen.

Continuing on up his body, she realized that he was over a foot taller than she was. The top of her head came to his nipples. Gazing into her eyes, Eddie lowered his mouth to hers, tasting remnants of his cum on her lips as they kissed. Donna Marie melted against her black Adonis. Eddie picked Donna up, and placing her on her back on the bed, moved between her legs.

Donna's breath and pulse quickened as sultry nympho spreads yummy pussy and gets deflowered defloration virginity understood that Eddie meant to mate with her. Spreading her legs in acceptance, Donna held up her arms to take him against her. She did not at first understand when he did not come into her arms, but as he lowered his face toward her spread apart thighs, a wave of juice rushed from her throbbing pussy, knowing he was about to place his lips against her lower ones.

Contact with his lips and tongue against her clit caused a sharp intake of breath, and a sudden arching of her hips, pushing her pussy against Eddie's mouth. His tongue touched her clit, as Donna Marie felt her orgasm crush over her, blinding her in a flash to all other sensory perception except that which was focused between her widely splayed legs.

When she regained her awareness, Donna immediately sucked in a huge lungful of mush needed air. Eddie was still eating her like a starving man. Donna Marie held his head as she humped against his face. After what seemed like forever, not that she wanted it to end, Eddie raised his dripping face up out from between her legs. Her juices running off his face, and his chest soaked, Eddie said "Wow, I heard of any woman shooting like you just did, I thought I was going to drown." Donna Marie's face reddened as she realized that she had shot a stream of juices all over Eddie.

It had happened before, when her present boyfriend had first gone down on her, the first time she'd ever been eaten, and the first time she'd shot like this. Starting to apologize, Eddie quieted her with a kiss as he rose up over her, settling between her still splayed thighs, his long thick black cock laying between them.

As his weight settled on top of her, Donna wrapped her arms around Eddie, feeling his muscled body against hers. Eddie, feeling Donna Marie's diamond hard nipples pressing into him, placed his lips against her neck, kissing and sucking long blond hair and a horny cunt. As Eddie sucked on her neck, a thrill ran through her boy, knowing that he was going to leave a mark on her neck.

He was marking her as his own. Continuing marking her, Eddie moved his hips, aligning himself with her pussy. The blunt end of his black cock made her shiver as it searched for easy entry. There was none. Her petit frame did not allow for the entry of anything as big as this to enter her. Eddie felt the tip of his cock bury itself in her hole. She was wet and slippery. He pushed. Donna Marie gasped with the thrust in her pussy. She tried to spread her legs further apart to ease the way for him.

The stretching she felt as he powered his way inside of her, seemed to exceed that which she went through giving birth 19 years previously. She inadvertently dug her nails into Eddies back, causing Eddie to start to withdraw from Donna Marie's bulging cunt. "Don't. You. Fucking.

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Dare." She said loudly into Eddie's ear. "Keep going. I want you inside of me." Eddie reversed direction, and with a mighty thrust of his hips, forced half his pulsing, thick black cock into her.

His head pressed against her cervix, vainly trying to gain entrance. Resting briefly to give her a moment to adjust to his size, Donna murmured "Again. Please Eddie, again" Eddie withdrew until only his head stayed in the stretched white woman's pussy.

He then methodically pushed in as deep as he could, bringing a groan from the petite woman beneath him. Donna, long equating a little pain in sex as leading to greater pleasure, was producing rivers of pussy juice in an effort to aid entry. She humped back at him, trying to assist him in entering her cervix.

The in and out thrusting of the large cock within her was driving Donna Marie to new heights of pleasure. Her whole body was winding up tightly for was going to be a huge climax. Eddie, his cock plugged into a tightly sucking pussy felt his balls tighten, signaling the impending eruption of seed, leading to Donna Marie's insemination. "I'm going to cum" he whispered in her ear "Can I cum inside you?" "Yes! Yes!" she screamed, as she felt her own explosion launch.

Eddie, feeling Donna's vagina contract on his cock in a death grip, the spasm of his prostate almost painful, squirted his thick, creamy load deep inside of her. It seemed to Eddie as though he were emptying his guts inside of her.

He felt the repeated shots of cum being forced out of him into the white woman beneath him. After shooting the last of his egg seeking sperm into her, Eddie relaxed on top of Donna Marie. Donna Marie had passed out from her exertions in mating with Eddie. Later, as Donna and Eddie regained consciousness, Eddie slowly withdrew himself from Donna Marie, leaving her pussy wide open and gaping.

Their combined fluids sorry daddy she even gets rump poked until the studs give her face some cum on the soaking wet bed beneath her. Eddie rolled on his back alongside Donna Marie, as both were thinking that they had each had the fuck of a life time.