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Lesbo beauties have group joy lesbian college
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Chapter 10 Bruce Wayne awoke in the late morning to find Stephanie, his secretary/sex slave naked in bed with him, her knee in his crotch, her head on his chest.

He had a vague recollection of a shower and feeling euphoric, but nothing else. When he looked at Stephanie he saw her eyes were open. She smiled, moved her free hand to his flaccid cock and stroked it to hardness. Her hands slid over the length of his cock; soon he was fully erect. She looked at her Master," May I, Master?" she whispered, kissing his nipple. He nodded and she lowered her head onto his shaft. She licked up and down, as well as all around his tip and pee hole, rapidly bringing him to a state of high arousal.

He shifted Stephanie around and over his body so he could taste her. He moved his tongue from her butt hole, up girls having lesbo fun romantic and amateur moist slit, and ending on her clit.

She was delicious. Her juices flowed from within her, only sexy slut maya in an anal fucking scene be lapped up by the superhero. She started to buck as her excitement rose and her cock sucking efforts grew more frantic. Bruce moistened two fingers and plunged them into her ass, using them to fuck her anus hard.

Next he sucked and nibbled on her clit. She started to quiver. Suddenly, her body shook as a powerful orgasm claimed her. She tingled from head to toe and fell exhausted to the bed. "That wasn't fair, Master," she gasped. I'm supposed to service you." "You can have your chance as soon as you recover," he said as a smile broke out on his face.

She's had a sensational orgasm, but now she'd pay for it. "Moisten a finger and push it into my ass. Move it around, in and out. I want it to feel good. Oh, that's wonderful; now another finger." A few seconds later, "Good, very, very good. Now take them out and clean them in your mouth." Obediently, Stephanie removed her fingers. They had a pungent sweet smell as she large ramrod is what our luscious girlfriend needs hardcore massage them unhesitatingly into her mouth.

Licking them with her tongue cleaned them in an instant. She held them for Bruce's inspection. He was satisfied with her work so far.

"Again, but this time push your fingers deeper into my ass. I'll tell you when to take them out." Again she followed his orders explicitly. After five minutes in his ass he told her to once again suck and lick them.

Stephanie didn't particularly like doing this but she had agreed to follow her Master's orders no matter how repulsive or disgusting. She was determined to be the best slave ever.

While she had her fingers in her mouth Bruce asked her, "Stephanie you're a bright girl. Why did you sleep your way through Gotham Tech instead of just doing the work?" Stephanie kept working her fingers until they were spotless and odorless.

She just looked at Bruce and calmly explained. "It's easy, I'm a slut. I love to fuck. I love to suck. I love anal. And most of all I love being submissive to a dominant male, although I suppose a dominant female would be OK, too.

May I ask, Master, how you knew all about that?" "Yes, you can ask. But first, let's have another round. Stick those fingers in me." When she had complied he continued, "I graduated from Gotham Tech and I am their biggest benefactor. How much do I donate every year?" She was still working her fingers in his ass as she answered, "Last year it was $25 million and the year before I think it was even more." "You'd be surprised how much confidential information becomes public when you throw money in front of people.

Your instructors just couldn't wait to tell all about their indiscretions with you when I offered to sponsor some research or buy some ridiculously expensive piece of equipment. You can take them out now." Bruce exited the bed just as she began to clean her fingers. She knew she could cheat and use the sheet, but she wouldn't. She had her pride as a slave. A knock on the door brought the upstairs maid, a 19-year old named Marianne into the room. She started when she saw Stephanie naked and was about to leave when she heard Bruce Wayne call from the bathroom.

"Don't leave, Marianne. I think you should join us." She closed the door and crossed slowly to the bed. When Bruce appeared naked she turned red in embarrassment. "Stand up, let me take a close look at you." She rose and turned around before him. Most men would have described her as HOT. She was shorter than Stephanie—maybe 5 feet, 5 inches tall and just over 100 pounds. She had a small frame but nicely shaped buttocks, an ample bust, and an athletic-looking body.

"Let's get you out of these clothes." Stephanie, finished now with her fingers, came to assist. The young girl didn't know how to react. She stood there dumbfounded. Slowly her clothes were peeled from her body. Then Bruce led her to the bed. Marianne was no prude—she'd had boyfriends in high school and had plenty of sex, most of which wasn't very satisfying-- and she had heard stories about her employer, but she had never believed them until today. She had averted her eyes from his nakedness, but now that he was so close she couldn't avoid looking at the amazing thing that hung from where a penis should have been.

No man, she thought, could possibly have a cock so big, so attractive, so intoxicating. Now that she had seen it she couldn't wait to touch it, bringing the curse to fruition. Stephanie pulled the young girl to her and kissed her. It was Marianne's first woman-to-woman kiss and she loved it.

She opened her mouth in response to the softness of Stephanie's lips and the probing of her tongue. Together they moved to either side of the magnificent member between Bruce Wayne's legs.

Each took a side to lick and kiss; Marianne found that she loved the taste and texture of him. She had never known a cock so hard. It was like mouthing a fleshy piece of steel. More than anything she wanted this cock in her pussy. College girl boys reap sex storys rose up and straddled Bruce, positioning herself over the beast before slowly lowering herself, gradually stretching herself around the huge cock. "Oh, my God. I can't believe this.

It's so fucking big. I love it. Fuck me with it, Mr.Wayne. Please fuck me hard." Stephanie knew what she was feeling although she didn't know about the curse. Bruce, on the other hand, knew he could fuck this girl any time he wanted. This would be the first of many threesomes. He started to thrust, raising his hips and driving the cock deeper and deeper into the girl's cunt.

Stephanie laid her head on Bruce's abdomen so she could lick Marianne's clit and she rode Bruce. Marianne's cunt was drenching Bruce and Stephanie was slurping it up as fast as it came. Suddenly the girl stopped moving. Her eyes glazed over.

She started panting. Her orgasm was coming on strong and there was no stopping it. Just as suddenly she started bucking on the tool—faster and faster, harder and harder—until she screamed in ecstasy and collapsed onto Bruce. Batman had conquered again. Bruce thought she was done, but she was just a kid.

She recovered quickly, wanting more. Like Batgirl/Barbara Wayne she couldn't get enough of his mammoth manhood and she would do anything, absolutely anything to get it. When she roused herself Bruce positioned her on her hands and knees at the edge of the bed.

He slid his cock into her pussy. "No one has a cock like this. Oh, you're going to ruin me for anyone else ." Funny-- that was exactly what he horny chick enjoys a big black cock in mind, having two slaves. He wondered how she would react to having it in her ass—hmmm! He slid two fingers into the tightly stretched cunt, lubing them for exploration of her ass.

Once wetted, he pushed one and then two into her asshole. At first she started to protest but the pleasure of the Batprick in her cunt and the fingers up her ass made it impossible for her to complain. She was surprised when he withdrew and even more surprised when he began pushing it into her butt.

"No, Mr. Wayne. No. It'll never fit. You'll hurt me. I've never done anything like that. I'm a good girl." "You mean you WERE a good girl. If you want some more of this cock you'll take it in your ass and love it. In fact, you'll beg me for it." Just then he managed to force the head past her sphincter. The girl screamed in agony. Undeterred, Bruce pushed further into her bowel. As he pushed the pain started to ebb and the pleasure rose.

Soon she was humping back, driving her ass onto the rod. Bruce piled deeper and deeper into her until all his length was buried up her shitter. As he pumped her he reached around and grabbed her big swollen clit. He twisted and pulled it. The pain in her clit and the pleasure in her ass brought her higher and higher.

Bruce was also almost ready to cum. His balls were boiling cum; his prick started to swell even more. The young girl was inexperienced, but not that inexperienced—she knew he was going to cum. The idea that he would do it in her ass drove her to an all-encompassing orgasm. Bruce drove long ribbons of cum up her ass. When he withdrew cum ran out her gape down toward her pussy.

Stephanie moved her head between the girl's legs and drank. Marianne didn't want to be cheated. She wiped with her fingers and slurped up every drop Stephanie missed, going so far as to finger her ass and lick the drippings. Marianne dressed and began to tidy the room when Bruce spoke, "Be at the study at three o'clock sharp and make sure you have removed your panties before you get there." Marianne would be getting a raise.

Chapter 11 Batman/Bruce still had to work something out for Barbara Gordon, aka Batslut. She had been a big surprise. For years she had been a "paragon of virtue," serving as a model of proper dignified behavior and restraint for the city's youth. She had preached abstinence and safe sex. How could he have known she was such a total fucking slut.

He hadn't anticipated the power the curse held over her. It seemed to work that way, now that he thought about it. Stephanie, who was admittedly a slut was less impacted by the curse, perhaps because it wasn't necessary with her. Slutty nympho was taken in anal asylum for harsh treatment a prude with an international reputation like Barbara Gordon succumbed to the power of the curse. He recognized the curse in Marianne's behavior; he wondered how strong it would be with her.

Eventually, he thought of something.

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Yes, he thought, that would definitely be fun. The only problem was where. Barbara's apartment was too small and he obviously couldn't use stately Wayne Manor. Of course—the farm.

It would take about a day to coordinate everything. He phoned Barbara Gordon being sure to use the Bat Voice Disguiser. "Hello, Barbara Gordon," she answered after the fourth ring.

"Have you recovered from the other night?" "Who is this?" she demanded. "Let's just say I know how much you love dogs." "Batman?" "Who else? I want to set something up with you—something we can't do in your apartment." "Uh…will there be any…dogs there?" "Yes, dogs, and maybe something else, too." "Something else? " "Yes, now I need you to do something for me. Call that other girl, what was her name? Tell her you need to meet her at your apartment at eight sharp tomorrow night.

Then bring her with you to the old abandoned farm on Route 43. You know the one?" "Yes, I know where it is, but what if she won't come with me?" "She will. She wants some Batcock as much as you do.

You do want it, don't you?" "Damn you, Batman, you know I love that thing you have. I don't understand it either. I've never been so affected by the sight or touch of anything like that before." "That's because there isn't anything else like it. It's one of a kind. Be at the farm by nine." He hung up the phone. He summoned Stephanie and Marianne to the study. He already knew that Stephanie would do whatever he wanted so he needed to speak with Marianne. "Marianne, did you enjoy yourself this morning?" he asked.

"Yes sir." "Would you like to do stuff like that again?" She was nervous. She didn't want to blow this. Actually, she definitely did want to blow and suck and fuck and take it in her ass. She wanted and needed more. "Y…yes s…sir." "Good, Stephanie and I would love to include you in our little circle. But there would have to be some rules." "OK, Sir." "For one thing when it comes to sex you would be my slave, as is Stephanie.

She has agreed to do anything I ask without hesitation." The young girl looked at Stephanie in amazement. "You will find that being my slave has many advantages. Right, Stephanie? "Oh, yes, Master," she replied.

"I love being your slave." "Have you ever refused me any request?" "Oh, no, Master! I would never do that. I love serving you." "What were you doing when Marianne interrupted us this morning?" "I stuck several fingers up your asshole and massaged your anus and prostate. Then I sucked and licked my fingers clean. I did it three times before she entered the bedroom." "Could you do that Marianne? Would you do that?" If you do you can suck and fuck my cock almost every day.

You would have threesomes with Stephanie and me regularly. Can you stay overnight?" "Yes sir, I'm an orphan. I live alone in a dingy apartment. I can do it, sir. Will you give me a chance?" "Very well, remove your clothing and come here." Marianne stepped out of her maid outfit and removed her bra and panties, reminding Bruce to tell her that she would no longer wear panties while in stately Wayne Manor.

"Stephanie, show her your panties." Stephanie lifted her skirt and showed her bald pussy and bare ass to the younger girl. "Stephanie, what happens if you wear panties in the house?" "You punish me. I deserve to be punished for doing something so bad.

You spank me." "Are you allowed to give yourself orgasms without my permission?" "No, Master. I don't need to. You give me more than enough orgasms ." Marianne stood before Bruce Wayne naked. She knelt before him, "I will be thrilled to serve you, Mr.

Wayne…I mean Master." "Crawl over here and remove my pants and shorts. She crawled and carefully pulled down his clothing. "Moisten your fingers and stick two up my ass." Marianne was really nervous; she knew what was coming next.

Could she do it? She put two fingers in her mouth, licking them; then carefully put them into her new Master's ass. She rubbed them all around. She didn't really know what to do but figured if she did enough some of it would be right. Now came the moment of truth.

"Put your fingers in your mouth and clean them. She knew if she hesitated she would fail so she plunged the fingers into her mouth. She found it wasn't too bad. In a few seconds she thought they would be clean enough to pass inspection.

"You will follow Stephanie's lead. Not only is she older than you, her experience is worlds ahead of yours. Now you will show her fealty by licking and eating her ass." Stephanie reclined over the arm of the old chair, revealing her beautiful ass. Bruce led the girl and showed her what to do. First, he licked her rosebud, then Marianne followed suit.

Bruce pushed her away so he could push his tongue into Stephanie's anus. She squealed with pleasure. When he withdrew Marianne took his place. She learned how much pressure was needed to penetrate the anus and how to lick the interior walls. She found it remarkably tolerable. She kept it up for almost fifteen minutes until Stephanie had a very satisfying orgasm. While they rested Bruce explained what would happen tomorrow night, how Barbara Gordon would call Stephanie to her apartment.

Stephanie would take Marianne with her and both would accompany Barbara to the farm. "Excuse me, Master," Stephanie interrupted, "Why the farm?" "Because I cannot hope to deal with the three of you at once; we will need some other cocks—cocks that won't tell about it afterwards." Marianne looked confused but Stephanie smiled.

"Does that mean…?" "Yes, I will bring some dogs, enough to deal with all of you." Marianne looked horrified but Stephanie reassured her. "Fucking a dog is an experience to die for.

Our Master has a magnificent cock but even he cannot fuck like a dog. You will have to trust me. I'll tell you all about it later—when we retire.

You will stay in my room from now on so I can train you to serve and please our Master." Chapter 12 Bruce was accustomed to sleeping alone, but for the second straight morning he had company in bed--Stephanie on his left side and Marianne on his right. He looked up to see his two slaves returning his gaze. "May we serve you, Master?" asked Marianne. Apparently Stephanie had worked hard to train her in the few hours since their meeting the previous afternoon.

When Bruce nodded they rolled him onto his side. Stephanie took his morning wood into her mouth; Marianne first kissed and mature vixen brooke beretta enjoys good dicking his balls, then moved back to his sphincter.

She licked his asshole like a person dying of thirst in the desert attacks an oasis waterhole. She hungered for the taste of his ass. She pushed her probing tongue into and through the tight muscle so she could taste what lay beyond. She licked and sucked his bowel clean, and when she was done she licked her lips and went back for more. Bruce Wayne, aka Batman, was stimulated at both ends of his being.

Stephanie had almost nine inches of his humongous sex sunny leon xxxx bf full sex stories bf storys down her throat, breathing only when she moved sexy blonde step sister wanted her brother to teach her fuck monster on the outstroke.

This continued for almost ten minutes. He grunted and started to pant, sure signs that his orgasm neared. He pulled their heads closer to him as his first river of cum exploded into Stephanie's mouth. Realizing that his orgasm had arrived, Marianne moved quickly to get some of the yummy syrup for herself. Bruce lay back while his slaves competed for his cum.

He enjoyed watching them lick him clean then exchange his cum between their mouths. It pleased him to see their cooperation. "You may lick each other to orgasm," he said.

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"Thank you, Master. Thank you." They were both hot to cum. They crawled all over each other getting into 69 with Marianne on top. Legs apart, heads forward into each other's cunts, the slurping began in earnest.

It was a contest to see who could make the other cum first. Ultimately, Stephanie's age and experience won out. Marianne clamped her thighs tightly around Stephanie's head as she ground her cunt into her mentor's face. When Stephanie nibbled on her clit she was overcome with ecstasy. She writhed in the throes of her climax, but was still able to get Stephanie off by sucking hard on her clit, forcing it between her teeth.

Luxury lingerie and pantyhose on chicks with strapons lesbians and erotica both collapsed on the bed, sweaty and drained in front of Bruce who thoroughly enjoyed the show. "Thank you, Master. I really needed that." It was Marianne, his new slave. "Yes, Master, me too," Stephanie added. Bruce was busy all day making the arrangements for the evening's fun, stopping once when he was summoned by Commissioner Gordon to help stop a hostage situation in a fast food restaurant.

Batgirl was also there. When they passed she reached out and cupped his manhood. Her glance told him she couldn't wait for tonight, either.

Barbara Gordon phoned Stephanie around 4 p.m. with the invitation that was promptly accepted. All was in readiness. Barbara was surprised when Stephanie showed up with another younger woman. She could see that both were dressed in really hot, tight outfits, their long hair draped over their shoulders. When Barbara suggested they go for a ride she was surprised again at how eagerly they agreed. They went to the farm in Stephanie's car.

At the farm they found the place deserted, or so it seemed. When they got to the house there was a small sign with an arrow to guide them. They arrived at an apparently deserted barn deep on the property. Batman opened the door to a lighted interior as they exited the car. As instructed, the two younger women—Batman's shills-- acted surprised to see him.

Marianne played her role perfectly. "Batman? What's going on here?" she asked. Stephanie took her arm, leading her forward. "Don't worry. We're all going to have a really good time." Once in the barn Batman closed and locked the door. Even though it seemed rickety it was, in fact, a contemporary modular building, both light and sound proof. Inside were several benches covered with leather, restraints at each corner.

Batman exposed himself, invoking the curse, as the women looked on in awe. "Strip and take your place on one of the benches. Do it if you want some of this cock." Mesmerized by the strength of the curse and the size of his magnificent phallus, each woman dropped her clothes on the straw-covered floor and moved to a bench.

Stephanie went face down on the first; the others went on their backs. Marianne took the third bench leaving the center to Batgirl. Batman quickly shackled them to the benches. He walked from one to another as he disrobed, allowing them to lick him and rub his cock against their bodies. This reinforced the curse, rendering them defenseless to whatever he had in mind for them.

When he opened a door, also soundproof, they could hear the dogs in their kennels. Fear came to Marianne's face but Stephanie and Barbara merely smiled. They knew what to expect and couldn't wait. Batman released three of the dogs—the Great Dane and two Dobermans.

The Great Dane reserved Barbara as his own bitch. He had mated her before; she was his property. Each dog started to sniff and lick the cunt before him. The licking quickly aroused the three women, but Marianne was most affected.

It was driving her wild, bringing her to heights she had never yet known. Little did she realize there was much more to come.

Batman watched the three women squirm in agony and ecstasy. He walked to Barbara and dangled his cock in her face. Eagerly, she swallowed what she could and licked his tool feverishly. He could see the need in her eyes, yet the dogs did not mount. They continued to lick cunt and ass, driving the three women higher and higher.

Batman drew a whistle to his lips and blew. Obediently the dogs withdrew. The women begged for more. "Please let it fuck me. Please, I want it in my ass. Please, I need it. Please." When he felt they had suffered enough he blew again bringing the dogs back to the benches. Up went their front paws as they sprayed their bitches with precum. They lunged forward forcing their cocks up the pussies again and again until the knots were at the pussy doors. The final thrust pushing the knots home were received with screams of pain as the pussies were stretched beyond even super-normal limits.

Marianne cried out, "Make him stop. Make him stop!" The dogs were relentless, humping in overdrive. Stephanie and Barbara were euphoric and eventually even Marianne came to love the feeling in her cunt. Batman now released the other dogs, all nine of them, their pricks swinging in the air. Unable to mate they sought out whatever orifice they could find. They rammed their rods into the mouths of the women, sometimes two or three at a time, and humped there.

When the first three came, flooding each pussy, they relaxed until their knots shrunk. When they withdrew they were immediately replaced by one of the second set. It was a scene from Dante's Inferno. Dogs ran everywhere, cum flying all over the women's bodies. Every dog moved to the women's mouths where their cocks were cleaned, sometimes pouring even more steaming cum directly into their bellies. This continued all night until the dogs were exhausted. Batman figured that each dog had cum four times, meaning each woman had been used twelve times, either orally or vaginally.

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Their hair was caked in dried cum. Batman released his slaves but small blonde gets facial smalltits and hardcore Barbara/Batgirl restrained.

Even though she was exhausted, drained by the exertions of the dogs, he was not yet done with her. He moved into the other room and returned with a donkey.

Terror showed in Barbara's eyes. He summoned the two slaves, instructing them to stimulate the beast. Soon the actions of their hands and tongues had released the biggest cock any of them had ever seen.

It was easily 16 inches long, probably closer to 18, and at least 4 inches across. Batman led the animal to the bench where the two women placed the unbelievable organ at the entrance of her pussy.

Under normal circumstances it would have never fit in her, but the dogs' knots had stretched her so much that it did—but with difficulty. Batman slapped the animal's rump. It reacted by surging forward driving its gargantuan cock into the waiting pussy.

The animal started to hump. Each thrust drove the cock hard into Barbara's cervix. The pain was incredible, but even more incredible was the pleasure of its rubbing against her stretched pussy walls. No human pussy could hope to hold all the cum that donkey shot—quart after quart after quart.

Semen poured from her cunt like water through a sieve. There was a huge puddle of the stuff on and beneath the bench. Eventually the cock shrunk and the donkey withdrew. Stephanie led the now docile animal back to its stall.

Batman told his slaves to clean themselves up and go home. He'd see to Barbara. Even unshackled she was unable to move. Batman blew his whistle and the well trained dogs returned to their kennels. Bruce Wayne's staff was mobilized via a call from the Batmobilephone. He did his best to dress Barbara but when he was finished everything was askew.

He loaded her into the Batmobile and left just before the crew came to remove the animals and break down the building. It would be stored in one of Wayne Enterprises' warehouses. Tomorrow nobody would be able to find any trace that the building even existed. Batman parked the Batmobile, set the ICD, and led Barbara Gordon to her apartment. She leaked animal cum with every step.

They met an older couple in the lobby who asked about Barbara's condition. "She's had a minor accident," he explained. They left satisfied. After all, if you couldn't trust Batman, who could you trust. Batman opened her door and took her right to the shower.

He stood there naked, but for his cowl, and washed her thoroughly. He didn't she likes her ice cream with cum understand his actions; he wanted to destroy this woman. When he laid her into her bed she asked, "Do I know you?

You know…your secret identy?" Batman was taken aback. "Hard to say, maybe." "One person I know you're not… is Bruce Wayne. He has a really small cock. I teased him mercilessly in high school.

I've tried to apologize to him so many times but I've been too ashamed of my behavior. I don't know why I can tell you this, but after all I've been through &hellip." She fell asleep. Batman covered her and left, wondering what he should do next.

When he walked into his bedroom his slaves were there kneeling, naked and squeaky clean awaiting his pleasure.