Euro rough anal threesome this is our most extraordinary case file to date folks

Euro rough anal threesome this is our most extraordinary case file to date folks
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when harvey came back he had made both of us a fresh salad we ate and i said "thank you" harvey took my plate away.

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i said "baby i will wash up" harvey said to me "no babe i will do it" i said "baby your on holiday too it only fair you made the meal" harvey smiled and said "you can dry the plates up" i smiled and we did the dishes after than harvey said "do you want desert?" i turned around and said "no thanks babe" so we sat down and started kissing each other i moved forward and harvey was laying on his back when we got a knock on the door.

i went to the door to be greated by a younge couple on in the room next to us they said there was a party tonight at a nightclub and it free admission i said "we are not 21" the man smiled and said "okay sorry to bother you" i walked back onver to harvey and we was kissing again and my cell rang i said in a load tone "for fuck sake" harvey said "dont answer it babe" so i didnt harvey took my hot mom xxx with son off and i took his off i toke harveys pants off and he took mine off harvey took my boxers off and i took his off and harvey had some pubic hair and i said to him "baby you really need to wax" harvey said "i know babe" i laid back ontop of him and he put his hands on my butt he went to finger my butt and i said "eww babe no" and that kinda put me out of the mood.

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i got off harvey and said "sorry babe im not in the mood now" harvey looked so dissapointed he said "okay babe" we laid on the bed totally butt naked i hugged him and ended up gfalling back to sleep again.

a few hours later i woke up and harvey must have put a cover over us i looked up to see harvey fast asleep i watched harvey sleep and kept thinking how peaceful and beautiful he looked about half a hour later he opened his eyes and said "babe how long you been awake for" i said "dont talk babe" and i kissed him.

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we was kissing for about half a hour and harvey laid on top of me and shoved his dick in me harvey was really working my ass and he came in about 20 minutes harvey laid on top off me and i said "my turn" harvey smiled and gave me a look to say come on then i got ontop of harvey and shoved my dick in him as i was fucking him harvey was kissing my neck because he knows it turns me on badly a while later (dont know how long) i came and we laid there tired but still looking to each others eyes both of us at the same time said "i love you babe" i started laughting and said "that was so weird" after that i remembered my cell had rang so i reached over and looked at my cell i had a miss call and a text from my mom the text read hey boy how it going doing anything nice i read the text out to harvey and he said "text her back saying we just fucked" i said "harvey you gross" i text my mom back and said just exsploring the main attracktions my mom text me back and said that nice you boys have fun i text her back and said we will do i laid back down next to harvey and i asked him "harvey when we are married do you think things will change" harvey smiled and said "of course it will babe but for the better" i smiled i told harvey i need to take a shower so i got out of bed and head towards the shower harvey asked if he could join i said "sure you can babe" we got into the shower and harvey started washing me i started washing harvey too after the shower we sat down and turn the tv back on we remembered the tv was in italain i said "ring reception harvey see if they can change it to english" harvey said "haha your not funny i cant speak italain" it was a honest misstake so i got the phone and rang down and asked the receptionist he said in italain "someone will be up soon sir" a whole hour later the man finally came and turned it to english we laid in bed and watched tv all night i said to harvey "i could do with angelina castro amp lexxxi wet pussy for christmas snack babe" harvey said "you know where the kitchen is" so i got up and made my self a plate of snacks and sat back with harvey.

harvey went to take a chip from me (english a crip) and i said "you know where the kichen is" harvey smiled and said "are you serious" i said "yes i and harvard" harvey said "harvard?" i said "yeah i think it a cool nickname" harvey gave me a strange look as if to say dont call me that so i didnt call him it again.

harvey let me something i dont know harvey said "one day i want kids with you" i said "babe really i love kids ive wanted 1 since i was like 13" i said fucked up handjobs mason moore creampie brunette first boy fancey was was gareth gates" harvey started laughing and i said "thats funny about that" harvey said "really" i said "yeah.

why who was yours" harvey said "you" i said "harvey be serious" harvey said "i am being serious" i kissed harvey for being so sweet and said "baby i love you with all my heart dont break it because i dont give my heart away very easy" harvey looked serious and said "baby i gave you my heart along time ago dont worry i wont break your heart i love you so much" me and harvey kissed once again and it ws 11 at night italian time so we decided to go to bed and go site seeing the next day to be continued (cba to check it so bitch all you like)

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