Polynese mei maras extreme tit tortures and hardcore bdsm of oriental amateur

Polynese mei maras extreme tit tortures and hardcore bdsm of oriental amateur
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I moved to NYC in the middle of the summer. My dad got a job as a top lawyer at an extremely good law firm. It was too good of a job to turn down, so we moved their without anyone of us resisting. My brother and I actually supported him and told him he should take it. Sure both of us would xxx mareig first night in kashmir a lot by moving, especially myself.

I was giving up the most perfect girl. We started going out right in the beginning of Freshman year. We lost our virginity's to each other a couple weeks after going out.

We were pretty serious, family dinners and trips to her parents beach house. Our parents loved us together and allowed us to pretty much do whatever we want. I'm sure our parents knew what we were doing but their never let on let alone tried to stop us. I guess it wasn't meant to last because when I told her we were moving we promptly ended things a couple months before school ended before the real emotions hit, and we decided being friends would be best.

Sure I was sad especially because Danielle was amazing and I loved her. However, I couldn't stop my dad after everything we've been through, especially him. He was devastated when he heard mom died a couple years back because of a drunk driving accident, a semi crashed into her after the bum ran a red light and smashed into her side of the car. The Doc said she was dead instantly. It took him awhile to really fully function again.

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He really hasn't ever been the same. He never seemed to get back out their dating wise, His job was pretty much all he had left and we supported everything he did. So with everything packed, we took a plane from Austin, Texas to NYC. We had a very nice place in Austin but we knew NYC was different.

We bought a two penthouses, one atop the other in the Trump Towers. My bro and I took the higher floor, we shot it before dad. The place was amazing, everything was just stunning. We had the perfect view of the river and we also had a nice sized terrace as well. We quickly pulled out savings and bought a jacuzzi for bite me and fuck me hard prior to actually moving in.

After we got everything unpacked Chris and I decided to head out for a bit. We both played for the varsity back in Austin, me being a Sophomore and Chris being a Freshman.

We won a state championship our last year going undefeated both of us starting.

Our lives practically revolved around sports, Dad always shot around with us during the night on our own private court. We quickly got out our sneakers and told Dad we were going out for a bit of ball. Heading downstairs and out our lobby, our doorman stopped us and let us know we had our very own court right outside the building. He quickly told us which hall to go through and handed us a key for the door access. We practically ran there and we started playing.

We both got into our one-one, sweating our balls off, hustling on every play.

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We both liked to compete, I guess it was in our blood. I finally won 21-16, I hit a couple threes to win it. We decided we had enough after just an hour and a half, and we decided we'd head in side to change and head to the pool which was right next to the court. We got changed and came back and started goofing off, splashing water in each others faces, just having fun during the summer.

Suddenly my bro stopped splashing and I soon knew why. He was starring behind me, so I quickly shot around to see two of the most beautiful girls I will ever witness. Both were complete bombshells. I spoke up first. pretty blonde girl getting dicked on a massage table girls live here?" I asked. "Yea, but what you guys?" She answered back. "I haven't seen you two around." "We literally just moved in" I replied.

"This is my brother Chris and I'm Luke, just got here from Austin a couple hours ago." "Dad got a job for some amazing law firm" Chris piped in. "Sounds cool" She replied.

"Well I'm Kayla, and this is Vicky." "You guys sisters?" Chris asked questioningly. "Nah, just like best friends" Vicky answered. "Our parents are like best friends and we are as long as I can remember." "Nice, nice." Chris said.

"Well ladies, your welcome to join us if you want." "We in" Vicky said looking at Chris.

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With that, both girls dropped their towels, giving us a site to remember. Kayla had to be an angel. She had dirty blond hair, big turquoise eyes, the nicest and most whitest smile I have ever seen, paper white. She had nice C-sized boobs that stood firm without sagging in a polka dotted bikini top. She had a summer tan that went down her flat toned stomach all the way to her long shapely gorgeous legs. Vicky meanwhile had jet black hair, tied up in a ponytail.

A set of light blue eyes, a button nose, and a perfect smile as well. She also had slightly smaller tits than Kayla, maybe a B, but rather close to a C as well. She was wearing a lime green top with little stars on it. She had the same body type as Kayla, tone stomach indicating she worked out and legs that went on forever. The girls stepped into the pool and decided to start the war. They began to splash us unrelently without sign of stopping, So Chris and I decided to fight back by splashing.

The teams began to switch around between Vicky and I against Kayla and my brother to Kayla and I versus Vicky and my brother. Regardless it was a lot of fun. Time seemed to go by with us just goofing around and talking. Kayla was two years older then Vicky, being the same age as me, but Vicky was also in the same year as my bro because she just made the cut off and because she always seemed to fit better into that grade then the one below her.

Both went to private school, I can't really remember the name. They had just gotten back from a trip they went on with their parents to Aruba, and planned on staying home the rest of the summer. Both of us seeing neither had plans for the night we decided to go out and party. They told of us a pretty nice hotspot downtown. We'd pick them up at about 9P.M. and head out.

Pops had no problem so we got ready and got pretty siked to go out and party with two of the hottest girls we have ever met. We picked them up and quickly got to the club by taxi. We got in pretty easily despite being under-21, all of us looked over it, plus with the two girls by our side, we were basically ensured entrance. We quickly got out to partying.

We bought a private booth and we got a couple bottles of Vodka and some whiskey and got a couple tequila shots each. But before we finished anything we started dancing.

It was pretty much decided with out much talk that I'd be with Kayla and Chris would get Vicky. Neither one of us had any debate, both were equally hot. Well under 10 minutes Chris and Vicky started getting pretty into each other and started making out, they soon decided to head off to the booth.

Kayla and I stayed out for a bit longer but eventually, the inevitable happened, we began to hook up. She was wearing a tight blue dress that hugged her hips and I grasped her mia calipa hot boobs xx, in the process pulling up a bit of her skirt, no protest, just a whisper: "Let's take this to a more private area." I didn't hesitate, I squeezed her ass and that got a giggle from her.

We took a couple shots and told Chris and Vicky we were heading back to our place. They decided to stay put, they were pretty into it and didn't want to stop. So got a cab and I took her upstairs to my place. We went out to the terrace and without warning, Kayla pulled down her dress, reveling an blueish-green bra and matching panties. I got the message and soon followed by taking off my shirt and mom slipps viagra intsons drink jeans soon followed.

I dove in after her, and we soon got started again where we left off, just with a few less clothes. I began to nuzzle and softly kiss the area right about her bra, while doing so she let out a low sigh and unclasped her bra, dropping it into the pile of clothes near the jacuzzi.

I now began to lower myself to her actual tits, I licked in her nipples and softly nibbled them, receiving a low moan in return. I started to suck on her right nipple while swirling my tongue around her pink nub of a nipple, I alerternated between both nipples which further received moans and a few "aahh"s and "ooh"s from her gorgeous lips.

I then kissed her square on her lips and started to kiss my way down her body to my ultimate goal. I teased her by staying just above her pussy mound, kissing around her stomach and alternating between thighs getting ever so close then quickly pulling back to again tease her. She was becoming quite moist and I could a very small camel toe appearing before my eyes.

I slowly pulled aside her panties to show her magnificent pussy. Their seemed to be an aura surrounding it, it was a wonderful sight. Hairless and those lips that just begged to be sucked and licked. I again teased her by kissing up her thighs but before I could pull up again Kayla pushed my head down and exclaimed: "Stop teasing and just do it already." "Do what?" I teased.

"Lick my goddamn pussy Luke, I need it." I decided an answer wasn't necessary and dove in. I kissed her atop her lips and inserted a finger into her. This brought forth a sharp in take and a load moan. I began to finger her while continuing my sucking of her labia and every once in awhile her clit. Her clit was her most sensetive area, clearly because everytime I so much as breathed on it she moaned small tit schoolgirl gets shaved pussy pounded by teachers big cock in class. Her juices were flowing on my face and her breathing was rapid.

I inserted another finger to make it two and started to earnestly finger her to orgasmic bliss. No more then a minute and half after I inserted the second finger, I decided it was time and quickly enveloped her clit in my mouth while pushing my fingers in to hit her G-spot, which I hit when I really couldn't go any farther. This sudden intrusion and perfect timing brought forth an orgasm which violently shook her body and sent her in to a bliss mind set.

Her orgasm started to subside about 30 seconds later and smiled showing her perfect smile. She looked down at me, and kissed me, thanking me while nuzzling on my ear.

All I did was say your welcome. She then took my fingers which had just exited her pussy and slowly inserted both into her mouth one at a time then two at a time, and all I could do was stare.

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She then kissed me, inserting her tongue and teasing my tongue to join hers in her mouth, I reciprocated and inserted my tongue while continuing this tongue teasing. I tasted her delicious juices and smiled.

She tasted wonderful and life seemed great. It soon got better. After recovering from her orgasm, Kayla sat on me, slowly grinding her pussy on me, dry humping me, bringing me ever so close then quickly stopping at every right moment. She then reached down to the elastic waistband of my boxer briefs and slowly pulled them down, stopping only to reach inside and pull out my dick, which abrubtly stood attention after slapping my stomach.

Kayla giggled at the sound then looked at my dick which stood ready for her. "Did I do that?" She asked mischievously.

"Yea all of it" I replied. I was quite pleased with my body especially my man region, at the beginning of the school year I measure it and it was just under 7 inches, but darksome adorable chick gets drilled really hard it seemed to be maybe 7, 7 and a half inches of pure meat just ready to preform. Kayla then grasped my dick and ever so slowly pumped up and down my shaft with her wet hands, lubricated from her pussy.

She ran her thumb over my slit and pulled back, taking with her thumb some pre-cum which had accumulated at the tip. She then took her thumb and sucked on it for a few minutes teasing me. She began to pick up pace, pumping my shaft to near eclipse. But stopping shortly again of my climax, she then sexy bbw enjoys the hard cock of gardener momentarily to pull her hair back and slowly lowered her head down my body, planting kisses on my nipples then my abs then finally to my dick, where she planted a wet kiss right on the tip.

Then she slowly took my dick like a lollipop, slowly opening her mouth to accompany my shaft. She took about 4 inches before she pulled back and licked up and down the shaft leaving a mixture of both pre-cum and saliva. Then she went back down and took another inch or two before repeating this process, until after 5 minutes she fit the entire length into her mouth. The feeling of her warm and wet mouth was incredible and that was not even mentioning that her tongue was swirling on the underside of my shaft almost teasing the cum out.

She then began to bob up and down really getting into her blowjob, which felt incredible, no words can properly describe the feeling. After another couple minutes I felt it. I felt the cum boiling, and I knew I was close, I knew it was gonna happen any minute. Kayla seemed to sense it by feeling the tense jolt I involuntary did, but she then took my balls into her mouth only for a couple seconds before taking my entire length back down her throat were she again licked the tip of my dick.

That finally sent me over, I shuddered and felt the cum race from my balls up my shaft, to the tip, where it shot into Kayla's waiting mouth, she the pulled back and let the final few shots hit her face and let it dribble down her chin, where it fell onto her tits. It was one of those moments which I will never forget in my entire life. She then swallowed and smiled up at me before quickly submerging herself in the jacuzzi which we had left to go to my futon on the roof.

I followed her and jumped in at the same time, we submerged together, and we smiled at one another and kissed each other under the water before resurfacing for air, where we stayed. She washed down her mouth with a shot of tequila which I had brought out when we went outside earlier.

I took one as well and she kissed me. "That was insane" I said. "Most amazing feeling I have ever felt." "Glad you liked it" She said smiling back. "And thanking you for that earlier. My past boyfriends have never gone down on me." "Well to be honest I enjoy it a lot, besides you tasted amazing." "Your not to bad yourself Luke." "So past boyfriends?" "Yea?" "So what am I?" "My boyfriend" She said while giving me that dazzling smile.

"Okay good, just wanted to make sure" I laughed. "I mean after everything I did I think I deserved it." "Shut Up" Kayla said laughing. "If anything I deserve something." "How about this?" I said when I suddenly leaned in giving her a passionate kiss with equal intensity as earlier despite my spent energy.

"Mmhh that's nice but can we go inside?" Kayla asked. I got out of the jacuzzi and began to dry her off while she did the same, spending quite a long time on her breasts and her pussy, making sure to evoke a few moans. But finally I picked her up and carried her to my bed. I woke up to light shining through my window and a hand wrapped around my chest. I looked down and I saw Kayla sleeping peacefully. I decided to stay put and just wait and look at her angelic face.

"Stop staring, it's creepy" Kayla said eyes still closed by a sweet smile across her face. "Sorry, couldn't help myself." I looked down again and kissed her on her forehead. "It's okay, as long as you do that." I then stopped and took her arm and wrapped it around myself once again and fell back asleep once she crawled up to me and placed her head on my chest. I awoke again to her stirring and slowly opened my eyes to her starring at me. "Stop starring, it's creepy" I joked. Kayla just smiled and kissed me on my lips.

We cuddled in bed just talking about the past and school, and then we remembered that we went out with Chris and Vicky. "Oh, well I'm sure they got back safe, either here or at her place" Kayla said. "Her parents are out of town for a bit my folks at some country club in Florida." "Yea same, their probably all cuddled up fucking somewhere." Kayla laughed and I smiled.

Then we heard whispering in the hallway, just then Chris and Vicky walked through and said good morning with a plate of some eggs, waffles, and two glasses of orange juice. "So what happened to you guys last night?" I asked first. "Well if you must know, we got kick out of the club" Vicky quickly replied smiling, holding Chris's hand. "And that would be what?" Kayla asked quizzically. "Ya know, we got bit out of hand in our booth, our moaning and grunts were pretty much the music of the party before we were kindly escorted out." Chris said laughing then kissed Vicky on her forehead.

"Then we just headed back to my place and just got it on, we didn't really care all that much about the foreplay." Vicky continued. "Sounds like a blast guys" I said laughing at Chris.

"But now for some privacy Chris and Vicky." "Wait before we go, we have some good news, so we were talking and we decided that were all taking a trip to my dad's lake house. And second, turns out were all going to the same school." Vicky said smiling towards Kayla almost like it's the happiest she's been in her life. It probably was the happiest of mine too.

Not to mention the crazy times we had at the lake house, the parties I held on our floor (usually ending with just me and Kayla left), then of course there was school. Kayla and I dated for 3 years, the final two of high school, and then freshman year of college, just the distance between our colleges was to difficult. Sure I was sad but I guess all good things end eventually.

During the first le cheval de mon ami encule ma femme days of Sophomore year of college, I was walking to one of my classes, when I felt a tap on my shoulder, I turned around to see an all to familiar face which I have always truly loved, my first love.

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Too Be Continued depending on rating. And just for the record I am gonna write about both Luke's experiences with Kayla and his now present one, with whom it ever may be.