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Busty babe sucks dick in fake cops car hardcore reality
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From Lonely Housewife to perverted Slut Chapter 23 INTRODUCTION: I read some of the comments. Calling me all sorts of names for cheating on my husband and other things. Yet how many of those guys would be the first in line to fuck my throat, ass or pussy? Why is it that when a guy is viral and fucks more than one woman he's called a stud cheating on his wife. When it's the other way around though the woman is called nasty names instead. So what, I love cock, big thick cock and I love muscular men to fuck me.

By valerie voxx in its okay shes my stepmother way I finally measured my husband's hard cock without him getting suspicious and it is five inches and no bigger around than two of my fingers.

He'd rather work all day and work out than fuck me. Maybe some of you studs understand why I need to cheat on him because I am a nymphomaniac.

I need sex with men with big cocks and balls full of hot cum. Why are men called studs when they need sex all the time and women needing sex are called sluts? I stood in the aisle looking at the dozen or more young college black men, none older than twenty one or younger than eighteen.

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They were walking towards me. I was glad I came across the porno theater reserved for the black college studs down the street on weekends. I walked to the front of the theater. I already had been fucked by the two black muscular tall managers in their late twenties, Sam and Tom. I had entered the theater from the back making my way to where Mitch was sitting. The hot tall muscular black stud fucked my pussy and ass before leaving him then making my way to my next hot black stud across the aisle from Mitch.

Alex started by pissing in my mouth. I swallowed every delicious drop. Mitch joined us fucking my pussy this time while Alex forced his thick black cock down my throat. They then switched and Alex fucked my pussy and Mitch pounded his cock down my throat.

I had forgotten I had my period a few days earlier and I'd be further along. I knew I'd probably be pregnant by now but who's baby I didn't have a clue.

I made my way to Shane and Marco, two more hot black guys. Marco fucked my mouth and throat while Shane took advantage of my ass and pussy giving each a good hard fuck. They traded with Shane fucking my throat Marco my ass and pussy. There were four hot studs sitting together.

One suggested taking it to the main aisle to fuck me. They all stripped and had a contest to decide what two would fuck me first. George and Alvin won. George fucking my throat while Alvin fucked my ass good and hard. They stepped back so Henry and Jason could take over. Jason given my cum dripping pussy while Henry fucked my throat. Henry and Jason had fucked me so hard enjoying themselves when they came, Henry deep down my throat and Jason spurting in my pussy and all over my back.

I swear if all the guys didn't hear Jason and Henry roaring when they came it would have been a miracle. There was only one thing left and that was to go to the center of the stage in front of the movie screen to treat myself to the at least dozen hot black muscular studs. I was nude, cum dripping out of my ass, pussy and face.

I wiped my face with my forearm. "Strip down guys and get up here and fuck me. I need cock. big black cocks. Who will be the lucky guy to take me first. sorry Henry, Jason, George, Alvin, Marcus, Shane, Alex, Mitch, if Sam and Tom are here I'm theirs first. All of you will have to wait until these other dozen or more black studs fuck me. I need cock big long black cock." I shouted.

A long parade of black, muscular young men climbed up the stairs to the platform, none less than six-three or four the tallest I bet was over-seven eight. "Damn she's hot for black cock." The first guy in line laughed.

"I'll warm the slut up for the rest of you studs." "Don't stand there, just fuck me, who ever you are. I need that big cock in me in the worse way. I've got a terrible itch that needs to be relieved NOW." I moaned looking at the tall black stud with his hard ten inch cock in his hand pointing towards me. "You need this don't you slut?" The black stud asked, but it came out more as a statement than a question. He knew what I needed and that was cock, not just any cock, but huge cocks, right now it was black, but I knew there were plenty of white studs out there as well.

"She's got three fucking holes. Take three of us at a time bitch." Someone yelled. "Yeah, Joey's right. Bring that bench over, Stew." Someone yelled.

I looked at Joey standing in front of me with Stew behind him. "Yes, three at a time, I need three studs at a time." I moaned with lust, these studs knew what I needed. A bench was brought over and Joey laid down on it. I sat facing him with my legs his cock inside my hungry ass hole. I spread my head hung over the end to suck cock. Come over here and ram your cock in my hot pussy one of you studs. I moaned before taking Stew's long thick cock in my mouth. I felt Joey pushing up from the bench shoving his cock further into my ass.

Some one else lay on top of me shoving his big cock in my dripping pussy. I wanted to yell fuck me studs. Fuck me hard, but I didn't have to. The three hot black studs knew exactly what they were doing pumping their cocks in my pussy, throat and ass the same time. I could only moan around Stew's thick cock my approval. "Give the slut your foot long, beer can thick cock Hugh. Pump her hot cunt man." Joey roughly smashing black ghetto whore destinee jackson hardcore blowjob driving his at least ten inch thick cock in my ass.

At the same time Stew pulled his cock out of my mouth letting me take a deep breath before ramming it back down my throat. "Fuck yes, your a hot bitch.

I'm ready to unload already." Stew yelled gripping my head between his hands pulling his cock out of my throat letting me take a quick breath before slamming it back down my throat. I felt his balls pushed against his thick cock with his cock expanding in my throat and then beginning to vibrate.

"I'm right behind you Stew." Joey groaned shoving his thick cock in my ass as his balls drew up beneath his cock and his cock grew thicker vibrating in my ass. "Yes, take my load in you cunt bitch." Hugh moaned laying on top of me pumping his foot long cock in my cum dripping pussy.

"Fuck yes, this is hot." Feeling his cock deep inside me. All three studs were shooting their big loads at the same time. My insides were flooded, my ass, throat and pussy all at the same time.

Hugh was the first to pull out of my ass spurting cum all over my stomach. Next Stew pulled his cock out of my mouth spurting cum covering most of my face followed by Joey filling my ass to over flowing. Huffing and puffing Hugh pushed off me standing on the floor. "That was one fine pussy." He shouted.

"Max get over here as soon as Joan stands up and lets Joey get up so you can lie down. Stew stepped back from me. "Hey Daniel you have to have this hot mouth. It's the best you'll ever find." Joey moaned. As soon as Hugh climbed off me he held his hand out helping to stand up, Joey's cock slipped out of my ass.

Joey stood up walking away letting Max lay down on the bench. I stood on the wide bench easing myself down grabbing a hold of Max's thick long cock with my right hand.

I aimed it between my ass cheeks and sat down on his thick cock with it easily skidding into my anus. I didn't stop sitting until his cock was deep in my ass. I laid back my head to the right on Max's leaning off the bench.

I looked up to see Daniel's big balls in my face. "Go ahead, work on my balls Joan." He said as I began licking his balls. I'd barely begun working Daniel's balls when another hot black stud at least six-four climbed on top of me squeezing my hips in his big hands before sinking his good ten inch cock thick cock inside me. I couldn't help moaning with lust as he shoved his cock deep inside my pussy, excess cum gushing around his thick cock.

"My a cum dripping pussy, just the way I like them. Are you enjoying my thick ten inch cock bitch?" He asked. "I'm sure the slut is enjoying your cock, Sheldon. You don't have to brag how big and thick your cock is. It's average size in the theater." Daniel shouted. "Just through a good fuck into the bitch. Get busy on my cock now that you've got it worked up." No sooner sweet babe with flawless body miku kohinata banged in the cellar I had Daniel's cock in my mouth he shoved it down my throat my head between his hands.

"You got one hell of throat." "No proponent about that." Sheldon groaned. "I'll throw a good fuck in her." It wasn't long before Sheldon was pumping his cock making a tough rod comply blowjob and amateur and out of my pussy forcing me to bounce up and down on Max's thick black dick. I couldn't even shout swallowing Daniel's thick cock.

All three were fucking me like I was a well lubed machine. "Take my cock down your throat." I am I felt like shouting as he pulled his cock out of my throat giving me a couple of seconds to take a breath. "Damn this is one fine throat." "Her ass is something else crammed full of cum." Max groaned under me.

"Take my ten inch cock bitch." "I'm telling you." Sheldon moaned. "Her pussy is hot." xxx rep sex stories story dawnlod had three cock deep inside me at the same time. I was being rocked up and down thanks to Sheldon pumping my cunt, Max under me in my sloppy ass and Daniel down my throat. Max shouted first. "I'm cumming." He shouted with his cock deep in my ass. Sheldon yelled next.

"I'm cumming as well." Last but not least Daniel groaned at the top of his voice. "Fuck yes, cumming." I felt Max's hot load deep inside my ass as his cock thickened and vibrated. My throat filled with Daniel's heavy load filling my mouth as he pulled his cock out of my throat.

Not to be undone I felt Sheldon's thick cock grow even thicker and longer in my hot pussy. Sheldon pulled his cock out of my over flowing pussy spurting fresh cum on my large breasts and flat stomach, that had been fertilized from one of hot studs today. As soon as Sheldon stood up I stood up allowing Max to stand up. "I'm ready for three more stud's." I shouted. "One of you studs lay down on the wide bench." "That will be Nick.

Get over there Nick and lay down on the bench and hold your cock up to enter the fucking sluts hot ass." Max shouted. "I don't have to be told twice." A six foot six black muscular young man shouted, walking over to the bench and laying down. "Climb on aboard slut." I walked over getting on the bench split my legs so they were on each side of Nick's hot body.

I began sitting down feeling Nick's hard cock pressing through my ass cheeks squeezing my anus he shoved his cock into my sphincter muscle.

"Oh yes your big cock feels great." I moaned. "Your cock feels like at least eleven thick inches if not a foot long." "That's because it's eleven and a half thick inches bitch." Nick growled. "You like big cocks, don't you?" "You want to believe I do, so give me a good hard fuck stud." I moaned sitting all the way down on Nick's thick cock. I raised myself up again. His cock felt so great in my asshole. I couldn't get enough of it.

I laid back with my head hanging over Nick's shoulder, my mouth wide open ready for some stud to shove his cock in my mouth. I didn't have to wait long before Sweet sexy babe emma hix getting horny for a large dick was looking up into a pair of brown eyes not to mention low hanging balls at eye level. The guy had to be close to seven feet tall pushed himself down far enough for me to begin licking his big black ball sack.

"Eat Jed's big balls slut." I heard Nick groaning as he pushed up his cock all the way in my ass. "Don't mess aground Pete, get over here and fuck the slut." Nick moaned his cock slipping out of my ass. "Don't worry about me I'm ready to shove my hard foot long cock in the slut no problem Nick." Pete said I could feel my legs they are so getting busted by mommy spread and allowed him to pull my legs around his waist.

His waist felt muscular and slim. I couldn't see him because my head was dropped over Nick's muscular shoulder with Jed's big balls filling my mouth with no room to spare. "I can't believe you have both my big balls in your mouth the same time." Jed groaned behind me as he pulled back and let me lick this thick long cock.

I do mean thick really big around. I licked up to his big cock head before opening my mouth and taking it in my mouth. I felt Jed grip my head between his large hands as he shoved his cock in my mouth and down my throat.

"Fuck her neck is blowing up like a fucking balloon taking on the shape of my cock." Nick was busy humping up and down into my welcoming ass the same time Pete was over top of me fucking my hot pussy moaning. "Fuck your one hot slut. I could fuck you all day and not get tired of realitykings monster curves chris strokes mercedes carrera booty love your hot throat.

One by one starting with Nick he lost his load moaning. "I'm coming." I felt his cock thicken inside my ass and vibrating filling me with his hot load. Next Pete rammed his big cock inside my pussy his big balls pushed against his thick cock.

"I'm coming." He groaned his cock growing longer and bigger around filling my pussy with his hot cum. He pulled out spraying more cum across my breasts.

Last but not least Jed pulled his cock out of my throat filling my mouth with his delicious load before pulling it out and spurting five or six loads across my face. No sooner than I had stood up and let Nick stand up I leaned down and licked all the excess cum off the bench. I stretched waiting for the next stud to lay down on the bench. It was a tall, muscular, black stud in his early twenties with one huge cock.

I no sooner spread my legs over top of him pressing down his big cock fitting in my cum dripping ass. As I laid back another stud rammed his cock in my mouth not wanting to be bothered with me enjoying his big balls. Then the third stud climbed on me ramming his big cock inside my hungry cum dripping pussy.

It wasn't long before they were all shooting their loads inside me. At long last only the last two black studs were on the stage so I decided I'd go doggy style for them. I was on my hands and knees in no time as I felt one big black stud ram his cock inside my pussy and I swallowed the other studs huge cock. "Damn I'm horny for another round with the slut." One of theater managers yelled from the aisle. I looked up so Tom and the manager could get some sloppy cunt and throat. Everyone sit down and relax because this is going to take a while." Sam said walking up the steps beside Tom.

"That's right so get comfortable bitch." Tom slapped my face with his long thick cock. "How's it feel?" He asked. "Great Tom. I just want to suck that delicious cock and get fucked by Sam." I groaned in lust.

"That's good because that's just what we intend to do." Sam said walking behind me slapping my ass cheeks hard. "Get ready for a good hard fuck." "I'm ready for your big cock Sam." I moaned. "Give to me." "That means your ready to suck my cock, so shut up and open your mouth ready for my cock." Tony said. It wasn't long before Sam was plowing my hot pussy with his big cock holding my hips in his big hands and Tony was gripping my head between his large black hands thrusting his cock in my mouth and down my throat over and over again.

I felt it enter my throat like it belonged there every time I finished taking a deep breath. Soon both Tom and Sam were huffing and puffing while fucking me. Sam yelled out first.

"I'm cumming." Filling my pussy to over flowing with his thick man juices. Tom groaned next. "I'm cumming." I could feel his cock thicken in my throat and vibrating. I swallowed his load before he pulled it out of my throat filling my mouth with his sweet and salty load.

I swished it around in my mouth before swallowing. I laid on the bench once more this time on top of Henry his big cock inside my hot ass. Jason came in front as I held my head up to see him ram his big cock in my dripping pussy.

I laid my head back for Alvin to fill my mouth with his big cock head. I was stuffed with big cocks in my three willing and hungry holes, my mouth, ass and pussy. I felt as Henry pumped from under me holding my hips grunting as he screwed my ass. Jason was gripping my shoulders as he pumped his big hot cock in my dripping pussy and Alvin gripped each side of my head pumping his big cock in and out of my throat.

Thank goodness Alvin allowed me a few moments to take deep breaths through my nose before pumping his big cock down my throat. I was again in cock heaven. Henry was the first to moan "I'm cumming." Next Alvin with his cock deep in my throat expanding and vibrating yelled.

"I'm cumming. Last but not least Jason moaned as his big thick cock lengthened and vibrated in my hot pussy. "I'm cumming big times." A good half hour had passed since Jason fucking my pussy, Alvin my throat and Henry my ass gotten up leaving me standing and empty.

"I need more cock guys, George, Marcus and Shane get over here." I moaned. George laid down on the bench and I stepped on each side of his slim muscular body sitting down while he held his cock entering my ass. Marcus came standing in front of me slamming his big cock inside my wanting pussy.

I laid my head back for Shane to push his big mushroom shaped cock in my mouth. Once more stuffed with cock I was willing and ready for a hot four some. Three hot muscular black men and myself. The three of them pumped their big cocks inside my ass, pussy and down my throat. Each of them yelling in unison "I'm cumming." Shane yelled filling my throat, then my mouth letting me taste he delicious thick salty load.

Mofos four sexy teens have some fun outside Marcus filled my pussy with his big balls hugging his thick cock. Last but not least George filled my ass to over flowing. Marcus moved away after removing his big cock from my pussy then Shane walked away french rape crime scene 3 Marcus still filling my pussy to over flowing.

He removed his cock. They all stepped to one side leaving me empty once more. Alex laid on the bench this time as I straddled his muscular body holding his thick cock to fit easily into my cum filled ass, Mitch was shoving his thick black cock in my pussy in no time. Ava addams double time wife brazzer one was shoving their cocks in my throat so I could moan and groan my appreciations I was being stuffed with cock.

"Oh yes, fuck me Alex fill my ass with that thick cock. Fuck me Mitch. Your cock is so nice and big and thick. Fuck me guys. Fuck me hard." "You want to believe I'll fuck that hot pussy bitch." Mitch moaned as he shoved his cock all the way in my pussy.

"Fuck you have a hot ass even after all the guys fucked your hot ass. You know how to tighten that ass good. Fuck I could fuck you all day." Alex groaned. "Oh yes this is what I need, I need hot men fucking me, fuck me hard Mitch, fuck my hot pussy. Fill me with your big cock Alex, you both know how to fuck a slut like me. Fuck me good and hard guys." I heard myself moaning over and over again. The two hot studs fucked me what seemed to be a good half hour of pumping and grinding their big cocks in me.

Alex moaned first. "I'm shooting my load." Mitch was close behind him his cock thickening in my ass as he humped into me faster and harder. "I'm cumming." He moaned. I was covered in cum and sweating from head to toe by the time I managed to stand up after Mitchel moved away. All three of us were dripping wet as well as Henry, Jason, George, Alvin, Marcus and Shane.

"Wow that was hot." Shane said. "I need to sit down and rest, I don't know about the rest of you." "Me too." Mitch, Henry, Jason, George, Alvin, Marcus, Alex and Mitch all agreed.

"What about the rest of us. We're all horny as hell." One of the dozen men still sitting through out the theater yelled. "Well don't just sit there come on up here and give me danielle kelson is a blonde with tattoos and saggy good fuck, I'm totally empty and need some more cock." I moaned sitting on the cum dripping bench.

"You've just been fucked by eleven muscular black studs and you want more, you are a slut." Someone yelled from the theater making his way to where I was seated. "That's me one hungry slut, so hurry the fuck up here and give me what I want, I mean need." I attempted to yell but my throat was clogged up with cum. It didn't take long to take the rest of the dozen muscular black studs in my hot ass, pussy and throat.

By the time they all finished fucking me I must have looked like a pregnant slut as my stomach was extended so much from all the loads of cum I swallowed never mind my pussy flooded to over flowing with cum and my ass slipping around the bench overfilled completely with thick black juices. I really needed a rest.

I had been fucked for over twelve hours without a single minutes rest. "Okay the slut needs just the two of us for a while, all you guys go and relax and build up another load for her." Tom announced. "It would be a great idea if you guys clean the theater especially in front of the movie screen. It looks like we didn't watch much of the movies did we guys." Tom shouted walking toward me.

Tom along with Sam helped scrape my cum dripping body so that I wouldn't drip all over the theater making my way to the front. I found a washroom beside the office and went inside. I took a leak heading out of the washroom into the office. "Hello Tom, Sam, want another go before I head into the theater again." I asked. "Why did you think we brought you to the front of the theater for Joan?" Tom asked but didn't ask. "I'd love to fuck your hot pussy." "I'd more than want that hot ass." Sam smiled looking into my eyes leading me into the private office again.

They both stripped out of their dress shirts and tight dress pants in record time. Tom laid on the couch and I straddled his black, muscular body. I took a hold of his huge cock and pressed it between my ass cheeks.

He pushed up pushing his cock past my sphincter muscle and into my colon. NO sooner than Tom was comfortably inside my ass than Sam crawled on top of me pushing his big cock inside my cunt.

Both were still stuffed full of cum even after attempting to clean them out. I was soon being rocked up and down as both men fucked my ass and pussy in unison.

I was in total lust mode once more. "Fuck my ass Tom, fill me with your big black cock. Give me what I want, what I need." "Don't worry slut I'll give you everything and more. You make me horny just looking at you." Tom groaned out load.

Fuck your one great fuck slut." "Wow are you ever a great fuck bitch taking my cock in your cum dripping pussy and being able to tighten up like you do. Take my big thick cock Joan." "Fuck my hot pussy Sam, fill me with your huge cock. My pussy hungers for your big cock." I groaned with lust, my body needing his cock pounding my hot pussy.

Fuck me hard." I moaned. Sam and Tom fucked me hard for over a half hour groaning and moaning how hot I was to fuck. "I'm cumming in your hot ass." Tom moaned at long last shooting his big load in my ass. "I'm cumming in your cum filled pussy Joan." Sam moaned his cock thickening inside me filling my hot pussy with his thick cum.

"That was great guys." I had lost track of the time and even the day. "What time is it guys?" I asked. "One in the morning. You've been in the theater since yesterday getting pumped non stop.

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"How's it feeling Joan?" Tom asked. "Feels like I'm empty to tell the truth." I answered rubbing the cum all over my body." Oh cum feels so great all over my body, I never want to shower it off, but I will before I leave. Those guys must be horned up again by now. Do you mind if I head back in the theater." "Go right ahead Tom and I have to open the theater again in case there are more black students wanting to see porno.

They will be happy to meet you slut." Sam said. I walked back in the theater and looked around at all the nude black studs half sleeping in their seats. "Anyone like another go?" I asked in a loud voice. "How about you Mitch, Henry, Jason, George, Alvin, Marcus, Shane, Alex, Mitch and of course the rest of you studs?" "You don't have to ask twice." Mitch answered taking my hand while Henry took my other hand leading me to the front of the theater.

I walked up the steps to the stage and kneeled on the black rubber mat someone had brought in. I looked up at Mitch taking his big balls in my hands and looking up into his face.

"These feel heavy with another load or two Mitch." I said feeling the heaviness of his balls. I leaned forward kissing them before licking them. "Mmmmm. Tasty." "It's all yours slut. Go at it eat my balls before you blow me." Mitch groaned. I got down and pushed my ass up in the air. "Come on Henry push your big cock in my ass or pussy, both are still eager for cock." I moaned with lust in my heart and body. I hadn't rested since arriving and should have been ready to black out but instead I found myself lost in a world of lust.

I felt Henry's large hands gripping my cum dripping hips as he shoved his big black cock in my ass. I did my best to tighten my ass. I felt a plop of cum drip out as I tightened my ass.

"Shove that big cock in my ass stud. You know I need it in the worse way." I moaned. I didn't have long to wait before I felt Henry's cock entering my anus and into my ass.

I pushed back to get it all the way into my ass. The same time I licked up to the head of Mitchel's cock head before opening my mouth and taking the giant purple colored cock head in my mouth.

I felt Mitch gripping my head between his big hands as he began fucking my mouth and throat. His cock slid down my throat like that's were it belonged.

Both Henry and Mitch were soon pounding my ass and throat harder and harder for over a half hour they pounded my ass and throat. I was eager to eat Mitch's large load and feel Henry's load in my ass. I at last felt as their cocks expanding in my ass and throat. "I'm cumming." They both moaned together before stepping to one side to let two more hot studs fuck me.

Jason fucked my pussy and George my throat next, followed by Alvin and Marcus, Shane, Mitch and Alex fucked my pussy, ass and throat next. I was ready to take on the rest of the theater. Hour after hour past while the entire hot black muscular young men filling the theater fucked me.

I was getting more than tired. I was exhausted by the time they all fucked me. I went to the front just as Sam and Tom were putting up the closed sign.

Sam went into the theater and announced the theater was closed for the weekend and to clean up the theater before they left. "One more fuck before you leave?" Sam asked smiling.

"I'd love to take czech wife swap 5 full throat one last time before the weekends over." "Fine but this is the last time, I got to get home and rest before my husband get's home from work. I see it is just past nine Monday morning so he'll be at work. He said something about taking me out for dinner tonight." I was once more on my hands and knees with Sam pounding my throat and Tom pounding my hot dripping pussy.

It didn't take long before they both shot their big load in side me. "I'd offer you a shower but the theater doesn't have one. So I'll scrape the excess cum off your cum covered body and let you go to the washroom to clean yourself out as best as possible before you leave.

I'll give you a ride home so you don't have to take the bus in your condition." Tom said. I went to the washroom and cleaned myself out walking back.

Tom and Sam gathered my clothes and took them out side. They wrapped me in a sheet and took me out the back door to their car before I guided them to my place. Once at my place I slunk in august ames ryan mclane in my dads hot girlfriend back door heading to down stairs to the washroom to shower and clean myself out.

Once I showered I went up stairs climbing in bed and fell sound asleep. When I woke up it was around five in the evening and I knew Paul would be home soon. I showered and dressed in one of my conservative dresses without any underwear or amazing hottie banged in a massage room hardcore blowjob. I no sooner got down stairs when Paul walked in kissing me on the cheek.

"How was your weekend with your mother?" He asked. It was fine nothing exciting." I answered thinking about the all the hot guys that had fucked me the entire weekend from Friday to Monday morning. The end of Chapter 23.