The great outdoors xxx daniella taking her yoga lesfriends sons outdoors

The great outdoors xxx daniella taking her yoga lesfriends sons outdoors
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I went into the bathroom, turned on the shower and undressed. I looked into the mirror and saw my cock was more red than usual and still dripping my leftover cum. I rubbed my cum around my cockhead and slowly down my shaft. I was getting hard again, thinking of what has taken place. I shook my head and reluctently let go of my cock.

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I jumped into the shower to wash up and relax. I tried to avoid washing my cock too much but it was difficult. The soap was so slippery and it felt good to stroke myself while thinking of the young beauties in the other room. I was so into jerseylicious blonde milf with best curves you ever seen off, gently gliding my hand up and down my cock. With my other hand, I was soaping up my ass. I inserted a finger slowly in my virgin ass.

It felt so damn good. I finger fucked my ass while I stroked my now fully hard cock. I didn't imagine I'd have much cum left to shoot but I had a very powerful orgasm and spewed blast after blast of hot cum across the shower. My sperm was dripping off the opposite wall I came so hard.

I never thought about putting anything in my ass but it felt fantastic. I'm sure that is what made me cum huge tits oriental babe banged and cum blasted on pussy pornstars and hardcore that. I finished my shower, dried off and put my robe on. I went out to the kitchen to fix us something to munch on when I heard the girls giggling.

I peeked around the corner to find Megan and Nichole and another girl, who I didn't know, all tickling each other. Megan and Nichole had their t-shirts and panties on. The girl I didn't know had shorts and a loose fitting blouse on.

The top 3 buttons were undone I noticed. Glimpsing at what was a bra with nothing under it. She had a very nice looking ass with those tight shorts on.

She was smaller than the other two girls with brown hair, cut short. He was about 3 inches shorter than Megan. I figured it must be a small classmate. I wondered who this girl was.

I went back to the kitchen and called to Megan and Nichole to come and get it. I made some nacho's I told them. Megan loved my deluxe nacho's. As the girls came around the corner, Megan said that this was Nichole's cousin Lindsey. Nichole asked if it was alright if Lindsey stayed the night too. I was a little let down thinking my time alone with the girls was over. Nichole must have noticed my dissapointment when she blurted out that we can still have fun like earlier.

I looked at Lindsey and she smiled. My heart melted, she was absolutely beautiful. Her brown eyes were stunning, her nose just perfect, and her lips were very full and hot looking. I said that it was fine.

I gently shook Lindsey's hand telling her I was happy to meet her and she giggled and said "Hi Dad". The other girls were now laughing.

What was so funny I wondered. We all went into the living room. I put the nacho's on the coffee table and flicked on the tv. We talked about many different things while eating. About school, their boyfriends, teacher's and so on.

I found out that Lindsey was going to be staying with Nichole for the rest of the school year and maybe longer. She was 12 years old. Her parents had split and were in a messy divorce. Both had problems with drugs and drinking. Nichole's mom decided to get Lindsey away from that environment and Lindsey's parents were all to eager to let her. That way they could party more I assumed.

I went back to the kitchen and made a strong rum and coke. I was still a little dissapointed that Lindsey was here. When I went back into the living room, I noticed Lindsey's hand on Nicholes thigh, gently rubbing very close to her cunt.

Megan had her hand on Lindsey's thigh, very close to her cunt, slowly circling closer and closer. I just stood there for a moment watching. Nichole grabbed Lindsey's hand and pulled it to her panty covered pussy. Lindsey started to rub it as Megan's hand was now rubbing Lindsey's covered pussy. Nichole now reached for Lindsey's head and pulled her to her and kissed her very passionately. Lindsey stopped playing with Nichole's cunt and wrapped her arms around Nichole. Megan was now licking around Lindsey's shorts trying to get her tongue under them.

Lindsey's legs were spread wide. Fuck! I was getting hard sexy chicks like to please kinky guys. I went back into the kitchen, gulped down my drink and made another, only stronger.

Nichole yelled out, "Mr Smith, can you come here?" I said sure, tightening my robe and trying to conceal my now fully erect cock. I tied the belt low, with my cock under it so it wouldn't stick out of my robe. I took a deep breath and walked in to find all three girls naked.

Megan was eating Lindsey out, Nichole was fingering herself and Lindsey was sucking on Nichole's tit while moaning. I wasn't sure what to say. Nichole being the brain that she was noticed and said "it's ok, she knows. She wants to find out everything about sex. Lindsey and I have played around alot". With that being said, I loosened my robe and let my throbbing cock stick straight out.

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I walked over to the girls, took my robe off and got down on the floor with them. I watched as Megan was licking Lindsey's bald pussy. Her hot little tongue lapping up and down Lindsey's little slit. Nichole shifted around and grabbed my cock, stroking it.

Her hand not fitting around it all the way. She then smiled and lowered her head and started to lick the tip of my cock. She looked up and said, "remember, me next". Fuck, I couldn't wait. I took the liberty of kissing Lindsey's hot lips while her head was thrown back and her eyes closed. She reponded with her little tongue flapping around in my mouth. Nichole was sucking the head of my cock. Megan now had a finger in Lindsey's bald pussy, slowly going in and out.

I took Lindsey's hard nipple in my mouth and sucked and licked all over her. She really didn't have much more than nipple. There was only a slight bump where her tits were. Lindsey started to moan louder and shaking.

Megan was lapping at her cunt like a dog, while fingering her. I couldn't believe my eyes when Lindsey stopped shaking, still moaning and then yelled oh fuck. She literally was cumming and a stream of her cunt juice was spraying all over Megan. That was so hot, I came in Nichole's mouth. It was such a huge amount of cum, she couldn't take it all and was gagging.

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I shot my hot cum on her face, tits and then I aimed for Lindsey's little tits. Megan was still licking up all the come from Lindsey. I ran my softening cock over Lindsey's delicate lips and smeared them with my cum. She opened her mouth part way, her tongue coming out and started to lick my sensitive cock head. I twitched and another jet of sperm shot out right into Lindsey's stunning babe gets surprised with a dick. She looked at me again and smiled.

"That taste good" she said. Nichole kissed Lindsey, tongues going mad. Both tasting my sperm. Megan came over and started to suck my flaccid cock.

She was able to get a little cum for herself. She kept on sucking, taking most of my soft cock in her mouth. All three girls had my cum in their mouths. I loved it. Looking at Lindsey's bald cunt made me want to lick it all over.

I asked if that would be ok, she said "hell yes Mr Smith".

I picked her up, she couldn't have weighed more than 80 lbs. I set her on the couch and got down on my knees, spread those lovely legs and looked at the most beautiful pussy I ever saw. It was completely bald and wet. I lowered my face and started kissing her inner thighs.

Loving the smell and taste of her most recent orgasm. She grabbed my head and wrapped her legs around it and started grinding my face with her cunt. This girl is hot. Nichole and Megan were in a 69 licking and sucking each other like there was no tomorrow. Lindsey started moaning more and thrashing around. I slid my tonuge between her little pussy lips.

I felt the entrance with the tip of my tongue. Slowly, I slid my tongue into her pussy. I kept going little by little, deeper and deeper until my tongue was buried in this fucking hot 12 year old girl. She again started spraying all over her sweet cum, drenching me in it.

I quickly pulled my tongue and started sucking down all her love juice I could. She lay there panting, eyes closed, face flushed. She looked so damn cute.

Megan was moaning very loudly. Both Lindsey and I looked and Nichole had most of her hand up into Megan's cunt, while sucking her clit.

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Megan's head was thrashing from side to side, pulling Nichole's head to her pussy. Lindsey was rubbing her swollen pussy with one hand and playing with her nipple with the other. The phone rang. Shit, I thought. I ran to the kitchen, my cock leaking cum all over. I answered the phone and it was Nichole's mom. She asked if it would be a problem for Nichole and Lindsey to stay another night.

She wanted to go to a friends that is ill with cancer to comfort her. I told her it was very ok. The girls are little angels.

She thanked me and said she owed me. I told her not a problem. We said our goodbye's and I thought, "holy shit, she said she owed me very sexy like. I wonder". I went in to the girls to tell them. They were just sitting there talking.

The girls all jumped up and saying yay. Two 13 year olds and one 12 for another night. I was in heaven. Nichole came up to me and hugged me. She looked up to me and with a slight smile "Mr Smith, remember I'm next.