Huge tits babe gets massage and big dick

Huge tits babe gets massage and big dick
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Lia sat in front of the computer. She sat for a moment not sure of what to type next. The moment became minutes and those minutes became an hour. Before she realized it she'd spent an entire hour sitting in front of the computer. She sighed in frustration. I need a break, Lia thought to herself. She looked at the clock in her room. As she glanced around the room, she smirked disappointed.

It was a blend of soft feminine style and hardcore rock chick. Once I'm done with this semester, I'm changing everything, she continued as she stood up. She took a quick peak at herself in the mirror and frowned. Her long blonde hair was unkempt and she looked pretty plain, atleast in her opinion. Most girls would kill to have her sparkling blue eyes, perfect complexion, and beautiful smile, but to her she just looked average.

Lia went through her closet, looking for something that stood out to her. After almost a half hour of going through her extensive collection of dresses, she decided on a white dress.

It was extremely short, just long enough to cover her ass. It had no straps and the front of the dress had semi-sheer fabric running down the middle of the dress. It covered just enough of her pert little breast to not show anything.

The sheer material exposed much of her tight, toned, midrift and ended just below her waist. The dress had gold accents so she selected a pair of 4 inch gold open toed stiletto heels, which put her at whopping 5'3". Having selected her outfit, Lia started peeling off her clothes as she headed to the shower.

She let out a sigh of as the warm water cascaded down her toned, sexy body. Grabbing the shampoo, she slowly massaged it into her hair before she washed the shampoo out and put in some conditioner, noting that she'd probably want to go to the salon pretty daddy sleep walking insatiable itch relief tube porn. She let the conditioner sit for a while and grabbed her body wash.

It was a lightly scented floral fragrance. Lia closed her eyes as she rubbed the body wash onto her soft, sun kissed skin.

Before she realized it she was slowly rubbing around her nipples. She gave them a soft twist as she began massaging her breast. Her right hand slowly slipped down her soapy body as she continued to twist and massage her now rock hard nipples with her left. Her right hand slid down stomach and below her hips before finding her clit. Lia leaned up against the wall, aiming the shower head so that it sara jay alura jenson in foursome directly onto her most delicate area.

She slowly began rubbing her clit as the water pounded down on her. She writhed against the wall, stifled moans escaping her lips as the water pounded her, masking the sex dripping down her thighs as she was driven closer and closer to orgasm. Lia placed her leg on the edge of the tub, exposing herself more as she began vigorously rubbing herself. She gripped the shower bar to help her keep balance as her legs began to quiver. Lia gripped the bar with all of her strength as she pulled back her little pink hood, exposing her clit to the full pressure of the water.

Lia gasped and moaned as she was driven over the edge, her body shaking uncontrollably as she struggled to keep her wits enough not to fall. After a few moments the shaking stopped and Lia turned away from the water letting it cascade down her now super sensitive body as she finished her shower. After finishing her shower and brushing her teeth, Lia went through her underwear drawer and picked out a pair of super cute college teen with nice tits Brazilian boy shorts.

The dress was short enough that she didn't feel the need to wear exposing panties. Lia stared in the mirror once again, looking at her hair, then at the clock, then back at her hair again. She was suddenly glad that the clubs stayed open til six in Atlanta. It took 45 minutes for Lia to finish her hair. Her blonde hair now hung in long loose curls as it cascaded down her back. Satisfied with the way her hair turned out she slipped the dress on. She had recently picked up a few pounds, but she had been looking to.

Lia had lost a lot of weight recently and she was glad to be getting her curves back. She admired her form in the mirror.

The dress fit perfectly. I'm definitely gonna get fucked tonight, Lia thought to herself as she went through various expressions in the mirror. She picked up her little size 5 golden heels and slipped them on, then looked at herself in the mirror once again admiring how the heels made her butt look.

She looked at the clock. It had taken two full hours for Lia to get ready, but anyone who saw her would agree that the wait was worth it. Lia looked at her car, as much as she'd love to show up in her 2010 Mustang, she'd planned on getting sunny leone xxx sax story and fucked tonight, neither of those states being conducive to driving, so she instead called a taxi.

Lia didn't like taking taxi's much, especially when she went out. Normally she would call a friend and go out with them, but she didn't really want to deal with any other women tonight. Lia could feel the cab drivers eyes on her as they made idle chatter on the way to the club. She quickly exited the taxi as soon as she arrived, telling the cabbie to keep the change as she handed him forty dollars. The driver quickly accepted and offered to give Lia his card.

She politely declined and made her way to the club. The minute she exited the cab all eyes were on her. She could feel the green eyes of the jealous girls burning a hole through her as she made her way past them to the VIP line.

Lia was in line for all of 10 minutes before she finally got into the club. Lia immediately headed for the bar. "Red Snapper on the rocks." Lia said to the bartender. The bartender looked her over. "ID please." the bartender asked. Lia sighed and pulled her tiny white purse.

Lia was just 22, but she was tired of the whole ID thing already. The bartender looked the ID over then looked at her. After taking an extra long time, to be sure, the bartender handed Lia her ID back. Moments later she had her drink. Lia finished her drink and headed onto the dance floor. Lia was dancing all of her stress away when she felt and pair of hands on her waist. She glanced back and smiled, approving of the tall handsome guy who had started to dance with her. She leaned into him as he began to grind her.

After the second song he started to get a little handsy, his hands wandering between Lia's thighs. She quickly push his hands back onto her waist, but after a moment he put them back. Lia had started to feel a bit uncomfortable with the situation when he placed his hands between her thighs again. He was going farther than he'd gone before as he probed towards Lia's panties.

Lia tried to push his hands away but he was too strong. He held her in place as he began roughly probing her tight petite body with his fingers. Lia tried to yell, but she was easily drowned out by the music. The man finally hit his mark, feeling the soft fabric of Lia's panties. Lia grabbed his hand once again, this time digging her nails into his hands a bit as his fingers began pressing against the fabric right at her opening.

Lia could feel his cock hardening on her lower back as he continued to press on. Lia looked around desperately, hoping someone would notice. That's when she noticed she was surrounded by guys.

A sense of panic gripped Lia as she became aware of her situation. Normally she would be comforted by the fact that these guys were around, that all she'd have to do was get one of their attentions and they would stop this guy from violating her, but that wasn't the case. All of these guys were already staring at her, watching hungrily as the guy attempted to invade her with his finger. The guy started probing around the edges of her panties, eventually pushing under them with his thick, long finger.

Lia tried to wiggle away as the man's finger finally found it's target. Lia tried to scream, but one of the guys immediately started pouring his drink into her mouth, gagging her as she coughed up what tasted like rubbing alcohol, but was really just the house vodka.

One of the other guys grabbed Lia's hand and forcibly sill pack chute xxx story it onto his cock. He began rubbing his cock with her hand as the her first attacker slowly began to press his finger inside of Lia.

Lia winced in pain as the man forced his thick finger into her tight, dry pussy. The guy holding her hand unzipped his fake cop married amateur threesome for border slut and Lia was now stroking his bare cock. It was thick and veiny and already leaking precum as the guy forced Lia to give him a hand job.

Her first attacker pulled his finger from Lia's cunt and took a deep wiff of her before licking his fingers, leaving a generous amount of saliva on it, before trying to force it back into her. Lia struggled and twisted but he once again found his mark, shoving his now moistened finger inside of her. Tears started streaming down Lia's pretty face as his finger entered her for a second time.

He forced his thick middle finger into her tight little cunt, driving it as deep as he could before her curled the tip and started to massage her G-spot. A third guy grabbed Lia by the face and forced her mouth open. Lia struggled as much as she could, even scratching the guy with her short, well manicured nails before a soft slap across the face told her that she shouldn't resist too much.

The third attacker began pouring his cheap but potent bottled liquor down Lia's throat. Lia coughed and gagged the gross tasting mix of cheap fruit punch and Everclear down. Lia's body began to betray her as her attacker expertly massaged her now moistening cunt. The second attacker was still forcing her to jerk him off, her fingers now sticky, covered in his precum. Tears were now pouring from Lia's face as she felt her body succumbing to the assault.

Her third attacker started groping her through her dress, roughly pulling and twisting her nipples. Her first attacker continued his assault, forcing a second thick finger inside of her dripping cunt.

Lia bit her lower lip, trying not to give them to the satisfaction of making her cum, but Lia's body started to tremble as she began to loose herself in the orgasm. Lia eventually succumbed, her body literally exploding in orgasm, sex leaking down her thigh as she collapsed. The first guy gently lowered her real tattooed pawnee banged in doggystyle reality and amateur the floor as the second guy released her hand and took her roughly by the face.

Again Lia's mouth was forced open, but this time a cock was forced into it. The second guy fucked Lia's agape mouth vigorously, slamming his pubic bone against her nose as he face raped her. It didn't take long before Lia could feel the guy's hot cum spurting down her abused throat.

Her third attacker quickly took her by the hair, but instead of forcing his cock into her mouth, he simply jerked off in her face. The first guy held her hands up as the third attacker jerked his cock vigorously. He pulled Lia up just high enough for the guy to cum right down Lia's cleavage. Thick gobs of cum flowed down the front of her dress, drenching the sheer fabric. He then rubbed the dress against her body, smearing the cum on her.

After the assault the quickly vanished into the crowd. Lia, slowly made her way to her feet. Tears were still pouring down her face as she ran as fast as she could towards the woman's bathroom.

Seeing the line, she ran to the man's bathroom.

The door was cracked and there was an out of order sign on the front of it. Lia closed it all the way as she entered. Lia looked at herself in the mirror, she could barely see straight, all the alcohol that was forced down her throat had started to take effect as she looked a little blurry in the mirror. Her eyes were red from crying and her face was flushed. All Lia wanted to do was go home, but she knew she'd have to clean up before she left the club.

Her father would be home by now and she'd hate to have to explain why she looked the way she did. Lia took off her her sex soaked panties and stuffed them in her purse. She wanted to take off her dress too.

She hated the way her attackers cum felt on her skin. It made her feel disgusting and dirty. Then her mind drifted to her second attacker and how he forced his cock down her throat. Suddenly Lia's stomach started to churn, she could almost feel her attacker's cum swimming around in her stomach. That thought sent her stumbling to the toilet. Lia threw up over and over again.

She threw up until she didn't have anything left to throw up, then she started dry heaving as the only thing that fell into the toilet was tears. Lia was so focused on throwing up, she never even heard the door open, or the men walk in. It was a sight to behold, her tiny bare ass completely exposed as she was bent over the toilet, her thighs still glistening from her previous violation.

The tallest of her three attackers, the one who didn't cum, immediately pounced on the unsuspecting girl. Lia didn't even have time to react before she felt his hands on her waist pinning her down against the toilet. He started to press Lia's face into the vomit filled toilet, but Lia managed to flush it before her face ever reached the water.

She could feel his cock pressed up against her as he tried to find his mark. As he let up to reposition himself, Lia put her arms against the rim of the toilet. Lia screamed as he shoved his thick cock right into her tight, unprepared pussy. He immediately started hammering away pounding inch after agonizing inch of his cock right into her pussy. He tried as hard as he could to force Lia's face into the toilet, but he couldn't. All Lia could do was cry as she was again violated, this time in the worst way.

Her body started to react once again. Lia cursed herself for being so sexual, so.whorish. The guy hammered at chubby gfs sucking big black cocks! tube porn for a whole ten minutes before he started to tense up.

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"Please, don't cum in me!" Lia begged. As much as she'd given up on not being raped, the last thing she wanted is to get knocked up or worse. Lia's words fell on deaf ears as he continued to rape the young girl. Lia redoubled her efforts to escape, trying to twist away, hoping that he'd slip out and cum.

Lia's pussy was sopping wet once again as her body reacted to the stimulation. She began to tense up as she felt an orgasm start to bubble up.

Lia couldn't believe that this guy was going girlfriend masturbates before sensual sex forwomen and amateurs make her cum yet again. That she was so weak and such a disgusting whore that this terrible assault was making her cum. Lia cried in shame as her orgasm took hold. Moans of pleasure mixed with cries of shame escaped her lips as her cunt began to spasm around her attackers cock. This drove him over the edge as he shoved his cock as deep as he could, slamming it painfully against her cervix as he unleashed a torrent of cum almost directly into her womb.

The feeling of her attackers hot cum flooding her fertile young body sent Lia over the edge. Her body convulsed and shook as sex exploded from her. Lia laid face down in the toilet, her body trembling as cum dripped from her gaping cunt. Her attacker stepped back to admire his work. His friend looked devilishly at him. "My turn!" he said excitedly brandishing the bottle that he'd forced Lia to drink sex scene with adorable babe on public. Lia was just barely able to lift her head from the toilet, her long golden locks, pulled down the drain, forcing her head down into the bowl.

She could just barely move, her body still in shock from the assault and resulting orgasm. Suddenly she felt something that shocked the life back into her. As something small, hard, and cold was pressed against her virgin anus.

Lia strained to lift herself from being bent over in front of the toilet, desirable dames get their twats hammered hard brunette big tits the floor was slick and she was too exhausted. She randomly kicked back, hoping to score a hit with her heels, but he was already between her legs, so she just kicked around him. She tried to cover her ass with her hand, anything to prevent yet another violation, but the guy seized both of her wrist and lifted them up, forcing her head into the toilet, with no way to push back.

Lia screamed wildly as her face made contact with the water in the bowl. He tilted her down even further, submerging her head under the water as he slowly started to twist the bottle against her tight little pucker. Lia panicked, wildly kicking as the man applied more and more pressure as he tried to screw the bottle into her ass. Lia's body shook violently as her anus gave way and the opening of the bottle pierced her.

The man continued twisting the thickening neck of the bottle deeper and deeper. Lia screamed into the toilet water as her attacker tortuously raped her ass with the bottle. His cock was rock hard as Lia's failing began to lessen. He pulled her arms down, forcing her head out of the water.

Lia started coughing up the toilet water as she tried to catch her breath. "Please stop! I have money.I swear.please!!! I'll give you anything.just stop!" Lia said between gasps. The only response was the attacker shoving the bottle into her ass even deeper. Lia screamed as blood trickled from around the bottle. The man then started to pound the bottle in and out of her ass, violently hammering her torn little ass with the bottle as Lia screamed helplessly.

He raised Lia's arms again forcing her head underwater mid scream.

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Lia kicked wildly as he raped her ass violently. Lia prayed that she'd just pass out, but it never came. He kept pulling her head from the water just enough to keep her from drowning, but never long enough for her to fully catch her breath.

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After 15 minutes of agony the guy finally pulled the bottle from Lia's torn ass. He admired his work for a moment. He could see Lia's damaged canal spasming as it sat gaped open before him. Unsatisfied, the man shoved it the bottle back inside of her. He pressed his knee against the bottle as he now took one of Lia's wrist in each hand. Lia's face was jerked out of the toilet as he pulled back on her arms pressing his knee against the bottle.

Lia screamed as loud as she could as her anus tore around the thick body of the bottle. Lia's once virginal asshole was now stretched around a thick bottle of cheap vodka. Lia's head was spinning, but she didn't pass out. The man stopped with the bottle nearly completely lodged in her torn, bleeding rectum. Lia's body spasmed uncontrollably as the massive object tore her insides asunder. Tears poured from her face as she screamed hoarsely. The guy slowly released Lia's arms, which fell limply to the sides of the toilet.

There wasn't an ounce of strength left in Lia's exhausted, destroyed body. Lia's eyes were barely open as the life slowly drained from her body. Lia almost prayed that she'd die, but today was not the day for prayers. She felt the pop and felt the emptiness as the man twisted the bottle from her ruined rectum. He looked at the ripped open hole with a smile, then slowly pulled out his small, hard penis and began jerking off.

He sprayed his hot cum in Lia's ruined hole and then stood up. "She's all yours!" amrika xxx sex university sex stories said standing back admiring the damage. The mixture of blood and cum dripped from her completely gaped open ass. "I can see my house from here." he joked as Lia layed convulsing on the toilet.

The third guy turned Lia's limp body on it's back. Her eyes had started to roll back in her head and her body was still trembling from the shock of the previous assault. Lia stared at the ceiling hoping beyond hope that everything would just fade to black. She'd given up all hope of being saved or rescued or even surviving.

She just hoped it would end soon. Even if she could, Smutty sluts desire to fuck a lot wasn't sure she'd want to. Her body was destroyed, she'd have to wear a butt plug for the rest of her life and she had no doubt that she was probably pregnant. A sudden extreme pain shocked Lia back to reality. The third attacker's hand was smeared with blood and cum as he withdrew his fist from Lia's torn open cunt. He drew back again and jammed his fist violently into Lia's damaged cunt, punching her in the cervix.

Lia's body spasmed in pains she tried to curl up, but he just pushed her back down as he began to fist rape the tiny young girl. Lia could see the lump in her abdomen as the man jack-hammered his fist inside of her pounding against her cervix with is fist. Lia's battered cunt started to moisten, but there was no pleasure, just suffering as her abdomen started cramping violently from the assault.

"AHHHHH!!! STOP IT!!!" Lia screamed, her throat raw from screaming, but he continued fist raping her. Lia's body jerked and spasmed as he hammered away, it almost felt as though he'd punch through her cervix. He withdrew his hand and stuck out his middle finger before jamming it back into her. This time his middle finger slammed against her cervical opening. All Lia could do was shake and convulse. She'd long exhausted any strength she had, there was no pleasure, there was no nothing.

Just pain and agony. The man's fingernail slashed and scrapped Lia's cervix as he rammed his fist into her over and over again. Eventually her cervix gave. Without missing a beat, he started forcing more and more fingers into her, tearing her cervix wide open. Lia's eyes widened, and she tried to move her arms to protect herself, but there was nothing she could do. Just hoarse screams escaped her lips as tears streamed from her face.

The man spread his fingers out and started pulling back. Lia found the strength to kick helplessly as he started prolapsing her gaped open cervix. It didn't take long for Lia's strength to fail her. Lia's toes curled in agony as he pulled her cunt out.

With his free hand, he unzipped his pants and exposed his large thick cock. He shoved it right into Lia's prolapsed cervix. It didn't take him long to cum, dumping his cum directly into Lia's exposed womb. He pulled his cock out of her and pushed her cervix back in place. Lia laid on her back, her legs spread exposing her gaped open, violated fuck holes. Lia didn't even notice the guys pull her from the toilet.

One guy stood on each of her hands and the third guy stood on her hair, locking her face up between his feet. Only when the first intense threesome action with two lovely blondes anal of urine hit her face did she wake from her shock.

Lia's legs barely jumped as the urine covered her face and clothes. The first two attackers left after cleaning up. The last one stayed, lifting Lia's limp body into one of the trashcans and dumping her in. He took the trash out, dumping Lia's broken body into the dumpster.

Lia sat in a conservative suit, gone was the sparkle in her eye, gone was the sweet smile. Everyone who knew her had abandoned her. She was alone. Across the court room sat the the three monsters who violated her all those months ago.

A man had found her that night. She was battered and nearly dead. He'd almost hit her with his car but he didn't dad and cronys daughter almost xxx do you think im pretty managed to get her to the hospital. She had to undergo massive reconstructive surgeries on her pussy and her anus. Tears streamed from Lia's face as the lawyer badgered her, forcing her to relive the events of that night. The men were shocked that Lia was even alive, let along willing to testify against them, to humiliate herself by telling people what she had gone through.

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Lia's father left the courtroom, unable to stomach what the three monsters had done to his daughter. Lia sat trembling in her seat as the jury made their way back into the courtroom. The men glared hatefully at the young survivor. Lia's heart skipped a beat as the guilty verdict was delivered.

One of the men vowed that he'd get her, but that threat was never realized. Later that day as they were being taken to prison, the bus was hijacked.

The whereabouts of the three men are not known to this day, but one thing is sure, Lia is no longer a victim.