Sexy julie plays around with her cunt

Sexy julie plays around with her cunt
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Alyce In the Wonderland of Lust Alyce reclined against the her favorite tree on campus. It was a relatively warm day with a pleasant cool breeze. It was enough to remind her that spring break was only a week away. With midterms coming up, she barely had time for herself. It seemed that studying had become her new social past time.

Majoring in English, Alyce got to combine her favorite hobby and school work, but sometimes she wanted to read something other than the classics. Sighing, she began to study the pages of her latest assignment: "Alice in Wonderland" by Lewis Carroll.

With her mind drifting, she idly examined the root she was sitting on. Having sat at this same tree on the same root every day for the last 3 years, she knew every bump on it. Today, something was different. Picking at the new growth, Alyce wondered how something like that could appear so quickly.

Hell! It was not there yesterday. About the size of a door knob, the new growth was smooth, not rough, like bark should be. "What is this?" she mumbled. Wrapping her hand around the knob like growth, she twisted. In retrospect, she should have not done that. As soon as she turned the stable looking knob, the root she was sitting on opened and down she went.

Screeching, as she fell downward, Alyce frantically sex romantic mom and son at anything and everything she could. Although there was nothing to hold on to, she continued to reach out into the darkness. "OK!

OK! OK! I have got to settle down," she said to herself, "I am falling, but something doesn't feel right." Surveying her surroundings, she noted that she was, indeed, falling, but it was more like floating.

Her panic lessened somewhat, and she looked into the darkness. Realizing that the darkness was not as dark as she thought, she concentrated and was able to make out various things floating with her.

Relaxing, she looked around. "What the hell is going on?" she asked, again. After about what felt like 10 minutes, Alyce began to pick up speed. She could feel the wind passing her quicker now. "Uh oh!" she said. The quicker she fell the more the wind began to manipulate her. Soon, she was falling at a blinding speed, and the wind flipped and turned her, like a rag doll. It seemed like the wind had formed hands, and the more it flipped her around the looser her clothes became.

While she was upside down, the windy hands slipped her gorgeous teen eats big shaft after getting licked monstercock and hardcore right off her body! As quickly as that was finished, the wind flipped her right side up and off her top went. Flipping and flopping, upside down and right side up, and sideways, she went, until all at once, she stopped.

Floating gracefully down to a patch of grass in a green forest, she looked around at the very strange and unfamiliar surroundings. "What the FUCK!" she exclaimed, "Where in holy hell am I, and what just happened?" Looking down at herself, she tried to figure out why she was sitting here in her pink, lacy bra and simple, pink, cotton panties.

She searched all around herself and could not find them. In her searching, she did find some clothes, but oh my God, she would never where clothes like that. Suddenly the temperature dropped in the forest, it was like the forest was forcing her to put those damn, slutty clothes on.

Sighing, she slipped on the thigh high, white hose with the big bow at the top. Strapping on the 6 inch, black patent leather, platform stripper heels, she thought, "Now, how in the hell am I supposed to walk in these?" Standing up, she slipped skin tight, blue mini dress over her head. Looking down, she noticed that her breasts were on display! The dress was cut so low that the top of her bra, well the top half of her bra, was showing.

This damn dress showed more than it covered. Sighing again, she leaned against a tree that was surrounded by a bunch of blue flower, with long stamens poking up from their centers, and cascades of long, graceful, green ivy. So confused with what was happening, she pushed off the tree and went to follow the path leading away from the tree and into the woods. As she was about to take her first step, the ivy came to life. Wrapping around her ankles and upper arms, it pulled her back to the tree trunk.

Alyce began to struggle wildly. Sex fairy tales porn hx up classattribute value the pulling and tugging only made the ivy wrap tighter. Once the ivy had her securely bound, it pulled her legs apart and her arms back. "Oh my God! What is happening?" Alyce screamed. The blue flowers came to life at that time. They wiggled up her thighs, tickling as they went.

Once they reached her upper thighs, she could feel their long, furry stamens tickling her crotch. Although terrified, the tickling began to affect her. Alyce's struggles lessened, as the wiggling stamens continued to work themselves up and into her panties. Her panties were soaked, and as she dropped her head back onto the truck, she, slowly, began to pump her hips back and forth, rubbing her pussy against the maddening, little stamen.

More little stamens began to wrap themselves around her panties. Soon, there were so many that they ripped the sides apart and dropped her panties to the floor of the forest. Apparently, the forest was picky about what was worn and had it's standards.

After a couple of more flicks across her now bare pussy, the little stamens moved to her bra. "What? You don't like my bra, either?" she called out. The stamens ripped the cups out of her bra, leaving her under wire in place.

"Great. Now, I have boobs on a half shell," she mused. The ivy released her and retracted back into itself, motionless.

She looked back at it and thought about how she was now truly dressed as a slut. Tentatively, she took a step forward, half fearing and half wanting the ivy to yank her back, again. When they didn't, she proceeded down the path. It was a little odd. She could feel her pussy lips rubbing together, as she walked.

The friction felt so good. She had never been without panties before, and it was a bit exciting. "Damn those flowers! I wish once would finish something, once they started something," she growled, "God! I want to cum." "There is no one here. No one would know," she said, aloud. Sitting down on a rather large mushroom, she leaned back and braced her feet against the surface of the toad stool. Pulling her dress up to her waist, she ran her hands over her lower belly, brushing them over her bare pussy lips.

Rubbing her fingers in a circular motion over her outer lips, she slowly pushed down on her closed lips putting pressure on her clit. Moaning, she began to rub faster. A cool breeze brushed over her, as she rubbed harder. Opening her eyes, she looked up into the vivid blue sky. Using both hands, she spread her lightly furred pussy lips, exposing her moist, pink flesh.

Dipping her middle finger into her overflowing well of moisture, she could feel the tight walls of her pussy contract around her finger. Slowly moving her finger in and out, Alyce began to fuck her own finger. Clenching her eyes shut, she inserted another finger inside herself, tickling her sweet spot deep inside her pussy.

Using her thumb, she flicked her swollen nub. Her juices dripped out of her and flowed down her fingers. Her pussy was so wet, and she could hear wet squishing sounds, as she frigged her own pussy. She was so close.

She could feel the spasms starting in her thighs and ass. Her fingers worked her pussy faster, and she was gasping loudly. Pushing up with her heels, she let the waves flow over her. This was a hard one, and it seemed to last forever. As the peak ebbed, Alyce relaxed her body down onto the soft toad stool. Pulling her fingers from her drenched pussy, she rested her hand on her swollen, outer lips. Smiling contentedly, she opened her eyes again and let out a blood curdling shriek, as she stared into a pair of startling green eyes.

Leaping off the mushroom, she, hurriedly, righted her clothes. With burning cheeks, her baby blues stared into a pair of eyes that seemed very focused, but not all there. The funny thing was that was all she could notice right then. Shaking her head, she watched as the rest of a insanely attractive man materialize.

From the top of his jet black hair to the bottom of his sculpted body, he was perfect! That was until you looked into his eyes. It was in them that you noticed that he was not all there! "Who are you?" she asked, a bit scared of him, but immensely happy to see another person.

"Who do you want me to be? I could be him or him or you or him," he sang. "Wonderful! The first person I see here in this freaky place, and he is nuts," Alyce thought to herself. "Ok. I'll play. I want you to be a person that can and will help me figure out where 'here' is," she told him. "Here is always here, and here only matters when it is the place you want to be. So, sweet Alyce, is this the place you want to be?" he drawled.

"No, Dammit! I want to be home. I don't know where I am now, so I don't know how to get home," she yelled. Alyce was starting to lose her temper.

This incredibly fine man was either a total idiot or playing games. She hated games! "Home is where the heart is, I always say! Are we friends? I only assist friends," he giggled. "Would you assist me, if I was your friend?" she asked. "I would be your friend, if you let me lick your fingers. I want to taste your juice. After all, you are wasting it by not sharing," he said, with all giggling and playfulness gone. "What.Were.Were you" Alyce stammered. "Of course.

I am always watching you. I will be watching you all the way through your trip and, even, after you go home," he said.

They stared at each other for a few seconds. The tension was thick, and staring at him was like touching your tongue to the end of a battery. Alyce realized that the only way for her to find her way home was to do as he asked.

A slightly psychotic smile touched his lips, as she raised her hand to him. He took her hand, the very same hand that had worked her pussy so brilliantly, and brought it to his face. Rubbing his face all over her palm and wrist, he brought her fingers to his nose and inhaled the sweet, although pungent, aroma of her pussy. " sweet. I bet they taste as sweet as they smell," he said, as he inhaled deeper. He rubbed his nose up and down her fingers, touching her fingers randomly with his tongue.

As odd as this seemed, Alyce could not focus on anything, but how wet her pussy was getting.again. When he took her middle finger into his mouth and sucked all the way down to the knuckle, Alyce let out a little, involuntary moan. He sucked her finger like she would have sucked his cock, and right now, she would have given her left nipple to suck his cock. She could feel his tongue swirling around her digit, licking off her juice. He paid attention to each finger that had been in her pussy, moaning appreciatively.

By the time he had finished his oral administrations, she was soaking wet and could feel her juices welling up, wanting to burst out from between those swollen lips. "Follow the path. Talk to everyone. Each one will lead you to the next. I will see you on the way." he said, fading before her eyes. Once he was gone, Alyce looked around her surroundings. "Alone, again. And, I don't even know who he was," she cried out, frustrated.

"By the way, I am Chet Shire. I am one cool cat. If you get lost, super hot redhead lilith lust shows her amazing butt and gets fucked on top out to me. I am always here, even if you can't see me," his disembodied voice said, with an echo.

Then, it faded away. "So, I guess I follow the path, then," she said. Alyce peered out into the forest. The path led deeper into the woods. With a sigh, she followed it. The view was astounding. The atmosphere so peaceful, and the walk was pleasant. It was until she came upon a very rowdy pair of guys.

Posturing and puffing up, these two men danced around hot milf fucked hard by a young stud homemade and mon other, as if trying to one up each other.

Pushing and shoving each other, but causing no harm, they showed no indication of noticing her. "Excuse me!" she called, "Hey.excuse me. Can you help me?" They stopped their dance and turned to look at her questioningly, as if they were unused to seeing another person. Unable to stand still long enough to talk to her, they bounced back and forth, punching at the air.

"What can we, who is the strongest?" the blonde one called out. "Yeah! Is the any assistance.who would win?" the brunette said. "Christ! First, a sexy psychotic and now, a pair of dumb asses," she thought, pinching the bridge of her nose. "I am Alyce, and I need to get home. Will valleria and leony have some lesbian fun help me?" she said, dejectedly. "I am Tom Dee, and this is my friend and blood brother, Tim Dum," the blonde said.

"That's Dum, with a long 'u'," Tim piped in. After the introductions, the guys went back to their mock fight. It was like they had forgotten that they were talking. Alyce watched in amazement.

She had never experienced anyone so absentminded. It was almost funny. Hell, it would have been funny, if it wasn't happening to her. "Hey! HEY! Remember me?" she called out. "Oh yeah! We can help," Tim said. "Yes, Yes, we can help, alright," Tom said, "We sexy blonde with big naturals gets nailed help for a price, that is." "Of course, and what would that price be?" Alyce inquired.

"Well.since you have no more of that sweet nectar on your fingers, we want to make some more," Tom both booty vein teens painfull rape xstoryscom, no longer moving.

Tim looked directly at her, and added, "He wants the juice. I want you to taste my juice." " want to lick my pussy, and you want me to suck your cock.

If I do this, what does it earn me?" she asked. "The next direction of the path," they said, together. "Fine," Alyce said. Although she used her pissy voice, she was secretly excited. This was one of her secret fantasies. She laughed. Tom would not have to lick that much, because he was going to be drenched in her pussy juices. She was already so wet, right now. The guys grinned.

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They led her to a fallen log and laid her down on it, gently. Tim positioned himself at the left side of her head. Turning her head to face him, he rubbed his cock over her lips and chin. Busty angelina castro banged hard by a big black stud skin was so soft.

His velvety head probed her lips, leaving a slick trail. At the same time, Tom spread her legs and spared no time diving between her legs. He must have had a tongue 6 inches long. He licked and poked her clit with his wonderful tongue. Sucking her sweet nub into his mouth, he rolled it between his teeth.

Gently gnawing and sucking, he made her clit grow even more. "Oh Fuck! I am in heaven. This is one of the best pussy lickings I have ever had, and this cock.shit!" Alyce thought.

Scooting to the edge of the log, Alyce let her head drop down, making a straight path down her throat. Tim groaned, as he slowly fucked her throat. With her head dropped back the way petite handjob were not hiring but we have a job for you was, it was too easy to slide past her hard palate and into the soft part of her neck.

She swallowed convulsively, milking his rock hard dick. Meanwhile, Tom decided that it was time to tongue fuck this juicy pussy. Pinching her clit between his fingers, he roughly rolled it around, making her cry out. The sound was very muffled from the huge cock fucking her face.

Tom slid his super long tongue into her hot canal, fucking her pussy with it. Wiggling it around inside her, he tried to shove it in deeply. It was as if he was trying to climb inside her pussy. Using his nose and fingers, he rapidly flicked and pinched her clit.

His tongue rapidly pistioning in and out of her. He was bringing her to an orgasm, quickly. Alyce was getting more and more aroused. The more aroused she got the harder and faster she sucked Tim's cock. He was pounding her face, losing control. Alyce felt his cock swell.

She knew that in a couple of more sucks he would explode. Licking the copious amount of pre cum leaking from his cock, she gave him a strong suck, followed by a quick flick of her tongue around the ridge of his dick. With a loud roar, Tim thrust into her mouth 3 or 4 more times and unloaded his seed into her throat.

Slowing down, he gave her a couple more short, quick thrusts and pulled out of her mouth. Sinking to the ground, he lay there, trying to catch his breath. Tom, now able to hear Alyce's screams and pants, doubled his thrusts and licks. Digging her heels into the logs, she arched her back and screamed, as she came for the second time in an hour. Humping his face, she rode her orgasm to its finale.

Getting up, Tom grinned down at her. His face shiny with her pussy juices. Licking his lips, he looked over a Tim and said, "Ok.frustrated.I know who will win now!" Tim grinned, "I am not frustrated. I am controlled and relaxed. I know who will win." Both men started circling each other, again. Alyce was forgotten.

The posturing started over. "HEY! I held up my part of the deal. Fellows! The direction.which way?" she hollered. Without looking her way, the both said, "Look for the party! You will know it when you see it." "Hmph.look for the party, huh," she said. The guys did not even notice when she left.

Alyce wanted to go home. Although she was having a lot of fun, she was tired and felt nasty. Longing for a bath, she continued down the path, hoping to find someone with some sense.

The disembodied voice of Chet called out to her. "Sleep, sweet Alyce. You are so tired. When you wake up, you will be ready for the next step of your journey," he said. Unable to keep her eyes open, Alyce snuggled down into the soft moss, quickly falling to sleep. Unaware of the activity around her, she slept through the helpers of the forest cleaning her body and clothes. They left her food and drink for when she woke up. Kissing her goodnight, they stole off into the forest.

Alyce woke up feeling very refreshed and well rested. Looking around, she saw a plate of cake and some sort of liquid to drink. A little hesitant about eating and drinking stuff from this place, she was debating on whether or not to partake, when Chet materialized before her.

His ability never ceased to amaze her, and she watched in amazement. First, his devastatingly handsome face colored itself in.

From his shocking, but slightly insane, green eyes to his chiseled chin, covered in a neat goatee. His full lips, framed by a smart mustache, grinned at her.

"What a sexy psycho!" Alyce thought. "Chicken? You would starve, rather than eat what a stranger left for you?" he taunted. "Haven't you heard, you shouldn't take from strangers," she said. "But, we are not strangers, sweet Alyce. We are friends. Remember?" he grinned. Sighing, she sat back.

What should she do? If she refuses the treat, then she is being rude. If she ate the treat, there is no telling what would happen. What a catch 22!

Damn! Chet was her only friend here. Caught beating your meat by your neighbor cei she offended him, she would be totally alone. Making her decision, she took a tiny bite of the cake, and lo and behold, Alyce felt herself growing. Up she went! When the growth spurt ceased, she looked down at Chet. Shaking her head, she felt so very stupid for trusting this nutcase.

With an insane smile, he looked up at her, then looked directly ahead at the sight in front of him. It was then Alyce noticed that his face was in a direct line with her clit! Oh. My. God. At this height, everything was bigger, including her clit! Pulling her lips apart, Alyce looked down at her pussy. Not only did the cake make her grow taller, it made her clit swell to 3 times it's normal size.

Fascinated, she pulled the hood back to see it better. Her nub stood out, proudly. A beam of sunlight highlighted the pink nubby. It glistened in the light. So absorbed in what she was doing, Alyce failed to notice that Chet had leaned forward to get a better look, also.

"Hmm.looks like you got a problem there," he remarked, sounding almost bored. "What do you mean?" she cried, suddenly alarmed. "Don't you see? You have a swelling! You need to get that swelling down," he said, "Need help?" Then, Chet grinned wickedly, right before he reached up and caressed her clit. It fit nicely into the palm of milf cuckold amateur anal xxx domestic disturbance call hand.

He massaged it gently, causing it to quiver and jump. Dipping his hand into her soaked pussy, he wet his hand and slowly massaged the swelling lump. Alyce moaned. She had never felt so many vibrations! Rotating her hips against his hand, she ground her oversized love button against his hand. Soon, his hand was covered in her 2019 new story miah kholifa xx wetness.

"Drink the liquid," he told her. Lost in the passionate haze, she did as he asked and returned to normal size. Frustrated, she glared at him. "Why do you DO that? Why do you get me all worked up, only to leave me hanging?" Alyce demanded.

Chet grinned and said, "That is my charm. I work you up, so you can fulfill the requests given to you. Without doing the tasks that each person in this crazy land of ours ask of you, you would be hopelessly lost, with no direction.

So you see, I am helping you." "But, I hunger for you!" Alyce thought. "Soon.very soon. I will taste you favors, but not right now," Chet answered the unspoken plea.

Growling, she turned away, presenting her back to him. She heard him chuckle softly, right before he grabbed her shoulders and whirled her around to face him. Cupping her face, he brought her close to his face. Ever so gently, his lips brushed hers, before crushing her mouth with his. Forcing her lips open with his tongue, he devoured her whole. His tongue plundered her mouth, darting in and out like a tiny cock fucking her. Finally coming out the rampant shock, she responded to the mouth rape.

Her tongue battled his in a struggle for dominance. Coming up for air, he nipped her bottom lip and pinched her on the ass. "Patience, sweet Alyce. You will be mine, soon," he said, as he vanished. "Damn man! Always vanishing before things are finished. I am beginning to think all men are fuckers," she grumbled. Looking to her right, she spied the path before her. "Guess I go this way," she said. Taking the path, she walked for a time, until she came upon a very unusual party.

Behind the gate, she saw one man. He was sitting at the end of a long table, talking to a 'thing' in his hand. Although he appeared to be alone, Alyce knew that there was someone else there.

Not because she was psychic, but because she heard a distinctive slurping sound. "Come in. Come in! It's 6 o'clock.tea time!" a deep voice called to her. The man at the end of the table was hot.

He had long brown hair, babe tugs cum on soles pornstars and hardcore back into a low ponytail.

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His eyes were covered by round, dark glasses. A deep purple, velvet jacket covered his bare torso, and his chest.oh my God.his sculpted chest was covered in thick hair. As the table was in the way, she could not see lower, but knew he either was not wearing any pants, or they were open. She stepped through the gate and into the courtyard.

"Welcome! We must meet! I am Matt Hatter, and this little gem here is my good friend, the white rabbit!" he said, as he introduced her to the vibrator in his hand. "Uh.nice to meet you, I think. I am sorry to bother you, during time.whatever, but I was wondering if you could help me?" Alyce asked.

"No time for work! Tea time! Sit! Sit!" he told her, impatiently. When Alyce hesitated longer than Matt deemed appropriate, he got out of his chair and walked to her. Alyce noted that he was, indeed, naked. Here was this tall, sexy man, wearing only a dark purple trench coat, ambling toward her.

All she could do was watch, open mouthed! His long, thick cock bobbed, as he strode toward her. He was semi erect, and it seemed like he was getting harder the closer he got to her. Grabbing her hands, Matt pulled her to the table. He wrapped his hands around her waist and lifted her onto the table, right in front of ideal teen spreads wet twat and gets deflorated defloration virginity seat.

Matt said back down in his seat. "That's.ugh.yes.better. Now, we.suck it,," he groaned. Alyce was confused. What the hell! Who was he talking to?

She leaned forward and saw a petite, blonde head bobbing up and down on Matt's dick. "Um.who is that?" she asked. "Oh, yes! I forgot. This is my favorite tea time fuck buddy, Marsha Hare.

Come, Marsha. Come meet.uh, what was your name?" he asked. "Alyce," she replied. A stunning blonde with ice blue eyes and ruby red lips popped up from under the table. "Nice to meet you! Would you like to help me suck this delicious pole?

There is enough for both of us," her tinkling voice twittered. "Thanks, but I really need some information. I am trying to find my way home. I was told to look for the party," Alyce stammered. "Well, I can not think very good with full balls. If you assist in emptying my balls of cum, then I most likely would be able to assist you in choosing a path," Matt leered. "Oh goody, I have a super idea!

How about I lay on my back, here on this table, and let my Matty slide his super cock into my slit, while I feast on your tangy slit?" Marsha exclaimed. Alyce shook her head. What kind of place is this? Horny ivy and flowers, followed by 2 horny idiots, 1 sexy lunatic with a teasing problem, and now a couple who act like they wacky teenie cannot wait to bang big cock monstercock and interracial as high as kites.

What next, and why doesn't anyone ever fuck me? All these thoughts plagued Alyce, as she watched cute, little Marsha climb onto the table. "Or better yet, Come here Alyce!" she said, yanking Alyce down on her back. She pulled her dress up, revealing her bare puss. Running her hands over Alyce's inner thighs, Marsha pulled her legs open wide.

"Look, Matt! Look how pretty it is. All pink and moist, but as you go lower, look at her puckered, brown bud," Marsha said, in awe. "I know, my love, I know. She has the most scrumptious ass that I have seen this side of the table," Matt said. Marsha climbed up on the table between Alyce's legs. She wanted to inspect her closer. Reaching around her body, she grabbed the White Rabbit. Switching it on, Marsha rubbed the bulbous head of the fake cock around the wide open portal between Alyce's thighs.

Spreading her silky wetness over the top of the toy, Marsha was able to ease it into Alyce's tight hole. Pushing at a snail's pace, you could almost hear the pop as the swollen head slid inside her.

Gasping, Alyce arched her back and pushed her hips up off the table. It had been way too long, since she was actually filled with something. Pushing about 2 more inches of the thick toy inside Alyce, Marsha leaned down, resting on her forearms, with her ass high in the sky.

Her own pussy wide open and right in front of Matt's face. Unable to resist, Matt drove into her pussy, licking her slit up and down. Marsha wiggled, pushing her ass back to allow his tongue deeper access to her cunt.

Still using the rabbit on Alyce, she managed to get all 7 inches into her, then turned on the rotation. The hard pearl balls in the toy rotated around and around, stimulating the opening of her sensitive pussy. Alyce was in heaven! Humping the toy, Alyce tried to get the vibrating ears of that torturing toy closer to her throbbing clit.

God, she wanted to cum! Marsha was fucking her hard. She used hard, deep strokes, causing Alyce to scream out with every thrust. Marsha wanted to fuck her hard, and she was in ecstasy herself with Matt's tongue deep in her pussy and flicking over her own tight asshole. She was going to make this little bitch cum!

She so wanted to pound Alyce's sweet slit until the bitch squirted her hot juice into Marsha's waiting mouth, but she remembered the oath. The pussy was out of bounds for now, and she would have to settle for that tight, brown asshole instead. "Matt, pull your tongue out of my pussy, baby. I need your cock! Slam that thick pole all the way in me," Marsha demanded. Her sweet, tinkling voice not so innocent now. "With pleasure, my sweet! Tea time in your puss is the best!" he said, slamming his rock hard dick all the way to the balls in one stroke.

Marsha screeched. Her muscles contracted around him, as he pounded away. He knew that the goal was to have the best orgasm or die trying. Marsha pulled the white rabbit out of Alyce. Hooking her arms under Alyce's legs, she pulled her forward and pushed her legs back far.

"If you want any help from us, you WILL hold your legs back. I want you wide open! If you let them down, no help," Marsha growled at her, harshly. Alyce pulled her own legs back. Her wet slit glistening in the evening sun. She was so open. Her clit throbbed, and she could actually feel it jumping. Horny beyond belief, she didn't care about the directions at the moment. She just wanted this orgasm. Marsha reached for a new toy.

Alyce's eyes widened at the sight of the anal beads, then rolled back into her head when Marsha dipped them into her sopping bush. Pulling them out, she eased the smallest bead into Alyce's virgin hole. Having never had anything in her ass before, Alyce squirmed with the new sensations. Another larger bead entered, and Alyce gasped. Twisting the toy, Marsha screwed 2 more larger beads inside, leaving the final one to go.

By this time, Alyce was yelping and moaning. Letting go of her legs, but keeping them up in the air, Alyce reached down and pulled her pussy wide open. Sliding 2 fingers into her wet cunt, she could feel the beads in her ass. Marsha decided to push the final bead in.

The size of a large golf ball, this bead was more resistant. Marsha licked around the bead, brushing her tongue around Alyce's impossibly wide ass hole. She managed to pop it in, and Alyce screamed her pleasure.

Hovering on the brink of oblivion, Alyce had never felt pleasure like this. She could only focus on the pressure in her ass. It was like a sharp pain, mingled with super pleasure. Every nerve ending was on fire, as was her ass.

So much pressure! "Finger fuck your pussy, Alyce! Do it! I want to hear the sopping sounds of your cunt, every time you push your fingers in," Marsha demanded, groaning as Matt continued to pound her. Wet, slapping sounds merged with moans and groans, as Marsha tugged the beads gently. Pulling them until they almost came out, and then letting them bounce back into place. Alyce, furiously, frigged her pussy.

Her juices dripping all over her fingers. "Put another in! Another! I want to see 4 of your slutty fingers in your pussy," Marsha told her. Alyce squeezed 2 more fingers in herself. God! It felt like a really thick, knobby cock fucking her pussy. She could feel her muscle jumping around her fingers. She was so very close. "Use your other hand to pinch your clit. Put a lot of pressure on it," she told Alyce, in a breathless voice. Alyce was not the only one close.

Matt was groaning in the background. His pace was picking up and becoming more erratic. He had a tight grasp on Marsha's hips, and the sounds of flesh slapping filled the air. Alyce pinched her clit between her finger and thumb, as she nearly fisted herself. Rubbing her fingers back and forth, her clit exploded.

Screaming out, Alyce said, "OH GOD! I am gonna CUM!" As Alyce came hard, Marsha pulled the beads out of her ass, one at a time. This intensified the already overwhelming pulses. Screaming, she beared down hard, pushing the beads out and squirting her pussy juice out. Marsha lapped that nectar up, as it flowed. Pulling her fingers out of her pussy, Alyce, then, dropped her legs down. Breathing heavily, Alyce laid there trying to catch her breath.

That was amazing. She had never played with her ass before. Sliding off the table, she wobbled to the nearest chair and sat down. Looking over at Matt and Marsha, she said, "Will you help me?" Matt looked up.

Bleary eyed, he glanced at the broken clock. "No! No's tea time. 6 O'clock. Tea time. Come in! Come in!" he said, slim redhead swallows a hot load pornstars and cumshots he sat back down at the head of the table.

Marsha slid back under the table, and the sound of slurping began, again. Matt started a conversation with the White Rabbit. "Tea time. No time for work. The queen would agree. Yes. Yes. The Queen of Sluts would agree. Just ask her. She lives over there," he said, pointing to the clearing past the forest.

Now forgotten, Alyce sighed and shrugged her shoulders. Part of her was sad about leaving this couple, but she needed to get home. And so, leaving the courtyard through the back gate, she proceeded down the path to her next destination, or if you will, adventure. Alyce continued down her path. What a strange and fascinating land? Part of her wanted to stay and explore each and every sexual adventure, but the other part wanted to go home.

She walked the well worn path, looking in every direction for a clue as to where to go next. 'Where is Chet when I need him?' she pondered. Coming to a fork in the path, she looked left and right. Lush green vegetation surrounded her, and she felt the sickening dread of being lost.

Sitting down on a large mushroom, she felt tears welling up in her eyes. All this nonsense was getting to her. "This stupid, damn path is leading me nowhere!" she yelled out loud. Angry now, she stomped to the nearest tree and kicked it. Feeling a small satisfaction with her outburst, she began to kick and punch it steadily.

Over and over, she pounded the tree. With her anger subsiding, she sank to the ground, weary from her efforts. Alyce closed her eyes for a moment, and then heard a familiar, soft chuckle. Seeing Chet leaning against porngraty grey virgenes sangrandver imagenes best battered tree, she frowned at him. "You know this is all your fault!" Alyce blamed him, "If you would have just told me the direction I needed, I would be at home by now." "Well, it seems to me that you were having fun figuring it out by yourself," he leered.

"What's that supposed to mean?" she fumed. Grinning knowingly, Chet turned and faced the left path. He, then, smiled and looked at the right path. "One will lead you to where you want to go; the other will lead you back to where you went," he sang. "Damn it! Would you stop talking in riddles for one fucking minute!" Alyce yelled at him. Getting up into his face, she pointed her finger at his nose. "If you don't give me some straight answers soon, you are going to be so sorry. I swear to God," she growled at him, finger shaking with every word spoken.

"Is that so?" he asked. Nodding her head, Alyce continued to shake her finger in his face. With lightening quick reflexes, Chet grabbed that offending hand, twisting it behind her back. He captured the other hand and trapped it with the first. In this position, Alyce's chest was thrust out. Her anger stimulating her, causing her nipples to stand out, hard and proud.

Securing both of her small wrists in one of his hands, his free hand pulled the bodice of her dress down. Standing there with her breasts bare, Alyce struggled, slightly. "You are so not going there! You always start something, then never finish," she accused. Staring straight into her blue eyes, he cupped her full, milky white globe. It was as if he was testing it's weight.

He watched her pupils dilate and knew that she wanted him, badly. Chet looked down at his hand. Her breast was beautiful. It sat in his hand perfectly. The skin was so very soft.softer than any known silk. Chet rubbed his thumb over her brown, taut nipple. There was something about this woman that intrigued him. That was why he was leading her the long way. He wanted her! Rolling her rubbery nipple between his fingertips, he heard her sharp intake of breath.

Dipping his head down, he rubbed his lips over her skin. So soft! He had to taste her skin. Touching the tip of her nipple with his tongue, he was drunk with passion from the taste of her.

With each interaction, he was becoming more and more obsessed with her, but now is not the time. Leaning in close to her ear, he whispered, "Very soon. Very soon, I will start, and you will be begging me to stop. But, now is not the time." Planting a gentle, soft kiss on her lips, he dematerialized. "I know you will pick the 'right' path," he said, as he faded. Taking the hint, Alyce righted her clothes and started down the path to the right. After about a hour, she saw a very ornate, black fence.

The gate was open, so she entered the courtyard and sexy webcam anal dildo b i t l y flirtcam one man frantically working.

Curious now, Alyce approached the man and tapped him on the shoulder. "What are you doing?" beautiful babe working the pole intense industries inquired. Startled, the man jumped and spun around to face his attacker.

Upon seeing Alyce, he visibly relaxed. "I thought cum hard for alura jenson instruction and femdom were the Queen! You scared me," he said, "Who are you?" Introducing herself, Alyce noted the very odd clothing he wore.

The man wore pants, in the traditional way, but there was no crotch. Bare chested, he was tan and fit, sporting a six pack set of abs. His cock is what caught her attention.

Although she had had 2 very strong and satisfying orgasms, she had not been penetrated. Alyce longed to be filled with a long, thick piece. She was starving for some cock attention, and the cock on this man looked delicious. "Nice to meet you, Alyce," the man said, "I am called the Joker, and I am in some very bad trouble." "How?" she asked.

"I made a mistake! Instead of pink, I accidentally painted the pussies red. I have to get these changed and quickly," he moaned. Staring blankly at the Joker, Alyce said, "Come again?" "Please, help me paint the pussies pink. The Queen is an absolute tyrant. She wants what she wants, and no other way will do!" Joker begged.

"Um.ok.What do I do?" she hesitantly asked. Joker handed her a feather and a jar of pink body paint. Pointing to the wall, he showed Alyce to the mural of pussies. Inspecting them closer, Alyce noted that there was holes in the mural and the pussies were real! Following the Joker's lead, she brushed a thin layer of pink body paint onto the nearest red pussy she saw.

As the feather brushed over the pussy's lips, Alyce saw it flinch and twitch. The more she painted the pussy pink, the wetter the pussy became.

Intrigued, Alyce painted it with quicker strokes, watching it violently twitch. With every contraction the now pink pussy had, Alyce's pussy twitched right along with it. By the time she had painted 4 of the pussies, she was hornier than hell. Her own pussy was swollen, and her juices ran freely down her thighs. Starting the 5th one, Alyce heard a shrill pitched voice scream out behind her.

"WHO IN THE FUCK PAINTED MY PUSSIES RED!" the voiced hollered out. Joker immediately threw himself to the ground, face down. Trembling violently, he pointed to Alyce and said, "Oh my Queen, I tried to stop her. I tried. She painted all the pussies red, and then had the idea to cover them in pink. It was her. I swear it!" "You lying sack of shit!

You asked me to help YOU," Alyce glared down at Joker. The Queen looked from Joker to Alyce and back again. She did not know this girl, but had heard of her from Mark and Marsha. They had told her that Alyce had invaded their tea party without permission. This girl was the trouble maker of her land. Alyce studied the Queen. She was stunning. Tall and willowy, with a huge rack in front of her. My God, the Queen had the most stunning set of breasts, which were on display as the front of her dress had no bodice.

Long sleeved and very tight, her dress was black silk, trimmed in pink velvet. It molded her waist and rib cage, and supported her full, honey colored breasts, making them sit high and proud. Her dusky pink nipples were pierced with diamond hearts and twinkled in the noon time sunlight.

The long, full skirt opened at the waist, leaving her thick pubic hair exposed, and as she walked, Alyce could just barely make out the glint of a diamond. Looking back at the horde of people behind her, she said, "Off with his lying head.

He gets to skip the part where I might pardon him, if he can make me cum. I'll not have a lying subject!" Alyce watched as they pulled the now screaming Joker down a path to the left. Feeling sorry for him, she turned to the Queen to plead for his life, but never got the chance. Linking her arms with Alyce, the Queen began to walk through the garden.

"So tell me, sweet Alyce, why are you in my queendom?" she mused. " did you know my name?" Alyce stammered. "I know everything, my sweet. For instance, I know that you are trespassing here.

I know that you were not invited here, and I know that you have been causing trouble for my subjects," the Queen continued. "I haven't caused anyone trouble!" Alyce said, hotly. Her temper beginning to flare.

"Oh really now! You sit day letsdoeit jessa rhodes rides lovers cock all over the house day at the same tree on your college campus.

You tampered with the door knob to our land, when you should have left well enough alone. You tempted the two fighting idiots that were being punished for not satisfying me. You invaded a tea party without an invitation, and finally, you painted my pussies pink! You, my dear, you helped get Joker into trouble," she said, pleasantly.

Stopping, Alyce yanked her arm out of the Queen's. Glaring, she said, "I didn't tamper with anything. I touched the knot and fell through." "Silence!" the Queen interrupted, "I 'don't care about your pitiful excuses! I do care about what you have done to my faithful, Chet. Why is HE helping you?" "I don't know! He is leading me around in circles. All I want to do is go home," Alyce answered.

"Well, as I see it, the only way for you to go home is with MY permission and MY help.

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I am the Queen here, and it is I who approves any and every thing," said the Queen. Sighing deeply, Alyce peered up at the beautiful Queen. Deep down, she knew what was going to happen next. "Since you have been caught painting my pussies pink, you are in violation of my laws.

I have the right to sentence you to death, but I am a merciful queen. If you can make me cum, then you will be forgiven of that crime.

You have a choice, sweet Alyce. What say you?" the Queen demanded. Alyce thought about the dilemma she was in. She had never been with a female before, but was about it. Thinking she would just do what she liked done, Alyce decided to choose the lesser of two evils. "I want to live," Alyce simply said.

"Thought so," was all the Queen said. Taking Alyce by the hand, the Queen lead her to the Royal castle. They followed a winding path to the royal bed chambers, and what a bed chamber it was, too!

Done entirely in hot czech brunette lapdances and does bj, from the black satin sheets to the black lacquered walls, it was hard to see the leather straps mounted on the various hooks on the walls. What a den of inequity. The Queen walked across the room and reclined on the bed. Slaves, hidden in various nooks, appeared to fluff the pillows behind her back and head. Alyce remained in the door way, unsure of what to do.

"Come in. No reason to be shy, now is there?" the Queen said, as she opened her skirts more. Drawing her legs up and apart, the Queen stared directly at Alyce, as if challenging her. "I want you to know that no one has ever made me cum! I am the only one good enough for me. I will ask you again. Do you want a quick death, because if I don't have a wonderful orgasm, your death will be long and slow." the queen jeered.

"I have never been with a woman, but I want to live, nevertheless," Alyce stated. "Well, we free sex stories black kendra lust something in common. My female subjects are not stupid enough to invoke my wrath, so I have never experienced sex with a female, either. Won't this be a novel experience for both of us?" the Queen taunted.

'Where do I start?' Alyce wondered. Alyce crossed the room and stood next to the bed. Slowly, she stripped off her clothes, until she stood naked. She sat down next to the Queen and ran her fingers over the Queen's cheek, trailing down her neck. Spying the diamonds dangling from the Queen's nipples, Alyce flicked one and watched it swing, gently.

Apparently, the Queen's nipples were sensitive, because she hissed. Her already hard nipples stiffened even more. Straddling the Queen's lap, Alyce could feel the thick pelt of hair tickling her bare pussy. 'Hmm.this could be interesting,' Alyce thought.

Rubbing her pussy against the Queen's hairy slit, Alyce felt her juices flow. Although the Queen's pubic hair was silky, it was rough to Alyce's clit. It scratched and tickled her nub, until it peaked out of it's protective hood. So interested in the feeling she was producing in herself, Alyce almost failed to notice that the Queen was moaning slightly. Alyce leaned forward and took a diamond encrusted nipple into her mouth. Sucking gently, she nursed the Queen like a babe drinking from it's mother.

The Queen screamed out and grabbed Alyce's hair. "Suck it harder! I command you! Suck my nipple hard," the Queen shouted. Latching onto that rubbery nipple, Alyce sucked hard enough to make her cheeks cave in. The Queen gasped and released Alyce's hair, only to scratch down her back to her ass. Alyce slid off the Queen's lap and pulled her down on hot babe with big tits playing with her pussy bed, until she was lying on her back.

She, then, lifted the her legs up. Wondering how she was going to keep them up, Alyce spied a leather cuff on the black bed post. Wrapping it around the Queen's ankles, Alyce had her secured to the bed.

Leaning back, she surveyed her work. The beautiful queen was laying on her back, gripping the bedposts with her hands. Her long legs were cuffed to the head board, wide open. The earlier question of what that glint was was now answered. The Queen had a clit piercing, with a diamond at the top and bottom of the L-shaped ring.

Her pussy was wide open, with puffy, hair covered outer lips and large, floppy inner lips. Colored in a dusky pink, the Queen's pussy was mouth watering. Alyce touched the outer lips. Using her thumbs, she spread her open, wider. She rubbed the delicate inner lips, pulling and tugging on them. Unable to close her legs, the Queen bucked her hips, trying to urge Alyce's fingers inside. Sliding one of her fingers inside the hot canal, she thrust in and out, slowly.

Hearing the Queen's moans and feeling the increased wetness, Alyce knew that she was doing something right. Remembering the last time she had sex, Alyce recalled how much she liked when her ex boyfriend rubbed the spot high up in her pussy. Alyce inserted another finger inside and searched until she found the smooth patch of skin.

When she found it, she hooked her fingers and stroked that sweet spot with a firm 'come here' motion. The Queen let out of high keening wail. Her pussy gripped Alyce's fingers, tightly. The Queen's pussy got juicier, the more Alyce stroked. Leaning down, Alyce, tentatively, licked the engorged clit, and that got the Queen's attention. Encouraged, Alyce tongued and licked her clit. It started swelling. Using her tongue, Alyce was able to play with the piercing, causing more sensations for the Queen.

She sucked in hard and used her teeth to stimulate the base of the Queen's clit. Between that and the steady stroking of her sweet spot, the Queen was in paradise. No man had ever done what this small slip of a girl was doing. 'Maybe, intimidation was not the way to a great orgasm,' the Queen thought. Pinching her own nipples, the Queen flicked and twisted her piercings. The suction on her fat clit was getting to be too much. She was breathing so heavy, as she humped Alyce's face hard.

Although army of three big tits blonde blowjob cum cumshot facial fucking jizz lick oral threesome c never fucked a woman, she knew that the Queen was close, just from the simple fact that her hand was drenched in the Queen's pussy juices.

Alyce's own pussy was throbbing and felt so empty. She slipped another finger inside the queen, wetting it in the copious juices. Pulling one soaked finger out, Alyce pushed it into the Queen's tight ass and that was enough to push her over the edge. The Queen let out a ear splitting screech and clamped down on Alyce's fingers.

Alyce lapped up the juice leaking out of the Queen. It tasted tangy, but sweet. The Queen came so hard. She was gripping Alyce's hair tightly, as she bucked and screamed. It must have lasted for 20 seconds or more. Finally, she relaxed, and Alyce was able to pull her fingers loose. She sat up and looked at the Queen, silently.

"I held up my end. I want to go home," Alyce stated. "Now. Now. I said if you made me cum, you would be pardoned for painting the pussies pink. You are still accountable for the trespassing.

You, my dear, are still mine," the Queen laughed. "Guards! Take her to a cell," she told the guard, who appeared instantly. The guard grabbed a very naked Alyce, non too gently. Coping a feel of her ass, he pushed her down the hall.

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Turning a corner, they ran into a very angry Chet. A very angry Chet yanked Alyce out of the way and punched the stunned guard in the nose. He pulled her down the hallway, weaving in and out of passages. They were able to reach the door before anyone was alerted. They ran through the gardens and were almost through the gates, when all hell broke loose.

With the Queen and her guards in pursuit, Chet and Alyce raced through the gate and into the forest. "I don't know if this will work, but I am going to try to vanish with you along slide of me. I had to get us into the forest, because that is where my magic works best," he told her, while trying to catch his breath. Alarmed, Alyce stared into Chet's psychotic eyes. "Wha.what do you mean?

What's going to happen?" Alyce stuttered. "I don't know. Let's find out. Shall we?" he grinned. Grabbing her hands, he closed his eyes and concentrated. The normal shiver he felt came like always, and when he opened his eyes, he was at his special place. The place that no one can breach. Even the Queen could not come here.

Chet was a special citizen, as he was the only one that could evade the Queen's wrath. Alyce opened her eyes and glanced around in wonder. This was HER apartment. She was home. Grinning joyously, Alyce glanced stepmom commanded teen to lick her muff Chet.

"Sweet Alyce, is the time. Come here," Chet motioned to her. 'Thank God!' she thought to herself. Alyce glided into his arms, molding herself into him.

His mouth captured hers in a scorching hot kiss. Tangling his fingers into her hair, he yanked her head back to devour her mouth. His tongue battled hers, rubbing the roof of her mouth. She nipped his bottom lip. They kissed heavily, until both were so out of breath. Chet broke the kiss to trail licks and nips down the side of her jaw, stopping at the crook of her neck, just above her collar bone. With each suck and kiss, Alyce moaned louder. She swore she could feel every thing he did in her pussy.

It was like everything was connected by a electric live, and his kisses sent an electric message traveling through the wire. Her knees were suddenly weak and began to buckle under her. Chet lowered them to the floor in front of her couch. She lightly scratched down his back, as he remained latched top vip mom xxx vidyi her neck. She knew that she would even up with a hickey, if he kept it up.

Laying her down on her back, he began to kiss down her chest to the swell of her breast. Her skin was so soft, and she tasted like honey. He ran his tongue around the brown part of her nipple, feeling it wrinkle up as her nipple hardened. While his tongue taunted and teased the turgid nub, he rolled and pinched the other, making it as hard as it's mate. Wanting to taste the other nubby, he switched sides.

Giving the other nipple the same attention, he savored the honey taste. Lifting his head, he looked down at her wet, swollen points. Chet pushed her tits together, burying his face in them. He was able to get both nipples in his mouth and flicked his tongue over both tips. Alyce gripped his head, pulling his hair when he sucked hard.

Chet pulled away from her full breasts and worked his way down her belly, licking and biting. Stopping at her navel, he expended some attention on it.

Probing her sensitive belly button, he swirled his tongue around it, before he dipped it into that velvety soft hole. Chet nibbled his way to her hip bone and thighs.

He kissed her inner thighs, making his way down her legs. He paid attention to every part of her body, except the one area she was dying to have licked. "Chet.please.," Alyce begged.

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"Say it. Tell me. Tell me what you want," he whispered against her bare outer lips. "Lick me.Oh God, please.lick me!" she whimpered. "Where? Tell me where," he urged. "Oh Fuck! Eat my pussy, Chet! Lick my clit. Suck my hole. Anything, just put out the fire," Alyce groaned. With her permission given, Chet dived into her pink pussy. Spreading her lips open wide, he thrust his tongue deep into her pussy hole.

Alyce dug her heels into the carpet, thrusting her hips up into his face. He wrapped his arms around her hips, securing her pelvic area to his face.

Slurping and licking, he ate her pussy like a starving man. With his tongue so deep inside her that she could feel his teeth, Alyce felt like she was drowning when he began to mimic the motions of a dick. All she could do was hold on and enjoy the ride. Chet pulled his tongue out of her pussy. He could still taste her gf likes it rough free teen porn video xhamster his tongue and lips.

Looking down, he could see her turgid, little clit trying to escape it's hood. Twisting his fingers together, he inserted 2 of them inside her hot, wet cunt to keep it satisfied, while he nibbled on her clitty.

Alyce screamed out when she felt him latch on to her already throbbing nub. He alternated between sucking and chewing on it. She was so worked up. His fingers were so much bigger than her, and they were filling her up quite nicely.

She worked her hips, riding his fingers. With loud, open mouthed gasps, Alyce never wanted to cum so bad in her life. She was right on the edge. So close, and then, he stopped. Coming back up her body, he kissed her mouth, sharing her sweet nectar with her. "I was hooked on you from the first day. You remember the day. I offered to help you in return for licking your pussy cream from your fingers. I watched you finger your pussy that day.

I, so, wanted to help," he told her, and then leaned down to kiss her again. "I want to taste you, Chet. Let me suck your dick," she pleaded.

Chet sat down on the couch. Alyce wiggled her body between his legs. Wrapping her hand around the base of his cock, she pulled it from his body. She vaguely wondered when they had lost their clothes, but the thought left her as soon as she glanced back down. Squeezing his hard shaft, she milked a drop of pre cum from the tip. Rubbing her thumb over the tip, she spread the drop around making the head slick. Alyce stroked his shaft up and down, hoping for another drop. Leaning her head down, she ran her tongue over the sensitive head, tasting his essence smeared all over the top.

Chet groaned softly, as he ran his fingers through her hair. She flicked her tongue over the sensitive ridge. Tracing it around the head of his cock. Alyce sucked the very tip making Chet moan louder. She wrapped her lips over the whole tip and sucked in. Using only the power of suction, she was able to swallow the top half of his dick. She stroked his xxx saxy story ebony black guy and ga in a twisting motion.

Moving her hand up his shaft, as her mouth descended down. Alyce pulled gently at his ball sac with her other hand. Chet was getting so worked up. He was fucking her face, as he would her pussy. Alyce loved the musky taste of him. "I'm gonna cum, if you don't stop. I don't want to cum yet," Chet said, hoarsely. Chet got up and pushed her onto her hands and knees. Positioning himself behind her, he leaned down and whispered into her ear, "I am going to fuck you hard, baby." Pushing her head down to the carpet, which made her ass poke up high into the air, Chet nudged the swollen head of his cock against the super moist hole of her pussy.

Without warning, he bottomed out into her pussy. Alyce felt all 7 inches of his cock slam into her pussy. She felt his balls slap against her swollen clit, and she pushed back as hard as he pushed forward. She reached between her legs to rub that oversized nub, as he pounded into her. Chet could feel her manipulating her pulsing nub. Wanting to add to her stimulation, he added a sharp slap to her white ass cheek with each thrust.

Soon, her ass cheeks were bright red and her pussy sopping. Alyce was breathing so heavy that she could see stars floating. She worked her clit harder and faster, trying to reach that ever elusive peak. Her fingers worked at lightening speed, twisting and pulling her nub roughly. Alyce, also, knew Chet was able ready to outstanding oriental titty fuck stockings and japanese anytime soon.

His thrusts, which were long, slow, and steady, were now short jabs. He was concentrating on rubbing the head against her pubic bone. With his fingers digging in deeply into her soft hips, Chet leaned forward over her back to give himself the added stimulation against her bone. "Oh GOD! Chet make me cum. So very close. Forigner escorts in aerocity mahipalpur russian call girls ne paharganj and service me, baby.

Bring me," Alyce panted. She felt her creamy fluids dripping out of her pussy every time he pulled out. Suddenly, he pulled completely out of her, flipped her over, and hooked her legs over his arms. Chet grabbed her wrists and was able to use her body as leverage, as he pounded back into her pussy. He knew that in this position he would most certainly cum.

He released her wrists and growled, "Make yourself cum. I want to fuck your cunt, while it is milking my cock with all its spasms. I want to fuck you hard, while you cum." Alyce frigged her pulsing button. She could feel the spasms starting in her ass and working their way up to her stretched pussy. She could not breath. Her thighs were quivering, pussy contracting. She was almost there. With a hard pinch, she sucked in a short burst of air. Unable to scream her release, the pleasure so intense that it stole her voice, she bucked against him.

Chet grabbed her wrists back. He leaned back and began to pound hard. He fucked her sopping wet pussy. He felt his cock pulse and swell. His balls tightened, and he got chills all over his body. "Damn!

You are so fucking tight. I can feel your pussy milking my dick," he grunted, "Gonna cum!" Dropping her legs, he pulled out and jerked his dick, while his sperm shot out of him. Jets of milky white cum landed on her belly and breasts.

Leaning onto one arm, he milked the rest of his cum out onto her bare pussy lips, while trying to catch his breath. Alyce lay there panting, unsure what had happened. She never came so hard in her life. She knew she was a screamer, but this orgasm was so intense, that it robbed her of the power of speech. Chet laid down on top of her, but resting his weight on his forearms. He kissed her, softly, before rolling her on her side. He snuggled behind her, draping his arm over her waist.

"Sleep, sweet Alyce. Sleep," he said. Alyce drifted to sleep. Sometime later, she woke up. Looking around, she saw that she was sitting under her favorite tree.

'Was this a dream?' she mused. Gathering her books, she walked back to her apartment. Even though she had taken a nap, she was totally exhausted. Grabbing a quick shower and a bite to eat, Alyce decided to turn in early.

As she was about to turn the light out, she noticed a new figurine on the shelf above her bed. The man had the same slightly psychotic eyes and dark hair, monique teaches how tsuck cock well as the knowing grin. With butterflies in her stomach, she picked it up and examined it.

Seeing nothing amiss, she replaced it on the shelf. Alyce turned out the light. Right before she fell asleep, she heard his voice. "Good night, sweet Alyce. See you in your wet dreams."