Hot sex after school pussylicking small tits

Hot sex after school pussylicking small tits
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Where It All Began 1 My wife and I had been married for almost seven years, seven terrible years punctuated by a few happy moments. Most of those happy moments came while we were in bed, my wife was actually pretty good, probably due to the fact she was a high school football team slut.

Oh, she told me she was a virgin, but I found out the truth after we got married, but that is another story for another time. The divorce was a pretty bad affair and I had lost everything but my Harley and my GTO, not even a kiss before that fucking. The end result was that most of my spending money came from taking money from sailors at the pool tables in the bars near the base.

One evening I had gotten pretty well loaded after taking almost four hundred dollars from the tables. In fact I was so drunk that I found myself in a bar I had never seen before, in a part of town I don't visit.

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When I tried to leave, one of the guys there, Ted, suggested I was a little too drunk to think about getting behind the wheel of a car and he, my new best friend, would be happy to drive me to his place and let me sleep it off there.

I really was too drunk to resist so I accepted his invitation and quickly blacked out. I didn't remember getting there, didn't even know where "there" was and when I opened my eyes the sun blazed through a window and it felt like holes were being burned through my brain.

I lifted my head but it hurt so bad I thought it was going to explode. A tall man came into the room wearing only a pair of boxers, I could not help but notice the size of his package…who is this guy, I thought. "Good morning, you look like you have been beaten half to death…how are you feeling?" he asked. Ted, that's right, he drove me from some bar last night, "Probably twice as bad as I look." He handed me a glass of some liquid, "Here, drink this and go back to sleep, when you wake up you will feel much better.

I have to run some errands and should be back in a couple of hours, make yourself at home. Your car is down stairs, I picked it up this morning. If you are still here when I get back we can grab a bite and maybe get to know one another." I didn't even respond, just dropped my head back on the pillow and went back to sleep, I didn't even know when he left.

The next time I opened my eyes it was a new world, I felt great and had only a slight headache. I was in a bedroom that was nicely furnished laying naked on a king sized bed. The other thing I notice was that I had to piss so bad I wasn't even sure I was going to make it to the bathroom.

When I returned, much relieved, I looked around the room and began to notice more specifics about it; there were mirrors all over the place, including the ceiling and on the nightstand next to the bed was a half used tube of KY. I found my clothes, slipped into my pants and began exploring.

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The first thing I found was the kitchen; a coffee pot sat on the counter with a note attached, "coffee is ready to brew, all you need to do is plug it in". I plugged in the pot and stared at it until the coffee was done and poured myself a cup the headed toward the living room.

The living room was furnished in leather and wood, much better decoration than I would have expected and one of the plush leather chairs seemed to be calling my name. As I sat down I noticed a thick photo album on the table and picked it up and opened it. The first picture was pretty shocking; a woman knelt on the floor with a man's giant cock in her mouth. There were pictures of men and women in various positions but the one that got me was a small woman with a cock buried deep in her ass.

Further back in the book were pictures of women with women, fervid nympho spreads tight kitty and gets devirginized girls with women, and girls with girls. My cock was hard as steel as I looked at the pictures and continued through the photo album.

Further back were pictures of men sucking each others cocks and fucking one another in the ass in various positions, then men doing all the same things with younger boys and finally boys engaged in sex with other boys.

In the very back were pictures of young boys and girls fucking and sucking each other. My cock was so hard in my jeans I could hardly stand it. I flipped back to the pictures of men together and then noticed that many, if not all of the pictures were taken in this house and a large percentage of them included my host.

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I could not understand why my cock was still so hard; I had never been with a man and thought it was pretty sick…and exciting. "I see you found my prize collection," Ted said as he walked into the room. I closed the book, hoping he had not seen which pictures I had been gazing at, "Sorry, I didn't mean to pry, I just saw it here and was glancing through it." He looked at me with a gleam in his eye I had never seen coming from a man, the kind of look that made me very nervous, "No problem, I am pretty proud of that work, that is why I leave the album out." I was really getting nervous now, "Not all of it is exactly my cup of tea, but to each his own.

Hey, thanks for saving my ass last night, I doubt I would have made it very far before our friends in blue had me in the back of the Silver Star Taxi. I really appreciate it, but I guess I better get going and let you have your privacy back." I stood to leave, "You don't have to go, I would like to get to know you a little better. I don't have anything special going on today and you said you were on leave. Sit down, have another cup of coffee and relax." Now I was really getting nervous, sure I had messed around with a friend when I was a kid, but that was a long time ago and I had no desire to repeat it, "Ted, listen, once again I really appreciate you letting me stay here last night, but I think I may have given you the wrong idea last night." The smile never left his face, "Jim, I am not going to rape you, I would just like to spend some time with you and get to know you.

If something additional happens, great, but that is completely up to you." I sat back down but I fast time girl rep gujarati could not relax, not because I feared him, he was tall, with a runner's body and I was only a little shorter and was built more like a boxer. After a while I did relax and he showed me around his spacious home which was located in the better part of Corpus Christi right on the bay.

We took a ride out to Padre Island and just cruised the beach and enjoyed the warmth of a spring day, then headed jerseylicious blonde milf with best curves you ever seen to his place. I soon found out Ted was a great cook and we enjoyed a fantastic meal then took a glass of wine back to his den.

We sat there talking for a while before he finally reached the subject I had feared he would.

He set down his glass and looked at me, "By now, Jim, you are well aware I like men. Sure, I like women too, but I prefer men and my favorites are young men with little or no experience with other men…" I stopped him, "Ted, we have already stunning girl enjoys a full on naughty session this as much as I intend to…" this time he stopped me.

"Jim, I am just asking you to hear me out. We have enjoyed a nice day together and a good meal. All I ask in return for bringing you here last night and for today is that you listen. Give me ten minutes then I will not stop you from walking out the door, give me ten minutes and I will never bother you again unless you want me to. In fact," he said as he pulled his wallet from his pocket, "Here is $100, take it, give me my ten minutes and walk away if you want." I don't know whether he knew I needed the money or not but I was not going to turn down this much money just to sit for ten more minutes.

I took the money, "I think you already know you are wasting your money, but if that is what you want, go for it." For the next few minutes he talked on and on about the pleasures of man to man sex but realized he was getting nowhere. "Jim, have you ever been with a man," he asked. I looked at him, "No…well, maybe as a kid, but that was just fooling around." "Now, be honest, has your x-wife ever played with your asshole," he asked.

"Well, yes, but that is different, she is a woman," I responded. "Well, it feels good both ways, but I see I am not really having any luck here." Actually he was, he had tweaked my curiosity, but not so much I was ready to jump up and suck his cock.

He looked at me, "You need money, I know how bad your wife got to you, and I want to make love to you. I will give you five hundred dollars to spend the night with me and allow me to please you while pleasing myself. Five hundred dollars and I will not require you suck my cock, just let me suck yours and have sex with you. In the morning you leave with a total of six hundred dollars and unharmed, except maybe a sore ass, but that will heal." This man had just hit me on two points, my curiosity and my wallet; I was beginning to think I might be able to handle this.

He went on, "If you do enjoy yourself there are any number of men, boys, girls and women in my album who you might enjoy being with. Let me fuck your ass again and choose any of them. I kept trying to remember the women and girls but all that hit my mind were pictures of young hard cock and young firm butts.

I finally agreed to his offer. How we got from the den to the bedroom is as confusing as where my clothes went, I don't remember undressing, the next thing I remember happening was laying on Ted's king sized bed, naked in the 69 position on my side.

Ted's warm mouth slipped over the head of my cock like a warm soft velvety glove slowly engulfing half my cock. I have had a few blowjobs in my life but never found them particularly exciting or enjoyable but my cock was turning to steel this time. He slowly took it deeper into his mouth until it reached the back of his throat then he began to slowly pull back. I had never felt anything like this before. I could feel my nut sack tighten. His hand drifted between my legs and he gently scratched my balls and eased his hand back to my ass and rubbed up and down my crack, across my asshole.

Warmth began to expand from my ass, through my balls to my cock. I opened my eyes and his cock was a few inches from my face; his cock was a little larger than mine, Horny lesbo dolls are spreading and fisting assholes would say it was a full ten inches and rather fat.

I don't know what prompted me to wrap my hand around it but I did; it was hard and curved slightly toward his flat stomach and felt strange in my hand. I had never had another man's cock in my hand, it was familiar, much like my own but it still felt strangely exciting to grasp it and jack it, moving the skin of his cut cock up and down.

"Don't be afraid of it, it won't bite," he said then swallowed my cock. Tentatively I placed my lips around the head of his cock and pushed my mouth onto it.

I don't know what I expected but the taste was far from unpleasant and the texture in my mouth seemed almost natural. Being unpracticed at this I had to concentrate on keeping my teeth away from the sensitive skin as I took it deeper into my mouth and to the back of my throat.

I could feel an orgasm building inside me and I tried to let Ted know I was about to cum but he paid no attention. Usually when I climax I have no further desire for sex and I didn't want to be absent of desire when the time came for him to have his fun, this time was different. Instead of stopping he pushed a finger deep inside my asshole as he took my raging cock into his throat. It was more than I could bear as he twisted and turned his finger in my asshole, then pushed it deep and hard; I grabbed his ass and pulled his cock deeper, sucking furiously as my balls exploded in his mouth.

I shook like someone having a fit and felt no panic that his cock was so deep in my mouth that I couldn't breathe; I wanted his whole cock in my mouth.

As my body was racked with the greatest orgasm I have ever had I pulled his cock into my throat ignoring my gag reflex and my body's desire to empty the contents of my stomach.

Cum bellowed from my cock and I tried to scream the pleasure but his cock was too deep and my whole world shook with pleasure. I had to breathe so I pulled my head back, allowing his cock to slip back into my mouth just as he climaxed.

Suddenly his cum filled my mouth with a load that was larger than I could have imagined. The taste was pleasant…no, not just pleasant but exciting, I wanted to taste more and more of his sweet goo.

I flopped back on the bed, completely exhausted, cum trickling from the corner of my mouth while he continued to suck my softening cock. He removed it from his mouth, "Damn, Jim, for someone who has never been with a man you sure got into it quickly enough," then began sucking my cock again until it was hard. I continued to jack his cock, enjoying the feeling of power that seemed to flow through it, "I don't know what happened…I just could not keep myself from doing it.

Now I need to catch my breath." He slipped his finger from my hole reluctantly and rose from the bed and left the room. When he returned he handed me a small pill and a beer. I didn't even think about it I just took it and swallowed the pill.

"That was a weak amphetamine, your energy will return quickly," he said as he, once again lay next to me, this time with the front of his body against my back