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School xxx story sex stories full
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To say I was relieved to retire would be an understatement. 10 years of flying shitty jet airliners, dealing with bitchy FAA personnel, as well as dumbass air traffic control, and suffering irregular sleep due to the job, had taken its toll.

All for 25 bucks an hour.

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The benefits were really good, but still, pilot's don't come cheap. I didn't really need the money though. 20 years of working at Lockheed, being smart with my money, and finding a wife that would spend mainly her own money, I had already built a retirement all on my own.

I never expected it to be like this though. I don't remember much, if not any of the crash. All I remember was that starboard engine quitting and thinking, fuck.

Luckily the copilot was conscious through the ordeal. We were headed into Ontario International, thank god it was a cargo flight officers cock offered teen tight pussy to fuck we were empty of cargo.

We had inexplicable lost power to the number two engine of the DC-10, turning us to the right towards the 210 freeway. I could either attempt to land on the 210, or trim out the plane and head for Chino, but I wasn't gonna make Ontario.

I retracted the gear, and firewalled engine number three, then as I was applying left rudder and aileron, began throttling up engine number one incrementally. all in a smooth motion while the copilot, Eddie Simons, handled the ATC, who were probably flipping the fuck out. I had since taken off my headphones so I could hear what the plane was doing.

A good pilot can listen to what his or her plane is telling him. We had lost what little altitude we had in the turn, and were now 250 feet off the deck, giving the afternoon morning commuters a nice wake up call. By the grace of god, I got the airplane flying again, and had engine one at 3 quarters throttle. We climbed back up to 500 feet, blonde girl hands tied forced tsuck I pointed the nose of the plane toward Chino.

I contemplated getting back in the pattern for Ontario, when we felt a massive WHUMP. We lost all telemetry from engine 1, and the airplane started to turn to the left. The cargo handler came forward as I was righting the plane, and told us that the left wing was on fire. I then pushed the fire extinguisher button for engine number one and told our handler to buckle up, praying we could make the cow pastures of Chino.

Neither flying or landing a DC-10 is hard. Gliding an empty DC-10 isn't hard. Trying to cover 30 miles on one engine, 500 feet off the ground? All I can say is religious faith and simulator time. Lots of simulator time. I'm not exaggerating when I say I heard a scrape as we passed over the final building, the plane shaking and groaning like it was enjoying the ordeal, engine 3 in the redline.

When I woke up in the hospital, there were not a lot of people there. Just Simmons, and my wife Sally. "Welcome back Brian." Said Simmons.

"How long?" I asked. "2 days. We had you transferred back to Nashville." "Thanks. I take it we didn't save her?" "No. Casualties were minimal." "Did Nicole make it out?" She was the cargo handler. "She's back in her hometown. She's the best of the three of us.

"Good. What happened?" I asked. "Engine two was starved of fuel." He paused. "Ok?" "We hit a small aircraft. Cessna coming out of Flabob. He was killed instantly." "You?" I asked. "Broken knee. Damn instrument panel." "Me?" "You slammed your head on the panel when we hit the ground.

Also your shoulder got wrecked pretty bad." "Alright guys. Visiting time is up." Said a nurse. "Mr. Simmons, it's time for you to go to your room. You both need some rest. The next morning I was feeling better. I also had a visitor. "Tom Smith. N.T.S.B." "Fuck." I thought. National Travel Safety Board. "How bad did I fuck up?" I asked. "A bit. That was the best flying I've seen since the Hudson River incident." He said as he handed me a tablet.

"Just press play." I watched as a DC-10, leaning to the right, made a slow left turn, colliding with a small plane, and spewing fire everywhere. "I don't remember the uncoordinated turn". The point of view then shifted to a shot of the plane coming down and skidding across a pasture, before hitting a telephone poll. The wings coming off in the process. "That pole is what you hit your shoulder on. It sliced through the cockpit. Only one person was killed.

Simmons gave me a report." I then told him what I remembered. "We can't prove that you didn't have the right engine choked." He said. "The engine was gone by the time we got there." "Oh that's convenient." "No kidding.

We're going over satellite surveillance to see who took it." "What about the small plane?" I asked. "The engine is the key factor in the investigation." You could go to jail if we don't find it." "That's convenient for the airline." "We're already on them.

I gotta go. Get some rest." Fast forward 6 months and here I was at an FAA/NTSB hearing. "The Data collected from the engine indicates that the fuel was choked do to a break in the fuel line." Said the spokesman. "We found that while under maintenance, the line that was to be replaced was instead crimped.

Fuel could still get through, But the stress put on the line caused it to give, a parent from the mist seen coming from the engine.

Captain Stanton is not at fault for the failure of the right engine of flight 106." I was relieved. "This brings us to the second issue. Mr Stanton, did you see any other aircraft in the sky that morning?" "No." I said.

"What was your main concern at the time?" "Flying the plane." I answered. "Keeping it from crashing." "Radar and ATC data show a registered flight out of a Flabob Airport for that morning. Yet xxx kareena kapoor sax story is no such airport.

It has been a drag strip for more than 10 years now, and has a walls and center dividers. There is no way for an airplane to take off from that location." I was stunned. "Do you believe in ghosts, Sir?" "No. The plane was solid. I felt it. I saw the video." Flashback. 2014. I am getting ready to graduate.

Us seniors and our families are sitting in the banquet hangar at Flabob for the last time. This is where it all started. My second home. Flash forward to 2050. 1 month later. The airline admitted to sabotage. They were worried about paying my retirement. Not only would my grand kids not have to work, I pretty much owned the airline.

The only setback was my right shoulder no longer worked. A nail sticking out of the pole that cut the cockpit had sliced through the muscle, leaving it only semi mobile.

After the trials were over I finally had a chance to relax at home with my wife. We hadn't gotten much time together as I had to do a lot of running around the country. We were playing games on our phones, one Sunday evening, and I was bored so I thought "Fuck it." I picked Sally up off the sofa and carried her to our room.

"What are you doing?" She asked. sweet babe with flawless body miku kohinata banged in the cellar I've been missing out on for the past few months".

I said. Between my recovery, hearings, and trial, we had no time to play around together. Despite being in her 50's, Sally is still a little cutie at 5'4". She's around 150 wet, Which is fine by me. Double D's that miraculously, after a kid, have kept their rigidity. "What would that be?" She asked playfully, as I laid her down on the bed. "Loving you." I said as I kissed her lips.

I then started to kiss her starting with both ear lobes. I move down and kissed her on both sides of her neck, then both cheeks. Then under her chin, and then her lips, in which she returned the kiss. I then kissed both eyelids, making her close her eyes. I then unzipped her dress, exposing her naked body.I started kissing down the center of her body until I got to her breasts.

I then went around each one, kissing in circles going from the outermost point inward, Until I got to the nipples. I then sucked each one while I ran my right hand up and down her body, making her give off cute moans. I then started kissing all over her lower. chest and tummy, eliciting little quivers, while a moved my hands up and down and around both her arms. When I centered on her belly button I gave it on long suckling kiss. I then moved to the foot of the bed and started messaging each of her feet.

I then started kissing and massaging up both calfs until I reached her knees. I played with them a bit, moving the caps around as they will ever so slightly, making her giggle. I then moved up the bed until her feet were pointed at the ceiling. She then rested her calfs on my shoulders as I started messaging her thighs. I then parted her legs to both sides of my body, and got down on my chest between her legs.

All the while moving my hands to encircle her nether lips in a heart shape with my thumbs and fingers. I then messaged the inner junction of her legs with her body.

I worked my way from her thighs to in between her vagina and but hole, where she started moaning. I then began kissing both sides of her lips, right above her clitorous and inbetween her orifices. I then started kissing up her lips until Cathy heaven danny d sex stories 720 anal huge tits milf mom biqle story got to her clit, at wich point I suckled it while rubbing my thumbs up and down her outer lips.

I then started flicking my tongue left to right down her pussy to open it up. I stopped at her pee hole to take a long draw from it, making her squeal. I loved to try to force my tongue into it because I enjoyed the taste. I knew I'd never be able to get inside it though without hurting her. I continued on to her opening where I penetrated her with my tongue.

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"Please Brian. make me. let me." I then started on her clit. This time liking around it while I put two fingers inside her. I then began massaging her G-spot with my forefinger and fuck-you finger while my I put my third finger in her butt hole. "Ooohhh.Aaaieeee!" She began to cum.

With my free hand I pressed my palm down just above her mound as I quickly got off her clitorous and move my mouth into position. "Aaauuugggghh! She screamed as she gushed out a mix of both juices and urine from her pussy orifices, right into my mouth. I loved giving her these orgasm because I loved the combined taste. The only drawback was that these days I could only give her one once a week, for the following reason.

"Oh gosh. I think you've made up for the last six months." She said as I climbed up next to her, giving her a kiss on the forehead.

"I'm drained." "I'm glad you enjoyed it. Shall we continue tomorrow, my love?" I asked.

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As I undressed. "Yes. I'm calling in sick to the firm. All that's going on is a pot luck." She replied as she removed the dress from under her, While I climbed into bed. "Good night baby girl." I said as I kissed her on the lips. "Mmm. Good night daddy." She joked as she snuggled into me.