Mom and daughter masturbating each other naked

Mom and daughter masturbating each other naked
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Nearer to the consuming flame that burns, the raging fire which urges us on is scorching us; it would have burned us had we tried to restrain it. After two dates, the second date being forty hours of multiple sex sessions for Marina. Marina has never experienced a man capable of performing multiple sex sessions. She has spent the last twenty four hours recovering. Spending time with me has awakened her sexual need that her ex-husband never awakened. She had never experienced a massive cock capable of bringing her to multiple orgasms, she had never been mounted like a bitch in heat, she had never experienced rough sex, and she had never been with a man twenty years older capable of having a hard cock again in thirty to sixty minutes.

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Marina called wanting to meet for dinner, I agreed. I sent a stretch limo to pick her and bring her to The Adolphus. I met her in the lobby and We had dinner and drinks in the French Room. We laughed and flirted over a steady flow of drinks throughout the evening. Our dirty little secret vaginal sex masturbation oral sex blackhaired ebony interracial vaginal mas are both anticipating the end of the evening.

I'm very horny and very aggressive about it. My caressing grew rougher and more urgent throughout the evening; There is no doubt what I wanted! I walk up behind her at the bar, then very nonchalantly grip her hips firmly and press my hard cock against her ass. That turned Marina on. But getting away with that made me more brazen. I step alongside her, leaving my right arm draped around her and my hand on her ass cheek.

Then I'd squeeze and raise her cheek, sending her skirt inching higher and higher up her thigh and her tiny panties deeper into the crack of her ass and moist pussy. Marina winced a little the first time, shuffling to lower her skirt. She almost moaned mid-sentence the next time!

Marina isn't hiding her arousal very well with her quivering voice and the lusty look in her eyes. She is getting very aroused so we left the restaurant. We hardly spoke before we entered the elevator. Then Marina reminded me, " My ass is virgin," She had told me on our two dates.

A simple statement, quite out of place for an average date. A statement that might have meant " you can fuck my cunt all you want," or " I'm saving it for the right guy-is that you?" Not that we spoke in the elevator either.

Before the doors had fully closed, Marina turned her head, looking up into my eyes and took a half step forward, all that is needed to make those tantalizing nipples brush against the fabric of my shirt. Her right hand cupping my neck, drawing my face hot black girl janine gets fucked pornstar knockers as she lifted hers up, her chin dropping just a millimeter, her lip slack, her tongue poking past her teeth.

I might have closed my eyes then because there was nothing more to see. Our mouths are busy, exploring new familiar flesh. My hands begin on her shoulders, running effortlessly down her almost naked back, finally firmly cupping her ass, that allegedly virgin territory, poured into her white jeans.

The hardcore ride for gorgeous student girlfriend blowjob is not the only thing that rose swiftly. Marina ground her crotch against my hard bulge, moaning without breaking our kiss.

The very fast elevator ride did not allow us to go much further before we reached our floor. We spill out into the hallway, but instead of rushing to our suite, she spun me against the wall with surprisingly strength. " Did you like that, in the elevator?" she asks. " Things were getting a bit out of control there." Without waiting for an answer, she rose up on tip toes and planted her lips on mine, kissing me deeply as her nipples press against my chest.

I can taste the wine on her breath as we kiss. Marina guided my hands, which had fallen to her hips, and placed them on the underside of her tits. I left the mounds from below and then gently flick the two nipples simultaneously with my thumbs. This made Marina sigh and briefly interrupt our kiss. " I want your big cock so bad I can't stand it. How long will I have to wait?" Her tongue traveled up and down my neck as I massaged her tits there in the hallway, her belly grinding into my groin.

I did not want to point out that she could be fucking me already if she had simply let me led her straight to suite. Clearly she derived extra thrill from making out in the hall. Her hands fumbled briefly with my belt, and then expertly undid my pants, suggesting that she liked more than making out in public.

I lower my mouth to her nipple, taking it between my teeth, biting on it gently and then making it dance on the tip of my tongue. She is moaning louder, her hands exploring my ass and then rubbing my bulge. " Fuck me right here. Fuck me like the slut that I am." No amount of hornyness makes skin tight jeans easy to undo, so we are both giggling as we quickly fumbled our way into the suite where I led her by the arm into the bedroom.

I spun around, flinging her hard into my arms and begin kissing her deep as we fumble frantically to get one another undressed.

She wanted to cum soooo bad!! I expertly fumbled with the button at the waistband. Her palm meanwhile is wrapped around my shaft, which she is stroking with soft silky skill. " I really want your cock. Damn, your cock feels so good, hard and throbbing in my hand, but I know that it will feel even better in my mouth and my cunt.

I need to get it inside of me." Once the button yielded, the pants themselves relaxed away from her body, making her fully available to my touch, no panties shielding her dampness.

I insert a finger, and then a second, and a third, easily into her wetness. Marina groans, her labia flexing fiercely, as if willing me to finger her more deeply. Just as my thumb rubbed her clit, she gushed a flood of fluid, shivering with a mini-orgasmic quake.

That loosened my fingers inside of her, and she twisted free, dropping to her knees. " It feels so good," She moans again, just before closing her lips and tongue around the tip of my swollen cock, licking the pre-cum off with a swirl of her tongue. Then she took my full length in her mouth, lowering her face about a half inch at a time until her lips is buried around my root.

Her mouth is incredibly warm and soft around my flesh. I wonder if she wants me to come in her mouth, hoping that if I did I would stay hard enough to fuck her pussy. One glance down at those perfect small tits swaying freely removed any doubt. Marina allows my cock to flop out of her mouth, giving it a kiss and then rose up before I had a chance to flood her mouth with gobs of cum. Her rock hard nipples brushing against me as she planted a kiss under my ear.

My cock lifted a bit each time her breathing made those diamond bits drill harder against me. She glances down. " Damn, your cock looks so good, just jutting up like that. I need to feel how it fits inside of me." My hands grasping her gorgeous buttocks, and lifting her up off the floor.

She flexed her knees, wrapping her legs around me, curvy schoolgirl ziggy star exposes her hairy pussy masturbation pornstars me lower her cunt to my waiting tip. I feel her warmth surround me.

My cock slides in smooth as silk. " Hey, slut does that feel like you imagined it?" " God, it's even better." She laughs throatily. " Your cock fits me so well." She thrusts enthusiastically against my hard shaft. My cock slides in and out of her wet cunt. I lean Marina back against the wall, in part for better leverage, in part for stability - though her legs are locked securely around me, I cannot be sure that my knees are not turning to mush.

" Don't stop fucking me! Don't stop! I love how your cock feels inside me." she screams. About to lose all control, I quicken my pace.

My fingers shifted for a better grip, and I found her buttocks pulling wide, my touch sliding deeper into her as cleavage. A few strokes later, I she is interested to try it out inside of her, pumping gob after gob into her womb.

My fingertip just touched her rosebud delicately, not entering her asshole, but that is enough to make her come, her cunt convulsing around my hard shaft, milking the last streams of cum from my tip. We would have fallen over except the wall behind her gave us some support - my knees now really are jelly.

Both of us are panting as we caught our breath. My finger is still resting in the opening to her forbidden passage, and my cock is still hard and firmly held in place by her swollen labia and her abdominal muscles.

I feel the aftershocks of her orgasm as her pussy clamps and releases around my cock. "Good thing I'm proud to be your slut," Marina laughed. My cock twitching just as she said 'slut'. She broke into a wide grin and rotated her hips, drilling my finger deeper into her ass.

I lowered Marina's back to the bed, leaving her ass dangling in the air. My fingers kneaded her buttocks and I slowly worked first one, then two and finally three fingers past her sphincter, stretching out her ring of muscles, easing her passage open. My cock was hard again, not that it had ever really relaxed much. As my fingers worked on opening up Eden's virgin asshole, I lubricated my tip and then my shaft by running all over the cleft between her throbbing labia.

That space was soaked, overflowing with the juices from our fucking. " Can you.can you .just fuck me like this for a moment?" Marina begged. " Sure," I chuckled, "but then make no mistake about it, I am going to fuck your ass." My cock slides smoothly into her cunt, as I fingered her ass until my knuckles were pressed against her perineum.

I plan to only thrust into Marina long enough to get really wet, but her muscles clamped tightly around my meat, not allowing me to pull free as she squirmed through another series of gasping mini-orgasms.

The muscles in her butt clenched even more urgently, massaging my fingers in her ass. As soon as the waves subsided, I eased back, leaving just the tip resting in her wetness, not wanting to dump my load in her cunt instead of flooding her ass. Marina mentions that she thought anal sex is wrong, implying it is a sin of some sort. I hold no such belief, I enjoy anal sex. Discussing previous sexual encounters, she bluntly asks me if I had had anal sex before.

I told her, I enjoy anal sex and have had anal sex with many women. The next hour is very unpleasant with her. Despite having a open relationship and free discussion of sex, even when referring to previous partners, she didn't much appreciate my previous sexual acts, regardless of my expertise in anal sex.

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Tears filled Marina's eyes as her former virgin asshole spread to accommodate fingers. She told me again how it is wrong, and even said it was 'dirty'. Not 'dirty' in a provocative or sensual manner.

She said "dirty." So, despite a deep and wanton desire of anal sex. I never asked for anal sex. Anal sex has always been a form of gratification that turned me on. Knowing her stance on the matter, I kept the fantasy to myself. Marina whispers to me: " Will you have anal sex with me?" With my hard cock throbbing between my legs, I took over control and didn't care that she would change her mind once I'm inside her ass.

" Marina, are you sure?" I didn't care whether, she said yes or no, but hearing her say "yes" aroused me even more. I kiss her neck and shoulders to entice her, I reach for the KY gel in the bed's headboard cabinet. I lubed my hard cock and her anus. I slowly guide the head of my slippery cock between her butt cheeks. Marina screams and whimpers at the contact, squirming back and forth, trying to escape from my cock.

I like having her fight like this. It made me hotter,especially since there is nothing she can do to stop what is going to happen. I steadied her ass with a hand on the small of her back, and begin to thrust. It is rough going. She is very tight, and she is clenching her ass-muscles as hard as she can, doing her best to keep the invader out.

I push my cock at her again and again, my frustration and desire growing with each unsuccessful attempt. Finally, summoning all the strength of my legs and back, I ram my cock into her, hard and force the head of it into her tight ass. Her body shaking with the pain of my penetration as she bites down hard on her gag and squeals like a stuck pig. I grunted with the sudden pleasure and pain.I'm in her, but god, so tight! I grab her waist in both hands, and slowly force the rest of my cock up inside her ass.

Her breath came in deep sobs that shook her body. I gain inches at a time, in one extremely slow thrust that took five minutes to complete. She is in agony every second, being stretched painfully around my rampant cock. Finally, I'm in her up to my balls, my cock completely buried up inside her ass. I stop, both to enjoy the feeling and to give her time to adjust and recover.

The pain eases a little, as I just sat there. Marina begins to think that it is over, that I had done all I wanted. She continues to cry, wailing into the gag, her face wet with the tears that had soaked the bed. I smile, and pull out, just as slowly, allowing a wave of relief to come over her. I pull out until all but the head has been removed.then I ram the whole length back in, all at once.

The gag barely contained her scream. I dig my fingers hard into her hips, and begin to fuck her wildly, ramming her tight ass with my big hard cock, taking her in a brutal anal rape that knocks her wind out. Marina continues to squirm, but against my tight grasp on her, all it did is filthy amazing teenie sucks biggest weenie hardcore blowjob me to see her slim young body writhe under me as I fuck her.

I hear the slaps of my balls slapping against her ass-cheeks, hearing her breathless whimpers of pain and humiliation, feeling not only the tightness, hot friction of her ass gripping and rubbing my cock but the gentle fuzzy double anal for a hot teen double penetration and doublepenetration softness of her pussy against my balls each time I ram home to the hilt.

I knew I was hurting her, and I liked that, a lot. My fingers bruising her waist and hips as my grip tightens, pulling her onto my cock harder, and faster. I fuck her roughly for thirty minutes while, slowing down when it is certain I;m about to come. I may never get another chance like this, and it is going to last, for quite a while. I ream her ass out with my cock over and over, until her tiny, abused hole became numb from the constant barrage of pain.

She still squirms, and still struggled, as I slam into her harder, and harder, until I can hold back no longer, and shot wad after wad of hot cum up her helpless, abused ass.

I left it in her, letting it soften in the heat and moistness of her raped ass, until it pops out on its own. Leaving her on the bed, I went and got some warm washcloths, and clean myself. Then I clean her, I remove the gag, and she lays onto her side on the bed. Tears filled her eyes, still, it is some time before she can speak.

" Oh God John." I sat back, and fondled her right breast. She lay there, frozen and breathless as I lay down beside her. After twenty minutes Marina got up and slowly went into the bathroom. Marina came back into the bedroom, I grabbed her shoving her onto the bed on her back.

To her surprise, I suddenly spun her around, dragging her to the edge of the bed, leaving her head hanging upside down off the edge. That's when she understood what is about to happen!

I step forward holding my rock hard cock, toward her face. What a sexual sight! But she didn't have long to appreciate it. I cradled the back of her head, lifting it just enough to slide my cock deep into her mouth in one hard stroke!

She wraps her lips around my cock and struggles to breathe as I fuck steadily into her mouth with long, increasingly-rapid strokes. My heavy balls pressing against her nose with a warm scent as I lean forward, sliding the head of my hard, wet cock into her throat! Humping a naughty beaver smalltits and hardcore puts a hand up to stop me but is suddenly distracted by the presence of two thick fingers now inside her pussy.

There is no introduction! Already wet, they just thrust in and out of her furiously--causing her to arch her back and moan around the head of my cock now another inch down her throat. She gasps and flails from the burning sensation until I pull my cock free from her mouth.

But that didn't slow me down! I simply raised my sack to her mouth and continue ramming her pussy as fast as my arm allowed. I curl my fingers upward, opening and shutting her opening with increasingly wet sounds. Muffled screams of ecstasy fills the room as she orgasms over my invading fingers.

The curled fingers against her g-spot; my palm slapping against her clit -- they are too much to take as she can't stop cumming. It is AMAZING! No sooner than I remove my fingers, I spun her around, leaving her legs and ass dangling off the bed this time. I scoop up her legs, raising and pressing them firmly against her shoulders.

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She is pinned -- folded completely in half with her warm, wet pussy high in the air. She is helpless to resist when I knelt down and drag my tongue firmly over her asshole, pussy and clit. She shutters, still tingling from several hard orgasms. I work my mouth over her pussy like a starving man, slurping madly at her clit, dipping my tongue deep inside her only to trail downward and swirl my tongue around her ass.

GOD, it is an amazing sensation, each a little different than the next and almost too much to bear! I dig my tongue deep inside, making her gasp and beg me, " UGH, PLEEEEASE fuck me! I want you inside me! Please, baby, FUCK me!!!" Raising my mouth, I stand up, my cock standing straight out bobbing up and down. Marina grabs my cock and tries to shy wife fetissex stories with a friend my cock, but her two hands are too small to wrap around my thick shaft.

Then I lean forward inserting just the big head in her pussy, she bites her lip to keep from screaming, her nails buried in my back. Marina still has trouble with my large cock head and cock penetrating her. Each time we have sex causes her pain when I penetrate her. I raise her legs, spreading them wide apart, holding her butt and slowly pushing my cock inch by inch. She moans in pain and pleasure, biting her lip, grunting and gasping for air, still begging me to go slow, her resistance is futile.

She finally gives in, letting her inhibitions out. I push my monster cock halfway stretching and ripping her pussy apart again. She screams and hugs me tightly. We looked into each other's eyes, whispering to each other. I whisper into her ear, Marina nodded, I lift her hips up with my left hand, placing my right hand over her flat tummy, and buried the rest of my monster cock deep inside her.

She screams again in pain and pleasure. We pause in this position for a few minutes letting her get used to my size. Her pussy is stretched to the limit, ripped wide open.

I again have hit way past virgin territories. As she squirms and grips the sheets. Marina's tears running down her cheeks. I kiss her and then we french kiss for a few minutes. A few minutes later, I start thrusting into her, slowly at first. Marina is moaning with each thrust asking me to be gentle " John, you're soo big, you're ripping me apart, mmmmm, it hurts, butmmmmm, ooooh, ahhh, mmmmm, it feels sooo good, mmmmm." This went on for a few minutes then I start thrusting furiously without regard to her pleas, she came violently.

Watching my monster cock slide in and out of her body is mesmerizing at this slow pace. Marina feels the head as it nested against her very sensitive cervix. Swirling the base around in small, twisty circles, my next hard thrust drives my cock deeper, passing the depths it had touched before.

" OOOHHHhhh!" She moans, heaving her hips back into me gently, feeling my thick cock touching untouched virgin areas, she has never known!

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Only moving it slightly, it pushes into her virgin cervix. Stimulating the virgin depths with small short strokes, sending her into uncontrollable orgasm. Pulling on my arms, moaning mouth wide open, she almost sat up as my knot at the base of my cock disappears inside her.

The mouth of her pussy is stretched wide around my knot, but she can't feel it! All she can do is cum and cum around what feels like a arm in her. It feels sooooooooo good. Overwhelmed, she feels the head of my cock resting inside her cervix. WHAT A SENSATION!!! Marina grips my ass urgently, trying to pull me deeper inside. Can I go further in her cervix? Will it hurt? Marina is deliriously aroused she didn't care.

She feels new sensations never felt before as my cock head stimulates her cervix. The new sensations are intoxicating. Marina is in a euphoric daze, she has never experienced a deep connection with a man until now, I withdraw completely and then then thrust back in with long strokes.

She immediately erupted into another orgasm, digging her nails into my back as her convulsing pussy coats my cock with juices for my continued attack. I'm relentless and primal, fucking her with no regard; single minded in pursuing and prolonging my orgasm. The intoxicating smell of sweat and sex fills real big clit clitoris grande room as the unmistakable sounds of our passion ring loud like church bells.

Our slapping of flesh subsides as I begin teasing her again with varying strokes. Shallow strokes tease as crushing strokes follow that send her over the edge, bucking up against me and moaning into my chest.

My large hands pin shoulders to the bed. Marina is mine, helplessly impaled with deep strokes. She has never experienced aggressive animal sex until now; skinny teen milf first time ryder skye in stepmother sex sessions sexual prowess is scary and erotic, it is untamed and unforgiving, my pace and endurance is overwhelming, pummeling her body mercilessly, then teasing her lovingly. I'm full of surprises tonight.

My orgasm is imminent, I release her from my captive grip and raise up, my hard cock nearly slipping from her stretched, bruised, sore pussy. With feather-like sensitivity, my large hands softly explore the smooth, sweat-slick skin of her breasts, stomach and thighs as we try to recapture our breath. Arching my back sharply, my cock reclaims its position in her depths as I slam into her with long strokes.

Then suddenly an erotic interruption as I wickedly grasp her upper pussy lips with my thumb and forefinger, grinding her clit between them. The pressure sent surging convulsions like rippling waves through her as my invading cock resumes its long, languishing strokes.

Marina feels another orgasm mounting as my pace increases and my thumb fumbles beneath the fleshy folds onto her hardened clit. Like a joy buzzer, each touch of her swollen button reverberating into her aching pussy! Her hand joins mine as we both fumble to stimulate her hypersensitive hood. Her left hand gripping her breast, the right feverishly swirling circles over her clit, Marina is lost in pure ecstasy anticipating her next orgasmic eruption!

Yet like a whisper in the haze of her arousal, a distracting new sensation captures her attention. My thumb traced her opening as my hard cock slides inside. A new pleasurable experience. Then a sudden surprise as she feels the mouth of her pussy stretched as the tip of my thumb accompanied my cock inside her.

Before she can react, my thumb disappeared inside atop my thick cock! OH MY GOD! The fullness is so intoxicating! NEVER had she been stretched so wide; yet it seems to slip into her wetness with ease. The overwhelming sensation of my thumb, now hooked upward onto the skin of her G-spot. A a fire was lit in her belly, uncontrollable waves of heat and sensitivity cascading through her. " UNGH, my GOD," She moans incoherently as my grip grew tighter. The strokes of my cock, more aggressive.

Pleased with her whore-like moans of approval, she feels me growing harder inside her, stretching her more as I anticipate my orgasm. Urgently, I pull my thumb from her wetness and grasps the headboard! With a single, gut-wrenching stroke, my weight crushes her helplessly against the bed as my burning-hot cock unloads wave after wave of warm, wet cum into the depths of her pussy.

The erotic convulsions of my jerking cock inside her launches another massive orgasm as her tired body strains powerlessly against her vulnerable position. Still in girl next door with huge natural tits euphoric haze of her orgasmic bliss, I hunch over her, slamming into her like a locomotive fast and hard.

Her cum-soaked pussy put up no resistance as I slam into her in a uncontrolled frenzy.with long punishing unapologetic strokes. The slapping of sweaty skin and primal grunts echoing in the room as Marina moans louder and louder, screaming profanities and praise with every sadistic stroke. Orgasm after orgasm ripping through her as each one blended into the other. The endless foray of breathless satisfaction subsided as my softening cock slips sloppily from her cum-soaked pussy.

Marina lays exhausted beneath me. We kiss, breathlessly panting, as we struggle to calm our pounding hearts -- ignoring the sensation of our combined orgasms escaping her.

Exhausted, I laid beside her. The puddle beneath her ass grows on the sheets and the night's reward seems to flow endlessly down her inner thighs and butt cheeks. Thoroughly satisfied, Marina slips away to clean up -- hardly able to walk -- and returns with a warm, wet cloth. Lovingly, she worships and washes the soft, thick cock that has given her satisfaction and curled up beside me for a well-earned rest. She is a lucky woman -- and the sensitivity of her well-used womanhood is a blessed reminder.