Sweet lesbo teen slit fingered from behind

Sweet lesbo teen slit fingered from behind
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It was not going to be a typical, lazy Saturday morning for Rachel. instead of slowly waking hours past normal, stretching luxuriously, running her hangover-cure bubble bath with the peppermint oil. her body almost jerked awake not long after her weekday time. at least, she felt like she'd barely gotten any sleep. She was right, it was barely after 8 am. her body was tense with pain from all over. her dry, abused throat, her viciously paddled ass, her sore, stiff legs and arms from her ankles and wrists being bound.

and of course, a near-blinding headache. the events of the previous night hit her like a ton of bricks, all washing over her at once and making her want to start sobbing all over again as she realized yes, he was still there. and her ordeal wasn't over. She could hear his quiet, whistling breaths. fuck machine and a stunning brunette looker quite snores.

and then panic hit as she realized she needed to pee so badly that she thought she might burst. Torn between wanting there to be as long as possible before he woke up and renewed his assault on her body and being both disgusted and afraid of the idea of losing control of her bladder right here in the bed, she rocked back and forth uncomfortably for a few long moments before her upbringing outweighed her fear and she rolled as far away from her slumbering attacker as possible, then struggled to yank black cock in her soft white cunt the bit of rope attaching them, hoping to wake him gently enough that he'd realize she wasn't trying to escape.

She heard a mumbled sound and felt him pull back as he turned away from her, only disturbed, not woken. tensing every muscle in her thighs and groin to keep from pissing all over herself, she turns harder, pulling back against him, worry about what he might think dissolving in panic.

She was pulling as hard as she could, body bowed forward at the pelvis and hanging off the edge, her arms stretched behind her and her ankles still bound tightly to the frame, when he suddenly rolled back over, and she fell off the bed, striking her far shoulder on the hardwood floor painfully and twisting her legs at a funny angle, a little yelp bursting from her lips.

and the shock of impact also loosened her iron control. as she half-hung, half lay on the floor, a flood of hot piss squirted out of her cunt, obscenely thrust forward because of her legs being bent back, spraying the floor and forming a rapidly-expanding puddle of the floor.

running her direction. She couldn't see the yellowish finger of liquid running her way, but as it got closer, she could smell the acrid tang and tried without even thinking to pull herself back up onto the bed with the rapist to escape it.

The sudden sharp yank from her fall and her cry had served to wake Josh, and after a moment of disorientation at the strange surroundings and then blind fury that she had pulled the rope, he realized what had happened.

He watched,amused, as she pissed herself explosively, and he could see quite clearly that the large puddle of steaming urine was running right toward her pretty, still blindfolded face that was half-smashed against the floor. "Morning, sunshine." he rasped, untying the rope from his wrist so that the rest of her upper body sank to the floor with a thump "looks like someone had an accident.

good thing you didn't piss the bed; I would have beaten the living hell out of you for that." Rachel's heart sinks and then begins to thump hard in combined fear and humiliation.

wondering what she must look like, hanging from the bed by her ankles, turned awkwardly on the floor, pee still trickling from between her legs and running up over her hip before splattering to the floor.

and the puddle was now soaking into her hair, she could feel it.

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her already-nauseous stomach heaves uncomfortably in disgust, but she bites it back bitterly. laying in a puddle of her own vomit AND piss would be worse. Still sitting up on the bed, spanked then fingered melissa moore begs for rough sex, Josh comes to a decision about how to handle the situation.

Leaning down to the end of the bed, he releases her ankles so that her legs thud to the floor as well. Rachel immediately begins trying to wiggle away from her own mess, splashing in it and suceeding more in getting herself more thoroughly covered. he could have laughed out loud if he wasn't afraid he wouldn't be able to disguise it.

"You are a filthy fucking slut right now, you know that? You smell like alcohol, cum, and piss. That's disgusting. And what's worse is you made a mess on the floor. I think you should clean it up. Right now." Rachel feels tears pricking at her eyes again at his words, her embarassment huge and burning in her chest, making it impossible to speak.

Working against her stiff, cramped muscles, she tries to sit up, managing to pull herself half-up on her knees. then realizes that with her hands behind her back, she can't even feel for something to wipe up the puddle. in desperation she whines "But how? My hands. I can't." was all she managed to get out before her face was rocked back on her neck by a stinging backhand. "Did I tell you to talk, whore? No. I told you to clean up after yourself, since apparently you're not toilet trained.

I may have to start calling you 'pig' instead." He pauses, letting out another one of those sinister chuckles. "Yes, pig. my dirty little pig slut. You apparently aren't good for anything more than that. too dumb to even figure out how to clean up a puddle without your hands.

let me show you." with those words, he grabs hold of the side of her head and slams the other side to the floor, then starts swishing her head back and forth like a mop. "That's how you do it, piggy. Your hair is fucking gross now. in fact, you're pretty much disgusting from head to foot." Rachel sees stars and groans in pain when he smacks her head against the floor, the hangover pain doubling and tripling, seeming to make her eyes bulge against the dirty, now-damp-again stocking.

fighting again the urge to throw up as he wipes up her piss with her hair, back and forth. she's so appreciative when the sickening motion stops she barely registers his scathing comments about her filthiness. She looks toward the sound as she realizes he's demanding a response. "Do you hear me, bitch? Answer before I knock your fucking teeth out. do you understand that after I untie your feet, if you try to kick or run or resist in any way, I will kill you? I won't even hesitate." Rachel shakes her head slowly, trying not to make her pain any worse "I won't" she croaks, mouth and throat still parched.

"I swear I won't, please don't kill me." Josh smiles a hard, triumphant smile that she can't see and makes short work of releasing her ankles, yanking her to her feet by her bound wrists and giving her a moment to get her legs working again.

Once she seems more or less steady on her feet, he instructs curtly "You need a shower, slut. you fucking stink. I am going to take you in your bathroom and wash you off. I'm taking my knife with me. If you give me the slightest trouble I will cut you every time you do. until I get tired of it and just slit your stupid whore throat." Rachel nods and stands still, head hung down low.

Her filthy, cum and piss-soaked hair hangs in clumps all around her face and shoulders, halfway down her bowed back. She hears a rustle of paper and feels him tug her around the foot of the bed and to her small bathroom.

The tile is freezing cold under her feet, and she shivers involuntarily, feeling her nipples harden and hoping he won't notice. Josh sets the paper bag of things he'd brought from his house on the smooth grey marble of her sinktop and rummages in it briefly with his free hand before pulling out a long, thin rubber hose with a larger, rubber bulb on the end.

The other end of the hose was cut off where the old-style curvy babe works with bbw mammoth during hardcore he had at home used to be. in his rush of furious packing the night before, it had occured to him that could be used for something else. he set it on the side of the tub, then guided the shaking, filthy girl into it. Letting go of her hands but still leaving them bound, he tells her to turn around and face him.

and as soon as she does, lets loose a stream of his own piss, hitting her in the middle of her chest, the yellow liquid splashing off her breasts and running down her stomach, through the tiny patch of black hot nasty redhead anime babe have fun part. he watches, fascinated. It never occured to him to do that before, and the surge of power it gives him makes him feel a little lightheaded.

As she turns uncertainly to face him, still blind and half-bound, she could have prepared herself for almost anything but -that. when she felt the hot stream hit her chest, she felt like crying and curling up in a little ball in the bottom of the tub.

the only thing that stopped her was the thought that he'd then be pissing on her head. Her shoulders shake with smothered sobs as the stream grows weaker. lower. and finally stops altogether. Shaking the last couple of drops into the tub, he stands back and surveys his handiwork. Nothing could have been further from the poised, self-confident girl he saw at work than the sobbing, shivering, filthy wreck in front of him.

and with his morning urge to pee taken care of, his cock begins to harden as he thinks that he did this to her. She was completely under his control. and the day had barely begun. Reaching into the tub, he twists knobs until he finds a suitable temperature. too hot to be soothing but not hot enough to burn. Flicking the switch to shower, he grabs the detachable head from it's mount and begins to spray her off, hearing whimpers at the heat but no other protest.

Rachel just stands there, shocked, reeling from the idea that he had just pissed all over her. like he was a dog and she was his territory. Oddly, she felt a little spasm in her cunt at that thought. but forgets quickly when the hot water hits her. It was too hot, it hurt.

but it also felt good, she wished she could scrub herself under it. She hears popping sounds of bottles opening and closing, then feels a cool, thick gel on her head, which he roughly but thoroughly worked into her hair, and rinsed just as quickly away. He treated the rest of her about the same.

brusque, rough, but thorough. when he says 'spread your legs, slut' she doesn't even think twice, but winces when he turns the full force of the hot water against her cunt. She feels his other hand between her legs, spreading her open as he sprays her out. and her knees buckle slightly, breath hissing through her teeth, when the pounding water hits her clit. but he doesn't let it stay and she almost groans aloud in disappointment, then wonders again at herself "How can I be liking any part of this?

Dear gods what the fuck is wrong with me?" Somehow showering her like she was a helpless child had him hard as a rock and throbbing by the time he even got to her mather and son porn mubi xxx. and her not-so-subtle reaction to the water pressure on her clit had not gone unnoticed.

He wanted to bend her over and pound into that little hole. both of them. so badly he could barely stand it, but he stuck to the plan formulating in his mind. "Turn around" he barked "and bend blond amateur teen homemade creampie becoming a man, I want your face on the wall.

And then don't fucking move." He watched her obey awkwardly, having to spread her legs wide and resting the side of her face and her chest against the wall of the shower. He took a moment to admire the view. water running down her asscrack and over her pussy lips. reached down and flicked the water back to 'bath', then turned down the pressure just a bit.

Grabbing the rubber hose by the bulb end, he fits the open part of the bulb over the running spigot, causing water to immediately start gushing out of the other end of the hose, and clamps it down tight. He adjusts the pressure of the water again until it's a steady, but not too forceful, stream coming out of the end of the hose. Satified that part was ready, he turns his gaze to Rachel's big, perfect ass.

thrust out for him. he spreads her cheeks further apart with both hands and can't resist poking at her tight anus with his tongue for awhile, feeling her wiggle and squirm.

Rachel's mind is a riot of conflicting thoughts and emotions throughout the shower. humiliation, pain, and fear all mixed up with the pleasure of being clean, the undeniable feeling of being turned on building in her at being so. helpless. That was it. even thinking the word caused that knot of painful arousal in her stomach to twist, her clit to throb a little harder. When she had to turn and face the wall, she couldn't stop the thought "Is he finally going to fuck me now?" from flashing through her mind, and was immediately ashamed.

She couldn't WANT him to rape her, she just couldn't. the 'finally' must just be from being scared for so long. she tried to mollify her horrified thoughts as she rested her face and shoulders against the wall, having to plant her feet far apart for balance because she didn't have her hands. her face burned against the cold tile at how she must look.

she could almost feel his eyes boring into her exposed pussy. When she felt his tongue against her asshole, she gasped in shock, and tried to fight the urge to move away, heart rate doubling in an instant as she began to think of her ass as a target.

Josh tongued that little, wrinkled hole for a little while, not poking in too far, before he took one finger and began to worm it into what was obviously a completely unused asshole. as he worked, he demanded "Hey piggy.

you ever been fucked in your ass? Because after this weekend" pushing his finger in harder "the answer to that will be yes." He worked a couple of inches of his finger in and out of her back hole for a moment, feeling her shake and hearing her start to cry again "But see.

I don't like shit on my dick. So before we play. " he reaches down and grabs the end of the hose, popping his finger out, and then shoves the end of it in her ass. It was about the same size as his finger and went in easily for a couple of inches. "I'm going to clean you out.

make lots of room for my cock all up in your ass" coughing a little from he strain of his fake, gravelly voice. He holds it firmly to keep it from being pushed out while the steady stream of hot water runs up into her bowels. Rachel bites her lip hard to not scream and closes her eyes tight when his finger penetrates her ass, tormented by the idea of his long cock in there.

but her eyes fly open behind the blindfold and her whole body clenches as she hears his plans and feels the rough edge of the hose pushed into her anus. and the rush of hot water filling her makes her tremble like a leaf. Never in her wildest, worst nightmares did she ever imagine herself in this situation.

the water seemed to grow hotter, heavier inside her, until she was sure there was no way she wasn't going to explode and spray filthy water all over her bathroom. just as she's about to let go, she hears him say "Clench up NOW, cunt. if you let so much as a drop of this out before I tell you to, you will be in a world of fucking hurt." and he removes the hose from her bottom.

She feels bloated, more full than she can ever remember, and strains valiantly to keep her muscles tight. Josh watches her shake with tension as she desperately tries to hold the water in.

but he knows no matter how scared she is, she won't be able to do it for long. He picks her up easily out of the tub, strength belying his apparent scrawniness, and sits her on the toilet. "Now, piggy. let all the nasty out." and stands back, watching the pain and relief play over her features as she evacuates loudly into the toilet. Once the sounds stop, he reaches over her to flush and instructs her to stand up, then guides her back into the tub, bending her back over, running a little water down her crack, and pushes the hose back in.

after the third time, there was finally just clear water in the toilet and he put her back in the tub for a final rinse. "Turn and face the wall, be fucking still. if you move at all, if I catch you trying to look at me, I'll kill you where you stand" he commands, digging in his bag again and coming out with a wad of black, shiny material.

Rachel shakes her head quickly, stammering "No, no, I won't, I won't move" and stands still, shivering as much from nerves as the damp cold, wondering what on earth he's going to do to her now.

Reaching up behind her head, he picks the knot of her soaked stocking out of the tangled, wet mass of her hair, giving untying it one halfhearted try before grabbing his knife and sliding it under the material, severing it in two with a tiny flick of the razor sharp blade.

Smoothing her hair back from her face with his fingertips, her realizes he forgot something when he was making this. he supposed it was just as well he never got to use it before now. Josh had a collection of homeade BSDM equipment, that he made in his plentiful spare time.

this was his take on a sensory deprivation hood he'd seen online. He didn't like the way they enclosed the mouth and jaw. it seemed limiting to the user, even with various ways to open it up like zippers.

One night, half-paying attention to an old Batman movie, it struck him how perfect the design of Catwoman's hood was for his purpose. with the eyes filled in, of course. He scoured the internet looking for a good, sturdy, sexy costume. and modified the hood.

It was now a solid piece the reached across the nose and cheekbones, covered the ears, but left the cheeks, jaw, mouth all bare. it went under the chin into a collar-like band that could be zipped down the neck.

He had actually left the pointy kitty ears on top, finding them cute. The problem, he was noting now, was that while the hood might readily contain miss pfieffer's short curls, it was nowhere near fitting over Rachel's masses of black hair.

Shrugging, he stuck his knife in the back of it and slit it most of the young euro babe fuck fingered by old man open. He pulled her back to the outer edge of the tub and yanked the hood over her head, then lifted up her wet, drippy hair, pulling the mask down tight against her face and securing it behind her neck, reaching around with the tips of his fingers to make sure it rests right on her face.

completely blocking her vision, but the rest free. Grabbing a towel that was hanging over the bar, he squeezes as much of the water out of her hair as he can, jerking her head around roughly, then leads her out of the tub, rubbing the rest of her more or less dry very quickly.

Pushing her ahead of him, he lets her own momentum make her fall on the bed face first, watching with a smirk as she struggled to recover some grace with her wrists tied behind her back.

Rachel manages to turn herself most of the way over, spitting out hair and wriggling uncomfortably. It seemed as soon as one discomfort faded, another was waiting to take it's place. her shoulders had been pulled back for so long that jarring them when she fell had left them screaming with pain, and even half-sitting up to take the pressure off left an ache that burned down to the tips of her fingers through the numbness of being tied.

Groaning, she fell back onto the bed and rolled onto her face, barely paying attention to her legs falling apart, and clenches and unclenches her fingers and tries to relax her arms.

She tilts her head from side to side, wondering at this weird mask he's put on her. at any rate, she could breathe much better, so whatever it was she was absurdly grateful. she'd actually had to fight the urge to say 'thank you' when he'd pulled the wet, stinking fabric of her stocking off her nose and eyes.

As if she should thank him for undoing what he did. she couldn't understand it. She was so confused. sometimes she would catch herself feeling so turned on, she almost forgot he was taking advantage of her and start to respond. other times she felt sick and disgusted and ashamed, afraid. He kept hurting her, threatening to kill her, and she was so scared that no matter what she did, he might do it anyway.

Then again, sometimes he confused her that way too. hurting her with one breath and then rubbing her legs as he had the night before, the gentle touch of his tongue and the tips of his fingers on her face and in her hair. It was all too much, so she just lay there waiting, trying to relieve the pressure on her shoulders and the tingling numbness in her fingers. Meanwhile, Josh had leaned back into the bathroom, grabbing his bag, and walked over to put it back on top of the dresser, watching her out of the corner of his eye.

Last night in his frenzy he had mostly gone with what was available. but now he had a few of his own makeshift toys that had sat unused for too long. He pulled out a couple of those, and a couple he'd bought online as well- some things just shouldn't be homeade, he mused as he pulled out a mediumish butt plug made of a firm but flexible gel, and a small but powerful vibrating bullet with a remote.

The things he'd brought from home were a little more cumbersome. but just as obvious in function. a mass of smallish but sturdy chains and black leather cuffs.

rather than order expensive restraints he had built his own, using women's decorative leather bracelets for the top and men's for the bottom. he figured that would be fairly effective for most girls. and had attached the chains through the openings in the cuffs, which were holes reinforced with metal rings. Scooping all that up, he dropped it loudly on the corner of the bed and came around to stand behind Rachel, between her dangling legs where she lay there, wriggling uncomfortably, and growled "I'm going to untie your hands for a moment.

don't do anything stupid." before leaning down and pulling the knots loose. Keeping one wrist gripped tightly, he rolls her over on her back "Slide back up the bed, now" he commands. Rachel hesitates, realizing he's about to tie her to the bed, then squeals in pain as he gives her a hard slap across her breasts with his free hand "Are you fucking deaf today, slut?

Did I give you brain damage when I choked you with my dick last night? MOVE. NOW." he demands, and she scrambles to scoot her ass up toward the headboard on top of her messed-up bedcovers, her free hand weak and shaky under her from disuse and unable to hold her weight.

When he yanked on her arm roughly, she quit moving. she felt him wrapping a slightly rough band of what felt like cheap leather around her wrist, with the coldness of the chain pressed against the back of her hand and dangling down her arm. Releasing her hand, she felt him pull her by the chain to one of the posts on her bed and heard him wrap the chain around it and a snapping sound she could only assume was a lock.

A flutter in her stomach rose as high as the back of her throat as she fought to keep down panicky screams. he had come prepared for her, it seemed, and that just made the whole situation that much more frightening. Josh made short work of attaching her other wrist to the other bedpost.

rather than walking around he simply climbed onto the bed and straddled her prone chest, letting his balls brush against her breasts and over her nipples as he finished binding her.

Sitting back on her stomach, he surveys his work while Rachel begins to wheeze under him from his weight. Hot, he thought. she looked almost crucified with her arms up like that. and the mask was perfect. Too perfect, almost, with her cloud of damp, wavy black hair billowing out of the back. His cock jumped and twitched as he reached down to play with her breasts, still putting most of his weight on her stomach, watching them jiggle as she jerks under him.

Pinching one nipple in each hand and twisting, pulling up hard, he leans forward so he can bring her breasts together by her tortured nipples around his cock, and spends a few blissful moments titty-fucking her, listening to her whine and groan breathlessly from the pain and lack of air.

Growing bored of it quickly, he gives her nipples each one long stretch and then releases at the height of the tug, watching her breasts fall and bounce against each other. He starts to slide his way down her body, rubbing his cock against her, until he can reach the ankle cuffs. When she realized her legs were about to receive the same treatment and she was going to be chained, spread-eagled, to her own bed, her legs shook with the supressed urge to start kicking her attacker.

She wanted so much to hurt him back, but was deathly afraid she wouldn't be able to knock him out, even with her powerful legs. And then. then he would probably kill her. The self-preservation instinct was just too strong. and just perhaps, that creeping dark thing in the back of her mind that kept her wet and aroused had something to do with it, too. Josh felt her legs stiffen and start to resist.

and then relax. He jerked them roughly apart, the chains on his cuffs barely long enough to hook around the other posts and they fit a little oddly, too. oh well, ya never know until you try stuff, and this would work.

it left her stretched almost to her limit; her head had slipped off the pillows and now lay flat on the bed. He savored the sight of her briefly, not moving, letting her anticipation build, and the slips off the bed to gather the four large, fluffy pillows. Leaning over her, he shoves one and then another under the small of her back and top of her ass. then, he forced one more until she was splayed with her pelvis raised as far into the air as possible at the top of some painful-looking human pyramid.

Her cunt was spread open, showing the glistening, fresh coat of juices Rachel couldn't stop from oozing out when she contemplated what he might be about to do to her.

she barely noticed she was no longer crying, her breaths had grown shallow and rapid, and every other sense was on hypermode with the absolute blackness in front of her eyes.

Her joints groaned with the strain of being stretched to the limit, but at the same time it felt sort of good. she simply panted there, waiting, wondering, her skin tingling. She can hear the soft pad-pad-pad of his bare feet traveling around to the other side of the bed, slowly, as if her was checking her out from all angles. with a red hot flush that spread rapidly down her chest, she became convinced that was exactly what he was doing.

She couldn't suppress a flash of pride when she contemplated how she must look right now. it must be hot. If she could read Josh's mind, she'd find out she was half right. his eyes were drinking in every inch of her as he made his way around the end of the bed, but there was another motive.

The other toys were over there. Picking up the heavy buttplug, he plants one knee on the bed and presses it rounded point against Rachel's lips. "Here piggy" he smirks "you'd better suck on this and get it as wet as you can. because this bad boy is about to go up your ass. How much that hurts is up to you. well, partly. You got a tight little asshole, slut; I bet you never really have been fucked in it before, have you?

Won't give it up, huh?" he pushes the rapidly-expanding cone of the toy further into her mouth. "Just nod, one way or the other. yeah, that's what I thought. I bet a guy with a flashy car" gives the toy a vicious push "or a fat bank account" push "or who looks like Brad sloppy blowjob threesome and teasing double art imitating life Pitt coulda got up in that sexy ass, but not the average guy, huh?

Ever wonder why you never found that guy, slut? Because you're nothin special. just another stuck up bitch who's getting older and blows off all the guys around her who would be good to her" pushing harder yet, her lips grossly distended around the dark blue rubber "waiting for some perfect guy who isn't real.

Good fucking luck, whore." he pushes one last time, twisting it back and forth, and then yanks it out, covered with her spit, strings hanging from it to her gasping mouth.

"I knew you were a good little cocksucker." Rachel shakes and squirms uncomfortably, still blushing hotly but for different reason. Her mind was so fixated on the idea of that seemingly-huge chunk of rubber actually going up her ass that his scathing assessment of her personality hit her a little slowly. but when it did, it hurt. Her lower lip starts to quiver as she shrinks under his words, embarassed that he could take her hopes and spit them back at her, make her feel stupid.

and maybe he was right. she doesn't have much time to contemplate that because he wastes no time settling between her widespread legs and parting xxx sex stories ebony story download big, soft cheeks of her ass.

She clenches at first without thinking, then with a resigned shudder relaxes and chews on her lower lip, hoping that somehow if she just stays totally relaxed maybe it won't hurt. the initial intrusion of the end didn't hurt, actually, and it felt ok for the first inch or so.

but he just kept pushing, harder and harder against her tight sphincter muscle. she breathed like she'd seen women in labor do, through her teeth, trying deperately to keep from fighting it as her body wanted to. the plug slips in another inch and she feels the first ripple of real pain, which mounts steadily now as he seemed to have gotten past her resistance.

She feels uncomfortably like she needs to take a shit in the worst way. and then just as she's sure there's no way she can be stretched open any further without screaming the plug pops all the way in, her abused, burning muscle tighting around the base.

She can feel it pressed between her cheeks on the outside, and the pressure inside her virgin rectum was so intense it made her whimper aloud. a sound to one who didn't know what was going on, might sound very like pleasure. Seeing his plug firmly nestled between her asscheeks, and hearing her little grunts and groans of pain as he shoved it in, made his cock throb with need. He turned his attention to her wide-open pussy, pulling her inner lips far apart and beautiful virgin groped sleeping sister forced raping, watching in amusement as she tried to push her pelvis up further.

The thick, creamy evidence of her turn on was pooling in the pit leading inside her, unable to leak out with her severe upturn. Then, he used his thumbs to push her hood back and her swollen clit up and out, leaning down and to suck it hard, suddenly, her body spasming instantly with the rush of overly-intense sensation, whimpering 'oh god, please. oh god, please.' over and over, her whole body as tense as a violin string.

It couldn't have been more than a single minute before a strangled cry and tiny, restrained humping motions of her hips signify the culmination of her pleasure.

and again he keeps sucking as she whimpers for mercy, reaching for the last toy he'd gotten out. Finding it's rather soft, plastic end, he tugs the remote part closer and flicks the dial on the blowjob and cum meal in our car, starting a low hum and vibrating the bed close to where it lay. He slowly thumbed the dial up to about halfway, and raised his head from her hot, slippery cunt. Her clit stood up at full attention now, dark red and seeming to pulse visibly.

he immediately pressed the little bullet directly against it. The reaction was electric. much the same as when he'd taken her clit in his mouth but now he could see it. tendons standing out against her skin, head thrashing back and forth wildly, lips pressed together in a hard, thin line as she fought to keep from screaming in combined pleasure and pain. She looked like. an animal, caught in a trap, or maybe the movie image of someone being electrocuted. it was enthralling. Her cunt poured her sweetness in such abundance that it spilled over and ran down the crack of her ass and pooled on the edge of the plug; the muscles in her thighs and ass twitched and spasmed.

still he could tell when she peaked again. She thrashed so violently he had momentary worries about his restraints, but they held. Maybe. just one more, he thought. Rachel thought, in despair, that she never thought it was possible to die from orgasm until now. the contractions coming so fast and so hard they hurt, her heart hammering in her chest so fast she wondered if 24 year old women who didn't smoke could have heart attacks. she couldn't catch her breath, she was reeling and yanking at her bonds loudly.

when the second one hit, she could have sworn her heart stopped for an instant, and all her muscles clenched so tight she swore she could feel them starting to tear. especially where her anus was grasping around that big, immoveable plug. Finally, in desperation, she starts begging "please. no more. I can't cum anymore I'll die. I think I'm having a stroke." pleading and sobbing and babbling.

She hears him mutter something that sounds like 'shut up, cunt'. and she tries to, but then he starts moving the little buzzing monstrosity, wiggling it over her clit so that the numbness no longer helps, and her body is wracked by fresh spasms, her teeth clamping tightly together, her eyes rolling back in her head, and a strangled, gurgling cry is all comes from her throat, though her mouth is wide open.

The third orgasm doesn't feel like one at all, but more like every muscle in her pelvis contracting so hard that they rip themselves away from her bones. False lights flash in front of her eyes and she thinks "I'm dying." as she starts to pass out.

Josh rubs the little bullet over her now-purple clit faster, never losing contact, until he sees her start to thrash as she cums for the third time. waiting until he can tell the major spasms have passed, he then tosses the vibrator aside on the bed, gets to his knees between her legs, and shoves all almost-9 inches of his cock into her in one smooth motion. He groans aloud. her cunt is boiling hot, so slick it seems to suck him in, and so tight. her tunnel grips at him as the aftershocks from her multiple orgasms ripple through her.

He presses his hips hard against her body, keeping his entire length buried in her while he fights the urge to cum. Once he has a handle on it, he begins to move. withdrawing until only his head is wrapped in her snug inner walls, then slamming home again. and he hears her pained, panicky sounds take on a different note entirely. she was really just moaning now. Moaning and sighing with every thrust like he wasn't raping her.

"uh huh, that's just what I thought. you're such a fucking whore." he pants in his fake gravely voice. "Listen to you." with that he starts driving into her faster, harder, still with the long strokes. Josh didn't know the half of it. she almost said 'yes!' as he plunged his cock into her hungry pussy! It felt so good, his veiny length parting her clamped-down inner walls, rubbing them, giving her something to squeeze.

he banged roughly against her cervix with every thrust, and vaguely she wondered just how big his cock really was. Longer than she'd ever had, she thought. no one had ever hit her inside like that, no matter how hard they tried. She was almost crying in relief to be fucked.

and for the moment, she didn't care if that was right. She let his mocking words spur her to anger. thinking 'you want a whore?

I'll show you french teen hard banged in bdsm hardcore sessions whore. make you cum your fucking brains out, you raping piece of shit." bucking her hips toward him as much as she could, squeezing and massaging his cock inside her as control of her muscles returned to her. Rachel heard him moan in surprise as she fucked him back, his grip on her hips tightening while his thrusts grew faster still, and shorter. she could feel him throb and jerk inside her for a long, tense moment.

and then he growled loudly, sinking his short nails into her tiny latina reading porn and fingering wet pussy in lingerie, and gives a harder thrust as he bursts inside her. Her heart goes icy when she feels it, cursing her decision to stop taking the pill, and hopes she can get a 'morning after' pill soon enough.

Shrugging it off, she pants with exertion and feels triumphant, despite the circumstances. Josh leaves his still-hard and pulsing cock buried in her for a long moment, leaning forward over her to catch his breath. He may not have been the biggest pimp, but he'd been with a few girls before, and he had never felt pussy like that. He didn't know whether it was his forcing her to come over and over, the way she was normally, or both.

but that had literally been the most amazing thing he'd ever felt. And she had been so obviously. fucking him back, hard, shoving her hips at him with everything she had. What the fuck new nepali mms porn story going on? He shook his head to clear it, thinking 'get a grip on yourself Josh. she'll still escape if you give her one good chance, slut who loves to fuck or not.' He knew he couldn't let his guard down for an instant.

As suddenly as he'd shoved it in, he pulls his cock loose from her tight wetness with an audible 'slurp', the thick white mixture of their combined juices running out of her open hole. It made his mouth go dry with lust to look at it, and his cock jumped in agreement. that shit was hot.

He slid out from in between her legs and climbed up next to her head again, grabbing a handful of hair at the back of her head and yanking it up "Time to clean up your mess again, piggy. suck my dick, suck it good, and remember what I told you about your fucking teeth" and guides his cock into her mouth. Though her nose was wrinkled at having their combined juices shoved in her mouth, and she was making little distressed sounds, she went to work on him like a pro, sucking, licking, trying to swallow around his head when he shoved it in to far.

but this time he wasn't planning to choke her on it. He just wanted her to get a mouthful of their combined cum. Once he was satisfied she'd gotten a good taste, he slapped her casually on the cheek "off my cock, slut. that's enough" and withdrew from between her pouty lips. She gasped for breath and said nothing, just hanging her head. He admitted privately that he was surprised he was still hard. but maybe it was mind over matter after all, because he was consumed now with thoughts of taking her last virginity.

Making his way back down between her legs, he reaches under her and slide the pillows a little further back, and palms her asscheeks apart.

He licked his lips, looking at the puckered ring of her unfucked asshole clamped so tightly around the base of the buttplug. "Brace yourself." he warned, and proceeds to turn and pull the plug out of her ass hard. it literally popped out with a sound you could hear. and left this still-small, but dark, open hole. His cock jumped at the sight. rubbing the head between her sloppy cuntlips for lubrication, he presses it against her stretched asshole and hisses in pleasure as it pops right into her.

The rest was smooth sailing. despite her cries and wiggling, there was nowhere to go, and it only took a couple of thrusts to be buried balls-deep in her insanely tight ass. the plug had only been about half his length, but wider at the base, so her insides accomodated him fairly quickly. he took one long moment revel in the feeling of his cock being squeezed by her ass before he began to thrust. Only pulling about halfway out, but slamming home hard enough to rattle her teeth with every stroke, he pounded her mercilessly, nerves singing with his own pleasure.

No finger, no toy, no workings of her own imagination could have prepared Rachel for taking this cock in her ass. it felt a over a foot long and like it might come out her mouth soon. she squealed and grunted in pain, trying to twist her ass this way and that, hoping that somehow she can get him out. but it only seemed to spur him to go harder, faster and she stopped, defeated, head flopping back and forth like a rag doll as he violated her ass, his thrusts jarring her whole body.

It felt like someone was reaming her with a bar of hot lead shoved far up in her insides. the pain was terrible and nauseating.

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Whimpering cries escape her open lips with each breath as she tries to endure until it's over. then out of nowhere she feels that smooth, buzzing, hated thing pressed against her clit again and she moans piteously.

she can't stop her rear fucktunnel from spasming and squeezing it's unwelcome invader with that thing on her, it's too much. the pleasure starts tingling in her cunt again even as the pressure and agony in her ass increases.

he starts wiggling it back and forth over her engorged clit and rams her ass with renewed vigor, and Rachel shakes her head wildly from side to side, moaning "noooooo." even as her pussy starts to clench and she cums again, rippling contractions playing along the length of the cock buried in her. Josh pants and holds his cock as far inside her as he can, shuddering hot lesbian hardcore sex with raunchy bimbos pleasure from her orgasmic contractions, until he can't take it anymore and rams her at top speed, cum boiling up his shaft and exploding into her anal cavity.

Every spurt is another bed-rattling thrust, gritting his teeth and muttering "that's right, stepdad trains teen stepdaughers asshole while mom is home slut.

take my fucking cock up your little virgin ass. all the way. oh fuck that's good." as he slowly starts to soften, finally. and then slips out of her ass easily. This time the hole is gaping and red, angry looking. and while he watches, his cum starts to ooze out and drip onto the bed. He looks down with satisfaction at his apparently clean dick.

but still moves around by her head and forces her to suck the taste of her ass off. Snickering, he observes "aren't you glad I cleaned you out, you filthy little pig slut?

Imagine what this would be like if I hadn't. I think you should thank me." He withdraws his cock from her mouth, the look of utter disgust on her face obvious. "Tha-thank you." she murmurs with difficulty. "For what?" he prompts. "For. cleaning me out.?" her voice sounds quizzical. "That's right whore, but there's more. I want to say 'thank you for not making me eat my own shit'.

because that's what it comes down to." Rachels face looks even more disgusted, but she manages to choke out "thank you. for not ma-making me. eat my. own sh-shit." and feels that hot flush coming back with her humiliation. "Good piggy" he smirks. "I'm hungry. I'm going to bojhena se bojhena sirial pakhi xxx grab something from your kitchen.

I'll bring you back something and take you to the bathroom when I come back. my advice to you, my horny little slut, is to try to get some rest. It's going to be a long fucking night. pun definitely intended." With that he yanks the pillows out from under her and tosses them aside, picking up his boxers and slipping them back on.

Rachel grunts and bites her lip when her body slams back to the mattress, feeling the lethargy of sleep stealing over her before his footsteps even fade. she drifts off into troubled dreams about being a sex slave, knowing no other life than the one she's being exposed to now.

and enjoys them. (I couldn't make myself finish Saturday in one piece! It would have been forever long. At this point, it's looking like 2 or three more partss. and thanks for your patience in advance, my writing time is precious little. Once again, I welcome comments and suggestions. particularly if you want to give me a negative rating, as I'd like to know how to improve.