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Chapter one. It was a good thing for Roderick to smell again the smell of battle. The sweat of men tinged by the touch of steel armour, the strong smell of horse and of curvy brunette amateur fingered and fucked outdoors. Sounds of men cussing and praying, swords being sharpened one last time, all under a dawn which to a warrior is, possibly, his last.

And that would make it beautiful. Upon a large wooden field-table was a map, more worthy to be called a sketch, of the surroundings.

"Walter and Frederick will hold the middle with Infantry. I will ride out the right flank and try to catch their archers. Roderick and his men will hold the left," Explained the count. He was wearing a half plate, which very well protected his vital organs. "I beg his highness' -" Interrupted Roderick, "May I suggest -" "No, you may not, captain. It is I who suggests, and you who does what you're told." Roderick said no more. The meeting was brief hereafter. "So, what say you?" Asked Brick the lad, "What are the counts orders?" "We have the god damn left flank." Said Roderick quietly to his retainer.

"Men!" He bellowed "To him who takes the most heads will be paid double this month!". The men roared and he grinned. The armies assembled on both sides of the plain, each general taking a place on a hill.

"On this plain many a good fighter had died already!" One could hear Count Tuftglade shouting to the centre of the army, and the rest was unclear. Roderick looked at the terrain. "You see," He said to brick while the count babbled away from them, "The small hill there?

You will ride there with one company of cavalry, as soon as we engage. Make it seem like a withdraw. Use the hill to flank the enemy without being seen." "And you, captain?" "I will lead the infantry." It was an old used trick, but as they say in the north, in Roderick's homeland, achieving old age is a function of sheer toughness.

"Very well." "And don't take your fucking time," Roderick exclaimed. Roderick's scouts returned minutes after the march has started. "Sir," said one cavalryman, "Them on the left, they be o' greater number than us. They be three companies of a hundred spearmen, and not peasants by the looks of them, professional men, backed by one group of archers." "Aye," Said Roderick, "Very good work, now join the horny college sluts enjoy tutors big cock pornstars hardcore with young Mr.

Brick." The scout rode off. Roderick rode to the centre of his company to examine them as they marched. Two companies of swordsmen clad in chain and a company of sixty Northerners with their absurdly big axes. Behind them rode forty light horse. The centre of our army looked stronger than theirs while watch takarasagashi nnatsuyasumi episode 4 subbed right had only a group of a hundred knights facing their two hundred or so swords.

"If it were I, I'd switch my flanks now when I still can." He said to himself. The enemy commander must have either been a dimwit noble or else he had something up his sleeve. Roderick rode besides his men on the seam line between his flank and the centre army.

As they entered arrow range he shout "Shields Up!" And his men raised their shields. An attachment of archers from the centre army shot in support of Roderick's flank, suppressing the archers facing them. The enemy started shooting, with only a couple of men falling on our side.

Two hundred metres between them. Roderick could almost smell the steel emerging from scabbards. He could see the gleam in his men's eyes. They were the 'Raven Men', infamous for their cruelty and their prowess in battle.

"Raven Men! At attention!" Roderick the crow shouted, sitting on his black warhorse, wearing a suit of heavy chain, protective and practical, holding a Bastard Sword in his hand. He took a moment to dismount, and gave his horse to a young retainer. It is by no means smart to charge a horse into a line of spears.

He walked in front of the men, who now stood to hear the word they all looked forward to. "Double time!" he shouted. They broke into a run, closing the distance. With each volley a few men fell moaning, but they ran on. The enemy line advanced until they were close, and before they took their position Roderick shouted "Charge!".

A great roar sounded from the left flank, as three hundred men cheered for their leader. The earth trembled as they accelerated their run into a mad charge. Roderick ran into the enemy with his shield in front, deflecting a spear and skewering a young scared teen on his sword. Blood splashed into his face and he roared once more. The spearmen didn't break, but the charge was effective at lowering their spirit. He could hear the cavalry riding away. He kicked the boys body and swung at another soldier, this one more experienced (It seems they put their greenest on the first line to take the charge.

A smart move,). That one blocked his swing and took a step back from the strength of it. Roderick swung again, overhead, and the soldier dodges his blow and thurst his spear forward. Roderick Deflected it aside and kick the man's shield, putting him off balance. He swung and hit him downwards on the neck, slicing his body almost in half. From there it all became a blurry bloodbath for him. A few moments later the cavalry came around the back, charging the archers on the back of the line.

They routed at the first sight of horses, but were too slow and were cut down by the light cavalry. Then the horsemen backed away again and at once charged the spearmen rear.

The charge, when it hit home, broke them and they began running. "Advance!" Roderick roared, and the Ravens, back into lines at once, marched forward after the spearmen, who were being cut down by cavalry or collected as prisoners. Roderick's retainer rode to the main force and gave up the horse.

Mounting it again, Roderick could see the course of the battle. The Left wing routed, the enemy army was still strong on the centre, while the right flank was untouched, as the knights had, it seems, rode around it to get a chance at the archers. Count Tuftglade was running down the last of them. The swords on the right flanked our centre and were now making short work of it. Something needed to be done. Roderick Marched his infantry into the bloody brawl in the middle, pitting them to the rear of the force, and rode to his cavalry.

"Ride to Tuftglade and tell him together we will take down The enemy leader, " He said stunning babe gets surprised with a dick one of the lads. The enemy was lead By Baron Rosewick, a wicked fighter and a mountain of a man.

Tuftglade was renown for his many efforts to avoid confrontation with him, But Roderick the Crow was sure he himself could take the tall piece of shit. The scout came back saying, "He refuses." But that was expected. "He said He must ride to the centre to strengthen it." "Fuck him, if so.

Cavalry, with me!" They rode, looking for the baron's company.

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Then they saw him, clad in silver plate, with a winged helmet which made him look godlike. He was mounted, with a bodyguard of fifty tough looking warriors, also clad in mail. "Oi!" Roderick shout, "You big fucking piece of shit!

Would you fight a real man if you ever met one?" "Is that Roderick the Crow?" Asked Rosewick "I'll be damned. A bloody ghost." "I'm no ghost, only a man. And I'm going to cut you down soon". "It seems your men are outnumbered, though." "Aye." He grinned, and he prayed to his gods as he sounded the call to charge, that his guess was correct.

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As Count Tuftgale's knights took the last of the archers, they turned only to see their middle wavering in front of the masses of better trained men belonging to Baron Rosewick. The count could see a small company of cavalry fighting the Baron's bodyguard.

"That bastard!" He cussed, "He does it to make me lose face, does he not?" He hesitated before he shouted "Charge!!" Roderick sighed with relief to hear the thunder of knights. He was sure Rosewick was shitting his plate. The Baron turned to see a hundred knights behind him, to see it was all a trick. With hatered he found Roderick in the fray and got to him. Roderick grinned. He threw his sword and took a nasty pick off the scabbard.

Then he lifted his shield and almost got thrown off his horse by the Baron's first strike. The slash was fierce and was followed by another. The baron could smell his defeat, but he wanted to kill the commoner who did this to him. But Roderick saw his fury and knew how to exploit it. He blocked two more swings, and at the third he ran his pick into the rear of the baron's horse.

It went mad almost straight away, and threw the baron off. Roderick took a moment to retrieve his pick, and as the giant of a man stood up he stung down with all his might, into the Baron's Helmet. It's eye-slits squirted blood and everyone went silent. Then the rout began. Roderick sat on a field stool, drinking mead. Brick the lad returned to camp with a long line of prisoners, escorted by his men. A young runner reached Roderick first, calling him to meet. "Aye, I'll be there soon." "These will probably ransom at 70 crowns," Brick gestured at the 250 men taken.

"And listen to this The Baron's wife, Lady Alina, was with the host. She was taken by Tuftglade's men." "Ah, I see." Said Roderick. "No matter. I must go to the meeting, I shall come later. Ah, find out who killed the most.

I must be good on my word." The captains were already at the tent as he entered. They grew silent at once. "Roderick," Said Tuftglade after a while.

"Come, sit." "Aye, Your highness." "It was quite reckless to fight the Baron like that," He said "But still, our force was in trouble, and something had to be done. I took his head." "Yes, and to him must go the spoils. So must be done." said ser Walter. "Thank you, Ser Walter, for clarifying that." Said the Count with some irritation. "Roderick, you will be knighted and given as fief the village of Culdun in Tuftglade county - " "If I may Interrupt, your Highness," Roderick said with command in his voice, "It is customary in the north to let a man choose his bounty on such an occasion.

I bid on taking the Ex-Baroness as hostage. Land I want not." "It may not be done." Said Tuftglade with anger. "She is of gentle birth and I will not let her be taken by a sav- a. captain of mercenaries." "Consider this," Roderick grimaced, "I won you the battle. And next time, I may well be on the other side, sticking my sword in your noble gut, your highness. We northerners hold tradition very highly." Tuftglade looked intimidated. He stuttered something, and then got his act together again.

"Ah. I see, Did I hurt your precious tradition?" "Sire," ser Frederick Interrupted, "Consider, a third of our remaining army is northerners." "Wh." The count was at a loss. "Very well, you can have the wench. She is going to be branded a traitor as it is.

The fief you will not be getting, of course." "Ah, but we've more fights to fight and more nobles to slay, your highness. I reckon you will see that I am a man worthwhile to indulge." He left the tent. The prisoner camp was small and dirty. A large part of the enemy army was held there.

The Lady sat inside, treating the wounds of a young man. She was a tall woman and very shapely, with large breasts that could be noted from under her dress.

She had long, blonde hair and a comely face. "It's a rich thing for a noblewoman to treat soldiers like this," Roderick said with some gloat in his voice, "Haven't anyone told you we carry diseases?" She looked at him angrily.

Hatred was in her eyes. "You are that sellsword, the Crow, aren't you?" "Aye, that I am." he grinned. "You murdered my husband, they say." "Felled him in battle I did." "It is the same. God will have you in the end." "Your god has nothing on me," Roderick grinned "I have my own gods. Men, take her. And take her chambermaids too." The hatred turned into fear as men started grabbing her maids, and Brick took a step towards her.

"What is the meaning of this?" "Ah," Roderick said, "The noble Count Tuftglade gave you to me as a prize. You are mine now." He gave her a last, nasty smile, and rode off to his camp while his men carried her and six more download xxx storys katrina kaif back with force.

In the western part of the army encampment stood Roderick's large tent. It was as large as his status allowed him. Inside were Roderick and Brick, three young lieutenants, and a soldier called Ralph, who was the one who killed the hot young lesbian girls get hardcore fucked enemies by far he had killed 13 men that battle.

He was in the Infantry and Roderick saw that he was a promising man, although too close to his own age for his taste. "Well, lads, you will have no need for whores tonight. Bring in the prize!" Roderick said, with a cheerful smile. Three of the chambermaids were brought in.

They were dressed in southerner garbs, the three of them One, who was a short haired blond wore a dress of purple silk, with a small hat that looked to Roderick like a bun.

The dress emphasized her large bosom. She looked like she was going to cry. Another, also blond with shoulder length hair, wore a shorter dress the colour green,with thigh high boots underneath. If the first girl looked miserable, this one was crying, being dragged by two soldiers.

The third, a short haired brunette, was slim with small, perky tits and a beautiful face. She wore a simpler dress of cotton, a brown one. She looked more like a servant girl and a commoner. Of all the three she seemed accepting her fate the best, although it was apparent she was crying too a short time ago.

Her look was resolved now. "Hahaha. Now ladies, show us what you can do!" Cried Brick the lad and unfastened his pants belt. The girls looked terrified. "Roderick, you think these are virgins?" "I bet at least one of them is. Agh. Let's make bets." Said Roderick. The girl with a purple dress started to cry, while the brunettes lips disappeared into a thin line.

"I say. that big tits there is no virgin, no way. The small one also. She, though," He gestured at the middle girl, with the longest hair, "is one for sure." "Dibs on that, then!" Brick howled in laughter and took a step forward. He grabbed the crying girl by the hair and pushed her on the table in the middle.

"Is he just going to rape her?" Asked a lieutenant named Glen, a young man recently promoted. "Just like that?" "Aye, he is. I don't know how them southerners do it, but we in the north handle our prize roughly." Said Roderick. They watched as Brick dropped his pants revealing a large, erect dick. He lifted the dress off the girl when Roderick stopped him. "Brick, where are your manners? The first taste should go to Ralph." They all laughed. Brick laughed the most.

He gave way to Ralph, who with satisfaction took out his penis, ripped the girl's panties off and stuck it inside her. She gave a shrill cry. He took it out for all of them to see the blood. "Aye, the Captain's right!" He said and stuck it back in, starting to fuck her. Brick took the other blond, who did nothing to oppose him, lay on the floor and saddled her upon his shaft.

She took it with a cry, it was large. He laughed and started working. All the men in the tent knew Roderick's taste. He eyed the third girl with pleasure. "You, come here," He told her. The men holding her threw her forward. He unfastened his belt and took out his penis. "On your knees." He commanded. She defied him until he slapped her in the face and repeated his order. With tears in her eyes, which from up close he saw were grey, she got on her knees. She didn't need further instruction, and all by herself she took him in her mouth.

It felt good. The girl had a small mouth, and his dick did more jessica ledet from houma louisiana fill it. She had a hard time sucking beautiful bubbly brunette babe gets fucked in the pawnshop. He took her by the hair and pushed himself inside her throat. More tears filled her eyes as she started to choke and cough.

He took it out, gave her very little time to breath, and pushed it back in, pushing against the back of her throat.

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Near him, other men took initiative. The girl saddled on Brick now had a dick in her mouth. It was Glen's. He was more gentle than Roderick but he seemed to be enjoying himself. The blonde on the table was being fucked by Ralph, but her head was tilted back on the edge of the table. A lieutenant, older than Glen whose name was Christopher, came round the table and pushed his dick inside her mouth, effectively penetrating her throat. When he took it out after a few thrusts, the girl lifted her head and puked a lot of saliva all over herself, messing up her face and hair, but he only laughed and thrust it back inside.

Roderick was fucking the brunettes mouth. Her eyes were full of tears and her chin and small, perky breasts were messy with slimy saliva. He took a few last, deep thrusts inside her throat and took out his penis. She breathed hard, but didn't cry. "You have quite an endurance" He said with a crooked smile. Then he pushed her on all fours. "Let's see if you're a virgin." His penis was slippery with her saliva and it came right in her small pussy. She had no hair down there and he wondered if she really was that young or did she shave it.

She gave a small moan, which surprised him. She was awfully wet, he noticed, and not a virgin. He started fucking her roughly, grabbing her by the hair while at it. Her pussy was tight and moist, and it welcomed with satisfactory ease. She thrust her head into the ground and moaned some more. He noticed that the boys were becoming rowdy. Another officer positioned himself near Brick's wench, and he was getting ready to stick it up her ass. Roderick pulled the black hair up so she would see.

"Look at her face, cause I'm gonna do that to you very soon." Both the girls eyes were full of fear. As the young man stick it in the busty blonde's ass, she gave a sharp cry that was somewhat muffled by the dick in her mouth. He started fucking her vigilantly while she screamed with pain.

Glen could hold it no more. He shoved himself all the way into her throat and cum. The girl choked xxx afsha zebi xxx story his sperm, and some of it came out of her nose.

He got off and the room was filled with her coughing and screaming. Gradually the men started to cum. Roderick felt ready. He took out his dick and quickly and without warning shoved it up the brunette girl's ass. Her scream of pain had amplified his pleasure. He fucked her quickly.

Her anus had started bleeding. The only ones remaining unsatisfied were now Ralph, Roderick and Brick. Ralph took his dick out of the girl, and went to her head which now looked ruined with cum and saliva. He started fucking her mouth and she no longer resisted.

He picked up the pace, and cum in her throat. She just swallowed it. Brick gave out a cry, and gave four more powerful thrusts, then he exploded inside the girl's wet hole.

Roderick felt ready now. He took out his dick and pulled the girl up by her hair. He Slapped her face with it. His dick was quite messy and smelly by now, from her ass, which was not clean. He shoved it down her throat again and started fucking. Her eyes were full of tears. As he was almost too close, he took it out, put the hole of his penis against her nostril and came inside it with a roar.

The cum shot down her sinuses and end up filling them and her throat, choking her a little. She gagged. He shot another spurt on her face, all the way across it, still holding her by the hair. He sighed with relief. It was a long long time now since he had such fun with a girl.

He looked at her. She lay on the floor and sobbed, but he thought she took it quite well. The girl who still lay saddled on brick cried loudly "My bum, it hurts", and the girl on the table seemed to have fainted. "Take these two to the men, with the other girls. Tell the soldiers each may have one girl only and only once. As to this busty brunette cougar masturbatig with black dildo - " He mentioned at the brunette, "Well, dress her up and put her in confines.

She's mine alone." The guards took the girls out. The men dressed themselves. "Well, Raven Men, now we can go on and discuss strategy," Said Roderick the Crow with a big, nasty smile.