Anal pleasures for a dirty brunette whore

Anal pleasures for a dirty brunette whore
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My name is Jason Johnson. I'm not really all that special. I have dark blue eyes and jet black hair and I'm sixteen. Being on the swim team gave me a lean athletic build with a nice set of abs I'm rather proud of. I'm still a virgin, mostly because I'm smart enough to not fuck every cheerleader that threw herself at me (Not that it wasn't tempting). But enough about me, let me tell you about the girl who I eventually lost my virginity to… Her name is Rose Mitchell.

I'd known her since the day I was born, almost literally. My mom and her mom were best friends in high school, and after Ms. Mitchell got knocked up after getting drunk and fucking a man from a bar, my mom helped her out.

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And, by coincidence, my mom got pregnant with me a few weeks later. Rose and I had been best friends when we were little. We played tag and swam in my pool outside school while our parents gossiped and joked themselves. But, as all teenagers know, as you get older your old friends drift apart.

By the time we were both juniors in high school, the only time we talked was in passing by and polite conversation.

But that all changed the day I got that message… It all started when I woke up on a Sunday morning and was starving. After throwing clothes on and quickly combing my hair, I sprinted downstairs for food. As I searched the fridge, I noticed my mom on the phone.

Not wanting to disturb her, I found food and ate. But as I chewed on my meal I heard bits of her conversation "A convention?" "Yes that'd be no problem. I'd be happy too." Shrugging it off, I finished and ran back upstairs to my room. Turning on some music and laying down in bed, I picked up my phone right when it vibrated.

In bright letters it said, "One New Message From Rose Mitchell." Frowning I thought to myself, "What's she texting me for? I haven't seen or heard from her in months." I opened up my phone and read the message: "Hey Jason how're you doing? I haven't talked to you in forever! Well I don't know if your moms told you or not, but my mom is going away to a convention for work and my mom agreed to look after me (Like I need a babysitter haha) and I have a favor to ask you…? " Curious, I texted squirt like crazy watch part on allnews com "Hey Rose.

I'm fine thanks. And yeah it has been a while.

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It's going to be fun with you here. We can play Black Ops or something. But what's your favor?" It took less then a minute for a text back: "Well, you know my boyfriend Troy Harris? Well, here's the thing… He wants to take me to the movies next weekend and my mom doesn't exactly approve of him and stuff. But sense she's going to be gone and your mom and dad will be working, could he pick me up and take me and could you not mention it please?!" I sighed.

I knew exactly who Troy Harris was. And I knew exactly why Rose's mom didn't approve. He was the school bully. He was probably failing most of his classes, and the ones he passed was because he paid other kids to do the work. And I knew for a fact he beat the crap out of freshman to show how big and bad he was. "You can do so much better Rose," I said to myself. My mom was a nurse and worked the night shift, and my dad was a construction worker who was out of town a lot.

I saw no way out. Texting back at last I said: "Sure Rose no problem.

My mom won't get back till around three in the morning on Saturday. You should have plenty of time." The text back was almost instantaneous: "Thanks so much Jason!!! I owe you one!" Smiling back I texted: lea lexis jack of oil trades blowjob will do just fine." A text back. "If you're a good boy. Just kidding lol." I laughed. "Thanks. Well I'll talk to you Friday then." And that was it.

I didn't know that conversation was going to start my sex life… The week went by super fast. Before I knew it, me and Rose were walking to my house. Being the gentleman I am, I offered to carry her bag.

We laughed at each others jokes and conversation flowed easily. But, being a teenager, I also noticed how much Rose had changed. Her long black hair flowed to the small of her back, her piercing blue eyes were enough to loose yourself in, her tits bounced when she walked, and her skirt showed her long legs and showed off her amazing ass.

She was breath taking. She made a joke and laughing, I tripped over the curb. Her bag busted open. As I helped her pick up her clothes she had packed for the weekend, I noticed her bra.

I could read the tag. 36 C. I thought to myself, "Wow Rose! You HAVE changed." "Sorry Rose, I'm a clutz." "It's cool. You were probably just to busy drooling over me to notice where you were going," she joked. "Yeah right that's definitely it," I said only half joking. "Hey by the way Rose, my mom leaves at three in the afternoon for work, so Troy can pick you up at anytime." She half smiled, "Okay. He's going to pick me up at around eight.

We should be home no later than eleven." "Hey that means we have time to take a swim before your date." "Sure sounds fun." We have an in ground pool that's ten feet deep. After helping Rose unpack I threw on my swim shorts, and went out to the pool while she put on her bikini. I jumped into the water.

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Resurfacing for air, I saw something that almost made me loose my breath. Rose in a bikini. She has DEFINITELY changed. Her tits were barely hidden under the bikini and I could definitely see her pussy lips.

She has a perfect figure. I would have to work to hide my boner. "Hey Jason, you should close your mouth before you attract bugs," she laughed.

"Yeah well…" I couldn't think of a good come back. My mind was way to focused on her. We played in the pool for a couple of hours, and I had to be careful not to touch her tits or rub her thigh, not because it'd be embarrassing, but because my cock was already as hard as a rock.

I'm sure her hand hit my cock more than once and it was pretty great. After we got out, it wasn't long before Rose had to go on her date.

We dried off and got dressed and soon I heard the motor of a motorcycle outside. I looked and saw Troy waiting. "Have fun Rose," I said to her. "Thanks see you later." I ran upstairs and thought about Rose and started stroking my cock. I came in less then three minutes. Spending the next few hours just playing games and chilling, I begin to miss Rose. But soon eleven came and I heard the motorcycle pull up.

But Rose didn't come in. Eleven-fifteen came and went. I ran to the window and saw Rose and Troy arguing. If this got out of hand I should help. I ran out the back door and circled to the front and hid in the bush. I soon learned what the argument was about. "Now listen here bitch.

You're going to hop back on my bike and come back to the hotel with me. End of discussion!" "But Troy-" "Shut UP!" And he smacked aryana starr vs l t. She fell. That's all I needed to see.

Now I know what you're thinking, a scrawny guy like me going up against a giant school bully? Well I had surprise and luck on my side. Jumping out of my hiding spot I tackled Troy and we both fell over. Trying to get on my feet, I stumbled, and I grabbed the motorcycle as support. The bike fell over on Troy's arm.

Smiling to myself, I reached down to Troy, who was almost crying, and said, "If I see you any where near Rose again, I'm going to break every bone you own.

Got it?" He nodded and he stood up and sped off on his bike. "Rose are you okay," I asked concerned. "Yeah. Thanks Jason." "Don't mention it. Go inside and clean up. Then we can watch a movie or something okay?" She smiled (Which, by the way, was the cutest thing in the world) and walked inside.

I heard the shower turn on and made her some hot chocolate. Popping in Twilight (don't judge me) I waited for her to come down. Soon she walked downstairs, she cant live without being pussy poked schoolgirl japanese a bath robe. She looked like she had been crying, but she was still breathtaking.

"Hey movies on." "Thanks." She smiled again and we sat on the couch. She cuddled close to me and we started to watch the vampires and werewolves and whatever was on. I soon noticed something though: As she was cuddling closer to me, I could see down her robe, and she wasn't wearing anything under it.

I could she her amazing tits for myself. Perfectly round, her nipples hard. I wanted to reach out and pinch them. "Hey Jason." I looked up in sexy ass teen brittany shae gets banged. "Yeah what is it?" "I still owe you one." She kissed me. I was shocked but kissed back, letting out tongues swirl around each other. She broke off and smiled.

"Jason you want to know what caused me and Troy to fight? He wanted me to fuck him. But I didn't want to loose my virginity to that creep. But you want to know a secret?" I kissed her again. "What?" "I'm majorly horny." She winked and kissed me. She pushed me back against the couch. "I've been wanting your cock all day babe," she giggled. She unzipped my pants and all seven and a half inches my cock stood at attention. "Wow," she gasped, "It's so big!

But it looked delicious." She stroked it up and down a few times. She giggled as precum covered her hand. She stoked it once more and kissed the tip. She smiled. She opened up her mouth and took it in.

She couldn't take all of it, but she was so good at it. She used her hand to stroke it and let her tongue slide on the bottom of it and every time she came up she sucked on the head.

Her other hand massaged my balls. I groaned This was amazing. She took off her robe revealing her amazing tits. I went out to grab them. My hand cuffed them. Pinching the nipples with one hand and pushing her head farther down my cock.

She came up and smiled. "I want you to fuck my sweet pussy," she smiled. I kissed her neck and let me hand go down to her pussy. I rubbed her pussy and put a finger in. She was so tight. I moved my head to her chest and licked her tits. I nibbled on her nipples. She moaned. I kissed her stomach and reached her pussy and licked it. She was so wet. "Fuck my tight pussy baby. I want to feel your big cock in me," she begged. I smiled and bent her over.

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I spanked her a few times. She moaned and giggled. My rubbed the head of my cock against her pussy lips. She moaned even louder and I thrust in, taking her virginity. "Uhhhh oh my god Jason this feels so good baby," she moaned.

I almost pulled all the way out and then thrust back in her sweet pussy. I grabbed her amazing ass and got a steady rhythm as I moved in and out of her pussy. I groaned. "Oh baby I want you to ride me." She said through gasps, "Mmm baby I want your cock buried in my pussy." I laid back and she smiled and straddled me. She moved my cock and put it right to her pussy. She sat down and I felt her pussy wrap my cock up.

I started to thrust in faster and faster. "OH JASON THIS FEELS SO AMAZING! I'M GOING TO CUM SOON!" She started to bounce up and down on my cock faster and faster and harder. She screamed and my pussy got tighter and tighter until my cock was in a vice grip.

She moaned, "OH BABY I'M CUMMING. MMM. OH MY GOD!" "Baby I'm going to cum soon too." "Oh cum all over my pretty little face!" I pulled out and she got on her knees and stoked my cock and sucked on it. I moaned and I came all over her face. She giggled and licked it all up. "You're a bad little girl," I smiled.

"Just for you baby." I was so tired and my mom was going to be home soon. We cleaned up and she put her robe back on and I went upstairs. I laid in bed and suny leone hot vedixxx bd com sleep was almost to me, I got a text.

My phone read in big letters: One New Message From Rose Mitchell. I smiled and opened my phone and it said, "Hey Jason wanna do my a favor?"