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Webcam chronicles 556 amateur webcam tube porn
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The shower after sex with Amber Then, as her naked body walked past my head at the end of the couch, she asked, "Aren't you gonna shower? You got all sweaty too." "Yeah," I replied. "I'll wait 'til you're done. You wore me out. You were right, I am relaxed now. "Come on, we can shower together. My parent's room has a double shower. There's plenty of room.

They won't be home for a while still." "Are you sure? I mean, we just had sex. I don't know if this is right. You're xxx sunny leone sperm leak com than I am and your brother, my best friend, is upstairs sleeping." "Yeah, I'm sure.

Age doesn't matter to me. Plus, Jason won't be up until at least noon tomorrow. Come on," She said with a smile. "OK," I said like I was reluctant. I actually wasn't. I wanted to see her naked as much as I could. I followed her up the stairs, looking up to watch her ass sway back and forth.

I could hear her pussy juices squishing with each step. At the top of the stairs, Amber said, "Oops." She looked at me and dropped her shirt on the floor. She bent over to pick it up. I, being three steps behind her, had an eye-level view of her wet pussy and ass. Acting as if I didn't hear her, I kept walking and placed my hand on the top of her butt with my thumb in her crack, just above her hole.

"I saw this on one of those sex movies too," I said as I rubbed her ass hole with my thumb. "Wow.

You must watch a lot of those." "When my parents aren't home, I watch them." You can learn stuff from those movies; as you showed me on the couch. Let's go shower," and she walked quietly past Jason's room, double checking to be sure he was still asleep.

Amber got a couple towels out of the closet and led me by holding my hand, into her parent's bathroom. She stepped into the shower, "Let's go Brett. Come on in." She started to warm the water up. Slowly I set my clothes on the floor and stepped in. Amber started to rinse off. She looked like a goddess. The water was running down her tanned body, over her tits, down her ass and to her legs. She ran her fingers through her hair, which made her tits stick out more.

I stared, again. "Are you just gonna stand there and stare at me again or are you gonna help me wash the sweat off me?" I moved in, under the shower with her. Getting in the shower made me brush my semi-hard cock brush up against her wet ass. It was so smooth. She just looked at me and smiled. "How 'bout you wash me and I'll wash you?" "OK. That's fine. Again, whatever you want." I grabbed the soap in one hand and Amber around her stomach with the other, pulling young nympho brunette is in heat anal ttaettae close to me pushing my cock up into her ass crack.

I began washing her shoulders and upper back while humping her ass. I moved both hands around to the front of her and started washing her stomach. I slowly moved up to her chest and washed her tits. I was spending extra time there and she knew it. I moved my soapy hands to her butt. I had to push her away so I could get the bottom of her butt. Then I moved my hands back to the front of her waist, pulling her toward me again.

This time my hard-on slid down, between her legs. I could feel the warmth of her pussy on the top of my hard shaft. I moved my hands down between her legs, moved my dick out of the way and "washed" her pussy. More extra time on this area as well, but Amber didn't seem to mind. As I knelt down to wash her legs, Amber turned around, putting her pussy right in my face.

I couldn't resist licking it. Besides, she spread her hentai cutie in ropes gets sexually tortured just enough so it was like an open invitation. I washed and tickled her feet as I was licking her pussy. "OK mister. Your turn. Stand up." As I stood up, I ran my tongue up from her pussy, across her stomach, up the middle between her tits, up her neck and into her mouth.

Kissing her, almost violently. She took the soap from my hand and turned me around so my back was to her. She put soap on my back and shoulders, but washed differently than I did. She soaped me up but rubbed it around using her tits. It felt so good to have them rubbing on my skin.

She reached her arms around me, pulling me back to wash my chest, then my stomach. She pushed me forward and washed my ass and my legs and feet. "You forgot a spot," I said. "No I didn't. Turn around." She was on her knees looking up at me.

She said, "I'm gonna give this big guy a spit shine." Amber grabbed my cock and licked it from base to tip and back down again. It was amazing! "I never imagined that could feel so good." "Just wait," she winked.

"It gets better." She opened her mouth and inserted the tip of my erection into her mouth, licking around it in circles inside her mouth, and stroking the shaft at the same time. She started to bob her head back and forth so she took the entire name of my shaft in her mouth. "Mmmmm," she sighed. "I can taste my pussy juices." never say never lesbian blondes I reached down and started to pinch her nipples and grab her breasts.

It felt so good. Both of us were moaning. I couldn't figure out why Amber was moaning so much. I looked and saw that while she was stroking me with one hand and her mouth, she was fingering herself at the same time.

That's why she was enjoying it as much as I was. I could feel my balls tightening up and I knew that I was about to blow my load. She must have been able to tell too because her grip got stronger and she stroked and bobbed faster.

"I'm gonna cum!" I shouted. "Oh man. Here it comes." Amber pulled my throbbing cock out of her mouth, and stroked it faster; pointing it at her chest. I sprayed my cum all over her tits and chest. She rubbed it in just like in the movies. "Wow Amber!

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That was amazing! How did you learn that?" I knew the answer, but I wanted to hear her say it again. "Where do you think?" Those movies Kelly and I watch at her house." "Well, that was quite the blow job." jojo kiss has given up on her brother and his friends so now hairy "That was quite the cum shot mister.

I guess I gotta this off huh?" "Yeah, I'll help you if you'd like." "Please, be my guest. I enjoyed it last time, so you've got a standard to live up to." "OK.

Don't worry, I'll take care of you," I said as I helped her up. This time my dick didn't go limp. As she stood up my cock slid down her neck, down between her tits, down her stomach, and flicked off her clit. She handed me the soap. "Here ya go cowboy." I lathered my hands and started to rub the top of her boobs and her upper chest. I couldn't get the bottom of her boobs or stomach so I turned her around.

I continued to wash her tits and stomach, gliding my hands down to her pussy, sticking a finger in and out quickly. "Hey, you're supposed to wash this shit off of me." "I know and I'm doing that. Be patient." I pulled her hips back against me, positioning myself, hoping my cock would slide down between her legs again.

I started to "wash" her tits again while slowly pumping and rubbing my dick across her opening. One hand drifted down and found her clitoris. I started rubbing her clit with one hand while the other was rubbing her tits and pinching her nipples. Amber started to moan in ecstasy. She grabbed my ass and pulled me closer to her.

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"Well?" She asked. Playing dumb, I asked, "Well what?" Knowing quite well she wanted me to slide my hard-on into her. She rolled her hips back, almost presenting her warm pussy to me.

I reached through her legs, grabbed my cock, squatted down a little and penetrated those warm, inviting lips yet again. There's something about the shower, maybe it's the hot water that makes an erection stronger. The shower makes you "hot" inside. As we stood in the shower fucking, I kept one hand rubbing her clit and the other groping her tits.

I was pounding her from behind for a few minutes. It was great! Then she pulled off and turned around to face me putting her arms around my neck. As she put one leg around my waist, she said "Try this. Now i know youre gay joi back in me." I inserted back into her warm pussy. She brought her other leg around me and I put my hands under her butt to hold her up.

I pressed her against the cold tile wall which made her arch her back and push her hard nipples into my face. I was kissing, licking and biting all over those great, firm, tan tits. I picked my head up to look at her as she was biting her lip. Her eyes were closed and her head lay back on the wall. She opened her eyes and looked at me and kissed me as we both pumped harder. I drove my cock into her as deep as it would go over and over.

"I'm gonna cum Brett! Are you close?" "Yeah, I'm right there." "Oh, oh. Fuck me Brett." She yelled. "Fuck my pussy!" "Here I go. I'm gonna cum again! Oh shiiiiittttt!" Amber clenched her pussy around my cock, convulsing from her orgasm. "Oh my God Brett.

That was amazing! Let me guess…Another movie?" balls licking legal age teenager takes cock in throat "Yep, but the guy in the movie put his dick in the other hole too. I don't know if I like that idea. It seems weird." "We'll do that next time," she responded. "My parents will be home soon and we need to go to bed." My eyes lit up. "Separate beds silly. Can you imagine what would happen in my parents caught you and me in the same bed?" "I know, I know.

You said 'next time' just now. What do you mean next time?" "You think this is a one time deal? No way, unless you only want it to be a one time thing. I had more fun tonight than I have ever had." "No Amber, I would like to do this again.

I don't know how we are going to be able to get together again. Besides," smirking, "you said that you would tell me about Kelly's house." "Oh yeah, I forgot about that.

I'll work that out with Kelly. You just go get dressed and go to bed. Sleep well." "I will. Trust me. I'm worn out thanks to you. Goodnight." "Goodnight Brett." We kissed and I went to bed.