Jm blondinette de caen offre son cul a la chaine a nos bestiaux

Jm blondinette de caen offre son cul a la chaine a nos bestiaux
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Karen hated Thursdays. She hated it because the last period was P.E, forcing her to take a shower afterwards (she hated the school showers, and always waited until all the other girls were gone before showering herslef) She hated her P.E.


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She hated her class. Karen was not one of the "popular" girls, although her luxourious brown hair and delicate facial features could easily have made her a cheerleader. Karen was 16, and still a virgin. She wanted to save herself until marriage. Her perfectly shaped body, from her shapely butt to her B-sized breasts, caught the attention of nearly every male student in her school.

She had had her fair share of boy friends; every relationship ended within a month, as each boy, without fail, asked her to lose her virginity to him. Karen liked to think of herself as a heartbreaker, even though each boy she dated just wanted to get into her pants. Sighing, Karen's thoughts started to drift to her relationship problems. She was beginning to think that maybe she SHOULD have sex and start a "serious" relationship. She had masturbated before, and now it seemed like an appropriate time to do it.

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Slowly, her hand drifted down to her shaved vagina, and she began to rub herself. After a few minutes, she had an orgasm; she couldn't help but let out a small shout. Startled, she heard some muffled giggles and laughs, along with some muttering that soundly strangely like "Shut up." Alarmed, she slowly peeked out. No one. Still worried, Karen decided it was time to leave.

Just as she was about to shut off the water, the shower curtain ripped open, revealing 4 guys in her grade: Kevin, Michael, Charlie, and Ryan. "You know masturbating is against the rules," Michael said, smirking. "Should we report her, guys?" "What the hell are you guys doing in here?!" demanded Karen. "Oh, we were just making sure that the rules were being followed. You know, if you were caught doing it, I think that you would be suspended.

Hmmmm. quite a scar on your record, eh, Ms. Teacher's Pet?" Ryan sneered. "I think I know how she got to be such a good student!" gauffed Charles. "I didn't sleep with our teachers, you know that," replied Karen coldly. "You know I'm saving myself until I get married." "Ah, bea dumas dp fisting orgy that." Kevin said.

"I actually DON'T think that's gonna be possible. You see. you have sex with US, and we don't tell on you." "Are you crazy?! Fine, suspend me, I don't care!" retorted Karen. "We were kind of hoping for this," said Charles, smiling evilly. "I guess we'll have to force this upon you!" Before Karen knew what was happening, Ryan and Kevin had seized her and slammed her against the shower wall. Sobbing frantically for help, Karen was incapable of fighting back.

"What are you, idiots?!

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How can we doubly penetrate her if one side of her is against the wall?!" Michael shouted.Oh god! thought Karen. They're going to take my anal virginity also! Ryan and Kevin held her in the middle, while Michael was forced to squeeze between her legs in order to get to her front.

As he went under, he jabbed his finger into her vagina, and Karen squeeled in protest. She saw stars come to her eyes as Asian school lady teen lady cum facials slapped her hard. As they took turns holding onto her and stripping, she couldn't help but wish she hadn't been so stupid as to wait for all the others to be done before taking her own shower.

She wept uncontrolably. She heard rough laughing behind her, and barely heard the conversation behind going on around her. "Would you like to take her virginity?" "No thanks, I like ravaged pussies."Â "What about her ass, Charlie?"Â "Gross!

No, I'm going with her pussy also. I hear Michael likes that stuff." "Yeah I do. I'll take her ass then. So Kevin in her pussy first, then Charlie, then me in her ass, then Ryan?" "That's the plan." "Alright." Karen felt her buttcheeks being pulled apart. To weak to fight back, she allowed the inevitable to happen. Burning hot pain shot through her body and she felt Michael's penis mercilessly punch it's way through her ass.

Then she felt a second flash of pain, and realized that Kevin had torn apart her hymen in one stroke. Karen thought she was going to pass out. All the while, she heard Michael and Kevin shout out phrases like "She's so tight!" and "Holy crap!".

Meanwhile, Charlie and Ryan were shouting out profanities watching their classmates ravage poor Karen.

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She felt hands slapping her breasts, and thought she was going to faint. After a few minutes, Michael was the first to cum, followed a minute later by Kevin.

She didn't have much of a break, as within moments Charlie and Ryan were inside of her, while Michael was kissing her roughly on the lips, and fondling with her breasts. After Charlie and Ryan came inside her, she was forced down and forced to suck the cocks of all four boys. Then, each got up, and dressed into their soaking wet clothes.

"Poor, poor Karen.

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I doubt anyone will believe you. Afterall, who is everyone going to believe? The girl that no one really knows, or four of the most popular boys?" Laughing, the boys left Karen weeping in a pool of excrements, semen, blood, and shower water