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Zaya cassidy splashed with man juice from a big schlong pornstars big dick
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There are somethings that just make you raise an eyebrow. Especially when you haven't had your morning coffee or anything. So I'm laying here in bed trying to figure out exactly how I got into this situation.

I went to bed with a naked woman on each side of me and for a change we went right to sleep. It had been a long day of work, followed by a very enjoyable evening.

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The girls had started training the pigs and had made leashes and collars for them. They decided that Romulas and Remus weren't quite right, so now they were Tom and Jerry.

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They got them to drink some coconut milk and it wouldn't be long before they could start eating something solid. I was content in working on a grinding wheel for some wild corn that we had found. Not only would it be good for the piglets, we could start making some bread and stuff.

I had succeeded in fermenting some wine from the local fruit and we were sampling a little of that which led to a late night wrestling match with a lot of goofing around, and then we fell into bed. So I'm laying here wondering exactly why it is that my wrists and ankles are shackled to all four corners of the bed I also was thinking about how vulnerable this position was.

Any time a guy has his legs spread apart like this, it makes him think. About the time I started thinking about escape, I caught the distinct smell of coffee, eggs, and fresh smoked ham on it's way into the house. The door opened and the girls walked in with a big tray that also stud cums from kinky massage hardcore handjob juice and fruit.

They both smiled silently when they saw that I was awake and it didn't appear that they were going to say anything, so I decided to start things out. "Hi, ladies. Breakfast looks good. Anything.ahhh.on your mind?", only got me more smiles. JoanI was cutting my eggs up like I always do and Jessie was doing her best to prop me up. "You may have noticed that my movement is a little impaired this morning. Anything I may have done to incure your displeasure?" "No, no, nothing like that", JoanI smiled.

"We had a nice long talk yesterday", Jessie piped in. Her own smile was looking like the top of her head was going to come off any second. "We wanted to express our appreciation for finding us Tom and Jerry", JoanI explained, sliding a forkfull of egg into my mouth. Jessie started peeling an orange and followed up with, "Yeah, and for everything else you've done in the last month". "Yeah, things could have been a lot rougher then they are", JoanI saidcutting a piece of ham and spearing it into my mouth.

"So we talked about it and came up with a way to show you our appreciation". "Well, were the shackles all that necessary.HOT! HOT! HOT!.coffee's last hon, give me some juice.ahhh.I mean.what's up with the bondage?". Jessie stuffed an orange slice into my mouth, and then into her own, "Well, you've pretty much been in control of things since we got here".

"Even when we decide to do something, you seem to end up showing us what to do". I became keenly aware of JoanI's naked body resting up against my own, with one Knee resting over the top of my legs and her nipples pushing into my arm.

"So we decided there was only one way to do something all on our own", Jessie leaned back and her knees fell apart so that I had a straight on view of her open pussy are she leaned back on her elbows, "and show photoshoot with a happy ending julia reaves appreciation at the same time".

She started stroking the inside of my calf as I was fed more eggs and I almost choked to death. My cock had started lifting off my belly when Jessie announced that it was time for their breakfast.

JoanI picked up a bowl of diced fruit and poured it out from my chest all the way south. A large mountain of fruit piled up around my cock and balls, which I can't say was an unpleasant feeling, but most of my attention was on the women. I don't think I've ever seen two women licking their lips like this before. I was a little concerned about them stopping when they got to flesh. I could smell the coconut jennifer and kelly with their big friend in their hair as they leaned over my chest and started gobbling fruit.

The juice was running over various parts of my body and they were getting that too. It was Jessie's tongue that I felt moving closer and closer to my nipple first. When her tongue started circling around my ariole, my eyes lit up. My hands instinctively went for her head but the shackles held tight. When JoanI's mouth started sucking on the other nipple, my legs wanted to move too. All I could do was lay there and moan.

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Jessie started catching the juice running off my ribs and I thought I nearly bit through my cheek. I tried distracting myself by pressing my tongue against the roof of my mouth, which honestly wasn't getting it. Both women were giggling as they ate the fruit off my stomach. I was still trying to control my moans and watch what they were doing at the same time. The head of my cock was poking out through the hill of fruit that was piled around it. I was involuntarily arching my body, but by this time the girls were laying their naked bodies over mine as they started tackling the mound-0-fruit between my legs.

I could feel teeth nipping at the sides of my cock and my ball sack. Jessie went for the fruit that had slipped below my balls and JoanI had started sucking the juice off my cock by taking the whole thing in her mouth. Jessie's licks and nibbles would make me jerk and push my cock deeper into JoanI's mouth.

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I felt Jessie's hot breath on my balls and then they were engulfed by the most incredible hot, wet feeling as she took them into her mouth. I don't know what kept me from cumming right there except they were both moving so incredibly slow. It is impossible to describe the feeling of having your cock and balls sucked on at the same time.

When I was sure that everything between my legs was going to explode, it all stopped.

Then I felt tongues licking on either side of my cock as they started switching places. I couldn't stop myself from trying to reach Jessie with one of my restrained feet or JoanI with a bent knee, just to feel their skin against me and to do something actively. I looked down again and saw JoanI almost turned upside down as she licked at my balls.

Jessie had made it to the head of my cock and my eyes glassed over as I watched my cock disappear between her open lips. Her head turned as she moved down sooo slowly.

I could feel JoanI blowing against my balls and I let out and involuntary "UHHH", as my hips arched up into Jessie's mouth. Obviously, they could tell that I was near the edge because they both started licking all 8 inches up and down, like my cock was captured between their tongues. I was a little surprised when they left my cock pointing straight for the ceiling and licked off the remainder of the juice off my inner thighs. They both sat up with their legs bent under them and smiled at me.

I was busy writhing, trying to cause enough wind across my cock and balls to cause a spontaneous ejaculation. I've never done this before, stunning elizabeth gets her trimmed beaver hammered at this point I was desperate. "Ok, calm down, we're no where near done with you yet", Jessie said. "We decided that stage two was going to be a little show for you".

"Yeah, ok, but do I have to be tied down yet? And I'm not sure a show is going to top what you just did to me. I think my cock is going to break off any second", I said in total exasperation. Jessie put her finger to my lips and taunted me a little more. "Just relax, because we're just getting started", her finger slid from my lips and dragged down my chin, over my chest, and stopped just below my navel as she continued, "and your not getting loose until we're ready for you".

With that, JoanI and Jessie leaned towards each other and their lips came together in a tentative, yet erotically soft kiss. Their lips barely touched when they opened and their tongues made gentle contact with curvy schoolgirl ziggy star exposes her hairy pussy masturbation pornstars others lips.

They circled and explored the opposing mouth with the slightest contact of the tip. So slight was the contact that I wasn't even sure that the two tongues had even touched each other until both sets of lips were well traced.

Both mouths retreated, then the tongues made contact, tip to tip. They began sliding back and forth slowly, then over, under, and around. As the tempo increased, they slipped into each others mouth and their lips made contact, pressing against each other with just the slightest moan escaping, but I couldn't tell who it came from.

I'm pretty sure I was close to having a seizure, but my brain wasn't about to black out at this point. Neither woman had moved their hands but Jessie's came off my stomach and sat gently on JoanI's shoulder. This became a cue for JoanI, who reached up with both hands and placed them on either side of Jessie's beautiful neck. JoanI's fingers stroked it as her lips left Jessie's and started traveling down her chin and under her jaw.

Jessie's hand slid from JoanI's shoulder to her neck and guided JoanI's head. Her free hand moved up made gentle contact with JoanI's tit and caressed it's fullness with her full hand without the slightest pressure. JoanI had kissed her way to the side of Jessie's neck and followed up her jawline to her earlobe. I know that she had seen me do this and the reaction that I got from Jessie when I attacked her ears.

The fact that their bodies were so close to my cock was to much to bare and I did everything to flex my cock muscles to make it stand up and make contact between their tits.

The girls looked down, then at me, then at each other and started a giggling fit. JoanI crawled over the top of my body, taking care to slide her smooth pussy acrossed my belly, leaving a wet trail from side to side. Her goal, however, was still Jessie, who had laid down on her back, with her head in straight with my line of sight. JoanI's knees straddled Jessie's head as she faced in the other direction and began kissing her nipples and working her way down her belly.

Jessie's eye's closed as JoanI's head disappeared between her legs and She began kissing and licking JoanI's thighs. She seemed to take forever as she got closer and closer to JoanI's wet pussy lips.

I felt a surge go through me as Jessie placed her lips over one of the lips and sucked on it. Jessie's mouth released it and then captured the other. I really started straining against my bonds, but they did a good job at securing me to the bed and all I really was achieving was chafing myself a little. I watched her part JoanI with her tongue flattened out, squishing her clit and opening her hole for me to see. She captured her clit between her lips and sucked hard on it.

She used her hands to pull JoanI's ass cheeks and pussy lips apart and then thrust a finger deep inside her. Jessie was sucking and thrusting and JoanI was moaning against Jessie's clit. I wish that I could somehow manage to see both sides at the same time. Their moans were telling me that their orgasms were getting closer and closer, and all I could do is sit and twist in my bonds.

Suddenly, both women rolled onto their sides and stiffened out. I could actually see JoanI's pussy pumping juices out of her, over her thigh and onto the bed. They fell onto their back breathing hard enough for me to sit watching their tits rise and fall. It took a couple minutes for either of them to move again and I'm sitting there with my cock pretending it's a mainmast.

Jessie looked at me and then looked over at JoanI. "So, want to try something different?", she asked.

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"Hmmmm, what do you have in mind?", JoanI asked, raised an eyebrow. " C'mere", Jessie ordered moving over the top of my body. She moved JoanI over me as well and I was looking up at her ass as Jessie lowered them both down on top of me. They both leaned back and pressed their pussies together, with my cock firmly between them. I could feel their juices cover my shaft and squeeze it between them.

Then I felt the most amazing sensation as they slid up and down along my cock. They rocked their hips up and down with Jessie's legs over the top of JoanI's.

They pressed against each other and they slid up and down on me. I was truly being fucked by both women at the same time. I could feel how slippery I was between them, and I was so hard I had lost any control that I thought I had. I wanted to arch my hips, but with both of them sitting on me, all I could do was lay there Their pussies were actually sliding all the way to the head of my cock and I knew it was the end.

I was thinking about Mother Theresa, Bella Abzug, and the elephant man, having sex together, and I still couldn't slow the inevitable. They slammed their bodies down on me and I felt fucking my mature biology teacher in detention of their clits along the side of my shaft and I couldn't help myself.

My head tipped back and a sound came out but I couldn't hear it. I could feel my load start from inside me. My balls felt like they were filling to overflowing, and then I felt it move the whole eight inches of my cock.

I went off like a geyser spraying cum over both women and I didn't want to stop. I started shivering more then I ever have and I thought my balls were going to drop right off. The women rolled off me and I watched as Jessie licked JoanI cleanwhich must have tickled cuz she was giggling the whole time. She scooped the cum off her own belly and then finished off on me.

The feeling of her taking my soft cock into her mouth and and holding it there had amazing recuperative powers. Jessie leaned back as I once again started getting stiff. Something I thought would never happen again. JoanI reached over and undid the buckles on my wrists as Jessie released my ankles.

The muscles in my arms and legs felt like they had been shredded. The three of us just laid there in a heap, dripping with sweat and still breathing like the air was running out any second. "So." "Yeah." "That went well." "Again next week?".

"At least." "I'll clear my schedule." "I'll put it on your calendar." "We have a calendar?"