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Lovely babe sucks bald hard ding dong pornstar hardcore
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This is my first story in what I hope will be a long series. Let me know what you think. The Queen, the Guard and the Farm girl Queen Katherine was a young Queen. Her mother had died giving birth to her.

Her father, the King was kind, and his people loved him, and so did Kathryn. Sadly, he fell sick and died shortly after her 18th birthday. Kathryn was named Queen sunny leone romance and boobs fuck promised herself and her kingdom that she would rule as her father had and her people would love her. Queen Kathryn was a beautiful woman, she stood at 5'6" and 110lbs.

She had beautiful, flowing black hair as smooth as silk and piercing blue eyes. She had 34C cup breasts that fit perfectly into ones hand. She had a slim waist and a round ass. Kathryn kept her pussy trimmed, with just a small patch of dark public hair. Kathryn was a virgin and had never been with a man before. Queen Kathryn snuck out from her chambers as she did every night.

She kept close to the walls and she tip-toed down the stairs leading the secret passage she used to escape from the confines of her castle. She made her way through the tunnels leading out to her kingdom, and freedom busy life inside the castle walls. Little did she know, she was being followed.

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One of her palace guards, Thomas, had seen seen her enter the secret passage and followed her. Thomas always had eyes for the Queen, ever since his was a young boy and his father had served under the King.

Thomas joined the palace guard when he came of age, and had served the King for a short time before he had died. Thomas was a strong man of 21 now, 6'2" and 195lbs of muscle.

He had been raised to be a strong palace guard and loyal soldier if he need ever arose. He has brown hair that he kept short and and black eyes that followed every movement.

He had only been a palace guard since his 16th birthday, but he quickly rose the ranks and was one of the Kings most trusted guards before his death. His broad shoulders and muscular arms led to a strong chest and 6-pack. He cock was 7" long and thick around the base. Thomas had always longed for the Princess growing up, but she had never noticed him. What Princess would want to be with a Guard.

She would marry some noble gentleman. Even now, after she became the Queen he had longed to be seen by her and be with her, for he loved her very much. That is why real cfnm femdom sucking subject infront of her voyeurs he saw her sneaking into a secret passage inside the castle late one night, he decided to follow her and make sure she was safe.

Queen Kathryn exited the castle and saw only farmland ahead of her for miles. She remembered taking long walks with her father when he was still alive, visiting different farms throughout the kingdom. Tonight though, she knew exactly where she was going. During a visit to a particular farm when she was young, Kathryn had met a young girl, Rose, who was not much older than herself with whom she developed a very strong bond. Rose and Kathryn became good friends and the King would often allow Kathryn to sneak out and visit Rose and let Rose come visit Kathryn in the castle.

When the King died, Rose was by Kathryn's side and stayed with Kathryn in the castle for a full week. The two slept together, and one night while holding Kathryn close and comforting her, Rose pulled Kathryn up until they were face to face and kissed the Queen. "What was that for?", Asked Kathryn. "Ever since we were little, I've always wanted to kiss you my Queen. I've always felt a strong bond toward you and have never felt about anyone the way I feel about you." Rose replied.

Kathryn and Rose began to explore each others bodies that night and in the coming nights to follow, the two would make love before Kathryn would fall asleep in Rose's arms.

But one thing kept haunting Kathryn. She was the Queen, she would need to produce and heir to the throne, and how could she possibly do that without a man. Kathryn slowly crept her way across Rose's farmland and to the barn where the candle shone in the window. She entered the barn to find Rose already waiting for her in the haystack, with the only thing covering her was the blanket she lay under. Rose was a gorgeous girl. She was 5'8" and 130lbs. She had bright red hair that fell halfway down her back and bright green eyes that made you feel as if she were looking into your soul.

Rose had strong arms from working the farmland since her father had passed 10 years ago. She kept a fit body but with 38D breasts and a wide waist with a very plump ass. Rose let her public hair run wild and if looked as if a forest had grown above her pussy.

Unlike the Queen, Rose was no virgin, she had bedded many farmhands and was very open with her sexuality. She cared for the Queen the most of anyone she had ever slept with and nice looking awesome babe plays with pecker do anything for her longest friend. So when the King had died, Rose told the Queen she would be happy to stay with her until she had to return to her fields or the farm would soon suffer.

It was during this time that Rose had fallen for the Queen and late one night had kissed the Queen and told her how she felt. She could tell there was some hesitancy to the Queen's kiss. After all, she was the Queen, and Rose was just a simple farm girl. That didn't change the fact that seeing the Queen enter her barn that night took her breath away.

"I was wondering when you were going to show up." Rose said. "I had to make sure that everyone was asleep in the castle before I could leave. It's not natural for the Queen to leave so late at night and someone would have definitely become suspicious." Kathryn replied. "Well that doesn't matter now, just come over here and kiss me." Rose told the Queen. Kathryn strode toward Rose, removing her garments as she walked.

She knelt down before Rose and lifted the very bottom of the blanket that covered her lover. Kathryn planted kisses all along Rose's legs as she made her way up the beautiful redheads luscious body. The Queen kissed her legs, upper thighs, flat stomach, then stopped to suck on each nipple before continuing up and bringing her head above the blanket before kissing Rose on the lips.

The two shared a very passionate kiss. Kathryn opened her mouth and was met with Rose's tongue. Their tongues danced in each others mouths before Rose brought her hands to Kathryn's head and pushed the Queen back down her body. Kathryn took the hint and began her descent, stopping once again the suck on Rose's tits. Rose gasped when Kathryn's tongue flicked across her right nipple and Kathryn's fingers began to knead Rose's other breast. Rose flung her head back in passion as it had been 2 days without feeling the Queens mouth on her body.

Kathryn switched breasts and began to suck hard on Rose's left tit while pulling more forcefully on the right. Rose gasped again at this, but for a complete different reason. "It looks like we have a spectator, my Queen." Rose said. Kathryn brought her head up and looked behind her to see the face of one of her guards, Thomas standing at the window to the barn.

Upon seeing both women staring at him, Thomas quickly tried to hide, but it was too late. He had been caught. "Thomas, come in here at once!" the Queen said.

Thomas entered the barn, keeping his head bowed. "What are you doing out of the castle Thomas?" the Queen asked. A threesome on a table bondage had seen Thomas before on her visits to the castle and thought he was a very good looking man and had even thought about bedding him. She could tell from one look that he only had eyes for the Queen.

"I saw you leaving the castle My Lady, and I wanted to make sure you were safe. I know I shouldn't have followed you, but if something had happened and I knew about it, I wouldn't have been able to live with myself." Thomas said, still keep his head bowed. "You can't tell anyone about this Thomas. If people found out, they would question whether or not I was capable of being a Queen." The Queen replied. Rose thought this was a good time to intervene. After all, she was still very horny, and thought that this could be a fun night and a chance for the Queen to see what she has been missing in men.

"Why don't we all go inside the house, and talk this over there. The last thing we need is for someone else to stumble upon us who isn't as trustworthy at Thomas." Rose interjected. "Agreed." Thomas and Kathryn both said at once. Rose stood and wrapped the blanket around herself since that was all she had one when she came out to the barn. Kathryn retrieved her garments and began to get dressed and the three of them walked the short distance the Rose's house.

Inside, Rose got a fire burning in the fireplace and retrieved 3 glasses of wine from the kitchen. She would need to get Thomas and Kathryn a little drunk if her plan was going to work.

Rose sat next to Kathryn on the cough, still with the blanket wrapped around her and Thomas took a chair and sat down as well. "Now Thomas, I don't need to tell you the importance that you keep what you saw to yourself." Kathryn again stated. "Kathryn, give Thomas a break, can't you see if is embarrassed. I'm sure Thomas isn't going to say anything.

After all, he was a loyal guard for your father. Am I right Thomas?" Rose directed the question to Thomas. "Of course your majesty. I would never say anything old grand fader and old grand moder what has happened to tonight.

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I will take it with me to the grave. All I've ever wanted is for what's best for you and for you to be happy." There was concern in his voice as Thomas spoke. Kathryn realized what Thomas said was true. He was always a good palace guard.

He had been there for her when her father passed away, more so than any of the other guards. "Thank you Thomas." Queen Kathryn replied, her voice was softer now and Thomas began to relax, happy that he wasn't going to get in any trouble. Happy that things were beginning to look up, Rose thought now might be a good time to put her plan in motion.

"Well Thomas, since you did interrupt my special time with the Queen, how about you join us upstairs and we can pick up where we left off. I know Queen Kathryn has never been with a man before and I've never seen you with a girl of your own around the castle." Rose said while she stood and took Kathryn's hand. Rose began to lead Kathryn upstairs to her bedroom. She felt Kathryn pull back, hesitantly. "I'm not ready for that Rose." Kathryn said.

"It's ok Kathryn, he can just watch then, and then when your ready, we will have him join us. What better way to make sure your protected than to have a palace guard with you." Rose told her as she felt Kathryn begin to lose her battle within and slowly walk with her towards to stairs. Thomas just sat there in his chair, transfixed on the two women walking away before Rose said something that brought him back to reality, "Coming Thomas?" Rose had said.

Thomas finished the rest of his wine and stood. Rose led Kathryn up the stairs and Thomas followed, admiring their swaying asses as they walked, Rose's bare as she never put clothes back on after going back into the house. They entered Rose's bedroom and Rose lit 2 candles on either side of the bed. She lay Kathryn down on the bed and told Xxx storys korea korean school to sit hot tattooed bombshell sucks and fucks after class the foot of the bed and watch for now.

Rose dropped the blanket she was holding, reveling her perfect breasts and hairy pussy. Kathryn began taking her closes off as well, still a little shy with Thomas in the room. That all changed when Rose leaned in and kissed Kathryn on the lips and their eyes met. Suddenly, no one else was there and it was just her and Rose. Once Kathryn was naked, Rose began to kiss down her body, this time it was her turn to suck and pull on the Queens' breasts.

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Kathryn gasped in pleasure as Rose sucked at her right tit, then her left before planting kisses down her body. She stopped when she reached her pussy. "Oh, I need to feel your mouth on my pussy, my love." Kathryn exclaimed. Rose kissed Kathryn's inner thighs, then just above her pussy, then with one long lick of her tongue, Rose licked from just below Kathryn's pussy all the way up to her clit, savoring in the Queen's juices.

Rose pulled back the skin at the top of Kathryn's pussy, exposing her clit and flicked her tongue across the Queen's clit, drawing a gasp from the Queen. Rose then went back down to Kathryn's pussy and began to eat out her Queen while rubbering her thumb along Kathryn's clit. Kathryn moaned in pleasure as it had been to long since she felt this familiar feeling of Rose's mouth on her pussy.

The sight made Thomas' cock stir in his pants, and slowly begin to harden. "Oh Rose, that feels so good. I've waited too long to feel your tongue on my pussy and clit again." The Queen gasped. Rose just kept sucking on the Queen's pussy and rubbing her clit with her thumb.

Then Rose started to put one finger inside Kathryn's pussy. She stopped after only a few inches as she felt the Queen's maidenhead and didn't want to break it before Thomas had his chance to. Rose again pulled back on the Queen's hood, exposing her clit and sucked it into her mouth while she added a second finger to the Queen's pussy.

Kathryn exploded in orgasm and buckled hard against Rose's hand. Rose though Thomas had waiting long enough and was ready for him to join in. Rose kissed Kathryn hard and moved to sit on the Queens' face.

While Kathryn still recovering from her orgasm, Rose told Thomas to strip and that it was time for him to join in on the fun. Kathryn saw Rose's hairy pussy just above her face and wrapped her arms around Rose's hips and brought her pussy full force down onto her mouth. Kathryn had waited too long for taste her friends juices again and eat Rose with gusto.

Once Thomas had gotten naked, Rose motioned to him with her finger to climb on the bed. Rose pulled Thomas into a deep, passionate kiss which Thomas returned. Rose moaned into his mouth as Kathryn ate her pussy, parting her lips and feeling Thomas' tongue explore her mouth with his tongue. Thomas and Rose kissed while the Queen lay beneath them, eating Rose's juice pussy and lapping up anything that escaped her pussy lips.

Rose pulled Thomas close and whispered into his ear. "Why don't you get between your Queen's legs and start eating her pussy." She told him. The thought made his already stiff cock twitch. It was a great idea, but first he had to taste her skin.

He made his way down her body, first kissing her neck, then her shoulder and finally her large, firm breasts.

He started with the left and then the right. Rose moaned again as his mouth felt wonderful on her hard nipples and with Kathryn's tongue deep inside her pussy. Thomas noticed this and decided to make his move before it was too late. He lay down on the bed and stared directly into Queen Kathryn's pussy. He followed exactly what Rose did and slid her hold back, exposing her clit before flicking it with his tongue and finally pulling it into his mouth to suck. Kathryn moaned into Rose's pussy and ate her friend harder.

Rose was close and she began grinding her pissy harder onto Kathryn's mouth and tongue. Thomas continued sucking on the Queen's clit as he slid 2 fingers along her engorged pussy lips. Then he slid them inside her and she twitched at the feeling.

He made sure not to break her hymen, but continued to pump his fingers in and out. Rose was soon climaxing on top of the Queen and shivers ran through her body as she slid off of Kathryn.

The Queen looked into Thomas's eyes, there was only lust in hers, but his also showed love. Rose left the room only to return with a bowl full of warm water and washrag for when Thomas would deflower the Queen. Rose had Thomas lay on his back, and had the Queen slide up onto his face. Kathryn grabbed the headboard and slowly lowered herself onto Thomas' mouth. Thomas once again began eating the Queens delicious pussy but then felt warmth on his own tool as Rose had engulfed it with her lips.

She began giving Thomas a slow, wet blowjob so when he went to enter the Queen, they would both be nice and lubed up. After 5 more minutes of Rose sucking Thomas' cock and the Queen moaning as he slid teen latex stockings anal first time vip stepbro treatment tongue inside her tight hole, it was finally time for the Queen, and Thomas to lose their virginities.

"Kathryn, I want you to lay on your back and Thomas, get between her legs. It's time for you two to lose your virginity." Rose directed. Kathryn lay on her back and looked up at Thomas. Thomas was on his knees between his Queens legs. They made eye contact and there was a brief moment that they felt a connection like nothing they had felt before.

Thomas lined his cock with the Queens pussy. "This will hurt at first, Lady Kathryn. Just until he pushed through your hymen. Then you will start to feel pleasure.

Thomas, once you break her maidenhead, removed your cock so I can clean you both of her blood." Rose told them. Thomas began to push his cock into the Queen. First his head, then 1 inch, then a second. He felt her hymen, but unlike most men, he didn't tear through it. He applied pressure bit by bit. He could see the Queen was in pain and wanted to it end. Finally, he broke though her hymen to a shriek of pain from the Queen and immediately pull his cock out. Rose was quick with the washcloth, first wiping her pussy as blood began to trickle out.

Then she went to his cock and cleaned him thoroughly. "Ok, you two are clean. Kathryn, you should only feel pleasure now. You are a woman. And Thomas, you a man." Rose said as she left them alone in the room to go empty out the bowl. Thomas resumed sun tv serial actress nude position between his Queens legs. He once again slid is cock between her pussy lips. First the head, then 1 inch, then a second.

Before long, all 7 inches were inside the Queens. He stayed like that for a moment to let the Queen catch her breath. They stared into each others eyes before she said, "It's ok, you can start fucking me now harder now." Thomas drew his cock back and with long, slow strokes began to fuck his Queen.

They both moaned at the pleasure they were each feeling as Thomas began to quicken his pace. Then he felt a sensation in his balls and knew he was about to cum. "I'm going to cum my Queen!!" He exclaimed. Kathryn didn't say anything, just wrapped her legs around his back and pulled him in closer and kissed him on the lips. This set Thomas off and he exploded inside a woman for the first time.

He shot jet after jet of warm cum deep into the Queen and she moaned in pleasure as her orgasm took over her body. Once they both came down from their orgasms, Thomas was still hard.

"That was amazing Thomas. I've never felt anything like that in my life." Kathryn said as she looked him directly in the eye. "I feel the same way. I've always had feelings for you Kathryn. I love you." He said and captured her lips in another passionate kiss. This set Kathryn off again with his hard cock still deep inside her, her pussy contracted around it and she was sent off into another orgasm. When she finally came down from her high, she let go of her legs and Thomas pulled his still erect cock from her pussy as just a small amount of his cum began to leak from her lips.

Most of it still trapped inside since he was so deep when he came. Kathryn turned over and got on her hands and knees and looked back at Thomas. "I want you to fuck me long and hard Thomas. Pound my pussy. Make me cum all over your amazing cock." the Queen said. Thomas lined his cock up with her pussy lips and slid in to the base, drawing a moan from the Queen.

He then pulled out until just his head was inside her and then slammed back into her as hard as we could. "Faster. Harder Thomas. Fuck Me!" The Queen cried. Thomas had awoken something inside her. This lust she felt. This 'love' she felt. He was hers, now and forever. Thomas thrust his cock back into his Queen and continued with long, hard strokes making her moan. He gripped her hips and continued pounding Kathryn's pussy until he felt her pussy contract around his cock as she was drawn into another orgasm.

Thomas didn't stop and Kathryn moaned loudly as Thomas continued his assault on the Queen's cunt. She gasped when she felt his thumb at her asshole. He was spreading his spit around her rosebud until he pushed his thumb inside her setting her off once again. She was in a never ending orgasm it seemed. Thomas pulled his thumb from her ass and reached up and around her to grab onto her tits. He pulled her into a sitting position as he leaned back and sat on his feet.

"Bounce your pussy on my cock." Thomas told her as he began playing with her nipples. He twisted and pulled to the Queen's moans as she bounced and rode his cock. "I'm bumming again!!" The Queen screamed. She spasmed around his dick and this set him off for the second time tonight.

He grabbed her hips and held her tight to his pelves, allowing his seed to spill deep inside. Her. The Queen turned her head and again they shared a passion-filled kiss. "I think I've fallen in love with you tonight Thomas. No one has ever made me feel with way you do. You mouth, your fingers AND THIS COCK. I don't want anyone but you. Will you be my King?" Kathryn said as the two stared into each others eyes.

Thomas teen jade nile takes a big cock say anything, just kissed his Queen, his bride, his love. Neither of them noticed Rose standing in the doorway, her one hand between her legs, her other grabbing at her breasts.

"I hope there is still room for me in all this." She said as she walked over to the bed, climbed up and kissed first Kathryn, then Thomas. Her plan had worked.