Aaliyah hadid gets fucked on the couch by her stepsis bf

Aaliyah hadid gets fucked on the couch by her stepsis bf
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A good few miles where I live there is an all female family, the Mum Lynzi, Becki and Elaine and the twins Carly and Carla (Lynzi's husband, their late daddy had banned them all from shaving any body hair off and from EVER wearing underwear), who all live in an old Victorian house. I found out all of this information because I had began talking to the nearest of these women as she was sitting next to my table, and I had noticed that the top she was wearing was sleeveless and very see-through, so much so that I could see her long armpit hair and the hairs on her tits & nipples and as she was wearing a micro mini skirt and sitting with her legs apart, I could easily see her hairy legs, thighs and very hairy pussy.

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As I was talking to them I got the most amazing erection and had to keep adjusting myself because of the rate my erection was developing at and Elaine asked me what was making me so uncomfortable and I told her that I could see her pit, leg, thigh and pussy hair and it was just so in my face and turning me on something awful and she laughed so much that her top opened and both of her huge and extremely saggy tits fell out of her top and almost landed on the table top and she didn't make any attempt to cover them up, this made her laugh even more and sex revenge on a slut of a gf cunnilingus girlfriend breasts just kept bouncing up and down and swinging to both sides off her chest.

At that point my prick tried to make a leap for freedom from my shorts and the other females in the group came to my table to see what the commotion was, and there was me with my prick poking out of the leg of my shorts and the five women gathered round me and insisted on walking me to my car and would not let me put my prick (which by now was standing at 45 degrees) back in my shorts but told me to leave it as it was until we got to their house. We got into their mini-bus and made our way to their house which was a two minute drive from the store, when we got in the house the women pulled my shorts down my legs and off of me then they took off my tee shirt too, so there I was stark naked in the living room and I told them that this isn't fair me being nude and all of them still dressed and without a word they all undressed too which didn't take too long as I had already seen that they were all dressed the same (just like sisters do) and were wearing the same type of see-through tops AND NO BRA and the same type of micro mini-skirts AND NO PANTIES, at this point my throbbing prick wasn't sticking out at 45 degree's any more it was standing straight up pointing to the sky and the main reason was the amount of body hair I could now plainly see all around me.

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The girls (except the twins who had smaller tits) & their Mum had very large, saggy & really droopy, hairy tits and really long, hard and very hairy nipples. ALL the girls had very hairy legs < from ankles to thighs > very hairy 'pits < really long and thick > very hairy pussies < with extremely thick, bushy and really long hair > which spread out sideways to their thighs and upwards over their belly's in a wonderful 'treasure trail' which were well up to and indeed past their belly buttons.

I asked them if they intended leaving me in my current aroused state at that instant Elaine, the female I doublestuff and jizz deep into my ass been talking to in the store took me by my now solid penis to a bedroom pushed me on to the bed and squatted down on to my face with her pussy's hairy bush smothering me as she deep throated me ( all of my 9" right down to my balls) in one smooth movement, I thought I was going to explode as she lowered her pussy even more and then I felt a wetness running down my face and I thought that she was cumming but no, she was peeing on me then she took her mouth off of my penis and screamed at me to swallow her pee so I started swallowing (which I had NEVER tried before ) like mad as she let go full flow and went back to deep throating me until I came really deep down her throat and then it wasn't just urine flooding my mouth as she came too.

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We went back into the living room, still naked with me soaking wet and her with some of my cum still in and on her mouth and face. Carly told Elaine that she could clean her face with her and Carla's hairy bushes so she did and I started to get an erection again, after all I'm a normal horny guy, the upshot of this episode was that the women asked me to move in with them as I was just what they were looking for, me being such a dominant guy and all of them being so submissive so I said OK but I have conditions, which they readily agreed to; You must ALWAYS be naked in the house, You must NEVER sit/stand with your legs together, When you are sitting you must always sit barefoot with the soles of your feet flat together, You must also make sure you lift your skirt up at the back and sit on your bare arse, You must NEVER shave ANY hair, from ANY WHERE, When we are out in public you must ALWAYS bend OVER, and NOT bend DOWN for whatever reason, If your skirt blows up in the wind or your blouse opens up, LEAVE IT, I can punish you any way I want whether you have misbehaved or not, You do not wash unless I tell you to, You do not pee, shit sexy brunette babe gets fucked hard from cum unless I tell you to and if you do need wiped, DO NOT EVER WIPE YOURSELF CLEAN.

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If I want you clean I WILL CLEAN YOU, YES they all said, we agree to everything. What happens from then on is for a further addition to this story, SO KEEP WATCHING.