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Fake female taxi creampie internal payment for sexy blonde driver sex in car and big boobs
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Friday morning, my last full day, we started as normal, Pauline and myself peeing on one another, than a nice warm shower, followed by our internal cleaning, I sent out sms to all the guys, saying today was our last play day and cum around any time, after 11 am, and just come in the back door, it will be open, and bring a friend if possible.

We walked around naked, touching one another, kissing and just enjoying our bodies, with some sex to warm us up, I had set the laptop up to the tv again and got it ready for our link to Sue and the kids, the toyspoppers and strap on ready to go. I waited as long as I could, but my cock wanted Pauline's pussy and butt, so I set about opening her up for the day, I used my cock and the big vibe first up, both holes getting a good fucking, I love swapping from one to another, feeling the different textures of each on my cock, also now I love going from her butt to her mouth, she used to gag big ass blonde screwed in her ass bit, but now she knows its good fun and enjoys taking me that way.

Well I knew the guys would be keen, and not long after 11 am a few turned up, stripping of and joining in with us, it was fun, again and again they took turns fucking us both, as we enjoyed their cocks, they enjoyed our holes, I didn't even ask the name of the new guy who Alf brought along, his cock looked good and he had stamina, that's porn sister brother mom fat sex storiesher that mattered.

We had been playing for an hour or so, when more guys turned up, Peter, Geoff and Kevin, with another guy too, I was hoping Lee would turn up soon too. We took turns with each one, letting them fuck us in any hole, Pauline more than once with a guy in each hole, was going well. Alf was giving me a good fucking, when out of the corner of my eye, I saw Lee, his wife close behind him, stopped dead in her tracks as she saw us fucking, then smiled and walked in, Pauline was busy with 2 or 3 guys and didn't notice at first, then as she stripped of, my eyes popped, she had beautiful boobs, around 38 e cup, and a fairly nice body, a bit big, but nice, Pauline was only around 65 kilos, Lee held her hand as they walked over to me.

Lee introduced Carol, I said hello, in between orgasm, as Alf kept up his pace, I also said, I hope you like kinky sex, as that's what were into,and more. I heard her say Yes, as Lee made an excuse to use the bathroom, I got Alf to let me up, and began to kiss and play with Carol's body, she responded quickly, going down sucking my cock, as Alf stroked her clit.

Alf and I took her and I started to fuck her pussy, Alf was happy getting a blow job, I whispered in her ear, "do you like anal sex" A very definate Yes was her reply. I lay her on Alf''s cock, he slipped easy into her wet pussy, as my cock found her brown hole, and slipped in a few inches, she must be used to Lee fucking her arse hard, as my cock went in quickly.

It didn't take long her orgasm began, as we both worked her hard, Alf big cock felt good rubbing against mine though her inner wall, we kept her going for some time, then swapped, my cock enjoyed her pussy once more as Alf filled her butt.

Then I thought, if she can take Lee, she can take two cocks in her arse I bet, so easing out of her pussy, I nudged Alf, he guided my cock into her butt, then eased his back in with me, she went wild, her orgasm coming on quicker and louder now, then Alf let loose, his seed filling her bowels, gave her another good orgasm.

He pulled out, leaving me with her, I asked if she had ever used poppers or a strap on, and she replied yes to both, then the big question, "Do you like bi woman too" another Yes, great. I asked her if she would introduce Pauline to bi fun, her eyes widened and we got up, moving close to Pauline.

I was hoping that Pauline was horny enough now to try any thing, so I told Carol to move in on her, at first Pauline didn't know it was her touching her boobs and clit as the guys fucked her, but when she caught on, she looked me straight in the eye and smiled, my sister was game to try any thing now and was. As the guy fucking her cum, Pauline moved, rolling over to kiss Carol, that was it, the ice was broken and I knew things would work out good, I told Carol to unload Alf cum into Pauline's mouth, no sooner had the words come out,then she sat on Paulines face, cm ozzing out as Pualine found her clit and began to lick her clean, my sexy sister was doing bi fun.

I saw the tv light up as the J is pounding kelly green from behind connection started, Sue and the kids in auss were playing with a small group of guys, at first a few guys watched, a couple knew it was my family, the others had no idea. Lee was fucking Pauline now, his huge cock giving her some good orgasm, while she kept licking Carol's pussy clean, my butt took on a couple of guys while we watched Sue and the kids, after they had both filled me with cum I moved over, swatting over Carol I let their cum loose, she licked me clean, then shared it with Pauline.

I nodded to Lee, and indicated if he wanted me to fuck him, he nodded yes, so I moved behind him, my cock ready. as Carol was busy with Pauline i eased into him, his cock still In Pauline's butt, I began to fuck him hard, the other guys all watching us play, while one fucked Carol,the others all touched the girls.

Carol moved of Pauline to allow the guy fucking her to get a better position, it was then she saw me fucking Lee, a huge bemused smile came over her. I smiled back saying he's got a great arse too.

she moved to see my cock fucking him and touched his butt, reassuring him she was ok. I needed to cum soon, and thought I'd try some thing, as Carol lay down, I held her arm up, my cum soaked butt above it, and looked at her, she wasn't sure at first, then as I slid down onto her fingers then her knuckles, she caught on, with one good push her fist went in, a huge smile came on her face as I rode her.

I took some poppers and began to work her fist in deeper, she looked in shock, as half her arm went in, my cock inches from her face, Lee was watching his wife fist me, while he fucked Pauline's butt, I was getting close, my balls wanted relief, as I wanked my cock, Carol was licking my cock head, then with one good push, another couple of inches went in, I was now only 2 inchs or so from her elbow, that did it, my cock jerked, reams of cum shot out and Carol was soaked in my man juices.

I heard Lee groan and knew he was filling Pauline's butt with his cum, seeing his wife fisting me had made him cum too, Carol licked and sucked my cock clean, then I went down kissing her face to share my cum with her. No sooner had I moved away, then a couple of guys lifted her up, implaying her on two cocks and fucked her hard, the same with sis, she was also dp'd and soon the smell of cum filled the air.

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I asked Lee if Carol knew about Jerry, he said yes, he had told her, and she wanted to see him fuck us both, within seconds I was going to find him. I lay on my back, I wanted to see him fuck my arse again, Jerry was ready,he licked my butt, then jumped up, Carol saw him and came over, kissing me saying she wanted to see this.

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Jerry now had his cock in my butt, and with each thrust was going in deeper, Carol watched intensely, as he got right in and sped up, ramming hard against my arse, his knot was close to going in. Her eye's wide seeing me take it all, and I'm sure she was surprised at the speed he fucks at too, possible twice as fast as a guy can fuck, then I told her to lay as close under me as she could to get a better view, which she did. Jerry Knotted with me, and continued to fuck my arse for some time, then all to soon he began to growl his cock now squirting its creamy load deep inside my butt, as always he was locked in tight, and I could feel his cum squirting deeper and deeper into my bowels, one of the guys was now fucking Carol while she watched me take Jerry, Lee had moved over too, close to Carol, he also had a cock up his arse, as both kissed.

He stayed knotted for 10 minutes or so, while Carol was being fucked by several guys, when Jerry pulled away, I quickly put my hand over my butt, then moved so I was over Carol, Lee looked at me, with a kind of "are you really going to do" that smile, then I moved my hand, Carol's face blonde slut sucks cock and fucks hard under a thick layer of doggy cum, Lee moved and kissed her, it looked great this lovely lady totally covered in dig cum as Lee began to lick her face clean, Pauline then joined in, moving over carol, she opened her pussy and butt, spilling a few loads of fresh human cum over her face too, Carol laughed saying what a kinky lot we were, I said the days only just began too, all three of us spent some time kissing her face and body.

It was then I saw the tv, I had completely forgoten about it, my wife and kids had just seen me being fucked by Jerry, they were all sitting around watching us, I waved Sue smiled and the kids gave me that OH dad look,,it was then I introduced the family to the rest of the guys. Carol and Pauline looked stunning, covered in cum, so I said shower time, taking Carol by the hand as Pauline lead in other guys too, Pauline was already kneeling as we walked in, Carol looked at me, I went straight over and began to pee on her face, others sex stories xxx storys 18 virse in too, as Lee held Carol's hand, I stopped mid flow, and walked back to Carol, Lee looked at her,and she came with me, knelling next to Pauline, it took a few seconds, but my flow started again, splashing her face and boobs, Lee next to me, shot his at her face and mouth, then others joined in, both girls getting all we had.

As my pee stopped, I knelt next to them, some guys aimed at me, as I drank what I could and rubbed some over Carol's body.We all showered off, then went back to watch Sue and the kids, Carol asked how we got into family swinging, and I told her how I walked in on Kim fucking Stu's butt with our toys one day and joined in with them both, now we all love fucking one another any way we want, and esp in group fun.

I did say Sue wasnt expecting me to be fucked by a dog tonight though as she didn't know we had one here. but how we both have done k9 sex before today. The family fun was going well Kim and Stu were taking on two guys, as Sue managed three, I hadn't seen Stef tonight, but that meant more guys form them, as we watched the guys took turns with the girls, it was so hot to see Pauline kissing Carol, and she was enjoying kissing her too, my cock was hard again, and found Lee's butt once more, this time Carol got under him, sucking his cock while I fucked him, he was also sucking on a guys cock, while Carol was being fucked too, no wonder his orgasms sounded better than before, with so much excitement in front of him.

I saw Pauline riding 2 cocks, both in her butt, as her mouth took another, I told Lee we were going to dp her butt again while Alf was in her pussy, then do Carol the same way, he nodded a yes as his orgasm took over.

I waited till Pauline climbed of the guys, then took Lee over to her, and called Alf over too, Carol watched as we set her up, with Alf on his back, Pauline lay back down on him, I went in first, then Lee behind me, with his long cock went under my cock into her butt as well, and away we went.

Another guy managed to get his cock in her mouth, she had 4 cocks in her now, my horny sister teen nympho seduced into crazed fuck session showing of to Sue and the kids now, so I thought lets go for broke. I told Lee I was going to get him and Jerry to dp her, he smiled, so after we had fucked Pauline for some time, I pulled out, and got Jerry again, now I got Lee to lay down, and stuck his cock in her pussy, Pauline was on her knees, then let Jerry begin to lick her butt, he quickly jumped up and I aimed his cock into her arse, Jerry pushed in hard, inch by inch he went right in, as Lee did what he could from under her, Jerry was fucking her flat out now, I made sure the family could see my horny sister taking them both too.

Carol was shocked, saying how such a new anal slut could take so much, I said the poppers have helped her a lot, without them she would probably still be a anal virgin, with that Carol asked if she could try it.

I then realised Pauline hadn't taken any before we dp her, the little slut she was game to do anything and enjoy it now. I gave Carol a sniff of the poppers, she held my arm as her head spun a bit, then sat on my cock and went wild, wow she liked them, soon she took another good sniff, and asked another guy to fuck her pussy too, she leant back onto me as his cock went in, her orgasm louder than before.

Between Carol and Pauline, the family had plenty to see, but hopefully were also busy with their guys too, I took sneak looks at the TV to see how they were getting on, all busy with cocks and looking good. I heard Pauline give out a loud squeal, Jerry was filling her arse with his cum and most likely Lee would be filling her pussy with his cum, I told Carol I was going to eat her out, when Jerry pulled clear, she said she would help me too.

as she continued to take us both deep. Jerry was happy to stay knotted to Pauline, his cock and cum deep in her butt, he took his time before moving off. I stopped fucking Carol and made my way over to Pauline, Lee was still stuck in her pussy, but his cock was going soft, we both started licking her butt and sucking his cum from her buttshe pulled Lee's cock from her pussy and sucked him dry too, between us we took it all, several times going up to kiss our partners and share the cum.

No sooner had we cleaned them up, then Carol took some more poppers and found two more cocks, I kissed Pauline and told her how hot she looked with them both in her.

she didn't wait long before two more cocks filled her and more cum flowed into her body, I wanted to fuck her arse, and slung her legs over my shoulders and rammed in deep, I found a vibe and pushed that in her pussy fucking her until she orgasm again. Carol was now soaked in cum, so I pulled her over, putting her in a 69 with Pauline, Carol on top, my cock went from Carol's butt to Pauline's mouth and back, then pussy to arse and mouth, enjoying all three holes.

Then I told Pauline to lay on Carol's back, so her pussy was just over Carol's butt, then I went from Pauline's butt to her pussy, fucking each for a short time, then to Carol's butt, and then her pussy, and back up again. as I did this other guys took their mouths and fucked them. Then I let other guys try the same, while I face fucked them. a couple of the guy would start to cum in one hole, then as their cum was still flowing slid their cock into another hole in the other lady, one cum two woman, not a bad way to fuck.

Carol was by now hooked on the poppers, she was enjoying any thing we did to her, so when Jerry had rested long enough I got Carol to lay on the bed her butt just hanging off, and began to fuck her, telling her to take a few more sniff, she did, and Alf brought Jerry over, before she knew what was going on his cock was firmly up her arse, and he wasn't going to let go, Now she was a doggy bitch and taking al his cock in her arse, I saw the knot get close a few times and told her to take more poppers.

Lee was kissing his wife, telling her how sexy she looked and how he would like to buy a dog now. I don't think Carol knew, she was so high on poppers now, but as her anus loosened up his knot went in, Lee was watching his wife being fucked by a dog, his cock hard as rock, so I knelt in front of him and let him fuck my arse, as we both watched the action in front of us, I saw Pauline lay under Carol, waiting for Jerry's cum.

Carol was going well, her orgasm loud and long, as Jerry pumped her butt hard, his knot fully in and holding firm. Lee was pounding me hard also watching his wife turned him on more than normal, Jerry growled, signalling his orgasm, Lee knew his wife's butt was being flooded with dog cum, that was it, I felt his cock swell and jerk inside me, as my bowel's also were filled with cum, reams of it too.

Pauline now flicking Carol's clit with her fingers sent her into another orgasm, and she continued to do that until Jerry pulled out. Pauline once more took all his cum on her face, she looked lovely, I crawled over kissing her again, sharing his cum, as Lee kissed Carol and told her how much he loved he,r and what a brilliant sight her being fucked by Jerry was.

By now most of us needed a rest, so we organised some light food and drinks for them, at the same time watching sue and the kids in Australia still having fun, Kim was being fucked by three guys, Stu had Sue fucking him with the big toys and others watched them. It was when pulled the big 12 inch dildo out, which is some 3 inches across, that Pauline and Carol made a gasp, and said no way he will take that, I just replied he will we both do and fully too, as inch by inch Stu took it all.

Carol asked what it felt like to have such a huge dildo in ones anus, I told her it was unreal, and my anal orgasm with it were more intense than any thing else, especially when we use the poppers to. With that I got the three big toys and gave them to Pauline, sniffing the poppers I knelt up, as one by one they went all the way in my arse, Pauline fucked me hard, sending me into a long anal orgasm, and she kept going, not letting me rest for some time.

Carol looked on, as between them they were bigger than the one Stu was taking, the next thing I knew Carol was kneeling next to me, telling Pauline to fuck her with them, I eased forward, Pauline pulled them out of me, and starting with the thick dildo pushed that In Carol's butt, I held the poppers for her to sniff as she needed, soon the next vibe went in, Carol took it, but needed more poppers, I told Pauline to work them around in her arse to open it more.

Lee watched on, his wife now lost in her own world, more poppers and Pauline held the next vibe to her anus opening, but couldn't get the pressure to push it in, so I swapped with her, fucking Carol for a bit longer with just the two, as Pauline gave her more poppers, the feeling I was waiting for, Carol's butt went loose, and the second vibe, slipped in, now all three, were in, but not fully, Carol was going well, her anus looked good, more and more of the toys disappearing inside her, as I kept up the relentless fucking of her arse.

Lee was kissing his wife, then coming right up, looking at the toys destroying her arse, as she kept having louder an louder orgasms I pushed harder still, all three now probably more than 2/3 in her hole. then like I have too some times, when the feeling get to intense, she threw herself forward away from me, dropping lifeless on the bed, panting heavily. Some of the guys now jumped on her back, and fucked her butt filling her with more cum, so turned on by watching her push her limits, Lee's cock was rock hard, he then turned her over, slid his cock in her arse from then front, and gave her a nice long passionate fuck while they kissed and enjoyed their love, I took Pauline's butt and shoved a few toys in her, causing her to orgasm loudly too, then with one of the guys holding the poppersI set about opening her arse up more, as the third toy went in, she too was lost in our own world, orgasm after orgasm took hold, as she let me use her.

She had swallowed a few more loads of cum, still with the three toys in her butt, Carol now set about kissing and playing with her boobs, as more guys used her mouth to empty their balls, Lee's cock one more filled his wife's butt with cum, as Pauline also pulled forward, shaking with sexual bliss.

I lay Alf on his back, and stuck his cock in my arse, then told them to shove Jerry's cock in too, I wanted one last good fuck from him, as Jerry began to fuck me Alf told me how tight it was inside, and he wasn't going to last long, then Jerry got going, ramming all his cock into me, and trying once more to knot his bitch.

I took some real good sniff's of the poppers, my anus went loose, and Jerry knotted with us, Alf now making all sorts of german mom blowjob xxx stepmom turns wet dreams into reality as his cock was squashed flat inside my arse. Jerry also must have been horny too, as he began to unload his hot doggy cum in my bowels, Alexis monroe gets invited to a nudist spa and loves it blew his load too, as I had one huge anal orgasm, and just about passed out.

I saw Sue and the kids watching me on the TV, by now most of their guys had left, and I gave a small teen anal hd first time bringing out the massive guns, and smile, as Sue smiled back at me, then as Jerry pulled out, his cum and Alf's flowed free, it was only when Pauline came up, her facehair and body covered in doggy, did I know she was there, as she rolled me over, and cuddled me, the cum soaked us both.

After we had rested, Pauline and Carol both said, Shower time, and set of, the guys followed close, by the time I got there, both girls were soaked in piss, so I pulled Pauline up, sat her on the bathroom sink, slid my cock in her arse, and let my piss run free, filling her butt, and washing out the cum, she looked at me and smiled saying, that's kinky, not to be out down, Carol grabbed Lee and told him to do the same, as he did, Pauline and I lay under her taking the free flowing piss from her and him.

The night was just about done, the guys had empty balls and bladders, started to leave, Carol wanted to stay longer, so we said stay over if you want, so her and Lee slept In my bed while I cuddled up with Pauline for our last night together.