Omg is it gonna crush me

Omg is it gonna crush me
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Hi I'm Michelle and these are some of my first great sexual experiences. So my and this guy Christian were dating for about 2 months in the beginning of my junior year of college and he was too. I was still a virgin and he was not. As we were in this relationship I was very interested in my roommate Grace. I had known sunny leone and imran hashmi xnxx whole life I was bisexual, but I had only ever dated men.

I was always afraid to be with a woman. But since I was in such close proximity with Grace I started to feel that she was the first woman I could feel comfortable being with. Whenever Christian would come over to the dorm all I could think about is how grace would feel about it. I hadn't yet figured out if she was even into me or other women. One night me and grace got ready to go to a party and Christian was going to pick us up. Before he got there I pulled grace aside.

I asked her if I could have the dorm to myself that night and made sure she could stay somewhere safe for the night. She happily agreed to sleep at Megan's for the night and packed a little bag to bring over. She bent over in her red sequin dress to pick up her clothes off the floor. Her ass along with her red thong were very visible. I couldn't help but take her body in. One day, I thought, I tell her how I feel. just not tonight. Tonight I was going to take Christian back to the dorm and lose my virginity.

I was more than ready to get rid of this huge burden. I was sure I'd be satisfied by Christian's ten inch cock. We had experimented with oral sex before and I have to tell you, this man knew how to give some serious head. And he taught me the ins and outs on what works for him.

But now I was ready to give him all of me, tonight. Soon Christian was knocking and we were out of the door. I climbed into the front seat and leaned in to give Christian a tender kiss. I wanted to hint to what was going to happen later tonight with a flirtatious smile. I ran my hand along his thigh as he drove us to the party.

Later in the night the party throwers decided to stick everyone into a mix of spin the bottle and seven minutes in heaven. After a few spins it was my turn. I spun and looked across to Grace who was giggling intoxicatedly.

As the bottle began to slow my heart raced. It passed Christian, me, and landed on Grace. We looked at each other and I nervously laughed. I looked over at Christian, gave him a kiss and then stood up. I helped her up and into the closet as everyone cheered. I heard a muffled "Go" through the door and looked at Grace. She looked at me and said we should ask each other questions and I said sure.

She asked if I had ever been with a woman. I said no, nothing more than one kiss. I asked her the same. She said no, but had been thinking about it. I asked "Can I hardcore orgy session with delicious sex bombs brunette cumshot you, I mean it is seven minutes in heaven".

She giggled and shook her head yes. Suddenly all my nerves were gone and I felt completely comfortable. I brushed some straight locks of hair sassy from her face and kissed her real quick. I couldn't get myself to look at her for fear of embarrassment. She lifted my japan milf sex stories durasi panjang and kissed me harder than before.

I grabbed her face and drew in a breath as if I was trying to absorb her essence in that moment. I began kissing her harder and more passionately every second.

My hands quickly trailed down her body, along her back. When I got to the middle of her back, I laced my fingers together and built her body closer to mine still kissing her all the while. Her wrapped her arms around my neck and seemed to sink into my body and the rhythm of our make-out session. I drew back to see her face. She was biting her lip and had this new animalistic look in her eye, like she couldn't resist me.

I let my hands reach her ass and squeezed. She let out a quiet moan and I stopped it with a kiss. I grabbed her thighs and thrust her legs onto my hips. I tilted my head up to meet her sweet kisses. I could taste and smell strawberries on her breath. She ran her fingers through my hair and I moaned into her lips before pulling away.

I just looked up at her and told her that the seven minutes were almost over. She kissed me again and hopped off of me. She told me that she had a lot of fun and was greatful I was her first experience with a woman.

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I told her the pleasure was all mine and then I heard the timer ring outside the door. I said after you and we both left. Everyone was cheering and I looked over to see Christian was missing. I was not going to tell him what happened in there because I didn't want to deal with his reaction.

I abandoned the circle and went in search for Christian. After a couple of failed attempts I found Christian in the kitchen by himself looking out the window. I skinny babe gets naked in the library up behind him on my tiptoes and whispered in his ear: "We have my dorm to ourselves, wanna get out of here?" He agreed with a smile and we made are way to his car hand in hand.

He asked what happened in the closet. I explained that we just talked about any guys Grace had her eye on and how the party was going.

He said cool and kissed me before opening my car door for me. I said what a gentleman and got in the car with a slight nervous feeling. As we were driving back I was trailing my hand along his thigh and other the bulge of his pants.

He asked you wanna get in there and I said yes. I told him I wanted to lose my virginity that night. And he said that was great and kissed me passionately. He told me to run upstairs while he parked the car. When I was upstairs I stripped to the black lacy bra and panty set I was wearing underneath my dress.

I dimmed the lights just enough and laid on the bed. Soon he came though the door and took off his jacket and shoes and got on top of me kissing me and grabbing my waist as he was holding me he asked if he could take off my underwear.

I told him to leave my bra on for now, but the panties could go.

He slipped of my panties and trailed his fingers tenderly along my legs giving me chills. He was just so sexy and slow. He kissed me from forehead to pussy and gave my clit a lick. I gasped and he smiled wide and then licked my opening. I was already very wet. I pulled him blonde babe gets a nasty fuck from two big dongs and pulled his shirt off. I felt his chest and his muscles and absorbed all of his beauty before kissing him again.

Then I began to unbutton his pants. He got off me and stood up. I came to the edge of the bed and pulled off his pants. I stroked his hardening cock over his underwear. I have his cock a tender kiss and pulled his underwear down and his cock popped out. I cupped his balls in my left hand and grabbed his cock with my right. I licked around the tip of his penis and sucked about three times. Then I leaned over to my drawer and grabbed a condom.

I put it on his hard cock and laid back on the bed. I began unhooking my bra and slipped it off. He got on top of stunning japanese babe haruka kaede is drilled uncensored and sucked my right tit. He licked in a clockwise motion and did the same to the other one. He asked if I was ready and I said 'uh-huh' seductively. He got in a position with him cock pushing against my pussy. He guided the tip of his cock from my opening to my clit.

I breathed in deeply and nodded to him. He grabbed his cock and put inside the opening of my pussy. I groaned because there was a lot of pressure. He went very slow inside and out. After the fifth thrust he thrust his entire cock into my pussy.

He moaned and looked for my reaction. I told him to thrust again and to go upwards. He thrust again and hit my g spot. I almost screamed of pleasure. He kissed me to muffle the sound and I nodded to let him know that what he was doing was working well for me. He thrust faster and faster and I began to moan a little. Then I pulled him out of me and went down to his penis and licked my juices off of his cock. Then he picked me up and turned me so I was on top and he was sitting up against the headboard.

He could see I was hesitant, but assured me I could do it. I got on top of him with his cock against my clit. I held his face and kissed him as I rubbed my pussy against his huge cock. Soon I pushed him playfully away from my mouth and focused my attention to his cock. I held it and inserted into my pussy.

I winced because of the pressure but I sank him all the way into me. I loved how his warm cock felt inside my body. For a while I kissed him as I felt my pussy around his huge cock. Then I began to twerk on his cock so he was going inside and out of me and I put his hands on my ass.

I was shaking my tits in his face and bouncing on his cock. He told me he was going to come and he wanted me to lean back and bounce on him. So I leant on my arms behind me and thrust him in and out of me he held on to my sides and lead his body into me.

He moaned my name and came. When he was finished he put himself fully into my and pulled my face to his and kissed me. He thanked me for my gift and said he hoped I had fun. I told him that I was in love the whole time with everything he did. He told me he loved me and I kissed him harder. Then he asked if I came. I said no and he said hold on. He lifted me off of him and went to the bathroom. I rubbed my clit a little as he quickly cleaned himself.

Then he came back and told me to lay on my back. I laid down and he began to lick my pussy all over. Then he asked if he could finger me. I said sure but to focus on licking my clit. He inserted his middle finger into my pussy and I gasped heavily. Then he sucked on my clit.

He shook his hand and sucked at the same time. Every so often he would change up the rhythm and in about two minutes I came very hard and squirted for the first time ever.

After I squirted Christian licked my clean and told me good job. I told him I had never done that before and I thanked him for making all of this comfortable for me. He told me he is the happiest when I am satisfied and kissed me passionately.

I could taste my juices on his lips and his tongue. Soon I got up to clean myself up. When I came back we just looked at each other and smiled at how beautiful we were. I got in bed with him and lay down facing him with our foreheads together. I felt so connected to him and felt extremely lucky to be with him. We quickly fell asleep holding hands. As I was falling asleep a familiar face crept into my mind. Grace. How was she? Was she safe? I told myself to focus on what was happening in the moment with a man I was deeply connected with and went to sleep.

When I awoke Christian was stroking my ass and my thigh. I smiled and kissed him passionately and stretched and sat up.

I looked down at the bed and the mark where I squirted. I giggled a little and kissed him on the forehead and said thank you. And when off to put some clothes on. I chose an over sized T-shirt and went outside to get us some coffee. When I returned he was in the shower and I set the coffees down and went in there to join him. When I got there he said good morning redhead teen fucks older man and oiled ass dildo xxx cummie the painal cum cat kissed me.

I started talking to him about fetishes or fantasies and if he had any and I dialed up my tits. He said he didn't have any in particular. I asked if I could share mine and he agreed.

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I asked him to have an open mind. I said: "I like pissing. I would like you to piss on me sexually." He katrina jade gets a rough fuck cum on tits pornstars and pornstar in a non-taunting way and grabbed my waist and pulled it against him.

He said no problem, can I try it out now? I smiled and slowly got down on my knees under his cock. I told him not to piss in the face just my body.

He began stroking and told me he was about to piss. He began pissing on my tits and I rubbed them with his piss. Then I bent back a little so it reached my pussy. I was very happy, he pissed for a full minute and I loved how warm his beautiful piss was. I started to moan as I continued to rub my tits. Then all of the sudden I felt and orgasm coming on. He finished pissing and I started to stand up but I had to lean against the wall because my knees were getting weak.

I rubbed my clit twice and started moaning. Soon I was squirting and he bent down so I could squirt on his cock. He was stroking his ten inch cock with my pussy juices.

When I regained my breath I told him I came again. Then I asked if I could piss on him. He agreed and got lower. I began pissing and pulled my pussy so it would run right on his cock. I pissed for 30 seconds and as I was he was stroking his cock. When I was finished I had him get up and I began sucking my piss off his cock. I started sucking faster and faster and he told me he was going to come.

I told him to come right in my mouth. Soon he came on my tongue and I spit his cum into my tits and rubbed it all around and kissed him. I thanked him for being so open to my fetish and that I hoped to do it again.

We finished cleaning up and got dressed for the day. Comment if you want a second chapter, I have a lot more!