Petite brunette teen shows spreads her pussy on cam

Petite brunette teen shows spreads her pussy on cam
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My name is Ciara, i just turned 18 and I have finally decided I want to fuck as many guys as i can. I will be graduating high school in about 2 months. Yesterday was my birthday. I am a black woman, 5' 4" 124 lbs and like most black ladies I do have a nice bubble butt booty.

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I have always wanted to have sex but out of the love of my parents I waited until I was 18. My outfit for school today is a camo booty short and a camo light sweater.

I have watched sex online and in person but have always respected my parents enough not to try until now, my hunger for sex has become outrageous. As soon as I walked onto campus I wanted to fuck the first guy I see. The first guy that came across me was an Asian guy. I was a little hesitant to lose my virginity to an Asian guy least of all but u was too hungry to care. Since it was gonna be my first time I didn't mind the size of his cock. I grabbed his arm and pulled him away from his friends.

With a serious face and calm voice I told him to fuck me. With a confused face he still followed me as we went into one of the staff bathrooms.

Immediately I took of my top and went for his pants. He must've been scared cuz he backed up to the wall as I rushed in. Quickly undoing his pants I pulled down his drawers and pants in one motion. His smooth tan asian cock was dangling right in my face. It was surprisingly bigger than I thought, still hanging completely down I could tell it was beginning to harden.

He was already about 5 inches and had a nice girth around. To be honest he was actually bigger than some of the black and white boys I have seen before. He was only standing about 5' 5" as well. I align my mouth to the bottom of his cock and then engulfed the head completely. I raised my head which tilted the chick about 45 degree and started sucking and bobbing on the head sunny leone sex with bass in office hard as I could.

After 5 mins I finally got his dick completely hard and standing by itself. He was probably almost 6 inches but had a decent girth to him that surprised me considering his ethnicity, stature and Bruce Lee looks. I told him to fuck my mouth for a bit before I took off my bottoms and turned my ass towards him.

His small hands gave my wet soft pussy a nice rub and i thought he was gonna stick himself in me instead I felt his face mashed up against my ass and pussy.

Jenna leigh and step mom threesome fuck big dong tongue felt perfect searching around inside my pussy ass I could feel his warm breath blowing on my asshole. I could not control it as I began morning softly.

His left hand was around my pelvis area pushing me against him while his right hand was on my ass squealing and slapping the jiggly thing. I had no idea eating me out could feel so good I could not control my movements my body felt paralyzed.

The feeling started increasing as going on a steady uphill ride. I started to realize I could not take the amount of pleasure, my legs began to trimble and my body began to limp. Suddenly the most amazing lustful feeling in the world came to me and I felt gushes of liquid oozing from in my pussy.

I did not care for anything in the world anymore I screamed as loud as i wanted as much as I felt I needed to express my pleasure. For the moment I loved this guy that I did not even know i felt I could marry him and stay with him forever. After I came he let off of me so I can recover for a bit.

He then grabbed my hips and pulled my ass back up. I ended up standing bending over for him and finally he stuck his cock inside of me, my virginity was finally broken. He went spite at first thankfully probably cuz i was super tight. Gradually he went faster and deeper. Sophi d black grup xnxx pain and pleasure was indescribably amazing.

I gave a constant moan exchanging breathes each time he pumped me. I could note feel his under average balls slapping my pussy and my ass bouncing in waves as his pelvis pounder on my butt. We changed position as he had me note on the wall and started pounding me against it.

I could see his butt cheeks squeezing each time he thrust me from the mirror sink. His balls swinging back and forth vigorously as well. With my arms wrapped around hid head and neck I could feel his sweat staying to seep out, it only turned me on more.

I told him to stop after a while and told him lay back on the floor. I mounted him cowgirl style and note it was my turn to start doing all the work. I bounced and rocked until my sweat started dropping on his small but ripped chest. His hands and mouth fondled both of my boobs and bit my nipples. Probably seeing I was tired he got us changing position again, this time he was sitting on the toilet chair as I sat ass turned towards him on his lap.

I first laid back and stayed humping him before be had me leaning forward lifted and was fucking me. After he was bored of that positron he had me on my side with my knees brought near my chest. He was on his knees one hand pressing my thighs together while the other spreading my ass cheek open. He slowly stuck his dick in my ass and started ass fucking me.

After loosening my asshole he alternated between my beat up pussy and ass before finally getting ready to cum.

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He pumped a few more times into my asshole before pulling out. I sat up head tilted back and braced myself for his asian cum. He stuck his dick in my mouth first. I could faintly smell the odor of what obviously came from him analing me but I did not care. He pulled away and was about to jerk himself when his cum shot out. The first shot was directly into my right eye then the rest all over my face, a few weaker shots went directly into my mouth.

Cum dripped and drooled down my chin and neck to my breast, thighs, and floor. I could not lock him clean anymore because my lips were glazed in his semen. I swallowed all that I could and went to the sink to wash my face. I felt him roughly rubbing my pussy from behind again then a hard loud slap to my ass. When I finished washing he was gone, along with my white bra and red pantie. I arrived at school 30 mins before it started and now I am 30 mins late for first period.

I had no idea sex could feel so good. The best part of it all was i probably gave college babe melissa is raided on her dorm for a quickie sex boy the best feeling in the world as well.

He definitely was not ready for a morning like that. I rushed as quickly as I can to class noticing my legs were wider apart than usual. I could still feel the presence of that asian cock inside my pussy and asshole. I got to the door of my first class and just as I was opening the door I noticed I still had two cum spots on my hair near the back of my neck on the glass reflection on the door. The end of this part. First time, seeing how it goes, if well i will cont.