Baise a en cam direct avec ma copine devant voyeurs francais

Baise a en cam direct avec ma copine devant voyeurs francais
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Chapter 44 The Flight Fucktwat wasn't sure where the honeymoon was, not that she needed to. That kind of information wasn't necessary for a dumb slut like her to know.

While receiving his morning blowjob from his new property, Michael explained that while Titcage had made serious progress reforming the country's views on a woman's purpose and what was appropriate in society, there were still people who would be alarmed by a pregnant teenager crawling naked and leashed on all fours. Therefore, Fucktwat would have to occasionally wear clothing in public.

Michael paused, letting his orgasm build thinking about the world he was helping to shape, and ejaculated in his property's mouth. She waited for him to allow her to swallow his cum, and he savored feeling her begin to choke on his cock and a mouthful of his semen.

Her eyes began to water, and he gave her mercy home kuwait sex story command to swallow. Fucktwat did so gratefully but remained in position in expectation of Michael's piss. "You're still going to have to wear clothing to the airport, but I've selected appropriate outfits for you, and Slutkitten." Michael relaxed his bladder into Fucktwat's mouth.

He hadn't urinated in a toilet in months, always having a stupid whore available to relieve himself into. Or onto, if he so desired. He finished and Fucktwat once again waited for a command to swallow. It was more difficult to hold a mouthful of urine though, as there was so much more of it. Michael loved watching her eyes water with effort and fear, the piss start to dribble out of her mouth and onto her huge fuckbags. He knew she couldn't hold it forever but loved watching her struggle.

It gave him so many ideas. Finally, he allowed her to swallow, relishing the scene before him. Cuntcandy was accompanying them with her new owner as well, but she was not going to enjoy the privilege of flying in the cabin. Ben was displeased with his property's attitude at her sister's wedding, so the pregnant lesbian was flying with the other bitches in cargo, naked and stuffed in a dog crate.

She was supplied dog food and cordial and told if her had to piss she had better clean it up herself. Michael liked this idea very much but was looking too forward to parading his new property in front of as many people as possible.

It was important to normalize sluts' treatment, after all. Much like on their campaigning trip, Michael picked out appropriately whorish outfits for Fucktwat and Slutkitten to wear on their flight. The outfits Michael picked out for the two sluts were once again matching, although Fucktwat's had to accommodate for her pregnancy, which Michael reminded her only happened because she was such a disgusting slut her own father wanted to fuck her cunt.

There were tight tube dresses that were too short in both directions, so the sluts could either try to cover their oversized tits or their shaved, drooling twats but not both.

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The material was see-through, so everyone could see the cum spreading on their skin just beneath the material. Michael flew first class, of course, but Fucktwat and Kitten were not given actual seats. Michael explained that they would not be sitting throughout the flight; rather, they were to provide the in-flight entertainment and be available to service whoever desired them.

While they had to walk upright through the airport and at least pretend they still had rights like real human beings, the flight was operated by a more progressive airline that understood the proper roles of women. The stewardesses were all naked except for their little airline hats, dizzyingly high heels and clit piercings. When the trio boarded, Fucktwat only saw one stewardess in the aisles; the other two were on their knees in front of the co-pilot and pilot, servicing their cocks before the flight.

The flight was almost entirely men, with one or two other sluts roaming the aisles. Fucktwat noticed one crawling slut was wearing a kind of all-over jumpsuit that even covered her face, except for an opening over her a threesome on a table bondage, tits, ass and cunt.

She had a table strapped to her back, scurrying around offering drinks and snacks to the men. It was implied, of course, that she was available for much more than that. Next to the lavatory was christmas present for cock sucking diva anna watase kneeling slut, ready to receive any of the passengers' piss. Fucktwat dimly wondered if that was the only bathroom function she served and felt immediately grateful for her position in life.

Once they were aboard, Michael tugged on Fucktwat's leash indicating she should drop to all fours. Fucktwat had been practicing falling into this position in one motion, though her bulging belly made that difficult. She was likely to give birth on the honeymoon, though what that would entail was a mystery to her. Slutkitten followed suit and also dropped to her hands and knees, struggling to resist the urge to bury her face in Twat's drooling snatch. Michael found his seat and unclipped their leashes.

"This flight is very expensive, and I wasn't about to waste money on a such degraded whores, so you'll have to earn your passage," Michael explained, clipping a small electronic tag onto each of their clits. "When men want to fuck you, this will buzz and until you reach them. Go be sluts, but neither of you gets to cum unless a man tells you to," he said cheerfully, giving them each a light slap on the face.

The two smiled eagerly and made their way down the aisle in search of cocks to service. Somewhere, Michael knew Cuntcandy was below them, miserable and cramped in her crate. It was fitting for a bitch, and he considered doing the same to Twat and Kitten on the return flight. The seat rows were set further back from the row ahead, so there was enough room in front of the passenger to receive service from a slut.

Ben was seated in a blacked elsa jean cant keep her hands off bbc row and pressed the request service button, immediately signaling to Kitten and Fucktwat to attend to him. Unburdened by pregnancy, Kitten was able to crawl much faster to Ben and reached him as he extracted his semi-stiff cock.

When she reached him, her clit stopped buzzing, which was disappointing for her. She hoped Ben would be kind enough to let her cum during their encounter. Ben pulled his belt off as he waited for Fucktwat to catch up and take his order. "I've used you so much Fucktwat, I'm getting bored with you.

I haven't had as much fun with your toy, however. I understand you're very fond of her, but it's important you remember that what you want will never be as important as what a man wants. So, I'm going to rape your slut's ass while you beat her tits with my belt.

If you're going to be a good wife, you have to be obedient. Slutkitten, come here. Fucktwat, you have permission to stand to beat Slutkitten properly." Kitten whimpered slightly as she crawled into position in front of Ben, knowing she was willingly submitting herself to being painfully assaulted. The men at Titcage had always favored blowjobs over anything else, and Slutkitten didn't have nearly as much anal experience.

Nonetheless, she bent over in front of him and held onto the seat in front of her (which had handles for just this purpose).

Ben doubled his belt over and cracked it, creating a sound that made Kitten flinch. He handed Fucktwat his belt and aimed his now fully erect cock at Kitten's tight asshole. Kitten's fuckmelons swung down in this position, and Fucktwat wished she was sucking them instead of beating them. Later, she decided. "Normally, I'd use lube.

But it's important that this hurt. Now I don't want to hear any screams, or any nonsense like that. I'll gag you if I have to. Fucktwat, you can start. Don't stop until I tell you." She knew from receiving similar beatings herself, frequently from Ben, the proper way to whip a whore's tits.

The first crack landed just as Ben shoved his cock into Slutkitten's puckered hole. Kitten nearly shrieked from the pain but caught herself at the last minute, muffling it through closed lips.

Ben reached forward and grabbed a handful of her long hair, snapping her head up. The movement made her tits bulge and redden even more under her lover's lashes. Fucktwat felt confused, but did as she was told. She did love Kitten, and wanted to please and protect her. But peachy lesbo cunt fisted hard from behind man had given her very clear instructions, and what else was she for but pleasuring men?

Besides, a slut was crying and in pain and a man was being satisfied. She knew that was correct. She let her mind (such as it was) wander as Ben continued his anal assault on Kitten, viciously pounding her unlubricated sphincter. It was so dry, except for a little blood, he considered having the bitch suck his cock clean and rape her pussy instead; but he had to make a point.

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Instead, he reached around her slender hips and pinched her clit, twisting it. Several passengers had gathered to watch Kitten take her abuse and Fucktwat felt a man come up behind her and slide his cock into her dripping fucktunnel.

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She tried to concentrate on her assignment while the stranger behind her plowed her snatch. It actually made her job easier, as she could match the fucking rhythm with the lashes. Ben reached up and gripped Kitten's throat, nearly choking her as he came. The man inside Fucktwat shot his load into her not long after, and Ben signaled she could stop flogging Kitten's now badly bruised tits.

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Ben stayed inside Kitten for a moment, his hand still around her throat. Fucktwat felt herself being pushed down as the man behind her came around his get his cock cleaned in her mouth, as well as to piss down her throat. She tongued his dick greedily, wanting to get it over with so she could tend to her slut. Finally the man patted Fucktwat on the head and walked away.

Ben withdrew from the abused Kitten and merely pushed her aside, leaving her to fall into Fucktwat's arms. Kitten had tears in her eyes and a bloody lip from biting to keep from screaming. Ben's cum leaked out of her tortured asshole and onto the aisle carpet. But she looked at her owner with love, and Fucktwat gently lapped at her swollen tits as a means of comforting her lover. Their tender moment was short lived, as Ben was not totally finished with Kitten.

He stood over the young slut and pissed over the length of her body, making sure to douse her face especially. Kitten wanted to close her eyes but instinctively knew better, allowing the warm liquid to wash over her. When he finished, she did close her eyes. She heard him zip up his pants and felt him spit on her abused tits. "Whore." He said, simply, before retaking his seat.

Fucktwat's clit buzzed. It was going to faketaxi years old and sucking taxi cock a long flight.