Voy a llamar a un nutricionista y me lo voy acabar follandomelo

Voy a llamar a un nutricionista y me lo voy acabar follandomelo
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The Family Pet by Author Unknown Chapter 1 The spring sunshine fell warmly through the open window onto the naked torso of the tall full-breasted redhead who was stretching and yawning her voluptuously proportioned breasts as she breathed in deep, and her long red wavy hair spreading out across the pillow like a heavy fan.

Mrs. Georgia Rogers stretched as she awoke, blinking slightly at the fresh morning sunlight. When they had gone to bed the night before she had forgotten that the new daylight saving time would probably mean more sunlight in the morning, and she had left the curtains open. Not that she minded a bit waking up to the refreshing spring sunshine. She was feeling spring all over lately -- particularly up between her firmly curved thighs, and the fact that Howard had been rather preoccupied lately had served as well to keep her natural sexual interests rather highly stirred.

Spring warmth was kerosene to that flame, instead of a healing balm. But she didn't mind. In fact, the young wife rather enjoyed it, because then her orgasms would be all the more lusty and overwhelming when they finally came.

Georgia shrugged and all of the sheet fell away from her opulently contoured body, revealing, beside the ripe fullness of her lust- inciting breasts, her nicely rounded belly, the tiniest of waists, flawless white skin, and just the hint of burnished red pubic hair at the center of her loins. She had the unusual sort of redheaded coloring seen only rarely -- bright coppery hair and the most perfect of creamy complexions, and a figure just as youthful and sensual as the day she'd been married, in spite of the fact that she was now thirty-four and had a teenage daughter.

As she stretched she fluffed out her long lustrous hair, which had never been cut. Howard had been crazy about her hair. Like most men, that was the first thing he had noticed. But then, men also paid attention to her magnificently put together body as well.

Curves no man could resist, she had been told. Georgia smiled softly to herself as she considered all this. Taking both of her protuberant pink nipples between thumb and forefinger, she toyed with them until they stiffened in self-defense, imparting pleasant sensations into her swollen breasts and a corresponding tingle deep down in the cum thirsty legal age teenager engulfs ramrod of her belly.

She was not a wanton, but only a normal woman who had come to enjoy her husband's sexuality, and of late that sexuality had been somewhat lax. Consequently, every morning she seemed to wake up more aroused than the morning before. Not that Howard noticed. Indeed, he didn't seem to notice anything much lately except his business affairs.

His company had put together a hefty real estate package recently on the west side of the Chicago River only to have it come out in the newspapers that instead of developing the area as they had promised the original owners, the City of Chicago, the land was being re-sold at a tremendous profit to the federal government for an office complex.

Consequently his entire organization seemed currently to be in a seductive blonde pleasures a massive black schlong interracial and creampie state of upheaval and anxiety over what new charges would arrive with each new day and -- in particular -- what citizens' lawsuits were in the offing.

The prospect was grim. And her Howard had been one of the original prime movers who had clinched the deal through connections at city hall. His handsome head would be on the block if the public got too noisy.

Georgia patted her breasts and then pushed her hands up in back of her lengthy hair, and let it fall again. Her pretty head couldn't really get much interested in men's affairs. All she knew was that Howard just wasn't performing in bed as usual. As yet she hadn't made her mind up what to do about it, however. She kept expecting him to break out of the doldrums at any moment. "Georgia, have you seen my cufflinks?" came a cross voice from the bathroom, and then her husband was standing in the doorway, fiddling with the sleeves of his shirt, his shock of wavy black hair falling forward over his forehead.

He was clad only in his underwear and the shirt, and her eyes locked unavoidably on the spot where his genitals nestled between his legs, but disappointingly, there was no special bulge there to excite her. "But you've got so many " she started to say. "I mean the ones with the footballs on them. I can't wear jewelry any more. Orders around the office. Too many newspaper reporters coming through all the time. The boss has given up his diamond rings even.

No more small pinkies. Imagine. He won't be able to show his face in city hall." Georgia laughed and tried to help him by looking around the bedroom a little bit, but she enchanting asian babe gets her pussy boned hard seem to locate the cufflinks he was referring to.

Finally he changed to a button-cuff shirt and went back in the bathroom, and Georgia slipped a housecoat over her glowing body and went downstairs to start breakfast. Karen, their thirteen year old platinum blonde daughter, was already humming and singing in the shower.

Georgia smiled to herself and made her way down the stairs. Karen was certainly getting to be a beautiful girl. They would have to get together for a long mother-and-daughter chat very soon! Going to the refrigerator, Georgia began in an orderly fashion to organize breakfast for the family. She kept her housecoat carefully closed when she caught sight of the milkman coming around, and then relaxed again. Really, though, she was the sort of woman who preferred to give her unusually well developed body free rein in its movements.

She hated constricting clothing -- except, of course, when it attracted attentive and appreciative male glances, and the housecoat normally fell open quite a lot in the ordinary course of things as she moved about her cozy kitchen.

Georgia had started the bacon and put out the pan for the eggs, and was setting out the plates and silverware and so on when she heard the scratching at the screen door. What on earth --?

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Drawing her dressing gown tightly about her waist, she went to the back door and peered outside, but couldn't see a thing unusual there. The small public park looked typically quiet for this time of morning, where it sat somnolently behind their house.

There was absolutely no one about. And then came that scratching again, like a cat at the screen door.

It really gave her a start of an almost sensual nature, like someone drawing chalk the wrong way up the blackboard of her spine. She opened the door and looked down through the screening. Well, this was a handsome animal!

A big, shaggy German shepherd without any apparent collar or identification was looking up at her with big mournful eyes. His coat was so rough that there was the distinct impression that he had recently been in a fight. His hair was very shaggy and dirty and seemed to go in every direction. His mouth opened slightly and Georgia glimpsed a fullish red tongue.

"Well, and where have you come from, lamb? My, don't you look hungry. Wait right there busty passenger gets her asshole banged by fake driver mama will bring you something." The young wife let the door swing shut behind her and returned to the refrigerator to rummage around for some leftover meat or something. There was a lamb bone there from Sunday dinner with plenty of meat still on it, and also some freshly ground beef.

She decided that old lamb was a wiser investment, and also poured for the hungry-looking animal a bowl of milk. Returning to the back door, Georgia found the German shepherd sitting well back from it and down the steps. Well, he certainly seemed well behaved and well trained, she thought as she opened both doors and went down the steps.

A breeze came up and wafted slightly about her tall, elegantly torsoed body, causing her housecoat to open a little. Her full-fleshed breasts juggled upward and seemed to spill out from the open material, and strangely, the dog's big brown eyes fastened on their gleaming whiteness, and he totally ignored the food.

Georgia blushed instinctively and tried to hold her housecoat more snugly to her body with one elbow where bending over to put the dishes down on the colored concrete blocks of the patio. This was far from easy with two dishes in her hands, but her cleavage was so considerable that she felt she had to do something. The dog was just a dog, but she couldn't just let everything spill out for all of the neighbors to see.

Though the German shepherd's eyes burned on what he glimpsed of her milk-white smooth flesh, he didn't move from his spot. And seconds later he had bent his head and was lapping at the milk. Then sexy czech teenie gapes her tight snatch to the peculiar took the lamb bone in his paws and proceeded to rip the meat off of it quite determinedly with his powerful jaws.

Georgia was somewhat taken aback by the ferociousness with which the stray attacked the meat, but in a way she found it sort of fascinating. The dog appeared to be more wolf than canine, and that's the way she found herself thinking of him -- Wolf. When his eyes glanced up at her momentarily, she was quiet stunned by the intensity of their gaze. They seemed to bore right through her. An involuntary shiver passed through her exquisitely formed flesh and something flashed a message in her mind: This dog has the eyes of a dangerous man.

Not dangerous in the sense of a physical threat, but dangerous sexually. Georgia shivered again and turned around sharply, returning up the stairs into the kitchen.

She closed the screen door and the back door thoughtfully behind her, and then peered back through the curtain at her big, powerful canine guest to where he was crunching the lamb bone in his wicked-looking teeth. His strange dark eyes seemed to glare at her, and after the recent frustration she had suffered in her marriage bed, this sort of weird carnal stimulation worked on her loins like a tonic.

She felt trembly as a school girl going through her first wild flirtation. But that was ridiculous! "Morning, Mom!" Georgia started as her platinum-tressed daughter suddenly appeared to plant a warm wet kiss on her cheek. She touched Karen slightly and blinked.

Their pretty thirteen year old was as fresh as ever. Karen was one of those girls who always appeared clean and scrubbed in every situation. Part of this could be ascribed to her natural platinum blonde hair, which hung all the way down her back with the consistency of fine wire.

Georgia and Howard had never been able to figure out where it came from, as no one in either of their families was blonde, although there was a tinge of Norwegian blood on Georgia's side. North Norwegian, where platinum blondes were supposed to abound.

Karen also dressed very neatly, too, changing frequently, truly one of those children a parent never had to worry might go hippy. She had been a perfect baby, and ever since then a perfect little lady. And now she had every appearance of becoming a perfect teenager. In the last year she had suddenly sprouted up quite tall for her age, and developed small but well-rounded breasts.

Indeed Karen was perfectly proportioned in every way for a girl her age, and then some, with enticing young breasts, a tiny waist and flat, flat tummy, and long sleek slender -- but well-turned -- legs which seemed to retain their tan longer than most girls' did. Added to this was her long Jean Harlow-like hair but a prettier oval face than Harlow had ever aspired to, with pert little upturned nose, bright blue eyes, and a small but sultry mouth.

Yes, their little girl was a real princess. "Morning, dear. Will you watch the bacon while I do the eggs?" "Sure!" Karen went gaily to work with a real enthusiasm, as she did everything. Georgia sighed with parental satisfaction, watching her. Every parent should be so lucky. With a fine helper like Karen, one was never at a loss. Nor was there ever any trouble with boys, either. Curvy cougar loves pussy licking with teen the fact that Karen was developing faster than most girls her age, she did not seem to be preoccupied with boys the way most prematurely developed girls were, but seemed to take everything sweetly in her stride.

So much so that occasionally Georgia found herself wondering if Karen thought about sex at all, and if so in what way. They had discussed it briefly, and Georgia knew that her daughter knew where babies came from. But at this pubescent age, girls' ideas about sex changed so rapidly, and they learned to become secretive about their real thoughts -- Georgia could remember from her own school days -- and, it was difficult to tell what they were thinking, if anything at all.

But she had to be thinking something about sex. It would be abnormal, at her age, and given her development, if she weren't. Just then Karen glanced out the kitchen window and noticed the dog on the patio, munching on the bone from the lamb roast of two days previous. "Oh, mother," she exclaimed, "whose dog is that?" Georgia winced and smiled just a trace self-consciously.

"Oh, just a stray. He came scratching up at the door and I gave him a bone and a bowl of milk. Scruffy looking thing, isn't he? It was the only way I could get rid of him." Karen continued standing at the back door, studying the large shaggy brute. "Oh, but he is a big dog, isn't he, mother? He looks positively dangerous." An involuntary shiver broke through her pubescent young flesh.

She had never seen an animal of such majestic proportions -- or one so dirty, wandering the streets on the loose. Once when she was younger -- or perhaps several times -- the family had been to the Lincoln Park Zoo, and seen the timber wolves kept caged up there. But this animal could put any of them to shame.

He had a large, leonine head with dangerous, evil-looking eyes and devilish pointy ears that rose up very high and peaked above his massive skull.

His body, even where he lay on the colored concrete, could be seen to be thickly muscle and powerful. His teeth, as he ripped the lamb flesh from its bone, were patently those of a trained and vicious watchdog, and Karen could not repress a small ripple of excitement as she watched him. A dog like that looked so brutish and untamable it was difficult to imagine him ever wearing a collar.

He was at once malevolent and yet attractive like a dangerous and powerful man. "Come on, dear," Georgia said just a trace more peevishly than she realized. "You've got to help me with breakfast. Your father will be down any minute." Karen smiled silkenly to herself. There was something very masculine about the big brute in their yard. It wouldn't have been possible for him to have been a female. Having so recently become a full-blown physically matured female herself, the attraction was instantaneous.

Not that she would ever have dreamed of consummating her vaguely aroused interest, of course. Her mind could scarcely have conceived of sex between a dog and a human girl, indeed she had the utmost difficulty imagining it between herself and a human boy!

But nonetheless she could feel the magnetic pull between her eyes and those of the beast working so malevolently over his lamb bone. That was instinct. It did not require translation into physical action, only the understanding that it, the magnetism, existed.

She knew instinctively that she would have loved to have an imperial animal like that around all the time, psychologically; sex didn't enter into it.

"Boy, he's a big dog, isn't he, mother?" she said, leaving the window. "Are we going to keep him? He looks like a good watchdog." "Yes, and there'll probably be a reward out for him in the newspaper, too. You can't just pick up dogs like that, Karen. They belong to people somewhere." Karen sniffed haughtily. "It certainly doesn't look as if the people he belonged to cared for him much, though. He's just filthy. We really should clean him up a bit." "We'll see.

Now, hurry. Your father's coming." Howard Rogers did show up several moments later, picking up his paper from the sideboard in the dining room and stepping silently into the kitchen. He took his usual chair at the kitchen table, ruffling his newspaper with appropriate seriousness. Karen came around and gave me a hug and a peck on the cheek, but he struggled to appear indifferent and concentrated on his newspaper.

In actual fact, however, his penis jerked in his pants and the tiniest spot of cum oozed from the small slit in the top when he caught the scent of his young daughter's loins and felt her peach-soft cheeks rub against his recently shaved jaw. He sat there, trying stacked bombshell rides on a big shaft brunette big tits the while to appear casual, but his cock starting to swell and the tiny wet circle darkening his trousers made him decidedly uncomfortable.

He didn't want to be too obvious, however, and struggled with all his will power not to shift in his seat. But how was he to keep from glancing occasionally at his breathtaking young daughter's ripely developing breasts where they bounced from beneath the snug white sweater she wore?

She had the body of a goddess and as much as he tried not to, he found himself thinking more and more lately about fucking her during nights when he was fucking his equally beautiful wife. All that wealth of platinum blonde hair was something no man could resist thinking about. And now she was developing the body to match it. A girl of such pulchritude mixed with purity and virginity was every man's most earnest wet dream come true in the living flesh.

He would have been a fool or a fox to pretend otherwise to himself . even if she was his own daughter. "More coffee, dear?" Georgia asked sweetly as she poured. "Mmmmmmmrrph." Karen looked up at her father from under her long dark lashes.

He was certainly an attractive man, she thought. She certainly hoped that some day she would fall in love and marry someone as nice as her father. Anyone like him would have to be all right. And it would be even better if the youth was hung like her father, too. For while she was a decent and well-brought-up girl, the fact remained that several times while she was growing up she had glimpsed her father's genitals and the sight had remained imprinted in her mind with a force all its own.

She knew from vague things she had heard among other girls at school and elsewhere that large organs in a man were supposed to make him sexually exciting for a girl. Indeed, she had even caught herself teenfidelity elena koshka squirts on hard cock at night occasionally of what she had glimpsed on those rare occasions when she had caught sight of her father's penis, rather thick and hanging down between his legs like a large, dangerous sword as he lathered himself to shave in the bathroom, or casually entered the bathtub.

And then, of course, she couldn't help but wonder. . There was a soft mewling from outside the back door, and Karen abruptly remembered the big German shepherd her mother had given the food to. Corresponding with her vaguely illicit thoughts regarding her father, she found herself then wondering about this dog as well. Just how were dogs "hung" anyway?

So far as she had ever noticed, they didn't seem to have their penises hanging around loose the way men did.

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Surely they couldn't have very much, then, the way it was all so hidden. There was the mewling and scratching again. "Now, what the hell is that?" Howard asked crossly, banging down his newspaper. Georgia got up and went to the back door.

"Oh, it's just an old dog that came to the door, dear. I gave him something to eat." She opened the two doors and looked down at the husky, panting animal. My, she thought, he is a brute, isn't he?

"Looks like he's still hungry, mother," said Karen. "I'll take care of it, dear." Georgia went back to the refrigerator and unhesitatingly took out the pound of ground meat she had been saving for lunch, putting it on a nice plate for their handsome shaggy guest. In the meantime Howard got up grumpily, finished off the last of his coffee and went into the hall to get his jacket.

"I'll probably be home late tonight," he called back to them. Georgia didn't appear to notice. She was busily opening the back door in order to set out the plate for their unkempt visitor. The rough- looking German shepherd glanced up at her, then quickly set to wolfing down the meat. Karen got up to see her father to the front door, however. She followed him all the way, and then threw her arms around his neck as he opened the door, murmuring, "Oh, daddy, have a nice day." It was a fairly safe thrill to press her young full body against his in this way, as her mother couldn't see them.

And even Howard let down his guard long enough to close his eyes and run his hands achingly across his teenage daughter's back. He could smell her deliciously fresh scent of youth, and feel all of her voluptuous long-legged slenderness pressing every other point on his body at once. She was warm silken cushions of sensuality and loveliness. Her curves were so warm and full in all the right areas .

his head fairly swam and his cock began throbbing mightily. And it was all so harmless. Only he himself knew, and Georgia couldn't see them. Karen, of course, was too innocent to realize how she affected him. Or so he thought. Not realizing at all that his daughter understood very well what that hard, hot bulge was pressing upward between the snug juncture of her virginal thighs. She rubbed her pubic triangle shamelessly against his thigh, feeling herself becoming deliciously turned on from the massive feel of his leg frictioning her cuntal region.

She hugged him more snugly, and kissed his soft cheek again, more wetly now, partly with a sigh . Until finally he summoned up the strength to push her away from him, his penis pounding in his pants like a keg of gunpowder under an infrared lamp. For a long moment father and daughter merely stood there staring at each other, unable to say anything, her eyes smokey and veiled.

And then he whirled on his heel and pushed open the front door. In another moment he was down the steps and opening the door to their metallic bronze Cadillac. Karen returned to the kitchen with her thoughts and loins in a turmoil. She had never come so sexually close to her father before. In that sudden moment of his departure before the front door, the pretty blonde thirteen year old seemed to have stepped up a step into an awkwardly different sort of world.

Her burning young pussy was itching terribly around the desire-swollen lips, and she playgirl gives a ride gets creamed girlfriend hardcore an intense urge to rub it with her middle finger till her belly exploded in fire.

She moved her hips up and back as if to facilitate some sort of release against the flimsy nylon material of her panties, but this was no good. Finally, flipping her long platinum hair back over her shoulder, she sat down at the kitchen table and wagged her long tanned legs back and forth. This seemed to help a little bit, but not much. "Your father go?" Georgia asked from the back door, where she was running her fingers through the thick fur at the base of the strange dog's neck.

"Y-Yes, mother. Father's gone," she smiled prettily at her red-haired mother. "What shall we call him?" "Call who, dear?" "The dog, of course." Karen could feel the innervating sensuality her father had aroused slowly subside as she struggled to change the subject. Now there was just the vaguest warm wet feeling between her legs.

And on the back steps, Georgia felt suddenly silly standing there clucking and cooing over a mangy honey from street gets fucked hardcore blowjob dog. But he was kind of cute, the way he pressed his head up against her legs -- it felt so nice and cozy, somehow, all that cool, sleek fur.

Occasionally he glanced up at her with those beautiful soft eyes of his and she got the most pleasant sensualizing shock from it. She didn't know quite what to make of him at all, but the fact that she and Howard hadn't had a really good fuck in a dog's age had something to do with it, she supposed. What a curious phrase to think of: Dog's age . "Well, I don't know," she said, "no doubt someone will be along to claim him after a bit ." "Or he might just run off and leave us.

But what about in the meantime, mother? What should we call him in the meantime?" "In the meantime?" Georgia looked down thoughtfully at the husky dog, which was so expertly wolfing down the hamburger she had set before him. Somehow a dog like this didn't seem suited to any name.

He was more a beast of the wild, like a beast of the wild, like a wolf . That was it -- they would call him that! She looked at her fresh-faced young daughter. "Why don't we just call him Wolf?" Georgia grinned at Karen sheepishly. "He seems to have a wolfish-type personality, don't you think?" "Wolf!" Karen clapped her hands.

"Why, that's grand, mother! How ever did you think of it? It suits him to a T! I don't think I've ever heard of a dog named that before! Have you?" "Why-uh, no ." Georgia looked down at the dog, which had by now glommed practically all of the hamburger and was again looking up at her with story jilbab hot java hihi strange eyes, so big and brown, like enormous dark pools filled with weird almost-human knowledge.

Occasionally his fur brushed against her leg and she felt the most evanescent tremor of unexplainable excitement ripple through her overheated and frustrated loins. She clutched her housecoat snugly around her tall, full-blown body. She had inadvertently set the plate down right on the top step to the kitchen door, and now couldn't close the door until the dog was finished eating, because his big muscular body was in the way. It was somewhat cool with the door open this way, and she could feel goose- pimples sprouting all over her shivering longish legs.

The strangest feeling seemed to be crawling up her soft smooth flesh in the direction of her loins. Trying to break out of her curious mood, she looked over at her thirteen year old daughter, saying as sharply as she could, "Look here, young lady, aren't you supposed to be getting ready for school?" "Yes, ma'am," Karen looked down, and then swelled with pride as she noticed all over again the way her budding breasts pushed out the front of her tight white sweater.

She had of late become so proud of her breasts that she incessantly tried to display them in every way possible, perhaps hoping secretly that some naughty boy would find a way to take advantage of her. But now she just tried to look humble under her mother's scolding. "Well, then, let's get going. We can discuss our guest later -- if he's still around. When you come home from school. In the meantime, young lady, a julia de lucia in a rough threesome deepthroat double anal penetration cim of breakfast is in order, I'd say." After Karen left for school, Georgia was at last able to relax with a sigh and a cigarette on the four-seater couch in the living room.

Her housecoat full open to reveal her long, milky smooth legs all the way up to the fluffy red curls growing around the soft furrow between her thighs. She could afford this state of abandon now that everyone was gone. Ordinarily Howard liked her to luxure education of married women demurely and conservatively about the house, and, of course, she always tried to be a lady around her daughter.

It was only when she was alone that she could really let her hair down and relax. When she was alone. And she was increasingly that as Howard became more and more involved in the vicious exposes that were being printed about the way his company had handled that west bank land deal. He spent long hours at the office now, and when he came home he seemed to have small interest in sexual entertainment. She had always been a virtuous wife, but she was still, after all, a female, and she had gotten used to the lustful feel of a hotly throbbing penis sunk deep inside her hungry vagina from time to time.

At Georgia's age, if Masters and Johnson were right, a woman was just coming into her most sensual period. A period when some of the former taboos inculcated by her parents had been dissolved, and when she had learned viscerally the value of a hard male member being driven upward into her churning belly. With age, a woman took taboos less seriously, although, of course, she continued to consider the threat of exposure and the need for discretion.

One did not destroy a family -- which was, after all, a business built up over a lifetime -- merely for the sake of some fleeting sexual satisfaction and its attendant relaxation.

On the other hand, if she had wanted to have an affair she wouldn't have known where to begin. Oh, numerous of Howard's "friends" had made the usual overtures, but there was still nonetheless the omnipresent problem of discretion. She wouldn't have undercut her life with Howard for anything.

Theirs had been a childhood romance which had blossomed to fruition through high school and junior college. She genuinely loved Howard, and she would always love him, even if they never had sex again. Still, there was this terrible need which seemed to be eating her pussy alive. The tormented young redhead stubbed out the cigarette and gazed with drooping, dreamy eyelids toward the kitchen, wondering idly if the visiting dog were still there.

Dogs, she thought. Now, dogs didn't have any such problems. They took sex as they felt like it, without incurring any social problems. They didn't mate for life, the way people did.

Georgia found herself wondering how that strange dog made out with his sex life, being so obviously on the loose, and probably on the run as well.

Was it easy for him to meet accommodating female dogs in his wanderings? And why, come to think of it, did she continue referring to "it" as a male? For all she knew, the dog might be female. She hadn't really glimpsed any sex equipment. Not that she was quite sure what to look for. She had seen a few dogs fornicating in public parks and other places in her life, but had never paid much attention.

And as for dogs at rest, well, she supposed that the ones with pointy little furry protrusions under their bellies were male. Otherwise she couldn't remember much of anything. But now her latent curiosity was aroused. It might pass an otherwise dull day to find out just what the dog sex situation was for sure, and Karen had suggested that she give the dog a bath, hadn't she?

Or had Georgia thought of that originally by herself? Now she wasn't quite sure. Like most people, male or female, Georgia had a natural lurid curiosity which she would be happy to satisfy if she weren't caught at it, a totally natural and deep-seated interest in all things obscene -- just because they were forbidden.

And now she was alone in the house, with the rest of the family not due back for many hours, and that strange, powerful-looking animal waiting out back. Waiting for her? Because she had fed him, of course. Probably waiting for more food. Well, there was no harm in that. That was acting from the standpoint of normal self-interest. But she would definitely have to do something about cleaning up the filthy animal.

She had promised that she would -- although it didn't occur to her to question just who she had made this promise to. Her dark eyes blinked prettily as she stubbed out another cigarette and got up, drawing her housecoat tightly about her voluptuous form. Yes, she would take him upstairs and give the poor beast a bath.

That would be the best way she could think of to pass the morning. And it would give her something to do as she continued to try to think out her problems with her husband. Chapter 2 It hadn't always been like this. Far from it, in fact, when they were courting, first in high school and then in college, Howard had been as ardent a swain as any girl could ask for. It had really taken all her willpower to retain her virginity until they were married. All those years of struggling, of fighting him off, in order to preserve her honor.

It was far from easy, being so hopelessly in love with Howard as she had been. Georgia could remember their first struggle very clearly still. It was their second date and Howard had taken her to the Max Straus Social Center on Wilson Avenue. He was driving his father's four-door black Oldsmobile at the time. (Why did the Rogers always buy black Oldsmobiles?) After the usual socializing and propriety, he had taken her up a quiet lane on Albany Street and parked in an empty lot that was completely surrounded by tall trees.

She had been crazy about Howard from the very first. For one thing he was on the school football team and was known to be very strong and tough. And he was so good looking, and such a sharp dresser, too, with his white letter sweaters and colorful ties. So she hadn't minded a bit when he took her into his arms, there in the front seat of the Olds.

She was fifteen and he was almost seventeen, and he really turned her on. Before then she hadn't even been excited by kissing. But when she felt Howard's thrusting male hardness straining to break through his Levi's where it pressed against her bare thigh, a flood of emotions was unleashed in her totally unlike anything she had ever felt before.

She didn't think of protesting at first. Howard was kissing her as no decent boy ever had before, with his tongue sliding all the way into her mouth and filling it up, lapping at her tongue nice kitten is opening up spread pussy in closeup and having orgasm probing at her teeth. And she found it delicious, like nothing she had ever done before, and the sensual little thrills he was causing were burning a lewd path right down into her belly.

Eventually she was licking him back, their mouths glued wetly together and their tongues thrusting in a passionate semblance of intercourse. And with his enormous, powerfully throbbing penis pressing so heatedly against her leg, she was quite taken away. Up till then she had heard vaguely of what a man's penis must be like, but she had formed no exact picture in her mind of its power and dominating force.

She had only heard that when a man puts his penis inside a girl, it was supposed to feel good. But this -- this was heaven! Just feeling its pressure against her softly yielding young flesh was enough to give her the bends. She wouldn't have broken off that kiss for the world. If only Howard hadn't abruptly slid his fingers up through the naked smoothness of her parted thighs. "Howar-mmuurrff ." She had struggled then to break off their soul kiss as one of his fingers insinuated itself slowly but insistently underneath the modestly damp elastic crotch-band of her panties in order to tickle into her desire-moistened pubic curls and finally move between the swollen outer lips of her burning young cunt.

How surprised she had been to find that she was wet down there, just from Howard's kissing! She had never even masturbated before, and had always regarded herself as a decent girl within the context of those times, and then to discover that a little kissing from an expert like Howard Rogers could make her pussy flow like a river swollen by spring rains!

"Howard -- please! Let me go!" She had finally managed to break from his mouth and tried to push his shoulders back with her hands. Not that that helped matters much. For his finger was still arcing and delving inside the warmly seeping confines of her cuntal lips, and her belly felt as if it were swarming with bees.

"You seem to be getting all juicy down there, Georgia," he said with just the slightest adolescent smirk of over-confidence, his finger continuing to circle around obscenely up between her trembling thighs. In moral panic, the red haired virgin tried to grip her boy friend's wrist to try to draw his hand away from there, but it felt so heavenly she wanted to swoon, and her grasp was very weak against his determined and muscular assault. "Pleeeeaaassse no, Howie . oh .

what. . what are you doing to me ." she wailed piteously. "Just doing what you want me to, girl," he said worming his middle finger around over the sensitive bud of her clitoris until she thought she was dying, it felt so fantastic.

Her thighs seemed to part despite her best intentions, and then his single thick finger was sliding effortlessly in and out of her virginal cunt, on that swollen river of liquid fire that seemed to have come out of nowhere. She was mystified and alarmed at the way her body was betraying her.

With his middle finger plunged all the way into her cunt and wiggling around inside it, the knuckles of his other fingers all smashed her passion-soaked pubic hair in a wild friction of lust back against her pulsating clitoris, and she knew a level of delight that completely transcended any sensation she had ever dreamed existed.

If this was sex, it was the most wonderful thing in the world! She wanted more of it, more of it, not less! But the fifteen year old girl's head was still in the First Episcopalian Church of Glencoe, and it was telling her body furiously - - You wretch! If you enjoy this, you're committing a sin! It's sinful to have anything to do with sex without being married!

And this seemed to galvanize her fading resolve to have one last try at protecting her moral virtue. "But-but," she said through chattering, lust-ridden teeth, "you'll r-ruin m-me, Howie . it's-it's not right! Stop!" Mystified by this renewed protest, the young football player suddenly slid his finger down and out of her gasping hot pussy, the walls of which seemed to clasp desperately after it until finally the complete and aching separation was made.

"Gosh, Georgia, you're really serious, aren't you?" he said, bewildered. In that terrible moment her loins wanted his finger back inside of her more than anything in the whole world. Her lower belly felt as if it were doing somersaults. If he hadn't taken his finger out when he did, she wouldn't unfathomable penetration in brazilian slit hardcore blowjob been able to find the strength to protest again.

She would merely have rationalized ecstatically that she had done all she could, and that, therefore, in the eyes of God it would be no blemish on her honor if Howie continued and finished the job of raping her with his thick middle finger. But no, it was not to be. Howard actually took her seriously at last and gave her clinging moist loins the respite they no longer desired. She closed her thighs tightly together and began weeping softly. "Wow, Georgia," he said, stroking her arm and trying to comfort her.

"Hey, hey, calm down. Are you . you're not really . a virgin . are you?" "Yes, I am!" "Hey, I'm sorry, baby, I really am. I didn't realize." He automatically held her close as she sobbed her heart out.

She wasn't quite sure why she was crying -- perhaps it was because he had taken his finger out. Anyway, it seemed the proper and well-brought up thing to do, although, in actual fact, she felt no pain anywhere, or any shame either. It was very nice being comforted by Howard, though.

Georgia's voluptuously firm full breasts heaved and quivered as they pressed into her boy friend's hard muscular chest. His hands stroked her shivering back as if he were gentling a startled mare, his face pressed against hers so that his nose was buried in all that warmly scented long red hair of hers. "Oh--I think I'm falling in love with you, Georgia," he said, feeling his penis expand madly and protest till it hurt against the tight confines of his pants.

"I know," she whispered between sobs. "I-I can feel it, too." And, indeed, she had become stuck on him in that instant, and, afterwards, never had eyes for anyone else. Even though he did nothing more with her that evening and controlled his flaming testicles like a saint until she knew -- gleefully almost, because it was, after all, a compliment -- that he must be in terrible pain. That evening he kissed her good-night at the door very demurely and stroked her soft face, promising to phone her again soon.

She clutched him desperately, wondering if he really meant it? Or had he lost his respect for her, now that he had his finger in her cunt?

Or maybe he'd never call her again because she hadn't let him go all the way. Oh God, she was damned if she did and damned if she didn't.

"Yes," he reassured her with great tenderness, lightly touching her soft warm hair. "It's all right between us, Georgia, because we love each other. You'll see." Georgia's female instinct hadn't believed a word of it . boys really had to say things like that, didn't they? It didn't matter if you never heard from the guy again, the important thing was that he had claimed to respect you at the time.

Then both sides were absolved of all guilt and could rationalize away the entire incident. Georgia understood all these things with the feminine instinct ingrained in her very bones like a radioactive isotope.

She needed no instruction in sexual psychology. She had been forged in the furnace of evolution . but it certainly didn't make this "first time" good-night any easier on either of them, for Georgia very definitely wanted to be seeing more of this Howard Rogers.

And, luckily, she did. In the weeks, months and years to come, both knowingly and unknowingly, she teased Howard almost to the breaking point. And little by little their passion did escalate somewhat. She permitted him to feel her full, firmly set breasts, but only from outside her sweater. This served a dual purpose -- whetting her eager boy friend's appetite for what he would be getting after marriage, and also providing for the most enjoyable fondling caresses which made the sparks to her loins fly so hot and fast she nearly came in her panties every time he did it.

Georgia's breasts were so high-set and proudly rounded and had never been touched this way by anyone else. The inexperienced young teenager could barely repress her moans of rapture as he roughly squeezed and stroked her breasts, but she never again let him put his hand up between her legs and always went out with some sort of protection stuffed up inside.

This acted to absorb some of her lascivious cuntal seepage during their heavy petting sessions, but really did not prevent her thighs from becoming moist. As time went on she additionally permitted Howard to masturbate in the front seat, his one hand jerking lewdly on the lust-thickened length of his penis while his other hand played with her breasts like this. And then she would hold him and caress him and whisper sweet endearments while he panted out his release.

But, somehow, willy-nilly, she still managed to put him off until he was well into his second year of college before, subtly afraid that she was losing him to some blonde sorority beauty, she got him to "force" her to agree to elope. After that they never looked back. Howard was a most son fuk mom quick before him dad come home lover in the early years of their marriage, although he did occasionally have a nasty habit of suggesting obscene things -- such as that she should take his penis into her mouth, which, of course, she would never do.

Georgia did not regard herself as a prude in this respect. She enjoyed normal sex and had orgasms quite often. They were usually pleasant hot babes gets slammed in hardcore fashion affairs, but quite adequate to relax her.

She regarded normal sex -- that is, intercourse committed in "missionary position" -- as a right of married couples -- nay, almost as a duty.

And, anyway, it was the most comfortable position for her. As for the "perversions," like fellatio and cunnilingus, she could dismiss them as unnatural.

After all, they couldn't produce children, could they? And really she found even the thought of them disgusting. And so it was that when, for some reason, Howard ceased making love to her recently, she had little notion for anything else.

Indeed, she would have been offended if he had tried to satisfy her with his tongue or in any other way. For that would have been unnatural. This was all part of what ran through the frustrated housewife's mind as she went to look for their German shepherd visitor.

"Wolf! Oh Wolf!" she called, not reflecting that her furry guest would have no way of knowing the name she had selected for him. "Oh Wolf!" She pushed open the back door, and then the screen door, and her heart jumped.

He was nowhere in sight! "Wolf! Wolf!!" Where was that interesting vagabond, anyway? She was out on the colored blocks of the patio now, and the fresh morning air was cold on her ankles. She hadn't realized how much she was looking forward to the dog's company until suddenly he was no longer there, and her heart raced in a way that she would have thought obscene if she were looking around for a human male. "Wolf! Oh, there you are." The rough looking animal inclined its head and looked at her pleasantly from his sleepy corner around the side of the house, his face almost in a smile.

He had been waiting for the nice lady who had been so good and who smelled so exciting to him. Now he was settled down in a sphinx- like position over the bare lamb bone, which he had been gnawing comfortably as he daydreamed about the soft white body he had glimpsed the times her housecoat ballooned outward.

"It's time for your bath, Wolf," Georgia said, looking down at him. This was awkward. She wanted to give him a bath, but, at the same time he was still a strange dog, and there was never any telling how he might behave if she forcibly tried to get him up and into the house. So she merely wrung her hands together, adding more coquettishly than she knew, "Are you sure you wouldn't like to come into the house for a nice bath?" Surprisingly, these were words that "Wolf" understood.

He had heard them often enough before from other pleasant, well-meaning ladies. He abruptly got up on his feet and moved past her to the back door, where he stood wagging j his tail and panting, looking back at his red haired benefactress to open it for him.

"Well, you are clever, aren't you?" said Georgia, pleasantly surprised. Wolf barked. It was the first time he had done so, and Georgia did not find it all unpleasant.

Smiling, she followed him back to the kitchen door and held both doors open for him as he scampered inside. Then he let her go ahead of him up the stairs to the second floor. Georgia could not repress a sharp twinge of excitement as she made her way to the bathroom with the furry German shepherd right behind her and occasionally brushing against her naked legs. The feel of his rough fur along her silk-smooth skin sent sensual shivers all the way up her soft inner thighs and into the redly crinkled outskirts of her love-starved pussy.

She felt faintly confused by this curious sensation and her subsequent reaction, but still was not prepared at the conscious level to admit to herself that she found this wild and strange animal erotically intoxicating.

"Well, here we are, handsome," she said as they entered the bathroom. And then, because she always did this, it seemed the natural thing for her to drop her housecoat from her lovely body, revealing her sleekly proportioned flesh in all of its Junoesque desirability. Wolf's big brown eyes fairly flared at this exotic and spell-binding presentation of feminine loveliness. Unhindered now, the heady scent of her hungering pussy wafted clearly to him and made his loins pulse with an answering desire.

Georgia turned, feeling her cheeks flush hotly as she realized that blonde hot babe sex on boat burning hot eyes were upon her as she stood there naked. She glanced instinctively into the cabinet mirror, and then looked away. There was certainly no harm in disrobing before this animal, was there? She looked at her firm highly-set breasts.

No, of course not. After all, it was not as if it were a man she was alone with, was it? Laughing nervously, the redheaded housewife bent down and gave Wolf a light fondling around his snout. "You devil," she giggled. "You've got eyes that get right up between a woman's legs, and you know it, don't you?" Wolf gave a muffled whine and licked her hand.

Georgia really liked the dog now, and, after all, any admirer was better than none. Feeling like Venus as she appraised her own voluptuous body in the surrounding mirrors, she realized that even Howard hadn't looked at her supple, curvaceous flesh like that in a dog's age. Was that fair? Smiling seductively at herself, she shook out her long, glowing red hair. Then she turned away from Wolf towards the bathtub, presenting to him the juicy rounds of her buttocks, which joggled tantalizingly before his longing eyes as she moved back the shower curtain and then bent over in order to turn on the faucets.

From this position Wolf could make out just the barest wisps of her pubic hair poking back between her quivering thighs to the juncture of her smoothly formed ass-cheeks, and he snorted hotly in familiar anticipation.

Georgia meanwhile had cut off the drain and found a suitable temperature for the water. She moved it around with her hands to be sure it wouldn't be too hot or too cold for the nice doggy, who had strayed to her door.

And in that moment of complete and vulnerable exposure, with her naked buttocks jutting lewdly back toward Wolf's face, the young wife had an experience that would have been predictable for a worldly woman of wider sexual experience, but which for Georgia Rogers constituted perhaps the most shattering physical adventure she had ever had -- or thought about -- in her entire life.

For, in that moment suspended between time and space, poised with all of her lusciously tempting nakedness undulating in sexual promise over the bath, she suddenly felt the hot, swiping lick of a long animal tongue moving wetly from an artful point just below her curl-fringed pussy lips, stroking ardently through her quiescent cuntal furrow, and up sharply through the cleft in her buttocks to flick and poke expertly at her virginal little anus!

Chapter 3 "Aaaarrrggghhh!" Later Georgia was never quite sure where her groan had come from. Certainly there had been no indication preceding it that her loins would convulse so heatedly under that initial lengthy stroke of Wolfs hot wet tongue.

One moment it seemed to her that her pussy was quietly somnolent, the beauty girl put vibe in pussy live cams wecamnet it seethed like a hive of bees. And all because of a . a German shepherd, a dog she'd never seen before that morning! Before she could get a foxy teens screw the biggest strap ons and spray ejaculate everywhere monstercock squirting on herself, the brutish animal repeated his lewd act, this time curling his tongue like a scroll and pushing it obscenely up through the hair-lined lips of her burning hot vagina.

Georgia held on to the edge of the bathtub for dear life. This was not even remotely similar to anything else sexual she'd ever experienced. Previously it had always taken a bit of time and affection for her to get worked up for her pussy to start to flow.

But Wolf's sudden action worked on her just as if she had let out this obscene groan of lascivious delight which came from she knew not where. "Wolf -- no! Good doggy!" Without a thought as to whether the dog would bite, she reached in back of her and tried to push his snout away. But the feel of his cold wet muzzle in her fingers and between her buttocks was a second sensation so electrically erotic and stimulating that it could not be born for longer than a single instant.

And, in that instant, the single-minded stray continued his depraved behavior with another hot, wet swiping lap up through her torrid cuntal cleft to flick up maddeningly like a leather whip at her sensitive nether entrance. A fierce and primitive groan of sensuality escaped Georgia's parted lips once more, but, by now, she had also begun mumbling various incoherent prayers in her head, trying to distract herself. In a small way this seemed to work, and she managed miraculously to work up the strength from her tortured limbs to push herself up from the bath.

This also tended to force the dog's snout somewhat more snugly between her cleft moon buttocks, and the threat of attack at her anus set off another furious thrill deep in her loins and immediate feelings of self-recrimination and guilt. "Get away -- oh God, Wolf, get away! Can't you see what you're doing to me, you crazy dog!

Get away! I beg you!" Her limbs felt so weak and helpless she couldn't believe it. It was as if she had become almost paralyzed with some illness in her muscles.

But her imprecations to the dog seemed to have done some good, for the powerful animal now took her seriously and backed off across the bathroom tiles away from her. Indeed, Wolf was well-trained enough to know when a human really meant her protests, and when she didn't.

When he sensed that his beautiful new redheaded mistress actually was serious about wanting a respite, he backed off immediately. He had learned through long experience as well that it was not wise to force the issue with a female who was not quite ready. A smart dog and well able to play the waiting game, he sat down on his haunches in one corner of the bathroom and stared at her with his muzzle resting on his paws and his big dark eyes brooding and thoughtful. He would wait for her.

Forever, if need be. Visibly shaken, Georgia managed to straighten up and find her way to a standing position. She steadied herself as best she could with one hand on the tub, then sat down on its edge until she could get her breath. She would have sat down on the toilet seat, across the way, but her muscles had turned to jelly, and she was huffing and puffing and her heart pounding as if she'd just run the three-minute mile.

"So -- you . so that's what you . you do . shame ." It seemed like years before the thousand vibrating pieces her loins had divided into finally came back together again, and even then they continued to jump for some time before she could get to her feet again.

Still intent on giving her new charge a bath, she staggered over to the sink to get a brush, rubbing her thighs tightly together in an attempt to kill some of the terrible pressure that was building between her shivering hot legs. "You -- you naughty dog," she said, only mildly cross and really less cross that she thought she should be, shaking the brush at him.

"You must never do that to mama again. That's bad, don't you know that?" Wolf cringed down on the tile and looked up at her with woeful eyes. He wanted to please his new mistress, and couldn't understand her sudden burst of anger -- she had smelled so ready for him. What was the matter? Georgia glanced at herself in the mirror.

Her face had gone completely crimson and she was surprised to see that her nipples had tautened visibly. If that was the effect of a little playful show of affection by a charming dog like this one, then Howard had definitely left her alone one night too long! Surely the dog had meant nothing sexual by it -- dogs always licked people when they were happy.

If she hadn't been in such an unusual position he might have licked her face, or her hand. It was natural for him to be so demonstrative. But not so natural for her to be blushing so hotly and aroused to the extent that her loins felt as if they were filled with honey. She had to get boy seduces awesome chick for fuck hardcore and blowjob grip on herself. "Come here," she said imperiously to the dog, pointing at the floor in front of her.

Wolf got up obediently and went over to her, standing at attention with his tongue panting out. Then he was thrilled anew as his beautiful mistress got down on her knees, her milk-white breasts ballooning nakedly against his furry body as she began brushing out his snarled and filthy coat.

Georgia could not keep back a shiver of excitement as the erotically stiffened tips of her breasts brushed back and forth over Wolf's shaggy, unkept body, his fur tickling titillatingly at the already sensitively puckered little nerve buds. Her breasts had always been unusually tender and the feel of his muscular canine body against her smooth, sleek white flesh was totally unlike anything the yearning redhead had ever experienced before.

She couldn't label it either. It was not obscene -- and yet it was. It was warmth and affection and understanding and love, and all the thousand and one cozy things that dogs and humans find together, and yet it was more than mature husband porn hot mom seducing a young boy with her tight body she receives a great fucking an. And she liked the feel.

Why hadn't they ever had a dog? "Is that better?" she crooned, her nostrils flaring without her certain knowledge, the outer well of her vagina becoming quietly flooded with moisture as it poised in readiness for some obscure, unnamable thing. She ran the brush through Wolf's rough coat, straightening out the snarls and making it smooth and sleek again, as it should be. Of course, he hadn't known what he was doing.

He was just a dumb animal. He couldn't have any idea what his licking of her responsive pussy flesh had done to her. After all, he wasn't a man. Not that she had ever permitted her husband to do anything so filthy. Oh sure, though, Howard had tried, but she'd always been able to talk him out of it. But if such a thing could be so wildly stirring, could it be that it was she who was wrong, to have to put him off?

She was getting all mixed up. But this was all harmless. If she was aroused, it was merely for Howard. Tonight she would have to insist that he make love to her and quell her raging need. Women had their rights nowadays, too. It was no longer just the man who was entitled to an orgasm. Well, whether he was upset about work or not, it had to be tonight! "There, is that better?" she asked as she finished giving Wolf's coat its first set of strokes, swinging her long red hair back over her shoulder.

Only to have Wolf answer by abruptly turning his head and darting out his long thick tongue to wash wetly and intoxicatingly across her startled open mouth. "Why --!" But before she could finish, his tongue had artfully inserted itself between her lush red lips and he was French kissing her, stuffing that long wet tongue all the way into her mouth, licking at her even white teeth and all around the sides of her gasping mouth.

She tried to fend him off by gripping the shaggy fur around his neck, but instead found herself responding in a way that was wholly unexpected. His kiss was so like Howard's -- except for the size of his tongue, which of course, was much bigger -- that she couldn't seem to keep herself from kissing him back.

She sucked on his tongue luxuriously, and licked it all over with instinctive adoration of its dominating maleness. And instead of pulling away, her softly mounded breasts pressed themselves snug into the warmth of his fur, and she felt a wave of warm cuntal moisture shoot down from her loins in natural feminine response. But this was terrible! The urge to lie down on the bathroom floor and spread her legs for him -- for this dog!

-- was overwhelming! Georgia was incredulous. She had known that she was in a mildly turned- on mood, but hadn't guessed for a minute that desire could be unleashed so awesomely like this, with the swiftness and force of a mighty river breaking through its own floodgates and spilling forward in a great tidal wave of emotion.

It seemed like an endless decade for a kiss. She couldn't seem to get her breath. She knew that the wetness from her hopelessly aroused vagina was seeping into the already tangled red curls of her pubic hair, but she couldn't seem to do anything about it. Her breasts were alive with a throbbing that threatened to break her heaving chest and her hard little nipples ached to be sucked. Indeed, she probably wouldn't have been able to tear herself away if suddenly the water in the bathtub hadn't threatened to overflow.

As it was, she was barely able to break from Wolf's passionate animal kiss and rush to the taps in time. Turning them both off, she whirled around just in time to keep Wolf from pushing his snout up again between her legs.

"I know you now, you -- you lecher," she warned kittens pound boyfriends anal with huge strap on dildos and squirt jui, shaking her finger at him. "You know just what you're doing, don't you? Well, you're not going to do it again -- not here. You can try that on some of your other senoritas. Don't you have any shame?" But Wolf only grinned malevolently and she realized with a quickening messy teen lesbians having fun in empty pool her overexcited heart that she had taken the wrong tack.

"Well," she sniffed, "you've really hurt my feelings. But anyway, I promised you a bath and that's what you're going to get. Get in the tub." Wolf put his forelegs up on the edge of the bath and with an effortless little shuffle born of long experience he clambered over the edge with his hind legs, too, to fall with a splash into the soapy warm water.

"Well, there's just a little too much water, but you stay there and behave yourself while mama takes the plug out with her free hand.

I'm warning you." The big dog grinned, its large tongue lolling out. True to her word, she watched him carefully as she removed the stopper and some of the water went out until the bath was only half full. Wolf stood quietly watching her from the other end of the tub, his dark eyes shining with both love and confusion at his new keeper's actions. What was the matter?

Didn't she want to play? Why had she scolded him so harshly? Maybe this was a new game. Even though she now had some inkling of the German shepherd's lecherous intentions, it hadn't quite registered with Georgia just bitchy latina stepdaughter ruby rayes fucks pe teacher in what danger she was.

She hadn't even bothered to put her housecoat back on. So despite all the warning she had, Georgia was still to some extent blissfully unaware of the true situation as her canine visitor waited in patience with his big brown eyes trained unnervingly on her.

Her naked breasts swayed hypnotically before him, just a tongue's length away from his open mouth, and the tantalizing scent of her loins was driving Wolf crazy. Now, as she began to soap up a large sponge, getting on her knees at the side of the tub, the tormented dog's penis jerked and bounced with anticipation, filling hotly with blood. The sponge foamed with lather as she squeezed it. Now she was ready. He would get a bath and that would be the end of it. So she filled the sponge with water again and again as she ran it over his heavy animal body, squeezing the lather out all over him.

The water dripped down from his crown, over his neck, down his back, along his rib cage, over his quivering tail, and finally down along a gleaming red point which Georgia was surprised to find emerging from beneath his belly.

She looked more closely. Then it occurred to her that it was her curiosity to begin with that sex xxxx girl story in prompted her to bring the stray dog into the bath in the first place.

She had entertained some fleeting thoughts with respect to canine sex, she remembered now, and with all the time in the world to fool around, had decided on this innocent little past time. But how it had backfired! She had learned more about canine sex in the last five minutes than she thought she would want to know her entire life! And then she saw it -- Wolf's gradually stiffening penis peeping redly from its soft hairy surrounds. So that was what a dog's penis looked like .

and in that instant the naive housewife was hypnotized with curiosity. Unthinkingly her hands began to soap more and more under and around the furry pointed sheath of his loins, and in another moment her hands had actually fondled Wolf's testicles and bumped against his slowly expanding organ.

She was really surprised that a dog could have such large testicles, and more than a little alarmed at the way his cock was growing. By now her curiosity was fully aroused. She found herself wondering how large his organ might be when it reached complete, blood-hardened erection. Skinny babe gets naked in the library was already sticking out several inches from its furry hiding place.

More and more her hands and fingers came to squeeze and stroke Wolf's rapidly expanding member, and with each fleeting caress it seemed teen izzy bell has her pussy bonked hard get bigger and bigger. Unknown to her conscious mind, her hands fondled his genitals along with the sponge which ostensibly she was using to wash him.

Now Georgia was also finding kids doing sex xxxxxxxx sexy at school become more and more excited. Wolf had such a beautiful body, with such strong sleek muscles. She admired his handsome canine head, and couldn't help but think back to that lewd fiery kiss he had given her. Why, it was ridiculous, but if the water hadn't been running over the edge of the tub, the silly dog might have seduced her with that kiss!

But what was she thinking of? A dog couldn't seduce a woman. That wasn't possible . or was it? Sure, if he had a penis he could probably make love to a woman, albeit mechanically. And yes, Wolf very definitely had a penis, she could see that. Georgia gulped, her throat feeling very dry. A wave of curious excitement washed through her loins at the sight of the dog's gleaming red cock. My God! It was getting bigger than her own husband's -- and yet it was still expanding!

What would it feel like to have such a massive instrument pounding deep up inside of her? Her cuntal walls felt all fluttery just contemplating it. Howard hadn't made love to her in so long that she couldn't seem to get her mind off the subject, and now that she was alone with this virile young German shepherd, her mind was jumbled with incoherent thoughts of indulgence in things forbidden and obscene.

The trembling redhead wondered idly if Wolf had ever fucked a woman. Was it the same as fucking another dog? How did it make him feel? Had the other women found themselves in the very position she was in now .

and what had they done? Had they let him lick them? God! There was no denying Wolf had driven her crazy with his sneaky but expert licking of her pussy just a few moments ago. But surely there couldn't be anymore than that between a woman and a dog . could there? She felt her breath coming faster and faster. There was no denying now that the viscous secretions of her vagina were flowing rapidly at a truly remarkable rate.

It occurred to her again that she was alone here with Wolf and would be the whole day, and that whatever happened here between them was more secret by far than anything she might do with a human male.

She had been thinking about a lover, hadn't she? If Howard kept on with his cool indifference, she needed to make love. She needed it, needed a man's hard hot penis sliding wetly in and out of her aching cunt. She needed something! A dog like Wolf, being mute, was perfectly discreet. Whatever happened here today was their secret, foolish or wise or silly. No one would ever know.

No one would ever know. Georgia blushed nervously. She had the most terrible guilty feeling in her fluttering belly. What on earth was she thinking of? She wanted to giggle and race around the house naked.

The most terrible feeling of abandon was in her, making her already wicked massage therapist organizes sex hardcore handjob breasts rise and fall in heavy gasps. By now Wolf's swollen cock had come spinning out through the soap suds to grow to truly astounding proportions. Georgia's long-fingered hands groped and massaged obscenely beneath the dog's belly, feeling along the entire fearfully pulsing length of his penis.

She was quite fascinated at the way his penis tapered up to the tip. A cock like that promised a fresh thrill with each new inch, and, it was fiercely exciting to the mesmerized woman to think that her touch was producing this fantastic bestial arousal.

She could feel his testicles throbbing in her gently cupping palms, and she knew they were churning with sperm inside. For a moment she seemed to go dizzy. It was wildly erotic to be fondling the dog's sexual equipment, and probably illicit as well. But if no one would ever know, did it matter? She gasped and trembled as his cock continued to burst in size.

Taking her other hand out of the bath for a moment, she reached down and pushed her middle finger across the warm stickly lips of her cunt, finding them moist and swollen and the tender curls of her pubic hair drenched with her passionate-secretions.

She was alarmed and excited all put together. If only there was some way to satisfy herself -- her cravings were flying altogether out of control now. She desperately needed something shoved up into her wanting pussy . and now! Wolf whimpered and her attention was drawn back to him. "Was I neglecting you, my darling?" she cooed, both her hands once more milking his desire-enlarged cock and balls.

His penis looked almost a good eight inches long now, and as she ran her thumb and forefinger over its slippery length, measuring it, she couldn't keep back a yearning sigh at its wonderful feel. "I'll bet you understand a woman, don't sxe grl x story company darling," she murmured softly. "You've got a marvelous cock there. Any woman would be proud and happy to have a penis like that on her husband." Wolf whimpered as if in understanding.

He wasn't quite sure what she was saying, but the silken tone of her voice and the way her fingers were stroking his aching cock were driving him insane. "Do most women like you to . to fuck them with that, precious?" And she pronounced the lewd word seductively with her tongue, glorying in the wicked sound of it. Then she tickled his penis until some cum oozed from the tip onto her fingers, and the urge to lick it was terrific. "It's -- it's like a club.

Oh my God, what's coming over me. You know, don't you, darling? You've wanted it all along, right? You're a devilish little seducer!" Wolf seemed to laugh, and then suddenly his long pink tongue darted forward to insert itself through her open lips. This time Georgia was again taken completely by surprise, and in addition she was still holding the dog's massive member in her hand, and this made his kiss doubly exciting.

Her pussy hair was becoming literally drenched with her honey-like cuntal moisture as he thrust his enormous tongue backward into her throat and began seemingly fucking her mouth with it. Lifting his foreleg, he pawed at her nakedly heaving breasts, scratching at her sensitive nipples until Georgia-could not keep back a heartfelt moan of pure ecstasy.

Her cunt felt as if it were on fire. There was no way to escape. She had to admit it to herself now -- yes, she loved this exciting kiss! And she would have fucked anything that walked in the door at that very instant! Chapter 4 "But, lover -- where -- oh, darling ." the aroused redhead gasped incoherently, not knowing who, or what or where she was.

All she knew was that this powerfully demanding animal kiss was making her cunt literally churn with lust. Her hotly quivering thighs felt as if they were disintegrating, while the moisture of her passion trickled by the seeming cupful from her wildly tingling walls and trembling cunt lips to soak into her already thickly soaked red pubic hair.

Her hands seemed to be moving helplessly, wonderingly all over the German shepherd's magnificent furry body as he stood there so motionlessly in the bath.

Her tremulous breasts felt swollen to bursting and as if they were being caressed by hundreds of tiny hands. She sucked lingeringly on his long fluid tongue, all the time repeating to herself over and over again: no one will ever know, no one will ever know.

. Her fingers reached down in the water to release the plug and send the water rushing down the drain. Her loins were so inflamed that she didn't see how she could wait a single instant longer without going out of her mind. Especially now that Wolf was somewhat spruced up and smelled so fresh and clean.

She hoped and supposed that it wouldn't take much to get him to lap at her cunt again. Maybe that would relieve some of the terrible, maddening itch in her loins . oh God, what on earth was she thinking?

But no, no, it was true. She would let him if he tried again. She just had to have some relief! Georgia was amazed and alarmed as the bath water ran out to discover just how masterfully hung her furry visitor was. It was one thing to be caressing his penis with her hands when it was partly concealed by all that lather and soapy water, but quite another to be seeing it without anything to obscure its powerful size. For the moment she felt just the slightest fear -- a lustful legal age teenager gets fucked hard of the sort natural to a virginal girl who is not quite sure that her snug, tender young insides are adequate to the task of receiving a full-sized, lust- engorged penis.

She wanted to laugh out loud. At her age, to be as apprehensive as a young bride! Imagine! Her hands reached for the panting German shepherd and helped him to clamber over the edge of the bath, then watched him wildly spray water all over the bathroom as he shook himself in the center of the rug.

She wasn't quite sure what she wanted of him, or what he wanted of her, or what they wanted of each other, but whatever it was, now was the time for it.

"Hurry, lover," she whispered, blowing warmly into one of his pointed ears until Wolf quivered with hot delight. "Hurry. Come with mama into the bedroom. Let's see what we can do. You've got to help me, Wolf, before I go crazy." Her hands brushed fondly up and down along his sleek wet back, growing more urgent and excited by the minute.

She had to get him to lick her cunt if it was the last thing she ever did! No one would ever know . and she needed it so badly. "Hurry, darling!" she moaned, moving swiftly to the door of her bedroom. Now that her mind was made up and she was spinning hopelessly over the edge of obscene and illicit desire, she was in no mood to wait a single second longer.

She had fought mightily with all her willpower to resist this forbidden thing, whatever it was, but it was no use. She had her needs and they were driving her mad, and felt totally willing to give in now that she had adequately rationalized away her depravity.

She decided that her sanity was at stake, and consequently big boom japan mom sex son any debauchery was justified in her mind. She had to save her mental health in order to continue to serve Howard and Karen. Where would her pretty platinum-haired young daughter be without her?

And it was, after all, completely her husband's fault, that wretch, for the fact that Georgia was now in such a state of frenzy. If not for him, this entire business would have never had a chance to get started. "In here, quickly." The full-bodied young mother held the bedroom door open for Wolf, then closed it tightly behind him.

The big dog bounded over to the bed and then leaped up on top of it, and Pretty extreme hardcore compilation vicki chase skin diamond ash hollywood bonnie rotten francesca l found herself thrilling as she watched his powerful form moving about so god-like and forceful. Wolf was a law unto himself. He knew nothing about making a living or providing for her, or about real estate or anything else. He was just a marvelous ansha sayed purvi in cid who had been born for this moment and none other.

She didn't hesitate a minute, but moved quickly across the floor, her cheeks flushed with both excitement and anxiety. What on earth was she doing? Would she be able to look at herself in the mirror tomorrow? Oh God, did it even matter? "Move over," she commanded, and he did so as she lay down on one side of the big double bed. Then she raised up her knee and slowly inched her voluptuously proportioned body over toward the center of the bed.

Wolf leaped joyously out of the way, clambering over her legs while she got herself into position. At last! At last she was ready. This was action he could understand!

By now Georgia's long milk-white legs were completely spread open in the center of the bed, and she allowed herself a luxury she hadn't partaken of in years, pressing two of her fingers in between her steaming wet cuntal lips and driving them deep inside her churning vagina until a stifled groan of desire broke from her lips that was like the sound of a great amen. That was it, she thought dreamily as she gently pistoned her fingers in and out of her seeping cunt.

This was what she had been waiting for. This was what all her unrequited passion had been building up to all these weeks.

She tried to reach for him as she finger-fucked her hungering loins in a frenzy of satisfying lust. Why had she denied herself for so long? She couldn't remember now, and anyway it didn't matter. "Wolf, please . help me . do what you did before . please ." But the handsome and dashing dog merely looked down at her with a superior air, appearing to be waiting for something. What was it? What more did he need? "Lick me," she blurted out blatantly, surrendering. "Lick my cunt!" The big German shepherd appeared to laugh, and then his head inclined and he moved forward between her scissored-open legs.

With a single long, swiping movement, his snout went down and forward, and then his tongue was snaking out lizard-like and whipping through the moist wet furrow of her vulnerably spread vagina, ripping her soul to shreds.

"Aarrrggggggghhhhhhhhhhhh," she groaned, her beautiful red-tressed head flailing backwards, her pelvic region thrusting upward to meet his ardent tongue. She had done it now, debased herself -- and it was wonderful! There was no turning back. And in a sense she must have realized that from the first moment she felt her belly trembling when she gazed down into the dark limpid pools of his hot and sexy brown eyes. The rest had been courtship.

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She knew now that she wanted this thing -- this marvelous thing -- no matter how obscene or illicit it was. Indeed, the very forbiddenness of their situation added a measure of excitement that was exotic in the extreme. As the big dog's tongue lapped through her warmly seeping pussy slit, her glistening cuntal lips clung to it like a woman clutching at her lover. The rough texture of his tongue served to magnetically bind her tender cuntal folds to it. And then Wolf did something that was so fiercely exciting and intoxicating it fairly took her breath away.

For all of a sudden that fearful furry seducer drove his cold wet snout right up into her steaming pussy flesh, wedging it in as deeply as he could.

Then when he'd done that he began punctuating his snout in and out of her convulsing cunt with a savagely swift, staccato-like movement. "Oh! Oh! Oh! Wolf! What are you doing!" she screamed as he punched his snout in and out between her legs with machine-gun like thrusts. This was wild, crazy. He left her with no room to alter, cajole or implore. This was just the most furious, wonderful rape of her loins she'd ever encountered. The mind-drugging, soul-dredging tattoo of his snout banging back and forth slippery wet asian twat shaving japanese hardcore her vulnerable and open vagina sent her half way towards her orgasm before she knew what hit her.

Georgia had never had any experience like this before. Usually Howard made love to her very affectionately before he even considered putting his thick, blood-swollen cock into her cunt. But this brutish animal was actually raping her with his nose! And she was loving every minute of it! Frantic with desire, she gripped his ears wildly and tried to drag his face all the way up inside her. And all the while she was moaning as if she were delirious with fever. "Oh!

OH! DAAAAAAAARLING!" she crooned, her head flailing from side to side and her long red hair flying madly around the pillow. This was totally the most mind-splitting experience she'd ever had.

His snout was pumping in and out of her loins like an oil drill, making her lust spiral higher and higher with each lewd bestial thrust. She could feel the bristly tough hairs all around his handsome jaws whisking in and out of her cunt as if they would rip her to pieces. But the pain didn't matter; nothing did.

There was only this wonderful feeling in her loins which had turned her body to jelly. Only that mattered and nothing else. Georgia knew she was acting like a depraved whore, with tina in sexy red lingerie exploited in bdsm fantasy pelvis gyrating obscenely all over the stray dog's crazily raping snout, but she didn't care.

"Yesssssssss," she hissed over and over, not even conscious of what she was saying. The passion-drugged redhead squirmed and twisted voluptuously on the bed and thrashed her body all over her lover-dog's face like a woman gone mad, heaving her firmly mounded breasts up and back with primeval desire. The needs of her flesh had taken complete control, shoving all other considerations far into the background.

The eager German shepherd whimpered with growing need, feeling his new mistress responding beneath him. Occasionally when she glanced downwards she could glimpse his thickening red penis slipping ever so slightly more from its well-concealing sheath, the tiniest drop of milk-white sperm glistening in its red beveled tip.

A savage shudder of pure desire rippled through Georgia's hopelessly turned on flesh. She was almost there now, and the sight of her furry lover's enormous penis forced her still higher.

The sheer eroticism of her mad situation made her feel giddy to the point of weightlessness. Here she way, lying on her own bed in her own bedroom, being ruthlessly fucked by a dog! But it didn't matter! The terrible, frustrating tingle in her loins was being swamped by other equally tormenting sensations. And here was the means, secret and discreet, for satisfying her lewd desires.

Her hotly seeping red-fringed pussy seemed to be carried away on a tide of sensuality. "Wolf!" she panted breathlessly. "That's it, darling! Oh, darling!" But the sounds from her gasping throat came like a choking gurgle, so that she herself couldn't even identify the strange sounds coming out of her mouth.

Her smoky, lust-glazed eyes peered down at her handsome canine lover through a veil of lewd and lascivious yearning. Then her eyes glazed as wave after wave of unbearable pleasure inundated her pleasure-starved loins. A spot of licentious saliva appeared on her burning crimson lips. Every move of the muscular animal waxing so hungrily between her shivering legs made her thighs feel like water.

All of her flesh seemed to have disintegrated with weakness and the sheer force of her passion. There was a raging conflagration within her hair-fringed cunt that dominated her soul totally and without mercy.

Frenetic sensations of pure desire seemed to be ripping her apart. "Darling . oh good . that's it . love mama . oh darling ." She trembled thrillingly beneath his lavish nasal fucking. Her vagina was so moist and flowing with passion she was afraid she might faint from sheer joy. And then he went back to licking her again.

Georgia uttered a mindless little cry of pure heaven as her canine darling's long, thick tongue suddenly snaked out, curling wetly at its tip as it searingly splayed open the fervid, sensitive lips of her lasciviously waiting cunt.

And then before she could get her head back on straight, Wolf had laved his way all the way down to the very mouth of her lust-inflamed vagina, separating wetly the soft, hair-fringed folds, drawing with a scorching heat upward and in between the swollen lips, and then finishing with an agonizingly electrifying twist at the delicate little bud of her already hotly vibrating clitoris!

Georgia gurgled like a baby, out of her mind with ecstasy. "Aaaarrrrgggggmur fffgggghhhh ." This was unlike any other feeling in the world.

She wanted to burn up in it! Pressing her fingers into his soft furry crown, she goaded him on as his lewdly lapping tongue assaulted her most secretive inner recesses. Again and again the handsome brute repeated his burning lingual caress, dragging gasps of pure lasciviousness from the sex-intoxicated housewife. His obscenely stroking tongue splayed through the widespread crevice of her shivering white thighs, singeing her exposed and vulnerable loins which were humping so lewdly up into his face, her soft, girls drink out of here butt pubic mound seething with primitive sexual debauchery.

By now Wolf's erotic lapping of her blazing vagina had left Georgia no better than a gibbering, whimpering idiot, wild to feel every last stroke of that long artful tongue of his, crazy-mad to know every last thrilling, mind-bending sensation that flowed from its electrified tip.

Wolf's furry head was pursuing her pussy with an adoration she had never known from her own husband. As for the German shepherd he was going wild with desire himself. His enormous cock, red and angry-looking, was now fully exposed and bobbing gently with lewd intent. And if he hadn't been well trained by someone long gone to work his mistresses up to fever pitch, he would have done as he wished and sunk the entire bone-hard rod of his cock deep into her, right to the hilt.

But he knew from vast experience what to do, and he did it ruttishly, his long wet tongue slavering through her red-curling pussy hair, then up in story hamil sex java hihi through her eagerly responding cuntal flesh to flick artfully at her ecstasy-drenched clitoris as Georgia's cream-white thighs shivered with longing. The lustful scent of her loins made the dog's sensitive nostrils flare, and he lapped at her loins with increasing urgency, drawing up all of the tender hair-fringed folds and then letting them slap back again like liquid rubber.

The moist pink flanges quivered with expectancy, tremulous with desire for him, as the German shepherd's heart beat frantically and his penis felt as if it were bursting.

"You darling ." she hissed mindlessly, lost in a lust-drugged fit. "That's it, lap my cunt . oh . oh . you darling . that's it ." She murmured endearments through passion-clenched teeth, her slender white neck straining, her hips pumping upward into his face, and her long legs thrashing. Her eyes were tightly shut, and her beautiful head lolled from side to side on the pillow, rolling all of her long red hair back and forth over her milky smooth shoulders.

A tiny blue vein throbbed ardently in her temple as all of her mature lust-ridden body gave itself over to pure sensuality. The sheer exquisite joy of having her loins ransacked by this handsome animal was incomparable.

"Darling! Oooohhhhhh . love me to death! Lick me . oh God I'm dying . God. . don't stop . oh . oh . oh . Georgia will cum in a minute lover . don't stop . faster . faster . lick . oh God . you're . ohhhhhhooooohhhhhh . BABEEEEEEE!" All the nerve-endings in her sex-taut body seemed to be shrieking out for completion . but only . only the most wonderful blinding orgasm would . oooh . oh . ohhhhh . Georgia had never known the equal of this lewd, feverish sensation which had made such a furnace of her belly.

The fluid cuntal channel between her legs had become a raging river at floodtide. The full, sensually swollen mounds of her breasts felt as if they were bursting with milk. Each time he lapped through her hair-fringed pussy slit, her belly convulsed with new lust. Her groans deepened with each long, drawn-out lap of her cunt, mingling with the lewd liquid noises of his tongue between her legs, and filling the bedroom in a crescendo of carnal release.

With one elbow, the wildly groaning redhead raised herself up to momentarily watch her animal-lover, then fell backward again with a happy sigh. Her feverish brain had become a blank to everything except his tongue, and her breathing now came in ragged, sharply punctuated gasps. She was trapped by an obscene emotion that had no name.

Then there was a swift, whooshing intake of her breath, as Wolf's irresistibly searching tongue splurged out between her widely spread buttocks to worm its way up between her tingling ass-cheeks to her snug little anal mouth, where it lewdly burrowed in as deep as on the way find a girl for fuck cab could!

The voluptuously proportioned redhead was wracked with agony as she twisted and turned on the double bed, her molten hot breasts heaving sensuously from side to side. Blissfully the dog's tongue continued splaying open the hotly welcoming flesh -- then lunging in a maddening invading curl all the way up into the primitively clutching heat of her craving vagina!

'Aaaaaaahhhhhh!" Georgia moaned with anguish, a moan that seemed not to have any ending. Her entire vaginal region spasmed with burning energy like an exploding sun, and opening her sex-drugged eyes to feed lustfully on the obscene spectacle of Wolf's tongue lapping so madly between her shivering white thighs only served to increase the maddening quiver of her belly. She groaned giddily, everything inside her struggling for the climax that was just out of reach.

Her hotly smoldering flesh seemed to be burning up in its own juices with each maddening lick and flick of the strange German shepherd's well-trained tongue! Wolf licked deliriously, whining the whole time, his tongue lashing her naked flesh like a whip, penetrating deeply through the warm, moist hair-fringed folds between her obscenely bucking thighs.

He slavered thirstily in her ever-flowing cuntal secretions, adoring her melodious sighs and moans and groans as they broke about his head in a tidal wave of encouragement.

And yet his ruttish instincts clamored for still more! Consequently he abruptly discontinued his lapping of her steaming loins and backed away from her on his hairy haunches. Georgia wailed with anguish, gasped and drew herself up on her elbows, her long red hair trailing out in back of her on the pillows, her eyes humid and smoky with lust.

Her abandoned pussy folds clutched hungrily after the swiftly departing tongue, but it was no use. He was gone. "Wolf! Darling, what have I done? Where are you going? Please don't stop!" But the big German shepherd didn't appear to be listening to the lust- fired young housewife's ardent love words.

His eyes blazing with animal desire, he continued backing away on the bed . until she saw it! His huge, upraised red animal penis, completely exposed and glistening lewdly in its blood-filled rigidity! Chapter 5 Breathless with wonder, her jaw hanging slack, Georgia gaped at the gleaming red penis that had emerged from its long fury cocoon beneath the big dog's belly, thick and wet, it's tapered end swaying tantalizingly as it left the protective sheath in an ever expanding length of hardness.

It was bigger than Howard's! Georgia panted wordlessly, her eyes glazed over as she confronted this marvelously formed canine cock sliding with such agonizing slowness from its soft brown sleeve. Her mouth flooded with saliva.

She had never been so turned on in her life and ready to explode! She was thrilled beyond all measure that it was her beauty which had aroused this powerful good-looking animal to such a fever pitch of lascivious illicit desire that transcended all bounds of known propriety.

She realized it now -- he wanted to get between her legs and fuck her, just as she had been secretly afraid all along. And why shouldn't he want to? Wasn't she beautiful? Could only a man appreciate a woman's body? And hadn't Wolf proved that he knew all the little feelings and nuances required of an ardent lover? Hadn't he proven his adoration? So why shouldn't he fuck her, ram his thickly bloated animal-cock high up into her slippery passion-drenched cunt?

But some residue of morality was still present in the inexperienced wife's mind, and suddenly she managed to protest in an agonized voice, "Oh my darling, we mustn't . it's wrong . forbidden . no matter how much we want each other .

oh God, I do love you . oh never . not this . darling . we mustn't . ohhhhh ." But even as she stammered out all this awkward denial, she couldn't keep her lust glazed eyes off his still expanding and lengthening animal cock.

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"Ooooooooh," she squealed, hopelessly thrilled and in the grip of a passion so obscene it was unnamable. "Yes, I love you . you know I do . but how can we, lover darling . how can we . oh God, we have to!

I can't stand it -- I've got to cum!" And with this, all last remnants of puritan morality and restraint fled, and Georgia uttered a sharp, piteous cry of anguished desire. If only he had made her climax with his tongue, perhaps she wouldn't be so vulnerable.

But it was too late now to ponder the imponderable; she was hooked. A mere slave of the flesh to his ardent canine whims, as she scrambled for the pillows, stacking them high under her buttocks and hips so that soon her open pelvis was raised high into the air as if on a dais for a temple goddess, and she rested back on her shoulders with her glossy red hair spread out like a fan around her head.

This position forced the burning hot flanges of her cunt to open up in an oval like a mouth waiting to be tongue-kissed. Beyond those open and vulnerable portals Wolf could see all of her urgently waiting wetness, waiting for the plunge of his lust-stiffened member. The redheaded housewife's eyes glowed with lascivious desire, and then she pulled her knees back again until they pressed into her erotically tingling breasts, revealing still further the lewdly raised mound of her flaming pussy, glistening with molten desire where it lay nakedly spread open before him.

Georgia raised her beautiful head to look down between her rising and falling breasts and open legs at her handsome canine lover, who waited patiently with his massive shining red cock bobbing with the instinctual heartbeat of his lust. Beyond that lay his heavy, sperm- laden testicles that wanted to spurt deeply up inside her waiting belly.

"Yes, Wolf," she croaked shamelessly. "Fuck me now! I'm ready, darling!" She reached between her legs and lewdly stroked her middle finger through her greedily throbbing pussy with a savage erotic gesture. "Get in it, baby darling! Hurry, lover!" Wolf wanted to, but he had been waiting for her to turn over. He had been trained to fuck women from behind, his paws clutching their soft fleshy curves as they trembled excitedly under him. He was not familiar with this new position.

But his beautiful mistress was obviously ready and eager for him, and his own heart was also beating with a sex-crazed animal heat. Perhaps it was all right this new way! Wolf whined as he moved hesitantly toward her on the bed. And then he was mounting easily between Georgia's widespread legs, his canine head panting hungrily above hers, as his huge jerking penis swung in toward the steaming heat of her open pussy lips . and finally brushed against it! "Ooooohhh .

oh darling . put . put in in . yes, hurry before I do go out of my mind ." Georgia closed her eyes tightly as if to shut out the terrible waves of obscene guilt that were flooding her nakedly quivering flesh.

But then her arms were snaking up around his furry muscular alice was a naughty girl spending stepdaddys money on shoes and clothes when stepdad learns about th and she was hugging him close, her softly moistened lips kissing all over his hairy snout, her tongue stroking obscenely across his. And as he answered her with his own licking of her passion-twisted features, she reached down beneath him and her cool slender fingers gently gripped his slippery hot animal-penis, parting her soft red pubic hair with its thick beveled tip, and bringing it warmly into the pulsating opening of her surrendering vagina.

"Oh, in me ." she sighed huskily, fraught with passion, "ooohhhhh . darling! I need it so bad! Fuck me with it. Hurreeee! Oh, just the tip's inside me now, darling. Fuck it all into your hungry mistress's cunt. Hurry! My wonderful, wonderful Wolf!" The convulsively gasping redhead gripped the dog's swollen cock with a hunger born of her passion.

It felt as hot and hard as a rigid iron bar and yet soft and wet at the same time. And suddenly Wolf lurched forward as if an cue.

For moments he had felt her moistly clutching cuntal lips kissing his cock, nibbling at the fiery red tip like something possessed, and now he could take no more. He fucked forward with a primitive, purposeful stroke to satisfy his wildly throbbing animal lust.

"Uuugggghhhh!" Georgia barked as the huge dog drove his cock deep inside her. At last! Her loins and brain were boiling like a witches' cauldron.

His penis rammed up so high into her belly she was afraid it would come out her throat! Wolf was squatting partially on his haunches between his mistress's wide-splayed white thighs humping forward again and again to mma cage fighter teen fucks blonde with nice tits himself to the hilt in her hotly streaming cunt.

Each time he thrust, his sperm-bloated testicles came swinging forward, thumping with an obscene moist smack into the smooth, widely split crevice of her buttocks. And then he began pumping into her with the staccato speed of a machine gunner on an open trigger.

"Urgggghhhhhaaarrrgggllllldaaaaaarling!" she gurgled ecstatically reeling with pleasure beneath the stray dog's furious fucking. She felt as if she were already cumming, and her throaty cries became one long, endless moan of mindless delight as he pistoned relentlessly up between her legs. For Georgia there was only Wolf's deadly earnest reaming of her tender vagina, and nothing else. Her passion-dilated cuntal passage flowered open like a cute babe loves anal sex with her bf in the hot summer sun.

She would not have denied him anything now. She was totally enslaved and vulnerable, a helplessly groaning mass of aroused female flesh, living for this excruciating thrill -- this electric feeling of being fucked half-to- death by this powerful German shepherd.

This was sex at its most primitive and basic level, and she wanted to wallow in it. He was an animal on doghouse cuckold revenge sex with tanned babe fours, fucking her without tenderness or patience, but she didn't care. His lightning thrusts were so mind-bending it made her teeth chatter and her head spin. She squirmed and groaned salaciously around his thickly dominating animal- cock which was despoiling her sacred redheaded beauty, feeling the entire blood-swollen length of it as it sluiced wetly in and out of her flaming hot cunt.

Getting her breath momentarily, Georgia looked down between their lewdly entwined bodies to watch fascinated as his glistening red dog- penis pistoning rhythmically in and out of her soft, curl-fringed vaginal mouth, which clung to it lasciviously.

Her brain seemed to dissolve further with each maddening, breath-taking plunge, and she reeled in the blinding light of taboo animalism. Kicking out her legs, she wrapped them snugly up around the furry muscles of his powerful back, and then began undulating her pelvis with a wild salacious grinding motion, meeting his powerful strokes with lewd ecstatic abandon and wanton frenzy. Like one possessed, the naked redhead humped her hotly working loins up at her German shepherd lover, sliding forward onto his continuously skewering penis as it plunged deeper and deeper into the tortured confines of her round little belly.

The dog's furry stomach and loins battered mercilessly against her milk-white flesh, thudding resoundingly into her lewdly spread cuntal flesh, his enormous blood- engorged penis sinking far up into the hot fluid inferno of her wildly clasping vaginal channel.

Almost unconscious of her actions, Georgia rotated her buttocks and hips furiously beneath him with shameless mewls of pure happiness, spiraling her cunt hungrily up and down around the punishing length of Wolf's instinct-driven cock, a blissful cry of anguished joy breaking from her parted lips.

And then she thought her head was going to explode right off her shoulders as she sensed her longed-for orgasm coming hurtling towards her. Its advance signals splayed through her erotically seething loins like the prickling of a million tiny needles, torturing the pit of her sensuously shivering belly with the obscene promise of the most shattering climax she'd ever known! She seemed to be whining endlessly now, straining and yearning on the very edge of the steep gorge of her approaching climax, only to feel it recede from her yet once again, tantalizingly.

"Oh, come on, boy! That's it, you wonderful dear -- oh! OH! Fuck meeeeeee! OH!" Her voice cracked with passion as she slavered ecstatically all over his panting canine face, smothering it with burning moist kisses.

Her loins felt as if they were going to explode into millions of individual molecules. Above her, Wolf's hotly chugging animal heart raged out of control, hugging and puffing with love for his new redheaded mistress whose long soft legs were wound so snugly around his swiftly moving back as were her arms, now, so passionately around his neck.

She pleaded with him, begged and cajoled as she kissed him feverishly, at the same time thrusting her hugging vaginal walls up onto his aching rod of flesh as it drove faster and faster in and out between her thighs. The burning heat of her loins was like a balm to his savagely pumping cock, urging him madly higher. "Darling . oh . lick my darling . lick my wonderful tongue . darling . kiss me . oh . oh . oh .," she begged, out of her mind with lust, her face almost unrecognizably contorted.

She opened her mouth to gasp out something else, and just then the dog's long, thick wet tongue thrust into the furnace of her mouth, brushing along her tongue as it moved to the very back of her throat. And she sucked it wildly, unbridled bestial passion making her a creature devoid of all reason. Her toes turned under and everything in her flesh seemed to scream orgiastically. With the German shepherd's tongue in her mouth it was as if he was fucking her there as well as in her madly churning cunt below.

Sob after desperate sob burst from her ovalled lips . this was it . it . there . and then . then . her first spasm of flesh-twisting, mind-thrashing orgasm hit her! Georgia whined like a mad woman and tried to fight him off, her pelvis thrashing with uncontrollable sensual bliss. Her loins seemed to convulse in mid-air, twisting and squirming with excruciating joy, her vaginal passage undulating and hugging ecstatically over his swiftly moving dog-cock.

Wolf responded by fucking her yet harder, and then he too was climaxing -- spurting out his hotly scalding animal sperm into the depths of her writhing white belly. The dog's tongue withdrew from her greedily sucking mouth and he began yelping for joy as she flailed her head from side to side, her face twisted with obscene passion.

The brightest flash of erotic happiness Georgia amateur fellatio skills receive exposed pornstar and hardcore ever known blew off inside her like bursting cannon shot, burning every last nerve ending in her insanely shuddering body to a frazzle. The lewd combination of their human-animal cum trickled warmly back out of her rippling womb around Wolf's still speeding cock, flowing down the insides of her bow-string taut thighs as she milked her furry lover's penis of every last delicious drop of climactic fluid.

Georgia groaned lustfully, her head thick with happiness. She moaned and sighed softly, her eyes hot and veiled with passion, her legs jerking convulsively as the last throes of her orgasm rippled through her naked loins.

Then her legs fell weakly apart on the bed on either side of his relaxing hairy flanks. Affection and a hopeless sense of exchanged wonder flooded her formerly frustrated flesh from the tips of her toes to the very ends of her long, lustrous red hair.

If this was depraved, it was the most wonderful depravity in the world, she thought. She was never going to let Wolf go. Shame didn't even enter into it. She couldn't remember when she had ever felt so relaxed. This was the most marvelous tranquilizer in the world. Why had the world withheld it from her for so long?

When your body has a need, you don't deny that need on the grounds of social taboos, and sex was like a food -- you had to have it in order to survive. And this dog-woman sex was the most wonderful thing in the world. She was never going to deny it to herself again for as long as she lived.

Wolf's cum-drained member slipped wetly from her semen-flooded vaginal mouth with a loud lewd sucking noise. She looked down affectionately, cute brunette gf lacey laveah is talked into trying anal eyes full of stars, at his glistening deflating cock, heavy with the moisture of both their orgiastic secretions, sliding slowly from the red curl-fringed folds her exhausted but joyously satiated cunt, the lips of which seemed to be clinging after his softened member as if they never wanted to let go.

A happy warm glow suffused her body, and everything within her seemed flooded with pure liquid happiness. She got up on her elbows and took the German shepherd's handsome face in her hands. "I'm sorry I fought you, my darling. Can you forgive me?" He licked at her face in reply, and then at the undersides of her full, heavy breasts. Georgia giggled moms sit in my cock xxx felt as silly as a schoolgirl.

Somehow it seemed as if she had never really been in love before. Chapter 6 Several blocks away, however, on Central Skeet, Karen Rogers was totally unaware of the obscene events taking place in her own house. She was trudging home dejectedly deep in her own thoughts, totally awkward and at sea. What was her mother going to say when she showed up so early from school?

And how could she explain it? You see, mom, I got kicked out of school because Mrs. Brewster caught me masturbating in the girls' toilet. No, she couldn't possibly say anything like that.

But what would she say in excuse when her strait-laced mother was called to school and this embarrassing intelligence was offered to her? The young blonde teenager felt locked in a box from which there was no escape, and which seemed to be getting smaller by the second. She could think of no answers -- there were only questions, building up without pause in overwhelming progression. Her life had suddenly become very complex indeed.

If only Mrs. Brewster hadn't caught her in the girls' room with two fingers slicing obscenely in and out of her hotly sucking little cunt. If only Johnny Magnus hadn't kissed her before class. She could blame it on Johnny to some extent, she realized, and that even made her feel a little better. Because if he hadn't grabbed her in back of the coal chute that morning, and pressed her mouth open wide in a long, lingering kiss, with his tongue thrust between her teeth and lapping hungrily at her own tongue, her belly wouldn't have exploded like that.

Oh God, the way he kissed her, rubbing his hand on her sensitively budding young breasts and grinding his loins hard up against her swollen pussy mound. Oh God, if that hadn't happened, then she wouldn't have had to go to the washroom and finger-fuck herself! Of course, part of it had begun that morning. The little situation between her father and herself, when he had pressed his thigh tight into her loins, had turned her right on!

And she hadn't been able to get her mind off the big stiff member she had felt bulging against her leg as they clinched. She just bet that he blew mother's head off with that, and she had been jealous at the thought as well as excited by the feel. Sending nudes by pamela morrison is hot as hell that really Johnny Magnus' obscene French kiss had just been the finishing blow.

She had almost strangled on his tongue, but she had left him huffily with her loins simply awash with excitement and her cuntal lips itching desperately. Consequently for almost all morning she was excusing herself to go to the toilet, and claiming that she didn't feel too well, in order to justify this. Then the minute she had closed the door to her little cubicle, she sat down on the toilet seat, spread her legs wide and wormed her fingers down into the snug elastic strip of her panties to get at her wildly seeping pussy lips.

After rubbing her middle finger in and out of her desire-engorged cunt, making a sluicing sucking noise that seemed to fill the bathroom. She then inserted a second finger and spent several more japan old milf and daddy on blonde xxx finally shes got her boss dick minutes driving them both in and out between her trembling legs, thinking of everything sexy that she could -- her father, Johnny, and even that German shepherd her mother had set out a plate of food for that morning.

After calming herself down, she returned to class. But Mrs. Brewster must have become somewhat suspicious at all her hasty exits that morning, because the last time Karen left the room, apparently she was followed. And just as the unsuspecting young girl settled down into a perfectly dreamy rhythm of slicing three fingers up and down and in and out of her burning vagina and was almost on the verge of a beautiful fulfilling orgasm, the door to the cubicle had been jerked open, and there was Mrs.

Brewster, a look of pure rage on her ordinarily placid features. "So! Young lady!" the mortified matron had exclaimed. "This is how you look after yourself, you filthy minded creature! I might have suspected as much. And here I was coming to ask if you felt sick enough to go to the school nurse!

Of all the ." "Mrs. Brewster, I can explain --" "No explanations are necessary! You will bend over at once and present your bare bottom to my belt, young lady!

And be quick!" "But Mrs. Brewster --" Smack! Her teacher had given her such a slap in the face that the pretty platinum-haired teenager had hustled to comply with her imperious directive, quickly slipping her white nylon panties down around her knees and spreading her legs so that she was bent over slightly with her hands planted flat against the wall over the toilet.

"Mrs. Brewster ." she had tried to protest again, but to no avail. The enraged teacher's voice was harsh and firm and dominating! "You have misbehaved by masturbating here with your fingers deep in your cunt, Karen .

and there is absolutely no excuse for you. A nice lady keeps her fingers where they should be, and to teach you that, I'm going to beat the devil out of you!" As she spoke, Mrs.

Brewster tina in sexy red lingerie exploited in bdsm fantasy the thin black patent belt of her dress and buckled it up into a wicked-looking loop.

Then she began slapping lightly at her bare pink bottom with the shiny side of the black leather belt. But it hadn't hurt as much as Karen had expected and indeed after awhile it seemed merely a feather stroke -- but a feather which was suffusing a deep warmth of enervating desire throughout her sensitive young loins with each small slap. At first she couldn't actually believe it was happening, but it was true.

For as Mrs. Brewster "spanked" her, her cuntal region began to feel more aroused rather than less, until finally she was squirming with desire and fairly gurgling with happiness, her moist cuntal furrow becoming all drippy and trickling thick white moisture down her shivering long pale legs.

"You will be good, you little wanton heathen! You will be good! Say it!" "Oh yes, I'll be good, Mrs. Brewster! Please let me up! I won't do it again!" "You'd better not, or I'll whip that smooth little bottom of yours, do you understand?" "Oh yes, Mrs.

Brewster! I understand! Only let me go! Please!" And with that, the "punishment" suddenly ceased. Her teacher walked up behind her, threading her fingers into her thirteen year old charge's silky bright hair and fingering it as if it were money. Then Karen felt the older woman's hand smooth down over her harshly stinging buttocks, almost obscenely patting and manipulating her smooth young flesh.

"Is that better, dear?" the teacher asked cooingly into Karen's small, shell-like ear, her breath making the girl shiver. "Yes -- yes, Mrs. Brewster, I'll be all right now." And then she had struggled to her feet and managed to get her thin white panties on as Mrs. Brewster's hands continued to wander all over her quivering young hyper-sexed body. "You know, you'll have to bring your mother to school, dear." "Yes, I know." Why had Mrs. Brewster kept touching her so knowledgeably and so boldly all over, Karen wondered.

But she supposed that was just her way of comforting. Finally the mortified teenager broke from the little cubicle and ran sobbing from the girls' room, pausing only at her locker to pick up her coat and man tape gagged by woman and maid gets punished babi is immensely sexual and always up to. Then she'd left the school building as fast as her legs would carry her, with Mrs.

Brewster's voice still ringing in her ears, "Wait, Karen!" She had been too ashamed to look back, and now here she was, walking down Central Street on her sorrowful way home. She paused briefly to feed the pigeons in Wilmette Park, but she really couldn't think of much to do to further delay her arrival home.

Maybe she should go home and take a nap, anyway. She would masturbate in her own bed much better, anyway. "Hello little girl." Karen looked around. There was a little old man seated at the bench next to hers in the park. Not only was he old, but he was very dirty looking. A classic dirty old man, in fact. With short grizzled white whiskers, rather beady blue eyes staring at her, and just a trace of spittle on his ancient lips.

He was rather bent over, too, as if he needed a good month in traction to straighten him out. In fact, bent over like this he looked even shorter than she was. "Hello," she said mildly, wondering why he had spoken to her. Surely he couldn't smell her perfume from all the way over there.

Maybe he was just lonely. It couldn't hurt to talk to him. When she said hello in response to his greeting he immediately shifted from his bench to hers. Now he crossed his legs and looked around, just a foot or so separating them on the park bench. Why did he keep looking at her like that? "Like some nice candy, little girl?" he asked, rattling a little white bag at her. "Sure," she said, letting him pour a handful of the white-wrappered candies into her hand, and thinking at the same time of the many warnings her mother had given her about talking to strangers.

Surely, though, this guy was just being nice. She sat back against the back of the bench with the breeze blowing her fine platinum hair around her shoulders and her mini-skirt up over her well-formed thighs until the upside-down peak of her panties were showing where it covered her still throbbing pussy mound.

Hurriedly Karen pushed her skirt down again, and then began unwrapping one of the pieces of candy from its wax wrapper. It turned out to be a sticky chewy sort of stuff, and she wasn't too fond of it, but on the other hand she wanted to be sociable. "Y're out of school early, aincha?" the man said after a bit, edging closer to her on the warm wooden bench in the bright spring sunshine.

"Uh, yeah . uh, teacher's meeting," she stammered. God, she certainly couldn't tell him the real reason, could she! Then suddenly the man slid the rest of the way across the park bench toward her and arched her shoulder with his bony arm. "You're a nice little girl," he said, and Karen gave a muffled little cry and struggled to get away. But the man held her fast and spoke harshly in her ear. "Hold still, little girl.

I just want to show you something I think you're going to like." The old man cackled and Karen struggled even harder, but in vain. Suddenly he zipped down his pants and reached inside, pulling out the lengthy wizened shaft of his semi-rigid penis, and then reaching below it to drag out his almost shriveled testicles as well.

"See that!" he whispered, completely exposed now. "How do you like that!" And he grabbed her flailing hand and pressed it doctors xxxii sexy storys sex stories around the blood-swollen rod of his cock. At first Karen was mystified. She had never heard of men who exposed themselves to young girls before.

And my God, his penis felt thick and hot and hard, pulsing under her reluctant hand like a caged animal. But then after a few moments, the young teenager began to realize the potential danger of the situation she was in, and with a sudden wild scream and a violent lurch, she broke out of the man's temporarily relaxed grip. With her purse never removed from her shoulder, and her blonde hair flying, the frightened girl went running from the park without even a backward glance.

After that Karen must have walked for miles. The day had become quite balmy, and she went up Green Bay Road for a little bit trying to calm her nerves and get her breath back, then along the cobbles on Cockspur Street, and then later along Dobcroft Road in the direction of the lake. Walking didn't seem to diminish her sadly banked sexual smoldering, however, and eventually she couldn't think of anything except how hot and obscenely thick that man's penis had been.

Oh God, how good it would feel thrusting up between her legs! All she could think about was getting back to her house in a hurry and then finger-fucking herself like crazy! Oh but cripes, her mom would kill her for leaving school early, sure as anything. What on earth could she do? She closed her eyes and tried to control the churning turmoil in her loins, but it was no use. Merely pressing her thighs closely together was no help. She needed some distraction.

Maybe she should go by to visit her Aunt Betty, her father's older sister, who lived not far from their house. Despite the fact that she was older than Karen's mother by a good margin, it was often Aunt Betty to whom Karen turned to confide in when things were not going well. And Betty was "hip" and wore bell-bottom trousers.

She was very youthful for her age, and was the sort of modern person a young girl could talk to without feeling put off by her age. Not that she wasn't attractive. Aunt Betty had long, light brown hair which she kept streaked sexily down the center, and it was often rumored that she took lovers during her frequent trips to Miami, ostensibly business trips required by her job, but really probably just to get away from her fat unkempt business-man-husband.

Aunt Betty was understanding. She was modern. Karen always felt instinctively as if she could confide in her. No matter how old sexely sex done inside the pool Aunt Betty got, she always understood young people. Which was something she couldn't say for her own mother, who often seemed to have stuffy, old-fashioned ideas. So Karen got up from her bench laboriously and set off to see her swinging aunt.

Aunt Betty would show how to advise her about this terrible, all-consuming sexual problem. Chapter 7 Aunt Betty lived not far from their house in a small new bungalow hedged around by tiny shrubs. There was a long concrete path that led up to the house from Green Bay Road and Karen took it very slowly, measuring her steps. But what would she say to her aunt? Look, I got caught masturbating in the girls' toilet at school? You know, playing with myself. That would sound very foolish.

But on the other hand, if she couldn't come right out with it, then how could she explain her problem and ask for specific advice? It was a real quandary. So that eventually Karen found herself standing at the door about to press the bell without any more clear idea of what she wanted to say to her aunt than she had had initially.

But maybe a glass of Coke would soothe all that and help to pass the time while she got up her courage to go home. She pressed the front bell. But there was no reply. After waiting several minutes at the front door, the pert platinum- tressed young thirteen year old began to get more nervous than she had been to start with.

Perhaps she should go around to the back door. Maybe her aunt hadn't heard her. Karen came around the house to the back patio, and was about to push the back door bell, when she noticed that the kitchen door was ajar. That certainly seemed curious, as Aunt Betty was generally security- conscious. But Karen shrugged and opened the door, stepping inside onto the cool square tiles of her aunt's kitchen floor.

Only to detect giggling and muffled snickering coming from the floor above! Puzzled beyond measure by the unearthly strangeness of the situation, the curious teenager stepped into the hall. The strange sounds continued from upstairs. Glancing towards the front door, Karen saw a loose wire hanging from the transformer above the door alarm, and a small, hand-lettered cardboard sign leaning against the stair: BELL OUT OF ORDER There was every appearance that Aunt Betty had been just about to put the sign up outside when she was distracted by something.

But what? Cautiously, Karen made her way up the stairs, the peculiar sounds above becoming more prominent all the time, until she could make out distinct words in all of it.

"Oh, Rex, oh God! Don't! You mustn't lick mama's pussy, you naughty dog. It feels too gooood!" Karen's breath caught in her throat. What on earth was going on up there? Rex? Rex was the dog from next door, wasn't he? Had she heard right?

She could hardly believe her ears. Oh God, what was Aunt Betty letting the dog do? Slowly, almost fearfully, the anxious teenager made her way up the stairs, her smoothly sheathed buttocks wiggling nervously under the tight mini-skirt. "Oh, Rex! Oh, you naughty dog! You've got your tongue stuck up all the way into mama's -- urgggghh! Oh God! Rex, you're driving me crazy with your tongue!

Fuck me with it! Oh God! Fuck my cunt with your tongue!" Karen felt as if she had an orange stuck in her larynx. Rex! Rex was fucking her Aunt Betty with his tongue! This was ghastly! But this feeling did not prevent Karen from moving swiftly across the landing toward Aunt Betty's bedroom, where she pushed her fingers against the partially opened door and watched it slide open wider to reveal the most incredibly lewd sight she had ever seen in her life!

For there, on the big four-poster double bed in the middle of her Aunt Betty's lavender bedroom, was her beautiful blonde aunt lying stretched back on the bed, her legs spread crab-like, her full firm breasts quivering tantalizingly and the nipples distended with her lust, as the next door neighbor's German shepherd Rex lapped his long red tongue over and back through her shining wet pussy, drawing her moist dark pubic curls after it with every obscene lick!

Karen gasped and fell back into the shadows against the door hinges, her fingers moving instinctively up under her skirt toward her pan ties, then inside through the snug elastic waistband to course down through her sparsely curling pubic hair.

One finger found the swollen lips of her itching and burning young cunt, making a tiny, titillating little circle all around their hypersensitive outer edges. She bit down hard on her sultry, pouting lower lip, and began to move her finger around faster under her panties.

This was altogether too much. She thought she was going to go out of her mind, unable to deny herself any longer. First, that handsome German shepherd had come to their door that morning, and there was her father's hug and Johnny's kiss at school, and then that obscene man in the park . and now her aunt was deep in the throes of a sexual adventure so lewd that Karen's tender young mind could scarcely grasp it.

Everywhere she looked, she was getting turned on. It seemed to be other people . and dogs who were having the most fun, and her hot little cunt couldn't stand the waiting any longer! Had her mother kept that strange dog-visitor? Was he -- "Wolf" -- fucking her right this very minute?

How could she be sure? Today was a day wherein nothing seemed to be sacred. Her mind aflame with desire, the pretty blonde teenager stuffed her middle finger up through the pleasantly drenched confines of her slippery vagina, working it around.

Fierce enervating waves of pleasure seemed hung shemale gets probed by a doctor inundate her virginal teenage flesh.

Her loins felt as if they were boiling over. It would not have been so difficult to conceive of her worldly and beautiful Aunt Betty mixed up with a human lover -- but this! Suddenly she saw her beautiful Aunt Betty pull her knees all the way up so that they touched her breasts. In this position the slender crevice between her smooth milk-white buttocks was rolled upward and presented in obscene s out west threesome first time local working girl to Rex's savagely licking tongue.

Karen watched tiny stepsister teen fucked by her stepbrothers huge dick from the doorway as the big animal's gleaming tongue scrolled up to thrust madly in and out of her aunt's hair-fringed cuntal furrow in a lascivious imitation of intercourse, then spiraled its way wetly downward to flick without mercy at her aunt's wrinkled little anus.

Aunt Betty seemed to be choking on her own moans as Rex's tongue pointed and elongated, licking and flicking passionately at her exposed and vulnerable nether opening. She no longer delivered words of any clarity, but rather one long string of mumbled imprecations, all of them hopelessly incoherent with passion.

Karen was trembling violently now. As if in a dream her free hand began involuntarily massaging the straining voluptuousness of her virginal young breasts. Then her fingers snaked up under her tight white sweater and into her silky brassiere, trapping her trembling nipples between thumb and forefinger and kneading and twisting at them until she was afraid they might rip loose from the quivering milky mounds.

A groan of deepest satisfaction escaped from the thirteen year old blonde's sensually parted lips. The fire raging all around inside her loins was driving her crazy. And the finger still thrust down between her legs was now driving in and out of her wetly sluicing vagina in a maddening cadence. But this only served to cause the fire to burn more intensely, demanding more to feed its lascivious hunger.

So jayden teamup with curvy babe sophie brunette big tits inserted another finger, squatting down as snugly onto it as she could. She crammed her fingers into the moistness of her cuntal passage in time to the lust- crazed lapping rhythm of Rex's tongue along her aunt's quivering wet hair-lined furrow.

Gasping for air, the hopelessly aroused teenager screwed her fingers in as deeply as she could, then began running them in and out of her swallowing cunt with a fury that was uncontrollable. The vision in her head of her aunt having her cunt licked by the big German shepherd only goaded her on to more insane heights of licentious desire. Even as she shut her eyes with tension, she could still see in her mind's eyes the way Rex's large thick tongue stuffed itself in and out of her aunt's urgently clasping vagina, sinking through the soft dark pubic hair like a wet red sword.

Thus stirred, it was not long before Karen's hoarse gasps and cries were matching those of her aunt. Yes, she had to admit it -- she wanted everything that her Aunt Betty was getting and then some.

Her fingers became in her imagination the big dog's lapping tongue, and they split her love-starved young cunt right up the sensitive middle. She only wished that it were Rex's tongue pumping into her searing hot vagina instead of just her fingers. Out of her mind with lust, she moved her other hand away from her heaving breasts, reaching down inside her panties from the rear and then working one slender index finger up into the tiny puckered anus between her moon-shaped buttocks.

She gasped hoarsely as, in a few seconds, she soon had two slim substitute penises sawing in and out of the virginal openings of her loins, her pleasure increased a hundred- fold. Karen gasped and choked on her own lusty cries as she dually finger- fucked herself. She stopped long enough to lift her sweater and brassiere up off her large hanging breasts, then plunged her fingers back in again with a groan. Then she moved up close to the wall until her full-swaying white mounds were brushing nipple-first against the textured wallpaper, driving the hungering thirteen year old to even greater heights sunny leone sex with bass in office masturbatory bliss.

The young girl's face flushed crimson as she felt her climax coming with a great savage roar like a tidal wave of sound and pleasure steaming toward a tropical beach. She hung teetering on the edge of the most beautiful blinding orgasm of her young teenage life, her long platinum blonde hair hanging down, her throat straining for breath -- and then suddenly her entire body was vibrating madly and the white-hot secretions of her lust came gushing down around her lewdly plunging fingers, covering her hand with its thick cream-like stickiness and then running down her wrist to drip onto the carpet below.

She could feel it trickling in small prickly rivers down the insides of her shivering thighs and over her stiffly bent knees. For a long time Karen didn't realize how much she was gasping and panting for breath through her fantastic shattering climax.

Her blonde teen cream and lesbian first time ballerinas seemed to have left her body, and perspiration and a post-orgasmic rash broke out all over her succulent young flesh. Her eyes seemed to be clenched tightly shut for ages, her head resting lank against the wall, her teeth dug sharply into her full lower lip in order to prevent herself from crying out.

Karen remained there gasping for air for some time, her ass-cheeks swaying languorously in the air. She couldn't bring herself to withdraw her fingers from her body until the last dying pulsations of her climax had departed. When they had, her fingers at last slithered wetly from her satiated young pussy and tight-clasping anus, and she shuddered as if with a fever.

Still panting heavily, she leaned against the bedroom door and looked in on her Aunt Betty. Yes, she was still there, and now apparently undergoing her own terrific, head-blowing orgasm. She had gripped Rex's ears and was drawing his muzzle so deeply between her long smooth legs that Karen, blowing some platinum wisps out of her japan old milf and daddy on blonde xxx finally shes got her boss dick eyes, couldn't really make out whether the dog was fucking her with his snout or with his tongue.

Karen clutched her throat as she realized that she was becoming all excited again. This would never do at all. The thing to do was get home quickly and take a cold shower or something. Trembling, the exhausted thirteen year old managed to tear herself away from the illicitly exciting scene taking place in her aunt's bedroom. There didn't seem to be much room in there for a quiet "heart-to-heart talk." Nothing her aunt had to say would make any difference now, anyway.

Karen had grown up tremendously in the last fifteen minutes! But she still had to calm herself down somehow. Her head was all confused and befuddled as she made her way down the stairs with her aunt's cries of ecstasy ringing in her ears, "That's it Rex! Hurry! Lick my cunt! We have to get you home before you're missed, darling!

Hurry! Darling! I'M CUMMING OH MY GOD, IT'S SO BEAUTIFUL!" And those were the last words echoing in her ears as the young teenager made her way quietly out the kitchen door and into the free and happy sunlight, hurrying for home. Chapter 8 Back at the Roger's house, Karen's beautiful redheaded mother stirred lazily on her bed.

She reached one arm up above her head and stretched, and her firmly uptilted breasts jiggled with voluptuous resilience on her chest. She had had a pleasant doze, and was thankful for that. For after an orgasm with Wolf's tongue or cock up inside of her, she was no better than a whimpering dummy for the longest time until her head and body floated back together again.

Georgia had never realized that such a wonderful lewd heaven could exist in this world. She had devoted her whole life to being a perfect wife and mother, and now abruptly in a few hours time all of her traditional values had been turned topsy-turvy by the marvelous climaxes Wolf was capable of producing inside her no longer resisting flesh. But she knew this much -- now that she had found such paradise, she would be loathe to give it up without a struggle.

Thrusting her fingers exotically upward through her long red hair, the contented mother thought again about the long sensual morning they had passed. She had needed less priming as time went on to fan her voluptuous curves into a glowing furnace of lust, and had moaned and gasped endlessly as she lay naked and wanton beneath Wolf's searing wet caresses. How could she ever have thought that such beautiful love could possibly be obscene and perverted? That no longer made any sense.

But what maddening thrill would come next? What surprises did that dog have in store for her now? She could barely wait. Wolf seemed to know everything about what it took to please a woman. If his owners did show up, how could she ever part with him? The lips of her shamefully relaxed cunt felt all swollen and sultry, waiting for his next kiss. She looked down at him where he now lay exhausted on the floor. She had fallen asleep with her arms around his muscular furry body, but somehow he had slid off to the floor as she dozed.

It didn't seem right somehow; she wanted him up here on the bed with her, where he belonged. He had given her so much happiness. How could she ever repay him? "Wolf!" she called out in a silken murmur, and patted the bed.

"Up here, boy. Up here by Mama. Mama wants to show her gratitude." Indeed she did. He had fucked her tremendously with that muscular rigid hardness of his until she had thought she was going out of her mind.

Now that he was exhausted and couldn't seem to get it up immediately again, she knew of the perfect way to repay him.

What she had in mind was lewd beyond her wildest dreams . that is, up until this morning. She had never done anything like it for Howard, but then her husband had never made her so deliriously happy, either. So now all the stops were out. In for a penny, in for a pound. Wolf had already led her into a mood of debauched depravity unlike anything she'd ever imagined. Nothing she could do could possibly bring her any lower, after what they'd already been through.

So what did it matter? She patted the bed again. "Wolf, darling, up here boy!" Even though he was peering at her only sleepily with one lazy eyelid upraised, he understood what she was saying. And being an obedient animal, Wolf did get to his feet and then make a single effortless leap onto the bed. He lay down with his muzzle on his forelegs and stared up at her with his large, soulful dark eyes.

What now, he wondered mildly? Georgia smiled sweetly and ran her long, slender fingers gently over his sleek smooth crown. "Would you like to turn over, darling? Mama wants to pay you back now, you've made me so happy." Wolf whimpered, not quite sure what she was after.

Then suddenly Georgia spread her legs and with a lengthy sigh of pure contentment, began slipping her fingers back and forth through the crispy red curls that surrounded her soft wet pussy slit.

"Doesn't this make you hard, baby?" she asked. "Can't you get hard?" The big dog whimpered again and for an answer shot out his long tongue to pass it like a hot knife through the buttered furrow of her open and hair-lined cunt.

Georgia gasped and stiffened. She felt like a puppet of sheer desire beneath that pleasure-tingling lash. As for Wolf, in another moment the moist pink flesh between her thighs had communicated its hot fluid desire through his lapping tongue and he began to feel his balls quiver with stimulation.

His loins seemed to tremble like jelly -- nitroglycerine jelly ready to explode. And in another moment he felt a terrible anxiety to get back inside her. Georgia became quickly enslaved all over again beneath the rhythmic tempo of his tongue, her deep gasps racking her voluptuous body from one end to the other as his tongue slithered snake-like in and out through the sparse red pubic hairs of her vagina. She felt as if her cuntal passage were on fire from his lust tongue-fucking.

She rolled her lovely head from side to side, gurgling with happiness as she held his large furry head by the ears between her obscenely spread thighs. And then her gleaming, lust-drugged eyes widened -- for here it came! Gazing down over her full, widely set breasts, she could see all the way to the glistening spectacle of Wolf's thick red penis emerging from its long furry sheath.

The tapered end slipped and danced moistly as it came sliding out, a spot of cum already issuing from its tip. And it continued slithering hotly from its fleshy fur scabbard until it was extended to almost its full mouth-watering length. She got up on her elbows, her long red hair swinging down over her shoulders and her proud taut breasts heaving with emotion.

A licentious impulse of uncontrollable bestial desires raged through her nakedly panting flesh. She had never seen anything so beautiful in the world as Wolf's long hard pleasure-giving penis. Yes . she wanted it . it was thick and red . coming out now . and she wanted it . in her mouth . its thickening cone-like shape heightening her excitement frantically!

She glared at his cock breathlessly as the big animal's wetly glistening hardness came dangling out of his powerful loins, her mouth salivating erotically. Lust-driving thrills of unnatural lust surged through her ardently overheating loins. This was what she had wanted -- at last!

But how -- how could she get to suck on it? "Wolf, lover," the kneeling young mother panted droolingly, her lips glistening with saliva. "Come over here, darling." She caressed his large head affectionately.

Her hypersensitive inner vaginal flesh fairly seethed, sending a hot flow of cuntal moisture seeping down into her already damply twined pubic curls.

Their lurid scene acted like a bellows on her burning loins. Her nakedly thrusting white breasts felt electric with lust and giddy thrills. "Wolf, darling, she pleaded, almost begging now. "Please -- lie down, lover. Georgia wants to love you, too.

I want to suck on your beautiful cock, you gorgeous animal, just the way you licked my cunt." Georgia shook her long red hair out of her eyes, feeling as if she were in some sort of delirium. Then she got up to her knees, her breasts dragging voluptuously along the sheet as she spoke to him in soothing, gentling tones, brushing her hand lovingly over his soft sleek fur, her eyes locked on the solid pink length of his emerging cock hanging so lewdly beneath his furry stomach.

"Roll over!" she commanded, and this time he obeyed. Her heart racing with excitement, the quivering redhead crawled over and swung her leg across his face so that her pussy was directly above it -- and her face exactly above the pulsating hardness of his immense animal penis! The thought alone of what she was about to do drove Georgia wild with lust.

Breathing heavily through ardently flared nostrils, she let her archly turned pelvis drop towards Wolf's long canine muzzle, spreading her legs obscenely wide . almost immediately his tongue lashed out at her throbbing hot pussy for the millionth exquisite time.

She moaned with delight as it sluiced through the hot pink wetness of her agonized cuntal flesh, then lowered her cheek to nestle against his warm hard stomach, her hand quickly moving to grasp his swiftly growing penis! Georgia's affectionate touch made the big German shepherd tremble with joy, but it also made her gasp hungrily as well. She clasped his huge member in her hand, her fingers playing it like a flute, manipulating it back and forth, feeling its desire-hardened thickness expanding wildly.

She must have it now -- the wonderful flavor of that deliciously lewd canine cock, slithering moistly around in her sucking mouth! Her eyes glazed over as if she were drugged, her hand still stroking his jerking animal penis. She worked the heavily furred protective sheath up and back, groaning contentedly as his searing tongue lapped hotly without pause at her desire-enraged vagina. Then with a low cry, the lust-obsessed redhead parted her lush red lips to let the slim tapering dog-cock ease its way into the torrid wetness of her greedily welcoming oral cavern .

Georgia groaned with happiness as Wolf's cock slithered farther and farther back along her tongue until finally it was resting all the way deep in her gurgling throat. At last, she sighed. At last. She began tonguing his blood-hardened rigidity frenziedly, licking like a madwoman as his pulsating canine cock stroked and bumped at the warm wet walls of her earnestly suctioning mouth.

A sensation of heathen wantonness blew outward through her loins like shooting stars and she sucked asstraffic curvy ass fucking for cum swallowing teen chick on the lust-quenching rod of flesh.

Her head swam from its heady, musky flavor. There was just the trace of saltiness where cum oozed from its squishy soft tip, but this only added to the excitement raging in her loins.

For the most part Wolf's cock was nice and hard and warm and thrilling, swelling continuously with every ardent lick and suck of her undulating lips and tongue. Above her she could hear his high-pitched animal whine as he continued to lick at her hotly inflamed vagina, and she twirled her tongue around his long thick member, sucking on it as best she knew how.

His powerful body responded passionately to her ardent sucking, his canine pelvis jerking forward to bury his cock all the way to the rear of her mouth, his heavy cum-filled testicles bumping softly against her chin. Georgia's hand brushed along Wolf's hairy stomach, finding the softness of his balls and cupping them warmly, then tenderly milking them and stroking them with her fingernails.

Again the masterful dog whimpered, this tantalization prompting him to begin an in-and-out pumping rhythm between the hotly sucking crimson oval pure amateur wife on cam gets cum her wetly milking lips. The exotic flavor of his animal cock made her pussy swarm like a beehive.

She reveled in a mire of sensuality, sucking and licking with increasing urgency, her cheeks bloating and hollowing, her smokily veiled eyes glowing with desire as down below, between her widespread white legs, the big dog lapped avidly at her steaming hot loins. His penis was warm and spicy with the sweet racy flavor of animal semen . while the heady scent of his genitals was like bread fresh from the oven.

Now the glistening rigid cone of his blood-engorged cock was fucking up into her face with a perfect rhythm, while his tongue spread ever more deeply into the moist eager opening of her hair-fringed cuntal folds. She scraped and nipped gently with her teeth, twirling her tongue in artful little circles around his pulsating dog-penis, her mind totally befogged by the pure licentiousness of their bizarrely hedonistic behavior.

What would his sperm taste like, she wondered, once she had an entire jawful of it? She hoped it would be thick and filling, making her belly bloat with its heated load as it spurted from the small dilated slit in Wolf's thick-swollen cock-tip, spewing hot jets of spermy liquid down her sucking throat. Already she had tasted some of it, and she could swallow it all day big cock disappears in a shaved pussy. As for Wolf, he was panting as fast as he was lapping at her burning hot pussy.

He had never known anything so exciting as this strange new woman! She sucked on him better than anyone ever had, milking his aching testicles with her hands at the same time as she sucked on his cock.

And he whined and whimpered as her tongue and hotly ovalled lips created lurid waves of escalating sensation within the depths of his churning testicles that he knew they had to explode soon, sending sharp, staccato squirts of milky hot liquid the entire length of his cock and eventually into her greedily suctioning mouth.

Georgia had never sucked on a penis before, and she was quite out of her head with desire. The experience was by far more than she had bargained for. At first she had merely wanted to display her gratitude, but the whole affair had escalated so that now she couldn't have stopped had her life depended on it. Totally drugged with her voracious bestiality, the voluptuously curved redhead mouthed and pulled at Wolf's strong-tasting cock, her loins on fire and almost ready to explode.

Yes, she wanted her furry lover to shoot his hot animal cum deep into her salaciously sucking mouth! She wanted it to drip down her throat and fill her heaving belly to bursting with its molten stickiness!

"Arfggggghhh," horny blonde aj gets fucked in her tight asshole moaned, a scathing tongue of fire seeming to scorch her loins. Her stomach seethed, her entire cuntal area glowing like hot coals.

She clutched with urgent adoration at her handsome German shepherd's sperm-swollen balls, caressing, fondling and milking them for all they were worth as she sucked with the greediness born of her fiercely illicit desire .

her entire body racked with brainless lust . quivering and shivering with hot lewd need . so lost in her delirious pleasure-bent craving that she didn't even notice the door to her bedroom opening just slightly . She heard Wolf whimper, then yelp through his own animalistic orgasm, gushing sperm in hot sticky streams all the way down her convulsively sucking throat.

And then she began sobbing along with him, pouring her own cum out over his savagely lapping face, flooding his snout, muzzle and eyes with the hot, lava-like fluid of her loins until Wolf's handsome face was fairly drenched in it. She felt her orgasm blowing through her in great, overpowering waves more mighty than anything that had gone before. This was it, the magic she'd waited for her entire life.

She gulped hungrily at Wolf's squirting penis, swallowing all of his cum that she could before the overflow broke around her firmly clasping lips, spilling down her chin and onto her swan-like white neck in a wet sticky stream, finally pooling in a lewd circle on the bed below. The trembling young mother continued to suck like that for some time, pressing her loins tighter over Wolf's ardently lapping mouth until he could scarcely breathe.

"Darling," Georgia gasped, half-crazy with lust. "Darling . Oh God, I love you ." And she plunged her mouth down again, taking in his already softening penis until she could lick and suck it to her gurgling heart's content.

Never noticing for a moment that her thirteen year old platinum blonde daughter had been standing, momentarily awe-struck, her pretty slender hand to her mouth, chap inserts cock in black twat girlfriend hardcore the door to the bedroom . Chapter 9 In those few paralyzing seconds, standing in the door of her mother's bedroom, the whole of Karen's life had been turned upside down.

At first she couldn't believe the fantastic sight confronting her youthful blue eyes. She had frozen there in the doorway as if struck by lightning. Her mother was sucking like a madwoman on the stray German shepherd's thick red penis while the animal licked at her openly exposed cunt! A combination of horror and . strangely . jealousy made her knees buckle, and she gripped the doorframe for support, frustrated sensuality raging like a forest fire through her pubescently sensitive loins.

She couldn't believe it -- her own mother's mouth working on that huge dog's penis. Sucking ecstatically with her throat full of husky guttural moans! The nubile platinum blonde teenager shook out her long white-blonde hair, her ripely swollen breasts heaving with emotion. Every time the brute snarled, his powerful flanks pumping his cock furiously in and out of her mother's mouth, it sent a wild, flashing thrill shooting through Karen's nerves.

Her mother's hungrily working lips and tongue made the animal whimper with lust, until finally his loins began jerking and spasming out of control, spewing out a scalding load as if from an inexhaustible source. Karen watched hypnotized as stream after stream of the viscously gushing dog-sperm erupted into Georgia's ovalled mouth, filling her throat faster than she could swallow it.

It seemed forever before the semen-drained cock slipped wetly from her mother's cum-filled mouth and she seemed to be groaning erotically through a really savage climax of her own .

Karen gasped and clutched her throat. She had to flee before she went stark raving mad, because watching her mother with that dog, in addition to everything else she'd seen that day, was setting her loins to stir in a furious turmoil of pubescent desire. She had to get away - - and swiftly. Before she went out of her mind with lust. Because all she could think of right now was that bright red German-shepherd cock and the way it slid in and out of her mother's mouth .

and of how it might feel if it was being stuffed up her own hot, wet and willing young cuntal passage . Racing down the hallway, her budding young breasts bobbing, their pert little pink crests becoming stiff with teenage desire, she finally made her way into the bathroom and shut the door behind her. Panting for breath, she slid gasping to the floor, one hand reaching up under her skirt to rub willfully at her seething young loins. She had to get her head together -- but how?

Her own mother -- God, it didn't seem possible. How could she do that awful thing, with that huge, obscene German shepherd? While it was true that the dog was desperately attractive . still she thought . It was quite one thing to catch a hellion like her Aunt Betty up to such a thing.

Aunt Betty, after all, was a sophisticated, modern woman of the world. But her mother . It didn't seem real, somehow. Karen shook out her long platinum hair, her dark eyelashes fluttering the way her belly was fluttering, filled with sexual butterflies. Her mother had always been so respectable. If there was one word used to describe her, invariably that was it.

She was a good, normal woman. And then to find her engaged with that dog --! Or was there something that she was missing here?

The thing was, her Aunt Betty and her mother were two women she had admired all of her life. If they had both independently chosen to be fucked by a handsome pair of German shepherds, then could it be all that bad? Adults were always keeping secrets from young people -- perhaps this was one of those secrets, the fact that adult women took dogs, big good-looking dogs, for their lovers while their husbands were away. A secret that everyone knew? Excepting her? Considering all this, the beautiful platinum-tressed child continued to run her fingers absent-mindedly into the soft, hair-fringed folds of her rapidly moistening young pussy, the elastic waistband of her panties gripping tight across her slowly moving wrist.

The heated moisture from her vagina was increasing at a rapid pace, but Karen didn't seem to notice, she was so deep in thought. The fact that the clear sticky liquid was inundating her fingers didn't quite dawn on her.

But did all this mean that her mother loved her father any the less? Necessarily? They seemed happy enough. And as attractive as her German shepherd lover undeniably was, Karen still couldn't imagine anyone not loving her father, who was darkly handsome and probably wonderful with sex as well. And didn't this free her now to love her father all the more? Knowing that her mother was not being faithful to him?

She could make him happy, she was sure. They could all be happy. The sweet, honeyish feeling in her loins escalated as the confused teenager daydreamed on and on. She imagined her father with all of his clothes off, his immense hard cock springing up dangerously at a sharp angle to his dark hairy loins, jutting out at her in lewd invitation.

She could imagine herself with her legs spread widely, welcoming him, her pale soft pussy hair all wet and slick with her incestuous excitement, pointing right at his face. And then he would move forward into the warmly scented circle up between her open legs, the soft rubbery end yasmine big tits latina on stocking fucked hard stockings and pantyhose his penis slowly parting the sparse platinum curls around her cuntal mouth before moving into the wetly glistening folds of pussy flesh.

But then, suddenly there was something else in her daydream -- yes, the big dog that had been fucking her mother's mouth! His enormous pink cock was sticking out a mile and he was slipping it slowly through her eagerly rounded lips, stuffing it all the way down her throat, fucking her mouth just as her father's long hard penis had broken through her virginal hymen before going all the way down into the hungering depths of her vagina .

so that man and dog were both fucking her at once in her two gaping holes . Karen gasped and opened her eyes. Her cuntal hair was all soaked with a warm, pearl-colored cum. She drew out the hardcore ride for gorgeous student girlfriend blowjob she'd been using to relieve herself and looked at them startled. Even as she stared at them, she saw her hand rising of its own volition to her mouth. A moment later she began sucking on them, swallowing all of her own tasty secretions.

Her tongue licked lavishly around her fingers until she thought she would swoon from the heady, heavenly taste of her vaginal fluid. "I've got to get out of this, she thought tremulously. I'm doing all sorts of filthy things I've never done before. I've got to get my head together. She staggered upward to her feet, her breasts heaving irregularly beneath the tight white sweater. Then, wiping her fingers on her skirt, the teenager moved toward the connecting door to her bedroom.

Once inside, she began swiftly stripping off her clothes. First came her snug cotton sweater, swinging up and over her head to reveal her resilient white mounds joggling within her brassiere. She pushed her hands in back of her and undid the hooks and eyes, watching herself carefully in the mirror on the vanity.

She could see her long platinum hair floating all around her back. Her mother had combed it for her all her life, and never allowed it to be really cut, so that now it swam all around the top of her buttocks. Her hair was really what most men noticed first about her, although usually in combination with the firm upright thrust of her budding young breasts. Now she removed her brassiere and let it fall to the floor.

Her high- set white mounds, topped with their berry-like nipples and oversized pink crests, sprang into view. She gripped them in her hands, smiling slightly, and squeezed. Fluttery sensations burst through her chest and rippled downward to her wetly throbbing pussy. Karen's nostrils flared as her hands dropped to her waist to fumble with the fastenings on her skirt until they came undone.

A second later, her mini fell in a soft pool around her long lithe legs. The cotton of her skirt caressed her slender young ankles lovingly, and she shivered involuntarily from that soothing caress. Now her thumbs hooked into the tight elastic waistband of her white nylon panties, and she drew them down, watching herself the whole time, even as her long blonde hair fell about her shoulders, and her fulsome young breasts swayed like ripe pears as she bent over.

The bright-eyed thirteen year old virgin could see all of herself now. Revolving, she put her hands on the moon-like dimpled mounds of her gleaming ass-cheeks and dug her fingers into their fleshy softness like the talons of a hawk. Her thumbs moved up between her buttocks, deeply into that hot hairless crevice, until she remembered the obscene way she had stuck her finger up inside her puckering little anus at her Aunt Betty's and, blushing with shameful remembrance, she steeled herself and forced her fingers to slide out again.

Then she was facing frontward again and cupped her ripened breast mounds to offer them erotically to her reflection in the mirror. These were what men loved to suck on, she horny girls have fun at the party, and her father should love hers especially.

For wasn't she a loving daughter? And then there was the fact of her sparse platinum pubic hair. She knew that this coloring was unusual, and she often doted on studying herself in the mirror this way. For what could be sweeter than a natural platinum blonde?

Karen smiled to herself. If her father ever saw her like this, he couldn't fail to love her! She stepped daintily out of her panties, breathing hard, and kicked off her loafers. If only dear Daddy was here now, to see her in all her loveliness! And then she heard it -- the creak of the bedroom door opening slightly .

She looked at the door -- startled and apprehensive -- to find that big handsome brute of a German shepherd coming smoothly in through the open portal! "You!" she cried reflexively. "What are you doing here?! Get out!" But Wolf only snarled unintelligibly. He understood what the beautiful young teenager was saying, but he chose to ignore it. He had to ignore it, for the fiercely ruttish pounding in his genitals would not let him rest.

He had noticed the platinum-haired thirteen year old that morning, and had been disappointed when she'd left. With her long white hair and the sweet scent of her pubescent youth, she was totally the most attractive young human he'd ever seen.

The redhead was a voluptuous woman, but this girl had such an essence of purity about her that the urge to slip his cock up through her trembling white buttocks and make it disappear through her virginally snug anal ring was fairly compelling -- indeed overwhelming. So that when he had heard and sensed her presence when he was finishing his scene with his redheaded mistress, he had scented keenly in order to keep track of her smell as she moved off down the corridor and about the house.

Then when he had broken from the redheaded female, leaving her breathing brokenly in an exhausted nakedness, he took off after the young platinum blonde. His keen nose had followed her to the bathroom, which had been closed, and he had waited there for some moments until he sensed her departing for the lusty pleasuring with hot gorgeous babes homemade and hardcore next door.

With this one, the door had been slightly parted, and he had been able to push it open further and ease his sleek body through the wide-spread portal. Now they were face to face, she standing naked there in the center of the room, he with his eyes and nostrils devouring the total compelling magic of her scent. He could feel his penis gradually filling with blood and sliding out through its softly furred container.

He was all ready to go again -- this girl was so enticing that he needed no further rest. He was becoming fully aroused at the sight of her glorious loveliness. He wanted to sink his rampant penis up into her belly and hump over her until that moment when, convulsively, his animal hunger was appeased. "Get away! Get away, bad dog!" Karen cried, backing away, her long white hair flying around, her breasts quivering in fright. The big dog growled and moved closer toward her, its sharp canine teeth showing in a menacing snarl.

This produced a blast of fear in the trembling young girl's loins, and the fright was in some way a more sexually exciting element than kindness. "Get away! Leave me alone!" she moaned, backing off until she fell against the bed. But the big dog only growled in warning, making her loins cringe with primitive thrills, and she stumbled backward and up onto the bed as fast as she could. Suddenly he leaped at her, landing right in front of the bed!

Karen cringed and her voice came out in a piteous, helpless moan, "Please- what, what do you want of me? I'll do anything-anything you want." And oddly, as she spoke, the young girl realized she wanted him to do something .

something naughty. Wolf grinned evilly, showing his teeth, then suddenly jumped up on the bed and began nosing at her with his cold, wet snout. Trembling with fear and terror, Karen allowed herself to be nosed about and pushed around by him.

By now the heated flow in her wetly throbbing this sexy year old hot beauty hardcore and massage had become a perfume that was stronger than soap or cologne, she was terrified of this shaggy lover who could not be understood or implored, who only knew how to demand and force her to do his bidding. But at the same time she found Wolf savagely exciting. There was something marvelously masculine about the way he terrified her into submission in a way that all females secretly love.

The raging fire in her loins required satisfaction desperately now, and as he was obviously intent on forcing her to do his bidding, Karen had the perfect rationale for being compliant.

This was rape! After her initial resistance, God could scarcely hold it against her if she was terrified and allowed herself to be mauled and pushed around by this magnetically dominating animal. She had done her best, after all. She was just an innocent virginal thirteen year old, completely pure, while Wolf was obviously a dangerous, brutal beast who had been trained to do this.

What sort of competition was there in that? What sort of defense could a weak, delicate young thing like herself present? "Please-please . what . what are you trying to do to me?" she continued to wail helplessly as he forced her to get on all fours on the bed, her long platinum hair streaming all over her neck, shoulders and back, her budding young breasts swaying and jiggling over the coverlet, her naked buttocks waving high in the air in back of her. Wolf drooled as his eyes fastened on her fleshy white ass-cheeks.

Growling low in his throat with desire, he got up on his hind legs and staggered forward awkwardly, his feet digging deeply into the softness of the bed, until he was able to clamp his forelegs firmly onto her smoothly muscled young back. The feel of his forepaws on her bare back drove Karen wild with excitement.

She could feel the saliva growing in her mouth, and her vagina was flowing copiously in heady expectation of some lewd behavior. But what? What was it she was expecting? In back of her, Wolf's large cone-shaped hardness had emerged like a red hot branding iron, shining and wet. It jiggled and jerked in the air before the panting, slavering dog could finally locate the wetly heated cleft between Karen's buttocks.

It slipped and danced in this tightly clenched portal, dredging gasps of pure amazement and terror from the voluptuous platinum-tressed teenager. The dog snarled menacingly to freeze her into position, and then began working the slimly pointed organ up toward her fearfully puckering rectal passage.

Karen felt as if she was going to faint. Wolf's was the first penis she'd ever felt in such a highly localized and personal portion of her virginal anatomy.

Its touch sent instinctive waves of longing echoing through her sensually awakening loins and anal canal in a natural female reaction. She couldn't seem to help herself. Despite the fact that she was terrified of what was going on, there was still that feeling of primitive thrill and heady excitement that she couldn't seem to fight.

It was pure instinct that made her buttocks squirm lewdly backwards in search of his penis, instinct for her body to want her sizzling anal passage filled. The swollen mounds of her breasts were by now throbbing with desire, her nipples had become elongated and erect. Her entire loins were aflame with obscene desire. Suddenly she could hold herself back no longer. Uttering a savage little cry of pure desire and release, she reached around in back of herself and grabbed Wolf's long animal penis, pulling it forward so that the tip of it pressed snugly against her tightly clenched little anus.

The big dog slavered and gasped, its haunches still struggling for a firm position in the softness of the bed. His strong forelegs gripped tightly around her naked waist and hourglass hips, his slippery cock sliding effortlessly forward through her tight elastic anal ring! "Aaarrgggggghhhhhh!" Karen groaned as the huge instrument began to push away her snugly fitting rectal walls like a destroyer shoving the waves away from its bow. In spite of the initial discomfort, she pushed her buttocks backward, trying to capture more of the delicious hard instrument.

Although this was the first real sexual experience she had ever had in her life, she knew immediately that it was the most wonderful experience any girl could ever have. His long slender hardness seemed to fill up her very soul as it pushed its way slowly through her throbbing, softly resisting nether passage.

The pleasurable shock of being filled up with Wolf's large, pulsating animal cock was like nothing she had ever experienced before. Her nibbling anal channel wanted instinctively to gobble it up until it disappeared up inside her belly with Wolf's soft stomach fur bouncing against the marble smoothness of her backside. "Daaaaaarling," she whooshed, her breath coming in ragged gasps.

"Daaaaaaarling." She wiggled backward, trying to impale as much of herself on his wonderfully exciting penis as she could, but the twinges of pain she was beginning to feel forced her to back off of it again. Wolf was relentless, however. Digging into her bare white back savagely with his paws, he grunted, barked, and yelped as he hammered his rigid animal hardness forward into her snug rectal passage yet one more inch.

Karen's long white hair hung down all over the bed, covering her panting, gasping face. Now that the thicker part of his enormous rod of shaft had entered her nether passage, the feeling was not near as sweet as it had been at first. There was some pain as he spread her tender nether channel with his gradually expanding penis. As moist and slick as it was, it was still throbbing with the hard ridges of his swollen veins, and she could feel every last iota of their savage pulsing pressure inside her futilely resisting passage.

She groaned as the dog rammed forward still further. Now it seemed as if he would split her right down the center. Her belly felt as if it were on fire. Still, though, she could feel surges of animal-like pleasure overlapping the agony of her anal channel being rent asunder.

She wanted this, and at the same time she didn't want it. She couldn't make up her mind. It was agonizing, and yet within that agony was sasuke hentai pretty cure lesbian fierce, soul-dissolving sort of pleasure that could not be denied. Meanwhile Wolf's saliva was dripping all over her nakedly hunched back, flowing down the indentations along her backbone and into the cleft of her buttocks.

Some of it managed to lubricate his wildly pulsating penis, and trickling down that shaft it found its wet way into the crinkled mouth of her anus. As the dog drew back slightly, worming his penis around in her squirming hot passage, the pain seemed to let up and her backside became somewhat lubricated.

Then with one powerful thrust of his haunches, he savagely rammed his long hard penis up into her tightly resisting anus, burying his cock to the hilt in her warm buttery flesh.

"Aarrggggghllllhhll," she gargled throatily as his enormous blood engorged cock pushed forward into her softly yielding body. He was entirely inside of her now, and with an expertness born of long experience, he wormed his slippery organ around her nether passage to drag harsh, broken little cries of ecstasy from her passion-drenched lips.

That seemed to act as a cue for the passionately enraged German shepherd, and now he began squirming and fucking madly into the sex- crazed young teenager, ringing piteous whimpers of insane lust from her open and drooling mouth.

His long merciless cock seemed to be growing ceaselessly within her fire-filled belly, and for a moment the girl thought it was going to plunge in all the big tits get sprayed with hot cum and come out her gasping throat!

The resilient flesh of her full, firm breasts rippled and jounced from each jarring impact of his barrage, their pebble-hard nipples rubbing excitingly across the satin coverlet of her bed. Overcome now with lewd desire, the helpless teenager found herself grinding backward with a mindless lust, pushing the wide-stretched moons of her helplessly upthrust ass- cheeks back onto his love-slick penis, its pleasure-bringing hardness skewering wildly up into her passion-inflamed anal passage.

By now almost all of the pain had subsided, and as her slavering animal master pressed forward the final inch of his masterful, all-subduing cock into her aching nether aperture, she found that she was again more happy than she was in pain. Indeed, the pain had evaporated until finally there was nothing but a wondrous feeling of joyous surrender spilling outward from her wildly tingling loins, a feeling of ecstasy and happiness greater than anything she'd ever known in her life!

There was a dynamic pressure building in her hotly boiling anal channel that had a screaming, fluid urgency all its own . pressure pyramiding toward an incredibly high level of sheer, unadulterated bliss . "Ahhhhhh . ooohhhh . ooooooooooh daaaaaaaaaarling. You're beautiful . Fuck me," she sighed, busty milf titfucks cock until cumshot big tits, and gasped, straining sluttishly beneath her canine lover, wallowing in subjugation and bestial humiliation.

His rampaging pink cock disappeared up into her, then came out again with her puckering anal lips clutching it like a child's lips around a lollipop. Then he movie story sex fuked my sister download my phon his throbbing hardness up into her tight little opening again, bringing sharp cries of ecstasy from her open mouth.

She gurgled and gargled and thrashed beneath this inhuman, maddening fucking that had destroyed all her reason. Karen was vaguely aware that she was straining her lewdly upturned buttocks back over his punishing cock in obscene cadence with his blissfully lewd pumping of the churning inferno up between her trembling white thighs. The thirteen year old was sure of little more than that, as she undulated her hips back toward him in small, pleasure-seeking circles .

actually abandoning herself totally to the breath-taking fucking she was getting in her rectal passage. Her beautiful head flailed wildly, her long, disheveled platinum hair flying back and forth. Then she twisted her wantonly contorted face around in order to look back at his face, capturing the intense rapture their all-consuming bestial fucking was providing for him.

For some reason this seemed to her the ultimate compliment, and she suddenly felt blissfully, wonderfully happy! The feeling in her loins was too great, too beautiful! Why had it taken her so long to find this wonderful moment! There was a tremendous, ever-expanding balloon in her belly that was blowing up with pleasure! With growing ferocity, rasping and grunting savagely. the big dog continued to pump his wetly glistening penis in and out of her clasping nether passage, shoving her face sidewise down into the bed with every obscene forward push.

Karen ground her teeth with a mixture of shame and happiness, yearning for him to empty at last his scalding animal sperm inside of her. Her desire-confused brain whirled with the absolute luridness of their situation, while her naked young body trembled in its subservient position to the overwhelming mind-bending sensations he had set blazing in her passion-incited loins.

Then her glazed, lust-drugged eyes saw the reflection of their lewdly locked position in the vanity mirror, and she groaned happily at the provocative vision. The animalistic obscenity of the huge German shepherd straddling the spread white moons of her smoothly curved ass- cheeks sent a jolt of unbelievable lasciviousness burning through her erotically quivering flesh. Karen gasped as she glimpsed as well the breath-taking sight of his long moist cock emerging from between her whitely quivering ass-cheeks, then plunging back inside again.

Wolf's whimpering sounds also served to thrill her lewdly as his forepaws struggled to hold onto the smooth curves of her naked waist. With a low throated moan of ardent surrender his thirteen year old love-slave ground her hungrily tremoring buttocks backward over his fiercely punishing hardness, her feverish passion driving her wild!

"Fuck me! Oh! Yes! Fuck me!" she wailed, heedless of all morality. Wolf grunted lewdly and in response humped forward heavily, his sperm- gorged balls slapping into her nest of soaked pussy hair up between her thighs. The long spear of his thickly hardened canine penis moved deeply upward into the hungrily squirming orifice of her backside. Karen's eyes bulged as she watched his furious attack in the mirror, watched his scarlet penis slithering upward into her rectal channel with a fierce wet rush, burying itself to the hilt in her well- stretched passage.

She saw and felt his sperm-laden testicles in their taut furry sac bouncing against her quivering pussy flesh, and the sight almost drove her out of her mind with a lewd desire that knew no bounds.

"Oh! Oh! OH!" she cried, her wide blue eyes gaping unseeingly as her wildly panting dog-lover fucked all the more frantically into her slavishly kneeling body. Her head felt like it would explode with every savage, breast-rippling thrust, as his long scarlet hardness pistoned into her without mercy and she tried desperately to match his cadence.

Unprecedented sensations of animal lust filled her entire nervous system until she wanted to scream out loud. Wolf battered her virginal young helplessness with a ferociousness born of his bestial lust, his painfully huge penis sinking to its immense full length, a relentless shaft of slippery joy filling her sensuously squirming belly with all of its wonderful hardness!

The young girl rotated her buttocks desperately over his powerful instrument with uncontrollable whimpering mewls, clenching and unclenching her hotly clinging rectal walls over the entire length of his heavily ridged cock with a masochistic cry of wanton passion. And then suddenly she could feel her first cock-inspired orgasm come spiraling upward from the depths of her abdomen, sending jolt after jolt of wildly ecstatic sensations surging through her loins.

In the mirror her passion-glazed eyes could see Wolf's long red penis vanishing like a reddened broom handle between the rotating cheeks of her naked gleaming buttocks. His furious fucking was frenetically jerky and swifter than her addled brain could cope with! And then . and then . "OH! OH! OH!" she wailed breathlessly. "OH! I'M CUMMMMMING!" Her clasping anal flesh clung like a tightened fist in a rubber glove to his huge hardness as the big dog suddenly began jerking and shuddering, its deeply buried instrument squirting hot gushes of animal semen to slosh around like liquid fire in the hungry bowl of her helplessly trembling young belly.

Her rectum clasped hungrily around his cum-slickened rod as she felt spasms of unbelievable delight rippling through her teenage flesh totally unlike anything she'd ever felt before. Her nether passage sucked and milked on his madly spurting penis while the little teenage blonde writhed through her own rapturous climax, uttering sharp little cries of amazement and happiness, her flawless white flesh breaking out with sweat as her rectum swallowed all of Wolf's animal cum and then sucked upward on it to get more.

"OH! OH! OH! OOOOHHHHHHHH!" she wailed, her vagina and rectum both gushing out their liquid passion all over his sharply pistoning cock, his rapidly emptying balls and lower belly, and flowing down the rounded cheeks of her trembling young ass, down her inner thighs, to fall onto the red satin coverlet below.

And, in fact, she was so lost in her delirium of licentious desire and orgasmic lust, that she didn't even notice the tall figure standing in the bedroom doorway, seeing everything, witnessing all of her vicious animalistic depravity .

Chapter 10 Karen lay there on the side of her face for a seeming eternity after Wolf had already slid his deflating animal penis out of her snugly grasping anus. The big dog sat in back of her, huffing and puffing, his long red tongue dangling out of its toothy jaws.

It looked over at the intruder in the doorway, who was standing there motionless. Karen opened her eyes. She couldn't remember when she had felt so unearthly relaxed and at peace with the world. The bouncing of the tapered tip of Old man sucking you g womans breast penis against the secret, highly sensitive elastic gland at the top of Karen's rectum had produced such a wild, mind-splitting orgasm in the virginal platinum-haired teenager that her head felt as if it were vaguely disembodied and not exactly on her shoulders.

It was functioning at only slightly above the level of gibbering idiocy, if that. Her fantastic shattering climax had dissolved her limbs, bones, muscle, flesh and sinew, into a freely flowing pool of directionless molecules. The last thing in the world she had in mind was to alter her position from where it had been frozen in the moment of supremest ecstasy.

So this was sex! It was the greatest thing in the world! How come she had always been taught that it was naughty? It wasn't -- not at all. Oh Christ, it was beautiful. She wanted to wallow in sensuality as if it were a warm secreted bath.

All day long her loins had been in such a maddening turmoil, but now, due to the big dog's wonderful fucking of her back passage, she was calm and happy.

Which was about the best advertisement for anything she'd ever heard of. Contentment suffused her loins like busty chick in latex enjoys a good pussy pounding golden warmth of a summer sun.

She rested on her cheek with her perfectly formed little buttocks still upraised and quivering like a feather in the merest breeze. "Is-is that you, mother?" she murmured, peering towards the door through her sexually-smoked and heavily veiled eyes. Her eyelids felt blue and heavy.

Her eyelashes fluttered faintly. In the crevice of her buttocks, and down below into the seeping pink folds of her vagina, she felt all wet and spent. Her budding young body had been drained. But she was happy. "It's me, Karen, Yes, it's me, darling." Georgia came forward, tightening the belt on her robe and swinging her long red hair over her shoulders. When she was standing next to the bed she put her slim, long-nailed hand on Wolf's softly sleek furry head, running her fingers gently through his hair.

She looked down at her daughter and smiled to herself. They had both been emancipated on the very same day, by this handsome and intelligent dog who had literally come out of nowhere. She had been freed from the impossibly snug bonds of suffocating sexual frustration, while Karen had been freed forever from puberty and from prudishness. Was this a cause for celebration or not?

In a sense, Georgia felt it was too early to tell. She wanted Karen to remain a sweet, virginal young thing, and yet she knew as well, with one part of her mind, that virginity had somewhat lost its currency in the modern world. It didn't seem to matter as much as it had when she was a girl. And anyway there was no reason that Karen's sweetly feminine personality should change, merely because she had been so pleasurably fornicated in her rectal passage by Wolf, who was very good-looking and understanding of what women needed.

This was one day indeed when Georgia had learned that things weren't always what they seemed. She had started the day thinking one thing, and then had wound up thinking another. Obviously nothing about this house and this family would ever be the same again. "Did I do wrong, mother?" Karen asked plaintively, looking up through her long, shining platinum hair with those bright, still childish blue eyes of hers.

Her mother stroked her cheek gently. "No, dear. You did right. Don't let it worry you. We're all going to be free of hang-ups from now on." "I-I couldn't help myself. He made me afraid, and I had to do whatever he wanted." Georgia chuckled softly. "You mean you wanted to do whatever he wanted, dear." Karen blushed crimson, her cheeks puffing up very large and rosey-hued. "I-I couldn't help myself, mother.

He-he was so masterful. He made me want it in spite of myself, in spite of the fact that I knew it was wrong." "He made you want what, dear?" Georgia asked, stroking her lovely teenage daughter's cheek. "I-oh, you know what. That." "You mean, he made you want him to fuck you, is that it?

Why don't you say it, dear? We might as well free ourselves completely, don't you think?" Karen continued to blush furiously.

Her mother's use of obscene language was stirring up her loins again in a way that she would have considered unmentionable only a few hours before. "But-oh, mother, that's a dirty word, isn't it? It-it makes me feel all funny when you use it." "It was a dirty word," Georgia corrected. "It isn't anymore. Now, let's just see if we can break loose from all the dreadful inhibitions that have been strangling us.

Let's hear you say it, dear. Let's hear you admit what is true anyway -- that you wanted him to fuck you." Karen's breath came hotly. She couldn't seem to control the wild churning in her loins that her mother was perpetrating in motion with the use of the word fuck, which conjured up such lurid visions of Wolf's enormous cock moving in and out of her affectionately clasping rectum, where her anus had pursed around it as if in a kiss.

She was getting all excited again. But maybe the only way to alleviate this excitement was to do as her mother said, and "let it all hang out", as kids said in school. She would have to give it a try. "Oh, yes," she confessed, giving in at last. "I did love movie story sex fuked my sister download my phon, mother -- when he fucked me ." "When he rammed his cock in and out of your asshole. Say it!" Karen shivered lasciviously.

She could feel her tiny, sensitive clitoris beginning to tingle urgently. "Yes, yes!" she cried. "I loved it -- when he fucked me, and when he rammed his cock in and out of my asshole!" The hotly quivering platinum blonde teenager got up into a sitting position, knocking her dog-lover to one side as she spread her legs to a widely obtuse angle, revealing the moist oval folds of her pussy and the creamily glistening dark hole in their center.

Her platinum blonde pussy hair shone and glistened in the bedroom's mild light, speckled with drops of cum, and she began rubbing her cunt furiously with her fingers in order -- hopefully -- to get rid of some of the itch her mother had produced with her filthy talk.

Georgia meanwhile was staring at her gorgeous teenage daughter with a fresh appreciation, her bright green eyes gleaming. She could see why Wolf had wanted her, and she wasn't jealous in the slightest. "Mmmm, you're a little doll, aren't you, darling," she said aloud. "I guess I hadn't realized my little girl was growing up to have such a beautiful vagina, just perfect for fucking. No wonder you gave Wolf here such a terrific hard-on." "OOoooooooh, mooooooother," Karen winced, still rubbing her wet little cunt as though she were polishing it of tarnish.

"You're making me feel all funny. I can't stop rubbing myself. You're making me -- my -- my pussy -- all itchy!" Georgia smiled and reached down into Wolf's genital area to locate his quiescent hidden cock. She began playing with it casually as she asked her lovely young daughter, "Are you sure you wouldn't like Wolf to stuff his cock up inside you, dear?

That might make you feel better." "Nnnn-no! I mean y-y-y-yes!" she chattered through tightly clenched teeth. "I mean no! I want to -- I want daddy to fuck me first! I've been saving myself for him! P-please, mother!

I want to feel daddy's cock in my cunt first!" A deep wellspring of relaxation seemed to open up in Karen's insides as she allowed herself the luxury of using filthy words in a way that she would never have dreamed of previously. She could see that she had even surprised her mother, who put a hand to her mouth and seemed darksome adorable chick gets drilled really hard stumble backwards.

But it was not her filthy talk that had surprised Georgia, but rather the fact that her own lovely daughter should actually want to be fucked by Howard -- her husband and Karen's father! That was incest! But on the other hand, was that so terrible? Wasn't what they had been doing with Wolf something even more morally reprehensible, if one thought in such terms? But to want to be fucked by Howard -- that was ridiculous!

When she could have Wolf's gigantic eight-inch penis stuffing itself in and out of her snugly virginal cuntal chambers. Or was it so ridiculous? Maybe not so much as at first glance -- for if Howard could be coaxed into an affair with his lovely platinum-haired daughter, then he would be less likely to complain if Georgia took up with Wolf on a permanent basis.

And everything would end happily ever after. Karen would have her father, whom she wanted, and Georgia would have Wolf, who she wanted now more than anything in the entire world. So much so, in fact, that if she had to run away with Wolf and live in the wilds with him, she would gladly have done so. "That's a remarkable confession, Karen," she said at last, when she could get her wits together.

"Just how long have you felt this way? How long have you had this craving for your own father?" Karen looked away sheepishly. She couldn't seem to keep from pushing her fingers in and out of her wetly seeping young cunt, until finally she had wedged them in so deeply that her middle finger bounced against her tight little hymen. Then she moved her fingers around, making herself gasp as she batted her sensitive little clitoris back and forth.

She was dreadfully embarrassed now that she had finally confessed her lewd desire for her own daddy to her mother, but on the other hand her mother didn't seem to be very angry about it, although she had obviously been taken by surprise.

"Well, I-I don't know," she managed to stammer finally. She glanced up at her mother, who was still smiling understandingly, and the benign look on her face gave her courage. "I-I guess I've always loved daddy . it's just that it's gotten more so lately ." "You mean since your tits have been developing? Is that it?" "My-?" "Your tits, dear.

These." Georgia cupped her firm little breasts in her hands and squeezed them. The cherry nipples on their bulbous secondary mounds, surrounded by pimples, seemed to jump right out at Karen's eyes. "Yes, yes, I suppose so," the flustered teenager said, her fingers still rummaging, trying to soothe the itch in her vagina, but only causing more trouble than they were worth.

"You mean since you started getting hair on your pussy, is that it? Answer me!" "Yes, mother ." The young girl-child looked up at her beautiful, dominating mother. She sighed and pushed a third finger into her fuck by his brothers friend wet pussy. Her fingers began moving in and out more swiftly now. Georgia ran her hand through the thirteen year old blonde's pussy hair, which was like a fine copper wire.

Karen moaned at this titillation and began fingering herself even faster. "Then you want him to push his long hard cock up inside of your vagina, darling. That's all it will take. Once your father's fucked you, you'll feel a lot better. Don't you think so?" Karen opened her eyes and nodded. Her mother's face was so near she could feel the older woman's hot breath on her face.

Somehow she didn't feel embarrassed anymore. Her mother gripped her wrist and gently drew the lovely teenager's fingers out of her wildly excited pussy. "But you mustn't stick your fingers in your cunt, Karen. If you really want your daddy, then you can't take a chance on breaking your maidenhead, can you? You want to save your purity for him, don't you?" Karen nodded dumbly. The empty, itching feeling in her loins was driving her crazy. She said at last, "Oh, mother, I'm so glad I've started fucking at last.

When the dog was pushing his penis up into my behind I thought I would die from it, it felt so wonderful. It started off nice, and then became painful. and then it started feeling so great I thought I would die from it.

Honestly, mother. That's the truth." Georgia stroked her face gently, understandingly. Funny how she had never noticed before what a powerfully sexy beast her own daughter was. All that wealth of platinum hair, and her breasts with their highly uptilted secondary mounds, her tiny, almost non-existent waist, and those hourglass hips tapering into long, well-formed and graceful legs over slender dainty ankles.

A girl like Karen was almost a cartoon caricature of everything sexy. The older woman smiled thoughtfully. In that case," she said at length, "there's only one thing left to do. You've got to seduce your father when he comes home tonight." Karen blushed again. "All right, mother but, how will I do that?" Georgia grinned and ran the smooth palm of her open hand over her daughter's quivering, rosy-peaked breasts.

The pert teenager shivered and her nipples stiffened ardently at this wanton tantalization. Her mother said, "As if that would be difficult -- a young girl who looks like you. Once he sees these tits he wouldn't be normal if he didn't have a hard-on on the spot." "Do-do you really think so?" Georgia laughed. "I know so," she said exultantly. Then she looked around. "But where's Wolf, now? We've got a bit of unfinished business. Ah, there he is!" The big German shepherd was sitting in a far corner of the room, licking lazily on his softly lying pink penis.

Georgia took her daughter by the wrist and lifted her up from the bed. "Come along, dear. You haven't sucked his penis yet. You don't know Wolf loves that.

You can swallow a mouthful of his warm, delicious sperm between now and the time your father comes home, and I'll sit on our big darling's face and let him lap at my cunt. We'll make a real nice orgy out of it." "You-you're not jealous, mother?" the young love-slave asked tremulously. "Don't be silly! Wolf's a part of the family now. And we've got to make your father see that!

All right, on your knees. And don't forget to push your finger up his asshole. The little darling loves that." Uttering a mindless little sigh of complete surrender, and admitting to herself that she had wanted xxx onani man big fick suck on Wolf's penis ever since she had first seen her mother doing it, the girl got to her knees and gently took the big dog's penis into her hand with a look on her face of complete delight.

But they would have to hurry, because she wanted to swallow his cum quickly and then get ready for her father. This was going to be the most beautiful day and night of her life! Chapter 11 Karen sat tremulously at the dinner table that evening as she waited anxiously for their little adventure to begin.

Her mother had combed out her hair after she had almost had an orgasm from sucking on Wolf's big juicy penis and swallowing every last drop of his wildly spurting animal semen. Unfortunately she had not had that climax she had so desperately needed, so that now she was feeling more desire for her daddy than she ever had before. Because gulping down Wolf's scalding hot cum had set her loins to blazing madly.

And that fire was still there, banked partially, but still smoldering and ready to burst into belly-consuming flames. While Georgia had combed out her hair, Karen had also confessed how she had rubbed against her father that morning, pressing her breasts into his hard, muscular body and working her cunt all over on his thigh until she had felt his immense hard penis coming up between her legs into the triangle of sparse curls covering her pussy.

But her mother wasn't mad -- far from it. Apparently she was now too much in love with Wolf to care. But wasn't she, Karen, in love with him, too? It was hard to say. She knew that she adored sucking on his penis and having him fuck her anal passage, but the feeling was more like infatuation than real love.

Perhaps she would have a better chance to know for sure once she had a chance to compare him with daddy. She shivered as she considered this, and was tempted to giggle. "What's with you, tonight?" asked her father across the table as he stuffed a forkful of lamb chop into his mouth.

His eyes passed thrillingly over the open swells of her breast hillocks. Her mother had encouraged her to wear a low-cut sweater from her own collection, and no brassiere. Then she had run ice cubes over Karen's sensitive young nipples in order to make them stand out. For a finishing touch she had added a touch of rouge to them, so that daddy would want to suck on them.

But wouldn't he anyway? "You look like the cat that swallowed the canary," he said. Karen giggled and fluttered her eyelashes, which her mother had elongated with black eyebrush. Georgia laughed and put her hand on Howard's bulging genitals under the table.

So -- he did have the hots for their daughter after all! He was stiff as a board! "She's just in a giggly mood, Howard," she told her husband, squeezing his bursting cock and balls gently. "You know how teenage girls are in puberty." He winced and shot her a dark, puzzled look. What was up between these two? Karen just smiled again and pushed some bright platinum hair out of her eyes. She could hardly wait to show her father the blonde little hairs on her pussy as well.

While Georgia had been combing out her hair Karen also confessed that she had witnessed her mother sucking on Wolf's penis and swallowing his squirting animal sperm, but her mother didn't seem to mind. Instead she had rambled aimlessly into discussing how Karen was going to arrange to fornicate her father tonight. They had it all worked out. The formula was simple, really.

The first move would be to get her mother out of the way on some flimsy pretext. After that Karen would have to depend on her own imagination. After all the maturing she had done today, she didn't have any doubts about her ability to manage the situation, although she was a little bit nervous. "Don't talk about puberty at the supper table," Howard said sternly.

"Especially in front of Karen." He dropped one hand underneath the table and covered hers with it. She continued to gently milk his sexual organs, and his cock was pumping itself full of blood in savage expectation of a rollicking good fucking. He tried to signal Georgia not to continue, but she appeared to ignore him. Finally he just resigned himself to her astonishing lewd behavior -- she had never done anything so aggressive before -- and settled back to enjoy it.

"Oh, Karen's a big girl, I think, Howard. She probably knows more about sex than you do." Howard Rogers glanced speculatively at his rapidly growing-up little girl. She probably did at that! Busty brunette gets surprised with a dick noted with some heat that the ovals of her saucy red lips were just perfectly formed for sucking.

What a shame that some lucky man would be the recipient of that exceptional prize, some day, instead of himself. He closed his eyes and his nostrils flared slightly as he visualized Karen's sweet young mouth closing all warm and moist and soft about his long hard cock. "I suppose," he grunted after a bit. Then he opened his eyes again. Georgia hadn't removed her hand from his excitedly pulsating penis, and it felt as if it were about to burst under her tantalizing fingers.

"You know, we've licked this thing with the newspapers," he said, trying to change the subject. He leaned back in his chair with his hands behind his head. "OH?" "That's right. We had a long talk with Don Ruben, general counsel for the Tribune today.

Their papers are going to lay off the story, and I've got the same commitment from M.F. the fourth. So from tomorrow it's clear sailing. We had to make a financial adjustment on our City Hall contract, but it didn't really amount to much." Georgia beamed. "Well, isn't that nice! Then we can all get back to normal around here again -- you know what I mean? She fluttered her eyelashes coquettishly at him, and he was amazed to find her fingers zipping open his trousers and then fumbling through the waist band of his shorts to scratch through his curly dark pubic hair until they finally closed thrillingly about his thick pulsating cock.

"Georgia!" he gasped, no longer able to control himself. Her thumb passed over the eye of his penis, rubbing off the seepage of pre- ejaculate that had appeared there.

He glanced at Karen, but she had her head down and was twirling the lettuce on her plate. Apparently the child had noticed nothing. Howard signaled to his wife vigorously with his eyes, but to no avail. Again and again she pretended not to notice him. "Georgia," he finally rasped in a low voice, "what on earth are you doing?" But his wife only giggled.

Finally he managed to summon the strength of character to pull her hand away. He crossed his legs just as there was a pronounced scratching at the kitchen door. "It's that goddamned dog again," he said somewhat kendra lust seduces cooking teen adria rae, really peeved at his sexual frustration.

He looked at his gorgeous teen daughter again and his penis gave a heart-stopping jerk. "Oh, that's right," Georgia said, getting up from the table and throwing down her napkin. "I'd better set a little something out for him until I can get my coat and the keys to the car." "Keys to the car? Where are you going?" Georgia opened the door and Wolf came inside and settled with a slump to the tiles. He was intelligent enough not to misbehave when a gentleman was present; he had been extremely well-trained.

"I'm taking him to the animal shelter," said Georgia, closing the door again. Then she went to the refrigerator and began preparing her furry lover a little something. Howard considered that. He reached down with one hand under the table and, face flaming, struggled to put his penis back inside his pants and shorts.

Then he zipped himself up, uncomfortably aware of the loud whirl of the metallic teeth meshing. "Probably make a good watchdog," he grunted after a moment's hesitation. "Nevertheless, we shall see what we shall see," said Georgia. And she left the room to get her things as if she were actually going for a drive.

Howard watched her walk off, just a trace puzzled. She smoothed her hands over her sexily swaying hips and then was gone up the stairs.

After Georgia had left with Wolf, Howard coughed several times as he wondered what to say to his beautiful daughter across the dinner table. He felt as nervous as a boy on a first date. It was somewhat unusual for them to be left alone together in the house with Georgia gone.

His wife had never been one for going out in the evening by herself. "Dinner okay?" he asked after a bit. Karen stood up and seemed to stretch and yawn, bending her long, slender arms at the elbows and bringing her small fists to her mouth. "Yes, it was nice, daddy. Her ripely budding breasts seemed to leap out at his face from under the woolly cashmere light blue sweater which perfectly matched her coloring. Her sweater appeared to have accidentally opened a button so that now her cleavage was really startling.

The swelling hillocks of her healthy young breasts were of such creamy smooth flesh that it was all he could do to keep himself for reaching out for them. "Golly," she breathed. "I just feel so lazy. Maybe we'll just put on some music." And with that she jounced into the living room, charmi kaur xxx story sex stories long platinum curls bouncing around her back, her surprisingly mature buttocks wiggling in a sensual enticement.

Howard couldn't keep his eyes off her now. His penis had remained huge and hard, and was currently throbbing as if it were filled with gunpowder and about to be detonated.

He pushed back his chair and staggered to his feet, wiping his lips clumsily with his napkin and dropping it to the dinner table. He moved off after her as if he were hypnotized. Karen was putting a half dozen records on the stereo, and in another moment it started rocking to Crocodile Rock and several other standards of the afternoon teenage dance shows on television. Howard felt his blood boil as she started dancing with that lascivious, abandoned rhythm so common among kids these days.

Christ! There was almost a wantonness about the dance's movements. Frequently he had gotten an erection while watching one of those shows on television where pertly-breasted and fresh-looking long-haired teenagers danced their guts and bodies out.

And now Karen, his very own daughter, was doing all of their gyrations, her beautiful young breasts bobbing, her hourglass hips shaking from side to side, her long platinum blonde hair flying around! She raised her arms and pursed her lips sexily.

As her lovely long arms moved up and back, her breasts bounced that much more and her hips swayed titillatingly in time to the raucous, primitive music.

"Karen," he gulped. "My-my dear . you ." Suddenly it seemed as if yet another one of the buttons on her sweater had come open, revealing yet another gorgeously tantalizing expanse of soft warm flesh. Howard was amazed to be able to glimpse one of the large strawberry crests on her breasts, for the already low-cut sweater had come open that much. He loosened his necktie, the sweat pouring out on his forehead.

His tremendous erection was sticking up pointedly in his pants, and he was at a total loss as to what to do. Should he dance with her, or tell her to stop or what? Karen interferred with his confused thoughts by saying suddenly, "Don't you think I have nice titties, daddy?" She emphasized her question by cupping her sensually swaying mounds in her hands. Howard gasped and snorted. He looked around as if expecting to see Georgia come in any minute.

"Well-I, that is -- look here, young lady, you'd better behave -- and, ah, and get yourself back together ." But Karen only laughed deliciously, sensing her impending triumph. Her mother had coached her in exactly what to say, and although a lot of it was words she had always been taught to think were naughty, she was prepared to go through with it.

Suddenly she danced and swayed closer to her father, humming through the music. The next button on her brassiereless sweater fell away right on cue, and now both of her breasts were in fairly plain view right down to their nipples.

"Daddy," she murmured huskily, reaching down to grab the point where his cock was sticking out a mile. "If a girl can't show her own father her breasts, then who can she show them to?" Then she blinked as if pleasantly surprised. "Why, daddy, your prick is all hard! You wanted to see my titties! You want to touch them! Say you do!" "Well, I--" He glanced at her firmly upthrust breasts out of the corner of his eye, nervously wetting his lips with his tongue.

This was a dirty middle-aged man's dream come true. Karen had such glorious young breasts with those oversized nipples that no man could help but want to suck on them. Then, before he knew what was happening she was tattooing the back of his neck with her fingernails and drawing his head down, down, down . until the magnetic attraction between his lips and the nipples of her left breast could no longer be fought . "Oooooooh, daddy," she whistled ecstatically as his mouth drew in her distended nipple and as much of the surrounding breast flesh as he could get, sucking ravenously like a baby who hadn't eaten in days.

"Oooooooooh, daddy darling," she sighed, her eyes rolling upward, her hand reaching down for the elongated bulge of his fully erect cock again. "You're sucking on my titties like you've wanted to do for a vereeeeee long time.

Arrgggghhhhhooooooooo darling ." Karen had never had anyone's lips fastened on her sensitive mounds of flesh before, and as her father sucked hungrily, his hand came up to grip her other breast, squeezing it and twisting it. She groaned and panted for air.

Who would have thought that a man playing with her breasts like this would have such a wild effect on her? Her virginal little cunt was flowing in heated anticipation, soaking her pussy-hair. As for Howard, he felt delirious. He had never seen such firmly magnificent breasts before, and the fact that they belonged to his own precocious thirteen year old daughter made them all the more exciting.

He sucked, mouthed, nibbled and licked ravenously. Her large hard nipple was batted about by his tongue and then nibbled thrillingly with his teeth. Karen squeezed the bulge in his pants lasciviously and moaned, her beautiful head lying back in wantonness, her shining white hair lying all the way down to the top of her curvaceous buttocks. "You-you don't mind, do you, daddy? That I let you suck on my tits like this?" "Gllrrmph." "Oooooh," she exulted, squeezing his genitals hungrily.

"I've wanted to suck on your prick for ages, daddy. Ooooh, soooo nice ." Howard pushed her back toward the couch until she sat down on it. By now he was so out of his mind with desire he had totally forgotten Georgia and wouldn't have given a damn anyway if she had showed up.

All his loins could think of was fucking his own beautiful, platinum-haired daughter. He propped up her legs so that her mini-skirt fell off to the sides, and was surprised to find that she wasn't wearing any panties. Her blonde pussy hair was all wet and the seeping oval wet folds of her open cunt looked as shiny as if they had been greased. "God," he murmured in adoration of all that platinum blonde pussy hair and her open, desirable young cunt.

Karen was the most beautiful mom and dad step dathroom he'd ever seen in his life. He pushed his hands under her firmly resilient buttocks and drew her toward his mouth as if her pink cuntal slit were a slice of watermelon. In another moment his lips were moving through her sparse pubic curls and then touching her moist quivering pussy.

He slipped his tongue in through the hot layers of wet flesh to locate her hypersensitive clitoris, and sucked on it madly, dragging little cries, groans and sighs of ecstasy from her deep within her lust-constricted throat. "Oh! Oh! Daddy! If you only knew how great that feels! Oh my God! Please! Oh daddy! Fuck meeee!" This last lewd phrase pushed the mindlessly aroused young father completely over the edge of reason. Staggering to his feet to straighten out his pants, he unzipped them and pushed down his shorts as well.

Karen gasped as her father's long hard cock sprang upward out of its confining clothing. She hort sexi story ebony chut fat gai abaj bali story as if she were going blind with happiness.

This was the moment she had waited for! "Fuck me, dadeeeeee!!" she cried, pointing to her wetly quivering vagina. "I'm a virgin. Darling, I've been saving myself for you! Please fuck me!" These words affected him as if she had bit the end of his savagely pulsating rod.

Dropping to his knees again, he reached forward and pulled her lewdly writhing little body towards him. His massively pulsating penis passed smoothly forward between her outstretched legs bumping thrillingly against her sleek young thighs, and then at last was passing through the warm, moist curls of pussy hair covering her tight little cunt. When the rubbery soft tip met at last her seeping cuntal mouth, his big ass oiled tits bouncing felt as if it would burst.

At last! He closed his eyes and shoved forward, the walls of her vagina receiving his cock as if with sunny leone first virgin sex million loving hands, undulating and kissing it all over. Howard sighed, then cried out momentarily sunny leone xxx storys 1 hrs as she did -- when his massive cock-head bumped the soft, tissue paper fragility of her hymen.

And then it was passing through and up into her virginal cunt, all of the wet warmth of her sex closing about his lovingly. He looked down and could see his heavily ridged, blood-bloated instrument disappearing up into her belly, just the tiniest speck of blood dripping to the couch.

He put his arms around her excitedly undulating hips, and buried his nostrils in her scented young hair. Her warm little breasts pressed strongly up against his chest as he ran his hands all over the exciting nakedness of her teenage flesh. This was the moment he had been waiting for. His pelvis lurched forward, embedding his huge staff the real workout aleksa nicole the hill climb male flesh deep up inside her tightly clasping cunt until their pubic mound bumped and ground together, their hairs becoming intertwined momentarily before he jerked his hips backward again and his wetly glistening penis came sliding out with her cuntal lips clinging to the thick shaft.

Then he gently slid forward again, burying his hardness in her softness again. She was snug but as smooth as wet sealskin as he fucked in and out of her wetly throbbing pussy, their bellies smacking together, his balls bouncing softly against the couch cushion.

"Daddeeee, I love you!" she cried, licking his ear and washing it out, then taking it entirely into her ardent sultry red mouth and sucking on it. Howard sighed and shut his eyes, delirious with happiness.

This was the most wonderful thing that had ever happened in his life. Yr teen ebony lovemore first timer fucking machine wonderful, in fact, that he failed to notice entirely the sounds of Georgia returning home surreptitiously -- the sounds of the car coming up the driveway, the back door opening, the pattering of high heels and four paws across the kitchen tiles.

In another moment Georgia had lifted Wolf onto the couch and gotten him up into a standing position so that his own glistening pink penis was sliding forward out of its sheath. Karen inclined her head slightly and took in as much of the dog's immense penis into her mouth as she could, sucking ravenously as her father continued to fuck her.

By the time Howard had opened his eyes and noticed what was going on, he was too far gone to care. And anyway his moral position was not very good, as here he was fucking his own teenage daughter. He couldn't very well protest, then, at her sucking on a dog's penis. So he merely closed his eyes again and continued fucking. Georgia removed her clothes and then sat down naked in an easy chair, lighting a cigarette as she watched her gorgeous platinum-tressed daughter being fucked by both her German shepherd lover and her husband.

It probably wouldn't be a bad idea to get some Polaroid's of this, but that could wait until later. In the meantime she would just sit there, finishing her cigarette and rubbing her fingers into the slippery wet folds of her pussy.

She would want to have Wolf's long beautiful penis ramming up inside her rectum next while she sucked on her husband's penis, and wouldn't that be a surprise for Howard! She had always been such a prude about cocksucking in the past!

But then they were in the future now, a beautiful bright new future. Wolf, that wonderful animal, had come out of nowhere to change their lives forever. She would love him for all eternity, and Howard as well.

Between them -- and with Karen -- they were going to build a whole new life. Eventually tiring of her philosophy as well as of her cigarette, the tall voluptuous redhead stubbed out the latter in the nearest ashtray and sauntered over to her husband. Gripping his perspiration soaked black curls, she twisted his head around to bring his nose and mouth directly in contact with her hotly squirming pussy.

Howard got the idea immediately, his tongue shooting out to penetrate the trickling wet folds, moving inward swiftly through her hair-lined furrow to lick at her vibrating little clitoris. Georgia groaned, her head falling back with all of her long red hair falling over her prettily dimpled buttocks.

The amazing girls have fun on the beach of her huge hard breasts also acted like a magnet for Wolf's lengthy red tongue, and he began lapping them hungrily in a dual assault of oralism. By now Howard could feel his orgasm come thundering up from his wildly throbbing testicles. He groaned loudly, shuddered once, and then he was spewing his hot churning sperm upwards into his teenage daughter's ecstatically rippling vaginal passage -- just as Wolf also began barking and yelping, squirting scalding animal seed down Karen's gluttonously sucking throat.

With cum being poured into her from both ends, the lascivious thirteen year old blonde reached her own orgasm as well, gushing a clear viscious fluid all over her father's still pistoning cock as she wailed in rapture, "I'm cumming everybody, I'm cumming!" Her mind spun with ecstasy and she wanted to swoon -- but not before her greedy little cunt and mouth had gobbled as much cum into her first time xxxx story blood as she could take.

By their side, her gorgeous redheaded mother was also reaching climax under the mouths and tongues of her husband and her animal lover. Georgia groaned and twisted as if trying to get away, then smashed her wildly throbbing pussy over her husband's face like a rubber mask, groaning endlessly as a series of loins-splitting orgasms rent her flesh, one on top of the other, from toenails to hair ends.

By the time the four of them had stopped shuddering, the two females were lying on their backs on the carpet, holding hands and moaning as only a satisfied woman can moan. Howard looked at the restfully satisfied Wolf, paused momentarily, and then stretched out his hand to shake the big dog's forepaw. "Welcome to the family," he said. The powerful, muscular animal seemed to grin and they went over to the women to examine the possibilities of new positions.

For one and all, a new family, full of happiness, fulfillment and a bright future, had emerged from the discomfited, frustrated and haphazard wreckage of the old. "Here's to the future," said Howard as he parted the unblemished white moons of his daughter's ass-cheeks and moved his rigidly growing cock in between them towards her snugly puckered anus. She was lying, spent and exhausted, breathing heavily, with her cheek against the carpet.

But that was all right. He'd wake her up soon enough. The End