Small tits european girl getting fucked vision entertainment

Small tits european girl getting fucked vision entertainment
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I had been watching the house in the neighborhood for years now. It was occupied by a young couple who appeared to be hard working and looking to start a family after buying their small modest home. The woman ,"Amy", of the house was a tall well shaped blond who frequently would walk up the road with her daughter.

She would pick berries and stop at the beaver pond to point out the ducks and geese to her daughter. It was on these walks that I got to see her long well shaped legs, long blond hair, and nicely proportioned breasts.

She was about 30 yrs old, 5'8" tall, about 130-135pounds, with what appeared to be nice sized tits. Her hair was long enough to reach the middle of her back and she often had it in a pony tail when working in the yard or walking the road.

It was her walks that got the evil side of my mind working on a way to sample the tasty body of hers. I planned to use her walks up the lonely country road as the vehicle for my evil desires. I planned to break into her house when she was walking her daughter and be waiting for her return. Once I had them subdued, the fun would start.

In preparation for my assault, I had rope, gags, my cameras, [video and still], a bottle of viagra, assorted sex toys, my razor sharp skinning knife, and double edged dagger. If I played my cards correctly, she would never be able to lead them to me and her body would become a trophy to remember.

My plan went into action on a sunny November day at about 11am. I drove by her house and noticed her starting her walk up the road and that set the plan in motion. I drove up beauteous virgin legal age teenager enjoys cock in twat road and parked the car out of sight. I circled back to her house through the woods, pretty girl relaxes with dildos girlfriend homemade inside the house and waited to spring my trap.

30minutes later, I saw Amy and her daughter coming up the driveway. After taking up my position, I readied my ether soaked rag and counted down the moments until she would be mine. As she opened the door and stepped past me, I sprang out. I threw her daughter against the wall and grabbed Amy around the chest as I placed the ether soaked rag over her face.

Her resistance faded after only a few seconds and I soon had her limp body in my hands. I let her slide to the floor, and then placed the same ether soaked rag over her daughter's face to keep her quiet. I picked up Amy, and brought her to the bedroom before returning for her daughter. I brought her daughter to the livingroom and then proceeded to secure her for the events to come. Amy's daughter, who appeared to be about 10-12yrs old, 4 foot tall, weighed about 70pounds with medium length blond colored hair, a flat chest with just a couple of bumps that in another life would have grown a nice pair of tits.

I tied her wrists to her ankles with rope I had brought with me with and inserted a homemade gag in her mouth. Once her daughter was secured, I returned to the bedroom to examine my blond MILF. Amy was still out of it and I took advantage of the situation to undress her and get her ready for my deviant plans.

Asleep in her bed, so peaceful and calm, she was a sight to behold and I would enjoy the events to come. I first removed her coat and tee shirt and was pleased to see my first glimpse of her well proportioned tits.

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They would make a nice trophy at home and had my mouth watering. I then removed her white lace bra and saw her tits in their naked glory for the first time. They were grapefruit sized [her bra said 34 "D"]very firm with no sagging over her ribs, with dark areolas the size of silver dollars, and large pink nipples begging for a kiss.

I leaned over and planted a nice firm kiss on each of them while giving a long hard suck on both nipples. They both responded with an increase in size and a darkening of color as blood rushed to them.

They were truly a sight to behold.

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I couldn't get enough of them and fondled and sucked on them for nearly 20minutes while planting kisses all over them. After sampling her tits, I turned my attention to the prize of the day. Amy was wearing jeans [size 5] and they did little to hide her perfect ass. As she walked the road the her ass would be the center a everyone's attention and she didn't seem to mind showing her assets off. I unbuttoned her jeans and pulled them off her hips and marveled at the sight before me.

There before my eyes was a perfectly trimmed blond pussy hiding behind a see-thru lace pair of panties. I leaned down and got my nose right next to her public mound and took a deep breath of her sexual aroma. As I was soaking up her scent, I pulled her panties down to see her womanhood in all it's glory.

It was a neatly put together pussy without a loose baggy lips. Everything was nice and tight with only a seam running between her lips. A small blond triangle shaved into her public hair pointed to her prized pussy and ended right above her clit The sight of Amy's pussy spurred me to get my camera and start taking pictures. I took hundreds of pictures of her in every possible fashion. As I was taking the pictures, Amy started to stir and I knew her slumber was coming to an end. I took out my ropes and gag and tied her wrists to her ankles and put the large ball gag in her mouth.

I had modified a hockey puck to make the gag. I cut the diameter down and cut it so there was a hole thought the middle. That modification would allow my cock to fuck her throat without the risk of her teeth.

The way I tied her wrists and ankles had the effect of keeping her knees bent and unable to kick at me. It also would allow me to maneuver her around into any position I wanted to fuck her in. Once Amy was secured, I went to get her daughter and removed all her clothes too.

She had such a tiny little pussy with just the slightest hint of fuzz. Her areolas were nickle sized and her nipples were the size of a small pencil eraser. I picked her up and brought her into the bedroom to be seen by her mother, and to see her mother being raped and assaulted. With Amy all set for the main event, I took off my clothes and got in bed with my face up close and personal to her prime pussy. I stated running my tongue from top to bottom along her slit and watched as her lips quivered ever so slightly.

After a few passes along her slit, I pressed my tongue deeper and miki sato and young boy sucking part of into her pussy as I parted her womanhood. As my tongue came in contact with her love bud, she started to stir even more. When I took her clit between my teeth and started flicking it with my tongue that sparked her to life.

Like flipping on a light switch, Amy awoke and started thrashing around and yelling into her gag. I moved up over her chest and put my arms and either side of her as I started kissing her stomach and tits. She was hysterical and yelling and trying to free herself. I took hold of her jaw and said to her "calm the hell down. There is nothing you can do to stop this from happening and the outcome is already determined. How well you behave will determine how much your daughter over there [I turned her head to show Amy her naked bound daughter sitting across the room] will suffer too."Amy stopped thrashing around and started to cry and sob at the sight of her naked daughter and the possible outcome of the day.

"Do you understand?" She nodded her head and all the fight left her pretty green eyes and was thai lady teen in high heels has good fuck with anger and worry. Once Amy knew the rules, I went back to sampling her tasty pussy. I drank as much of her juices as possible while I worked my tongue over her clit and plunged 2 fingers in and out of her increasingly wet cunt. I did my best to find her "G" Spot and soon had my answer.

Her sobbing was slowly replaced with a barely noticeable moaning. Back and forth I rubbed my finger over the magic spot and I could feel her pussy quivering and clenching at my intruding digits.

Once I had her on the edge, I pulled my fingers from her sopping cunt and readied my cock for it's journey through her silky folds. Before I entered Amy's Grade A pussy, I turned on the video cameras and positioned them to show the penetration of her pussy and the side view of our coupling with her facial expressions.

Once positioned, I took up my place between Amy's well toned legs and ran my cock up and down her slit. As she whimpered and cried I saw her green eyes get bigger as she felt the tip of my cock start to enter her forbidden love tunnel. Now I'm not hung like a horse, my 7" long cock has a slight upward angle, is about 2" wide and it was still a tight fit inside Amy's pussy in spite of it dripping love honey like a leaky faucet.

Inch by inch I slid my cock into her tight velvet tunnel until I was balls deep in her womanhood. Once I came to the end of my journey, I paused for a few moments and soaked up the sensations from her tight, wet, quivering pussy. I bent forward and kissed her right breast as I started the continuing pumping of her pussy while she stared blankly into my eyes.

In and out, over and over, for the next 20 minutes I pumped my cock into Amy as her cunt betrayed her with 2 different orgasms. Finally, I couldn't take it anymore and I had to blow me load of seed. This is where the homemade gag came in handy. I pulled out of Amy's dripping, quivering pussy and straddled her face while shoving my cock thru the gag into her throat. As my cock hit the back of her mouth, she gaged slightly but she was helpless.

I grabbed her hair and started to fuck her mouth until I couldn't hold it any longer. I bottomed out in her just as my cock swelled and started shooting rope after rope of cum down Amy's throat. It was the most intense orgasm I have had in weeks and she had trouble swallowing all of my seed without choking. As soon as my balls were empty, I got off her face and grabbed my bottle of blue pills. I showed them to Amy, and she just cried. She knew there would be no rest from my chemically hardened cock.

As Amy laid on her back trusted up like a Christmas goose, I picked her naked daughter up and brought her to the bed. I placed the daughter's head next to Amy's spread open legs and then started to once again lick and suck on Amy's prime pussy. Her woman honey had a mild taste and her daughter had a bird's eye view of my fingers disappearing into the pretty blonde pussy she came out of.

My cock was once again hard as iron and I got between Amy's silky thighs while positioning my cockhead at her vaginal opening. I grabbed Amy's ankles and rolled her backwards lifting her ass off the bed. Then with one hard thrust, I rammed my cock balls deep into her pussy. She let out a loud groan as my cock hit her cervix and my pubic bone smashed into her. Over and over I drove my cock against her cervix while I watched her "D" sized tits bounce back and forth across her chest.

Amy just whimpered and stared at me with those big green eyes as tears ran down her face. After 10 minutes of pumping her pussy, I wanted a different sensation wrapped around my cock. I pushed her legs back even further as I withdrew my cock from her pussy and headed for door #2.

The sexual juices flowing out of Amy's pussy had trickled down to her browneye, and my cock was covered too, so I had no worries about getting inside her ass. I put my cock against her anus and pushed past her resistance as she cried out in pain. As soon as I bottomed out in her bowels, she started sobbing loudly and screaming thru her gag. I pulled my cock out until there was just the head inside sexy blonde teen and two big black cocks, and then rocked my hips forward to penetrate her ass again.

On and on I penetrated her ass over the next 20minutes and the feeling was exquisite. Her tight ass gripped and pulled at my cock like a vise. When I reached the point of having my orgasm, I pulled my cock out of her ass, grabbed her daughter's head, and shoved my cock into her mouth as I sent my seed blasting down her throat. Her throat was as tight around my cock as her mouth's ass and she did a good job of cleaning my cock off. As soon as I was done cummin down her throat, Amy's Daughter gagged and started throwing up so I pushed her off the bed.

Seeing the pain in Amy's face and the tortured look in her eyes was priceless. I was in complete control of her life and she knew it was not going to end well.

Once my balls were emptied of their second load of seed, I rolled Amy over on her chest. As I took hold of her beautiful shapely hips, I positioned my cock at her ass and rammed it into her again. Her once pristine body was now starting to show it's mileage. Her pussy lips were red and swollen, her face was flushed from all the crying, her asshole was also red and showed signs of bleeding.

As I relentlessly rammed my cock into her ass, I reached for one of the toys I had brought. It was a 16" long, 4" wide solid rubber dildo and it was going to be joining my cock in her body.

I pulled my cock out of her ass and rammed it into her pussy. She cried out once again as her cunt was violated without warning or care. Once I had fucked her for a few more thrusts, I pulled my cock out of her cunt and readied the dildo for it's entry into her. I took the massive dildo aligned it with her browneye and shoved it into her battered ass. As it entered her bowels Amy screamed at the top of her lungs as she was forced to deal with a massive penetration of her innermost recesses.

I kept my cock ready for her cunt as I pummeled her ass with the horse cock sized dildo. With each thrust of it, I rammed it further and further into her until it finally was all the way into her bowels. When it reached it's maximum depth, Amy screamed out and became limp cute doctor chanel preston takes care of her horny patient pornstars and hardcore me.

With only 2 inches of the dildo stick out of her ass, I grabbed her hips and resumed my assault on her pussy. As I continued to punish Amy's body, her daughter was sobbing on the floor and trying to get away from the mess she made.

I pulled out of Amy's pussy and lifted her daughter off the floor and placed her next to Amy. I rolled Amy onto her back and pulled out another toy for her. It was a strap on 9" dildo and Amy would have "pleasure" of taking her daughter's anal cherry. I took out some Vaseline, smeared it over the dildo, and then woke Amy up. When she came to, she saw the strap on and got a panicked look in her eyes when she saw me lifting her daughter over it.

I positioned the little girl's asshole on the tip of the dildo, and then shoved her down until she was sitting on the base plate while she screamed in pain. Amy screamed and cried uncontrollably as I lifted her daughter up and down time after time as the dildo became coated in her blood. After about 10 minutes of having Amy "fuck" her daughter, I leaned her daughter backwards, and shoved my cock inside Amy's pussy.

With my arms on either side of Amy and her daughter, I pumped my cock like a jackhammer in and out of her pussy. 20 minutes of assaulting her pussy had me close to another orgasm and I sexy babes take it up the ass plans for this load of cum.

Amy was out of it and just stared blankly at the wall while her daughter lay motionless on her stomach. Both were catatonic to what was happening to them and I needed to snap them back to the reality of the situation. Without warning, I pulled her daughter off the strap on dildo and walked over to a chair next to the bed. I took a seat with my pussy soaked cock pointing straight up and impaled her daughter's tiny pussy on my cock. Amy snapped out of her zombie like state and went ballistic as she noticed my cock disappearing into her daughter's pussy.

My god what a tight hot little cunt she had. Every thrust went through her cervix into her tiny womb and after 5-6 thrusts into her womb, I was sent over the edge. I pulled her off and shoved my cock down her throat for a second time.

Rope after rope of cum went straight to her stomach and brought a wicked smile to my face. After spending the last few hours enjoying the pleasures of Amy and her daughter, My cock was getting sore and my balls were working overtime to keep up. After catching my breath following the assault on the tiny bald pussy, I climbed back onto the bed with Amy as she flailed about in extreme anger.

I grabbed her throat and looked her in the eye and said "remember what I said? Thrashing around like this isn't making you position any better." With those words, she calmed down and stopped fighting her restraints.

I rolled her over onto her chest and once again took her nicely shaped, well toned hips in my hands. I took my time admiring her skin and shapely hips while planting hickies all over her ass.

While I was kissing Amy's ass and enjoying the situation, It was time to end this encounter. I brought her daughter up next to Amy's face and laid her on her back. I got down between her small slim legs and looked into Amy's eyes as I slid my tongue up her daughter's thigh.

When I reached her tiny bald pussy, I moved my tongue to her swollen lips and tasted some prime veal pussy. I continued to run my tongue up and down her small slit and soon her little love bud was peaking out.

I turned my attention to it and marveled at the response coming from her small pre-teen pussy.

It was getting wet and her legs were writhing against her restraints. Seeing her reaction made me want to split her cunt with my cock once again. I moved up over her body and placed my cock against her tiny hole. I leaned forward and applied pressure against her little womanhood and relished the feeling as my cock forced it's way to the end of her love tunnel. I started the slow steady pumping of her tiny twat and soon her body started to respond.

I felt her cunt getting wetter, and start to quiver ever so slightly. Her breathing become more rapid and she opened her legs ever so slightly to allow me better access to her. Before my next load of cum needed to be released, I pulled out of her and rolled her over on her stomach. I grabbed her tiny hips and pulled them to my aching cock. I then showed Amy my next toy for the evening. It was my double edged dagger and it was brought for one reason. I started fucking her doggie style while I held the knife in my mouth like a pirate.

Harder and harder I fucked her until my balls once again had a load looking for a home. This time I wasn't pulling out and it would be the last thing she felt. As my seed started mind blowing doggy style pounding hardcore blowjob journey to her tiny womb, I placed my left hand on the back of her head, placed the dagger's tip against her cervical vertebra, and plunged the dagger into the base of her skull.

She instantly went limp, stopped breathing, and died 12" away from her mother's face. Amy went nuts and started screaming and thrashing uncontrollably at what she had just witnessed.

A blow to the back of her head with the butt of the knife took the fight out of her and sealed her fate. I took up position behind Amy and started pumping her pussy with my chemically hardened cock. The death of Amy's daughter while I was cummin inside her tiny twat had me fucking Amy with renewed vigor.

I took the horse cock sized dildo and shoved it far enough inside her that it was no longer visible through her browneye. It must have torn her insides up because she cried out and blood began to trickle out of her anus. It didn't matter to me and I continued my assault of her pussy. Finally after 30+ minutes of fucking her, my raw sore cock had enough.

It started to swell again as my last load of cum made it's way to her innermost reaches. Just like her daughter, I placed my left hand on her head and readied the dagger.

At that time Milf and teens francesca le megan rain trisha parks brittany shae yhivi knew what was coming, and she just gave up. She didn't thrash her head about or try to buck my off her hips. I placed the tip against her neck and with one hard thrust, she went limp. She twitched once or twice from nerves, but her breathing had stopped, and her eyes were staring ahead.

Once my cock had finished sending my seed into her womb, the next step started. This is where the skinning knife came in handy. I wanted some mementoes of the evening and Amy would provide many.

I cut the ropes off her and laid her out so I could get to work. First thing on my list was those big beautiful green eyes. I took the dagger out and quickly removed them and put them in a baggie. For the rest of my life, those big green eyes would be looking at me from a jar full of formaldehyde. Next up was her long blonde hair. I didn't cut her hair off, I cut her scalp off. I followed her hairline all around her head and had a very nice result. Once tanned the skin would be preserved and I could display her long blonde hair on a manikin.

Next up were those exquisite "D" sized tits. I wanted a "breast plate" to tan and stuff, so I cut from her armpit, down to her last rib, across her stomach about 4" above her bellybutton, back up to her armpit, up around to her collarbone and across her upper chest, down around the other collarbone and under her arm to the beginning cut. And lastly, I wanted that Grade A pussy on my some legal age teenager porn scene hardcore and blowjob with her eyes.

I cut her skin at her bikini tan line, down between her legs, and made the cuts meet between her pussy and her asshole. I tied rope to her legs and opened them to their maximum width so I had plenty of room to do my final work. Once Amy's legs were spread apart and her pubic mound and pussy skin was loose, I used the knife to cut her vagina and cervix out in one piece. Till the end of time, I would own the sexual organ of Amy and it would remind me of our time together.

I even took some trophies from her daughter. I took the patch of skin growing the little blonde fuzz above her pussy, her tiny little clit, and I took the areolas with nipples off her flat chest. They would be put in jars and join her mother's eyes and pussy in jars of formaldehyde After collecting my trophies, I wrapped the bodies up in plastic garbage bags and carried them outside.

Amy and her husband, like many people in the country, burned wood to heat their house. They used an outdoor furnace and it was big enough to hold 500pounds of wood. Tonight, it would hold 200 pounds of formally blonde female flesh. I threw some wood in the furnace, threw the daughter in first, and then sat Amy's body on the door frame and pushed her backwards into the furnace.

I used the long steel poker to push her legs inside and got her centered in the firebox. I then threw some more wood on top of the bodies.

They starting burning in short order and I closed the door. I went in the house and gathered up my trophys and tools, turned the thermostat all the way up, opened a few windows, and left the house for the husband to find empty.

I knew within hours the soft tissue would be gone and all that would be left is small pieces of bone. Not much for the funerals. As it worked out, the husband wasn't a nice guy and was having issues with Amy.

The domestic violence calls to the police from her family made him the prime suspect in their muders. While he does life in prison, I have my trophies to remind me of the afternoon spent with inside Amy and her daughter.