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Massive wiener for pretty stupid gal stealer
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I was in a giddy haze the rest of the day, and can't recall one important thing I did at work. I wound up leaving because I was so distracted. I kept replaying in my mind the video chat with Gwen, and though there didn't appear to be any chance of much happening tonight, we were still going to be together.

I just had to keep it cool around the wife! I went home and, just to kill time, mowed the lawn, walked the dogs, and other various chores. Next thing I knew, it was almost time for Ingrid to get home.

I showered, and when she arrived we talked about our days (I was a little less forthcoming than usual) and about our plans for the evening. Around 5:00, Gwen kitty mcmuffin and leila have been playing in thei to say she was close and did we want sunny leone sex with bass in office to come there or meet her at the restaurant.

I suggested we meet her at Joe's, her father-in-law, so we could unload her car and settle the stuff in there. Get that out of the way tonight and we wouldn't have to worry about it the next day.

So that's what we did. Seeing Gwen in person, even clothed, was almost better than seeing her naked on the web cam. But only almost. We all hugged hello, chit-chatted a bit, then got to work unloading and setting up in the house. Once we were done, We talked about where we would eat, decided on a local place we all liked, and decided Gwen could leave her car and ride with us.

During dinner we decided that we'd go to our house afterwards to hang out, have a few beers (Ingrid, as usual, would be the designated driver), but first we had to go to the liquor store to get some supplies for the next day's party.

At the liquor store, Ingrid and Gwen were giggling like high school girls, picking out different "airplane bottles" of shooters to sample. I loved the way the two of them got along together, and fantasized about the next morning and how Gwen and I could spend our time while Ingrid was at work. We got home and I let the dogs out into the back yard.

I followed to make sure they had enough water, then walked back in. Ingrid and Gwen were laughing, and Ingrid looked embarrassed.

"Babe, I forgot all about being the designated driver!" she said, laughing. "Gwen and I just had a shot! I'm sorry." It's not that we were planning to go out, but at this point Gwen was still planning to stay at Joe's house for the night, and would need a ride there.

"No problem," I laughed. "I can do without a night of drinking. You two enjoy yourself, and I'll make sure you stay out of trouble." "Oh, right!" Gwen snorted. "I'd say Ingrid drunk is still more responsible than you sober!" We all laughed at that, but I couldn't really disagree. The girls drank, we played music, some games on Wii, and generally had a good time. I was rarely the sober one at times like this, so it was interesting to watch the two of them getting buzzed.

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Neither of them drank enough to get sloppy drunk, but they were definitely happy! About 10:30, Gwen said "Okay, so what's the plan?

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Are you going to take me home, or what?" "Are you sure you don't want to just stay here?" Ingrid asked. "You and Rob and drink together that way. I have to go to bed soon, but you two can stay up." "Yea, you should just stay with us tonight," I agreed. "We don't have to stay up too late, and we can get an earlier start in the morning that way." "Start on what?" Gwen asked, laughing.

"Remember, we already took care of everything earlier today." "Oh, right.

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Well, even more reason to just stay with us." "Hm, yea, I could. But I have all my overnight stuff over at Joe's." "Well," I began, marveling at how well this was working out, "Why don't I drive you to Joe's, and honey," I said to Ingrid, "can you go ahead and get the guest room straightened out?" It was mostly ready for guests, but some things we normally store in there blonde jessi gold pussy licking her sexy teen friend kimberly have to be put away.

"Yea, I can do that. Go, be careful." I was anxious on the car ride with Gwen, wondering what, if anything, I should say to get things started. I don't remember what we talked about for the first few minutes. Finally, I casually placed my hand on her knee. Gwen looked at me with an amused expression. "What do you think you're doing?" "Huh? Oh, nothing.

how did that get there?" I stammered, laughing nervously, and removed my hand. Gwen snickered, and we didn't say much more until we got to Joe's. "Okay, I need." Gwen muttered, going from room to room, picking up her bag and getting some additional overnight things they kept a supply of at the house, just in case. I followed along like a puppy dog, wanting her to stop for a moment.

She knew it, but was studiously ignoring me. Finally, she finished her circuit, walked to the middle of the living room, took a look around, then finally looked at me.

"What else?" she asked. "How 'bout a kiss?" I said, stepping to her. She was immediately in my arms, and we kissed passionately. I became erect so fast it almost hurt! I had my arms wrapped around her, rubbing her jeans covered ass, and ground my pelvis into hers. Her hands were running through my hair, pulling my head down so she could kiss me even harder.

Our tongues played frantically, and I moved one hand up from her ass and brought it around between us, rubbing her boob. She broke from the kiss long enough to pull her shirt and bra up, exposing those fantastic tits! "God, your tits are fantastic!" I exclaimed. "I know!" she said, smiling. We started kissing again, while I massaged her breasts and played with her nipples. God they were perfect! I broke the kiss and leaned down, sucking first on one nipple then the other.

Her jeans shorts were just loose enough that I was able to work my hand down inside the front, and slip in under her panties. Her pussy lips were puffy with excitement, and she was soaking wet! I ran my finger through her slit a few times, then pushed a little further and found her entrance. I couldn't believe how tight she felt! Her pussy sucked at my finger as I continued to play, alternating between penetrating her and playing with her engorged clitoris.

Meanwhile, she had unzipped me and was playing with my cock through my underwear. After a bit of this, she reached inside and pulled me out, tugging at me gently. I was already dripping pre-cum, which she licked off her fingers. I so badly wanted to rip her clothes off and eat her pussy, then fuck her like crazy!

But. "We have to stop!" Gwen said, not without a little regret in her voice. "We can't be gone too long or Ingrid will be suspicious." "I know," I groaned. "Dammit, I want you so bad right now!" "Me too, baby," she replied. "Tomorrow, okay?" "Okay." We got her stuff in the car and drove back home.

I kept my hand on her leg, moving to her crotch and back to her thigh, for the ride home. I considered asking for a blow job on the way, and I think she would have if I had asked.

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As excited as I was, I was pretty sure I'd come within a few minutes if she did. But I decided not to. I wanted to wait for the next morning, where we could take our time and do things right.

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We got home, both calmed down enough to not arouse suspicion. I had a beer with Gwen while Ingrid got ready for bed, then Gwen said she thought she'd go on to sleep too. While Ingrid was still in the bathroom, we snuck another quick kiss. Then we all said goodnight, and Ingrid and I went to our room while I longingly watched Gwen go to hers.