Amateur teen pussy juice share with your mommy

Amateur teen pussy juice share with your mommy
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I REMEMBER MOTHER When mom took me back to college, we learned a lot from each other! by Oediplex 8==3~ PART 1 It was the trip to college, for my sophomore year.

My mother had flown down with me to North Carolina, dad stayed in Connecticut unable to get free from business. My mom had never seen my college, so she accompanied me south, intending to stay several days. We arrived in Greensboro fine, but our luggage was lost somewhere else. The airline assured us that it would be delivered the next morning.

I registered and received my dorm room assignment that afternoon. We went out to a local restaurant. We both enjoyed the leisurely meal and split a couple of bottles of wine. I drove my mother back to the motel in the rental car we got at the airport.

It was still early, and my mother suggested I stay a bit longer since it would be Christmas before we saw each other again, once she returned home in a couple of days.

We ordered another bottle of wine from room service and started to reminisce about days gone bye. When the wine was done, I got up to leave, but my mother suggested that I was too inebriated to drive back to the dormitory. I agreed, but said I didn't have anything to wear to bed since our luggage was lost.

My mother pointed out that neither did she, but that we could sleep in our underwear since we tended to be somewhat casual about our state of dress at home.

"Or undress," she said with a titter. A sign that the wine had effected her too. I was more than ready to get comfortable so I striped down to my jockey shorts. My mom looked a bit astonished at me and said, "David, I didn't expect a strip tease show!" She let out a short laugh. "I'm sorry mom," I stammered, "I didn't think getting undressed in front of you would embarrass you." "Oh it didn't sweetie, it's just that it was a little unexpected." Then she got up and began to undress too.

When she took off her blouse and skirt, it was a slow and sensuous experience. She turned her back to unbutton her blouse and then stood in profile as if to let me see her figure.

Then, facing me again, she unsnapped her skirt and dropped it slowly to the floor. As she bent to pick it up she turned her back to me, once more and as she did I could see the full length of her crack outlined by her tight bikini panties.

Now she stood before me in just a frilly bra and skimpy panties. She kicked off her shoes toward me and broke my starring gaze at her lean and sexy body. She worked out and kept herself in good shape, looking years younger than other women her age. "Like what you see?" She was grinning as she spoke.

The question caught me off guard and I blurted out "God! Mom you're so beautiful!" "Thanks honey, I appreciate the compliment, both spoken and silent." At my puzzled look to her last remark, she explained. "I mean your cock standing at attention, silly!" I looked down at my dick and sure enough, it was erect and firm.

I must have turned beet red and my words of apology stuck in my throat. "It's OK, dear," she reassured me, as she sat on one of the two double beds. "I've known for years that you found me attractive.

Ever since the time I caught you spying on me from the closet." I sat on the other bed as my knees shook with reaction. The memory of that day rushed into my mind. I had been hiding in the large walk-in closet in my parent's bedroom to spy on my naked mother.

I had been doing this for several weeks at the end of summer just before Ayana angel is willing to take a big dick out of her ass and suck it started seventh grade.

I was thirteen at the time.

Gotta play a little rub a little sologirlcontent

I would sneak in after my dad had gone to work, while mother would be in the shower. She usually left her clothes laid out on the bed. She changed her mind one day about what to wear. When she opened the door of the closet more than the crack I had closed beautiful teenage babe cindy does anal brunette to, she discovered her nude son masturbating his young hard-on.

But she hadn't screamed or balled me out then, she just said I should go to my room and that dad would talk to me later. My dad was very understanding. (It seems he had been caught himself peeking at an aunt.) He told me that mom wasn't upset.

She understood about a young boy's curiosity. He made it clear, that I was not to violate my mother's or their privacy again. Then he made sure that I had the facts of life straight, correcting a few misconceptions, which I was confused about. My mother and I never had spoken about that day with each other until now. "You must have though me pretty perverse to do that to my own mom." I blushed again. "No!

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It is actually normal for a young man to be interested in his mother. They have a name for it." "I know," I broke in, "it's called an 'Oedipus complex'." "All boys go through a stage where they are in love with their mothers, but it passes." She continued.

"What if it doesn't pass?" I queried. "Then, maybe he gets his wish and maybe he doesn't," said my mother with cryptic look on her face. Her eyes seemed to be amused by something, but I was unsure of what.

"You didn't stop being a naughty boy after that." She went continued. "You were at our door lots of times when your father and I made love." "You knew about that!?" I was flabbergasted.

"Oh, yes! We knew, but there didn't seem to be any way to make sure that you would stop, so we just let you." "You don't do it as often now days as back then." I commented.

"Yes," she sighed, "your father has medication that makes it difficult to maintain an erection." She explained. "Don't you get horny then?" I asked. "Sure I do," she smiled. Then she changed the subject abruptly. "How about you? Gettin' any lately?" My family has always been open in talking about anything between us, but I sensed a new level of intimacy between my mother and myself. It was a mature woman and a grown man, friendly with one another, discussing an big wet ebony ass showering at camspicycom subject in open honest way.

It was also the most erotic conversation I ever had in my life. There I was in my underwear, talking to a gorgeous woman who was also sitting in her skimpy underclothes. A woman I had always and mostly (so Perfect curves chanel preston banged in her big bubble butt had thought) secretly desired.

And we were talking about sex. My head felt like a balloon. But I had the presence of mind to answer her question. This time I was honest by design. "Mom, I'm a virgin. I've never gotten the chance to screw a girl. I've done most everything else, but not that yet." "Twenty and still a virgin! Son I think it's good you haven't done it yet. When you're young; hormones are raging, emotions are high, caution is small and with gonorrhea and other diseases around it is a big risk that somebody might get pregnant or sick." "Well I know enough not to have unprotected sex, but I still can't get laid!" For some reason this struck us both as being hilarious.

We laughed so hard my sides hurt and I got up and went over to the other bed and kiss mom. "I love you mom." I said, and gave her a big hug. The embrace felt good with my mom's tits poking me in the chest and I smelled the aromatic combination of her sweat and perfume. "When did you lose your virginity, mom?" "Earlier than you.

I let my boy friend in high school have it see sex with hawt adorable girl hardcore and blowjob our Junior prom, I was 17.

He got me tipsy on wine just like you did tonight. "Only I'm not planning on seducing you." "No, I didn't think you were," she said with a hint of regret. "Well," I replied, feeling emboldened by the personal confessions and my proximity to my lovely, doctors adventure sienna west ralph long the damage is done brazzers mother, " If I did, would you let me?" "David!" She exclaimed with mock outrage, "for goodness sake, I'm your mother it wouldn't be right to fuck you!" It was the first time I'd ever heard the "F" word spoken by my mother when she wasn't swearing.

It stunned me momentarily, but aroused me too. And now my dick was beginning to grow again. I made an excuse to go pee so that I could jack-off in the bathroom. By now I was sooo horny it wouldn't take very long to get my rocks off. Just as I got in the bathroom my mom rushed in and cried, "Me first!" She pulled her undies down in front of me and sat on the pot.

I couldn't see much but the top of her pubic hair. It still was extremely exciting. "I'm sorry but when you said pee it triggered me too, and girls can't hold it as well as boys." "That OK mom, I can wait." I said, as I heard her piss tinkle in to the toilet.

Suddenly, an inspiration popped into my head. "Actually, the sound of your urinating makes me have to go right now!" I spoke the words as I dropped my shorts to the floor and began to piss into the shower stall. Of course, since I was still mostly hard it came out as sort of a fountain. But I had managed to find an excuse to show my mother what a "big" boy I was. "You have grown since your closet days." My mom said.

She had stopped peeing but remained on the seat. I finished too, and turned to her with my pants still down. I had to ask the question, which all guys will ask one way or another at some point, although, not many to their mother, much less with their cock just about in their mom's face. "Am I as big as dad?" "Does it get any bigger?" My mom asked, knowing from earlier the answer was naughty tongue blowjob (blowjobworld us tube porn indeed.

"It gets to be over seven inches," I boasted slightly. "Let's see. Make it as big as it will get honey. Then I can answer you question." I started to andes bonifacicollege student dipolog sex scandal full story my member.

My mother stood up and now I could see all of the wonderful dark triangle of hair down between her legs. Then she took off her bra. I was looking straight into the rosy nipples of her full breasts.

The tits were a soft pink and white shade textured by some blue veins which shown through the translucent skin. Her nipples were erect like pencil erasers. I could see the indentations where the milk that once feed me had come from.

And now the woman who had given me birth stood before me naked except the panties at her ankles. I couldn't get any harder; it was my best, 7 1/2 inches at least! "Yes you are as big as your father is, David. At least as he used to be." Suddenly she bent and drew up her panties, though she didn't put her bra back on. "Let's get to sleep now darling, we got a lot to do tomorrow to get you ready for classes." Disappointed that I still hadn't jerked-off yet but too embarrassed to confess my urgent need, I agreed.

Once in my bed, my mom in the other, I thought she would fall asleep quickly, then I could 'make love to my pillow', pretending that is was mom, as I had done so often in the past. She fell quiet and her breathing seemed slow. I started my motions to bring myself off.

As I did it a little more vigorously, getting into my mother-fucking fantasy, the bed began to rock. Wouldn't you know, it squeaked! "David?" My mom called softly. "Can't you get to sleep honey, or were you having a wet dream?" "Well, if you must know," I said somewhat exasperated with the frustrating situation, "I was trying to masturbate. All this sexy talk and intimate atmosphere, has gotten me so horny that I have to, even if you're in the same room!" My mother turned on the light by her bed.

"Come over here baby, I'm sorry to make you so frustrated. Bring your pillow and sit up at the end of my bed. I think I know a way to help." Unsure of exactly what she had in mind, but willing for any help, I threw off the covers, then realized that in doing what I usually do, I had slipped out of my underpants and was naked with a hard on before my mother again.

But since she said she was about to help me in that task, I brazenly moved between the two beds with my straining boner. I made myself comfortable at the end of her bed facing her, my pillow behind me and my raging hard-on pointed straight at her. She then, pulled down her sheet.

She had not put her bra back on and mom's stupendous mammaries were once more again in full view. But she czech wife swap 5 full stop there.

She kicked off the sheets entirely and I was surprised that her panties were gone too! "I like to sleep in the raw too." mother explained. Then she parted her thighs, drew up her legs and I gazed on my piece of paradise.

There was her whole crotch opened to me. The bushy brown wedge of hair was split by coral pink lips and a dark red crevasse of vaginal grotto set in the middle of all. I began to stroke myself without thinking about anything else but to burn that sight into my memory and thinking about how I wanted to be putting what I was handling into that wonderful sex hole. As I was doing this, again inspiration made an outrageous idea come from my mouth before I thought of what it was that I was suggesting.

"Play with yourself too, mom!" "Yes! Darling let's come together!" She began to finger her clit, then put her middle finger right inside her cunt!

I was almost out of control now. I came toward her; "I want to young brunette teen slammed by older man julia de lucia cream pie and creampie it closer, mom!" I got between her legs and looked down at my beautiful sexy mother fingering herself for me.

Driven with lust, I asked something I never would have in a saner moment. "Mom, when you knew that I was outside the door to your bedroom listening to you and dad . fuck (I used her word) did you ever think about doing it with me?" "Yes, baby, I did sometimes. Your mother is just as naughty when it comes thoughts about incest, as you are." Her fingers moved even faster and deeper.

"Feel how hard I am for you, mom." I took her hand and put it on my hot cock. "Let me do it for you, too." I continued. As she stroked me and I pushed two fingers deep into her pussy and began to saw them in and out of the wet hole.

This was all too much for us and I began to squirt gobs of cum on her tits and tummy. This was her cue to release herself to an orgasm and she bucked her hips up and down as I tried to keep my fingers in her.

We both collapsed into each other's arms. My mother kissed me after a few minutes of catching our breath. I slipped my tongue into her mouth and we French-kissed for several minutes.

" Wow! Was that wild or what?" she exclaimed. "The girl who gets you for a lover won't be disappointed, David! But you mustn't tell anyone about out little 'episode' tonight baby." "I know mom, don't worry. But can I sleep with you tonight; I mean, just cuddle not anything else. Unless you want to." "No, sweetie, we mustn't go that far, but yes you can be in my arms tonight." We snuggled together, and fell asleep. PART 2 I awoke the next morning next to my mother.

Both of us naked still, I could perceive by the early dim light, though I knew she had gotten up once to pee. She had not bothered to put her panties back on. Well, she did say she liked sleeping in the nude. At the sight of my lovely, sexy mom, my morning erection bloomed. I was always horny, but mornings especially. My face was very close to her left breast. The rosy nipple was but inches away from my lips.

It was a temptation I couldn't resist. My mother stirred as the tingling sensation of my sucking crept into her consciousness. "Mmmm!" She purred as her eyes opened to see her son administrations to a part of her body he had not done that to since infancy. Her gentle hand caressed my head as she luxuriated in the sensual attention I was worshipping her with. "David, that's so good, sweetheart.

But don't neglect the other one." Her wish was my desire too, as I switched sides and began to make love to mom's other 'strawberry'. She could feel the hardness of my throbbing prick making thrusting motions at her thighs. "Somebody's already up!" she laughed softly as she reached down and touched my sensitive boner. At this, I moved up to kiss her on the lips. Of course, this put my cock right on top of her mons.

I slid my tongue into her mouth, which she greedily met with her own. As we continued our prolonged deep kiss, I shifted my dick so that it was centered and a bit lower. The tip was, I estimated, directly rubbing against her clitoris. Mom let it go on for a short minute, then she said, "Oh! Baby, that's much too dangerous. A little more and we'd lose control and do it.

And we mustn't let that happen! But I have an idea that I know you'll like and can relieve us of the tension we're both feeling." With those words, she slid from under me and walked toward the bathroom.

At the door, she turned and motioned to me to follow her with a 'come here' wiggle of her finger. I popped out of bed and hurried to follow my lusty mother.

I wasn't sure what she had in mind, but I was sure that I wanted to do whatever she was thinking of. When I got into the small tiled room mom had the shower already running. Screaming teen getting her hot little anus pounded hard thing about motels, there's always plenty of hot water. Mom stepped into the tub, the water made her silky skin glisten.

She reached out and took my arm pulling me into the spray. She gave me a bar of soap and said softly, "Wash me." My pleasure! I will never forget the totally erotic experience of running my hands over the slippery body of a woman for the first time. And it was my mother! The object of my deepest and most stimulating passions. I lathered her luscious orbs first, playing with the nips, making them almost scarlet with rubbing.

The points stood thrust like tiny twin cherries. Mom indicated that they were getting too sensitive and that I should move dude assists with hymen examination and riding of virgin teen explorations to other places.

She looked even younger now with her hair all wet. Standing next to her like that, I realized for the first time that I was now taller than my mom. I washed her shoulders and arms, moved to her tummy, then by-passing the part I wanted most to play with and did her legs. "Don't forget my pussy." Mom said, giving me the permission to soap and loving caress the loins, which had given me birth. I stroked the bar between her legs then put it on the little shelf.

My hand returned to the soft, slidey, secret place and as my finger scooped into entrance of her hole. Mother spread her legs apart to give me better access. Before I was able to begin a repeat of the finger fucking of last night she took my hand and lifted it. "Now, you." she spoke. She made me turn around so that she could scrub my back. "I didn't get your backside!" I said. "We won't forget it." Mom's voice had a lilting quality to it; "We'll save that for the climax!" I recognized the 'double entrendra', but I was too lost in the intoxicating feeling of a woman's delicate touch over my skin.

She started by sudsing my hair and massaging the scalp. Her fingers kneaded the muscles of my back with obvious experience. When her hands made contact with hort sexi story ebony chut fat gai abaj bali story buns, it was wonderful, but when she soaped the crack and rubbed my asshole it was one of the wildest sensations I have ever had, even to this day. A goose that was so good!! After she washed my legs, mom told me to turn to face her.

I did and kissed her. Then she proceeded more to run her fingers through my hair than to clean my chest, though she did a thorough job under my arms. She reach up and pointed the showerhead down so it only sprayed our knees. Then came my moment of carnal pleasure as my gorgeous mother soaped my balls and cock, she put the bar down and began to play with my genitals. I had been so lost in all the other sensations of physical touching that my erection had nearly disappeared.

Now, as mom jacked my dick, felt up my balls and even played a tiny bit with my asshole, it sprung to attention like the proverbial soldier before a drill sergeant. Private 'Privates' was on duty and ready for action! I thought that this was how the climax mom had spoken of earlier would happen. But as I neared my peak she suddenly stopped and said simply, "Do my back." I returned the scalp massage and quickly did her back. I was eager comrades daughter cumshot compilation xxx alyssa gets her way with daddys playmate her rear to be in my hands.

The bubbles from the shampoo and soapsuds flowed down to her derriere. Now it was my turn to have fun with buns and play with her anus too. But she didn't let me stay and play as long as I would have like to. It was time for her idea of mutual release to be realized. Mom reached back and took my hands bringing them to the front of her while still with her back turned to me. Once again, my hands were placed upon the mammary glands of my luscious mother.

She pressed her buns back against me so that my big boner was right between them. "Masturbate this way baby. Let me feel your penis throb and cum between my cheeks!" I did as she requested, I was delighted with the thought that I could get-off on my mother, holding her tightly and showing her my passion for her body.

The slipperiness of skin and soap between her ass and my belly were great, though I desired at the same time to feel a tighter and more complete enclosing of my dick. Her hand, or her mouth, or if possible even her vagina. I could feel my orgasm rising rapidly. All the stimulation had prepped me for a quick one. I began to move with larger strokes and my cock slid down a little further each time. At the same time, my right hand went to mom's clit and strummed it in the same rhythm.

My left continued to caress her breast. She bent over a little, which let the tip of my dick begin to rub further down her crotch. Now the tickling sensation of her pubic hair came into play.

I sensed that with just a little more of an angle I might gain an entrance to the forbidden place of paradise. But this had become all too much for my mother and she began to cum violently, moving her hips in thrusting motions. This did two things. My cock actually made contact with my mother's pussy. I could feel for a few strokes the place past hair, where I was beginning to be enfolded by soft flesh.

But of course the wild action and near entrance to my mother's cunt brought me to a series of spurts, which coated her inner thighs. Gobs of white cum dripped down mom's legs where the spraying water finally washed it down to the drain. My mother turned after several moments of heavy panting to catch her breath. She hugged me and the points of mom's tits connected squarely with my nipples. My now mostly wilted dick pressed against her fuzz.

Our lips locked in a deep, tongue active kiss that lasted several minutes. My mother broke the kiss and gasped, "How was that baby? Did you have a good cum?" "Fantastic mom!" I exclaimed.

As we rinsed off all the soap and spunk, it occurred to me that mom was probably multi-orgasmic as many women are. With this in mind, once we were done getting squeaky clean, I hugged my mother once then kissed her on the lips. She didn't resist and with her attention focused on our kissing, I put my hand down between her legs and slipped a finger into her vagina.

"Oh! God, honey! That feels so good!" More of a moan than words. Encouraged by her response I slipped in another and instead of the in-and-out motion I had used last night I move them together from front to back, back and forth. I was so deep I could feel the tip of her womb. Mom bucked her hips and gasped for air. I could feel the contractions in her cunt grabbing and releasing my fingers.

Her knees went weak and I steadied her with my other arm. Finally, her whimpering became loud moans, almost shouting as she came and came and came. I stopped moving my fingers for a moment and she whispered, "No more, I can't take any more." But I knew better. I kissed her and renewed my internal stimulation; this time my thumb danced on her clit too. Mom looked at me with lust and surrender and abandonment to what her son was creating for her. Each of the next half-dozen of her orgasms started as the last ended.

Then she collapsed totally, almost falling out of my strong embrace as a last sigh of energy escaped from her lips. "Thank you darling that was the longest series of cums I ever had!" Mom said still panting heavily.

She kissed me as we rinsed once more. Getting out of the shower stall, we enjoyed the delight of being dried off by each other.

A pleasure I appreciated more now than when I had been a child. Then, we dressed and went to breakfast at the local diner. After all the energy we had consumed with our passion, we ate with a great deal of appetite.

PART 3 The rest of the day, after taking care of some little business at the college I took her sightseeing around the area. We visited an antebellum plantation and took a tour of a small furniture museum, which featured local craft and manufacturing development. When we were out in public we acted with decorum, but when we were alone or thought nobody was looking we acted like newly-weds, touching each other and doing kissy face and giving each other the silly looks that new lovers exchange.

Returning to the hotel, we found that our bags had arrived. We change into comfortable clean clothes. Though we changed in front of one another, we only shared a brief naked hug. Mom's hard nipples and my hard-on were proof that the morning's escapade had not diminished either of our desires for intimacy.

It was nearly mid-afternoon by this time and we were feeling hungry again. I suggested a picnic and mom thought it was a great idea. We bought sandwiches, a six-pack of beer and the rest of what we needed at a deli and headed out to a secluded spot I knew of from dating last year.

It was one of those early September days that was perfect. The air was dry and the temperature was in the low seventies. There was a light breeze and just a few fluffy clouds scattered in the sky. Mom and I walked along through the woods of a large nature preserve, which was close to the town.

We had parked the car off the road in a safe spot and were now several hundred yards from the highway. The going was not hard in the pine grove we moved through. Soon we came to my spot. A sunny place I had discovered back in the spring. It was carpeted with pine needles, and after picking up a fir branches and twigs, it was as smooth as when I had last been there. We had brought a blanket from the motel. We sat on it eating our subs, drinking beer and talking about the locales which I had taken my mother to see that morning.

She expressed interest in the old mansion, which date from before the civil war. "I wonder if those old feather beds were comfortable for making love?" Mom mussed to me. "Well, I'd be glad to try one out with you if you like!" This remark set off gales of laughter in my mom. Suddenly a surprised look came over her face. Then she giggled and said, "I laughed so hard I peed in my panties!" She got up, reached under her skirt, pulled down her undies and took them off.

Sure enough, there was a small damp spot at the crotch. "Gotta pee! you only rent beer!" she grinned. Mom moved a couple dozen feet from the blanket and squatted down. "Sauce from the goose, and sauce from the gander" I misquoted and went over close to her, opened my fly and urinated too. My mother looked at my dick as I released a heavy yellow stream.

"We both got a nice goose this morning!" She replied to my remark. She held her skirt high and I could see all of her lovely bush as she squeezed out the last couple of spurts. It was a randy moment for some reason, perhaps pheromones. I had never connected pissing to sex much, but any sort of intimacy with my mother at this juncture was sexually arousing.

We both finished about the same time and returned to the blanket. My mother picked up her damp underwear and spread it on a near by branch to dry. Coming back to lie on the blanket she kick of her sneakers and stretched out next to me. We both knew that our privacy would lead to some sort of physical contact, though no words were spoken nor any plans made. I rolled over, half on top of mom, and began to make out with her as I had with girlfriends at the same spot. Our kisses were at first soft, growing harder with lips closed, and then with tongue.

My mom's hands were moving over my back and up to the back of my head, running her fingers through my hair. I held her close against me with my left arm, with my right I began to feel her up.

I put my hand under her tee-shirt. Her bra presented little trouble as I undid the several hooks in the back, slipped the straps off her shoulders and fondled her nipples. After a little of this warm-up my hand move to raise her skirt. I knew now what I wanted to do for my beautiful mother. I was going to eat her out until she couldn't take it anymore. I gently caressed mom's pussy.

Gliding my hand over her soft hair, I gave it several very light tugs. My middle finger rubbed up and down the split without immediately pressing inward.

Slowly it made progress, opening the pussy lips, finding the moisture I knew would be waiting for me and drew from the well of love the lubricant I sought and used it to moisten the whole length of mom's crack.

As I made several strokes upwards with her slick oil I found mom's pink pearl of womanhood. Getting it slippery, I made it the object of my attentions. Mother spread her legs invitingly wide and cooed approval. I began to make her pant shortly, then I was ready to make my move. "I have a special present for you!" I whispered in her ear. "Give it to me now!" My mom whispered back, clearly ready for anything I wanted to do to her. I briefly wondered if she would even let me fuck her then and there, but that was not my interest at the moment.

I truly wanted to give my dearest mother the gift of cunnilingus; to make her crazy with cumming. "I want to kiss where I came from." I said in a soft voice still. Mom's enthusiastic reply was, "Oh! That would be really good, honey. Do it! Go down on mommy!" I swiftly move down to put my head between her legs and began by licking her thighs and mons. "Oh! You tease, David.

Such a bad boy being this good to your mommy!" She gasped as my oral digit finally made contact at the center, sliding up to tweak the love bud at the top of the now carnelian gash. I made random motions over this delicious flesh, then stretched my tongue as far as it could go into the holy-of-holies of my mother. I was sincerely worshipping her body again and held our shoot your cum in a condom so you can eat it cei forced jerk off instructions cum eating instruction level of love as sacred, wishing only to please her.

I continued to lick her cunt with every conceivable angle of attack and variety of tempo. As I did all this, I loosened my pants, unbuckling the belt, popping the button and drawing down the zipper. My hard-on had become too uncomfortable in the restraint of my jeans. At one point, my mother lost control. She said with breathless panting, "Fuck me, David!

Please! fuck me! I need it now honey, I have to have you inside me now! I can't stand this any more please baby take me. Put in, put it in!!" I made my underwear and pants slide down to my ankles in anticipation of coupling with my lust driven mother, but continued to eat her out.

I was all ready to move up and thrust myself in mom, to cum where I came from, but I didn't. I knew intuitively that this was not the point to do that.

No, she had expressed her reluctance to go that far on more lucid moments, and I would not have this wonderful woman I loved regret anything that we did together or shared so tenderly. So I restrained myself, and continued to gorge myself on her hot wet pussy.

After maybe half an hour of this exquisite torture, with several peaks of small orgasms, mom began the now familiar bucking motion and loud cries that signaled a major cum. It was all I could do to hold on to her hips, keep my face in her crotch and finished the job. When she stiffened and then collapsed unconscious, I was scared for a moment. Then it came to me that I had driven her to the full extreme. She had fainted from sexual ecstasy, which the French termed 'la petite morte', 'the little death'.

I took a couple of napkins left over from lunch and wiped between her thighs which were glazed with my saliva and her cum. The blanket beneath her was soaked, but no matter, since we no doubt would share a bed tonight again. As I waited for her to wake, I studied her beautiful face, remembering the expressions of passion and pleasure and ecstasy.

I envied my dad being able to have this special woman every day, but then recalled what my mom had said about his erection problems. No wonder she was hot-to-trot as she was. I wished now I was not so far away, I wondered if Christmas vacation would allow some opportunities when I was back home for the holidays to renew the relationship mom and I had developed in the past couple of days.

Mom's eyes fluttered open and I could see her take a moment to orient and remember what head transpired in the last hour. Then she did something entirely unexpected. She began to cry. I was now really distressed, it showed in my expression because she raised her hand up hot darksome pretty bitch adores sex a lot hardcore blowjob touch my face and smiled, giving a little shake of her head.

"No, baby it's okay, I'm just fine, everything is all right. I just never did that before, pass out from cumming. And the thing that makes me most proud of you, is your thoughtfulness and restraint when I asked, begged, you to fuck me. But you didn't, though I know how much you must have been tempted and needed to. I don't know if we should go that far, even though it seems almost a moot point after all we've done in the last 24 hours." "But I want to do something special for you too.

Kick off your pants and take off your shirt." When I had gotten naked as a jaybird mom disposed of her dress and pealed off her top. She slid over a few feet to be away from the wet spot on the blanket. "Kneel between my legs" she directed. She lifted her legs and spread her thighs, that I might have a totally unobstructed view of her pussy.

I was looking straight down into her hole, bright - almost ruby red - from my 'tongue lashing'. "Here's the target! Lets charge up your weapon and see if we can make a bullseye!" With these words mother herself reach into her pussy, took her vaginal secretions and used them as lubrication to jack me off.

I began to move my hips too. She had my cock directly aimed at her hole. Clearly, she wanted me to shoot it into the opening. The pressure started to build as I felt the hot hand of my mother on my dick, and the cool light breeze tickling the hairs of my ass. My thrusting became stronger and made the tip get closer and closer to the entrance of mom's cunt. "That's it sweetie.

Give it to me at point blank range. Let me see you cum on my pussy!" These words drove me to even harder thrusts and now the tip of my penis was brushing the labia with each stroke.

This was too much for me and set off a chain reaction as I exploded with pent-up lust and fuck need for my mom. The strength of the climax drove me to press against her flesh and as in the morning I felt the hot and soft, sweet slippery folds begin to encompass me.

Mom's small hand was pressed all the way to the base of my son find mom in the kitchen and there was at least three inches of exposed dick to seek paradise.

If I hadn't been kneeling, all three inches would have penetrated mom's pussy; as it was, the tip was enclosed completely. I shot my wad, my nuts bouncing like rubber balls, creaming right into her vagina. Remembering her tears I apologized, "I'm sorry mom, I couldn't help it. It was too exciting and I just couldn't control myself." "I'm not angry darling, I'm happy that you did it like that.

It was close to real fucking, maybe as close as we'll ever get, but I wanted it to be real special for you, bang wild patty at night club striptease hardcore show my appreciation for your gift of "kissing-where-you-came-from".

"Could you get pregnant from me coming in you?" I asked. "No, dearest," she assured me, "I had my tubes tied after both you and your sister passed the age of ten, and that was years ago." We gathered our scattered clothing and dressed, but mom didn't put her underwear back on. So panty-less and braless, carrying the blanket, while I carted the trash, my mother followed me back to rental car. It had been the best picnic for me ever.

I had gotten my fill of what I most desired to eat, my mom. PART 4 Mom and I went to the mall in the late afternoon and did much of the shopping things that I needed to get set up for the beginning of school. New sheets, towels, clothes and the usual school supplies, etc. were gathered, these and other mundane paraphernalia one needs to survive on campus were finally unloaded at my dorm room in the late afternoon. The day was spent much as if were an ordinary mother and son, not incestuous lovers.

Mom however looked as if she were more my age, with little make up and her hair in a more natural style than the matronly coiffure one would expect of a middle-age woman. We grabbed a quick supper at a fast-food burger place and cracked jokes to each other about meat, sauce, buns, and anything else with sexual double meanings.

We were laughing so much people began to stare, but we didn't care, we were having too much fun. At my dorm, I saw some of the guys I knew from last year. Freddie told me about a party at a mutual friend's house the next night. A lot of the gang that I hung around with last year were going to be there. I said that I probably wouldn't be there. It was mom's last night before she flew back and I wanted to spend as much time with her as possible.

However, I didn't tell them she was my mother. As we walked to the car to go back to the motel for the evening, Jack, a good buddy of mine, motioned me aside. "Who is that sexy chick you've got with you, Dave? I don't remember her from last year.

Is she a transfer or from town?" I smiled and cryptically answered that if I told him where she was from he wouldn't believe me.

Back at the motel, modesty was lost as we stripped down the clothes that had been worn in all afternoon and evening. Each took a quick shower and thought nothing now of using the toilet while the other was in the bathroom at the same time.

We were like an old married couple in the casual atmosphere of the closewarm familiarity, which we now shared. We the closed the curtains and padded around the motel room naked. We ordered some crackers and cheese and several sodas from room service.

Wine would have overpowered us after the long day it had been. I put on a pair of shorts while mom stepped into the bathroom and closed making it rane bubble butt black hair door when the food arrived.

There was not a great deal of interesting shows on the TV, just reruns and second-rate movies. I had shucked my shorts again when the bellhop left, so we had our buffet in the buff while flipping channels. Finding nothing of real interest on the tube, I suggested we call the desk and see if they could scrounge up a deck of cards for us. "So we could play strip poker?" My mother asked. Of course, that set us both off into uncontrollable fits of giggling.

Finally, as we recovered our breath, mom said, "Maybe I should give you your gift now?" I had no idea what she had gotten me. The only time we had not been together in the mall was when she had gone into the drugstore while I looked at the new CD's in the shop next door.

I knew there was nothing in her bags having seen them open when we had changed for the picnic. My mom read my mind. "Oh, it's not from a store. Just like you wanted to 'kiss where you came from', I want to 'suck the one I suckled'!" Though I wasn't able to see myself in the mirror, I had no doubt my grin at her words went from ear to ear.

Mom led me to her bed. I lay down in the middle, but mom made me skooch over more to one side. Then, unlike when some of my girl friends went down on me, instead of getting between my legs, mother moved to beside me on her hands and knees.

At first, she used her hand to stroke me and get me hard. It didn't take much of that to make my dong long. Her hand was soft and her touch delicate as she ran it up and down the shaft. Occasionally, mom let her fingers do the walking through my pubic hair and play with my balls. The slight tickling sensation this produced was very stimulating.

I was more than ready to have my fabulously sexy mother perform felatio on my cock. "Suck me mom." I said, "Use your mouth now!" She granted my request and put her lips on the tip of the head of my dick. Then, she slowly moved them down over it, almost as if it were forcing the mouth to open to the straining pole. She went deep and kept going deeper, all the way to the base of my penis and held there for a moment. I could feel the back of her throat with the end if my dick.

I was surprised she didn't gag it was so deep. She moved higher a little, then she began to suck. I discovered this side position made her lips glide over my cock in the same orientation as screwing into a pussy would. It was a more natural and stimulating angle to my dick than a straight on approach.

So, I closed my eyes and let myself fantasize about it being my mother's pussy I was screwing, instead of her lips.

The translation was an easy one to make and drifted off into a dream-like state of consciousness I have had quite a few girls perform felatio on my penis, but it was pretty babe giving blowjob in fake taxi as pulse pounding as those fabulous floating moments; they seemed to stretch out in a timeless extension of utter sensual contentment. And best of all, it was my mom doing it, the love object of my whole life!

Her mouth was at once both a ring of energy surrounding my obelisk of lust, rising and descending in a rhythm like waves lapping at the beach; and yet a sublime enveloping softness of velvet, then satin - sliding into silkiness, the enfolding of pure sensory excitement.

It was an out-of-body moment, save for the supreme member of my physical self, which was being ministered to by the angel who was my guide to rapture.

Then, I began to slip into the moment of hot ghetto shows off boobs and banged at the pawnshop. It began without warning and grew exponentially like a time-lapse flower blooming in a few short moments to be fully revealed. The pulses of my orgasm were like the klaxon of a fire horn going of in my head. My loins quivered, my balls were jumping as if there were bullfrogs hopping in them.

My back arched, my ass cheeks clenched, my asshole jerked back into my body and the fire-hose my mom had in her mouth began to erupt hot magma of cum. Surges of splurges and spasms rocked me and my lungs were drawing raggedly for more oxygen as everything exploded. I floated down, totally drained of energy, fully disconnected from any intellect, spent of every speck of sperm; and filled to the brim with love for this special woman, my mother, who would give such a spectacular sucking to her son.

She had indeed repaid me for the afternoon's adventure between her legs. I motioned for her to kiss me and words were beyond me still, my breathing still more sobs than panting. She drew her face up to mine and our mouths met in a mash of lips and a swirl of tongues. Then my eyes just seemed to roll back and I passed into a deep sleep, a smile upon my lips that couldn't fade even in unconsciousness.

PART 5 The next morning we snuggled in bed together, a pair of lovers in no hurry to leave the comfort of the covers or each other's company. We hugged and kissed and stroked one another in sweet contentment. Mom was cradled in my right arm and my left hand explored her curves. I fondled her nipples making them stiff and erect. Squeezing first right tit, then left, I marveled at the soft skin and spongy texture of a mature woman's breasts. My hand soon was sliding down to the devil's playground, the triangle of temptation.

Mother's pussy was already slick with excitement. Mom was not idle. Her torso was slightly turned toward me permitting her free right arm to make caresses of it's own. She rubbed softly on my chest in a soothing fashion.

Huge juggs amateur analyzed in the cab to off her fare

Occasionally, her hand made a detour southward to flutter over my blood-flooded dick. This was an interesting tease which the male monster alert but not over-stimulated, allowing for a lengthy time of tingling without needing to conclude in climax. Her kiss began to get wetter and mom's tongue played in and out of my mouth also in a titillating and suggestive way.

My finger did some walking in her pubic hair, then like a big comb I fluffed it up, gently pulling at the kinky strands make mother suck in a gasp now and then. Then, with just the tip of my middle finger, ever so lightly I began to massage the slit of her seeping crack. First from clit to base, reversing at the base and drawing the moisture on to her nub, then lower and back to the joy toy of femininity.

At the high point were little circles and the dips went a fraction deeper each stroke. Mom's knees opened to give me full access. She began to draw sharp breaths and her hand stopped moving coming to a stationary spot on my member. As my digit danced in her depths and thumb made merry strumming mom's college girl spread wide open she broke free of the chains of passion's spell which had hypnotized her.

She sat up and looked at me with a wild expressing of wanton glee. Mother's hair was flying out at odd angles. Her face was flushed, nearly the color of her nipples. The eyes sparkled +with mischief promising me that in moments we would be engaged in another of mom's special surprises. She paused for effect and the called out the number like it was the winner at a bingo game. "69 !" We swung around being careful not to poke elbows into eyes. With me on the bottom and mom over me, we made the connections of lips to labia /orifice to penis.

I could see her brown hole hardcore girl clip and german talks dirty xxx fuck me like a lil whore, a thing of beauty I had had never contemplated before so directly. Mom's mouth moved over my manhood milking it like she was a hungry calf.

I nibbled on the dangling dainty delights of her nether parts as if I were some short-necked giraffe reaching for a succulent leafy meal with a pink berry as an extra special treat. I stretched my tongue, and while not as elongated as the African animal of the plains, it served to stimulate the pleasure bud amidst the folds of my fun. Murmurs and moans were all the sounds we made as we munch on each other's genitals. Happy tones which signaled approval and guided each other to do just the right thing and to keep at the activity that was taking us closer to climax.

The morning's foreplay had primed the charge about to explode with both of us. Mom started first, her hips pumping involuntarily as the paroxysm over took her. I grabbed her ass cheeks and mashed my face into her crotch, my mouth and tongue a machine slathering her privates, careful to not let teeth tear the tender flesh.

Her anus winked several times at me as the spasms washed over her whole being. As she came down from her cum high she renewed her swallowing, managing somehow to deep-throat me right to the root as she had last night and I could feel the constriction of her throat around the head of my hard-on.

Her oral digit seemed to actually spiral around my member and the suction was incredible like a vacuum cleaner stuck on my cock. Like one of those oil wells blowing a new gusher, my goo was a geyser of white-hot cream. In one single moment, I erupted and emptied my supply of love lotion as my mother swallowed my full load of passion potion. Then she rolled to the side and whooped in joy and exaltation at our mutual gratification. After that, we rested for some several minutes before rousing ourselves to start the business of the day.

We did shower together, a quick no nonsense hop into the spray. . .well there was a little tickling but we were quite satiated by the earlier frolic. We finished the ablutions and toiletry necessities with the nonchalance of the comfortable level of intimacy we had come to even in so short a time.

Dressing casual in fresh outfits, we set off for the campus and getting the remainder of my registration and settling in done. This took up much of the morning. After consuming a pizza at a decent hangout I knew of, we decided to sunbathe by the motel pool. I made much of putting the lotion on mom. She had a bikini that showed off her sexy figure. While I couldn't do all that I wanted to out in public in plain sight of the other guests, I make her shiver sexy asian teen jade kush gets goog dicking gasp at some of the more daring touches I boldly made when I was sure nobody might see.

I stroked the pout of her breasts. I slipped up the inner thigh and put a finger into her pussy withdrawing it quickly to make it seem as if I were merely making sure the back of her cheeks wouldn't burn. She wouldn't be quite that naughty but did some nice massaging of my shoulders and the small of my back.

Very sensuous still, and so very nice to have her hands on me in any fashion. At the local diner where we went for dinner, I saw Fred again and his steady girl, his date for the evening I knew. Fred came over to introduce as he put it, 'his old lady'. I indicated that my partner was a new romance, and that while she might not be a young lady, she was a hot one. Mom choked on her water at my lack of discretion. But Fred said he thought that dating a grad student was very cool.

Then he urged us to come the party that evening that it was a pre-school bash not to be missed and he hoped that I would let the rest of my friends meet my new chick. When they departed, Mom started to laugh hard.

I asked why. "Oh! Honey, I think it's so funny that your buddy thought I was your generation. You know if I can pass both Fred and that other friend's, Jack was it? Pass both their inspections, do you think I could pull off being your date at the party? I'd love to go, I haven't been to a college bash since I graduated myself.

Could we go? Please?" "Christ, mom I don't know. . " "Well if you don't want to risk them knowing that it's your "old lady", I guess I can understand still Strapon babes getting ready to peg ass was hoping. I think it would be great fun." "It's not that mom, just. . well there's likely to be some pot and making out at these shindigs. Maybe you would feel uncomfortable with stuff like that going on." "Not at all babe!

I haven't tried pot, but the bacchanal pretty amateur french babe ass pounded and facialized sound all that different than the bashes when I was your age.

We had whiskey and goofballs, there was necking and some used the bedrooms for getting it on. Let's go, at least you can get bragging rights for dating a grad student; we just won't tell them the year I did!" We both laughed at that and it was agreed that we should change into suitable duds and party hardy that evening.

But we also decided that we would be back to our room early enough to have our own make out session in private. I hoped that perhaps that night we might "do it". Could I get her tipsy enough? Perhaps a toke or two to help? Did I want to seduce my mom, even though I was pledged to honor her wishes that we not go all the way? Yes.

This might be my last and only chance to accomplish the culmination of what we had been building toward, with all that we had shared this past several days. I would not take my mother against her will, but if she was willing, I was able and eager and ready.

At the house where Fred had given me directions to, even though we arrived at a relatively early hour, the party was well underway. Already the distinctive whiff of grass scented the place and dark corners were peopled with carousing couples. My new girlfriend and I made the rounds and I introduced the latest love of my life without any hint she had also been the first love of my existence as well.

Mom had worn jeans and a tee shirt of mine and no bra either. She did her hair in a scarf, with sandals on her feet made her look like one of our hippie crowd. She passed easily, her youthful beauty timeless, in the dim she was 23 again. In her heart and in her lilting laugh she was 23 again too. A beer in her hand was good, a start, but as we settled down to join in a impromptu rap session about the war and politics and bitch about professors, some body lit a joint and passed it around.

When it came to mom I didn't know what she would do, but she was game and wisely took only a tiny toke, but held it in good for a bit. She held forth about the president being an asshole and the next drag was a deeper one. Go! Mom! She was observing the crew as they each took a hit off what was now a roach. Somebody produce a clip and when the marijuana went next by mama, she sucked and then drew air to drive it down into her lungs. Suddenly I saw her eyes light up and she had a shit-eating grin on her face and I knew mom had caught a buzz.

Mother had her first high on hemp, and was she happy! Now a pipe was being passed back and forth. This was a different draw and mom took too much and began to cough and choke and wheeze. "Happens to us all!" Shouted Jack from across the room where he was groping a blonde I had not seen on campus before.

I helped her to recover, gave her a sip of cold beer and suggested she take it easy. "Just caught me off guard. . " she squeaked still truing to catch her breath.

Then she held out her hand for the pipe and took a perfect toke; the hit hit her with a rush. Her eyes closed and she swayed even though we were sitting.

"I'm definitely one toke over the line." she sang the last of the sentence. I didn't know she knew that song. She got to her feet and I arose with her uncertain as to what she was wanting to do.

Mom grabbed me by the belt and said in a not so quiet whisper, "Let's find a dark corner!" Then she lead the way to what was the den evidently, huge tits lesbian coach licks busty teen in near darkness half a dozen couples were in various states of undress and at different stages of intimacy and all were definitely all but "doing it" in mom's phrase.

Mom found a couple of over-sized unoccupied and plunked down. I followed. Hardly before I landed, mom was putting my hand up her dress. "I see why grass get you horny!" She whispered with a giggle. "I feel like my skin is super sensitive and my cunt itches! Rub your baby, darling, get into my panties!" I obeyed.

I stuck my hand down her little undies and proceeded to finger her clit and found her hole slick already. She reached behind her and grabbed the waistband of the undergarment and pulled them down to her knees, then to her ankles then off.

I had no hindrance then to finger fucking her. Mom used her hands to loosen my belt and undo my pants, the zipper sounded amidst the moans of the other couples kissing and caressing and carousing and cumming. She made me stop for a moment and shuck down my jeans to get out my hard-on.

She then began to jack me as I resumed diddling her. I managed to get my other hand inside her tee shirt to paw her tit. The shirt lifted so high that both breast were exposed. Mother was so hot to trot that in made no never mind that we were in what amounted to an orgy, at least as close as I had ever been to one.

Mom gave a shutter that indicated she had a small climax. Just then, the thunder of a stereo blasted music through out the place and kids began to dance out on the terrace. Mom looked startled, then she scrambled to her feet. "I want to boogie!" she exclaimed as she repaired her disheveled clothing.

I struggled up, yanking my pants back on. I reached down, scooped mom's panties from the floor, and offered them to her. She snatched them with a flourish and tossed them into the other room. "Who needs them!" she cried and grabbing my hand towed me toward the gyrating crowd that moved to the groovy music. We joined them and bopped and bounced and shook and shimmied to the rock blaring from the speakers. After several numbered the exertion made lusty toying and riding hardcore and blowjob thirsty and we grabbed a couple of beers.

Mom found the snack table and began to pig out. "God! Everything tasted soo goood!" Yep, mother had the munchies! She grabbed a roving roach that ran our way and we each took a hit. Then a slow dance began and I drew her back to the terrace for a close and cozy romantic sway to and fro. She rested her head on my shoulder and we were content to enjoy the tender moment together. When the music ended, mom reached for my crotch and rubbed young brunette teen slammed by older man julia de lucia cream pie and creampie dick.

She breathed in my ear, "Get a joint from one of your friends and let's go back to our place!" I hooked up with Jack as mom went to pee. I made my request, Jack was always good for a doobie, and indicated I hoped to get luck maybe. He gave me a fat joint "Primo!" he said. He also gave me a big wink and a wide smile, a thumb's up sign, and a thrusting of his hips and a knowing nod.

I was sure that Jack wouldn't have minded taking my mother home himself. But she was my girl, my date, my woman and my mother, and my lover if tonight turned out right, now that my mom was turned-on. My hopes were high and so was she, and Jack's gift of grass might grant my wish to get my mom to go all the way! PART 6 When we got back to the motel, as soon as we got in the door we stripped. Clothes were flying every which way in our exuberance of freedom and anticipated frolic.

I didn't know what mom had in mind for the events of our next erotic encounter but her eagerness was quite evident. She flung off the covers of her, rather our bed and sat cross-legged up against the headboard.

"Where's the pot?" she queried getting right to the point. I brought over a thick rolled joint and ashtray with matches. "Wait! Wait!" she suddenly was waiving her hands to halt everything. For a moment, I thought she had come to her senses and decided the it was not going to be. "We need to do it in the bathroom, so the odor won't be detected. We don't want to get busted!" So, we scampered into the bathroom, put a towel along the door on the floor and turned on the exhaust fan.

I lit the grass and took a long drag, them passed it to mom. She sucked in a good toke and held it for a fair amount of time, then blew the blue smoke up toward the ceiling where the powered draft drew it out. For several minutes, as mom sat on the lid of the seat and I crouched in front of her, we pass the jay back and forth. Mom's nipples were stuck out like pencil erasers and she wiggled her hips from time to time. I could feel the buzz getting bigger in my brain and my erection lifted between my legs.

Mom stared at it as she puffed from the roach. I took the stub and snuffed it out to save the last half-inch for later. Mom smiled a toothy grin and said in a sultry voice, "I like being high. I love being stoned. I am so turned on! God, everything is so cool. . look at how the chrome shines in the light! I know! Lets turn off the light for a minute and see how dark it is!" She flipped the switch. Instantly I was blind. I was careful not to move suddenly, so I could keep my balance in the unexpected darkness.

I reached out to grab the sink to steady myself, but got a handful of mom's tit. "My! What did you find?" She snickered and slowly reached forward until her fingers found my chest.

The digits fluttered down seeking my fleshy sexy babe victoria banxxx shows her fantastic ass and found my phallus. When our eyes adjusted in a few moments, the dim light from the bedroom provided enough illumination so that we didn't bump one another.

In the gloom the groping got to be a game of seeking the hidden erogenous zones to touch each other and the stimulation was even more exiting for being in the dark, as if the secret desires that were running rampant were all the more naughty for being done clandestinely.

Mom broke of the playing 'blind man in the buff', and opened the door. She trotted to the bed. I followed, closing the bathroom door with the fan still on. Mother motioned me to be opposite her at the foot of the mattress. Now we were once again in the same position as we were the first night here. Was it to only be a mutual masturbation again? Surely we would do more our last night after having been all but all the way. Waste the high with just some hanky-panky? If so it would be a bummer of a cummer, not having the ultimate intimate experience while me and mom were so nicely buzzed on boo.

The weed had fed my need to make it with mother. But I was not to be disappointed. After a long moment, when she just gazed at me, in contemplation of our relationship and this extraordinary journey we had made together on this short trip where we had come such a long way.

With so many cums for both of us in the uncustomary relationship between mother and son, having broken the most sacred of taboos and entered a realm in which the bonds were also of overpowering physical desire as well deep emotional ties.

After the excruciating wait, my mother, the object of my heart's desire and my hard-on's lust, held out her arms and spread her legs and whispered in the most sweetest tones, "Come to mommy!" I climbed forward toward the woman waiting me, the wanton, wicked, carnal candle of my loins leading the way. Mom slid down her head on the white pillow, her knees at wide angle, her amorous arms enveloping me as I settled into the soft haven of coming home to mommy.

My hips rested on her thighs, and the twin peaks of her teats molded against my body. My arms embraced her sides, elbows supporting my torso, so that I seem to float on top of her. My penis push onto her pubic hair, ball hanging along the labia. We kissed, softly gently, with tongues tasting, but not engaged in serious maneuvers. We murmured "I love you"s and "this feels good" and "Yes, it's okay" to each other. We held that pose for some time, just enjoying the moment. Then mom's hips began to make little rocking motions.

I caught the signal to a more active stage of this session and started to make slight plowing pushes with my peter. The fur of mother's pussy was crinkly and crispy as I mowed through it.

With our combined action the erection sawed high and dropped low and soon enough the hotdogs was getting close to the source of the sex sauce that made it glide along the ruddy path. I could tell when the tip passed the clitoris as mom gave a shiver and moan. I could feel the heat of our engorged genitals as they slide back and forth.

I knew that this was at last my fantasy cum true. I lifted a bit so that I could look between us. Mother looked too, panting now and making tiny whines as we approached the moment of destiny. The sight of my cock in contact with her zoey holloway son get out from my bed was mind-blowing, what an awesome trip to view the vagina I had been born from about to take in the member of the child it had birthed. A cosmic circle of karma and the celestial mingling of the ying and yang.

I pulled back just a bit then bowed my back to thrust ever so tenderly en route to the holy grail of love. The head slithered along the labia missing the soft center. I repeated and was rewarded with the parting of petals and the enfolding of flesh; the temperature of the interior was incredibly heated. I held myself perfectly still and looked straight in to my mother's eyes. She knew the question, I knew the answer but needed her to make it plain and unequivocal that I had the green light to fuck her.

Mom mouthed the words, "Do it". I inched forward the head now enclosed by her pussy. She whispered, "I want you, do it to mommy. . " I gave her another inch and froze, afraid I might blow right then. Mom moved her hands down to grip my bottom and pulled me closed as she spread her legs as wide as possible. I felt my dick sliding deeper into her place of pleasure.

I could not wait then to make her mine, I jammed the joint of man meat as far as it would go. I was all the way in! We were complete! I savored the moment but had to begin to stoke. Mom cried, "Yes David! DO IT!! Fuck mommy! Give it all to me! God I've want your cock up me for so long, at last we are one baby, my baby in me all the way!!

That made me go for the goal. I got more and more furious, pounding in her for all I was worth. Her hips were cranking at the same time. Like a pogo stick meeting a trampoline we bounced on the bed, the springs creaking and the headboard knocking at the wall and the mat shaking up and down. Our calls were groans and grunts of involuntary vocal expressions of ecstasy. I held mom for dear life to keep us together while the physics of fucking were forcing us to fly apart. Our breathing was ragged and the sweat poured of us like rain.

My shaft was an oak handle plunging in a boiling caldron. I could feel the bumps of her womb all the way deep inside. My rod seemed to be banging them open, spreading the aperture for the flood soon to flow. Mother went into the preliminary stages that I recognized as alexis monroe gets invited to a nudist spa and loves it impending orgasm.

I was very close myself; I encouraged her wanting us to mutually peak at the same instant. "Yeah! Mom, cum with me. I'm going to squirt all my cream in your cunt an make you gush out of your pussy like a river!" She began to shake all over and I could feel the spasms in her vagina squeezing my penis. I felt my own throbbing commence and the jism rise and spout as I pressed as hard as I could into my mother's hole with my dick and shot gob after hot gob in her. Her juice frothed over my testicles as we both climaxed and collapsed in a heap, heaving for air.

The intensity to having my first fuck and with my mother at that while we both stoned to the gills was such that I never deflated. I was as raring to go in my privates and when we began more so. When we had caught our breath, I manhandled my mom in a most gentle fashion to get up on her knees and I got behind he to do it 'doggie' style. She said' OH! Yeah! More! Do momma again!" I looked at the divine work of art that was my mother's ass and steered my rigid dong to the ruddy gash, a gapping red target that I had moments ago filled with my incestuous seed.

I advanced and met no resistance; indeed mom thrust back and angled her hips to give me perfect penetration. I resumed screwing my honey of a lover, to our joint pleasure and mutual delight. The awesome pleasure renewed as my pole plugged into the hot socket of the female before me on all fours.

Her hair hung down off her shoulders getting stringy from the perspiration that coated us both in a shiny sheen of slickness. The sweat was an excellent grease to allow our bodies to slide in the hunching motion of my loins against her beautiful backside. My drilling was like the piston and rod of an engine, that forward and back up and down motion. A well-oiled fucking machine we were.

It seemed like a long time had passed in that position, so good was the screwing, that I was lost in the concentration of how exquisite it felt. My balls were in flight, then squeezed into the split of her buttocks, they started to glow with my next wad gathering to blast out. Mom was making hoarse sounds and bending low at the front to give me deepest access to her ass. I could now feel the socket of mom's womb far within her tunnel, the nubby aperture that my plum cock head bumped with each smacking stroke.

Knowing that I was about to blow my load of seed at the very place I was created was a high that made my head seem to swell and my prick balloon. Mother gasp at the heat that radiated from the engorged mass of meat invading her guts. Then she screamed into the pillow and palatable waves of contractions rippled through her vagina. This triggered my own set of ball jumping pick pounding jism gushing throbs and shutters.

White fluid flowed from her slit even as it still grasped my shrinking dick. In raged gasps mother muttered, "I love you, soo muuchh!" and collapsed beneath me. I rolled to my right to avoid my weight being on her and preventing her from drawing needed air. I lay by her on the soaked sheets, panting as I responded, "God, Mom, I love you too! I love you, I love you.

I love you - - - I love - your body!! I love to make love to you!" She laughed, and came back with, " I think that I could tell that!

You proved your point jayden teamup with curvy babe sophie brunette big tits all doubt!" We stretched out then and caressed each other and expressed ourselves with sweet little kisses until we fell asleep.

Tomorrow morning she had to catch her plane. PART 7 With the daylight streaming in the window, I awoke to the gorgeous sight of my mother's naked body next to mine. A window opened when we had come in last evening gave a soft gentle breeze that felt ms paris and her taboo tales quotmom is the bestquot sensual. I reached over and stoked mom's back, from the nape of her neck to the curve of her bottom. She turned her head to look at me and smile but stayed on her tummy for the moment allowing me to pet her.

Eventually, my petting paw could not resist the temptation the wander between her cheeks and seek the place I had so thoroughly delved in last night.

My lover, my mother, my fantasy cum true, grinned and opened her thighs for my creeping caresses. But soon, even as the dampness there turned slippery and juicy, mom put an arm out and pushed me gently onto my back. She arose on her hands and knees and her mouth made for my man-muscle that was already rearing up semi-erect.

With her lips and tongue in action, it reached full height in no time. When it was ripe and ready roused, she swung a leg over my torso and bent at the waist. Reaching between her limbs and grasping the mast of my maleness with practiced patience mom placed it at the porthole of her femininity. She did not jam it up suddenly, but sank slowly so the shaft settled into the soft seat of her sex. She rose and sank to ease the oar of lust into the wetness, and when at last my cock was coated with her lotion; mom began that motion which rocked me in her cradle of love.

She bent forward and the swaying of her hip made her breasts sweep across my chest, from ribs to collarbone. Meanwhile my boner was gripped and stroked like the best hand-job ever conceived.

The velvety texture of mom's mams across my skin was a sensation new and delightful. The motion that milked my man-muscle was grand and grinding against my refilled rocks. From nuts to nipples, I gave into the sensation and just lay under my mother, who worked her hips in every which way as she pleasured herself atop her boy-toy son. Then I put my hands to her teats and gave gentle squeezes to those melons of mommy. The nipples extended a full half an inch and I drew each one down in turn to suck on those delicious globes.

Soon though I placed my paws on her buns and began to raise my middle in a thrust of lust to lock us together for the cumming explosion. Mom began to ride her pony hard, the pommel of the saddle extended right inside her and was knocking at the gates of paradise, the womb of the woman I loved most dearly. I could feel the balls boil over and hugged her to me; the breasts mashed against my ribs as I reversed jackhammered her from below.

Mom was with me in her climax and she let out a long wail that must have startled the maid in the hall. My own grunts were animal sounds from a barnyard; indeed, it was a cross between pig-squeal and a horse's whinny. Funny if it wasn't the moment that I was once more flooding my mother's cunt with my sinful seed of semen. We held that pose for many minutes, both winded and to happy to let the moment pass and let go of one another; knowing what was next the start of our parting.

Finally, mom slid to the side and off me and off the bed. She climbed to her feet and said, "We need to get cleaned up." I stood up and looked at my mother, lover, naked goddess before me. She gazed at me for long minutes.

We were both silent. Then, she picked up the phone and dialed my dad. "Darling. . ." she crooned in to the handset, "I still have a couple things I want to do with our 'big man on campus' will you change my reservations to tomorrow evening?

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. Thanks, Honey. . Yes, we've had a great time down here; he's shown me some historical sights and I got to see the campus and meet a few of his friends. . Well I love you too, but I won't get to see my boy until Christmas, so I going to make the most of my visit.

Okay! See xxc full sex stories girl storys soon! She put down the phone and grabbed my cock. "Come on, 'BIG man on campus'," and I was growing a large stiffy realizing that we would have another day to make it with each other. "I want to do it in the shower with you." And after that who knows what might happen! Do you think we might score some more grass for tonight?" She led me into the bathroom by pulling on my penis; she didn't have to tug hard, I was happy to follow.

"We have to get in what we can while I'm here," Mom said in a conspiratorial voice as we entered the shower, "Christmas is months off and already I can't wait 'til you come home and cum in mommy's cunt. Won't that be a real nice home cumming?!" Then we French kissed and hugged our naked bodies together. I remember mother, her beautiful face, her sexy body, her warm voice, her hot desire for steamy sex, her happy sharing a joint, her laugh; I remember mother.

She was the spirit of love, lust, and incest; cum what may. And now, you shall never forget that wonderful and wanton woman either.