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Hairy babe and shaved teenie finger both holes cunnilingus and australian
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"Those bloody neighbors are having a party again" my mum sighed, I smiled at her, "Come on, their not that loud" "Oh please, Alexis they so are, they always have them in their yard instead of the patio, and the music echos all through the valley" I copied my mother and let out a sigh, she was right. The neighbors had a lot of parties which was annoying at first but then I learnt to just put my earphones in and turn my music up to block out theirs and I didn't care anymore.

What I did care about was my mum and dad complaining about it all the time. "Why do you and dad go out for dinner then? So you don't germanic dick woods boy 18yrs to put up with the noise" My mother's expression brightened.

"That's a great idea! I'll go tell your dad to get ready, are you going to come?" I shook my head, I didn't feel like getting dressed out of my comfy clothes, and it would be good to have some alone time away from my parents. "No I will stay here" My mum smiled and nodded before walking up the hall to her room, I went back to my room and 15 minutes later I heard her and dad yell in unison "Bye honey" I said goodbye back them glanced at myself in the full body mirror in my room, my hair looked like a rats nest.

I gave it a quick brush then looked over myself. I have dark blond curly hair that flows down my back and stops at the two dimples I have on my lower back, I have a pretty good figure, something I was rather proud of, as I go for jogs every morning. My legs are long and lean, my tummy flat, my butt is perky and cute, just like my tits, that are a C cup.

I have heart shaped pink lips and big clear blue eyes. I stopped looking at my reflection and looked at the massive window that nearly took up my entire wall. I hope they don't have karaoke tonight. ~ "Koady! Come on we are going" my dad yelled at me as he walked to the door, I groaned. My parents were making me go to a stupid party; I have never like proper teenage parties let alone the parties my parents go to, which basically consisted of old people drinking, dancing and singing karaoke.

I would have stayed home if I could, but it was my Uncle Dave's party, the uncle I haven't seen in 3 years, so I had to go. My name is Koady by the way; I'm 17 years old and am in my last year of school, I used to play guitar in a band until my family moved me away to this town. I hadn't had my first day of school here yet and seriously wasn't looking forward to it, guys were usually dicks to me and girls got all clingy and needy around me, which was stupid because I paid no attention to them they only really want me for my looks.

I'm tall at 6;2 and have a slightly muscular frame and wide shoulders, I have shaggy dark brown hair, clear slightly tanned skin, straight teeth, straight nose and hazel eyes. One thing I was pretty proud of is the size of my dick, it's casey is desperately in need of job and agrees on abigail to fuck her little bit bigger than 7 inches, sure it's not a monster cock, but its not tiny either, in fact I think it is the perfect size to please someone properly.

"Koady!" my dad shouted again, "Coming!" I yelled back ~ After sitting in my room reading for 20 minutes I got a little tired, so I decided to take a nap. I knew I probably shouldn't because it could stuff up my sleeping pattern if I slept too long and I had school on Monday, but I decided to anyway.

I laid down on my bed pulling the covers over half of me, not bothering to close the curtains, and shut my eyes. ~ The party was crowded with drunken people, waving the hands around like idiots as they sang along with the karaoke, my dad kept offering me beers and my Uncle Dave was being a douche.

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I need to get away. "Hey, hey, Koady! Where you going?" My Uncle Dave slurred from behind me as I tried to walk to his house, "Ah I?m just going to the bathroom Dave, why?" Dave shook his head and pointed in the opposite direction, "Molly ran down there, could you go get her please? She's probably in the neighbor's yard" Molly, his cat, was down there? In the freaky arse looking woods? No wait, I can just make out little spots of light between the trees, they must be the lights from the neighbor's teen slut elizebeth sucks off dude before getting fucked he talked about.

"Sure Dave I will get right on it" I said eagerly, I didn't care how much those wood looked like the hosted and axe murderer, I needed to get away from the party. Fast. ~ I woke up hot and wet and I had no idea why. I had defiantly had an erotic dream but I couldn't for the life of me remember what it was about. It didn't matter, I was horny was fuck and needed a release, "Mum!?" I called quickly to check if anyone was home, there was no reply and I grinned in satisfaction before jumping up off the bed.

I stood in front of my mirror and watched myself as I traced my hand up and down my stomach, I was tempted to close my window so I could dim the neighbor's music and focus on myself, but I couldn't be bother walking the two steps there and they had already started to turn it down. So I ran my hands up to my breast, I had no bra on, and started to massage them through my thin tee shirt, my nipples were already incredibly hard from the dream and were poking out through the shit, I pinched them and moaned.

I then took off my shirt and continued to play with my breasts and sensitive nipples, not bothering to muffle my moans. ~ I heard yell "Mum!?" and stopped my search for Molly in the neighbor's dark yard. I turned around and saw there was a girl standing in the room directly opposite to where I was in the yard. Wait not just a girl, a smoking hot girl who was standing in front of the mirror massaging her tits.

My jaw dropped and I felt my cock start to harden. She pulled off her tee shirt exposing her perky tits and hard pink nipples, my mouth watered, what I would give to taste them.

She then continued to rub her tits staring at herself in the mirror; I could hear her moaning through the open window. Fuck this was amazing, my cock was now fully hard and throbbing on the inside of my jeans, I reached down and undid the zipper and button then pulled down my underwear slightly and my classic porn movie with a handsome bilder sprang free. I quickly looked back to the window and saw the girl start to slide off her track suit pants, so she was only wearing blue lacy panties that showed off her cute arse.

I grabbed my shaft and slowly began to stoke it; the girl moved her hand down to her panties and rubbed a darker part of the lacey material, no not a darker part, I realized and damp part, a very damp part. I moaned quietly and began to pump my cock faster. ~ Finally after torturing myself I reached down and pulled off my panties braced my arm on the cold glass of the window, and ran my hand my body to my soaking wet mound.

I slipped two fingers into my lips and traced down my pussy and over my clit then finally came to my leaking hole, I moaned loudly as I pushed them in, and shifted my position so I was no longer in front of the mirror but resting my forehead on the window.

With one hand I massaged one of my breasts and teased my nipple and with the other I fingered myself quickly, rocking my hips slightly and teasing my clit with my thumb. It was pure heaven. ~ I had no idea how she hadn't seen me, she was now leaning right up against the glass staring into the dark, her eyes sprinkled with pleasure. I was now fully jacking off, I was leaning against a tree with my jeans around my ankles pumping my cock furiously and never taking my eyes of the gorgeous girl in her room.

She was moaning very loudly now, which was only fueling my arousal, if I ever got the chance I would not hesitate to fuck her oral orgies compilation double triple amp quadruple blowjobs crazy.

Which was odd, because most girls didn't hold much appeal to me, I had been called gay so many times, but I defiantly wasn't, those girls just weren't interesting. This one was. ~ I was so close to an orgasm it was crazy! For a second I realized that I should have the curtains closed as one of the partiers from next door could stumble upon me pleasuring myself but the thought actually excited me. And what excited me even more was when I heard a moan from outside that was too deep to be mine.

I tried to search through the darkness outside for somebody but couldn't see anything, the pressure was building up inside me and I knew I was going to cum any second now, but I still desperately wanted to see who was outside. Never stopping my hips thrusting or my fingers pumping, I took my hand off my breast and reached over to the light switch on the wall next to me, the garden lights, I flicked it, looked outside and gasp in pleasure.

There was a guy outside, a really hot guy with a delicious cock that he was pumping away at.

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I looked away from his cock and too his face and saw it was plastered with a mixture of shock, horror and arousal. I came. ~ The girl in the window screamed, but not from finding me outside her window jacking off, but in pleasure as an orgasm rocked her amazing body.

Her juices spilled all over her hand and she stared at my face the whole time. I came. ~ Just as the most amazing orgasm started to fade, the boy outside groaned loudly, pumping his cock quickly, and spurted a think load of cum onto my lawn, I tore my gaze from his face and stared at his cock as he orgasmed.

He slowly started to push his semi-hard cock into his underwear, and pulled up his jeans. I watched his every movement latina girl rubbing and masturbating with toy in webcam chat when he was dressed blew him a kiss through the window, "Come back anytime" I yelled before closing the curtains. Well that was certainly unexpected, but not unpleasant; I would usually never do such a thing or at least would never have enjoyed it.

But I got a total thrill out of seeing him there pumping his cock. I really do hope he comes back. ~ Shit, shit, shit, that was amazing. I cummed so hard and she seemed to enjoy it, oh wow I defiantly had to meet the little minx. And I would, she had told me to come back anytime and I would, as soon as possible.

There was a jingle at my feet and I looked down to see Molly purring and rubbing herself against my ankles, her bell jingling.

"Molly" I said with a smile, "Thank you so much for coming down here" The cat looked up at me and Meowed before I picked her up and walked through the wood back to the party. My cock already beginning to grow again To be continued?