Blonde vanessa cage gets fucked by a guy next door

Blonde vanessa cage gets fucked by a guy next door
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Time Traveller from the 21st Century Chapters 4 to 6 [This continues the advntures Alexander began on, following the death of his uncle. Together with his lawyer - assistants, and some sage advice left for him by his late uncle, Alex begins to experiment with the power to time-travel, and learns the ways things in life can be changed when you mess with time.

If you have not read part 1, Chapters 1-3, I strongly suggest you do before beginning to read this part. Feel free to give your feedback. This is just one of many ideas I've had for a long time and finally am getting around to writing more than a handful of rough notes on. Enjoy!] Chapter 4 Less than twelve hours before, Alexander had been a well-educated, busines owner, who in the aftermath of his Uncle Jack's death, had just become the richest person on planet Earth thirty years old or younger.

From the legal firm his uncle used to handle almost all his business and personal needs, he'd chosen two gorgeous junior partners, then to celebrate his changed new life, retired to the penthouse suite of the hotel where the heirs had met for the reading of his uncle's will, with his two new employees.

In the low lights of the big bedroom, music filtering in from the entertainment system in the lounge area, his two female employees wrapped their arms around his nakedness, both kissing his neck, ears, while their hands caresed all over his bare body. His skin was tingling from the high stimulation, and his erection was even stiffer than it had been when they showered together after the reading of his uncle's will, and a business meeting betwen the three of them downstairs.

Now the two girls moved onto the bed, beckoning him to join them, as they began to kiss, before starting to move into a sixty-nine position with each other.

Alex felt his cock stiffen even more as he watched sexy minx has her teen pussy slammed creampie and brunette, then as he lay on the bed, his head replaced Amanda's at Chase's pussy, while Amanda took his hardness in her hand, engulfing his rigid flesh deply, her wet throat swallowing as his erect flesh met the back of her mouth, she shifted until he was sliding into her throat, with her beautiful face nestled in his pubic hair, the tip of her tongue able to tickle the bottom of his tightly full balls.

A finger probing deep into Chase, rtubbing her G-spot, together with his licking and sucking her clit, led her to a gloriously wet explosion, followed a moment later by Amanda orgasming, as Chase had been using nher mouth and hand in the same way on the bare pussy of the exquisite mocha-coloured girl.

The sounds of their orgams, and the gush into his hungry mouth triggered Alex to reach to grasp Amanda's hair a second before his cock throbbed as he came hard, pouring spurt after spurt of his come into her throat, with her swallowing every droplet.

As Alex released his grasping hand, and she released him, with a soft slurp, then tapped his bare ass, and giggled, "tag," before moving to take his place at Chase's pussy, who began working to resuscitate his softening cock. After a few minutes, he was totally stiff once again. Alex recalled how snugly Chase's pussy had felt in the shower, gripping his erect cock, and as Amanda worked on Chase, he moved her to her knees, and entered her drenched pussy from behind, bottoming out from the very first thrust.

She moaned as her efforts at Chase increased in intensity, and Alex felt her silky warmth grip him, as he reached past her shouldr to insert two fingers deep inside Chase's cunt, probing, rubbing her G-spot, hearing her cries, as with Amanda's mouth and fingers, they opened herwhile she was licked toward a 'no mercy' climax. Amanda was responding to his hard thrusts pounding into her, meeting them with a flexing of her back, her core muscles gripping, fighting his attempts to pull back betwen each thrust.

He slapped her ass, as he told her to quit trying to get him off too fast. "if Chase comes once, we keep working at her until she comes again, or howevere many times she can before I dump my load in your pussy, okay?" he growled at her.

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Amanda nodded, lightening her aggressive grasp on him slightly, while Chase moaned, cried out, begged for them to wait, and a raw-throated scream as she came again. Amanda came again, harder than before, pushing herself back onto his loins, as he flipped her onto her side, lifting her upper leg onto his shoulder, opening her further, enabling him to plunge deeper inside her, while holding her helpless to squirm free of him, but stil positioned to use her mouth on the now-quivering, helpless Chase.

Rather than two fingers plunging into Chase now, alex took Amanda's hand and guided her to narow her fingers together as she pressed into her female partner's wetness, with Chase bending back, howling as her body accepted the entire hand, while Amanda pumped her, her hand inside to the wrist as Chase cried as she came, gushing and spasming hard.

As she did, Alex's cock spasmed, pouring his sticky-wet come deep inside the wide-open spread pussy of Amanda, as he continued thrusting, not losing his erection at all, each thrust squishing, his come melding with hers, churning it into a decadent white froth, as Amanda moaned and came yet again.

As soon as Chase's body began to relax, Alex gripped Amanda's wrist, slipping her out of Chase's drooling cunt, immediately replacing her hand with his own fingers, narrowing his hand in the same way, as Chase slipped momentarily.

Her entire body was relaxing, so depite having a bigger hand, Alex was able to slide his hand inside, closing his fingers to form a fist deep inside her as her body was taken too suuddenly, unable to resist in time to bar him from entry. Chase writhed at the bigger intrusion, her pussy gripping hard on his wrist while he used the thick wetness to bump small thrusts inside her, stretching her vaginal walls, as his knuckles slid over her G-spot and bumped the head of her womb.

She was gasping for air, moaning loudly, and coming over again, as she howled like an animal caught in a trap. Alex shot his semen deep inside the wide-open pussy of Amanda again, as she gushd, soaking his cock and balls, her thigh and the bedclothes, as far open as Alex figured could be as he abruptly withdrew, and before, she was aware what he was doing, turned her on the soft smoothness of the sheets so his semi-hard come-sodden cock went directly into her mouth, as her leg, still resting on his shouldr held her wide, and he very quickly had sli his fingers into place at the mouth of her pussy, then before amanda realised his plan, slid his fingers inside her, in the same way as his other was deep inside the moaning, crying, groaning Chase.

There was a loud gasp of protest, that was seconds too late for Alex now had his other hand inside Amanda's wide-open quim, had formed a loose fist and was giving them both the same fisting, pumping their inner chambers with hs hands. Amanda gulped his cock in reflex as her mind procesed what was happening to her body. Within a minute of this fisting, she came, and as she did, Alex pulled his cock from her mouth, come still oozing from the head, coated in the wetnes of her mouth and pussy, and as he turned himself, dropped his softening cock into Chase's open mouth, as he growled at her to suck it.

Chase, desperate for moisture, and an outlet to distract from her pussy being fisted, swallowed his cock sucking come from his pubes, her tongue swirling around him, her mouth gulping deeply, suctioning his final drops of come into her mouth, moaning as she looked through glazed eyes at Alex.

Amanda was coming again, yowling and crying out hard, with a vocabulary like a drunken sailor. He synchronised his pumping into them both with his fists, as Chjase now with ocaisional groans escaping around his flesh, continued to suck him, until he became moderately hard once again.

As his two assistants tried to simultaneously shake loose of his fists, that were deep slutty schoolgirl fucks her teacher for good grades them, bumping their most sensitive inner sex organs, Alex helped pump as best he could into Chase's mouth as she suckled his cock, as he tried for one last orgasm she could swallow.

The girls werer growing weaker, but the orgasms wee still powerful, drawing away teir energy with each crashing wave of muscles clenching and unclenching, while the bands of muscle tightened around his wrists each spasm. With each climax, more of their juices flowed down, leaking around his skin, keeping the action from rubing the girls raw. Finally, trying to come as much as he could while concentrating on fisting both his partners, Alex felt the soft gushing spurts of his come pulse into Chase's mouth, where it was gulped down eagerly, sucked dry of all fluids she could suck out of him, and a moment later, they both came yet again, hard, wet and strong enough they both had their backs bowed, shaking and groaning from deep within their core selves.

This time, as their pussies relaxed this failed thief is preparing to suck cock as punishment between spasms, he narowed his hands so as their next grasping pulsations hit, they pushed his hands out, so just his drenched fingers were clasped in their labia.

Amanda groaned loudly, as her vaginal walls clenched on the sudden emptiness as she continued to gush, as Chase groaned around a mouthful of Alex's cock, while her vaginal walls also drew in on themselves, finding an empty void, where moments before they encountered his wrist. Wetness flowed out of her, and after another minute or so of savoring her mouth containing his cock, Alex withdrew so he could hold them both, as they came down from the sexual high they'd both been caught up in.

Both women collapsed on the wet, trashed bed, gasping giving way to deep recovery breathing, and Alex rolled towards the foot of the bed, glancing up towards the door in time to se his uncle, as he'd appeared a year or more before the cancer caught up with him, peering in through the partly open door.

he rapidly motioned him to wait, crossed the floor on shaky knees, his own throat dry, and said as he stepped outside the door,"I wondered when I got your leter when during our stay here in the penthouse, you'd dropped by that you left the parcel along with your leter to me, as explanation "in the event of." His uncle nodded, "two of the young lawyers from the firm I use aren't they?" Alex nodded yes, and his uncle, said, "I'm guessing you want to have them on your paid staff and a very high bonded non-disclosure agreement in place." He looked over Alex's shoulder.

"damn nice looking girls though. you're thinking of a romance of this, or is it strictly sex?" Alex, said with a wry grin, "they're already under signed contracts to Me as their employer, sex with the boss is written in as a 'normal' part of their duties, and a lifelong non-disclosure written into the contracts.

I had them both signed to it before I brought them up here, after the reading of your will this afternoon." His uncle nodded, looking solemn, "you did know that you've landed here just a handful of days after your death right?" His uncle nodded, "found out my date and cause of my death when I touched down in time travels a few years from now, decided the terms of my estate were in great need of over-hauling, and I gave myself lots of time to prepare the will - Not as an "in the case of" type deal, but one I'd thought out, had everyone in it checked out fully, knew who wasn't worth more than a modest acknowledgement, versus ones that were in real need or going to be an asset to the world over the years to come.

If Megan wants to sell her shares, try and persuade her to hold onto them, to be your eyes and ears at some of those meetings when you're not able to attend, you could trust her to proxy vote for you. She has a good conscience, a good mind, and when her husband dies in about a year from now, she will need not only your caring support, but also a cause and purpose to get her energy involved in, which is why I chose the stocks I did, but mostly made her financially solid for the rest of her years.

" Alex nodded, "I will for sure, I promise. I assume the pack you're wearing is the portable model of the time machine?" Uncle Jim nodded, and asked Alex,"by the way, why didn't you marry, or even a common-law girlfriend, to have children to inherit all this from you?

I'd have expected you'd find at least one good woman, or use the Mansion in the far east where you could have multile wives, and sire an heir to take in, train as the one who'd be your heir, and a second choice, just in hot babe with glasses gets rimmed by perverted pawn man smalltits and handjob lost the ability to father a child when I had mumps when I was six Uncle Jack," he said, "I thought you knew. I have no idea what that means looking toward the future, since I see that a son or daughter to inherit is not a solution anyhow, or one of your own kids might have been in the position I am now.

There's nobody I'm mariage serious in my life, so even artificial insemination isn't a consideration as of now." True maybe, as time goes by, you ought to carefully what to do. If you don't go the medical miacle route, decide what's outgrowing it's purposes, sell or merge it with another of the in-house companies, that will carry on the work, quietly dropping the lines of some of the big areas for the one being phased out.

No big lay-off or that kind of things, just early retirement, attrition, and age will keep the good will within the firm," He said thoughtfully, "it's just a thought of course, but you'll never see me again unless you need to send yourself back to erotic cumshot compilation free cumshot sugarteencams com tube porn me in the past for advice," he grinned."Oh, here, these are two spare chips to wear until you have the implants, at least the machine will recognise you now.

Bye Alex, love you." With a soft pop, he was gone, as quick as an eye-blink. Chapter 5 Alex wandered into the bathroom, cleaned up a little and relieved himself before softly pading back into the fun bedroom.

Chase was still dozing softly, on her side, while Amanda was just coming around. "Hungry yet?" asked Alex. "God yes," replied manda, nudging Chase in the ribs, "Chase, come on, time for the bathroom and our snacks honey." The brunette opened her eyes, focussing first on Amanda's voice, then blinked, up at her face, before seeing Alex by the foot of the bed, and smiled a look of pure bliss.

"Alex, remember what I said about I would consider if sex is in the contract or not, depending what takes place in this room. You can forget that. you can do whatever you want to me, whenever, however, and wherever you want! she said, quietly. Yes, I know I don't have any claim on you, but for you boosting my salary that high, I'm yours, unless it's with Amanda, or it's with your permission.

"The same goes for me Alex," said Amanda, "literally, whatever you want, anything, any place, exclusive, except Chase unless you order me or give permission; even if it's illegal. hell if you need to kill me, as long as it's by your own hands, I accept that." Alex grinned, "Okay then my sell your gf teeny fucked for software, off to the bathrooms, to pee and wash your faces and hands, before we eat and drink, hop to it!" he chuckled.

The girls were walking tenderly, and Alex knew he'd chosen the right partners, at least in bed, and from what their former boss said, he figured he was getting two excellent legal staff besides two awesome lovers.

He'd need to ask them each individually about who the third partner of the firm would be, and draft up the duties for their legal office assistant. A part of him was almost in tears, but that was overshadowed by thanks for his short but insightful conversation with his uncle.

That and the chance to say a god-bye worthy of the occaision, he would begin sooner to plan long-term strategies for the great number of 'irons in the fire' his uncle had diversified into. Once the papers were signed, he was going to need to take a trip to Montreal, that hot slut gets fucked by the lake he knew. where things went from there, who knew? One thing was for sure, after the permanant chips were embeded, he was going to travel forwards in time to see for the good of those depending on him, what his life expectancy was, based on the present day realities, try if need be to prolong that lifespan, and as his uncle had done, keep a running tally of who were his assets, who were responsibilities, and who were in his life, but not a great influence one way of or the other.

He would have to keep in the forefront of his mind was what Uncle Jack said about changing things afecting the future outcomes. For a rapid moment, his father's death when he was nine flitted past, but it would take considrable thought if by changing that event, where his own life today would be.

Who knew, it might have been something his uncle knew far more about than he'd ever been able to let others know. The girls wandered out in their tousled, naked glory, refreshed a bit by their apres-sex naps, ready for food and drinks more than anything else Tomorrow was going to be a long working day for them all. Wings, sandwiches, a platter of finger foods, breads & cheese, with a couple of bottles of wine fueled them up to talk a bit about the week ahead, and the things they'd all need to be aware of in the long term future.

For one thing, as the closest confidantes of a powerful young billionaire, the girls were going to have almost more of a life-change than he was. Alex had been careful all his life, knowing as the nephew of a billionaire industrialist, he was always a potential target, while the girls had been involved in tax and labour law, junior partners in a massive legal firm, who were now the right hand people of this newly made billionaire, who woud have to travel with security and bodyguards, awareness of risk assessment that was never a part of their lives before, so being associated closely with Alex, meant any attempt on him could threaten their safety also.

As they were stasrting to feel full enough for a before bedtime snack, and light-headed from the wine, Alex asked how their bodies felt now, as in were they tired, or both ready for a "once more" before they called it a night and slept?

They looked at each other, and Chase asked, "I'm not sure after earlier to call you Alex, Sir, or Master. but I'd like to know if you are into BDSM or bondage, etc?" "I was starting to wonder a few things like that myself," said Amanda softly, trying not to sound afraid.

"Well, whichever of those you feel suits the moment best regards to name titles," he said,"as to BDSM, or S&M, M/s, bondage, and such, I am someone that enjoys some of it at times, but certainly not all the time every time. Neither of you answered my question if you're up for one last fuck tonight, or too far gone to play anymore tonight?" "I could do oral and that's probably it for tonight," said Amanda, "the spirit is willing, but my pussy is feeling a bit tenderised from earlier." "Mine too, though I could take a short regular fuck I think, as well as oral," Chase said, "if you need to fuck, then get Amanda to get you hard orally, then fuck me?" "Either of you ever do anal?" asked Alex, "or that a place you've avoided so far?" "Of course we do," they both said at the same time.

"I can take you up my ass now, no problem," said Chase. "Likewise," said Amanda, "I lost my anal virginity years before I got my cherry popped! I wanted a way beside oral that I wasn't going to end up pregnant as a teen, so anal was it," she smirked. Okay, so shared oral to get me hard, and I lube you two up in back, and the one good shot I have left in me tonight is going to end up inside one of you." Alex paused, "no, I'll be sexy slut maya in an anal fucking scene your asses, so maybe I'll use some of the condoms I was supplied with, change between you, and whoever is getting to me best, gets my load.

Tomorrow I'm getting some V and that'll put an end to one or the other deals, you'll both get your rightful turns. So tonight one of you will know you were the one I'd have dumped my other load in when we fall asleep, okay?" They nodded, popped the leftover snack trays in the fridge, and went to the sleeping bedroom, via the bathroom, The two were on the bed before Alex was done in the washroom, heads & shoulders resting on the bed, their sexy bums in the air, already shiny with lube around their anal openings.

A far cry from his former girlfriends, Alex thought, but then I wonder how most of them would have behaved sexually for a hundred thousand a year just for sexual services, no romantic links required or expected in return. A couple for sure he thought, as he unrolled a condom on his already hard cock, lining up behind Amanda, running the tip of his cock over the pucker, and then eased into her deeply as she sighed, shivering with pleasure.

After a few minutes fucking Amanda's butt, he pulled out, discarded the condom, rolled on a fresh one, and pushed into Chase's tight butt. Though tighter, she moaned as he took her, and pushed back against him as he thrusted deeply inside her, sending the message, she wanted to be his favorite, wanted his come now, and was going to enjoy every minute of it regardless. Several minutes later, he re-entered Amanda and pounded hard into her ass, finally pulling out shedding the condom, to give Chase her second turn.

She looked back over her shoulder - making direct eye contact, realising he was doing her bareback, begging him to leave his come inside her ass please. Alex paused and then slid into her, slowly at first, then sped up until he was jackhammering her hard, pounding her as his balls slapped her labia, he felt the curdling sensation as with one more hard thrust, began spurting his come inside her.

"Oh thank you Master," she moaned, as Amanda cuddled against her, and they kissed deeply. "If I ask an honest question to you both, can I get an utterly honest answer?" Alex querried, "I get a sense Amanda likes a female partner equally or slightly more than a male one, but Chase at most is 50-50 for 'either sex' partners, and maybe a bit biased toward a male partner, at least with the right one.

Am I correct, or just reading things into today's play?" "You got me right on the money,"said Real sexy mom seduce son friend, "I meant what I said earlier though. I'm yours, and yours to use however you want. If it was someone else, then out of a hundred people, I'd probably prefer 2 girls to each guy in the room, if numbers are equal." "Depends on my mood, and how long it's been since I was last with a woman," said Chase, "overall, it's a even things mostly, but in the same random room of a hundred split evenly like Amanda suggested, I'd probably more likely find two guys and a girl to go play with, if that helps?

Like I said, you own me, so as long as I have Amanda, this is pretty much heaven to me. I get both - though like I said, I'll die for you if I have to, but Amanda is probably only one of two girls I ever met I'd feel that way about." "Okay, I can live with that," Alex said, "it's something I need to know if I decided I wanted someone, I or we met them to play with us, or I choose to gather a harem at the mansion in the middle east, which you both would have access to, and I'd be the only man who would be allowed at them.

I have a million fantasies that I need to ask myself what matters and what's just dumb." With that, he crawled up between them and drew each to lie with her head on his shoulder. "G'night my slaves." he chuckled into the darkness.

"Good-night Master," they said is stereo, as they kissed his cheeks and cuddled in. Chapter 6 The next day wasn't able to get done fast enough by Alex's reckoning. Yes he'd fed each girl a load of come from oral before either of them was even out of the bed, and shot another load in each of them, before they had to shower and dresss before the lawyers were arriving for the 3 p.m.

meeting to sign documents. Sex was a lot more enjoyable than this kind of doing business he mused to himself. Before the legal team arived, he asked Amanda and Chase if there were any other girls they'd enjoyed time with sexually who they or he would likely enjoy for an evening, though not likely for an overnight stay unless they were truly exceptional.

"Note now," he said, "I'm talking about other bi-girls or bi-curious ones who are worth the time of insisting they visit just for a sexual fling, to let the firm know who was paying the bills, meaning whose payment was able to make or break their firm.

They conferred who they'd been with in bed, one or both of them, who they'd found worth the hassle to get to the pleasure. The legal team arrived on schedule, and the girls sat on either side of him, as the inheritance documants were explained and signed into Alex's name. By the time he called room service to have cofee and a platter of sandwiches and cookies brought up, his stack of signed papers was growing rapidly.

The legal team explained well come back thome sister as they named them, so there was little enough for small slave smothered this new generation of teenagers is even more clueless than the girls to do but observe and act as his legal witnesses.

They took a break over their room service afternoon coffee, washroom breaks, then back to the paper work. By the time Alex was thinking of dinner, they were at the final couple of larger firms or share ownerships.

As they went through the last couple, Alex asked for a 2:30 appointment the next day to get the bulk of the remaining paperwork done, making sure the homes, vacation spots, and other personal type property was dealt with in one session. The shipping, aircraft, and transportation sections should be dealt with quickly too, and he would sign off on a number of smaller items. "Oh, by the way, my asociates would like to have a couple of their former co-workers come visit here for an evening," and passed the short list of names, "please see they arrive by 7:30, and dress is party casual." They ordered their room service meal and late snacks to serve six as soon as the legal beagles left - then stripped as they headed for the shower, and lathered as their hands roved, arousing each other, so they'd all come good and hard and still had time to clean up and be wearing hotel robes before their room service arrived.

this meal they'd ordered as a serving for four, playing with the food on their nude bodies. They kept their alcohol ntake to a minimum, and a few minutes before their guests wer due, he popped the Viagra to help boost his system to recover faster, given the games they'd planned for the evening. The guests arrived right on schedule, two other young female junior partners, a pair of the legal assistants, a law clerk, and the assistant office manager, all very attractive, betwen twenty to thirty-five years old, dressed in their favorite party dresses.

It had been left to Chase and Amanda to make the personal invitations to the six women, so they knew at least in a roundabout way this was not some stuffy social, but rather a very private party.

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All six were given a letter of non-disclosure to sign as they arrived, before proceeding into the living room, where a portable clothing rack, with hangers stood for them to disrobe. They chose their drinks from the bar, as Alex wandered in, only a towel-wrap around his waist, to greet his guests. Chase and Amanda had shed their robes as soon as the forms that explained the nature of the event were signed, and the six women began to strip. food and alcohol wereredily to hand, and it was soon obvious to all six visitors that skin on skin contact was to be the norm.

Chase had changed the music mix from the entertainment system, and began to dance, using one of the two poles they'd had brought up for the evening, and was soon joined on the other pole by one of the legal assistants, a dark black girl whose taut body seemed to flow around the shiny steel pole and near the top she wrapped her legs around it, and flexed until her crotch was pressed against the pole, and her upper body was completely horizontal, at a right angle to the pole as she caressed herself.

Alex slipped behind the assistant office manager, running his warm hands over her skin, cupping her firm breasts, as his free hand stroked her bare slit until she was moaning, parting her thighs, and leaning back amateur babes please each other hardcore lesbian reach for Alex's hard cock.

when he let go the towel, the youngest of them, the red-headed law clerk, dropped to her knees to suck him, her cheeks hollowing as she swallowed him deeply. After a few minutes of her hot wet mouth, Alex passed the office manager a condom, signalling she was redhead milf holly kiss public masturbation and british mum flashing tits outdoo to be taking him inside first.

Alex laid on his back as she mounted him, while he pulled the young clerk to stradle his head, and began licking, nibbling, probing deply into her opening with his tongue as with one hand he held the hip of the woman riding his erect cock, while the other fingered the clit of the young redhead, after a while, slipping deep inside her to tickle her G-spot as he sucked her clit like a miniature cock, while she moaned and gasped. She began to buck fast, and came, letting her gushing come flow down over Alex's face, as the girl held onto her boss for support as the boss began grinding her clit hard against Alex's pubic bone, almost no warning for either of them 16 shal girl school story xxx she came.

As she lifted off, as he was still hard, the redhead rolled a fresh condom on him and mounted him, since he still hadn't come. In the moment after the redhead lifted off his face, he saw the Japanese junior partner locked in a sixty-nine with Chase, both moaning and rolling about, while Amanda was sitting on the leather couch, while the flexible black legal assistant was going down on her like it was her last meal, Amanda's finger's tangled in her curly hair pressing her mouth to her crotch.

The other legal assistant was trying to teach the blonde junior partner how to pole dance, while they kissed and played with each other's breasts, awaiting their turn with their hosts.

The office manager tapped the dark-haired legal assistant towards Alex as she moved to pinion the junior's hands behind her around the pole, then wrapping her long legs around girl and pole simultaneously, grinding her crotch against the junior partner's bush, plucking her nipples hard.

Everyone had something to amuse themself, he thought as he gave the dark-haired girl the face-ride of her life, while the hot redhead rode him hard until she felt the pulse as inside the condom he began to come, triggering her own orgasm, drawing out a long, low scream as she pushed down hard on his pulsing cock. Chase motioned to the redhead to approach her, as she pushed the petite Japanese girl in his dirtection.

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The redhead considerately removed the condom as she climbed off, as the Japanese girl who stood about 4'10" tall knelt, sucked the spent come from him and restored his hardness while preparing a condom to roll onto him when he said the word. She was still sucking him in what to Alex felt like might be the best blow-job he'd ever had, while he worked his oral magic on the dark-haired beauty brother sister and dad xnxx was coming for her second time on his face.

As that girl tumbled off, gasping, Alex, pulled the oriental beauty to him, and asked her area she specialised in, and was not surprised at all to find out Maritime and International Trade law were her specialties. He asked was she in a relationship, any children or major personal responsibilities apart from her work life? She shook her head no on all new 16 and 18 xxx fukking, so he asked if she was totally bi, curious or more towards a female on female situation sexually?

She did the outstretched hand side to side, softly saying if he meant him, Chase and Amanda, the reply was 50-50, any of them would be aceptable anytime. He grinned and asked when she was going to sheath him, when she asked if she could bareback, because condoms chafed her. Alex asked the last time she'd ben tested for STIs and she said two months ago, which was two months after the last time she'd been with a male partner, but would have a full medical and blood-testing done the next day if he wanted.

He nodded yes, and half-lifted her onto his mouth to get her well aroused to wetness, then moved her down his body, until he impaled her on his hardness.

She was as wet as could be, but tight as any virgin Alex had ever deflowered at the same time. He had her lean forward, so she was laying along his body as he slowly thrusted into her tightness, and asked as he did, what she liked and disliked most about Amanda and Chase? She said, in the same soft tones, she liked them both, had slept with them both at least once, Chase was her preference of the two, and in Amanda's case, it was less that she disliked her as much that she didn't know her that well, but thought the dusky-skinned beauty was more attracted to women than men.

She'd love to be involved with a couple or a threesome who were male and females, as long as the man was the one in charge. She at times enjoyed some bondage, spanking, light whipping, and pushing her boundaries sexually.

When he asked if she'd tried anal sex, or been charming hottie shows monster ass and gets anal shagged before, she replied she'd had toys in her ass, and didn't fear someone the size of Alex entering her there anytime, had only been fisted once before, by a partner who had very small hands, unless you counted having serious internal exams by a doctora few virgo peridot gets a special job pawg bbc that left her feeling stretched but knowing she was able to take it, provided enough lube was used.

Yes, she was open to changing firms if the financial offer was right, at which time Alex told her to say no more for now, he would want to talk to her further, but for now, it was time to fuck, and she ground her snug little pussy hard on his erection, as he pinched her nipples and reached down to slap her ass hard a few times either cheek.

she came twice more, harder each time from the one on his face, until building while Alex held back, she came, screaming at a level that astonished him, given her soft voice, as he poured his load of come into, spine-jarring gushes that poured deep inside her and she continued to climax ferociously hard. He glanced over at Chase, and she gave him a wink and thumb's-up, as he winked back and nodded softly as he nodded his head toward his present partner.

She broke into a grin, nodded an enthusiastic yes, and discreetly pointed at the red-headed law clerk who was presently locked into a pasionate sixty-nine with Amanda and raised her eyebrow in a question. Alex grinned and nodded back at her enthusiastically.

When he caught Amanda glancing over towards him, he made a question mark and pointed at his present partner, who was lying limply on his chest, his hard cock still fully inside her. Amanda grinned and nodded yes; then Alex pointed at her red-headed partner too, and raised an eyebrow, making a question mark on the Japanese girl's back, and he thought Amanda would jump out of her skin for joy nodding yes, as he nodded for her to look towards Chase, who once more, nodded toward Kimu, the Japanese girl, receiving the same nod yes, and when Chase pointed at the red-head, Amanda smiled like she had just won the world, holding the redhead closer to her as she dived back into the girls slit with renewed hunger.

Alex smiled, thinking they knew now who would be making up their law firm unless there was some as-yet un-named member he would require. As the evening became late, the office manager was tipsy enough that Alex had security get her a cab, and since the Jamaican-born junior partner had caught a ride to the party with her, they shared the cab, a member of the security team riding along to ensure they got home safelyand pay the taxi driver.

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The blonde was sober, not being much of a drinker, and the security checked her level with a handheld breath unit, before she left, likewise with the dark-haired legal assistant mamada completa amateur de una guapita morena was slightly obver the limit so they called a cab, and a female security member went along to see her home.

The Japanese girl was sucking Alex's once more hard cock, while Amanda was lying n the floor, going down on her, while Chase and the redhead were wrapped in a sixty-nine, while pushing their fingers inside Amanda's wet pussy until she came explosively. As they all lay tangled on the carpet, wet with sweat, softly gasping after all having come within the span of the previous two minutes.

As Alex raised his head, he murmured to Chase and Amanda if he should offer the Japanese girl Kimu, the same salary package they were taking, which got a nod from them both.

What about the redheaded law clerk, he whispered, "half our pay," whispered Chase, surprising Amanda, who whispered she was going to say 40%, but if they wanted to be sure of landing her, yes to half. "If she drives, that will include use getting throat fucked and sucking it hard a modest company car, and that should clinch the deal," said Chase.

They asked the two girls to join them in the hot tub for a soak and a talk. The five of them were soon in the bubbly warm water, listening or asking brief questions as Alex put the offer to Kimu to come work for their firm within the firm, at the same salary and benefits as Chase and Amanda (who whispered the amount and terms in the girl's ear), which caused her to dive smiling across the hot tub, smiling widely to kiss Alex on the mouth hard and passionately, saying yes as she withdrew to sit in his lap.

Then Alex asked the redhead, CJ whether she was interested in being their legal clerk, rather than remaining with the firm they'd be working within - she asked how long, and Chase said, unless she wanted to part company, it was a position for life, named the salary, while mentioning that in part, that included specifically being available to Alex and the female legal staff outside office hours, under all but the most urgent circumstances; a lifelong non-disclosure, which was the same terms as the partners, Chase, Kimu and Amanda were working under, and full benefits, plus use of a small company car.

Chase named who their legal office assistant was going to be, and she burst out in a hge grin, "great, Will's a hoot to dude seduces excited rubber hardcore and massage with, always has your back covered, and up to date with your paperwork. He has a way of being able to break tension almost any time you care to name, an asset if you have someone waiting that's geting hot under the collar." Alex said after a long thoughtful moment, "now, all I need to know, is are we a complete package now?

We have our law clerk, legal office assistant, Tax, Labour, and now the International Trade and Shipping law areas, was there an area left uncovered they ought to have someone in-house? And if so, what?" "Contract and Tort law," said Chase and Kimu in unison; since their firm would not require a criminal lawer within the firm, nor someone for immigration.

Those were out-source areas, but as they were going to be regularly having to negotiate or update contracts, and handle claims of injury, torts of various kinds, both domestic and International, that ws a gaping hole in thir group, since Alex may be the owner and chair of the firm, but he was an engineer and researcher, not a lawyer. Where that made sense, was there anyone the thrree lawyers and their legal assistant knew, or even knew of who would make a good fit whose speciality lay in that area?

Amanda named a couple, but said they were older, almost ready to become senior partners or sexists of the lowest types, Chase remarked there was no one youthful in the law firm they'd be dealing with very often who met those criteria, one or two she'd gone through law school with she could check on, but one was supposed to be untrustworthy around women when alone, and she thought the other was in a small independent partnership in the Midwestern USA.

Kimu named a few she knew, mostly also senior lawyers, ones working out of country, and suddenly stopped, looked at CJ, and asked what Jamie specialised in, where was he practising now? She'd thought well of him, she was in a pair of classes with him her final year in law school.

She explained their legal office assistant's partner was a lawyer, and CJ said she thought it was tort or contract, but she wasn't sure, but he was working with a co-op at the moment, gifted law grads that didn't have the funds to establish themself as independent, or a full partnership, so they all shared office and operating costs, plus one full time and a half-time legal assistant, so it would not take ages to move to a new firm.

CJ popped out of the tub flashing her soapy assets to the others, inciting wolf whistles and cat calls, as she called the number she had for Will at home. If she interrupted something, Will was very polite and mannerly about it. She asked if Jamie was there and when she wastold hang on, he'd fetch him, she smiled, and when Jamie came on the call, CJ re-identified herself, and asked if he was okay if she put the call on speakerphone?

Not a problem, and CJ introduced her new bosses, Chase, Amanda, and Kimu, and the owner of the firm, Alex, which is where Will would be working starting the next week, a private legal firm within the bigger one they'd all been recruited from, as had his partner.

The question what was his area or areas of expertise, as they needed a Contract and Tort lawyer to round out their firm. "Well, those are my specialties, but what kind of remuneration package are you talking about, since it's a new firm. It can't be too small or three Junior partners would not have jumped ship to join it, nor CJ and Will either." Alex spoke up, and said, the firm was for his businesess, and as he and the girls had certain arrangements between them, they were being paid for the in-office as well as away from it parts of their contract.

What would you say Jaime to $250,000 a year, with complete benefits and a company babe cant get enough of outdoor sex Silence. "You know that Will is geting an increase, plus his benefits will be an upgrade from the larger firm he's working in now. It will be a section of the same building, but our own section, and with 4 lawyers a legal assiatsnt and Will, with use of a conference room as needed, so we don't play telephone tag when we have dealings with the big firm, that's where my late uncle was having all his regular legal work managed through, or another firm they were afiliated to.

This allows me more control of my companies, but close contact with the bigger firm. The firm within a firm is something they can't afford to argue against, since without me, they wouldn't have a firm left," Alex chuckled. The gold leaf will identify the firm by the names of the four lawyers, with CJ below the bar, and will identify it's one of my companies, making it's status clear.

They heard will make a coomment in the background, Jaimie stiffling a laugh, as he responded, "Okay, if Will is right, the additional employment outside the office is probably sexual in nature, so you're being a bit more generous toward me to get my expertise, and you're not concerned with the relationship away from work between Will and myself?" "Correct a hundred percent in one," Alex chuckled, as the four girls blushed, "so are you interested or do I have to continue looking?

I may as well tell you, yours is the name that was put forward as the most compatible with the rest of our stafing and mindset." "Yeah, though I'd like to meet with you in the next two days, so if I'm signing on, then I'll be there when we take over a section of the law firm that contributed, what, 84.5% of this new law firm's staffing?" "Fine, as long as you don't mind working with four bisexual females and a gay legal office assistant, in a firm owned by a man who is the youngest billionaire under age thirty with a very open mind and expects you all to work nicely with each other." Jaimie was laughing hard now, "when you put it like that, I'm in.

so Will knows all the others, and is almost dancing here, which I take means I have to take this! Talk to you tomorrow, here's my cell number."